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Archives: January 13, 2012

Today's WTF Headline: Should The Times Be a Truth Vigilante?

Ambassador Bridge Company Owner Moroun Ordered To Jail For Contempt

Detained by fear at Gitmo

Dear Skinner ...

Israel’s Supreme Court Upholds Limit On Family Reunifications

Nationwide 'Occupy' strike paralyzes Nigeria

In New Ads, Health Department Offers Super-Sized Warnings

Airlines paying more for fuel because waistlines are expanding

Any DUers members of Common Cause? I think they are where it's at re organizing for campaign finance

Ohio lawmaker proposes paying college athletes

NOT a cal out, Skinner...we have ALWAYS been

White only

If Rush is pushing for Mittens, and the FReepers hate Mittens,

Heralded School Draws Conservative Catholics in Washington

Democrats mock globetrotting Boehner, Cantor

Dismantle Israeli democracy and replace it with Jewish law, says settler leader

Libya rendition claims to be investigated by UK police

A Mining Law Whose Time Has Past

Solomon's choice

what's your favorite way to make tuna sandwiches?

Hacker Group Anonymous Takes Down Over 40 Porn Sites

Key & Peele: Obama Loses His SH*T

"Gentlemen? If there're no objections I will be the dealer."

TYT: Innocent Man In Gitmo For 6 Years Without Trial

First casualties in DC's New 52

Help dump Lungren.

Guess who's raising money for Romney: Bigwigs from private equity firms

Christians debate atheists in Beaverton-based Westside Science and Religion Discussion Group

Gingrich Argues With Fox & Friends Over Bain

Apologies to greyl and tx4obama

Two of the four Marines seen in the video have been identified. RE: Marines urinate on dead men.

Help dump Dan Lungren (CA-3)

15 more states look to add equal access (sports open to home schoolers)

Big Government is a Lie. Republicans lie about government size.

APNewsBreak: UN visit to Tehran set for Jan 28 to discuss nuclear program

Romney tax plan would reduce taxes for high income people more than for middle income

Gingrich attacks on Bain were very convenient for the RW spewers

Latest fake email on "Obama-care":

Kudos to all those liberals

"Ron Paul hates govt intervention, likes mandatory vaginal ultrasound probes"

Encouraging Investment Is Key to U.S. Offshore Wind Development

Tonight on Countdown with David Shuster

Man approaches teen, demands her pantyhose

Right-wing documentary targets Occupy

The Signs Pointing to Israel's Role in the Assassination of an Iranian Nuclear Scientist

WASPy Nightmares:: 2 Mormons & 2 Catholics vie for Attention

Dried Basil using extension tubes and a Suntar 135mm lens.

Health Tip....

Hubby is sick with flu.... hmmm, alcohol kills germs right?

In religious dispute, Kentucky Amish men jailed for not using reflective triangles on buggies

Thank goodness VA changed the law, and allowed LAWFUL Gun Owners to be armed in bars...

Name some foods you've never tried, but would like to.

Couple sentenced to jail for cutting off dog's leg

1 out of 4 women & 1 out of 6 men is sexually assaulted at some point in their life

14 year old uses a shotgun to kill a man...

Just what every newborn needs: $614,000 rocking horse made of gold

Buy Girl Scout Cookies- Support Transgender Rights!

What's for dinner tonight DU Lounge? We had moussaka...... Yum. Haven't had it in years.

I wish people would get off the idea that companies HAVE to expand

Obama: ...the defense budget larger than it was toward the end of the Bush administration

The paomnnehal pweor of the hmuan mnid.

Proof that the jury system is going to work.

GOP Presidential Candidates Would Have A Hard Time Finding Coverage Under Their Health Reform Plans

Really great piece on the Glock handgun, and gun control on NPR!

Just for reference, "GLAAD's Media Reference Guide: Transgender Glossary Of Terms"

Think Progress is reporting Stephen Colbert is running for president

U.S. Marines identify unit shown in video urinating on Taliban corpses

Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory on HBO tonight 9pm EST

Anyone suspecting there is some other split in the GOP that we aren't aware of?

11 year old on food industry

Was it to be expected? Stephen Colbert is looking into a Presidential Run

What The Media Won’t Tell You: GOP Voter Fraud Is Running Rampant

U.S. attorney threatens to seize 23 Colorado marijuana dispensaries

Has Glenn Greenwald ever explained why he's a libertarian and not a liberal?

Latin Kings gang boss gets 60-year prison sentence

Family questions design of Eisenhower statue

What games did you play in long car trips as kids? We use to drive about 10 miles through the woods

Girl Scouts Organization Defends Inclusion of Transgender Members Amid Calls for Boycott of Cookies

GOP = Party of Hate and tiny ideas...nothing big, nothing new, nada

I'm here for my friends...

Ask Wikipedia for a blackout to protest SOPA and Protect IP

Robert Fisk: This is not about 'bad apples'. This is the horror of war

I emailed Franken and Klobuchar against internet censorship bill

GOP Presidential Candidates Would Have A Hard Time Finding Coverage Under Their Health Reform Plans


IN Gun Carrier Shoots at Impostor Police Officer

"You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help &

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Steve Bullock is running for Montana Governor...who challenged Citizens United! DONATE NOW!!!

Just an fyi. The woman who wrote the book on the first couple in on Piers Morgan tonight.

Spreading Romney.

CA Homeowner Shoots, Captures Intruder Who Was Kicking His Dog

Rachel has just poo pooed all over Willard

Prosecutors will ask for unsealing of files in gun-walking case


Al Sharpton Discusses Voter Fraud by James O'Keefe and Project Veritas

How Much Is an Earth, and Do You Have One in Extra Large?

So what did Occupy teach us? That our so-called representative government, represents the 1%.

