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Today's NPR puzzler was fun (anagrams)

Proposal to Amend DU TOS Language

Regarding The Acceptability of Sexist Comments and Misogyny on DU

Hi All members and Readers! Please read Pinned Thread and make your voice heard!

Democrat pulls ahead to win Southern California Assembly seat

In many of the rape threads I an noticing a definite empathy deficit...

Please note the pinned thread about amending TOS Language

Popular vote update.

Mystical creatures star on tourism posters

They fact checked Grover the LIAR and gave him a Pinocchio

Wall Street finds a foreign detour around U.S. derivatives rules

Despite tragedy, it's still game time at Arrowhead

Too bad there aren't Republicans like this anymore...

Boehner: Obama Needs to Stop Acting Like He Won Election (Borowitz Report)

Who's "Helping Us" with the fiscal cliff?

Interesting Norman Podhoretz quote re Sarah Palin

Arab Youths Take 'Arabs More Than Oil' Message to Climate Talks

Scientists Decry Canadian Undermining of Climate Science

Blair Scott's Resignation Letter to American Atheists

Religious Experience in Early Buddhism – a lecture by Richard Gombrich

Economic Collapse in 2013?

Republicans....stop being wrong.

Rush imagines a "Democrat orgasm"

Radio host Todd Schnitt to leave flagship station WFLA-AM Dec. 18

Big Cats vs. Laser Pointers

Pamela Geller Has Lost Her War

How Walmart is devouring the food system (large graphic)

Foreign Office fury as Argentina allows thugs to smash up Falklands tour office and U.S. travel firm

Should sexism and misogyny be clarified on DU

If I had to choose between between Corporate Christmases, I'd choose Coke over Walmart any time.

Oklahoma out of BCS Bowl

President Obama doesn't negotiate with terrorists: Facebook image.

Sunflower picture for today: *SF#05 - Orange sun

Palestine UN status upgrade should open door to justice

Proposal to Amend DU TOS Language

Not an attack on religion, just homophobic bigots....

The Strong Egypt Party, the Constitutional Decree, and Gaza: An Interview with Abdel Moneim Abul Fut

I want to run for office


Man charged in Alaska barista's death kills self in cell; authorities link him to 7 other murders

Obama To Boehner: "A balanced approach"

Al Gore calls it like it is.

Wow. A solar airplane that can fly, theoretically, forever without fuel.

The E1 plan and its implications for human rights in the West Bank

Very funny: Tax the Rich: An animated fairy tale

Grover Norquist

Is the Obama campaign giving away too much info?

Two books on Gandhi

BCS Standings 12/2 - All set!

2012 U.S. House Popular Vote Tracker (Democrats up by 1 MILLION)

Carbon Pollution Up to 2 Million Pounds a Second

I hope this is not true

‘Fiscal Cliff’ Could Put Millions of Taxpayers Into ‘AMT Shock’

2 cute dogs!

***Thank You DU***

Are we ever gonna see the end of this asshole?

How does a Pennsylvania ex-judge under investigation land an Alaska job?

Requesting a favor of Pennsylvania DUers.

I don't usually mention God on the DU to respect others beliefs, this is a very rare exception

Anne Fessler "Everlasting"

Just WHAT have you got to say for yourself!?

I just got my Forever Comfy seat cushion with gel in the mail. Put it on

Obama's Accomplishments***

CNN Heroes is on tonight. Anderson Cooper read a letter from Malala.

Sean Parnell is caught once again making a wacky appointment.

My second video--Black Bean Burritos

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 3 December 2012

"Intentionally Vague," "Dangerous," "Careless" - The House Budget That The RW Keeps Referring To!

Because we won the Senate, we will be control judicial appointments, and that means it isn't the

What is Santa Claus' real first name?

Starbucks Confronts No-Tax Revelations

GOP Accuses Susan Rice of Misleading Statements on 'The War on Xmas'

Here's why I haven't posted a god-damned thing about rape this week:

Charlie Chaplin "Let Us All Unite!"

