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Archives: January 11, 2012

Sign one of my organization's members shared with me today:

Dogs against Romney

Why isn't Santorum gushing over Bush?

Remember Julia Sugarbaker? Excellent rant:

We have a Three game losing streak in the playoffs.....

'Future' son in law, deputy sheriff, says 'crazies' on streets tonight;

I saw my neighbor mowing his lawn today.

Rwanda: at last we know the truth

The signage in zoos and parks in Skittles' hometown differ slightly from everywhere else.

WARNING: Put on your squee goggles!!!! The cutest baby turtle ever...... EVER!!!

The Most Incredible Cat in the World:


From a very early age, Li'l MiddleFingerMom understood the concept of "CARPE FUCKING DIEM!!!"

WARNING: Graphic depiction of MFM & one of his favorite bedpartners and some hot-and-heavy ACTION!!!

Indiana: Republicans vote to send 'right to work' to full House

Science in the real world vs. on TV....

Study: Women Ask For Raises And Promotions As Often As Men, But Get Less In Return

List of USDA closures map. Check out MN.

Exit Poll - Romney ran the most unfair campaign.

The 1% never disappoints.

Today's very best cartoon!

What Obama should do to win the election?

PHOTO: OH, there NO END to your vendetta?

Admin. extends Salvadoran deportation freeze

Obama Team Steals Spotlight With Huge Union Leader Ad On New Hampshire Primary Day

Obama v. Romney: Handsomest campaign match-up ever

Tepco Said to Seek 2 Trillion Yen in Loans From Japanese Lenders

The Big Ideas podcast: Friedrich Kittler's computer wars

Marijuana doesn't harm lung function, study found

North Carolina’s “Vote Against” Project

Okla. Lawmaker Wants Gays Barred from National Guard

There is a fracking meeting tomorrow (1-11-12) in Youngstown

No Support for School District’s New LGBT Issues Policy

AIDS Activist Frank Sieple Dead at 51

New Hampshire Primary 2012 Results: Election Reporting By County (MAP, REAL-TIME DATA)

those 7 people in NH who voted for Bachman need some mental health care

Bath Time for Baby Sloths

Restaurant Bashes Customer On Facebook And Twitter for not leaving a tip and giving a bad review

When will Newt unleash on Ron?

Obama pledges to stand by EPA

I have fired 3 people during my manager years before teaching. I hated it

Buy American?


You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

‘We want to have a voice,’ Haisla chief pleads at Gateway hearings

GDP Lives!

At the risk of starting a flamewar

Liberals hold cards close to chest in Layton’s riding – for now

BP, Sempra to Invest $1 Billion in Wind Farms

Iran bans MPs from standing for re-election to parliament

Globalization of worker unions.

Redford has a national energy plan – but don’t call it the NEP

Romney Wins New Hampshire Primary (Romney 36%,Paul 23%, Huntsman 18%, Santorum 10%)

Sununu is even more awful and obnoxious than I remember him.

In a state of 1.3 million citizens; Bachmann manages *32* votes?!

Diablo III Confirmed for consoles

Is that Sanunu freaking out now on MSNBC?


The Police State Trods On: 5 Things You Should Know About the FBI's Massive New Biometric Database

Frederick Douglass quote:

In watching TV coverage of NH GOP primary, I saw a woman in her mid-sixties interviewed.

Two Women waiting to get into heaven... #15

Dear Jon Huntsman

Huzzah! A forum just for politics.

Third Kansas City Kansas Police officer to plead guilty in sting case

Good GOD, John Sununu, whatta fricken MAROON. Loves Mitt more than Chris Christie.

All right ELAD stop messing with my head!

Man who lost wife in Tucson shootings says Giffords makes him sick

K&R if you want Obama to win in a landslide.

Gov Sununu on MSNBC making a fool of himself....."Obama has ruined

Survival Reality Shows

Colombia rejects guerrilla chief's call for talks

State Legislatures: The Bottom Line in Politics

Rachel just reporting Huntsman has said NOT GETTING OUT of race!

K&R if you want Elizabeth Warren to Kick Scott Browns Ass!

Tim Tebow Nailed to Cross, Wins XBox Game Between Jesus and Satan in Taiwanese Animation (Video)

I have visited prostitutes, and I don't apologize for it. It was 1971, in a place called Vung Tau.

State corrections employee sent home for wearing union shirt

Climate change leaves some Hudson Bay polar bears starving

Two Women waiting to get into heaven... #10

Post your campaign here!

Anyone watching C-SPAN2 right now?

seeking info on shasta lake Calif. IS it mostly a vacation spot with few real full time residents?

Darcy raising eyebrows with a surprising 9th place showing in early returns.

Dutch to ban import, use of narcotic qat leaves

the Very Real Danger Of Genetically Modified Foods

Someone just yelled "Mitt Happens!" at the Mittensfest in NH

O'Donnell is only one making sense on MSNBC tonight

Too fucking personal? Show me where in the rules a post can be locked for being ...

Facile and Glib.

Mittens: "The bitter politics of envy" -WTF?

So much horseshit coming out of Romney's mouth......right now.....

"Lifted up by a desire to succeed, not dragged down by a resentment of success."


South Carolina considers drug tests, community service for unemployment

Twitter lashes out at Google search changes

They want a President Gordon Gecko.

Can you help us with an please? (specificaly asked to post this on the DU!)

Rush Limbaugh: Newt Gingrich 'Sounds Like Elizabeth Warren'

MO Gubernatorial Candidate Boasts of "Degree In Economics"... uh, huh... (hilarious!)

I don't see how Romney loses the primary

He can't really think he'll make it to the White House, can he?

*** OFFICIAL *** New Hampshire results hash-over and speech analysis --

Did Anchor Man Mitt say 'this is the worst recovery since the great depression'?

I came home to my new, shiny SCE Smartmeter. WTF is this thing?

Shut up, tweety!

My youngest is home on break working her way through Deep Space 9 -

Spreading Santorum: Slick Rick skids in N.H.

in your dreams Rmoney...

Buddy Roemer tweets about Mitt's win - lol....

Did Kerry refuse to release his tax returns in the same way that Mittens is?

