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from the "rape candidates" to "praying for america's destruction" — can the GOP maintain?

So how many calls have you heard from people who were predicting a Romney landslide?

Flashback from the campaign: Romney supporter says Michelle Obama doesn't "look like" a First Lady

Just shy of 60 days and counting until we reach the "Fiscal Cliff" and automatic cuts kick in.

Glen Beck BEFORE the Election and AFTER the Election

Funniest Memes from Election Night

Thank god for CO and Virginia wins. Imagine if Florida and Ohio were the states

If you are IN LINE to vote when the polls close, they HAVE to let you vote. It's the law.


HOW Obama won -- two really good articles (with summary)

TOS and links to sites with repugnant content

Binders full of women

I'm amazed and grateful to all the voters who endured hardships for their right to vote.

Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Donald Trump

Before you cast a provisional ballet...

MAINE LEGISLATURE GOES BACK SOLID BLUE !! Piss on you Teabagger Gov LePage !!

The GOP has realized they can't win nationally by exclusively targeting older white Christian men.

What has Oreilly been saying today?

Puerto Rico vote endorses statehood with asterisk

I think it was PoliticsNation

Lost another 5 pounds this week. I recommend that anyone

The Greatness of Barack Obama Is Our Great Project

What advice do you want to give Republicans today?

My Sandy Aftermath Pics

Great essay at about Romney's not-so-gracious speech


Question: All this money that flowed into the outside political action committees

Obama didn't need VA, OH or FL

I found a Romney/Ryan sign in a ditch, what should I do with it.

Hardball - Maher: Election night was a victory for pot, gay marriage, and math

Astronaut Jose Hernandez loses race for U.S. House

Now I'm Serious here. Can we please have a moment of silence for all of the dollars that were lost..

I'm starting to think it was intentional

AFGE Statement on Presidential Election!

What is tweety apologizing about?

My guess on Romney's strange concession delay

UAW congratulates President Obama on his re-election

Romney Camp Internal Polls Sucked Rotten Eggs

One of the most odd and tone-deaf memes I heard today about Obama's victory -

Statement by CWA President Larry Cohen on the Results of Election 2012

November 7, 1874 -- Thomas Nast


I know its petty . . . . but who did her hair?????

A lot of pollsters sucked

Statement of AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders on the 2012 Election

Did anyone else see an article from a harvard prof re: what real conservatism is recently?

Treasonous Fox calls for civil war.

Turkey to ask NATO for Patriot missiles - report

SEIU President Mary Kay Henry on the Election

Another case of pure Right Wing projection

Election Victory Picture Thread (long)

There's a line somewhere between bravery and stupidity

Mr. Obama, re legal marijuana,respect democracy in action and call off the dogs!

Iron Workers General President Thanks AFL-CIO And Dedicated Voters

No need for a Plan B here either... No 10 rejoices as Mitt falls short

The look says it all

Calling President Obama a foreign born UnAmerican..

The best call of Chuck Todd's career, from October 9.

Karl Rove Channels Mortimer Duke

Caption this:

My heroes of the 2012 presidential election are

Guardian: The Triumph of Liberalism

Interactive guide to the new faces of the 113th Congress

Note to the Radical Right: Wake the F***ing F*** up

Victory on Two Major California Propositions

RUSH. "We had a PARADE OF MINORITIES . . . Now, why didn't that work, folks?"

My Facebook 'friends'

Union efforts in Nevada Going Strong (11-5-12)

We saw Obama's microtargeting in the 2008 primaries

So, any word on if Ted Nugent is in jail or dead yet?

Tony Auth nails it today

Statement by BCTGM International President Frank Hurt on President Barack Obama's Re-Election

How many people on Facebook have had friends who have, Melted down, whine, or unfriend you

I haven't seen a post by Malaise today


Luckovch on voting.

"I spent millions of dollars on this election and all I got was this lousy loser"

IBEW President Ed Hill on Election

Here's a link to a CNN video of Pres Obama and family arriving back in D.C. and at the White House

Tom Toles: Mandate

I always suspected that Santa was a dick

"faux' news

What happens next if the repigs double down on dumb?

Mike Luckovich cartoon:Greetings!

