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Steve Keen - A Macroeconomics Debate at Cambridge

sock puppets are interesting

Afghan girl beheaded after refusing man’s marriage proposal

Went walking...

A Big Box Store Proves You Can Take Care Of Your Staff And Still Make A Profit

Is there an atheist charity for the homeless?

Rape more Common than Smoking in the US

Made in the USA, made in Hawaii, from a 32 year long view.

When out walking, don't forget the alleys, image added

Buy American Mention of the Week, 12-1-12

The Alabama Georgia Football game is all the football I need this year.

Police: Hero instructor fought son in arrow attack

Asperger's dropped from revised diagnosis manual


Use Reagan's words against the Republicans when they attack Social Security and Medicare

Anyone else putting people on Ignore in record numbers?

Interesting photos - 1955 and this past April

Keiser Report: Insect-Like Humans

People are getting over the canned pablum that passes for "news" on the networks as well

50 Most Worthless Players In The NBA (in no particular order)

I believe that if there are cuts to Medicare and/or SS...

Capitalism is not the enemy. Capitalism has improved the Lives of millions.

Nobel Prize-winning biochemist says ALL biofuels are “nonsense."

Mack Brown is losing his shit

Anyone noticing more reports on murder suicide?

"Bryan Fischer: ‘Enormously insensitive’ to hurt God’s feelings by not using oil"

The college class on avoiding rape. Please move on, nothing to see here.

Hostess CEO Gregory F. Rayburn Bio

"Seventy percent of the federal budget goes to individual assistance programs"

My second cooking video.

"Notes on Epistemic Closure" by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

Is it time to return to the moderator system?

Golden Spike News Conference - Dec. 6th (privately financed man on moon by 2020)

HHS issues new ACA rules, sets 3.5% fee for plans listed on federally-run insurance exchanges.

Reports: Cubs sign Japanese closer Fujikawa

My Message to President Obama:

Rogue swine problem in Texas (no, this isn't about politicians)

Rick Majerus has died.

"QE Backfires as Dividend Quest Usurps Growth: Cutting Research"

I'm in audience watching Michael Nesmith play live w/ the remaining Monkees...

Obama signs bill prohibiting US airlines from paying EU emissions tax

What are you reading the week of December 2, 2012?

...Advice To GOP To "Fight Like Warrior Poets, Like William Wallace" In Budget Talks

Frank Bruni: Dear President Clinton, it's time to apologize for DOMA

Sunday Talk Shows

Rape, Violence against women, etc... Are my, my friends, and my families attitudes odd in America

Woke up at 3 am this morning, couldn't sleep, put on the movie channels and guess what I watched?


So basically it seems to boil down to, don't hurt people, and if you possibly can, try to keep

Vote counting under way in Kuwait

I have not seen anything for a while

Caption this cat:

Bopha’ may inflict more damage than ‘Sendong’ (Superstorm) Cat 4

Republican Senator Orrin Hatch: Obama Is A Con Artist

TruthOut: More on Obama's drone war

Fracking Our Food Supply

Cheetahs on the Edge--Director's Cut

37 DAYS?????

Sad news...Rick Majerus passed away.

Is it me or did it seem like Obama's landslide among Asian voters was underreported?

It's A Wonderful Life is on TV

Weathergirl Goes Rogue 2: Still Hot, Still Crazy

Bush's 2004 election mandate

They just don't get it

The Bradley Manning Case and Our Decade of Denial

irish government may face european court for abortion death

How to be an annoying killjoy: Respond with this link on Facebook and to e-mail forwards

we heart the sundance film festival-where women hold up half the screen

'Chasing Ice', Changing Lives

A few more from today

Kitteh has no respect for the weatherman

This song is really hitting a cord with me tonight.

Movies you love your SO hates, you hate your SO loves?

Can't remember what this kitchen item is called. Anyone want to help?

Why is military retirement and health care not on the table?

Kung fu nuns teach cosmic energy to CERN scientists

(This is awesome!) You're beautiful

On H2, the runup to Dec. 21 is underway.

The woman who became a witch-pricker

(Another awesome video) Fascination

Petroglyphs stolen from sacred Calif. American Indian site

Gunmen assassinate peasant leader in Paraguay

Gunmen assassinate peasant leader in Paraguay

Rare book on witchcraft discovered in Alberta library

I miss the music videos, I want *MY MTV back!

"Rosa sat so Martin could walk, so Obama could run, so our children can fly"

(Politico) BEN WHITE: The Republicans Have Lost, Taxes Are Going Up


Report: Pollard collapses in prison, hospitalized

Killer Cave May Have Inspired Myth of Hades

I'm watching "Harry and Tonto". How did I miss this gem of a film?