The son of a millionaire and the son of a billionaire, both multimillionaires are running against

Go, Lawrence- defendig "European Socialism" nt

So do you think that Romney's defense of corporate America and making a buck

The barricades at Zucotti Park have been removed and loaded onto trucks

Daniels Protects Secret Donors Behind RTW Ads

Tony Benn: A Voice From Labour’s Left

President Obama receiving 81% of vote in NH Democratic Primary, better than Bush's 79.5% in 2004.

Well stated Rev. Al-- nailed Roney perfectly

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Willard wins!

Academia's Crooked Money Trail

Violence is what we do best

Romney is so busy shifting with the winds, I am waiting for him to

Stephen Colbert Leads Jon Huntsman In South Carolina Poll

Most print newspapers in the States have only a five-year life span: study

It's 9:02 pm eastern time, 34% in, and Perry ALMOST has 500 votes!

Ron Paul...You are dangerous...


Breaking: The 1% Win the New Hampshire Primary

George Carlin - Why You Are In Debt

NYT - With Economy In Shambles, Greeks Returning To The Land

Pat Buchanan Blames ‘Militant Gay Rights Groups,’ ‘People Of Color’ For Pending MSNBC Termination

Ron Paul is going to base the currency on Spanish Doubloons

With tonights victory Romney will have a total of 17 delegates or 1.49% of the 1144 he needs.

Snow Drought Forces Colorado To Confront Reality Of Weather Extremes; Pine Beetles Get Boost

Daily Climate LTE: For Climate News Coverage, Think Outside The (US & EU) Box

testing my avatar and sigline.

Is Ron Paul Still talking?

Freedom, freedom, freedom

Jury Bug?

"Extraordinry Rant" By Canadian Resource Min. Claims "Foreign Radicals" Behind Tar Sands Opposition

Three Leading GOP Presidential Nominees Pledge To Be Tough On Porn

New Hampshire GOP Narrative: Obama's Not One of Us

CT State Rep. (GOP): How DARE State Government Consider Climate In Emergency Planning!!!

Federal appeals court delivers blow to anti-Sharia efforts

What is scary about the Pubbie prez nom fight?

Ron Paul Droning on & on with Lockeroom chatter making peeps laugh

"If homosexualitry is a disease, let's all call in queer to work"

Chicago Nurses Overwhelming Vote for NNU

With a new forum comes this month's 2012 Progressive Congress List

Surprise, Huntsman's papi is a billionaire who has not kicked in yet for his campaign in SC.

150 Flights Into Beijing Canceled; Smog Cuts Visibility To 200 Meters; PM 2.5 Pollutants "Off Scale"

Guardian UK: Sh*t Republican candidates say

Goodhair beaten by "Other"

New Bill Aims To Permit Religious Meetings In School Buildings

Should DU only restrict free speech that threatens actual bodily harm?

Huntsman's got the Blondes, and the mistaken notion that he's actually won something

Enthusiasm gap? turnout among registered republicans could be off 40% tonight compared to '08

3"-6" Inches Sea Level Rise All It Will Take To Put S. Florida Into World Of Hurt, Shortage And Cost

Tennis 24/7: Sam Querrey, fading fast?

Dr. Strangelove on TCM at 10:00!

James Vestermark on the board with one vote!

Pat Buchanan blames "militant gays," "people of color" for his MSNBC Woes

Well, it looks like SC will be the last stand for Good Hair, Frothy Mix, Ron and The Newter

Records: Ex-Miss. Gov. Barbour pardons nearly 200

Romney pulling in a reported 35% of the vote in NH is pretty weak

HuffPo banner tonight: 5 YEARS CAMPAIGNING, LESS THAN 40%?


Huntsman seems drunk.

Does anyone take their fur kids to the park?

James Burke : The Day The Universe Changed: "Worlds Without End"

2012 DCW Senate Forecast - LIST

When does Huntsman stop wasting our time and quit?

Tonight might be a good night to revive this:

that guy in the middle is way to happy

Funny how Santorum has been talking about his grandfather

Herr Buchanan: Van Jones and Militant Gays got me removed from the air

Bueller? ... ... Bueller? ... ... Bueller? ... ... Bueller? n/t

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) on Mitt Romney - "no compassion"

9th Circuit rejects Righthaven bid to block auction of copyrights

List of U.S. Senators that have 'announced' they are NOT running for The Senate in 2012

Pic Of The Moment: Guy Who Likes Firing People Wins NH Primary

Wired - Indian Doctors Report 12 Cases Of TB Resistant To All Known Drugs - Known As TDR TB

Surrogate sex partner inspires story, film

Prediction: Romney/Huntsman for rethug ticket

Envy If the US knows how to start cancer, it must know how to stop it

Anyone else read the Seattle Times Editorial Sunday, January 8th?

Raiders back to LA? Bet on it.

New Bluefin Tuna Record - $735,000 For 593-Pound Catch In Tokyo Market - Mongabay

3 Hawaiian Monk Seals, Possibly Fourth, Discovered Clubbed To Death - Critically Endangered Species

Tonight's GOP primary results are reason for Democrats to celebrate

Hansen At AGU; "Earth Poised To Experience Strong Feedbacks In Response To Moderate Warming"

Pistol grips on long guns, and rifle crime in general.

Best Demotivational Poster EVAHRR!!1!

Extreme Cheapskates

Huntsman/Paul and OBAMA will be reelected.

As Thais Try To Clean Up, South Hit Yet Again W. Massive Flooding, Landslides

New Hampshire DEMOCRATIC Party Primary - numbers

Lol - Looks like the Newt will come in 5th tongiht.

Fidel Castro warns of climate change, gas shale "fracking", nuclear war threat

Shaken by Attacks on Romney’s Past Work, Campaign Tries to Douse Flames

Maine makes public new database of inmates and felons on probation

In case you were wondering, Obama also won New Hampshire

Portland State Study - Half Of Mount Adams' 12 Glaciers Gone Since 1904

Democratic Party Reacts To Romney's NH Primary Placement

Japan's Homare Sawa wins FIFA Women's Player of the Year

A man from Chevron at my door today....

No Direction Home

SUCK ON IT, AUTHORITARIAN FUCKSTAINS!!! Barricades have been taken down at Zucotti Park!

AXYLPAB!!! Use it in a sentence!

Actually useful online photo editor..

Personal observations of republicans?

Looks like the 2012 NH GOP turnout is going to be 30k~ less people than 2008. (hmm, nope, wrong)

If you know Sting's "King of Pain", maybe you help me out here.