Conservative bloggers unhappy with Senate results

White Hot Sphere Of Rage/Palin 2016

The stink of Joe Lieberman in CT and D.C. will be gone in January!

Pigfuck In Denial: Mitt Lost to Santa Claus.

"Please proceed, Governor."

A disturbance....

Seal Team Six showing again Friday

Check in here to congratulate CaliforniaPeggy.

And the latest from Ole Miss (aka Cracker Central)

So, is Ted Nugent dead or in jail? Which one?

Yes, we sluts vote...

I'm not saying Unskewed Polls was a Republican Campaign front...

11/7 - Gallup has Romney leading Obama by 8 among Likely Voters.

This cartogram really puts the election in perspective

So, who do you think the Pukes will foist on the country four years from now?

I am starting to wonder...

A Rogue's Gallery of Assholes to Women

Today dozens of private Gulfstream luxury jets

The Sting: Send this to your (R) dad...

Show's over. Now, let's get back to work.

What the End of Prohibition May Look Like

I beg to differ with the "it was all demographics" theorists--it was the PEOPLE WHO STOOD IN LINE

This round of delicious tasting tears are on Victoria

Was there any electronic vote switching? Did it happen?

Live election cams in King County Elections Dept

The is on FIRE right now. Just go, and feast on the headlines.

Dow loses 300 points day after election. Blame Obama.

Borowitz: Obama's return to the White House...

Godfather 5...Karl Rove finds a Horse's head in his bed!

Bye mitt and ann

Any chance that Arne Duncan steps aside? Teachers supported

Craps. I just broke a chunk of tooth off.

Interesting State Senate race in Colorado and who won...

Question about Elizabeth Warren. Help, please?

Secretary of State contest very close: Democrat Kathleen Drew trails, but will probably reclaim lead

Why Americans Actually Voted For a Democratic House

OMG.... Chinese condom ad compares Mitt and Barack (no wonder Michelle is smiling!)

Somewhere sitting in a cave are some conservatives saying "WE ROCK"

Did ANON UN-hack the vote?

Romney Camp Retooling Campaign After Latest Setback

Sheldon Adelson: gambling magnate and also world's biggest mark

What was the final popular vote count?

Ron Paul Elected Ruler Of Planet Inhabited By 1 Billion Tiny Ron Pauls


GOP asks "why?" and "where do we go from here?"

"His party doomed Romney" by Richard Cohen at WP

Morris eating crow BADLY on Billo show

What did $1,000,000,000,000 of teevee advertising buy?

Obamacare as another Democratic Legacy that the Republicans won't ever be able to undo

Thick as a Brick - 40th Anniversary Tour~

Can the W.H. or Congress do something about Citizens United?

"in any logical universe" Rove "would never be hired to run or consult on a national campaign again"

Mitch McConnell’s Republican Party Can Meet Me In The Middle and Kiss My Ass

NASA May Unveil New Manned Moon Missions Soon

How Ridiculous Gerrymanders Saved the House Republican Majority

International observers cite 'concerns' in US vote

With 50.7% of the popular vote in 2004, Bush declared he had a "mandate" and "political capital."

Let's face it, the GOP needs to move further to the right for 2016 or they will lose again!

Fox News' five stages of election grief

It's obvious... America is becoming a liberal nation.

Ed Shultz is about to deliver a tribue to the worst political pundit of all time

Suggested Presidential Announcement

Same-Sex Marriage Gains Cheer Gay Rights Advocates

You know how good a night it really was for President Obama when you realize that

Wait, Romney's Secret Service name was JAVELIN?

"I'm really sorry" she said...

Mitt made a "President Romney" website

Nate Silver's book sales skyrocket

Dinesh D-Loser is at it again

Election Takeaway: Fake God Talk Doesn’t Cut It with Americans

It's time for the "media" to own and correct their deficiencies.

Now that the race is over,

Republicans Were Shocked By the Results Because They Don't Understand America

Well, it has been 24 hrs since the first poll closed!

french to english translation needed

The end of the Republican "white racial solidarity" strategy.