I want to apologise to an unnamed DUer for...

Street art. Alaska style

Peter Kornbluh meets w/Alan Gross - American jailed in Cuba wants US to sign 'non-belligerency pact'

The bowls:

Bob Costas just did an anti-gun editorial during half time of Sunday Night Football

Did you just see Costas on NBC?

TPM - "Boehner Declines To Name Specific Entitlement Cuts He Seeks In Deal"

This is definitely accurate....

In the words of James Madison:

NYT: Pushing GOP to Negotiate, Obama Ends Giving In

About 1 month back someone recomended two books here. "The Party is Over"

Three first time posters (so far) in a single gun thread!

Bill McKibben at PowerShift

J.C. Watts for RNC chair?

The Bobblespeak Translations

Romney keeps sinking in popular 47.3% Obama rising.

Free to Be... You and Me -- Forty Years Later ... Thanks, Marlo !!!

Eleven people posted in my thread about Bob Costas gun editorial for the first time

Even more elated now than I was on election night!

Members of Old South Church vote to sell rare 1640 book

BOA up to it's old tricks. Bank of America shelves plan on new fees

Proof positive that the jury system is garbage.

What a great american company!!!!!!!!

Susan Rice: the sharp UN ambassador fighting for her political future

Israel Bids Adieu To Joe Lieberman, A staunch Ally In U.S. Senate

Michonne appreciation thread.

This is the next recipe I plan to try... Cajun Meatloaf.

Here is something you wont find in our corporate controlled media

Hey guys, how's it going?

Are more companies tying employees hands?

Norquist 'tea party two' is going to dwarf tea party one.


Welcome to DU to all our new members and lurkers. Thanks Bob Costas!

The vast majority of men have never raped nor thought about raping anyone.

Hospitals: The cost of admission

The Bible vs. Atlas Shrugged

I live in WA state, Should i make pot brownies for Xmas gifts?

Anyone know a good streaming link for MSNBC live?

What date does Congress break for Christmas?

You may be right, I may be crazy, but it just may be a LUUU-NATIC you're lookin' for...

There's a Whole Lotta WIN in this photograph!!!

Heidi Klum as Cleopatra.

Man Who Attacked 74-Year-Old Guy In Burger King Bathroom Explained, "This Is What I Do To Old People

a reflection (technically)

Kid Rock On Meeting President Obama: He said, 'I'm still here.' I said, 'No hard feelings,'

I'm going to bed before I write something that I will likely regret tomorrow!

Ninth Circuit Approves Warrantless Home Video Surveillance By Undercover Agents

Boehner ‘flabbergasted’ Obama offered his campaign promises in debt talks

Henry Blodget (of all people) now thinks its time for unions


Krugman: Fiscal cliff 'has finally laid bare the con ... of the G.O.P.'s political strategy'


Great post by one of The Christian Left fans...

Proposal to Amend DU TOS Language

Companies like Costco

Lines Blur as Texas Gives Industries a Bonanza

Does anybody know offhand whether President Obama carried the military vote?

Jihadist-turned-Zionist, like book that changed his mind, makes case for Israel

I just saw "Killing Them Softly"

Assange Re- the Internet, the Decay of the Rule of Law, Surveillance, the Growth of Secrecy, Etc.


Vietnam Veterans, Discharged Under Cloud, File Suit Saying Trauma Was Cause

Ari Shapiro is a singer - Saw him tonight with the band Pink Martini!

Is Apple manufacturing back in the good ole' US of A?

A documentary adaptation of Naomi Klein's 2007 book, The Shock Doctrine.

Goodbye everyone

Goodbye everyone

Bob Costas Slams Gun Culture (VIDEO)

The rape threads point to a larger need...revolutionary change in what it is to be "a man".

Clintons with Buddy Guy, Led Zeppelin

What is wrong with you, Juror #2?