William J. Janklow, former S.D. governor and congressman, dies at 72

Video: Syrian Troops Pose with Dead Bodies in Homs [VERY GRAPHIC]

Robert Parry: Herding Americans to War with Iran

Listen up. This is important.

The Supreme Court's Religious Double Standard

Gray wants Occupy protesters removed from McPherson Square

Joke: What NFL Team did Mitt Romney try to buy, and what name did he try to change it to?

Millions of Americans to Be Driven Into Poverty, Study Says

GOP Presidential Candidates Would Have A Hard Time Finding Coverage Under Their Health Reform Plans

LOL. Shopping cart veggies...

Gawker says DRUDGE & BecKKK's "Blaze" are hyping surveillance of journalists by gov't

Word of the Evening is "Two Vaginas". You know what to do with the Lounge headlines

Inside the secret industry of inmate-staffed call centers (50 cents an hour)

Boys’ School Affiliated With Catholic Group Draws Conservatives in Washington

Get a bain, Morans!

Army brigades to leave Europe

Getting started with Linux

Voter ID bill pulled from agenda & Groups rally against voter IDs

Would like some analysis on this video, please help.

Occupy Protester has been in jail for the last three weeks for writing on the sidewalk with chalk

I find it dubious, but if there's anything to the claims that there are throngs of liberal Paulites

Pro-PIPA Group ‘Pirates’ Anti-PIPA Group

Revolving Door: From Top Futures Regulator to Top Futures Lobbyist - Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone

And yet another freaking suicide (this time of a Trevor Project intern)

Nude Photos Of Teens Found On School Computer

Pop quiz: Who's the job creator?...

Social Security Disability Fund Could Run Out

Write a few words about SOPA/PIPA in a box and I'll address and fax it to all your legislators *

On the Scottish Review Board's referral of Megrahi's appeal (Pan Am 103)

Meet Mitt Romney's new spokesman...

How is it only 7:35?

Hamidullah Khan was 13 when he disappeared from Pakistan in 2008. He is still locked up in an Afghan

Lawsuit demands Obama administration release Guantanamo torture tapes. Is torture a state secret?

PG&E diverted safety money for profits, bonuses

When a Democratic administration is in power, it issues regs to save more land from development

How do we alert on trolls?

Toons: It's a Sweater Vest, Believe it Myself, Twinkie Shelf Life and More. - 1/12/12

How can anyone not just defend, but cheer for the Marines in the video?

Anyone here read the Walking Dead Comics?


What's the craziest fucking woo you've ever heard?

Military Force to Be Used Against ILWU

Gates Right For Once? Of Course Not!

US Justice Dept sues Baltimore police, siding with man who taped police misconduct

Walking The Toutou-Papa John Creach and Hot Tuna

Michael Moore: If you'd like to watch how I spent this evening (& view an incredible, moving

I have a question and I hope you all have it too...

Bernie Sanders: Saving American Democracy

Group reading suggestions.

Rainbow Demon

Obama, party allies raise $68 million for re-election

There is a Buddhist Group, but not all can enter.

Thunderbolt Phone...I got one for christmas and it is taking a long time to learn all the functions

Fight Over Waimanalo Gulch Landfill Brewing

Brothel Gossip Wasn't Defamatory, Judge Says

Who Am I- Country Joe & The Fish

Michelle Obama joins Twitter, gains 100000 followers

Colbert is turning over his SuperPAC to Stewart. I think Colbert is going to run for president. nt

BofA May Be Liable for Furtive Interest Charges

the blues is number 1

El Salvador receives Spanish extradition request for 13 ex-officers accused in 1989 killings


City Still Faces Suit Over Racist Website for Cops

El Salvador receives Spanish extradition request for 13 ex-officers accused in 1989 killings

We should have a forum for people to post job opportunities they know about.

Limbaugh freaks as Romney lays claim to Obama's bailout

Showtime to offer a "measured, layered profile of a polarizing, controversial former vice president"

PF Change R&R Marathon

Occupy protesters have charges thrown out

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 13 -- What's On Tonight: Le Petit Caporal

Tainted Saint: Mother Teresa Defended Pedophile Priest (SF Weekly)

Mitt Romney no stranger to tax breaks, subsidies

Lightning Hopkins

32 years ago..NOBODY RAN FOR PRESIDENT..Wavy Gravey

My daughter was awarded a 3,500 a semester scholarship for the remainder of her college

In defense of Public Services

Thought some may find this of some use here:

President Obama Gets Early Endorsement From United Farm Workers

i got another of those things i am supposed to report.

Looking for Muslim DUers who'd be interested in hosting the Islam/Muslim group...

California imposes energy standards on chargers for mobile devices

‘Swastika’ earrings no longer for sale at Brooklyn jewelry store Bejeweled

‘I’m Doing It!’ Stephen Colbert Officially Makes Presidential Announcement - video

Romney, echoing Nixon's "Checkers" speech, addresses "Seamus" issue

Jon Stewart Revisits Gingrich’s ‘D*ckish’ African American Remarks In Crippling Takedown - video

"The US Supreme Court showed incredible ignorance in the Citizens United decision."

Was a sad evening for me last night, we had to put our

Home Depot to hire 70,000

John Mc Cain critical of SCOTUS on Letterman

"Balanced Journalism"

Hugs needed in the Lounge...

I was trying to post many 'dents' in in the gungeon. It kept putting my post at the last level. Not

Harvard Law Review Revisit

The Right-Wing Media's Obsession With Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Hair

Homeless Teen Could Win $100,000 Science Prize and New Future for Family

Does DU3 still have the different DEFCON levels like in DU2?