7 Signs That a Woman is Cheating

To all freepers and "conservatives"

Going to miss Nina Turner, frequent guest on Ed show

VIDEO: The moment of victory in Minnesota (defeating the marriage amendment)

Washington Post: Obama gets feted on Air Force One

Romney won

My dog just got her leg stuck in some asshole's trap!

Well, it was a good day at the polls, but...

Dying of the White: Requiem for the 2012 Election

73% of Asian-Americans voted for Obama

Phrases forever burned in my head

Presenting (seriously) the MITT ROMNEY TRANSITION SITE

Israeli Left Mocks ‘Bibi’s Bet on Romney’

I listened to some Rush Limbaugh today - not a fuck was given

"President Obama’s Success" Editorial at the NY Times

Hi Folks!

Want a good laugh????

Steelworker President Leo Gerard labeled the right wing nutbags correctly

Elections Supervisor: Miami-Dade vote totals won't be tallied until Thursday

Uh, yes indeed. That's right. (Some great election night memes, pic heavy)

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! There’s Got to Be A Morning After &

RIP Carmen Basilio

Hey Republicans! Over here! Look, if your candidate was so freaking fragile

Bathtub Grover explains why the GOP loss was really a win

Merci Danke Gracias Taak Thank you.

Tumblr blog: White People Mourning Romney

Anyone else see Alan Grayson on Viewpoint w/ Elliot Spitzer (CurrentTV)

Republicans and Frankenstein movies

Executive Order on Contractor Disclosure of Political Contributions

Mississippi Democrats Work to Turn State Blue

LOL Hannity

Damn, Rachel is pointing out all the GOOD progressive results from last night more than just people

DeMaio Concedes, Filner Wins Mayoral Race

Glenn Beck Tells Conservatives to Buy Guns, Farms


Does Dan Rather still have a good feeling about Mitt's chances yesterday?

warren in the senate and grayson in the house

Small missed opportunity today w/Jehovah's Witnesses

To the lurking Freepers; Nate Silver has a message for you...

Hello! I haven't posted here much lately, but I often visit.

What would you like to see passed as a result of Obama's win?

OK guys my head still hurts from last night. I admit I started drinking about 6:00 Denver time,

Shocking fact about Rich American's

What is your "Wish list for Obama Administration to do during "The first 100 days"?

I flipped to Faux News

Anyone have the Meat Loaf reaction to the election?

*Governor* Scott Brown?

BREAKING CNN: 303 electoral votes in; election STILL too close to call

The new (risky) GOP election meme...

Yay! Bob Filner is the new Mayor of San Diego!

"How Pets Survived Hurricane Sandy" by Jesse Ellison at the Daily Beast

I have not always been a Democrat

My coworker has the most poisonous hatred for Obama out of everyone I know

Over 600,000 votes in Az have NOT yet been counted! Please HELP this story go viral so it will

White People Mourning Romney [schadenfreude]

Coulter gist on fox melting down with hannity. They are so grasping for straws.

More Trump Tweets...Now Attacking Rove

Upset about gerrymandering? don't sit out midterm elections in census years!

Over 600,000 votes in Az have NOT yet been counted! A call to action!!

Just heard on the local news that San Jose, Ca.

(Video) The Obamas arrive back in DC

OMG! GOP solution to losing Latinos...

Now, lets concentrate on getting the House back 2014 comes before 2016


Donald Trump's latest message....

Final thought on Election 2012

2012 Top Contributors

He didn't have to rub it in.

Announcement to lurking Freepers: Obama is not just becoming president

Raul Ruiz ‘looking foward’ to Mary Bono Mack’s concession call

Relocation Suggestions for Repubs

Somebody please talk me down from the ledge

The only possible conclusion: The country is PISSED OFF

So is Fox still pushing Libya as the worst thing to ever happen in history?

I wish Florida would get settled

Thank you to Jimmy Carter's grandson James Carter 4th

not again

"87% of registered voters voted in Milwaukee"

I didn't realize that Joe Biden was a magician....

Mitch McConnell just tweeted

Thinking out loud here, so bear with me ...

BEHAR ain't funny, but she zeros-in to O'LOOFAH

Rachel: "The creepy rape and abortion caucus went

Was KKKarl's disbelief evidence of attempted fraud?

