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World's Largest Quantum Computation Uses 84 Qubits

Exclusive: Republicans move to control Keystone approval

State of the Commonwealth address on PBS, 7PM Jan 11, 2012

Class Warfare, Not Just for Republicans Anymore--That’s enough to make Mittens cry.

I was trying to post and I kept getting a error....and a yellow

Will Obama Issue an Order Exposing Big Corporate Political Spenders in Citizens United Era?

4 Farmworkers, 4 Children Slain in Honduras

I saw an ad on CNN that seemed to imply "Real Time" with Bill Maher was on again this

4 Farmworkers, 4 Children Slain in Honduras

Wisconsin GOP stars to host rally for Scott Walker

Ha! Dallas station just said that Perry risks being booted from debates

Best Simon and Garfunkel song?

Where are they now?



Canadian man 'beaten to death by five cops after trying to give woman officer a bear hug'

Republicans are NOT Job Creators, period.

Romney selects woman as running mate.

Ron Paul isn't anti-defense spending, he's anti-everything else

Tebow 'tunes >>

George Lucas: Hollywood Wouldn't Back My Film About Tuskegee Airmen Due to All Black Cast

World's tiniest frogs found in New Guinea

What sucks most for non-believers? Believers will always have the last laugh.

OH Happy Day

I don't get it -- how do hip hop rodents and robots sell cars?

Gordon Gekko endorses Romney in SC

Hello. I need help with translating this Japanese writing to english.

Threads about prostutition and stripppers

Fire union sues over back wages

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 12 January 2012


Why should the Palmetto Bug State have so much influence

This "message from our President" could still win a debate with any of those GOP candidates

No Doubt, Nicole Scherzinger, Rise Against Twitter-Hacked By Ron Paul Supporters

Names of Jury members

seeking info on shasta lake Calif. IS it mostly a vacation spot with few real full time residents?

Carlyle Group: $16 Billion in Debt in 2008, Now Flush in Cash.

Cop Punches Special Needs Girl In The Face, Threatens Iraq Veteran For Recording It

Redistricting delays prompt Arizona election bill

Republican presidential candidates say unions have too much power

Ah, jeez. ET is peddling Mitts sons as sexy

ISSUE: Education "A Teacher's Letter to President Obama...

Coalition Targets "First Billion" in NY Corporate Tax Loopholes

Fourth nuclear scientist from Iran assasinated. Hillary Clinton says it was not the USA. Speculation

Tea Party Caucus Members Are Twice As Rich As Typical Member of Congress

What's Driving Health Care Costs

Romney Touts Support Of Creator Of Arizona's Hateful Anti-Immigration Law

From the archive, 12 January 1985: Ortega offers amnesty to contra leaders

The Mitt Romney movie has been released in full (You Tube)

Bond set in twins' deaths (mother killed self delivered newborns)

New White House staffers have Catholic, Jewish ties

It's the Foreclosure Crisis Stupid: Esrati for Congress (D), OH, 10th

CaliforniaPeggy scored tickets to see her favorite band at her favorite venue!!!

Li'l Skittles li'l skittycat was understandably just a LEETLE neurotic.

Santorum predicted man-on-beast... but didn't expect it to be his own gun-nut supporters at fault.

Double your pleasure... double your fun... with Double-Kim, Double-Kim, Double-Kim-Jung.

It's true that MiddleFingerMomMom was just a tad over-protective of Li'l MFM.

NOBODY expected MFM to remarry, least of all MFM... but nobody expected him to meet Ms. Right.

Great Moments In Stupid Chevron PR

Gingrich's ad...

Israel’s High Court rejects petitions against ‘Citizenship Law’

Is there link about that tells the rules for groups?

Abortion, gay marriage could be next on chopping block in Canada, Chrétien warns

Lunch Pail Republicans Oppose Indiana's Right to Work Bill

Big Ed is busting a gut over Romney's "quiet rooms" comment.

The "Japanese" did NOT bomb Pearl Harbor. Yoko Ono acted alone.

The Mitt Romney movie has been released in full (You Tube)

New Material Can Scrub Carbon Dioxide Right Out of the Air at Unprecedented Rates

Republican National Committee Files Brief Seeking To Allow Corporate Funding Of Campaigns

Sigh-----(face palm). So, will the frog jump or die?

What's with Olbermann?

Why shouldn't I be seeing that? "You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in

The Abyss will also Gaze into Thee

Updated 8 p.m. ET: Mississippi Circuit Judge Tomie Green has temporarily blocked the release

Mitt Romney’s true colors

Mother makes son wear sign saying he is a lying, thieving, drug dealer.

Who else just saw Big Ed wearing glasses and reading a storybook?

Actual headline: "I lost my virginity twice: Woman, 27, reveals she has TWO VAGINAS"

Romney’s Mix of Apples and Oranges

Romney: enough with the envy already!

New York Regents Give Religious Schools Conscience Exemption To Teaching Tolerance

The Problem Prisoners: Ten of the most controversial detainees still held at Guantánamo.

Israeli archaeologists find 1,500-year-old kosher 'bread stamp' near Acre

Modesto Irrigation District keeps alive proposal to sell water to San Francisco

Guantanamo Bay lawyers to halt written communication

Japan and Canada warn on Volcker rule impact

Google Softens China Stance

I-pod keeps seizing at end of chapters in audiobooks. Help!

WTF? Mitt Romney Says We Must Only Speak of Income Inequality in ‘Quiet Rooms’

does anyone know about the google nexus phone. what is special and exciting about it

Who Will Get More Off Field Camera Time This Weekend?

When ya gonna clear out the vids on the front page?

Whisper, whisper

Romney left Massachusetts with $1 Billion deficit

NJ’s entire Dem. Congressional delegation to state legislators: Pass the marriage equality bill

Funny Money: Pa. Charter School Accused Of Using Public Dollars To Fund Church

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Guardian UK: Mitt Romney, man of the corporate people

Former Michigan congressman Mark Siljander (R) sentenced to year in federal prison

An Apology to Jurors for a Mistake on a few Recent Alerts and Questions (possible bug?)