Cool news for fans of LM Bujold's Vorkosigan books....

Independents who voted in the Republican primary broke narrowly for Ron Paul

Newt Ginrich is putting up a 30 minute ad on Bain Capital and Mitt Romney

Revealing the Scale and Horror of Assad’s Torture Chambers: A Brief on the Locations and Conditions

What the hell is Ron Paul talking about?

Teachers Scab On Themselves in Pennsylvania

Is the male ego so fragile that that some feel the need

Can Obama attack Romney from the right?

When the Georgia Patrol was out a-making their rounds & Andy fired a shot just to flag 'em down...

An idea concerning Hobbits.

Bowling is VIOLENCE!

Mediaite: Bill Kristol Wary Of Low Turnout In NH: ‘I Think That’s Worrisome For Republicans’

OWS Livestream Returns

Is Huntsman's father paying for his campaign?

An open letter to the people who hate Obama more than they love America

For Ron Paul fans---

Zuccotti Park Barricades Removed: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Stream Back in to Former Camp

Prediction: Republican Ticket will be Romney / Rubio.

Colbert theoretically ahead of Huntsman in South Carolina poll

I wouldn't like to fire people...

"Austerity for Dummies:" The guide you've been wanting

Catch this math from the newscast of my local Fox station:

Teachers Scab On Themselves in Pennsylvania

Dealing with Religious Jerks (A Review of Antagonists in the Church:)

rick perry = 0.7 percent of the vote

California’s War on Public Education

Let me just remind people that South Carolina primaries are the nastiest in the country

Majority of Minnesota Teachers Working Without Contracts

You're Fired!

Prior to today's primary I thought that if Romney fell below 40%

Shawn Lee's Incredible Tabla Band - Inna Gadda Da Vida

Time for you to go home now Newtie... it's past your bed time and you lost again!

Super Bowl Viewers Will See Graphic Anti-Abortion Ads With Pictures Of Bloody Fetuses

It would be nice if the html 'link' function worked!

Vermin Supreme beat Randall Terry and...

U.S. Shelves H-1B Visa Talks With India

Here is an example of what people can do when they work together.

Anti-Outsourcing Bill Stirs Fears In India, Philippines

Where would you go?

From Canada: 'The problem with too much democracy' in the U.S.

The Red Flags of Quackery

The marriage of Mitt & Ron

The media has a vested interest in this thing not being over.

OWS Livestream Returns

Banks are being accused of another consumer slight. Court papers say banks use unexplained charges.

What is SOPA(Stop online piracy act) and Why it should be opposed.( Infographic)

Allen West is a boil on the ass of America...

I love Jane Fonda.

Hidden in the Open: A Photographic Essay of 140-Years of Black Male Couples

What is the point of even talking about Ron Paul or any Republicans here?

Letterman - Alan

Salon: The Hell that Now Awaits Romney

Okay, I've been browsing around for a month trying to find the Greatest Page.

Are you in the mood for some desk top destruction? Youtube 'Mini Canon'

South Carolina Primaries and the Ghost of Lee Atwater...

Biden hits Romney in primary night address

Wisconsin marks another first for Democrats in the nation.

Let's cut the speculation. Romney will win South Carolina.

Barack Obama Singing Born This Way by Lady Gaga

Shit Ron Says...

personal avatar uploading is back!

Before we forget about New Hampshire for another four years

Payment Set for Those Sterilized in Program

Wells Fargo Sucks

Republican Dilemma

OUTRAGE: Santorum Handlers, Police Shove Democratic Presidential Candidate Vermin Supreme In NH

Romney has no room to complain about the context of his words...

So Ron Paul couldn't get closer than 15 percentage points to the Mittens?

Natalie Woods' death again deemed "accidental"--1/10/2012

OWS appears to have got about 3% of the vote in NH, up from 2% in IA.

Jon Huntsman vows to stay in race after finishing third in New Hampshire primary

Big Banks Face Inquiry Over Home Insurance

Precious Bodily Fluids Thread

Just saw 'A Clockwork Orange' today, for the 1st time. Wierd-O-Rama it was!

Public ire one goal of Iran sanctions, U.S. official says

Supreme Court, reviewing conduct of New Orleans prosecutors, overturns conviction

Supreme Court weighs technology, culture in FCC power to monitor airwaves

Just Finished Watching Casino Jack - The Movie About Jack Abramoff - Whatever Happened To.....

Republicans upset that White House threw Halloween party for servicemembers’ kids. (Americablog)

Here is an interesting rap anthem that has been around for a while and is worth listening to....

Been Watching "Network" tonight...

Mississippi Governor, Already Criticized on Pardons, Rides a Wave of Them Out of Office

Initiative filed against gay marriage bill

U.S. Supreme Court rules credit repair firms can force arbitration

Ron Paul Supporters Have the Best Chants

Our elected representatives are lying to us. Daily. All 537 of them.

Nostalgia. I found this among old emails. (My email) To America's Talking, 10/13/95:

John Sununu vs MSNBC

I started tomato, pepper, basil and other hot weather seeds yesterday afternoon.

Letter: Gov. Walker's actions are outrageous

Presidential Candidate Jill Stein at Occupy Boston

Two Oakland Officers Disciplined Over Occupy Misconduct

I just figured out why the 1% should LOVE the Occupy Movement.

Man bites off woman's nose

Orders From Mordor (LOTR Remix)

Now Able to Exhale, Libyan Rappers Find a Voice

How many beatings Frederick would get in a week?

"Are You A Christian Hipster?" quiz

73% of Protestant Pastors Reject the Theory of Evolution

Toons: Super Pac Rats, Dog on Man, The Pope Speaks and More. - 1/10/12

Is it just me or are fewer people posting on DU-3 than on DU-2?

Iran car explosion 'kills nuclear scientist' in Tehran

Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee. Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee.

LAT: Natalie Wood probe yields no new finding

Better Than Drive-In! Six Zombie Republican Candidates In A Circular Firing Squad Armed W/ Shotguns!

Cool Romney Gif

Report: Bomb kills official at Iran nuke facility

Former President Carter praises Egypt elections

Indignant NKorea doesn't dismiss food-nuke deal

Sixteen dead as Nigeria chaos grows

Richard Gere Slams China: It's The World's Biggest Hypocrisy

HuffPo: Following the Footsteps of the Buddha Across North East India

Disruption of biological clocks causes neurodegeneration, early death

Guess Which Candidate Was Most Organized In New Hampshire?