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Sunday, December 2)

Sheldon Adelson Spent Far More On Campaign Than Previously Known

A message for John Boehner

Grandma Got Run Over by John Boehner

The Kennedy Center Honors Reception at the White House, December 2 (tons of photos)

9-3 Louisiana Tech gets no bowl invite. 6-7 Georgia Tech to Sun Bowl.

David Letterman, Dustin Hoffman, Led Zeppelin honored by Obama

LynneSin, this guy hot engulfed in flames

I think I need to start wearing suits to work much more often.

CNN: The GOP is tone-deaf on fiscal cliff

Feds say Texas failed patient who tried to starve herself to death

Strangeness in Sandy Photos *warning--large photos

You are on a Jury: What Proves a Rape Occurred

Movie that scared you the most when you were an adult...

Wall Street finds a foreign detour around U.S. derivatives rules

Wish I could have made this larger.

So anyone else suprised by the teams that ended up in the top four for amazing race?

Rolling Jubilee Poised to Retire $9,000,000 in Medical Debt!

A Facebook posting and my response to it.

The Crops Failed because the Sun God is Angry...

"Our ultimate objective in learning about anything is to try to create a more just society" -Yuri K.

The specious appeal to a minority party's "rights" as a defense of the filibuster

Can we get the buddy list back?

Condoleeza Rice: "Obama's foreign policy lacking" LOL an oldie from DU

Are you ready to meet the ultimate puzzle-cube challenge?

6 hours....

The alert function continues to be abused, despite Skinner's proposal back in March. Here's a fix...

Are you ready to meet the ultimate puzzle-cube challenge?

N. Korea's defence chief replaced

Vietnam Veterans, Discharged Under Cloud, File Suit Saying Trauma Was Cause

Super-Efficient iLumi LED Bulb Lasts for 20 Years and Can Be Controlled With a Smartphone

1982 – soil sample from Times Beach, Mo that will be found to contain 300x the safe level of dioxin

Only in right wing politics in America would you find this

Boardwalk Empire - Season 3 Finale - "Margate Sands"

I'm off to the hospital

Batshit crazy Orly Taitz loses again - must now pay $4,000

a message to our brothers on the right

a message to my brothers

When "Mad Money" Cramer is against Norquist things are bad

to my fellow democrats

my fellow democrats

Mega-risks that could drive us to extinction

my fellow democrats

What does the new Star Trek 'Into Darkness' poster reveal about Benedict Cumberbatch?

mr president

mr president

my fellow democrats

fellow democrats a message to the president

FYI: The Pope is on Twitter

Tax paid by some global firms in UK 'an insult'

I think I see the cause of the anger/miscommunication

UK summons Israel ambassador over settlements

I can tell you all with 100 percent certainty--that if I ever get PPR'ed....

College Used to Be the American Dream -- Now It's the American Nightmare

Financial Firms Have Been Hollowing Out America for Decades -- Now We're on the Verge of a Debtpocal

Chris Hedges: Katrina, All Over Again

A Billionaire Obsesses, Our Politics Regresses

What Happened to Public Education on Election Night?

Chris Hedges: Katrina, All Over Again

Study: People on unemployment benefits find work faster than those who do not use it

Nature Climate Change Article - 5C Temperature Spike Increasingly Likely, Thanks Largely To Coal

US Drought Continues, Spreading Now To SE: Total Costs May Hit $150 Billion - Climate Central

Lines Blur as Texas Gives Industries a Bonanza

School Districts in 5 States Will Lengthen Their Calendars

Sheldon Adelson Spent Far More On Campaign Than Previously Known (150 Million)

The rape fantasy thread was a total failure for Democratic Underground.