"When mitt romney Came To Town". The Full half hour movie from newt:

Petition to support LGBT youth in schools. Federal bill.

This election marks the beginning of the end for Iowa and New Hampshire

PHOTOS: Get To Know The Booth Babes Of The Detroit Auto Show

Scott Walker Billboard Fail (another Bwuhahaha moment)

King of Bain - FULL VIDEO - 28 minutes - Romney and vulture capitalism

Lord Bain: "I Do"

The Heart of Unionism: One Local Union’s Story of Solidarity

Good News for Elizabeth Warren: Romney is really pissing off Scott Brown

I NEVER thought I'd say ANYTHING like THIS!

Today Newt Gingrich just became: Our New Best Friend

Students, Not Teachers, Can Fight Ban on Ethnic Studies

Tony Benn: A Voice From Labour’s Left

Newspapers going the way of the Dodo bird

Warren Buffet challenges GOP to a dare.

Child Leukaemia Doubles Near French Nuclear Plants: Study

BEAUTIFUL: Veterans Fill Iraqi Restaurant in Lowell, MA After Vandal Smashes Its Window

Great Parenting Comics for laughs

Child Leukaemia Doubles Near French Nuclear Plants: Study

China defends Iran oil trade despite US push

We didn't get her home today.....

The word is "Booth Babes" Modify any thread title to include "Booth Babes."

Romney left MA with a $1 Billion deficit

Hundreds protest on 10th anniversary of Guantanamo prison

What We Owe to Bertha von Suttner

Why I Hate War..

The Courts: The conservative takeover will be complete

Gov. Walker Accused of Violations of Campaign Finance Laws.

Some Evening Music (love the causual finger poppin and clappin)

Stephen Harper apes Republican nuttiness

N-scientist murder fuels outrage in Tehran

Richard Gere labels China 'the largest hypocrisy in the world'

Driving home from Petco.

Interesting picture of Haley Barbour. Faux will have a hard time changing

Walkom: How Bob Rae has kept the near-dead Liberal party alive

For your Republicon friends and relatives

Error report: My Subscriptions page has code at top:

Give Guantánamo Back to Cuba

Chevron warns on 4Q profit

Obama Eyeing Internet ID for Americans

Labor shortage continues to plague expanding oil and gas industry

U.S. intelligence report on Afghanistan sees stalemate

The unemployed are parasites.....right?

Internet piracy bill splits technology, entertainment industries

History past and present...

The Evolved Self-Management System

Mitt Romney the Movie (Part 2)

Mitt Romney the Movie (Part 1)

Florida family says dog last connection to mom killed in wreck

Limbaugh syndication owned by Bain Capital!

When Mitt Romney Didn't Think Corporations Were People

Quebec warms to idea of energy partnership with other provinces

Fl. dog hit by drunk driver swims to kayaker in Gulf of Mexico for help

Red wine [health benefits] researcher flagged for fake data

Newt: I crossed the line...

Thanks Newt!

Charlotte; the lowest union membership in the nation, the second non-union city to host the DNC

I want to give a shout out to DUers who exemplify and defend honesty, reason, logic and fairness.

New UH Football Coach Chow wows 'em at first public appearance in Hawaii

Romney is VULNERABLE on issue He Has Huge $$ in Overseas Bank Accts --DING! DING!

Tell Kansas Republican Speaker who prayed for the President's death to resign

Poll: Romney has tiny lead over Gingrich in South Carolina

Such outrage over the peeing, none for the killing itself.

Santorum’s Communist Clan

Amazing Pool trick shot video

President Obama: “Everything that we fought for is now at stake in this election”

HERMAIN CAIN: If there's anything worse than a groper it's a tease, and you, sir, are a BIG TEASE.

The Secret to Ron Paul's Support Among College Students

funniest headline of the campaign....'rick perry assures victory'

Question to all 42 of us in this group...

Buffett to Republicans: if you pay, so will I (Reuters)

Toons: Courage Citizen, Pimple Paul, Young Mitt Learns Firing is Real Fun and More. 1/11/12

So now even Newtie is playing the "populist" card. Still think

Exclusive: Second Arab monitor may quit Syria over violence

Fox News et al go after Obama on religious liberty case, here is the truth

Romney Vows to Undo Everything Obama Has Done: ‘I Will Make Bin Laden Alive Again’

What is the singular of Mentos?

Owner of Fresno hate-talk KMJ radio files bankruptcy

HRW: Syria: Army Shoots Protesters Attempting to Reach Observers

Salon: "The two Chris Matthews"

Need some good DU vibes here

fotoshop be adobe

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 12 -- TCM Spotlight -- Jack Cardiff

Federal court sides with RI atheist student and orders public school to remove prayer mural

Letter to President Obama: End Detention Without Trial and Close Guantanamo (Human Rights Watch)

Iran asks Venezuela to repay debts exceeding USD 290 million

Newt's attack on Romney and his ties to Bain are only cementing his conservative cred

AFL-CIO Complicity in Violence Against Latin American Labor

Errr...he asked WHAT?!?!...

Against Odds, Path Opens Up for U.S.-Taliban Talks

Question re PDF files.

Jerry Brown Proposes Giving Poor Districts More Money

Anyone else just get booted out of the DU? It was scarry.

EU threatens Hungary over refusal to implement austerity policies and 'authoritarian' new constituti

Sen. DeMint urges Republicans to listen to Ron Paul

O'Keefe Caught In His Own Trap

Music Critic

PBS: What Mitt Romney's Role at Bain Capital Means for His Presidential Bid

Big sigh of relief.

Dell XPS keyboard not working

Michelle Obama Announces Major Coordinated Effort by America's Academic Institutions to Combat PTSD

I am sure the people that made this video fight dogs

Against Odds, Path Opens Up for U.S.-Taliban Talks

Romney wondering about a pink slip

"Osama bin Laden will never walk on this earth again" is the rhetoric we want to represent us?