CBS: More than half of Republicans think these candidates SUCK

Coldplay - Paradise (Peponi) African Style

Fox News reports - OBAMA wins Republican primary vote count in Dixville Notch NH

Occupy the Courts... January 20th

ADL report on anti-Muslim bigotry...

Juan Cole: The Arab Spring Part 2

Mt. Rainier ranger called 'hero' who died protecting others

Homeland Security expanding monitoring of journalists, bloggers, forum posters, social media

Mike Malloy - The Church of M.M. (great rant against the catholic church)

Many wealthy Germans to switch to public health insurance

Does America really need the Republican Party to teach it HOW to be Americans?

There are many issues being ignored as the media chases the

Tel Aviv declared world's best gay travel destination

Vanity Fair: The Meaning of Mitt

Remarks by the President to EPA staff - 1/10/12 (Link to Video)

Australia rebukes Japan over breach

The Tibetans who fought the 1971 war

NKorea food-nuke deal still in the works

The MEGA-HUGE Edition of This Week's Adventures In Law Enforcement - 125 Reports!

Newt's superPAC 'Winning Our Future' - Terminator Style

The Rapture is for ninnies, By Mark Morford

the Atlantic: Could election 2012 be going any worse for the tea party?

Have football fans (and reporters) lost their minds?

What American health care could learn from Finnish education

No Citizens United, no Candidate Gingrich

WBC counts and platelets stabilized....

Mitt Wins Again!

L. A. County jailers more likely to use force on mentally ill inmates (LA Times)

Tom Toles nails Mitt 'Vulture Capitalist' Romney

Watching the "Morning Joe" crew lovingly surround Romney is like watching cats bathe each other

Huffington Post...these idiots do not proof read...Screw up royal..

Tea Parties (FL) Split Over E-Verify, Diluting Prospects for Passage

10 Years

The $1,000 Human Genome: Are We There Yet?

Hundreds of Foxconn employees threaten suicide

Yo Rosie---Not cool.

Voice Mail Villanelle

2 Vt. utilities sue nuke plant over (cooling) tower failure

Call for US naval build-up in South China Sea

Expect worse for the working class

Oil below $102 as Iran oil embargo talks falter

5 Founding Fathers Whose Skepticism About Christianity Would Make Them Unelectable Today

Clarence Page: Why Obama's recess battle really matters

Robert Reich: The Bain of Capitalism

Tweety on Romney's "tremendous assets" - "Genes, a family that looks like a million bucks"

Doomsday Clock moves one minute closer to midnight

New York Times ‘Plantation’ Workers Invited to the Independent Wilds

+++ NFL Picks / Divisional Playoffs +++

Israeli bill would prohibit Nazi comparisons

Every time I see Romney on my teevee

Need Some Advice. We Have Too Many Tree's in Our Yard to Get Dish TV & I HATE COMCAST!

Shottenheimer out in New York - Sparano in??

Why has my avatar morphed into a link to my profile?? . . . Who else??

Double standard in coverage of terror threats facing Israel

Catching up with gay locals in New Hampshire

The Gay Male Couple’s Guide to Nonmonogamy

My monthly membership expired?

RuPaul Crashes N.H. Republican Primary

Oh, the poor Morning Joe crew! Busted by real New Hampshire voters!

A Collective Awakening for the Future of Our Planet

The GOP’s turnout problem

States Attempt to Instill 'Work Ethic' by Rolling Back Child Labor Protections

The Perfect Storm That Could Sink Romney’s Hispanic Vote Hopes

Call me slow, but the light bulb lit up last night

Global warming disrupts natural patterns of glaciation

Brazilian police crack down on students in Teresina (Jan 10)

Fatal Stampede points out University Crisis in South Africa

Do you hear the silence about the primaries from McConnell, Boner, L Graham,

I saw Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy last night (NO SPOILERS)

romney accuses President Obama of losing our triple A credit rating

God’s quarterbacks: What Tebow and Roethlisberger reveal about evangelical politics

Mr. Fish Toon- I Voted!

Europe’s Civic Cultures and the Euro Crisis

On Facebook this morning, one of my relatives

Could lack of republican voter enthusiasm ensure win for Obama?

Ohio parents admit denying ailing son medical care

Texas crime rate and concealed carry

The exaggerated importance of Iowa and New Hampshire

Thom Hartmann from Iceland - Where Banksters robbed the people blind

A note on NH: Romney got 7 delegates, Paul 3 and Huntsman 2.

Romney seems to have turned his sights on Obama. Is this a smart strategy?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1-Mittbot

does anybody know when the Photography contests will be run again?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- More repub primary toons

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Politics

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The non-Winter and other environmental issues

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5- The Rest

On Fox, Gary Bauer Reverses Public's Support For Gay Marriage

The news coverage today should tell you what we're up against

"We're All On Board If Mitt's It": Fox Growing More Open About Its GOP Advocacy

Luckovich Toon: Matty Ice

I’m insulted that any of these idiots are playing innocent regarding their economic Darwinism.

Mark Levin Hoax Caller's "Death Panel" Lie Sets Off Right-Wing Echo Chamber

Pakistan fires defense minister, escalating crisis

The peak oil crisis: gasoline in 2012

another day,another failure ..."Errors in redistricting process.."

Drumbeat: January 11, 2012

Right-Wing Media Use Kantor's Book To Race Bait About Michelle Obama

Drumbeat: January 11, 2012

First Lady says she's tired of people portraying her as "some kind of angry black woman."

An online model of methane in the atmosphere

Survey: U.S. Protestant pastors reject evolution, split on Earth's age

Former President Carter praises Egypt elections

I predict Paul wins SC...

GOP: Huntsman has NO shot

Ron Paul says he's "nibbling" at

The only drama left for the repubs is picking a VP nominee

With 95% counted President Obama has 47,030 NH primary votes for 82%

A Brilliant Romney Cartoon (thanks n2doc)

Mississippi Man Forms 'Occupy' Super PAC

The Republican VP candidate will be a white male Catholic.

DU Album of the Day: Green Day - "American Idiot"

I ate something for my health, this morning, that I have never eaten before..never..

