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Archives: January 14, 2012

Why are we so bad at branding?

Bill Maher is back tonight / SEASON PREMIERE/ 10 pm HBO EST Lineup of Guests:

Loesch Cheers for Urination on Corpses

Does any other state besides Massachusetts get trashed by republican politicians?

The Ganges.

Gingrinch on Erin Burnet. She asked him if he speaks french. He hesitated and said

Dana Loesch: "Progressives Felt As Though That These Marines Should Be Bowing To The Taliban"

Beginning Women Farmer Conference, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

CITIZEN'S UNITED - Corporations are People & can buy free speech (Cagle 'toon)

Syria's army weakened by growing desertions

I just found a Website that you MIGHT have bookmarked, but if you don't...

Right wingers see vast left-wing conspiracy to expose Romney's corporate raiding

Has anyone dared to watch "Cajun Pawn Stars"?

I think I may have just done the "ol' dipsy doodle".

My Dear Boss..

Have you ever seen a cob roller organ?

Jerry Brown Wants to Kill Transitional Kindergarten 0digg

France Faces Credit Downgrade

Wisconsin Worker Sent Home For Wearing Union Shirt to Work

Wisconsin Worker Sent Home For Wearing Union Shirt to Work

Revolt on LSU team?

How did United 93 supposedly crash?

An army of giant rats saves John Converse Townsend.

American 77 flight path dilemma (Pentagon attack)

Friday Talking Points (193) -- Run It Up The Flagpole

My god, you know you're bored when you lurk on DU

Tea Party's Pamela Geller Reacts To Marines Urinating On Afghan Corpses


Actor Gene Hackman Hit By Car in Florida, Airlifted to Hospital

Nevada State Bar Investigating Copyright-Troll Righthaven

Two cases, two different endings

Lawmaker seeks pajamas-in-public ban

LSU team revolt?

US to change disputed quote on MLK Memorial

Gingrich calls for super PAC supporting him to pull anti-Bain commercials

Nicolas Sarkozy's worst election fear realised with loss of AAA rating

ESPN's "content of character" is quite good

New York subway workers run "Rate My Rat" photo contest

2007 Video Surfaces - Mitt Romney Disses Medical Marijuana Patient.

'Carried interest': Why Romney won't release his tax returns?

If you are ignoring a host, can you see if they lock your Post?

To us non-Americans, Obama is Doing a Pretty Good Job!

A couple studio cuts from my band

I was suspicious when I heard that the "filmmaker" who created "King of Bain" ....

Dried berries, south facing window

For those who think it's ok for marines to urinate on dead bodies

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 14 --- THE ESSENTIALS: SPENCER TRACY

Report: Massive Movement Needed to Fix 'Perverse Concentration of Wealth'

Who Knew There Was So Much Poverty? The Poor, That's Who

Report: Israeli Intel Posed As CIA In Pakistan

68yo woman brandishes firearm to scare off man.

Super Cuts! Military Budget, Not Social Spending, Prompts Media Concern

Jimmy Kimmel observation

Speeds top 200 mph at NASCAR preseason testing

The Iron Lady's Sex Appeal (a "lost" Christopher Hitchens essay)

Court Upholds Requirement That Gun Store Owners In Southwest Border Report Some Sales

Hubble Solves Mystery on Source of Supernova in Nearby Galaxy

Hubble Zooms in on Double Nucleus in Andromeda Galaxy

Freepers react to "John Edwards Trial Delayed By Life-Threatening Heart Condition"

Toon - Titanic 2012

Car strikes actor Gene Hackman, 81, in Islamorada

TCM Schedule for Sunday, January 15 --- ABBOTT AND COSTELLO

School board files tenure charges against N.J. teacher who made anti-gay comments on Facebook

Luckovich Toon - Why Didn't I think of that?

Yes, We Can - Again!

Judge tosses $3.25M award against San Jose (but upheld ruling against police for seizing kids)

Rats in the NYC subway: A labor issue.