Black worker files 2nd Pa. Panera fed race lawsuit

A Slow Song

Child Labor for Fair-Trade Cotton Probed by U.S. Investigators

Texas leads U.S. in greenhouse gas emissions

Muslim leader's classroom visit sparks controversy

I just received this email from Colbert SuperPAC

Just found out that an ancestor testified in the Salem Witchcraft Trials

Dislike Google? How about Scroogle?

Pic Of The Moment: Romney: Put Income Inequality Talk In "Quiet Rooms"

Living in Harmony with All Life

DU Jury duty?

Canada says marriages of foreign gays invalid (1-12-2012)

Dennis Kucinich v. Glenn Greenwald on the Supreme Courts Citizens United ruling

Scotland Yard Report: British Citizen Was Tortured in Secret CIA Site

Wayne County Executive schemed to cover up severance deals (Free Press)

Otto Perez Molina, New Guatemalan President, Wants To Regain U.S. Military Aid

Otto Perez Molina, New Guatemalan President, Wants To Regain U.S. Military Aid

Boehner's So Whipped From the Last Tax Fight That He's Looking To Fold Again

Armed Chinese Troops in Texas

Lemme get this right: Mitts net value is 250 to 650 MILLION$$ Is there a Mitt

PETA Angered Over Dre’s Furry ‘Beats’

Iranian woman, 111, to be sworn in as US citizen

North Korea Reportedly Punishing Insincere Mourners (ABC)

So like this one time

FFS Scotland, cut the bloody English free

Yipee! I'm losing weight. Just a little bit each week. I can handle this 'no food after 6PM' diet.

I'm drunk, I'm cranky, and I want to be on a jury

Mit Romney meets a dying medical marijuana patient

Redistricting Maps Starting to Move in Florida

Use of Che Guevara photo in Mercedes-Benz presentation causes stir

I got some blues, too.

Flashback to 1999: When RimJob and the freepers HATED Bush

U.S. Sends Top Iranian Leader a Warning on Strait Threat

Redbox sued over access for visually impaired

So, which candidate do you think that Obama could handily defeat...Romney, Gingrich, or Paul...

Why do I keep getting told that the Obama Administration supports medical cannabis...

Raese files to run for U.S. Senate (W.Va)

County emails outrage Occupy Eureka; D.A. says tents posed safety risk

Rick Santorum's wife: I ask "Holy Spirit to speak through him"

Romney misled voters on his mom’s abortion stance (Salon)

Sikh wins turban case against France in UN

ADL outraged by Auschwitz photo in ad

Ah finally, CNN is covering the FACT that Mitt Romney is Mexican-American


4 students suspended after noose incident

If someone is breaking into your home and you call police, hide your drugs

Homemade Eff Mitt Romney Video

Republicans rally around Romney after hits on Bain

FL Principal Faces Charges Stemming From Hypnosis

Peeing on a dead enemy is against all military law and considered an inhumane and humiliating act.

Raese readies for Senate rematch against West Virginia's Manchin

Kerrey mulling comeback, revives Democratic hopes

Rick Santorum: Sweater vests 'gave me this power'

Mitt Romney once bought a prize winning orchard

Kasabian in Concert? Yes, or no?

Penn State president blames scandal on Sandusky

(UK) Schools get power to remove poor teachers within a term

Would you vote to lock a negitive call out if you were on a jury?

"(O)nly about 5% of blacks have sensible political opinions" - Ron Paul

Tea Party may get rebuffed in tax cut showdown

Battle lines stark as Wis. recall push nears end

US warns of Bangkok terrorist threat

Documents show how Fed missed housing bust

Special report: Greece claims magnate stole from his own bank

Tim Wise: Of Broken Clocks, Presidential Candidates, and the Confusion of Certain White Liberals

Toon: George Teaches Mitt the Ways of Big Business.

Attorneys General, Frustrated With National Foreclosure Settlement, Consider Alternate Course

This the message that REAL christians need to send to the candidates_

China's Tibetan Buddhists 'in vicious cycle'

Young Dem Rising in Georgia: Danny Glover new chairman of Bibb Dems

Hands On Skills Mean Greater Choice and Freedom to Buy Used

republican's Hispanic strategy: "Say "conservative" not "Republican" to woo Latinos: Tea Party"

An Update on my grandson.

Glenn Greenwald: Iran and the Terrorism game (it's never terrorism when it's us or our allies)

Dear Republican Party,

Apple Suspends iPhone 4S Sales in Mainland China Stores

Mitt vs Newt Toon... credit Mad Magazine's spy vsSpy

TeaParty shocked by Nikki Haley's endorsemnet of Romney

Toon - I am the 1%

Consumer Protection Bureau wants your student loan stories

Toon- The next bubble

Liberal Birmingham Christian to be on Colbert Report Monday Jan 16 2012?

Mitt Romney's disturbing laugh...

First Lady Obama tweets!

(Ne) Dems get 1st Senate candidate (Ben Nelson's seat, link added)

First Lady Obama tweets!

Ok--- Spent some time in GD this week---boy that was fun...

A group and its web site that you may find interesting...

Pipeline (Keystone XL) activist Kleeb wants seat

Girl Scout Launches Cookie Boycott Campaign After Organization's Inclusion Of Transgender Child

Krugman: "...they don’t operate a lie machine 24/7 the way modern Republicans do."

Panetta: 2 Army combat brigades will leave Europe

Norway mass killer to get new psychiatric assessment

Some guy was hawking hair as a cure for baldness.