Veni Veni Emmanuel

NYT: As Companies Seek Tax Deals, Governments Pay High Price (5,075 words)

A Global Perspective on Rape and Culture (TRIGGER WARNING)

Sentinel Watchdog: Failed charter school paid principal's husband $460K

Kim Dotcom poses with Aukland mayor, ceremonially turns on XMas lights.

I am seriously

DU POLL: Does competition bring out the best in people?

Just look at this tail!

Hmmm. Looks like the Texas ShortHorns came up short again!!

LTTE from my former landlady

The next outrageous jury decision will be posted shortly

We need government to protect us from the rich

Law enforcement union sues over collective bargaining law

Japan Sasago tunnel collapse 'traps cars'

The Onion's proposals for remaking the Republican Party

Top Conservative Author Endorses ‘Benevolent Sexism’

Goldman Sachs: The Clean Technology and Renewables Market

The Kingdom of God is Within You (Leo Tolstoy c. 1894)

Juries need to realize that they aren't looking at all alerts in a thread

Trans Pacific Partnership is NAFTA On Steroids

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Saturday, December 1)

White House Time-Lapse: Raising the Commemorative HIV/AIDS Red Ribbon

WH - West Wing Week: 11/30/12 or ''#My2k, Tweet it!''

Juror #4??

Maria. I just met a goose named Maria .....

BREAKING... Suicide bombers attack U.S. base in Afghanistan 12 Dead

Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone...K?

I wish that when you served on a jury

You have got to read this letter to my editor

Zakaria: What the Palestinians should do.

Chinese-made dam in Cambodia collapses while under construction, workers hurt, missing

MIRT cleanup: "Coastie for Truth" sock needing PPR on aisle 3

Oh, fuck this clown....

A Case for More Guns

Sir Ian McKellen says ‘I want to get married in Middle Earth’ for same-sex marriage campaign

Hey Bill, If You're Around, This One's For You!

Please Sign White House Petition to Investigate Mitt Romney/ Bain Capital Fraud 2001

Ween Plays Zeppelin - All Of My Love

Reporter Mocks and Angers Westboro Baptist Church in Virginia

Chasing Ice

10 hours of Jingle Bells

Tommy Chong Rolls A Blimp

Women laughing alone with salad. Compiled Stock photos... pretty cool.

Now here's a job:

Japan tunnel collapse: bodies found as rescue effort continues

The rape threads point to a larger need...revolutionary change in what it is to be "a man".

Pacific Nations Alarmed by Tuna Overfishing

DNA imaged with electron microscope for the first time

Why Google's Ingress game is a data gold mine

This world around you is not what it seems. Our future is at stake, and you must choose a side.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Birds And The Bees Edition

Wall Street Journal Omits George W. Bush From Graphic On 2-Term 'Presidencies And Growth' (IMAGE)

So Mitt appeared in one of my dreams last night. I was actually sad for him...

Italy tracks down copy of Da Vinci's lost masterpiece

10 days till the World ends, what are your party plans?

$12 Million in NRA Spending Could Not Overcome Voter Support for Common-Sense Gun Reforms

"An 'Occupational Hazard': Rape In The Military"

Prototype of European combat drone makes maiden flight

As Companies Seek Tax Deals, Governments Pay High Price

DIA sending hundreds more spies overseas

Egypt's highest court suspends work after Islamist protest

Need your advice, please :)

No Leadership, No Plan

'Unionmade' Clothing Maker Receives Cease-And-Desist Letter From American Unions

Yesterday's College Football Dumbass Award

Don't Slave Your Life Away: Why America Should Embrace a 4-Day Work Week

*** ^^^ Reminder to Visit Sticky Threads Above ^^^ ***

Why Does the Media Make Our Generals Into Heroes When the Wars They Commanded Are Failures?

Minot, North Dakota, Menards To Fly In Workers From Wisconsin To Serve Boomtown Crowd

5 Ways to Beat the Plutocrats

At This Fiscal Crossroads, Let's Talk About the Common Good and Our National Future

Bradley Manning: A Tale of Liberty Lost in America

Blanking Bradley Manning: NYT and AP Launch Operation Amnesia

The Republican Obsession With Obstructing Obama is Endangering the Country

Air Force Stonewalls F-35 Defects

Bruce Bartlett is on Up with Chris Hayes - leaving Norquist and

organizing mcd's & walmart. & why austerity economics hurts low-wage workers most

Elliot Spitzer Calls For An Investigation Of FOX News BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

Four More Years: Central and South Asia

Thoughts on the death of Jordan Davis

Whoa! Bruce Bartlett just told the economics professor

We Want It to Stop

I am Asexual

Climate Gridlock Frustrating Envoys at UN Talks in Doha

Friends of the Romneys say, "The past month has been most difficult on... Ann"

Well, I'm 53 today!