Former Texas Coach Darrell Royal Dies At 88

O.K., so we need to brace for Jeb Crow Shrub 2016 - just saying: PREPARE!1

Bono Mack declines to concede, citing uncounted ballots

"This Is the Worst Election for Wall Street in Decades"

Don't be surprised if some disgruntled wingnut does something very bad in the next week or so

Disgraced NY college dean dead in apparent suicide

I find it ironic that the tea bagger

Thought this an interesting factoid

Has anybody calculated the total number of Democratic vs Republican votes for house seats?

Youth vote decides presidential election – again. Is this the new normal? (Gret News For Dems)

Dean: "The best thing that can happen to us is to go off the fiscal cliff"

Today is the 45th anniversary of the signing of the Public Broadcasting Act

Mitt Romney will be out of the news:

Amazing Winter Light Festival in Japan

I just looked over my precinct totals

The ED Show - President Obama's big victory

Latest Florida count: Obama + 51,592

Two Gabby Giffords updates

Does this photo seem really symbolic in any way?

This is why I donated to DCCC

DL Hughley tweet on Fox News...

For the Irish, and the Irish at heart, a celebratory blast from the past.

Quick thought about using paper ballots and recounts...

French government approves introduction of same-sex marriage

A great celebration song for the mood here.

I LOVE Citizens United and ...

The ED Show - Victory for the Middle Class in 2012 Election

Obama now has nearly a 3 million vote lead in the Popular Vote

The New Normal

Nebraska voter turnout doesn't match 2008 pace

how was Hannity tonight? Cn't believe I forgot to tune in to watch his bile

Note to GOP: Maybe if you'd stop harping the next war for a few minutes, people would vote for you.

Did Romney get FEWER votes than McCain?

Climate refugees in America

UPDATED: The Donald deleted his most unhinged tweets calling for revolution.

Things to be thankful for?????

As a losing Republican presidential candidate, Mitt is most like

Ted Nugent Jail/Death Watch Day 1

Very Funny from the Rape Party

My conservative radio report wrap-up:

LGBT voters broke 76 to 22 in favor of Obama

Some right wing celebrity rants

Shelly my Jewish brother....I'm just heartbroken for you today. How many races did you put

I hope someone does a 'Game Change' style book behind the scenes of R/R 2012 campaign

The ED Show - GOP's war on women backfires

How the Galveston Daily News was delivered today.... no, this is NOT a joke.

The ED Show - Dick Morris: Worst political pundit ever

How's everyone doing tonight?

Suspect arrested; Pelosi home burglary 'not a politically motivated thing'

Right Wing Orson Scott Card melts down at the media

The ED Show - Citizens United loses to the ground game

Patty Murray should be next in line for leadership, right behind Harry Reid!

Republicans To Obama On Taxes: Let’s Compromise By Not Raising Taxes

TCM Schedule for Thursday, November 8 -- What's On Tonight: EW'S All Time Greatest Movies

caught some of Bob Woodward on Hannity

Homophobic Troy Mayor Janice Daniels Recalled by Voters After One Year in Office

Wikepedia list of Presidents of the United States is already updated.

Half Staff Flag

What does "off the cliff" mean?

On "The Last Word" Poll Rankings

If Not Nancy Pelosi, then who?

Hey Teahadists! You sold America a bill of goods, and last night We The People demanded a refund.

Yeah, how's that working out Perry?

What's your number one issue? The one you want Obama to use his Bully Pulpit for?

Knock, knock

what planet is this fool from

One Hundred and Six Year Old Elizabeth Hinton votes in her Twenty Second Presidential Election

Romney Had A Transition Website Ready To Go If He Won

Romney's donors and bundlers are NOT in a happy place.

Romney Camp Retooling Campaign After Latest Setback

Tell me what happened again????

Photograph Is Not A Crime founder Carlos Miller found Not Guilty

If Donald Trump didn't have Twitter

Not-nice message left for Michigan man who hung chairs to protest Obama

The GOP pundits are basically adopting Mitt's "47% rhetoric..." THEY ARE REALLY DONE!

Tonight's Concession Speech is brought to you by ...

Why do they keep dragging out that Mark McKinnon guy?

re: beauty along the erie canal

Obama Beat Romney With Women, Unions, Latinos and Blacks Because Issues Mattered

Ghouliani: we don't toss candidates who lost. The GOP never does that.