Wall Street's Washington Infiltration Continues with New Chief of Staff Jacob Lew

U.S. Marines Urinating On Taliban Dead Bodies In Afghanistan

Out-of-Control Cop Punches Defenseless Special-Needs Girl


Mitt's "Let Detroit Die" Op-Ed From 2008

Fuck you CNN.

PBS: What's Next for Gitmo, Detainees and U.S. Handling of Terror Suspects?

Is Hong Kong really the world's freest economy? (BBC challenges Heritage Foundation ranking)

Canada's Liberal Party to vote on cannabis legalization resolution at convention

Not a single alert from Politics 2012...

No. 1 plant radioactive water leak kept ashore

Anti-Newt TV ads having been airing in the Tampa Bay market for the past day or two.

Jon Stewart: Mitt Romney Wins NH! ‘While Still Having No One Like Him!’ - video

Sarah Palin on Todd's endorsement: First Dude went rogue

Marine says sergeant ordered bloodshed in Haditha

Sarah Palin Rips Michelle Obama - video

Pic Of The Moment: Gingrich: "I Crossed The Line"

Why did Renee walk away?

Kate Beckinsale is back

British wife of President Assad cheers him on as he makes rare public appearance...

***sniffle***I am officially old ***sniffle***

Gothamist/iPhone Ringtone Brings New York Philharmonic To A Dead Stop

Cast not thy Pearls before Swine

Led Zeppelin - Lord Of The Rings - Ramble On

Wish list: It would be nice if we had a DUzy! button to recommend posts. n/t

The only legal male prostitute in Nevada quit because of lack of demand.

THIS is what "National Security" should be framed as in the Democratic Party

In your opinion, what is the perfect snack? Sweet? Savory?

High court gives Oregonians OK to pack pistols and pot

Just Finished Writting My Moms Memorial Service

I have just figured out who Mitt is

we can win with ron paul in the mix

Religious Groups Given ‘Exception’ to Work Bias Law

Rush Limbaugh Blasts Perry: Bane Capital = Good People Exorcizing Economic Liberty

Mississippi Governor's Pardons Anger Families

Why is the Roman Catholic Church against birth control??

DemRapidResponse: Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"....believe corporations are people when Texas executes one" - Bill Moyers on Colbert

Santorum’s Communist Clan

Apple Inc. pays its CEO more, and those at the bottom less, than any other US company.

John Bolton endorses Romney's presidential run

1993: When Romney Didn't Think Corporations Were People (Extended Version)

Home invasion leads to fatal gunfight

Newt Gingrich Denies Bohemian Grove Existence: Some People Have "Fantasy Lives"

Romney = The Throwaway Candidate....

Another Iranian Nuclear Scientist Assassinated

King Of Bain: When Mitt Romney Came To Town

'We Act Radio' Progressive talk is back in the DC area (mostly N.Va. and S.Md.)

Mexico Updates Death Toll in Drug War to 47,515, but Critics Dispute the Data

What a wonderful world....the GOPers are dyin, the Baggers are cryin,

"you shouldn't be seeing this" message

Kuwait and U.S. Disagree Over Guantanamo Inmates

If you haven't done so already, you MUST watch this video.

LAT: Occupy O.C. protesters agree to peacefully leave campsite

Romney and GOP's latest asinine attack: Obama "unopposed, only got 80 percent" in N.H.

Things That Are Less Steep Than Rick Perry's Drop In The Polls(slideshow):

Jon Stewart v. Jim DeMint - The Daily Show - 1/11/12

Jerry Sandusky sat in president's box for Joe Paterno's 409th victory (Patriot News)

North Korea to display Kim Jong-il's body permanently (BBC)

James Bond villains blamed for nuclear's bad image (BBC)

The Moral Case for Legalizing Marijuana

Taliban: Afghan talks won't mean end to fighting

Pro-Walker billboard touting jobs in front of the shuttered General Motors removed after 24 hours

NKorea signals it's open to US disarmament deal

In pictures: Yul Brynner's celebrity photographs

Cannabinoid System in Neuroprotection - Raphael Mechoulam

Pissing on the dead Taliban - literally

Cannabis and Cannabinoids in 21st Century Medicine: Medical Marijuana in the Clinic

No news: Hitler as a role model

Said on the TeeVee

Florida panel: As the debate goes on, health care reform is already happening

predawn reflection

Holistic Biochemistry of Cannabinoids

National DNC chair wastes little time to attack Romney

predawn reflection

Medical Ethics and Cannabis Prohibition, by Richard Bonnie, JD

Astronomers weigh in on Milky Way's true colours

What in the world would Hunter Thompson be saying about the Republican field?

Slavery By Another Name on PBS February 13th

GOP Muffs Up Hispanic Outreach Effort Pretty Much Immediately

Huntsman To Field: Cool It With All The Bain Stuff

Judge Halts Mississippi Pardons After Uproar

Connie Rice: Power Concedes Nothing

Frank Luntz urged Republicans to substitute “climate change” for “global warming”

The Botany of Desire (PBS, 2009)

Obama campaign reports raising over $68 million in 4th Q of 2011; 98% of donations were $250 or less

He's going there! Newt's SC ad raises Mitt's dog on the roof (and a lot more)

NLRB Issues Nationwide Complaint against American Water (illegally cutting healthcare and benefits)

Toon: Glitter Bombed

It's well before daylight and I just got back from walking the dogs and it reminded me..

This group needs a host. Any Muslim DUers around who want to do it?

Great Article: The Left and the

A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945

Palin To Romney: Show Us Your Tax Returns, Prove You Created 100K Jobs. "...a come to Jesus moment."

Report shows more kids in poverty

Yields fall sharply at Spanish, Italian debt sales

Quick Thinking Couple Saves Duck When Tree Crashes into River

The GOP have not won the White House without a Bush or a Nixon since 1928.

Woman’s suit alleges sex harassment

Wisconsin: GOP lawmaker says campaign financing too transparent, proposes law to shut the drapes

Wisconsin: Lawmaker calls for ouster of Justice Gableman

“I would have preferred to wait, yes, to keep the bottle of whup-ass fresher”

Wisconsin: State clerks rush to correct redistricting errors

Sarah lectures Mitt - It's time to 'show and tell'.