PG&E broke laws before San Bruno, state finds

Toles Rant- Rules are meant to be rigged

California congressional delegation faces shakeup

state quarters anyone?

Never Go Naked to Knife Fight in South Carolina

Roelof van Ark, high-speed rail CEO, resigns


CNN Journalists Blast Loesch's "Outrageous" Comments

What is up with this? My eyeballs nearly bugged out

Is "Liberalism" a dirty word?

Arrest in Thailand After U.S. Terror Alert

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi to face misdemeanor charges By Josh Richman [email protected]

Report Blames Safety Lapses for an Epidemic of Deaths at Wyoming Job Sites

thank you icymist

CNN Exclusive: Doctors cheated on exams

You know, when she's RIGHT, she's RIGHT.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Dylan Connor "Feza, Feza"

Federal Contractor Monitored Social Network Sites

Knot-in-your-throat airports to land at.....

Ron Paul is not running for President!

Two Dead After Cruise Ship 'Runs Aground'

School Board May Fire Antigay N.J. Teacher

I went to my chiropractor today.

Tennessee Senate Pulls Controversial Anti-Trans Bill

France opens murder inquiry into journalist's death in Syria

George Clooney: It Shouldn't Be Long For Marriage Equality

Turkish Official Says a Russian Ship, Perhaps With Munitions, Has Reached Syria

CBS Runs Error-Ridden Report On "New Solyndras"

So, who do you think killed the Iranian scientists?

Every time I go to the front page that creepy picture Tim Lehaye scares the bejesus out of me!

Pardoned Mississippi killer says he wasn't on the run

Please read and comment - Complete rewrite is in the works

Washington Post/10 reasons the U.S. is no longer the land of the free

Chris Christie (R-NJ): ‘Those Who Underestimate Barack Obama, Underestimate Him At Their Own Peril’

Obama to attend summit in Colombia, 10,000 troops to stand guard

India government backs case against internet giants

Obama to attend summit in Colombia, 10,000 troops to stand guard

Calling all policy wonks!

So, what do you ride?

Jury Duty Recap

Is the "Link" feature button supposed to be working?

David Dreier (R-Closet) might soon call it quits.

Maybe a new death spewer tomorrow.

Guatemala congressman Valentin Leal shot dead

I am defiantly eating a nice plate of Caribbean take-out --

Huntsman Exodus Begins

My friend's mother was misdiagnosed by an oncologist.

HEY, MiddleFingerMom!

UPS blows goats. We're shredding the US Post Office for THIS shit???

Let's be clear about the effect of the racism directed against President Obama and his family

Venezuela’s Chavez says his government will close consulate in Miami over diplomat’s expulsion

The FReepers are imploding about the whole Gingrich/Romney thing

MLK Statue... Made in China.... Head Down, Hand to my Face......

White House got heads up on Solyndra’s pending layoff announcements

'Drum major' quote on MLK memorial to be corrected

Ron Paul Loves Blacks, Santorum Loves Made-Up Gay Son, Pope Newt

Ron Paul Loves Blacks, Santorum loves Made-up Gay son, Pope Newt

CNN saying hostile crap is happening in the Strait of Hormuz.

11 Awsome incorrect answers from kids...

Hopping mad at the USPS and at my bank

K&R if you like Obama! (This one is "mega-style"!)

I have the stomach flu

Dear neocon assholes: Obama got bin Laden, deal with it! (updated)

Water Colors: 10 Unnaturally Dyed Polluted Rivers

Apologies if I missed this, but anybody know what happened to Keith Olbermann on Current?

So I am watching Love and Death for the first time since the summer after

Why do I procrastinate?

American Academy of Pediatrics’ shaken baby syndrome fraud.

Today was a nice, easy relaxing day at the clinic. I needed it.

How do we go about changing the SOP for a forum?

Is it fair to say Mitt Romney is a ''businessman'' the way...