Hark! What is that I hear?

Yikes! - 'Liberal Democrat' Darcy Richardson got 256 votes out of the NH total of 57,703.

China defends Iran oil trade despite U.S. push

Google Heading for Major Antitrust Suit with Latest Actions.

Doomsday Clock a minute closer to midnight

woohoo get to see the man today!!!

Richard Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies. (A jaw dropping TED talk)

BWAHAHA! Donate $100 to Señor Froth and he'll send you one of his SWEATER VESTS! SANTORUM 2012! USA!

2012 will resemble 2004 very closely.

Dailyshow: CNN Shows Why Crank Calling Kerry Kennedy Is A Bad Idea [VIDEO]

TPM: The Perfect Storm That Could Sink Romney’s Hispanic Vote Hopes

I love that 'My Posts' keeps ALL my posts & replies

N.Y. has a nuke plant event - shut down - 230 days since the last one

Statin use linked to more diabetes in women - study

CEO says he’s “embarrassed” to live in Illinois

Shit republican candidates say- good stuff

Assad vows victory, Syria accused of war crimes

Canadian DUers and Health Care Reformers: My Brother as Health Care Debate

i made a post about the pageant before reading iverglas thread. i addressed what she stated.

2 Vt. utilities sue nuke plant over tower failure

Guantanamo Bay: A Wound We Won't Let Heal

Anti Dem Media Slant

Mitt Romney Says Obama Too Cozy With Europe

Vermin Supreme and Ed Cowan Edge up on Obama

Ron Paul's Strange Bedfellows - "What is it with progressive mancrushes on right-wing Republicans?"

"... I’m not sure they’d understand the problem even if they pondered the contradiction."

I think a lot of young folks are being hoodwinked by Ron Paul...

Okay, we've all heard the term MILF

Super Bowl Viewers Will See Graphic Anti-Abortion Ads

Breaking News: re Romney and Huntsman

Exit polls: Romney easily wins wealthy voters but is struggling with middle/working class voters

Natalee Holloway suspect Joran van der Sloot admits killing woman in Peru

This sums up this GOPeas Primary season:

In Illinois, it's legal for a wife to charge her husband for sex.

World Economic Forum warns of economic turmoil and social upheaval

A satirical piece about Tom Corbett and his gang, inspired by his latest PA. food stamp cutbacks

"You shouldn't be seeing this..."

Romney says that NH results indicate that attacks on his record at Bain failed

A Modest Proposal for preventing the poor people in PA. from being a burden on their State (satire)

Would Rubio really help Romney attract Hispanic (i.e. Cuban) voters?

BWAHAHAHA! Amy Kremer on MSNBC: Teabaggers "waiting for a coalescing moment"

One can only hope Romney gets the nomination

Department of self-defeating arguments

I hope Obama will purchase ad time for the Super Bowl

DU3 still dropping title text in quotes

Hostess bankruptcy is bid to freeze driver pensions (Updates)

China, India skyscraper boom may herald downturn

I guess Romney's NH acceptance speech wasn't 'from the heart'

Peak oil can fuel a change for the better

Any one have experience with Lamictal?

I am Mitt Romney’s haircut. This is my year, and I will not be denied.

What was done right this year? (foreign policy)

Appeal the Voter ID Smackdown??

Romney's Bain ADVISES American companies to OUTSOURCE jobs to cheap-labor countries.

Jets want Peyton, not Sanchez

Do discounts to gays/lesbians orgs violate the civil rights of straight people? (Class suit)

Reporter Demands Information on Fox's Bill O'Reilly & Police

Is anyone else seeing what is happening with the GOP?

Study: Statin costs 400% higher in U.S. than in U.K.

Michigan Treasurer says Detroit to run out of money by May

The Women of The View Defend Same-Sex Marriage

Ron Paul on Science, Research, Earthquakes, Scientists etc

Pro-Choice: Maybe It's Time To Re-Educate The Voters?

'Swamp Donkey' Taunt Presents Triable Claim

Jimmy Page 1957

Rick Santorum’s Communist Clan in Italy

corporations hate taxes so they let the children pay

The Onion: Romney Wins New Hampshire

The lies men tell themselves about prostitution and strippers.

Job Outlook Brightens From U.S. Factories to Fracking

How do we want to post our ideas and suggestions?

Justices Tout 9th Circuit Theory in Benefits Claim

underwater homeowners may swim freely

Court:Judges Cannot Get Involved in Church Dispute.

Republicans are coveting the endorsement of Tim Tebow...

ZOMBIE LAW 2012: New Hampshire House Passes “Right-to-Work” For Government Employees

On Private Equity Firms

Va. judge rules against conservative churches in property case!

Second Republican State Senator, Cheryl Pflug, Signs on to Washington’s Marriage Equality Bill

Romney Targeted and Relied On Voters In NH With Upscale Interests Like Gourmet Cooking

Viva La 1% - Rich Voters Carried Romney

Here comes the sun—A new sunflower-inspired pattern increases concentrated solar efficiency.

The Rude Pundit: Mitt Romney, the Dickhead in Full

Advice please.

Palin Speaks: She BE slightly stupider than moldy white bread

Ajax/Alkmaar replay - Kids Only

I’d prefer that pandering politicians leave our souls alone.

Grassley Says Delaying New Senate Confirmations an Option After Cordray

Santorum’s Communist Clan

the 100 most powerless new yorkers

Detroit Auto Show: Will Ford's New Car Really Get 100 Miles Per Gallon?

Kelley: Nuclear Arms Charge Against Iran Is No Slam Dunk

Please help. Scott Walker's policies=67 sex assaults, one patient starved at Mental Health Complex.

Debunking the ‘Obama has made America weak’ Claim

Thank you once again for

Mitt and I have the same personalities.

GOPers and their Compulsion for the Nations REMOTE CONTROL = ABUSE

Startup Promises a Revolutionary Grid Battery—zinc-air battery

Rethugs push for Constitutional Amendment lowering the age required to become president

I want to give a shout out to ProSense.

Not actually weird, but amazing...

Michael Ratner: Guantánamo at 10: the defeat of liberty by fear

China launches operation to free pandas into wild

K&R If You Agree None of the Republican Candidates are Electable

"Normal" sexuality?