Amy Goodman: Guantanamo at 10: The Prisoner and the Prosecutor

Buffett Calls Republicans' Bluff

18th Century Foxx: Quelle surprise - Virginia Foxx a shill for diploma mills

Hurray! I get to have my very own avatar back! Happy feet!

Length of Indian Point reactor shutdown unclear

I just found out I can use my own avatar! I created mine in Photoshop.

Decline in safety culture at Palisades nuclear power plant to be fixed, company tells regulators

America on O'Keefe -"Pimps, Lies, and Videotapes"

todays trades

NYT: The Republican Contest

Newt and Callista Gingrich’s Smiley Auschwitz Photo Is No Fluke

No wonder Air America died - Bain Capitol OWNs Clear Channel

Study: Americans Are Waking up to Class War

Gingrich's Bain Capital "Attack" is a Potemkin Operation

O'Keefe and election fraud: the shithead proved it won't work.

Tanks, SWAT Teams, Surveillance Helicopters: Cities Already Turning Into Mini-Police States

What happens when there is no large, vibrant middle class?

To the new post toolbar for bold, italics, excerpt etc.........

Is this post disruptive, hurtful, rude, insensitive, over-the-top, or otherwise inappropriate

Giants sign Ryan Vogelsong to two year deal...

Big Oil Greases Congress

The Nation: Why the Obamas Should Embrace 'The Obamas'

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (01/12/2012)

Condensed water vapor on car windows in AM--what to do?

Wisconsin: Scott Walker and the Truth are only the most casual of acquaintances - James Rowan blog

Project runway.....a new host??? and no Heidi Klum?

NY Times: We’re Eating Less Meat. Why?

Iran and the Terrorism game

More Planets Than Stars in Our Galaxy

How low interest rates are gutting pension funds

Scientists Find More Planets Orbiting Two Stars

I think Gingrich's Bain attack messes them up bad

Mitt, God wanted me to be rich so all you 99% people STFU

Mr Scorpio Reviews the Republican Candidates 2012

National Memo: Afghanistan forever. And ever. And ever.

Retail Sales in U.S. Rose Less Than Forecast

U.S. Dec retail sales post weakest reading in 7 months

Article: PA. State Budget Cuts Causing Real Harm to People in Need

NYC Police Probe Wave of Anti-Semitic Attacks; Rabbi’s House Firebombed Today

Consumer Protection Bureau wants your student loan stories

Toon: Uncle Sam Wants You

Toon: The primary season, this week

McMillan vs. Paul

The Racist Chinese Occupation of Tibet

Not exactly winning the hearts and minds: Outcry grows over Marine video

Where Science and Buddhism Meet

US investigates corpse abuse in Afghanistan

Timeless Quotes from the Buddha

Would you vote for Obama if he LIKED firing people and supported massive outsourcing?

Gingrich Attacks "Vulture Capitalist" Romney

Sinead O'Connor Recovering From Suicide Bid

hard hitting story from my local rag...'Obama seeks celebrity backing'

Bain: Layoffs R Us

N. Korea punishes insufficient signs of grief

Passion for Work

BananaGate! Velvet Underground Sue Andy Warhol Foundation For Copyright Infringement

Pakistan president goes to Dubai amid new crisis

PolitiFact N.J.: Gay marriage supported by majorities of Americans and New Jerseyans, assemblyman sa

Ron Paul / Jackie Broyles Racist Newsletter

Web addicts have brain changes, research suggests

Could Obama Be Headed for a Landslide?

Fresh calls for independent probe in Syria

Sears Supplier Loans Are Said to Be Halted by CIT Starting Today

Peak oil notes - January 12

Peak oil notes - January 12

Sean Hannity plays the Leave Britney Alone! card with Perry RE: Romney and VultureCarcassGate

Former congressman, Missouri charity director sentenced in terrorism case

N.H. widow shocked by ploy at polls

Statute of Limitations tolled by class action suits (5 of them) so no problem right? :)

I knew it: they're letting Rick Perry into the debate

But did you know about the Hall and Oates Emergency Hotline?

What I think we are seeing today is the fracturing of the Reagan Coalition:

The black hole of Guantanamo

White Rabbit-the original version

I really love the "Maxwell the Pig on the zip line" Geico commercial. "Whee...whee...wheeeeeeeeeee!"

What if They Had a Gender War and No One Came

"The Pentagon: Barack is taking it over."

Inside China's secret toxic unobtainium mine

Harry Belafonte Says Obama Lacks "Moral Compass"

Group Targets Military's 'Religious Preference'

America's Mayor© - Discussions of Romney & Bain "building ignorance of American economic system"

Thoughts on Iowa Caucus

Super PAC targets Canseco over middle class tax bill

'Toon in this morning paper

This is how I feel about possibly running into one of the GOP loons who are out & about

Should authors of alerted posts get the jury decision even when the thread is allowed to stand?...

Newt: My dirty ads against Mitt are Obama's fault!

Is there anyone more fake than Willard Romney

Police to investigate MI6 over rendition and torture of Libyans

Calif. company builds database of private cars' locations

The phrase is "Two Vaginas" Modify any thread to include "Two Vaginas"

23rd warmest year on record, and 2nd hottest summer for the U.S.

Iran and the Terrorism game

The Fades - Minor spoilers

Reports: Arms ship docks in Syria after being released from Cyprus

Florida Legislation Paves Ground for Water Privatization (egads!)

Indiana "Right to Work" Near Passage

Republicans take reins of Va. General Assembly

Toronto Star: Same-sex marriages of non-resident couples not legal: federal justice department

Every time I see Romney I see the person who became wealthy by sending my job out of the country

Rising Share of Americans See Conflict Between Rich and Poor -Must read

Elizabeth Warren Raised $5.7 Million In Three Months. But Can She Beat Brown?

Old machine and old operator need help.