Coast Guard officer killed by suspected drug smuggler's boat

It's more like a slope…

20 years on: Switzerland poised to keep EU at arm's length

Public Schools Denounced at Tea Party Rally in Tampa, Blamed for Election of Barack Obama

Los Angeles Landlord's Christmas Generosity Goes Viral

UBS could pay $450m to settle Libor claims

My spouse's latest project: the set for Led Zeppelin Kennedy Center Honors

Five Facts About America's Pathological Wealth Distribution

Why It’s Hard to Replace the "Fiscal Cliff” Metaphor by George Lakoff

Months before Sandy, NJ Transit dismissed need for climate risk study

Operation Rolling Tantrum

Finally water: Hookups to more homes

5 things you should know about the FCC's big media giveaway

What's up with North Korea? First they fell for the Onion's "Sexiest Man Alive" satire and now this:

Rove gets the Call!

Congrats RedStateLiberal for winning DU survival football

North Korea urged to drop rocket launch plan

Plastic bulb development promises better quality light

82% of Seattle voters said yes on marriage equality.

From the "I shit you not" File

Halabja chemical weapons: A chance to find the men who armed Saddam

(Cross-post) Religious Experience in Early Buddhism – a lecture by Richard Gombrich

First iPad-only newspaper 'The Daily' shutting down on December 15th

We're on the horns of two competing crises: Global Warming vs. Resource Depletion....

Hundreds of cyclists demand safer Austin streets

I know this post will sadden you - turns out Sheldon Adelson lost $150mil on that election

For Profit Prison Partners With Gangs To Save Money On Guards

Ten people that brought us to the "fiscal cliff" ..

Now the election's over, why has this place become Rape Underground?

Shock, sad, David Oliver Relin “Three Cups of Tea" coauthor, committed suicide

Obama Knifes GOP Plan To Avoid Rate Hike

You won't be Dazed and Confused after looking at this photo!!!!

How many times can a poster post

Defeated mining measure changes backed by Gogebic lobbyist

What Does $2000 Mean to You?

Bob Costas advocates for gun control

Obama Wants Debbie Wasserman Schultz To Remain DNC Chair

Seen on ClimateCrocks: An Animated History of Climate Negotiations....

Is it unusually warm in your neck of the woods?

Diabetes drug Metformin may be a cancer fighter, too.

US military plans to double spy network

The Big Budget Mumble (Krugman)

Can't SOMEBODY find SOMETHING for this man to do??!!

GRAPH: Filibuster Abuse Is At An All-Time High

Indian navy prepared to deploy to South China Sea to protect oil interests

Gallup: Congress Rated As Dishonest And Unethical Profession, Ranks Only Above Car Salespeople

Army Commanders Warn On Afghan Withdrawal: Forces At 'Bare Minimum'

Mickey Baker of Mickey and Sylvia, dies at 87

WashPost: How Obama would cut Medicare spending in a deficit deal

Asperger's Syndrome to be dropped as a diagnosis in DSM-5

Ten Random Thoughts From MrScorpio

chuck todd can't wrap his head around the fact that led zeppelin was awarded @ kennedy honors

Gawker's 17 wry "reasons" SCotUS hasn't announced taking or not the equal marriage rights cases yet

Recent photos of Romney suggest he isn't trying any more -

Bob Costas turns NFL shooting tragedy into gun-control half-time.

GOP Slogan: "Mitt Happens"

Monday Toon Roundup 1- somebody needs to sacrifice!

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Cliff

Monday Toon Roundup 3-repubs

Monday Toon Roundup 4- The rest

The Daily Shutting Down: News Corp. To Cease Daily iPad Publication

I detest Bob Costas more than ever

Five Facts About America's Pathological Wealth Distribution

Partner treatment 'cuts HIV transmission'

Explaining the Unexplainable

US envoy hits china's stand in UN climate talks

Mata Hari

What the CEOs Lobbying on the Fiscal Cliff Really Want

I have a nice sized ham bone.