HuffPo: Mitt's Favorite Things: Romney Sings Duet With Julie Andrews (VIDEO)

Beaulah Mae is getting neutred

Friday night Kitteh thread: Bjork, drinkies, and an understanding tabby

The DUzy Awards for the week of January 13, 2012

tom the dancing bug - republican decoder badge

U.S. judge backs multiple rifle sales reporting

TV alert: Anna Deavere Smith's "Let Me Down Easy" on PBS Great Performances

so f__king ce

video claims Mitt Romney was member of a racist organization

SOPA's Architect Is Finally Starting to Back Down.

Religion group: "safe haven" for which religion?

Tricks to help save cooking disasters. My mom and I once made a trifle. Hers was delicious.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was awesome tonight!

Transgendered Sea Anemone Denounced As 'Abomination' By Clergy

Has anyone here experienced OBE (out of body experience)? Or astral projection?

Its MINCED-MITT....the body blows, jabs to the head taking their toll

We're All New England Patriots Fans Now

Republican Congressman Sam Graves Heckled During Chamber Event

53 Dumb Crazy Stupid Laws

I liked The Hospital with George C. Scott 1974

Tucson USD bans Shaekespeare's Tempest, Chicano Studies books

Police at Florida International Universty arrest activists for trying to set up concert on campus

President Obama is Beating the GOPers at their own game..Reducing Gov't

Toons: Persian Perversion, Vulture Parasite, The Politics of Envy and More. - 1/13/12

GOP Rep. Berates Student Concerned About Pell Grant Cuts, Tells Her To Join The Military

Republican Politician’s Brain

AP source: House Republicans got discounted loans

President Obama recently announced two major jobs initiatives.

So. Properly modded, Skyrim is a visual masterpiece (ROFL IMAGE WARNING)

The U.N. Should Admit Palestine as a Full Member State

"Feels like home: Helping homeless LGBT youth"

Avatars and sig lines...

MLKJ day

Obama's Smaller Government Plan Kindles Some Republican Warmth

I think the GOP is against regulation because they know that science will discouver how dangerous

What do you consider to be 'well read'? I think it can be either fiction or non-fiction.

Syria's Martyrs

Broken hrefs in jury mail result.

Arab League observers dancing in streets of Syria to support freedom

Goldman Sachs exec rents Aspen hotel for his daughter's Bat Mitzvah

FYI, the 2010 "True Grit" is available for Netflix streaming! Excellent Movie!

Bandwidth - it's like running out of water

Can't we have a separate forum for K and R threads

Where does your pet sleep? Mine totally goes to the spot that is most in demand. It is a

Cheers to the BEST Repuke race ever !

March 2011 Rachel Maddow nutshells it, starting with a "Fitzwalkerstan" nepotistic flashback

Beyond Red vs. Blue: The Political Typology

I like Duckduckgo. No tracking, bubbles or any "filling in crap I don't care about"

Yo, Timmy T.

Who is responsible for the Iran nuclear scientists attacks?

Stephen Chu predicts 70% drop in EV battery costs between 2008 and 2015

very interesting website.....

Romney Meets Dying Medical Marijuana Patient

SOPA and PROTECT IP is about shutting down non-US pharmasutical companies too.

Who's this Tebow guy?

Presser of successful recall effort of WIS. Sen. Fitzgerald features life long Republican

Sex Offenders Stumble in Suit Against Atascadero

Report: 10 Die in India Stampede at Muslim Shrine

Buttery Biscuit Base

Iran lashes out at West over slain scientist, but hints at diplomatic opening

Hans Heymann Jr., who was a key contributor to the Pentagon papers, dies at 91

Expert to Obama: You don’t understand salmon

Obama’s backers put out calls for support

A right wing extremist I know said this about Obama:

Anyone else have any fond (?) memories of singing in church?

Your bullying boss may be slowly killing you

Hiring Logjam Breaks as CEOs Plan Fastest U.S. Growth Since 2006

Any accountants here?

GO 49ers!!!!

Australian Free After Lashing by Saudi Religious Police

Synagogues in New Jersey Firebombed, Activists on alert

Vegan dishes: Bean burgers and more

Gangs are not the only evil

FTC expands Google antitrust probe: source

Romney did "vulture capitalism" not "venture capitalism". Bill Maher got it wrong on his show.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visits Nepal

For those who were complaining the other day about Rachel's excessive coverage of the GOP . . .