Republican Candidates to Seek Support from SC Boaters

New Hampshire Republican Convention Delegates Rehearse

Admin needs to do something about the Adam Sandler crowd in GD

Mitt 'Let Detroit Go Bankrupt' Romney: President Obama laid off autoworkers

South Caroline Republican Campaign Graffiti

Lenny’s Sandwich Shops to Pay $5.1 Million for Wage Violations

U.S. Diplomat To Meet Egypt Muslim Brotherhood

Redstate: Romney "Unelectable" Because of Bain Capital Ties

Love Languages, Feminists in Romantic Relationships & Prostitution

It's Friday!

AG Holder announces new fbi definition of rape

Egypt to halt annual Israeli pilgrimage

Winter Skin..

Niclas Steno is today's Google doodle.

Today is the 1 month birthday for DU3

25 common Disinformation Tactics

Poverty in America likely to get worse, report finds

Obama & So-called Socialism is going to win the day fairly handily in November 2012

What is 32 Minutes?

lounge hosts

Obama speaking on jobs and insourcing on the tv (speech is over) n/t

Greenwald: The new WH Chief of Staff and Citigroup

Anyone know a source for current delegate counts?

Music by decade

Sept. 11 Bracelets Come From China

Mirror matter and "souls"

Murder not a top cause of death, a first in 45 yrs

The next step in electoral corruption: Expect Democrats to Make Political Hay of This

Romney announces support of anti-immigrant hate group member.

Report: PSU trustees briefed on Sandusky investigation as early as last May

Murder not a top cause of death, a first in 45 yrs

Doomsday Clock moves to five minutes to midnight

Bernie Sanders is asking us to sign a pledge to fight to overturn Citizens United....I'm in!

NOW - Obama giving speech on jobs in America. Crawl along the

When Dummies Root For Number Two

The Evolved Self-Management System

State budget cuts harm people with real needs - By Patriot-News Editorial Board

One Of Those Fucking People Wins New Hampshire Primary

memo to pope

Corporate Welfare: State Taxpayers Pay to Train Workers for Large Corporations

Confiscated bushmeat 'poses virus threat' {at american airports}

Chip Cravaack's Question Dodgeball (dodges WCCO questions about living in NH)

WIS. Gov. Walker Accused Of Over 1,000 Violations Of Campaign Finance Law, Could Face $557,500 Fine

Pakistan army warns PM Gilani over criticisms

Don't mess with old folks!

Conservative Mag American Thinker calls Mitt a "vulture capitalist".

Bill Moyers: 'Capitalism is Out of Control Thanks, In No Small Part, to Citizen's United'

Haven't We Lived Through This Primary Before? By David Weigel

Truthiness and Ron Paul

Why Is North Carolina Paying to Train Workers for Caterpillar, With No Guarantee the Company

Violent crime in the United States has been dropping continuously for almost 20 years.

Who or what is behind this whole Ron Paul obsession?

Would I ?!??!? My wife loves this joke,,,,

Israel subsidizes West Bank housing, breaking promise to U.S.

What if the minimum age for military service was 55?

Republican National Committee Files Brief Seeking To Allow Corporate Funding Of Campaigns

The EPA's Weak Stance on Nasty, Immune System-Wrecking Dioxins

U.S. Drone War Returns to Pakistan (And It Ain’t Stopping)

Think Progress: Romney Relied On Wealthy Voters To Win New Hampshire

Roger Simon: Mitt Romney Wants to Save Your Soul

Vivian Maier for those in the NYC area

Just curious re the consensus of DUers regarding the reliability of primaries when....

I thought this one would have gone 5-1 to leave alone.

School puts troubled kids in 'scream room'

I'm having trouble getting my links to show in new format

President Obama Provides Contrast With Romney's Brand Of Corporatism With 'Insourcing' Forum (DUW)

Thank goodness my neighbors moved

10 Ways Right-Wing Christian Groups Will Likely Shove Religion Down Your Throat This Year

The 20 Biggest Donors of the 2012 Election (So Far)

Man fighting Obama candidacy asks black Jefferson County judge to step aside due to racial bias

Truthiness and Ron Paul - Part 2

Fair game to use ads targeted at conserv. showing Romney's past liberal positions?

Winter in the South - What's outside my door today

TYT: Texas Schools Have Police Arresting Kids

Graph of NH candidate votes by voter income.

Iran nuclear scientist killed by car bomb

Maine - Exchanging time for healthcare in the US

Report: Elizabeth Warren Raised $5.7 Million In Fourth Quarter 2011

Russian naval vessels anchored in Syria

Wednesday Slap-O-Rama. Who would you like to smack the shit out of?

When religion becomes a mere stand-in for secular values

Yes the pope is Catholic. But he didn't say gay marriage threatens humanity

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Struggling With Working Class

Kris Kobach, Author Of Anti-Immigrant State Laws, Backs Mitt Romney In GOP Race

Nutrition Facts for the 521 Restaurants

Andaman tour operators offer 'human safari' to visitors, video shows Jarawa women dance for tourists

I got a 25.00 a month COLA!!!!!!! Can I be the 1% now?

and remember: There was no president called George Walker Bush! He did not exist. It was all Obama!

Israel: living conditions deteriorate, more money to army

I have a bug to report and I can't find the bug thread.

Aborted Fetuses: The Awkward Guest at Your Super Bowl Party - Randall Terry is back!

Supreme Court: Church-state separation extends to religious schools

In light of police deaths, training is scrutinized

What are your travel plans for 2012?

Tebow Magic

Study says every star {likely} has planets (BBC)

Chinese Army Drill: Practice Changing Tire at 110 kph

Awww, meet the new little one...

Confiscated bushmeat 'poses virus threat' (BBC)

All Of Area Man's Hard Work Finally Pays Off For Employer

US condemns bomb attack on Iran nuclear scientist

Pandas grow on trees. Who knew?

I have just decided it should be okay to teach the theory of Creation in schools

Skyscrapers 'linked with impending financial crashes' (BBC)


That 100 years of Oil they claim America has will go overseas

Naturally Curly hair

Complaints about Types of Posts or DUers

Protesters interrupt Graves (R-MO) speech

Evangelism Linebacker Takes Over

Paul Krugman Speaks His Mind About Romney and the Republicans

Supreme Court won't hear case on concealed gun permit for medical marijuana user

A wild card awaiting Romney (Gergen / CNN)

Nicolas Steno: obscure partly because his life doesn't promote story of religion-science conflict?