Nevada Led the Country in Expanding the Vote. Now, It’s Eyeing Voter ID

Chinese Sixth-Grader’s Viral Essay: “Survival and Security of the Entire Human Race” Depend on My

Obama Seeking Third Term? Entrepreneur Scares Up Business With Dubious Claim

Rick Santorum To Join World Net Daily As ‘Exclusive Columnist’

False Start: GOP Stumbles Badly With Women In First Month Since Election Day

Today's quote: "Liberals feel unworthy of their possessions.

Holiday music for non-believers?

CO2 emissions rises mean dangerous climate change now almost certain


*** Gets out her staple gun and posts today's DU Lounge Lunch Specials ***

US government announces opening of Atlantic coast for offshore windfarms

Lebron James named SI Sportsman of the Year

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Obamacare Vs. Rampant Corporate Healthcare Fraud (VIDEO)

Dark days for the Gray Lady

Yo, Lounge. I am very foggy today.

Now Playing (on my work computer): Lee Greenwood - God Bless the U.S.A.

Is Fracking Contaminating U.S. Livestock?

Colts’ McGlynn on Suh, Lions: “That’s why they lose

Israel Asked Jordan For Approval to Bomb Syrian WMD Sites

Yoga, Yoga...

2012 Nat Geo photo contest.

Christmas Wish List:

Today in Peace and Justice history on December 3, 1965

Today in Peace and Justice history on December 3, 1965

(UK, France, Sweden, Denmark and Spain) Threaten to withdraw Israel envoys over settlements

If you burn something on the bottom and it tastes a little burnt, can you salvage it?

Remember that time something good came out of a Meta thread?

While you're there, be sure to visit beautiful Assawoman

Auto Sales Data - November year-over-year

She's back......but don't call it a comeback.

I just finished doing the math; I visited with 98 patients last week!

TOON: Tom Tomorrow on the fiscal cliff

Okay Lounge! It's PILE-ON Time!

Obama Plans for Climate Deal as Fiscal Cliff Talks Rage

Duchess of Cambridge pregnant

The Rape of an 11-Year-Old Girl Highlights an Important Wider Issue

Dispersant Made Oil 50 Times More Toxic To Gulf Microorganisms

Israel says will stick with settlement plan despite European pressure

CELEBRATE - These Two!

Why reducing the Deficit is WRONG (and when it will be Right)

Put this up there with, the things I didn't know about cats.

You all need Psychological Help - Time for the DU Rorschach Test

PBS Remixes 'Reading Rainbow,' Delights Map And Book Nerds Everywhere

Amateur astronomy, anyone?

Despite Being In A Depression, Spain Slashes Expenses Yet Again

The talking dog

India's Huge Coal Buildout Lacks Only One Element: Coal.

Cat hugs kitten having a nightmare.

I call this story total BULLSHIT

Football without a Prayer: Why Pre-Football Piety is a Bad Idea

Syria denies plans to use chemical weapons

Charles Darwin has just published a new chapter of The Origin of Species

America’s True Religion: Shopping

It's not "entitlement reform", it's a default on Social Security!

No comments on the New York Jits?

Creepiest Christmas ad - ever!

Surprise -- Max Baucus trying to kill President Obama's plan to tax the wealthy with the estate tax

GOP Energy Mafia Admonishes Health Sec on Fracking Study; Urges "Scientific Objectivity"

WTH.... Again, I'm on the wrong side of the jury... I still think they were wrong.

Strip the Part-Time Congress of Employer Provided Health Insurance [Petition]

Archbishops Try to Hold it Together, Order Re-Vote on Women Bishops

Note to The View: Follow-up question!1 Follow-up question!1 (To the TRUMP daughter.)

"Editorial: Ordination of women would correct an injustice" NCR Editorial Staff

Galaxy Tablet v. iPad?

War on women? According to Phyllis Schlafly's niece, there's a war on men!

Buy American; We Don't

15-20 people joined up last night to register protest at Bob Costas statement on gun control.