How Students in San Jose Raised the Minimum Wage

just a reminder when you hear the right brag about patriotism

New Egypt Constitution - draft translated

Cut Medicare and Social Security? What's the rush?

This Week in Poverty: A Wake-Up Call on Housing and Homelessness

2016 Presidential Candidate Standards (Mine)

Krugman: What Defines A Serious Deficit Proposal?

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher kills his girlfriend before committing suicide

Wisconsin’s running game flattens Nebraska and takes them back to the ROSE BOWL

Very tasty side dish using carrots and parsnips

Hey DU! Did you hear they are taking the word gullible out of the dictionary?

Israel To Withhold Tax Transfers To Palestinians AP.

Who Got the Biggest Tax Break in the Last 30 Years? (The Rich, Of Course)

And because things aren't bad enough...

Global Climate Change: Preparing for World War III

Dallas Museum makes art free for all

Those silly Icelanders, putting the needs of people ahead of the Banksters ......

Jan Brewer’s Immigration Backlash Begins

Any lawyers/paralegals/knowledgable people in the Lounge today?

When talking to members of the military and retired veterans

Explaining Israel’s Reaction to the U.N.’s pro-Palestinian Vote

Food supply chain workers adopt the IWW’s radical actions to fight abusive employers

Did I miss the Kali birthday thread?

The Wobblies (Full Documentary)

My new business: A clinic for self induced, temporary comas during the holidays

DIY plumbing is polluting rivers, experts warn{uk}

The annual Trumad/WilliamPitt avatar bet is officially on.

Psychiatrists Redefine Disorders Including Autism

Is there a good reason why congress should not require companies to pay a livable wage?

Can I get a ROLL TIDE!

America's Stunningly Overpriced Healthcare System In 2 Charts

Republicans Go To Obama School -- At Harvard, GOP staffers sit at Axelrod's feet

To Skinner - RE: HopeHoops - I'm NOT his wife.

new republican party head=same message

The Encore from Moyers and company on Alec. One of most important reports out there.

Banking Is a Criminal Industry Because Its Crimes Go Unpunished

If You're Going To College, You Must See This Chart Of Tuition Growth Vs. Wage Growth

When you see it...

New experiments challenge fundamental understanding of electromagnetism

San Onofre Nuclear Plant Investigating Possible Sabotage Of Safety System

Boehner: No ‘Difference’ If Revenue Comes From Middle Class Or Super Rich

1941 Vermont State Fair. Great slide-show and history at link.

hey anyone got a postcard from charlie

A detached Romney tends wounds in seclusion after failed White House bid

If you wrote something (Young Adult Gay Novella) and people said it was good enough to publish...

"It Doesn't Mean Anything" Israeli Vice PM On Overwhelming Support For Palestinian Statehood

Women Govern Differently Than Men. Is it finally time for quotas in the US?

so geithner speaks to david gregory and the first response is from grover norquist on mtp

GOP: Already Approves Of Legitimate Rape, Now They Come Up With- "Benevolent Sexism"

Manning Up: The Just Actions of a ‘Fan of Sunshine’

Geithner: ‘I Can’t Promise’ U.S. Won’t Go Over Cliff

Best Benghazi political cartoon I have seen yet!

Boehner On Going Over Cliff: There’s ‘A Chance’

Geithner: Republicans Are In A ‘Tough Position’

The Wobblies (Full Documentary)

Why Marijuana Is Illegal In The US

And the "winner" is?

"Santa Gets High - Must Be Over Colorado" (Luckovich)

Why Marijuana Is Illegal In The US

"Fiscal Cliff" Illustrated...

upon further review, giant sequoia tops a neighbor

Look what you people have done to Ann Romney

NOT about SoS: nice things said about Sen. Kerry

pfc. manning's trial delayed in wikileaks case

pacific nations alarmed by tuna over fishing

Patrick Stewart - 'I knew the exact moment to rush in and stop him hitting her

I know this toon is supposed to make Obama look unreasonable...

*** HELP DUers -- 12/2/12 ***

Geithner refuses to budge on higher tax rates for wealthy -- Says republicans 'having a tough time'

Cross posting in case you want to help DUers and piss off Glenn Beck...

Allen Frances and Dismay at the DSM--The debacle in Psychiatry

Larijani says Hamas victory "tsunami" over Israel

I like my Corn mashed and pulverized

Bob Schieffer needs to retire.