Good Wages, Unions and Government Regulation Are The Solutions, Not Causes, of our Economic Woes

Mafia now "Italy's No.1 bank" as crisis bites: report

Ex-Democratic Party official jailed for fake Tea Party scheme

Kitteh planking

Canton OH Officer who threatened concealed carry holder fired

IFObama lost and Mittens were president...

Judge Judy would not pass them GOPers stories, solutions, explanations,

Dang....Jury Duty Problem...

And the roller coaster goes down.......

Tim Tebow: The GOP's hottest endorsement?

The Punk Patriot - Our Government Sucks, because YOU SUCK.

Sound Advice

cnn mitt poll

Rich withdraws Democratic Party-drawn redistricting maps

Some defeats for the Government on Welfare in the Lords!

Fellatio Class in Public Schools?

New England Journal of Medicine celebrates 200 years

1/11/12 Traverse City: Move to Amend

What a ’60s Case on Mixed-Race Marriage Says About Today

North Carolina Election Official Refuses to Put Marriage Up for Vote

from 2006 to Sept 2011 47,515 have died in mexico`s drug war

Was Michael Jordan really cut from his high school team?

Tens of thousands HongKong residents living in rabbit cages, piled on top of each other.

When Verle was discharged from the Army after WWII....

Harry Connick, Jr - Sweet Georgia Brown and Caravan

I hate doing taxes.

Gingrich: Obama makes me irrational

ESPN Poll: Tim Tebow is America's favorite active pro athlete.

Now Able to Exhale, Libyan Rappers Find a Voice

I'm guessing storage wars is already testing replacements

Newtie-PAC's anti-Mittens documentary is up!

Perry Buck announces run for House District 49

I just served Jury Duty - ask me anything

Libertarians, free markets, and corporations.

Mafia is now Italy's 'biggest bank' and squeezing the life out of small business thru extortion

Any poodle people here?

Wolf Blitzer REALLY admires the GOP candidates "sacrifices".

Did you know the kid who played Donkey Lips once met Ronald Reagan?

Democrats Say They Win Either Way as Republicans Brawl

Virginia board bucks Cuccinelli’s advice, approves gay nondiscrimination policy

Turkey holds trucks taking suspect Iranian cargo to Syria

Election Law Experts Say James O’Keefe Accomplices Could Face Charges Over Voter Fraud Stunt

Suspected Syria munitions boat to leave Cyprus

Caption this pic!

A moment to de-stress. Siberian tiger mom collars her cubs.

fresh thread. i purpose that the sop gender issue is moved down

Let's reframe the Israel debate

Hey Kids, Wanna Get Secret Messages From Your Republican Heroes?

IDF soldier: Burn all leftists, Arabs

Jerry Sandusky watched the PSU-Illinois FB game from the President's box on Oct. 29

So someone retired from Meta and I've become a host...

Calling one DUer a "dogmatic talking-points factory" and others "delusional" isn't rude.

HEY! If Van Der Sloot pleaded guilty of murder, Bush and Cheney can do the same. I'm waiting.

It's simple - the GOP powers to be don't give a rats ass if they lose the 2012 Presidency

Would your opinion of Tim Tebow change if he endorsed President Obama?

Americans are eating less and less meat

Take away message from Romney's victory speech in NH

Colombian court orders protection of massacre victims' relatives

Stem Cell Fraud: A 60 Minutes investigation

Colombian court orders protection of massacre victims' relatives

Chief of staff Jack Lew on Medicaid

Nearly one-third of the middle class suffered downward mobility......BEFORE the Great Recession hit

Former DAS boss may be acquitted of murder charges

GOP group seeks to block use of redrawn districts

Justices Grant Leeway to Churches in Job Bias Laws

State shift of carbon fee to deficit questioned

EPA cracks down on Redwood City metal recycler

S.F. sheriff likely to face misdemeanor charge (SF Chronicle)

Struttin' With Some Barbecue

PETITION: Stop LGBT Discrimination in our Schools (Rep. Polis' H.R. 998)

Russia's era of managed democracy is over, claims presidential candidate

We need a new path to survive a new paradigm.

3 soldiers charged with 'false positive' murders

3 soldiers charged with 'false positive' murders

Did you know zip codes went into effect in only 1963?

Courts Can't Intercede in Church's Firing Choices

Former DAS boss may be acquitted of murder charges

Shit Republican Candidates for President Say: Their Unwavering Obession with Sex

Dept. of Awkward Optics: Obama May Move Convention Speech to BofA Stadium

This graphic explains the fear everyone should have a President Ron Paul...

India, Israel Pledge Cooperation on Counterterrorism, Trade

Republicans to expand Latino outreach

Mail on Sunday used investigator after he was charged, editor admits

Many of the people out of work the longest likely will never work again

Elizabeth Warren Raises $5.7 Million In Fourth Quarter 2011 In Bid To Unseat Scott Brown

Elizabeth Warren outraises Brown in Massachusetts Senate race

No matter how nice they are, if they are a rethug, they're still an asshat

Data Show German Economy Stalling

Passage of NDAA Revitalizes Guantanamo Detention Facility, Says Amnesty International

Am I the only one who is shocked by Chris Cristies' public appearances?

The thing about Romney vs. Obama is that Romney has no idea how Middle/Lower class people.....

Interesting read.

The next revolution in beauty...

Oakland cops disciplined for name-covering episode (at Occupy protest)

Fla. Gov. could get more power to select judges

The rich, they are not like you and me ...

EPA: Power plants main global warming culprits

NTSB focuses on deadly year in air races, shows

Texas Abortion Law Is Fully Restored on Appeal

Pictures of the 2012 Democratic Ticket & who I think will be the 2012 GOP Ticket

Global Unrest: How The Revolution Went Viral

Ohio parents plead guilty in son's cancer death

Rwanda genocide report exonerates Paul Kagame

DOE Releases New Video on Electric Vehicles, Highlights Administration Support for U.S. Auto Indust…

PHOTO: "This is the church, this is the steeple. Open the door and..."