Paul Krugman: America Isn’t a Corporation

India marks milestone in fight against polio

Obama seeks power to merge agencies

Pakistani PM called UK, fearing coup

TSA collected $400,000 in spare change left by passengers in airports in 2011

Retail store switches to selling shelter dogs

Response GSUSA Transgenders

Hedge funds hunker down for Greek debt standoff

Arizona Wants to Buy Back State Capitol It Inexplicably Sold

Cheeky Mitt

ATTENTION America – this is the New Economy – Get Used to It

Herr Walker is proclaimed hero in Texas

Response GSUSA Transgenders

Response GSUSA Transgenders

How Legal Pot Could Save Thousands of Lives? Hint: Stop Feeding the Mexican Death Cartels

Hubble spots cluster forming 13 billion years ago

Don't Be Fooled -- Why the Tea Party Is More Powerful Than Ever

The Hidden Dark Agenda of Public Education

California Utility Co diverted safety money for profit, bonuses

rethuglican party plans to steal 5 million or more votes this year

Danger Waters: The Three Top Hot Spots of Potential Conflict in the Geo-Energy Era

More evidence of the utter "clue-and value-less ness" of the MSM...per CNN's website

iPhone 4S China release sparks scuffles and eggings

Chip Chip Chipping on Romney's Lead - South Carolina Antics (cartoon)

People vs. Putin Power: The Russian Spring begins in winter

Iran: We'll Bring the War to Israel, and 'Beyond'

Obama, DNC amass $240 million campaign war chest

Intraparty Attacks Could Be November Liability for Romney

Runway to Win

Sirota: America’s dangerously removed elite

Letter to a Young Activist: Don't Drop the Banner!

Drumbeat: January 13, 2012

NASA Study Shows Health, Food Security Benefits From Climate Change Actions

Drumbeat: January 13, 2012

Largest seabird alters their foraging due to climate change

Debunking neo-confederate revisionist propaganda

Guantanamo Has Got to Go: Protesting Ten Years of Indefinite Detention

Petroleum Prices Set Records in 2011

Researchers: Honeybee deaths linked to seed insecticide exposure

Religious conservatives meet to unite behind non-Romney candidate

TB That Resists All Drugs Is Found In India

PG&E diverted safety money for profit, bonuses

Syria protests erupt, Arab League fears civil war

One third of car fuel consumption is due to friction loss

Selig given contract extension

when are hard drive prices going to drop?

Romney: Income inequality is just 'envy'

CHARTS: What Romney Doesn’t Want You Talking About — Except In ‘Quiet Rooms’

Who's behind the war on women's rights?

Some Fresh 'Whup Ass' From the Obama Campaign on Bain

Colbert is running in SC; handing over his SuperPac to Stewart

a "super pac" education for everyone...

Cold winters caused by warmer summers, research suggests

Mr. Davidson's Planet: NPR/NYT Guru Adam Davidson's Discredited Economic Principles

The Rise of Collaborative Consumption

DU Album of the Day: Johnny Cash - "Live at Folsom Prison"

Der Spiegel: Urination Video 'Causes More Damage than Taliban Attacks'

Thanks, Jesus, for this food.

Researchers discover particle which could ‘cool the planet’

Germans Oppose New Plants Next Door

Obama Campaign Memo shows why Bain is so devastating for Romney!

King of Bain: Over the Top But Possibly Lethal

For all those who openly mocked the North Koreans for their displays of abject grief.

Oops, He Did It Again: Perry Forgets The Three Federal Agencies He Wants To Abolish

Possible protest sign or bumper sticker?

We now have a facepalm smilie?

NOW Toronto: Alice Klein on the real foreign money behind the Gateway pipeline

Obama Shows His War-Mongering Side

um -- er -- alternet: Video: C-Span Flooded with Prank Calls About Romney's Penis

11 Lesser-Known 2012 Presidential Candidates

Perry Gets the Names of Three Agencies He'd Cut Wrong Again

Denmark’s Green Europe Meets Chinese Wall as Vestas Cuts Jobs

Unique life form is half plant, half animal

The level of radiation exposure from holding the tissue box

Fantasy vs. Reality.....

South Korea has a nuke plant event - in the blink of an eye

Interesting jury case

the (remote controlled) war at home

DU's H20 Man will begin a hunger strike on Monday to protest fracking. This is his story.

Child leukemia doubles near French nuclear plants: study

So, apparently, the Plain Dealer is now the judge and jury of what we can and can't read.

Don't forget to spread the romney today.

Free e-books

In A Nut-Shell

Complicity in torture by Craig Murray

French TV says France downgraded by S&P, citing source

Arizona Wants to Buy Back State Capitol It Inexplicably Sold

Interview: Alain de Botton

Alex Smith Boasts 49er's Have What it Takes to Win...Despite Him

Krugman: Untruths, Wholly Untrue, And Nothing But Untruths

And the classroom...will rock: Eddie Van Halen Donates 75 of His Guitars to Public Schools

Many Americans gave up hope last year – 2012 will be worse (Joseph Stiglitz)


Staples = WalMart

KRUGMAN: Untruths, Wholly Untrue, And Nothing But Untruths

Oscar winner HAGGIS ("Crash") alleges Scientology surveils him for leaving after 34 yrs

How low can he go?

Boost for Small Businesses as President Obama Elevates SBA Chief to Cabinet-Level

Just a shout out to the admins for adding the Politics 2012 forum.

Sweater vest of the repressed - by Matt Bors

Karma is one mean, smart bitch.

I would like to officially volunteer to be the host of this group.

Global Warming Fires up a $300,000 Complaint

Gunman kills 3 at NC lumber company

School May Be Liable for Yeast Infection Bullying

Obama Campaign: Romney Is A 'Corporate Raider'

Wisconsin: 450 Workers needed right now!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Chait: ‘Quiet Rooms’ and Republican Class War

Obama 2012 because the Republicans are clowns and psychos.

2 democrat candidates for PA' AG position say they would investigate Corbett (re: Sandusky)

Wash. Post: PA. School District on Verge of Collapse, open with unpaid labor


What kind of capitalist is Romney?