Kill All the Bush Tax Cuts and Start Over

Ray Romano ribs President Obama

Doyline, Louisiana Evacuated After 6 Million Pounds Of Explosive Material Found

Three Big Whoppers Republicans Tell About the Fiscal Cliff

What's up with all the recent sasquatch and yeti DNA "studies"?

WorldNutDaily jumps from birther to racist

New York Times Offers Buyouts To 30 Newsroom Employees, Says Layoffs May Come

Why do Asian Americans vote so heavily Democratic? Political science research has some answers

All the Presidents’ fish: Five new species named after Obama, Clinton, Roosevelt, Carter and Gore

Thom Hartmann: Obama Breaks the Golden Rule on Drones

Judicial Vacancies Skyrocket During President Obama's First Term

Energy saving finally gets serious as alarm bells wake ministers (UK)

Syria Boxed into a Use-'Em-or-Lose-'Em WMD Dilemma Holding a Deadman Trigger

A-Rod to miss first half of 2013 season

When Inauguration Day Falls on a Sunday, the Constitution Won’t Wait

Dear Democrats, Please Stick To These 8 Principles From Robert Reich

Just met a Yorkie named....Barack!

Trouble in the shire: Tolkien family sues movie makers for $80MILLION

Top EU official tells Julian Assange: 'Just go to Sweden and answer the questions'

North Korea tries to outdo U.S. Republican Party

It's pretty stunning how the wealthy have convinced so many regular folks to negotiate for them

Anyone else seeing Lindsay Lohan creating her own movie? Now the taxman is after her.

Apple is starting to assemble Macs in America again.

Reluctant Social Commentary of a Newly HIV-Positive 20-Something

Cities make spiders gigantic

Brig counselor: Manning’s history, behavior outweighed doctor’s opinion of self-harm risk

Rethinking the Right-Wing Mentality

Energy Department Launches ‘Battery Hub,’ For Battery Manhattan Project

Maine Marriage Equality Law to Take Effect December 29

Righties: Sure, Obama won in a landslide, but it's still not a mandate. So there.

Pic Of The Moment: On Debt Talks, Political Wind Not Blowing In Boehner's Favor

New app connects people with black-owned businesses

Is there any way to delete or disable the alphabetical auto-list when starting a Thread Title?

Curiosity Rover Finds Organic Signal on Mars, But Not Definitive: NASA

Republicans’ tax insanity

Obama to take questions on Twitter @ 2:00 ET

Maybe We're Going About This the Wrong Way...

Adapting to a warmer world: No going back

"The mills of the gods grind slowly...."

There’s absolutely no reason for the GOP (or anyone) to listen to Jon Huntsman

In light of all the recent upheaval, I would like to dedicate this song to DU.

Dear repubican spinmeisters - there is ZERO equvalancy between Grover and AARP

Endless postings with the same thread title? WTF?

40 years ago this week, Maude pondered abortion in primetime.

Don't! JUST DON'T!

Supreme Court Wait Continues For Same-Sex Couples

On December (Today) 3rd 1818

Poor Queen Ann

Most New Yorkers Think Climate Change Caused Hurricane, Poll Finds

Regifting. Anyone planning on doing it this Christmas?

Tina Fey and her daughter. A star is born.

US flu season starts early, could be bad, CDC says

What can I do to avoid putting up the exterior illumination?

Energy watchdog: Clean energy ‘more urgent than ever’

Why Austerity Economics Hurts Low-Wage Workers the Most

Study Bolsters Link Between Routine Hits and Brain Disease

Tired of incessant right wing talk? Then help us zap the talk radio empires with the Zapple Doctrine

For the person who has everything

Christian radio host: Marriage equality encourages gay sex with ‘the very young’

Who will win the Adelson primary?

HEADS UP: President Obama will take questions on the "fiscal cliff" on Twitter, today at 2 PM

Paul Krugman - It’s Health Care Costs, Stupid

President Obama's tribute to Led Zeppelin

Scottish farmer trumps Trump

Paul Ryan resurrects $716 billion in Medicare cuts in new budget

"The Designer"

White Elephants: what's the best thing you've received?