Same-sex marriages of non-resident couples not legal: federal justice department [Toronto Star]

Five U.S. Senators Are Perfect Koch Servants (no points for guessing their party)

Help Please; Is that Mitt's Jet in the background?

Little Bollywood struggles in Afghanistan

Woke up this morning and VERIZON had removed CURRENT TV from my lineup. Plenty of FOX still there.

Who are the biggest GHG emitters in your neighborhood? With new EPA tool, no place to hide

Injured by “The Spirit,” Illinois Woman Sues Church

FDA Panel Judging Bayer Contraceptive Risk Had Ties to Bayer

Alternate Title for Newt's Anti-Romney Film

I think the contrast in story between Romney and Obama is stark

Class Claims Symantec Uses 'Scareware'

Ski Resorts Say Uncle Sam Illegally Grabbed Their Water

Middle class dropouts - American Dream Deferred

LA Times: Foreclosures expected to rise, pushing home prices lower

Czech Republic: Churches to Get Restitution for Seized Property

Pepsi Settle Racial Discrimination Claims

Huntsman co-founded a private equity firm in 2007 with a former Bain Capital executive

New South Carolina Poll: Romney 23% Newt 21% Santorum 14% Paul 13%

Montana Upholds Ban on Corporate Electioneering, Leads Growing National Revolt

Trenton Girl Taunted By Neighbor’s ‘Death Machine’ Has Died

Nate Silver: Romney Looks Strong in South Carolina and Beyond

Obama raised $68 million in fourth quarter of 2011

Pic Of The Moment: Multi-Millionaire To 99%: You're Just Jealous

Robert Reich: The Youthful Magic of Ron Paul (tea party senator Jim DeMint urges a listen)

So, now that winter has reared its ugly head.

Marine Fights For Gay Brother's Right To Marry

Visual truth!

How do I put a picture in my sig line? nt

Found on the Atlantic Ocean Shores in Palm Beach County

How can I get Obamacare?

Guardian UK: Karzai leads wave of condemnation over video of urination on corpses

NASA says Canada in 'hot spot' of ecological change

Mayor Nixes Plan to Limit Alcohol Sales (&decreasing the consumption of unhealthy food.)

For GOP, Mitt's the man, Paul's the problem

Ron Paul, snake oil salesman.

Sunday will be the 34th anniversary of the Cowboy's thrashing of the Broncos in

Homeland Security Internet Watch List leaked (w/link to list of sites)

People who complain about their jobs via their Facebook status updates

Obama vulnerable in Florida

The Very Real Danger of Genetically Modified Foods

St Rudy of 9/11 says the ReTHUG ads against Romney are ignorance - it is fooling the American

Jacksonville Jaguars owner suggests that only season ticket holders are real fans

DU3 Album of the Day: "Some Girls" The Rolling Stones

Are women in the 2012 United States a minority group?

"Most of the people voting aren't REPUBLICANS!" - quote of a conservative talking about caucus/

EU firms renew Iran oil deals to win sanction reprieve

Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Yegelle Tezeta

Where can I find info on the ACLU's plan for challenging the Citizens United ruling?

Dr Pepper deal leaves small-town Dublin with a bitter taste

The Rude Pundit - Gitmo Ten Years On: Our Untreated, Open Wound

"not the onion"

TYT: Reddit Clobbers Rep. Ryan Into Opposing SOPA Publicly

Fast Food Ads Vs. The Real Thing

"Glitch" In Fitzwalker's Restricting Map Puts Sheboygan Voters in Africa

Next time...I'll answer the phone when Justin Verlander is on the other end.

Family: Bullying to blame in Wyoming 13-year-old's suicide

Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa’s assault on media freedom

Head of Arab mission to Syria denies disarray

Here come the snowstorms

Teenagers on work experience banned from air traffic control

Fran Tarkenton on Tebow

President Obama looks to be going all in with a campaign against economic inequality

DOJ: Obama Recess Appointments Constitutional

Samsung to use smartphone success to expand tablet presence

Why Wendy's Will Never Be Great Again

Survey Finds Rising Perception of Class Tension

South Africa loses 8 rhinos in 1 day

We need this kind of an inquiry here in the US!

UK: Opponents Fail to Derail HS2 High-Speed Project

OWS Protesters Re-Occupy Liberty Square!

Bill Moyers is back !!!!

Romney in Palm Beach County Today

Is this land made for you and me? by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

Said Mrs. Bush: "George and I wish he would. We wanted him to this time."

Oh, SNAP!! When normal political insults fail, invent new ones.

Everytime Mitt Romney fires someone, a demon gets his wings.

Mattingly: If Braun is suspended, NL MVP award should go to Kemp

What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland's School Success

Bob Weir's Sweetwater Music Hall to Open this Month in Mill Valley

President Obama has waged more war than any previous Nobel Peace Laureate except Kissinger!

Yet another question about the jury system...

UK investigations into torture and rendition-a guide (Ian Cobain 1-12-12 Guardian)

Obama recess appointments approved by Justice Department

Papantonio: Racism Prevalent at GOP Primaries

My name is James Bond...

Sarah Palin: Mitt Romney needs Bain show & tell

African crane reunited with owner - story with pictures

It’s past time for league to let A’s move to San Jose

Update: Powerful NASA Telescope Discovers 6th Romney Son.

More Arab League Observers Reportedly Leaving Syria

xlnt ?: When did Mitt know that we'd pick up the tab for Bain's pensions?

Does anyone here know about taking care of old office buildings?

omfg, is this how we all are going to have to dress our children? (warning, disturbing)

The Enduring Shame of Guantanamo

Cat Stevens - Come on and dance 1967

Suze Orman's prepaid card: Can you afford it?

Here's what I learned from DU the last few days

Home Depot to hire 70,000 seasonal workers

Pagan Values Blogging Month: Judgment vs. Compassion

The World from Berlin German Economic Success 'On Shaky Ground'

Lukovich - RIGHT ON - Romney Toon!!!

Morning on Msnbc!

5 Pagan Virtues

Death spewer on the highway!