Feds add to 'most wanted' deportation list

Investors Say Supply Sider Arthur Laffer Backed a Ponzi

Religious Groups Greet Ruling With Satisfaction

Lieberman's Bill to Kick Off Internment Camps

(Sask.) Man visited emergency 150 times, Wall says

"Penis tattoo" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "penis tattoo".

'God vs. Gay' writer Jay Michaelson on religious equality

2010 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data from Large Facilities Now Available / First release of data thro…

What is all this stuff on the post a thread page??

Embarrassing Goalkeeper Error Leads to Goal

How to start an internet arguement...

We have Formatting Buttons!

Except for the smilies, I don't know what any of the new tabs are for.

Im sick of christians jamming their religion down peoples throats

I think Romney will choose a woman for his VP pick and I have a hunch

US presses China over Iran oil imports

Spence campaign defends academic record

Nobody could have anticipated...

Gulf states seek to calm fears over Hormuz

I would like to see the LBN column extend to the bottom of the latest page.

California Dream Act foes' petition drive falls short

Super Bowl Viewers (in 40 cities) Will See Graphic Anti-Abortion Ads With Pictures Of Bloody Fetuses

What should I make with leftover FRESH ham (already roasted)

Tennis 24/7: The Golden Oldies

Warm In Fargo-You Betcha.

Falklands' conflict Harrier fleet sold to the US Marines for spares

Stinky Slime ALERT

Should this bible passage be added to the Terms of Service?

46% of millionaires pay ZERO tax?

Haitians in Brazil get visas but border checks increase

Galaga, the Paper Cat.

From now on, I'm calling him "Raider Romney."

If Mitt Romney truly believes corporations are people (my friend)

No hearts in February under the new 'subscription' system or is something in the works?

Lots of NY Jets-bashing by.....the NY Jets

Papantonio: Romney Helped Invent Vulture Capitalism

US says offshore oil drill to be deployed in Cuba is OK

Any idea what county Cardinal Dolan's people come from?

We can do custom avatars again. Would any of you like a hand making one to use?

French court rejects Renault heirs' challenge - heirs to the Nazi collaborators have some nerve

Worst possible outcome: Too-Big-to-Fail Definition May Expand to National Lenders, Shadow Banking

Mitt Romney is Edward Lewis... without the Julia Roberts part.

Bain Capital has an interesting portfolio, including Clear Channel Communications.

Chris Hedges at Freedom Plaza

Shit! Today is the 25th anniversary of THE DRIVE.

The Japanese did NOT bomb Pearl Harbor

Jon Stewart goes after the horrible "Early Start" on CNN.

Creationists and Dawkins Agree: Science Rules Religion

Anyone else looking for a part time job?

Supreme Court declines to make it harder to introduce eyewitness testimony at trials

Chatham installs openly gay, black Republican mayor - believed nation's first

What caused an unholy trinity of Republicans, Democrats and the President to trash the Constitution?

Haiti earthquake: two years on, and just half of promised aid has been delivered

Greek Crisis Has Pharmacists Pleading for Aspirin as Drug Supply Dries Up

Solar Stocks Rally on German Installs, China Doubling Solar

Bias in jury voting towards members with errr a "reputation".

Oil refiners sever links to Iran

Video shows Marines Urinating on Corpses in Afghanistan

Election Law Experts Say James O’Keefe Allies Could Face Charges Over Voter Fraud Stunt (TPM)

Pressure Point: US wants China to choke Iranian oil flow

Three Carlyle founders each land a $138m payday

If they are defending Romney's layoffs as a by-product of capitalism, then...

Video appears to show troops urinating on corpses

US re-starts deadly drone strikes in Pakistan

TYT: Why Republicans Love WH Chief Of Staff Jack Lew

Child leukaemia doubles near French nuclear plants-study

Norfolk Southern To Hire 2,600 Workers In 2012!

Guantanamo Bay -- Ten Years and still no end in sight

Obama's new chief of staff got almost a $1 million bonus AFTER the taxpayers bailed out Citigroup

Jessica Ahlquist Has Won Her Lawsuit!

Clinton: US Had No Role In Killing Iran Scientist

"i like being able to fire people" wasn't out of context. it was a change of context.

The Real Reason Israel Kills Iranian Nuclear Scientists?

Warren Buffett Ready to Take Republicans’ Tax Challenge

What Mitt Romney REALLY Said Last Night



Oil lobby's financial pressure on Obama over Keystone XL pipeline revealed

Mitt Romney Says We Must Only Speak of Income Inequality in ‘Quiet Rooms’

Five U.S. Senators Are Perfect Koch Servants, Americans For Prosperity

Newt is desperately trying to stuff the Corporate Raiders genie back in the bottle

follow @MexicanMitt on Twitter

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Use Your Republican Decoder Badge To Find Out Their SECRET MESSAGES!

so why on earth do men put women up on a Pedestal...

Austin Texas. Largest no kill city in the nation

If you’re not allowed to enslave people any more, or even loot their resources, then what

Oh. This is the new owner of the Raiders.

Oh, Look Pretty Bow!

Israel Subsidizes West Bank Housing, Breaking Promise To U.S.

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

Warren Buffett: I’ll Pay Up If Republicans Do The Same

I got banned from FR in 2007 for saying this.

link to Murray McMurray

Finally! Big changes to the US Open Cup

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it to ohiosmith.

Bill O'Reilly on Romney and Bain Capital


Indiana Democrats Losing Fight Against Union Limits

SNA: Sen Collins’ shipbuilding showdown

Gay inmates effectively barred from drug rehab, suit alleges

xPost from LGBT: North Carolina Election Official Quits rather than put antigay measure on Ballot


These smilies are lovely - thanks Admin

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Use Your Republican Decoder Badge To Find Out Their SECRET MESSAGES!

Gov. Walker Accused Of Over 1,000 Violations Of Campaign Finance Law, Could Face $557,500 Fine

Twinkies maker Hostess seeks bankruptcy protection

There’s Dumb, There’s Damn Dumb, and Then There’s Take Your Breath Away Dumb

Newly identified hormone acts like a workout

Comparison of "right to work" states with proposed Keystone pipeline

Lo Cal doggie treats: Green Beans! Who would have guessed????

I wonder if we could have an "isolation tank" or a 'clarification and response' forum or group

Who does Fox 'news' like for the republican nomination? Curious. nt

How NPR Killed the Radio Star

Rush Limbaugh Compares Rick Perry To Fidel Castro