It's a great April day in Detroit.

In 5 Years China Has Overtaken The US As A Global Trader

You want to read whacked out? Here's serious Wackery!

A question from an 'old' person about posting here on DU (any smart one please answer)

Lewis Black - Republicans and Democrats Working Together

Jovan Belcher "Was Dazed, Suffering Short-Term Memory Loss";Alcohol,Pain Meds,Domestic Tension

Nothing Fails Like Prayer

Sad times at Mickey D's

Man oh man! I miss my wife.

What experience or knowledge to you have about Unity Worldwide Ministries?

Did you know that the Admins are "biased gun nuts themselves who hate dissenting voices"?

Being Toto

Dear Santa Reagan, Can You Please Make Me Relevant Again? Thanks, Grover Norquist

In Sweden, Playtime Goes Gender-Neutral For Holidays

Senate Passes Amendment Barring Sex Offenders From the Military

MHP just did an excellent segment on labor reform for domestic services employees

Pennsylvania welcomes first openly gay legislators

Republicans Go To Obama School

My wife and I are off to Asheville for a few days this week to celebrate our anniversary...

The Humble THQ Bundle! Pay what you want for seven games

Why Do So Few Blacks Study the Civil War?

Kick Request Thread :) (Wednesday, 12/19/12 link to GD inside)

Luckovich toon: Another thing Susan Rice got wrong

The Final Words of a 15-Year-Old Hacker Banned from the Internet

Sucks to be Kasandra Perkins

On my facebook wall

For all you youngins who have never experienced the young Betty White

Cleveland Browns employee hangs himself at the Brown facility -same time as the KC Chiefs suicide

It Gets Better: December 2, 2012-Adam Levine

Republican Senator Demands ‘Very Painful Cuts To Medicare’

Bloomberg says college costs aren't really increasing

Here's one to ponder -- "family problems" have reared up again. Thoughts?

What's My Line mystery guests marathon. YouTube & Kindle Fire HD.

Christian’s year of living 'gay' leads to dramatic change, sparks controversy

Jan. 10, 2010: Obama appoints Monsanto V.P. Michael Taylor as Food Safety Czar

Religion in public schools: America is religious, but also illiterate of religion

More Than 100 Gaza Civilians Killed During Latest Conflict: Report

I would never leave.

Secular victory: Louisiana voucher program ruled unconstitutional

Middle Eastern Diplomats Condemn Israeli Settlement Plans

The taxcuts for 98% of the people is a very attractive Republican idea?

Which has more literary value?

Witch Hunt II-The Drunk Strikes Back

Taliban Bombers Attack Air Base in Afghanistan

Obama Administration unleashes EPA to federalize Florida's water

Hillary Clinton criticizes Iran, Palestine, Israel

Pentagon plans spy network to rival CIA

Manifesto for a Post-Growth Economy

The Petraeus scandal has fallen off the radar while rethugs keep the Susan Rice nonsense in

Tax The Rich

Tax the Rich: An animated fairy tale

Israel withholds tax revenues from Palestinian Authority

Oops, wrong forum. nt

Remaking The Republican Party

Does the water from the Truckee River

Snow traps drivers for days in giant Russia traffic jam

Atrios Nails It: Teachers Are Sick Of Being Dumped On

John Boehner is flabbergasted.

Well, then, where are we supposed to post news reports about studies of Bigfoot's DNA?

BREAKING: RASSMUSSEN COMFIRMS ELECTION: Romney finished 2nd, Obama finished next to last.

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday Dec 2nd

Emissions of Carbon Dioxide Hit Record in 2011, Researchers Say

Rape Changes Lives, and Often Devastatingly.

SS department wants me take money out of a 529 to send to them to send to my daughter?

All this talk about rape is:

oops, wrong forum,


Today in Peace and Justice history on December 2, 1964

I know it is early but it is Walking Dead day on AMC, all the episodes from this season.

Today in Peace and Justice history on December 2, 1964

Good friends are hard to find

Help, need new ideas for 'pot luck' get together.

Hunter numbers up, reversing two decades of downward trend.

"As corporate rights expand and democratic rights decrease, so must people demand an end to the TPP"

I was there on 5/5/55, 6/6/66, 7/7/77, 8/8/88, 9/9/99 & got 10 days to 12/12/12

Bibibgo comes to middle America.

a thread about a cure for cancer was just locked why?

Endangering games

Duotrope switching to subscription-only as of 1/1/2013

Climate Change skeptics ALEC & Heartland Institute join forces target States’energy laws

Virtually Anorexic – Where’s the harm? A research study on the risks of pro-anorexia websites

Obama Continues to “Drill Baby Drill”

And this little minor tidbit -- my music addiction appears to be permanent.