CPAC Co-Sponsor: Nelson Mandela a "Bloodthirsty Terrorist"

CHART: A Hidden Source Of Budget Deficits

Joe Namath dislikes Tony Sparano hire

Has Anybody Else Checked Out The "Anno 1790" Series?

ACW Responds to Crossroads GPS "Typical" Ad Attacking Obama About Solyndra

Cordray’s first target: The housing crisis

devout catholic - santorum - thinks iranian assasination 'wonderful thing'

the DiY network

Thanks, Jesus, for this food...

Great CNN opinion piece: What kind of capitalist is Romney?

Managing private and public adaptation to climate change

Oh, the Places You'll Go at Burning Man!

BofA paints over angry customer's message

DVR alert...Monday Jan 16..Being Human and new show Lost Girl...

Discovery of plant ‘nourishing gene’ brings hope for increased crop seed yield and food security

Obama Government-Streamlining Offer Creates GOP Dilemma

Weaker Europe starts to lose appetite for US goods

Science Says: Lungs Love Weed


New American Research Group poll in SC: Romney 29%, Gingrich 25%, Paul 20%, Perry 9%, Santorum 7%

CNBC Backs Off Report That Romney's Bain Advised Obama Administration On Auto Bailout

Funny Friday...

O campaign jumps into Bain fray-"battle lines that will define our politics for the next 10 months"

NRDC: Obama Administration Maps the Way toward Better Oceans Management

Tribe looks to teenagers to revive bison demand

With all the corporate political contributions, why aren't stockholders hitting the ceiling?

Kitten Video

A desperate RW attempt to humanize Romeny?

GD Post about H20 Man

Advice on diabetic cat

Here is a photo of my grandmother at 18 years of age.

Democrats Take Lead in Congressional Ballot

Simple measures -- Cutting emissions of methane and soot would save lives, scientists say

I missed this: U.S. condemns assassinations of Iranian scientists

lindsey vonn tebowing

What Is It Going To Take To Get You To Click On This Video?

Tim Cook's crazy payday shows what's wrong in business

nytimes bullshit....Obama and Romney Face a Tough Fight for Key Group

Is it ok to become an "ist" when you are fighting an "ism"

I'm so hungover, I think I may still be drunk. Ask me anything.

As we prepare for this weekend's Playoffs. A look back in Time...

U.K. Solar Capacity Surge Defies Huhne's Plan to Curb Subsidy

Search engine market shares refused to budge in 2011

MSNBC shows "before" but not "after"

Bikers & Bars Take on Police in Court

Obama is doing a great job presenting his argument for consolidating government agencies.

Joseph Stiglitz: The Perils of 2012

A business looking for government resources starts here...

Health Care Fight Puts Women’s Health and Women’s Rights in Jeopardy

Tim LaHaye, 'Left Behind' Author, Endorses Gingrich, Says Jerry Falwell Backs Newt From Grave

"having trouble in their marriages, losing faith, becoming depressed"

Are We Just to Go Along with US Sanctions on Iran?/Hankyoreh, South Korea

Voice of an ally {uganda}

Craig James admits to accepting money while at SMU

I've watched in awe as the right transformed a crisis of the market into a crisis of public spending

Dogster blog: Could a Dog Derail Mitt Romney's Presidential Campaign? (comments worth following)

Here it is! Tebowie!

False Flag

Obama opposes laws ‘designed to take rights away’

Resistance and Hope at a Time of Climate Emergency

A Message To Women From Rick Santorum

Another ATF weapons operation comes under scrutiny

EEOC settlement triggers call for ENDA executive order

DU3 won't let me set local time. Did something change or did I miss an update?

Jesus' Middle Class Life

Pelosi nudges Obama on gay marriage, while White House fights off GOP accusations

OWS protesters charged with felony for mic-checking SD mayor

Threats And Lies, And 'Who I'm Supposed To Be'

Making It in America

Mitt Romney Proposes New Automotive Fuel Efficiency Requirement

President Obama said today he is elevating the Small Business Administration to a Cabinet-level agen

Intel semifinalist Samantha Garvey's dad confirms new home

US Consumer Sentiment Strongest Since May

Boehner’s once bitten, twice shy

Americans Clueless Paying Wall Street $20 Billion for Bad Swaps

Stop trashing Newt, Jon Stewart !

The Occupy Movement is not associated with Ron Paul, or his supporters,

MSNBC’s possible dismissal of Pat Buchanan is hypocritical

Feds Crack Down On Colorado Medical Pot Dispensaries

Time to go out and buy some Girl Scout cookies, all!

A New Theory for the Foreign Policy Frontier: Collaborative Power

Hi..I'm new here, but I'd like to ask a question: Does anyone know the pollution "status" of

Lucky Catch for 57 Dollars! (Cute!)

Have you seen this one?

Author of U.S. online piracy bill vows not to buckle

The Horrific Toll of Depression: Suicides Linked to Recession, As Budget Cuts Force Out Mental Healt

DEA Raids San Diego Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Mommy, Where Do Jobs Come From? - Catherine Crier

Here's a thread that causes me to go WTF?

Something commonly done in Conventional Ag that fuels worries about the spread of toxic waste

Your tax dollars at work.

Half of Americans Now Support Marijuana Legalization

Peru, Lima: Van der Sloot gets 28 years: Tricked into confessing for

Americans Pay Wall St. $20B for Bad Swaps

The Value of Teachers

Colbert Super PAC Making Media Buys in South Carolina

Inside the Fed in 2006: A Coming Crisis, and Banter

"I am the 99%"

John Bolton endorses Mittt Romney

Mitt Romney: Banker and Pornographer

Democratic Host Committee securing Charlotte parks for convention week

My roomate isn't using an antivirus program on a new pc

New presidential poll: Obama 47%, Romney 46%

It's snowing in NYC!