What is all this garbage about the infallability of Ronald Reagan?

Have to share this Proud Mom moment.

Just A Man (music video)

Grover Norquist: 'Ron Paul's is the only endorsement that will matter to Romney'

Brussels launches “Operation Dump Orbán”

"Working Poor. If you're working, you shouldn't be poor." Tavis Smiley on MSNBC. nt

Ireland Squatters filling the ghost estates

Sir Gawain The Green Knight -

Japan to help Afghanistan build 70 more schools

Demonstrators demand Guantanamo prison closure

Rudy and all the mega-wealthy Vulture Capitalists coming out for Mitt

Two years on, Haiti still reeling from quake

James "The Pimp" O'Keefe is At It Again

India is preparing to celebrate a full year without any reported cases of polio

Velvet Underground Wants to Free Warhol's Banana

Indiana Bill Would Give School Boards The Power To Force Teachers To Teach Creationism As Science

The Hill: Rove's American Crossroads goes after Kerrey in Nebraska, before he decides on Senate run

Dirty Doings Alleged in Giant Clams

Law Profs See $300 Million Electric Scheme (withholding electricity to boost prices)

The war is with China, the battleground Africa

New Hampshire Primary Forecasts Obama Reelection

Her name was... uh, uh, Miss uh, oh yeah, Miss Information!

UC to ban all tobacco use on campus in 2014 (and advertising/sales)

I just baked two loaves of cinnamon bread

Peace Poem...........Dedicated to California Peggy

When Mitt Romney Came To Town — Full, complete version

Secret Aerial Photos Provides Fresh Glimpse of Berlin's Destruction

Suspected US Missile Strike Kills 4 in Pakistan

US making law to increase India's share in H-1B visa

Investigators: Principal used hypnosis on students before suicides

Overheard on the Goldman Sachs Elevator

Kids in Flicks. Post a Pic of a Kid in a Flick.

i'm so tired of being tired.

Senator Dumbass Tops List

Commercial lender to halt loans to Sears suppliers

Imbolc Lore

Governor's spokesman is abusing his position (Wisconsin)

Favorite weird hubby?

Santorum on Ending Medicare

Ohio Panel Sticks To 'White Only' Pool Sign Ruling

Tin foil Romney theory: Rove tactics return

The Wheel of the Year

Wisconsin Dems To Deliver Walker Recall Petitions Next Week (TPM)

Demented gettin geared up to endorse Rmoney

Professional juries?? I love the jury system and have been on a number now.

Wisconsin: Is this discrimination?

Karl Rove reaveals GOP 2012 strategy

Taliban say Marine abuse tape won't hurt Afghanistan talks

Stephen Colbert polling better than Jon Huntsman in South Carolina

Was watching a movie about John Dillinger and, like many criminals of the '30s, he was

New S.C. poll: Romney 23%, Gingrich 21%, Santorum 14%, Paul 13%, Huntsman 7%, Perry 5%

Narcotics agent nabs Sandusky. 'Tom didn't want to do it'

Golden Globes Awards only 3 days away..Jan. 15

Anyone vegetarian and gluten free? Just learned that some tests shows I'm gluten sensative

Heisman winner Griffin leaves Baylor to enter NFL draft.

Mitt Romney Pressured Single Mother To Give Up Baby For Adoption, Book Claims (Vanity Fair)

Have we now gotten to the point where there are three distinct television "seasons" a year?

Palin Says Romney Should Address Bain Attacks By Showing Proof On Jobs Claim

Quiet Rooms? Like the Quiet Car on the Acela?

Romney talks to muscular dystrophy patient who uses medical marijuana

There is a spammer on the loose in Good Reads.

"common operating picture"

#truthvigilante: NYT public editor asks whether reporters should point out newsmakers' lies

Some days you just feel tired and lazy....

"When Mitt Romney Came to Town" - the full 28 minute version has now been released - Here it is!!

Rep.Jerry Lewis (R) CA to retire..

GOP: red, white and racist?

Looks like I'm being pushed out of my job.

Free Trade vs. Jobs

James O’Keefe Says $50K Donation Funded Voter Fraud Stunt (Talking Points Memo)

Charts: income equality and the declining middle class

My Kahuna sez: The GOPer - Baggers HATE will be the cause of their loss

Does C-SPAN need a seven-second be the judge...

Syria Arab League's Syria mission not going to plan, warns chief

Palin Says Romney Should Release Tax Returns (HuffPost)

Will Stephen Colbert be in the CNN South Carolina debate?

I got stuck in jury service.

Carter ‘pleased’ with Egypt polls

WH: 118-page draft for over 50 actions to improve the health of oceans, coasts and the Great Lakes

Those tricky Canadians.....

Anyone have problems finding friends?

The Snowball Effect

VA-SEN: Allen gets a challenger on the right. (TPM)

Anti-Abortion Protester Can't Dismiss Charges

What Denomination Are You?

Anyone planning on going to any of the Civil War 150th Anniversary events?

Insurer Sues Marriott in Erin Andrews Case

State lawmaker calls for new laws after Bundgaard scandal

FOX News banned from Canada for lying during news cast

The 30 Best Taco-Related Crimes Ever

Elections board to create database of those who sign recall petitions

We’re No. 1: Texas leads states in global warming emissions

Martin Speaks About Final Two Books

"Regulators keep falling down on the job, and keep getting rewarded for it by Wall Street" - Taibbi

This is why I vote republican.

Tebow Tebow Tebow Tebow Tebow. Tebow Tebow!

Woman who wore a prosthetic device while contemplating gender change claims J&J Snack Food fired her

Fitzgerald recall nears needed number of signatures

Do you really want to piss people off?

The $1500 diamond encrusted business card

NPR just flat out LIED.

OMG, it's Christmas in January!! Thanks, Elad!!

Cool Tip: Convert Your Images to Avatars!

A Mini-Planetary System

The Pissing Contest: Afghanistan's My Lai?