Poll: Which made you happier on Inauguration Day 4 years ago?

How Democrats (bears) should treat Republicans (rabbits)..,

I need to correct a statement I made the other day about Klonopin.

Meanwhile...Carbon Pollution Up to 2 Million Pounds a Second

What was that quote about liberal critics watching while conservatives changed the game?

Carbon pollution up to 2 million pounds a second

Tea party leaders in Nevada rethink strategy

This is the second time a Chiefs player has been involved in a murder suicide

only republicans can argue that "fairness" means those who benefit the most should get even more

IT'S.... McElroy time

why the f *ck is this man on Meet the Press? Grover Norquist: Beware of a second tea party wave

Is it just me or do the Koch brothers remind me of the Duke brothers in Trading Places?

G. H W. Bush is still in hospital - reports say he is stable

McCaskill: ‘I Feel Almost Sorry For John Boehner’

Nile croc on the loose near Miami

Fern Lake Fire near Estes Park doubles in size; hundreds evacuated

It is better to have a recession in 2013 than in 2016 -- so go over the fiscal cliff

In all seriousness, I ask these questions, hoping y'all can educate me.

Here’s a restaurant owner who will try to make Obamacare work

Stand your ground / shoot first

Candied Ginger and Ginger Liqueur

GOP Rep. to former Bush staffer: Investigate WMD claims before attacking Susan Rice

Sad day for the 12th District today...

I search of reflections.

Turkey requests, gets Patriots. Fears stray Syrian chemical ballistic missiles.

What Happened to Public Education on Election Night?

Aaron Rodgers got a great 29th birthday gift!

Help support Harry Reid's filibuster rule

Robots to replace Navy's mine-hunting dolphins

My bottom-line take on the so-called "Fiscal Cliff"

This week in religion history: El Salvador death squad rapes and kills U.S. nuns

Fiscal Cliff- yeah.

Who else could go for some flapjacks about now?

Boy George song

In the Year of Disruptive Education

So here's my thought, Pres Obama: The poor and the middle class have already taken their cuts.

When is Obama gonna put the solar panels on the White House?

Freedom of Expression or a Step Too Far?

Tax Incentives to Companies Bleeding Towns Dry, With Few Results

DAYAM did anybody else see this this weekend?

Couple of hours of golf and political strategics

Ohio State selected for bowl!

US government announces opening of Atlantic coast for offshore wind farms

Raiders GM admits he knew 2012 team would be worse than 2011 team

caption time

Hillary Clinton, Meryl Streep Hang Out (PHOTOS)

Kodak || I know it is popular to hate on corporations. I do it sometimes, too. But . . . . .

What should my next post be about?

Ann Romney Might Be Taking This Loss Harder Than Mitt

Bradley Manning trial postponed amid debate over pre-trial confinement

Watchdog: Israel Must Explain ‘Targeting’ Journalists

Warning: ConDem Governments Can Seriously Damage Your Health

You know what makes you laugh out loud?

Last night we watched "The Artist" on Netflix streaming.

Last night we wached "The Artist" on Netflix streaming.

Julian Assange: The Web can create revolutions — or jail revolutionaries

Fired up, ready to jump!

It would be nice if we called the fiscal cliff what it really is:

Claire McCaskill: Who is Grover Norquist?

American Crystal Sugar contract rejected (for the 4th time)

Big Tent News: Minneapolis Appoints First Lesbian Police Chief

Israel settlement bid a 'fatal blow' to peace: Ban

The problem with the 49ers offense...

Why does everyone insist on calling RWNJs lies "myths".

HSBC to start selling £25bn of toxic US debt

Jon on tax breaks

Did the Reagan campaign make a deal with the Ayatollah?

one way to keep health care cost down is to get big pharm. out of controlling drug testing

TC Tolbert: Vena Amoris

Japan threatens to shoot down North Korean rocket

Adrian Peterson is really good.

US November Auto Sales Surge to 4.5-Year High

Another dead child, bullied to death

I/P posts are not against against the SoP of the LBN forum

How Close Is Rupert Murdoch to Owning the L.A. Times and the Chicago Tribune?

Republicans on talk shows continue to criticize Susan Rice

Static Vs Dynamic Flip Flops

It's December 2 and it's 80° out there

Another Florida Charter School scandal

In case you still don't get it...

Have tater-tots gotten smaller?

Oops! Right forum!

The question should be

The perfect FAUX pic

The American Psychiatric Association's press release on DSM-5