TYT: Reddit Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) Blackout - Will Google, Facebook Join?

Women have the right to breast feed their babies - get used to it!

Haley Barbour Pardons, Mississippi Scrambles

The phrase of the day is "udder tickle". Replace any word in a thread with "udder tickle".

How you can help H20 Man with his hunger strike against fracking...

Apple halts iPhone 4S release in China stores after near-riot

Muhammad cartoon row: student atheist society claims victory

I think Frothy is going to win South Carolina

Tennessee Bathroom Bill Sponsor: ‘I Would Stomp A Mudhole’ In A Transgender Person

Would your opinion of Carrot Top change if he endorsed President Obama?

More Americans want Obama to set agenda than repubs

The US schools with their own police

GOP Candidate Passed Off ‘Home Economics’ Degree As ‘Economics’ Degree

The demand for financial growth in the capitalistic markets is unsustainable

Venezuela: The Threat of a Good Example?

Links to websites of the 3 Democratic candidates for PA. Attorney General

How the T Baggers Excesses is bringing down the GOP by their Delusional

Much of the global economy remains underground

I brought my signature line over from DU2.

One Cartoon Sums Up the Insanity of Syria’s Crackdown

EU Stunned By GOP Candidates' Stances On Climate, Hint @ Trade Conflict On Issue Down The Road

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders On How Congress Works For The 1%

Our most precise and revealing economic indicator--is crashing


Colbert Super PAC Making Media Buys

President Obama wants Herbert Hoover/Reagan type powers to shrink federal government

George Will: All Stars for a lifetime

Bernie Sanders: Where do we go from here?

TDPS: GA School Uses Slaves & Beatings to Teach Math

Democracy and the Pathology of Wealth

Warmer climate, warmer European mountains—“clear…effect on mountain plant communities”

TDPS: Super Bowl viewers will see aborted fetuses, but Janet Jackson's nipple is bad

Gas drilling's waste has become Fort Worth's problem

Russia Says Would Be Threatened By Iran Military Action

Sex crazed savages fear great defeat as sweet breasted stewardesses wage a secret war.

The "Book on Mitt Romney"

Orlando deputy shoots and kills man who "advanced on him"

Housing Recovery to Give U.S. Economy Modest Push in ’12, Fannie Mae Says

Spartacus on Starz returns on the 27th...

Five U.S. Senators Are Perfect Koch Servants, Americans For Prosperity Reports

O’Shaughnessy’s News Service: The Journal of Cannabis in Clinical Practice

New Merlin tonight.

Hey Washington: We Don't have to overhaul Medicare to Save it

healing light, energy, prayers for Algiers please

So, bottom line, did Santorum's wife have an abortion or not?

Sound of Music | Central Station Antwerp (Belgium) {great flash mob}

Hateful bully behavior

Feds will change law so all same-sex marriages legal

Gov. Christie mum on gay marriage bill

10 Brand Names Gone But Not Forgotten

Cops Dodge Suit Over Toddler's Tragic Death

Bride Says Marriage Was Arranged in Hell

Manny Ramirez wants to be a "role model"...

North Carolina Agrees to Compensate Sterilized Welfare Recipients

War Clouds Darken: Russia Warns of US Strike on Iran

Large Majority of Americans Now Believe There is Conflict between Rich and Poor

Peter Watts has released novels Starfish, Maelstrom, Behemoth and Blindsight to Creative Commons

Thanks, Jesus, for this food...

WI: Organizers have more than enough signatures to recall Scott Fitzgerald (NBC 15)

Clearing a Potential Road Block to Bisabolane…Researchers Identify Key Enzyme Structure (biodiesel)

Why Is Congress Redlining Our Schools?

Group says it has enough signatures to recall Fitzgerald

This Week in Poverty: Kids, Jobs and GOP Myths

Nearly Two-Thirds of Apple’s Suppliers Don’t Abide by Worker Hours Limits

Groups Move to Force Obama's Hand on the FEC

Dear South Carolina Republicans:

North Korea To Punish [Kim Jong Il] Mourners Who Were Insincere

Here's an example of an alert and jury decision done right:

Looks like they got to Newt he's backing down from the film

Scientific misconduct is worryingly prevalent in the UK, shows BMJ survey

Just now on ESPN-Jeff Fisher to be new Rams head coach.

Scientific misconduct is worryingly prevalent in the UK, shows BMJ survey

Nuclear Nimbyism - Germans Oppose New Plants Next Door

Mad Magazine: “Chance” Cards from “Monopoly: The Mitt Romney Edition”

Joran Van Der Sloot Sentenced to 28 Years

"the court said there is no individual right to police protection"

Fatal Texas shooting highlights struggle to regulate replica guns

Santorum charity for the poor spent most of its money on management, political friends

YEAH BABY! Group says it has enough signatures to recall WI. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald

[TTRPG] D&D 5e Announced

Urination at War: Don't Be Mad at the Peeing; Be Mad at the Killing

For anyone who has ever taught ... or learned ...and also for Republicans (if you are listening):

Raise your hand if you're voting for Santorum!

Everything You Need to Know About Wall Street, in One Brief Tale - Matt Taibbi

Elephants and Christmas trees - pics

2012 ....the only lasting revolution is evolution...

The Navy Is Depending on Dolphins to Keep the Strait of Hormuz Open

Anyone remember/enjoy the RPG Traveller?

"Conservative" Talk Show Host (and CNN Contributor) Praises Pissing Soldiers

Kerrey (D) takes jab at Rove

Weekend Economists Working for Peanuts Friday the 13th, Jan. 13-16, 2012

We're in trouble now - cats are evolving...