Filmmaker shares images from Haiti

Thanks, Jesus, for this food...

Mossad spies posed as American agents in order to recruit terrorists to kill Iranian scientists...

EBN - Channel Zero

Remarks by President Obama on Government Reform

I was told to post this here

Who are you?

Obama's olive branch to Iran turned into sanctions hammer

State media: Suicide bomber kills at least 20 in Iraq

Updates on a few 2012 races

Ed Balls: Labour cannot reverse public pay freeze

Latest webcam shot of the Costa Concordia on her side in Giglio Harbor

Prince - Joy In Repetition (One Nite Alone Live)

GOP Candidate Passed Off ‘Home Economics’ Degree As ‘Economics’ Degree

Helping American Businesses Succeed: President Obama's Weekly Address

Taiwan president wins second term

MGMT - Time To Pretend

Newt's SuperPac is NOT backing down - it's doubling down.

Ween Plays Zep (All Of My Love)

Who has the best reason for intensely disliking the Patriots?

Okay, this may be a repeat...

The Insensitivity of Dog-Torturing, Gaffe-Prone, Flip-Flopping Mitt Romney

Said on the TeeVee

SOPA is the 1%'s Hostile Take Over of the Internet

Teachers (and other DUers who seriously follow ED issues): What do you know about "Danielson"?

Ron Paul's Proposals Lack Clarity

Up with Chris Hayes - Predatory Capitalism

Gender, Race and the Burqa Ban

Mikhail Prokhorov has signatures to run against Putin

Norwegian Prime Minister Slams Turkey Over Free Press

Spain's Anti-Semitic Majority: "Germans Were Wrong Not to Burn Them All"

Federal prosecutors will not charge former Seattle police Officer Ian Birk in the shooting death of

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum

Shocker: Is Our World Becoming Less Violent?

Do You Know Where Your Medicine Came From? Over 40% of Pills Made Overseas --

The wealth gap is increasing faster than ever.

Our cat Vito has cancer

Silver lining: As France Gets Downgraded, Sarkozy’s Re-Election Chances Get Slimmer

Two flights from hell in one day...

Weekly Address:Helping American Businesses Succeed

Bad Mortgages Buy $1 Million Bat Mitzvah

Confiscating Condoms? The Dumbfounding Ways Police Deal With Prostitution

Three killed, Thousands evacuated as Italian cruise ship runs aground

President Obama proposes tax breaks for companies 'investing in America'

Boehner prepared to sidestep the Teaparty to make a deal on tax break legislation

U.S. Seeks Rollback of a Health Insurer’s ‘Excessive’ Rate Increase

Ugandan ambassador withdraws from King Day event

Wall Street fat cat drops $240G on road trip to watch Giants take on Packers

EEOC settlement triggers call for ENDA executive order

A Greek Default Would Hit the ECB Hard

John Nichols: Mitt Romney Abandons His Father's Civil Rights Legacy

Frank Zappa circa 1976 on MSM

Euro continues to slid to lowest levels in years.. global "panic" warning.

The marines urination video doesn't show the real war crime

check this out!

White House on SOPA: "We will not support legislation that reduces freedom of expression..."

We watched Margin Call a few nights ago. Holy shit....

What can people tell me about seizures? And the medications?

Paraskevidekatriaphobia Sufferers Are Having a Bad Year

Yeah Dana, that's what we should do

OK, Timmy, here's the deal.

Got an error report.

joe scarborough is pimping for romney on m$nbc this am

Obama challenges Republicans on goal they embrace

17 Million Young Adults Would Lose Insurance If Health Law Is Struck Down

Mohamed ElBaradei will end Egypt presidency bid

Bill Moyers/Michael Winship: America, a Land Made for the 1 Percent

White House screens Tuskegee Airmen film

Howard Zinn on Propaganda and War

The sooner Romney locks it up the better for the President.