Occupy Sandy and fighting back against disaster capitalism

Quelle surprise!1 LIMBOsevic sez COSTAS is a flunky in the "NBC/HBO" librul cabal

The Hollywood scene.

Governor Blames Teens For His Failed Abstinence Only Policies, Says They ‘Do Not Care’ About Birth C

And what did you learn in Science this week, Dear?

Michelle Obama’s Next Move

Grover is getting a lot of face time these days . . . and is sounding increasingly desperate.

Republican Doomsday Plan: Cave on Taxes, Vote ‘Present’

Millions of pounds of explosives threaten town seen in ‘True Blood’

Barack Obama’s Hashtag Army Lobbying Congress on Fiscal Cliff

McCain to Kerry: ‘Thank you very much, Mr. Secretary'

A place of mythic beauty

What does $2,000 mean to you? (

My rant about "The War on Christmas" ...from a disturbed mom

MORE Sanity breaks out on the Right...

69° on Dec. 3 in Indy.

Judge Rules Atheist Group Cannot Perform Marriages

Dems' plans for supermajority? A whole lot of nothing

The danger posed by Mens Rights Activists and similar groups

Robert Putnam: How the religious/secular divide polarizes America

Trivial stories about "royalty" should not be LBN.

Obama Likes Purple Hair

Republican Rep. Jo Ann Emerson of Missouri will resign from Congress in February

Mitt Romney rejoins board of directors of Marriott International, begins board term today

Fire David Gregory, and hire _____________ ?

OK. I just paid $3.95 a gallon for #2 heating oil to heat this house for the winter. That is .51

Pat Robertson: Confederate General Would Be Unhappy About Same-Sex Union At West Point

Street artist behind satirical NYPD 'Drone' posters arrested

Pelosi reiterates threat to force House vote on middle-class tax cuts

In all seriousness, why doesn't the media simply boycott republicans?

Fracking Secrets by Thousands Keep U.S. Clueless on Wells

Follow the Pope on Twitter. He Follows No One.

The (man made) climate change deniers are destroying this planet!

This is priceless...

Facebook warning...

Facebook accused of massive 'data grab' with new service that automatically uploads your phone pictu

I've decided to respond to Boehner's latest offer (on behalf of President Obama)

A true (and disgraceful) story....

Bad Cop Story #1: Former Dallas officer headed to prison for Crime Stoppers scam

Bad Cop Story #2: High-ranking Fort Worth police official faces inquiry after DWI arrest

"To Hell With It" Award - Fr. Rutler

The fear of a Norquist primary challenge

Breaking: House GOP Fiscal Cliff Counter-Offer

A.G. Schneiderman Leads 10-State Coalition Fighting Race-To-The-Bottom Gun Laws

A chicken plate for $3.99? Now I know I'm in South Texas!

For Massachusetts DU members.

I call Bullshit: New Picture of George Zimmerman released by Defense.

Chinese Man, Builds 'Noah's Ark' In Preparation For 2012 Mayan Apocalypse

Concealed Carry Illinois: New Coalition Forms To Oppose Bill As Veto Session Begins

Shh, don't tell the Repubs, but Obama and Democrats poll numbers are soaring!

Bad Cop Story #3: State Criminal Justice officer surrenders after beating, threatening wife

Boehner Counters Obama Budget Offer With Fewer Revenues, Large Entitlement Cuts

Petition - tell Isakson, Chambliss and your Congressman stop Bush tax cuts for top 2%

Strikers Have Shut Down Two Of The Most Important Economic Gateways In The World—And It's Costing Th

An Enormous Super Typhoon Is Barreling Towards The Philippines

Syria mixing chemical warfare agents, U.S. official

Countries with the Best and Worst Life Expectancy: U.S. Comes in at 51st

Israel Keyes dead of apparent suicide; suspected in Lower 48 deaths

Post your favorite Sasquatch photo!