How Not to Store Your Nuclear Warheads

James O’Keefe Says $50K Donation Funded Voter Fraud Stunt (TPM)

The Things

"Truth Vigilantes"


Iran would be stupid not to develop an atomic weapon

Article from my local paper regarding Green Bay's bus service

At WHAT point does leaving a VERY crazy congress out of negative Obama neratives become bashing?

German Court: Nuclear Tax Constitutional, Within EU Law

I had no idea his real name was "Willard Mittington!"

Mayonnaise Jar & Two Beers..

Analysis of California's Congressional Districts (January Edition)

Obama Administration Cracking Down on Insurance Companies, Preventing Unjustifiable Rate Hikes

What Sort of Hipster Are You?

Foxconn settles with workers who threatened mass suicide

The Author of SOPA Is Also a Copyright Violator (Sort of)

More blood sucking banks to merge and become too big to fail...

Thousands protest Gitmo anniversary in front of the White House

Decade of Detention: 'Most Gitmo prisoners innocent'

Deadly Spark: What can trigger US-Iran war?

Path to War? Assassination of Iran Nuclear Scientist, New Sanctions Strain US-Iran Relations

IBM Brains Turn 12 Atoms Into World’s Smallest Storage Bit

Obama formally requests $1.2T debt-limit hike

Obama Admin Chief Economist Smacks Down Romney's "Envy" Argument

What if Gingrich actually gets elected, but then a younger, prettier country comes along?

Just when you thought drinks couldn't get cooler...

TYT: Iran Nuclear Scientists Executed with Car Bombs, Shootings

Is it possible/permissible for a member to alert on the same post/thread multiple times until they

The Republican Bill Name Generator

Are Any Christians Running for President? - by Roger S. Gottlieb

Guess Who Said This. (RE: the GOP field of candidates)

Asking a collection agency if I could record their call and post it on the internet...

More blood sucking banks merge and become too big to fail...

Considering that Mitt Romney's dad was born in Mexico...

Creationist legislation introduced in Indiana

Breaking News from OccupyRochester: All charges have been dismissed without prejudice

Bradley Manning's leaks probably put fewer Americans in danger

Netanyahu, Obama talk Mideast peace, Iran nuclear standoff

Leftist ‘Bath Water’ Party Wrong on Obama. 9 Facts on FDR, Truman, LBJ Show Why.

Rick Santorum's family in Italy were Communists

McCain In 2008: Romney Presided Over Bain As It ‘Laid Off Thousands Of Workers’

EU report: Israel policy in West Bank endangers two-state solution

Nate Silver: Polls Show Gains For Romney — But Not in South Carolina

Are you going to fire the baby? (Video)

I cannot access any search topic from DU2, get error message

Are the wheels coming off the Republican bandwagon?

We read so you don’t have to: CEA Chair Alan Krueger’s inequality speech

Europe to pursue Area C projects

In The Money - O’Keefe: $50K Donation Funded Voter Fraud Stunt

I'm all for calling out a hypocrite, but....

Former Gov. Bill Janklow dead at 72

My name is Bond...

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

I'm wondering what the reasoning behind this lock is. The "LMAO How many locks is this for you, xxx"

Help Stop LGBT Bullying - Al Franken

White House 'plugs' Cantor website

Help Stop LGBT Bullying - Al Franken

Values for all to share

Wisconsin Dems To Deliver Walker Recall Petitions Next Week

Anti-Same Sex Marriage Amendments are State Sponsored Bullying.

Is Help & Meta the Lounge?

Frmr. Governor and US rep. Janklow (South Dakota) dead

Six faxes sent, six successful on first try.

LA Teen With Autism Stuns Family, Communicates Through Typing

Duchess of York charged in Turkey over orphanages documentary

Burma agrees to prisoner amnesty

i apologize

Sam Seder: PA Conservatives Want You Poorer Before You Can Eat

The Allman Brothers Band - Wasted Words

Going to try country style ribs in the oven...

"Two Americas"

Sam Seder: Mitt Romney: Don't Talk About Income Inequality In Front of the Peasants

Redacted Chapter of FBI Field Guide Stays Sealed

One Big Advantage Republican Pres Candidate will have over Obama (the GOP's Catch-22)

What kind of health insurance do the GOP candidates get?

“This is not good news for Mitt Romney,” (with up dated confirming data re SC)

Why I am Pro-Choice—By A Survivor of Childhood Incest, Rape and Kidnapping

50 companies, universities, and govt agencies developing unpiloted aircraft:

Clinton revives charge of 'covert' site

Health Insurance Companies.....I hate them

Is Romney A "Good Morman"?

Mitt Romney and the New Hampshire GOP Primary Results

Which Corporations Occupy Congress?

USDA to close hundreds of offices

Firefox is actually a place (V838 Monocerotis)?

2 great websites for substantive information about natural gas issues, by universities

Post your County NY!

Restoring the Brand- Defending government in an anti-government age.

My Jimmy-dog crossed 'The Rainbow Bridge' this morning. :-(

Indiana Republicans Introduce Bill To Allow ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ To Be Required By Schools

Not to sound racist but...

New York Times Asks: Should Journalists Challenge False Statements Made by Policymakers They Report

Sooo, Mittens came to West Palm Beach today to talk to his base..the rich.

Very interesting article from down under. About Gun Control supporters "dodgy logic"

Union chief (Trumka) : Congress controlled by 'climate change deniers'

If O'Keefe is convicted of a felony he loses his right to vote, correct?

Sorry, Republicans. George Washington Isn't Buying Your Bull.

The best, and worst, Dow stocks for 2012

Newt Gingrich: The one percent want me to shut me up about Mitt Romney!

I resemble this remark.

Looks like the young'ns are aging

New York Times Asks: Should We Like, Buy Newsprint and Ink and Stuff?

President Obama Gets Early Endorsement From United Farm Workers

Internet Begins New Chapter with .yournamehere Domains

That does it! Boston Mayor disses the Broncos and Colorado Beer!