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge!

Ya know who else didn't have classic form?


The Man Behind The Mine

Airlines Fail to Stop U.S. Bank Loan Guarantees to Air India

MIT Climate Scientist's Wife Threatened In A "Frenzy of Hate"

ElBaradei pulls out of Egyptian presidency race

Think Progress: Chamber Of Commerce Drops Call For Health Care Repeal From Annual Policy Address

Drive will help with work attire

More problems with Obama's Race To The Top education policy

Iran says not storing oil in Gulf due to sanctions

I'm a host in the Lounge? Now what?

Veterans Flood Iraqi Restaurant To Show Support After Rock Thrown Through Its Window

He went there again. Newt's SuperPac ad calls Romney an 'Unelectable RINO'

Anyone know why commercial sites don't recommend Opera browser?

Qatari leader says he favors sending Arab troops to Syria to stop violence

US college application by Chinese elites

Haley Barbour's pardons put Southern redemption on trial

Excellent: Following complaints, Quote on MLK Memorial to be changed...

In Russia, Echoes of Revolution. (Another 1990 revolution in the making?)

Ezra Pound's daughter fights to wrest the renegade poet's legacy from fascists

Did you hear about the State's new Health Officer?

Recommendation for a book on living on low income budget?

Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. while perpetuating the racial divide

Carnival Corporation-owned ship hits Italian coast, three killed

People disperse as the 32nd Kalachakra in Bodh Gaya concludes

We love Capitalism

Spectacular sunset/sunrise thread open to everyone

Quote on MLK memorial to be changed after complaints

Dogs Now Welcome At Domestic Violence Shelter Thanks To Heroic Pooch

The Day MLK Died: LIFE's Forgotten Photos at the Lorraine Motel Unearthed

a request to the alerter.

White House Responds To SOPA Critics, Says Administration Will Not Support Censorship

Burger King tests out delivery

Lessons from a Greek Tragedy

'Twilight' saga may continue (to sparkle) after fifth film, Lions Gate CEO says

Every organized religion is weird in its own way...

Rahm Caught Red Handed By State Officials

TSA Air Marshal Arrested in Mugging of Boston Occupier

Can a class action suit challenge 2 SCotUS decisions: Superpacs & corporation "personhood"?

Emir of Qatar favors Arab troops in Syria: report

Watching the Republicans fight over Bain Capital and Citizens United is delicious.

Lunch With Zbigniew Brzezinski

What's for Dinner? ~ Saturday January 14th!

Fuck you, Christine Quinn...

Obama discusses insourcing, merging federal business agencies in weekly address

France downgrade widens EU's North-South schism

Colbert must be stopped!

Tunisians mark 1st anniversary of revolution that sparked Arab Spring with prudent optimism

I am sick and tired of hearing the "leave it up to the states" argument

Against any rule here?

The Great Right Wing Freakout

Romney's Bain made millions as S.C. steelmaker went bankrupt

Downtown San Diego, Saturday Night

NYTimes: Israel Says Sanctions Hurting Iran

Maher: Santorum thinks about gay sex more than a d*&%$ salesman

Check out the anti SOPA ad on Craigslist Front Page

Saving Egypt's precious fire-bombed books (BBC)

Egypt 2011 and Wagners "Ring" cycle

What can I do (at my wits end and I do mean it)

I just retired!!

Romney's Net Worth? $250 million? What?

No-script often shows me lots of hidden sins

Russian ship to pump fuel to ice-bound Alaska port

Why is there Business Tax Dedutions for Compensation in excess of $1Million

U.S. Warns Israel on Strike

I don't believe the Jersey Shore's Vinny is really depressed

what the........

I think the splinterist left might eventually support the idea of super PACs while Democrats won't.

Russia's failed Phobos-Grunt space probe heads to Earth (BBC)

Wonk Bloggers and the Vanishing Voices of Workers

Novak Djokovic looks to repeat Australia success

A question about the Prophet or President of the Mormon church

Apple Juice Made in America? Think Again.