Dems are keeping control of the Iowa Senate!

Rachel Maddow - Bonfires yield better return than 2012 GOP big money investment

Politico destroys Rasmussen Reports

Waldo The Movie - Official Trailer [HD]

Oh jeeeez....just wait until you read the punchline.

So Mitt was presumably the leader of the repubican party. Who gets the job now?

Random Rush post election meltdown

I wonder how many of the Mittwitt's friends feel so let down, especially ones from college.....

White People Mourning Romney

The Republican Enthusiasm

Looks like Citizens United blowed up real good!

More Meltdown over at Freepers'...

This has to be alarming for republicans!

New storm bears down on Sandy-battered NYC, NJ

Wednesday Night Blues Break: Lightnin' Hopkins - Gin Bottle Blues


Alan Grayson "If They Won't Let You Vote They're Not Going To Do Anything Else For You Either"

Controversial Troy Mayor Janice Daniels: Recall is a relief, but it's the media's fault

Not all of the news yesterday was good

Mrs. Sonny Bono will not concede.

How many woman got sent to Washington last night? Congress? Senate?

TCM Schedule for Friday, November 9 -- What's On Tonight: The Man With No Name

Oh my God, Jon Stewart is killing Fox News

In 2008, YouTube and Facebook became major political factors. In 2012, Twitter joined them

Racial slurs reported at Ole Miss election protests

How did our leaders celebrate last night?

Woman not happy over yesterday

I find it deeply unnerving that so many voted for Romney. I

Rachel Maddow - Republican rape caucus suffers heavy losses

Tea Party against estate taxes on the rich just like our founding fathers?

Cecile Richards. I didn't know.

The JERKS that lost their races last night (with an additional one that Maddow missed)

When you contrast Joe Manchin with say...Jay Rockefeller or Robert Byrd, I can't help but feel..

CSPAN - angry sour faced ConservativeHQ (Tea Party loons) conference

The 2012 Election Should DESTROY The Myth Of A Liberal Media and Press

Ingham County, MI Democrats sweep local teabaggers out of office.

Obama wins 44% of Mississippi voters, highest Democratic win only after Clinton

My Dear, Did you know there was "Congratulations CaliforniaPeggy" post in the DU Lounge?

Democrats Won The Presidency, Gained Seats In the Senate and House, But No Mandate?!?!?

Post-Election Bumper Sticker?

Time again for liberals to round up all the guns... like they did last time!

Rachel Maddow - Time for the right to leave the bubble

Clinton vs Christie in 2016.

Isn't it time to institute more uniformity to the election process in America?

Rachel Maddow - GOP's move right leaves it too far from American electorate

CNN Reporter: Speak English?

Paul Krugman: Power-mad conservatives

Now comes the bull that Obama still has to earn a mandate, even though he already WON the election

The Scene At Romney Headquarters

A sleeping giant has been awakened

Our FRiends begin to practice their outreach to the growing Hispanic voter bloc...

So where has

The Dummies The Day After

Why did GOP waste so much time on Benghazi thse past weeks?

Thank you DU!

Enjoy, for obvious reasons!

Rubio Can't Save The Republican Party

Raulie Casteel's Twitter page (accused Michigan highway shooter)

Girl Power

A needed quick break from all things political--- GIRL POWER!

BRILLIANT Rachel Maddow: "Republicans, Return to the World of Facts"

90% of Gay/Lesbian Vote Went to Obama

Can't wait to catch Charlie Rose

Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) becomes the first Hindu, and the first female combat vet, elected to Congress

90% Of Gays Voted For Obama, Majority Black and Latino Voted For Marriage Equality

Knock Knock?

What are they going on about the Tenth Amendment for?