Why does Justice Thomas usually side with cheating prosecutors?

Why Mitt can't escape Bain. DU Bonus - the Carlyle Group!

Autistic Advocacy Group Condemns Presidential Appointment of Anti-Vaccine Activist Peter Bell

MSNBC waiting for verdict RE: Request for delay in John Edwards trial due to "mystery illness"

The North Korea-ification of Iran

What do Teachers make - a poem: do you make a difference?

Still waiting for a Budget out of the Senate.

Sh*t Homophobic People Say

Is Newt caving? Gingrich calls on his super-PAC to correct inaccuracies or pull anti-Bain ads

who watched PR allstars?

They tell me I'm just jealous when I say "tax the rich!"

Paul might be moving up in South Carolina

Edwards' trial delayed because of heart condition

Lawrence Krauss - "A Universe From Nothing" interviewed on NPR's Science Friday today

Right criticized Bill Clinton over Marc Rich, strangely silent over Barbour pardons!!

US to resume full Burma relations (BBC Banner)

Can anyone familiar with wind generation technology explain this to me?

Processed meat 'linked to pancreatic cancer' (BBC)

New Poll: Dems winning generic congressional ballot for first time in two years

Rank these items in terms of the disgust you think they merit:

It is ironic the outrage being expressed about the behavior of the soldiers pissing on the

In 2000 the NYT forbade Krugman from saying bush was lying

Pic Of The Moment: Tim LeHaye Endorses Newt Gingrich

Justice Minister declares all same-sex marriages legal and valid (Canada)

Did they get enough signatures for recall for Walker?

Papantonio: Romney The King of Government Bailouts

New Hampshire widow shocked by O'Keefe stunt: 'Call the cops, call the police'

How long do you think Joran van der Sloot will last in Peruvian prison? Place your bets.

Mitt Romney Vs. The GOP: Bain Capital Edition

Paula Deen has diabetes...

Saudi Woman Beheaded for 'Sorcery'

TYT: Pepper Sprayed To Death In Jail by Police

Child molesting priest doesn't think he did anything wrong...

My doggy is dying -should I euthanize him?

If Newt wins SC...

Rick Reilly: I believe in Tim Tebow

Kansas GOP House Speaker ‘Prays’ That Obama’s ‘Children Be Fatherless And His Wife A Widow’

NH write-in campaign FAIL

The GOPeas are boring SC sily.

Rum for America - pic

Santorum on Romney as boss

Romney's "ribald and unsympathetic Latino alter-ego"

I saw the DC Mormon Temple before it was consecrated

The Middle Class Grow the Economy, Not the Rich

LOLOL! '800notes' Search on D.C. Number:

Perry Mistakes Mannequin for Person

PHOTO: From the looks of this hat, Rudolph is now allowed to join "reindeer games."

How One Governor Changed Her Mind On Gay Rights

Sean Hannity, America's Most Underrated Comedian

Spreading the ASAH Love...

The Most Rewarding Way to Celebrate the Martin Luther King Holiday !

Newsman Richard Threlkeld dies in car accident

US Labor Department finds S & H Pallet Industries of Waveland, Ind., in violation of child labor

Sen Grassley's Temper Tantrum-Threatens To Lash Out At Obama By Punishing The American People

Marines in video "could be party to a war crime"

Occupy Movement Intensifying Its Legislative Focus -- Rally Tuesday Outside Capitol

OMG! I can't feel my tongue!!!

Holocaust deniers? (This situation has been ajudicated! Thanks all!)

The Growing Influence of the Ultra-Orthodox in Israel

How the Republicans tore down our country

It just gets worse. Bain's 'Job Creator', Steel Dynamics, was funded by Government.

Did you ever dislike someone and then got to know them only to find out they were

Paper artist Gannon cut his own niche

Judge delays Edwards trial due to heart condition

Willard's Happenis Envy

(Discussion about) a few rules for PD

Tell House Speaker Mike O'Neal who prayed for the President's death to resign

Petition to resign. 'Kansas GOP House Speaker ‘Prays’ That Obama’s

POTUS pushes for streamlined government

Kansans: Tell House Speaker Mike O'Neal who prayed for the President's death to resign

Anti-Union Group Challenges Recess Appointments

Fisher Picks The Rams...

Guest Lineups For The Sunday TV News Shows

Romney's Tax Returns Would Prove He's not just the candidate of the 1% but of 0.001%

An honest view of the circus of gop nomination

When the headline implies it isn't LBN...

Spanish judge resumes Guantanamo investigation

Looks like we might have a value missing here

Whitewashing Hamas Is a Mistake

Oh the hugh manatee! The Free Credit Report douche is now shilling for Pizza Hut.

PPP survey of SC: Mittens 29% Newt 24% Paul 15% Santorum 14%

The spotlight burns a hole in facade of Santorum's “Operation Good Neighbor.” charity.

you represent us, how the hell can you say this?

Religion And Science Can Coexist, Scientists Say In New Survey

James Bond 23 (Skyfall) first official still

Syrian actress finds her true calling in real life drama

S&P downgrading Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Slovakia

Calling All Inanimate Objects: Rick Perry Will Now Take Your Questions

Mitt's religion DOES matter, and this one sentence shows why:

Oprah celebrates her class of 2011

Cartoon on Roberts Money

A Lentil, That Object of Desire

Rhino lovers issue ultimatum ahead of poaching hearings

Cargo boat and US navy ship powered by algal oil in marine fuel trials

US to Occupy Persian Gulf? 'Iran is not a sitting duck!'

As God is my witness, Dylan Ratigan just said that he knows corporations aren't people because ...

LAX BUST: $179K worth of drug used to treat erectile dysfunction confiscated, stiff fine possible

Who killed Iranian nuclear scientist?