Who watches the debates and wants to get paid for it?

Today is a GREAT anniversary for my wife and I!

Shit New Age Girls Say

Crow goes Sledding Down Rooftop

How LOW Can He GO? - Mitt Romney's incredible SHRINKING job creation claims

Saturday, January 14th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Guantanamo 'toon The Economist/UK

Left Coast Sports Babe on douchebags

Those who buy Extra Virgin Olive oil might want to read this. I for one am shocked.

A Short Video Primer on How Bain Capital Operates

America Worse Than Apartheid on Black Incarceration

Stevie Wonder's best song!

God! Deliver me!

Social Conservatives Officially Unite on Rick Santorum As Romney Alternative

Kitteh was sleeping. I whispered "Tebow" in his ear. This was his reaction.

TCM Schedule for Monday January 16 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Threads like this one are good for finding posters to put on your DU Jury blacklist

Take a whack at two of my issues/questions: 1) Erratic threads, and 2) Me vs local Cowboys fans

Sibel Edmonds on why the Military Industrial complex supports oppressive regimes

Nutrition Facts for 521 Restaurants

And a tail to keep you tootsies warm....

Moyers & Company: On Winner-Take-All Politics

Iran Says It Has Evidence U.S. Behind Scientist’s Killing

Pyle: America is hooked on a deadly anti-drug drug

Anyone else have chronic constipation? What have your doctors said? Has anyone ever had it go away?

Shauna Richardson

NH dogs eat food laced with fish hooks, killing 1

105 years ago today - Kingston shook

Processed meat 'linked to pancreatic cancer'

Did anyone see a recent letter to the editor of the Hamilton Journal from Justin Coussoule?

Gas Outlook: ‘Most Painful Year At Pump Ever’

Prison labor is considered Made In America

Vine Talk on PBS,today Stanley Tucci and celebrity guests sample Shiraz from Australia.

White House will NOT support online piracy bills

Smuggled bush meat brings viral threat to US

NFL blackout rule might come to an end thanks to Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown

Response from Congressman Jim Himes (Ct: 4th) about indefinite detention

Down and Out in the New Middletowns

Downton Abbey Season 2

Food Fight: Loma Linda's Seventh-Day Adventists Outraged Over McDonald's

Anyone here use FrostWire?

Supernatural wins two People's Choice Awards, gets snubbed on live telecast

just had to back out of a jury

Man chases stripper for 65 miles, then runs her over

I got the "you shouldn't be seeing this" error message after posting a reply in GD...

Who writes good, stable, easy-to-use software?

Original checks discovered signed by Lincoln, Washington, Edison, Twain and others

How SciFi/Fantasy/Horror and other genre shows get snubbed by network TV

A special musical treat for Vulture fans.

Made in America: Trend against outsourcing brings jobs back from China

"Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai" on Independent Lens -- look for it.

Argentina fines drugs firm over baby deaths

The coming internecine battle. Christianity vs. Mormonism.

President Obama has the Best National Plan for the Future....wise decisions

X-Post: Those who buy Extra Virgin Olive oil might want to read this. I for one am shocked.

Dammit, Santorum is right. Do you want your tax money going to support

Wars and how they SHOULD be

What if Tim Tebow was a Muslim?

I just don't get the Salamander's attack on Willard.

Here is an example of the way the GOP likes to create American jobs

Cyborg Plants Render Humans Even More Obsolete

the coolest thing I got for x-mas

Frontier Communications

Jewish Sheriff’s Deputy Wins Right to Trial in Mel Gibson Rant Case

Obama Derangement Syndrome: Fox Now Mocking Summer Jobs For Teens

Mitt Romney’s new problem: A rising sun

"Iran: The Neocons Are At It Again".

$5 gas

Wii Fitness Program

So this Marlon Brando fellow...

John Henry: A Federally-Funded Jobs Program? Lessons from the WPA

Depends on your definition of 'float'........