The Last Word - Ann Coulter was right

Cohn - "Yes, Obama Won a Mandate"

The Last Word - Driving Off The Cliff

Whiney punk ass freeper on Survivor gets the boot-Bitches that Obama would take 1/3 his winnings

Dear GOP, rush, hannity, beck, and my GOP friends - some words of advice to help you


Politico: Romneyworld Reckoning Begins

just wondering what Skittles' post-election ass-kicking calendar has scheduled...... nt

Rights group: 4 Tibetans self-immolate in one day

I am a brownskinned daughter of America who, along with my sisters, brothers and cousins, have


Key & Peele: Obama's Anger Translator - Victory

Where do you think Cory Booker sees himself in 2016? He's very committed to Newark and New Jersey

Eighty-Eight Percent of Romney Voters Were White

Funny, the onslaught of anti-foodstamps recipients/welfare FB memes has stopped

A call for President Obama to change course on education

How much credit should we give ALEC and their bought ad paid for Republican legislatures for our vot

The most Democratic county in Minnesota

A couple weeks ago, my wingnut "friends" on FB were crowing about Mia Love (a black Mormon)

Teddy Bears

FoxNews Admission: Obama WILL Get His Way

A snowball gun?

I feel very protective of this man and his family now.

The Last Word - Next election could be worse for GOP

The Last Word - Rush rewrites Rush's election prediction

"The billionaire donors are livid."

Republicans embarass themselves when they talk about 'Demographics'.

You people are seriously eff'd up!!

Exclusive: Republicans Draft Rules To Tighten Control Over House Floor

Do They Get It Now...?

I feel like the "Silent Majority" in a Red State!

Was Jesus a tolerant liberal type or an authoritarian disciplinarian type?

The Romney/Ryan ticket...

Mr. President my generation thanks you

The republicans drove off the cliff without

What will Obama's re-election do for ticket sales to "Atlas Shrugged 3"?

My plants are having sex now...

What About Florida

Still waiting for news the Romney Campaign ended in debt.

who are coulter and limbaugh fooling? they're probably glad obama won.

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Wednesday, November 7)

Ted Nugent Death / Jail Watch, Day One

Ohioans Unite!

"Why the Lines Are So Long In Florida and Ohio" by Judd Legum at Think Progress

Watching my county turn blue!

Nance Greggs: Losers/Weepers

"Eliot Spitzer offers 6 lessons from Obama’s winning campaign"

Thank you Todd Akin!

In the 26 years that I have been fighting the planting of untested genetically engineered seeds

Sadly we have to get back to work almost immediately since we face yet another tough Senate cycle

So I have Stage 4 colon cancer.

It just occurred to me and I'm LMAO here.

Minnesotans United For All Families

What's up with the turnout this election?

The President's Dream

One fair explanation of last night from a GOP Blog: No, really. Good read.

New word for your perusal

Great thought about Allen West, Joe Walsh, etc.

Ohio woman ordered to wear 'idiot' sign for driving on sidewalk to avoid school bus

11/7am freepress: Vote totals for Obama and Romney inexplicably decreasing in three Ohio counties

Interesting article about the OSCE observers at our elections:

Why Obama Won Is So Clear, The Day After

LA Times: Raul Ruiz defeats Mary Bono Mack in Riverside County upset

A**holes: Bob Woodward Says Romney Allies Brought Benghazi Source To His Home

Some of the wing nut comments I've been seeing on facebook.

Is the FOX bubble for real?

Julian Assange says victorious Obama ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’

1996 was a status quo election. This wasn't. This was a movement.

Stewart Gleefully Rips Into FoxNews Election Coverage: ‘There Was An Avalanche On Bullsh*t Mountain'

B.C. Earthquake: 6.3-Magnitude Recorded Off Vancouver Island

When Chuck Norris said 1000 years he should check with Nate Silver first

Elizabeth Warren, "America's Senator"

'the power of Obama's ground operation astounded Romney advisors on election night'; tidbits:

Please, Freepers, PLEASE! Pursue a CIVIL WAR! Do it! Where do I send money?

Reuters Analysis: Obama May Now Seek to Make Deeper Mark on High Court

Rove's meltdown, all I could think was "IMPOSSIBLE! It will be like FL, I rigged it myself!"

George Carlin - don't you miss him?

Jesse Jackson Jr. (on leave/under investigation) is re-elected albeit with less support than before.