Ladies, if you like the look of a beard on a man, what length do you think looks best?

NASA Voyager 1 Probe Encounters New Region in Deep Space

A bit about "potential rapists".

I agree with everyone who suggests that Al Gore should be the new SOS

Last words.

New EPA rule could upend high court runoff case

13-Year-Old Girl Asks Easy Bake Oven To End Sexist Ads:

Will Shakespeare offers his apologies for not offering a Thought For The Day this weekend.

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: The House GOP Offered Jackshit on the Budget Today

EEEEW...just got an email from Scott Brown

Emerson unexpectedly resigns her Missouri congressional seat

Treaty to expand disability rights overseas stalls in Senate, frustrating Senator John Kerry and adv

Last night, I put an old, tough, home-raised heirloom turkey in the crockpot.


Giants bring back Angel Pagan..

Top Republican: Democrats Should Help Us Cut Medicare So We Can’t Be Blamed For It

GOP 'Cliff'' Plan: Cut Medicare and Social Security

Papantonio: Grover Norquist Driving GOP Over “Fiscal Cliff”

Care to join me in the fascinating land of probate accounting?

Has anyone else been getting repeated robocalls from a "Mr. Foster"

Son of Boss Returns

White House Unveils Gingerbread House With Giant Edible Bo

I have no clue WHEN I'll wear these shoes but I bought them

A ‘value-added’ travesty for an award-winning teacher

Thom Hartmann: Bigger Picture: The Middle East - Impact of Pres. Obama's Re-Election

Study finds pattern in brain injuries linked to contact sports

Thom Hartmann: Bigger Picture: The Middle East - The Important Role of the PLO

What's for Dinner ~ Monday Dec 3rd

color me shocked!!!! House GOP proposal on fiscal cliff rejects Obama's tax plan

Mardi Gras Beads found on Mars . . . or not

Speaking of TimBits...

Fox & Friends Gets Schooled By A Priest On Christmas

Mitt Romney Rejoins Board Of Directors At Marriott International

White House: GOP Fiscal Cliff Offer ‘Sticks The Middle Class With The Bill’

Rick Santorum Gets Exclusive Deal With Birther Site

Latest Man of Steel movie poster

dumb question about the fiscal cliff

Ohio State Bowl T-shirts:

Want Economic Growth? Study Says To Build Bridges

Your fault

High court delays action on same-sex marriage cases

Catholic Priest to 'Fox & Friends': 'Silly' for You to Be 'So Angry About This War on Christmas'

Eateries known as "Mom & Pop" "Out of this World" "Landmark" WHERE YOU ARE TREATED LIKE S*%#

dumb question about printing money in the us

Seattle is about to lose its progressive radio station! I am in utter shock!

Downward mobility haunts US education

My legally blind (20/200) Phi Beta Kappa highest honors college grad (last May)

Two of my favorite women

Talk about a dynamic duo!

Open letter to internet advertisers:

#RoyalBaby=Bank Holiday?

Should Robert E. Lee Have Been Tried For Treason?

Jet Magazine Features First Male Couple in Weddings Section

Four female service members sue over Pentagon’s combat-exclusion policy

"Handguns...exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments, and bait us into embracing....

McAfee says he's left Belize, is still on run

Author of Three Cups of Tea Dies of Suicide. Damn.

Castro's new gay sports bar a hit

Can someone rec this for me

Congress Considers Doing Away With The $1 Bill

Bernie Sanders' Budget Plan

Could it be the Reason, GOP has not acknowledge the Election....

A Beautiful Night in Pictures!

Anyone see Chris Matthews segment on Hilary "definitely" running?

In college, Belcher had violent incident stemming from a relationship

The thing keeping us from fighting global warming is that TPTB won't listen to us.

Clogged Arteries for Dummies

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