O’Keefe Voter Fraud Stunt Confused 23-Year-Old For Dead 84-Year-Old

Mitt Romney's Mexican Roots; His Father Was Born In Mexico, Romney Not a Natural Born US Citizen

any professional Ballet Dancers

Mitt Romney`s Bane Capital Pull Off Leveraged Buyout

Mitt Rmoney Seriously Think WE ENVY HIM? He's such a sad person.

Does anyone know if the people of WI got the necessary # of signatures needed to recall Walker?

How Difficult Is It To Have a Book Published?

If this has already been posted, I am sorry...

Stem Cell con artist invokes "conspiracy" claim, as usual.

NY Times: "Where the Real Jobs Are"

Separated at birth: The young couple who got together as strangers... then found a photo of

The Point (Warrior Nation, Hollywood Propaganda, & Prisons Driving Immigration Policy) Full Show

Rick Santorum: I might win Iowa caucuses recount

What if Tim Tebow was a Muslim?

Toon- Brady's not taking any chances

Links to potentially sexist posts inside threads in other parts of DU

China’s Pollution Is So Insane You Can See It From Space

Captain of cruise ship that ran aground off Italy arrested: report

Sat 1/14 Fresno, CA: Funeral for Homeless woman who died on the Sidewalk after Tent Cities torn down

Victor Hugo wrote Newt's campaign plan:

U.S. Military Core Warrior Values Training Presentation (desecration of dead bodies prohibited)

The Prettiest Space Pics From The American Astronomical Society Meeting

Retired East Haven Police Dog Laid To Rest (story update)

Butt "cutter" arrested

Found: The First Ever Saturn-Like Exoplanet Surrounded by Orbital Rings

Keystone XL to brighten US employment picture with 20 (that's right, two-oh) permanent jobs

Big Growth in Democrats' Small Donors (

HEROES (this was sent to my by the Veterans for Peace Chapter 27)

Oakland Police Chief LIED to Discredit Occupy Oakland.

called to jury service twice in one day

‘Dead’ Voter Talking: O’Keefe Voter Fraud Stunt Confused 23-Year-Old For Dead 84-Year-Old

D.C. Judge Nixes Delay on Rule for Boiler Emissions

Campaign for a Healthy California. Need to make critical calls before Jan 17th

The OccuPirates!

U.S. Warns Israel on Strike

Attacks on Social Security, Medicare borrow a strategy from Lenin

10 reasons the U.S. is no longer the land of the free

CNN contributor salutes Marines for urinating on dead Afghans (AUDIO)/RT

Newt and other GOP opponents attack Mitt's Vulture Capitalism

Hello y'all

Bain Employee "They Took Everything They Could OUT - They ran the company into bankruptcy."

I'm back

1/14: City of Fresno Continues to Destroy Homeless Peoples Property

China Forces Are Reported to Have Shot at Tibetans

Natural gas glut fuels export debate

Woman in coma after being hit by stray feline projectile

Test of 400 options shows we can save money while limiting climate change

Evangelical leaders back Santorum ...A group of 150 influential Christian conservative leaders

Carnivorous plants go undercover

Mining Ban: Good for the Grand Canyon, but Not for El Salvador?

Mining Ban: Good for the Grand Canyon, but Not for El Salvador?

Perry's what's out -Santorum's what's in for 2012 with "Christian Conservatives."

Loss of Electrical Power…Possible Cause of Costa Concordia Tragedy?

When will democrats make concerted effort to equate "conservatism" to "fascism"?

Figuring out why most of Titan's methane lakes have northern exposures

Muhammad Ali to celebrate 70th birthday in Kentucky

George Newago - 'Don't pee in my Cheerios' (Chippewa Tribe Against Mining in N. Wisconsin)

The Tebow Prayer

The more experience I have with DU3, and as new features are added,

Supreme Court thrusts Israel down the slope of apartheid

Who is favored in the Green Bay/ New York Giants game?