Wolf Richter: Greece – Disagreement Everywhere, Rift in the Troika

A little chuckle For your day!!!!

Brown calls on Warren to denounce ads

Without Bernanke we would be in even worse shape

ron paul(republiKKKan) talking about the C.W & slavery!

For the Prosecution, Justice Clarence Thomas

1/4" of snow and my neighbor's using his snowblower!

Judge rejects Perry, GOP hopefuls for Va. ballot

Dogs Against Romney

Pharmageddon: Profits peak from Prozac nation's pills passion


When Mitt Romney Came To Town

President Obama Speaks on Consolidating Government Departments to Encourage Business

Norway court orders new psychiatric tests on Breivik (BBC)

Mitt Romney and the Quiet Room - By Charles P. Pierce

Judge denies lawsuit, Rick Perry, others remain off Virginia Republican primary ballot

The Banality of Urinating on Taliban Corpses

Man on dog, dog on roof.....

In which grocery store aisle would you find this item?

Gov. Decision to Implement Arizona Medical Marijuana Law Will Provide Overdue Relief to Sick

Arms industry Greece still splashes out billions on defence

Ratings Agency Set to Downgrade France

Thriving Wildlife Triggers Hope For Hawaii's Marine Life

Would your opinion of Tim Tebow change if he grew a second nose?

Tenn. GOP Rep. stands by threat to ‘stomp a mudhole’ in transgender people

xpost, in case anybody in here misses it...

Another fabulous Friday Afternoon Challenge: Art “Happens!”

5% of Americans Made Up 50% of U.S. Healthcare Spending

Gingrich hits Romney for knowing how to speak French

Tweety's Headline - Forecast: Heavy Bain

End of the week LOL's (Jan. 13th) - pics

The Day In 100 Seconds: Freaky Friday

..stenographic treatment by journalists... is not available to everyone. Only those who wield power

SF Sheriff Mirkarimi to face domestic violence charges. (Chronicle)

Led Ween! All Of My Love

Ruh-roh. Newt may have just lost the fundie vote.

Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The Looming War With Iran

Apple Joins The Fair Labor Association To Help Improve Factory Working Conditions Overseas

Nice things to say about Winter driving:

I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints....

Some foreign affairs link

Anti-Immigrant NumbersUSA Makes Anti-LEGAL Immigrant Ad Buy in South Carolina

Bob Kerrey returns fire on Karl Rove (The Hill)

In Shift, New Jersey Senator Says He’ll Back Court Pick.

Hilarious! Jimmy Fallon channels David Bowie for a musical Tim Tebow "discussion" with Jesus

Did you know that right now, it's already tomorrow in Hong Kong? And it's 6:33 a.m.?

Lawnmower Deth Explains Republican Healthcare Reform

PHOTO: As many long-time DUers know, Fridays are officially decreed as "Rodent Squeee Days."

U.S. restores diplomatic relations with Myanmar

SOPA related: Student loses extradition case, faces 10 years in US jail for website legal in the UK

The long spiritual journey of singer Paul Simon

Gene Hackman Airlifted to Hospital -- Hit By a Car in Florida

Some dumbass almost hit me on my way to work this morning.

Today's word of the day is......

A couple of Thrift Store finds

Canada Says Couples Are Married or Will Be Soon

LAT: An anguished search for his daughter's killer

thank god john bolton isn't secretary of state. ....or dog catcher for that matter.

Good Samaritan Gets $80,000 for Her Lawyer

Homes of GOP Presidential Hopefuls

Cyndi Lauper Unhappy "True Colors" Used in Romney Smear Campaign

What happens if I use the alert button in my inbox?

7 CEOs pulling in outsized paychecks

Dutch photographer Steven Wassenaar injured in Syria

Science Can Neither Explain Nor Deny the Awesomeness of This Sledding Crow

Perry gets a kick in the pants from VA Judge on ballot appeal

"Next Stop Wonderland" Wonderful little movie

Obama drags Middle East baggage to Asia

Romney supporter is a birther who opposed sanctions against South Africa.

Arrested for aggravated cowbell!!

2,000 miles from Fargo, a real-life death by wood chipper

This is really beautiful.

Super PACs Outspending Candidate Committees Two To One

Nine Euro Nations’ Ratings Cut, Seven Affirmed by S&P

Big snowstorm in my city today. I was standing at the street corner when a fast car zoomed by


Shit New Age Girls Say

OK genius DUers - let's reword this for

Rep. Issa to Introduce Alternative to SOPA/Leahy Says DNS Altering Provision Needs "Some Change"

Don Schneider who built Green Bay trucking company dead at 76

Does a page need to be refreshed in order to see if you are called for the Jury?

Error report. Can anyone tell me wha this is about?

Bill Clinton and the repeal of the Glass-Stiegal Act

Does anyone else want to help host this group?

Announcement: Organizers Have Enough Sigs to Recall SCOTT FITZGERALD!

Activists deface Bank of America ATMs in San Francisco

I'm making lasagne for dinner...

albino hummingbird

Would it be possible to pin a thread where people can report that they

Tim Wise gives "certain" Progressives a piece of his mind.......

Super-cool Planck mission begins to warm (BBC)

Pic Of The Moment: Willard and the 1%

Disgusting! CNN Contributor On Marines Urinating On Dead Bodies: "I'd Drop Trou And Do It Too"

Question about PM to someone who has you on ignore

Seabird foraging areas 'key for conservation' (BBC)

Great White Shark caught on tape by two Fishermen near Kaena Point, Hawaii, January 12, 2012

Wis. Judge Rules For GOP On Walker Recall Procedures. There is now talk of hiring software vendor!

Sh*t Homophobic People Say

Occupy Wall St. Takes Up Immigration Reform

I have removed per correction by credible DUers.