N.Y. Court: Worker Injured on Break Entitled to Workers’ Comp Benefits

Army commander Montoya denies paramilitary links

In 2012, Get to Know an Atheist

Army commander Montoya denies paramilitary links

Possibly good news for California. Calif. Stands To Reap Windfall From Facebook IPO

3 U.S. Patents for being the ONLY working “free energy device” ever invented

I think we should have a jobs listing forum.

Guest Post: Veteran, Patriot, Second-Class Citizen

Sugar Land boy in the middle of futile-care dispute dies

THE ONION: Scandalous Photos Reveal Grover Norquist Carried On Secret Affair With Taxes For Years

"Diebold Inc. is designing a system to connect its ATMs to Verizon Wireless' 4G data network

Alan Grayson - ruminating in his inimitable way about Governor Rick Perry

Governor Cretin: A Hypothetical

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood enters 'uncharted waters' in new parliament

BREAKING: Military has forwarded all charges against Private #Manning to

Kerry letter on healthy school lunches that cites Andover MA as a model


Toon: The Republican selection process summarized

Mitt Romney and the Curse of Blackness (HuffPost)

Bradley Manning moves step closer to full court martial

The sand mine proposal near the Illinois 71 entrance to Starved Rock was approved today

Steve Baldwin Claims 'Human Events' Publisher is Gay, Says Romney 'Obsessed' with Gay Rights

"]I wonder if Justice Samuel Alito will whisper that this isn't true..."

France's Le Pen will "leave euro, slash immigration, tax imports and tap central bank"

Admins, THANK YOU for the added tools to

IMF confirms sending mission to Egypt next week to discuss possible financial support

Justice Clarence Thomas rehabilitates an eyewitness who may not have seen anything.

Romney: Bain was just like Obama's auto bailouts

Toon: Jabba the Newt

After encampment ends, NYC Occupiers become nomads

'El Tuso' to be questioned over plot to smear Colombia's Supreme Court

India reports completely drug-resistant Tuberculosis

"Anonymous piles of toxic slime are people too!"

Krugman: "Trickle-down economics has now become shut-your-trap economics."

Poll: 43% say Tim Tebow is winning via Divine Intervention

Tim Wise: Of Broken Clocks, Presidential Candidates, and the Confusion of Certain White Liberals

Jerry Lewis, dean of California's GOP delegation, calls it quits

Toon: You can't make this stuff up

Kids among eight hacked to death in Honduras

GOP Time Machine: A Gun In Every Toy Box

What would you think about a note-taking function?

Ethnic Killings Fray Unity Marking Birth of South Sudan

U.S. intelligence report on Afghanistan sees stalemate

The Mt. Rainier Shooting and PTSD: How the Media Got It Wrong

9/11 was an inside job; chemtrails; Bush Sr. and CIA murdered JFK

Mexico government sought to withhold drug war death statistics

Republicans rally around Romney after hits on Bain

No fracking in home counties, village residents tell oil company (in England)

Bob Cesca, HuffPo: The Fantastical Crackpot Cult of Ron Paul

N.Y. Arson Attack Investigated As Insurance Scam Instead Of Hate Crime

Synthetic Windpipe Successfully Transplanted in American Man

My 5 yr old, 60lb puppy

Another BFD: DoJ Stands Up For Right to Publicly Video Police

Greek bondholders say time running out

State Department Condemns Vandalism Of West Bank Mosque

Recording in a polling place - isn't this illegal?

"When Obama debates Mitt he'll kick his BUTT. He'll be in his FACE, he won't be able to HANDLE it."

Ron Paul supporters, OWS protesters join forces to harass Gingrich, Santorum

Lives in Ruins: A New Diagnosis for Diseased Ancient Bones

Classless Republicans attack Michelle Obama on day #1 of her being on Twitter.

Have you ever composed an eloquent PM about the offside rule

nutrition bar for women.

Holy FUCK. Reverend Al's "Quiet Room" opening of today's show was MAGNIFICENT.

Bishop Romney refused to 'bless' child of single mom before surgery. (Vanity Fair)

Afghan abuse video reinforces Arab suspicion of U.S.

'A Safeway in Arizona' looks at the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, one year later

Bishop Romney to congregation member: You're not my kind of Mormon.

Where to report James O’Keefe for voter fraud

Is Mitt Romney a Sociopath?

Seattle church groups to close accounts at Bank of America


CES 'Booth Babes': Women In Tech Oppose Using Models At Technology Trade Show

Natalee Holloway declared legally dead

The Case for a 21-Hour Work Week!

Standing In The Shadows Of Motown ( 1 h 43 min documentary )

Nationwide 'Occupy' strike paralyzes Nigeria

Who the hell's Tim Tebow? What are the Hunger Games? I don't live in a cave, but seem to be

Priceless! Kyocera Dumps Ben Stein As Commercial Pitchman Because Of Denier Status

Should I include the word "negro" in my MLK blog post?

The U.S.: MIA in the Mideast

Link to Jane Lynch interview in newest issue of Vogue.

Transgender people must use birth-gender bathroom, says Chattanooga lawmakers’ bill


The Ballad of @Horse_ebooks

Did I miss the post about the new icons I'm seeing?

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

Romney’s Charge That Most Federal Low-Income Spending Goes 4 “Overhead” & “Bureaucrats” Is more BULL

Romney did business with Mike Milken, during Federal investigation

Progressive Update 2: "Send Us Your Gold"

"Fox News' Lies Keep Them Out of Canada"

On the latest Law and Order SVU

What Would Jesus Do? Church Groups to Close Bank of America Accounts


snow blower not starting!

Said on the Tee Vee

Bubble-blowing stars seen in the thousands by public

This freeper is gonna get banned.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 13 January 2012

Michelle Obama Dismisses ‘Angry Black Woman’ Image

Chris Hughes, Facebook Co-Founder, Interested In Buying The New Republic

Court convicts 4 Israelis of heading international human trafficking ring

IDF demolishes third illegal West Bank outpost this week

It's snowing in Green Bay - anyone want to shovel?

McManus: Obama's modest proposal on defenses: Obama's modest proposal on defense

All this Republican bashing Republican is funny to watch....