Please Sign Petition Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium: Allow Gay Couples to Register as Families

Fox and Market watch cover the same story, something worth noting:

Providence bans sale of flavored tobacco, illegal promotional strategies that cut the cost of cigs

Helping American Businesses Succeed - President Obama Weekly Address

Conservative Religious Leaders, Seeking Unity, Vote to Back Santorum

European Leaders Use Debt Downgrades to Argue for Austerity, and for Stimulus

today's visionary: an illustrated guide to Dr. King's 21st century insights

San Pedro Sula, Honduras is the world’s most violent place

Anyone else have any fond (?) memories of sinning in church? n/t

Letter from a Teacher in a School Designated for Closing by the DOE in order to receive "RTTT $$"

El Salvador offers pensions, health care to ex-rebels who fought in 1980-1992 civil war

"You're supposed to ride FACING traffic!!!"

House paint...

Facebook anti Obama posting!

Chart: Voter Fraud is Rare

Tebowie (1/12/12) Jimmy Fallon brilliance.


Money Bomb request - Elizabeth Warren (the 19th)

Suspense: Will Greece default or not? and who will follow that example?

Today's Keiser Report is up!

Psychology Today: What Rick Santorum Doesn’t Know About Sex

Does anyone know when the new season of "Mad Men" is starting?

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery … and Fighting Back is “Aggression”

supposition? broad brush attack on board, jury? get off board? good of the board?

This Is Why You Don't Go to the Gym

Do you ever intentionally not post in a thread, in the hopes of being on a jury for it?

Veteran Rep. Reps. McKeon and Gallegly tied to VIP loan scandal (Countrywide Financial)

What is Abnormal about the USA?

"How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the OWS Protests"

Long Rant -- one problem with the Democratic party in Arizona

The White House Labels SOPA Censorship And Refuses To Support It

‘Dead’ Voter Talking: O’Keefe Voter Fraud Stunt Confused 23-Year-Old For Dead 84-Year-Old

Papantonio: Romney's REAL Job Creation Record

Any thoughts on the controversial movie "Tree of Life"?

Who are the 100 evangelical leaders that endorsed Santorum?

U.S. Warns Israel on Strike

Super Sour....

Carol's been home since Thursday.......

"Innaresting" perspective today...

Same-Sex marriage faces test in New Hampshire as lawmakers consider repeal

Keiser Report: Death by Thousand Revelations With Nomi Prins (E235)

Same-Sex marriage faces test in New Hampshire as lawmakers consider repeal

Keiser Report: Wall Street Gangsta! With Michael Krieger (E236)

How would my fellow DUers feel about philosophical threads in the Religion forum?

XPost from Politics 2012 -- One problem with Dems in AZ. . . . .

I would like to say something nice about GW Bush.

Rachel Maddow Calls Out The Republican Lie That Obama Has Grown Government

On my iPad, lounge and moan and groan are fat finger friends.

I didn't expect a Powerball ad to be this funny!

Here's a case study in why we need ALL marriages to be federally recognized

ABC Cancels Work It

Something to distract you from whatever it is you need to do right now

The reason is simple: "He's Not Obama"

"Hey, mister, wait a minute!"

Your dog wants one of these. And... if you're completely honest... YOU do, too!!!

Eels. They're much, MUCH funnier that just plain shock jocks.

Li'l Kali was a very demanding child.

There are good reasons WHY Li'l MFM was a cynic from a very early age.

MiddleFingerMom has always been into experimentation... in SO many ways.


1 Million Irish Setters against Mitt Romney

Snowboarding Crow. Yes a crow.

just as a matter of curiousity, how can one "restore" something that did not, and does not, exist?

Mall shooting in Kansas City area

Toon- How to make Rush's Head explode....

OWS Plans Vigil for Martin Luther King Jr., Zuccotti is Going Global, Organizers Say

Hey, media: Please stopp calling Mitt Romney a "venture capitalist."

Guess who's defending the Marines caught on video?

I Fed A Hungry Person Today.

Santorum: Obama Wants Constitutional Amendment to Redistribute Wealth

We need a new economics

Call Me by My True Names

"I find it personally insulting when Romney says his work created jobs" says a man who knows

Monsanto To Face Biopiracy Charges In India