Palestinians not optimistic about Obama

Conference call for BIG Republican donors: Karl Rove has some 'splainin' to do--today

Some Texas freeper wants to cut off natural resources to the east and west coasts

Scenes From Inside Last Night's Obama Rally

How a Race in the Balance Went to Obama

Bradley Manning's Ready to Make a Deal

The perfect bad ending to the perfect bad day.

List of names of the next Session of The Senate and The House: 113th United States Congress

latest update for vote count in Ohio? google search turned up no results nt

First Buddhist Senator First Hindu Congresswoman elected

From Nate Silver's Comments Section:

Looking ahead at implementation of legal cannabis in CO and WA

Wow! Montana - the "Big Sky" state - turns blue in most top statewide races!

United States Senate elections, 2014

The sad state of Alabama. We elected a dead man, a thief, and Roy Moore again.

If I were writing a script for a film, I would have posited that

Please proceed governor...

Here's a link with a list of the Senators up for re-election in 2014

Democrats potentially sweep every high-profile race on the ballot in San Diego County

Perhaps THIS Is What Turd Blossom Is Really Afraid Of?

New Pennsylvania AG Wants To Investigate Gov. Corbett

Mitt Romney Gets New TV Show!

Quote of the Day: America's Billionaires are Pissed Off at Karl Rove

DU always seems to crawl and sometimes to a halt around 3am

All day I have been hearing - 'Here, here! And I am loathe to do this today, but...

Oh by the way the female body has ways to shut down

UFCW Calls for Strike at Raley’s

Hey Bill Oreilly something for you to think about

What's the difference between Joe Walsh and a bucket of KFC Extra Crispy Fried Chicken?

Archbishop Wanted. Eton-educated ex-big oil exec, no previous experience? Perfect!

Rove and Romney knew that 53% beats 47%. What they overlooked:

The Conspiracy Theory about no pre written concession speech from Mitt

I love being in the reality based universe, where science and math holds sway

for you x-dressers


Opinion: Cuban American support for Obama belies community’s image

Cokie Roberts thinks that the new group of women Senators are from "the extremes of their parties"..

A question to which EVERYBODY knows the answer (except the Scalia 5)


Lethal weapons may have given early humans edge over Neanderthals


"What have you done for me lately?" Remember the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize?

Romney Camp Retooling Campaign After Latest Setback

Game Over

news for youz

Another Montanan abroad wonders, as I did, where Nate got Montana wrong.

Facebook supporter of Akin

Obama, The Post-Colonial President

Only good Idaho news from last night

I know its to early and Kane just got elected PA AG but I would love to see her run for PA Governor

Ok, That's it! I'm calling Florida for Obama.

Bawl Joe Scumbag, bawl

Neon Alley to Premiere Bleach The Movie: Hell Verse Dub

U.S. Wounded In Iraq, Afghanistan Includes More Than 1,500 Amputees

Good morning!

Joe Scarborough - Willie and I are journalist first.

Obama's Second Term Foreign Policy Will Bring New Challenges Over Drone Strikes

Julian Assange labels Obama 'a wolf in sheep's clothing'

Obama Foreign Policy To Face National Security Crises In Second Term, From Iran And Syria To China

Australians sell their homes to make way for koalas

Climate change could hit crops far worse than thought

An epitaph for the GOP's 2012 campaign season

Walt Weiss to manage Colorado Rockies

Rachel tallies the conservative and progressive victories from Tuesday. This'll make you beam!

The biggest losers? Repuke Super PACs

Why John Boehner Has Gerrymandering to Thank for His Majority

Mika just pointed out that Republicans were harder on Gov Christie than Mourdock and Akin

George W. Bush Accidently Votes For Barack Obama

Money can't buy happiness, or an election

Great article on the changing electorate

Our Song for the NEXT 4!!!

No Conspiracy Theory -- A Small Group of Companies Have Enormous Power Over the World

Fox News Fails To Persuade Enough Suckers To Vote For Romney

With Two States Legalizing Marijuana, Are the Drug Warriors in Washington in Freak-Out Mode?

Amy Goodman: Now the Work of Movements Begins

Is there a video of Rove's meltdown?

Has American Crossroads become sort of like Bain C?

The GOP war on women backfires in this local town race

The People Who Elected Obama Don't Want Cuts to Social Security and Medicare

GOP loses supermajority in Texas House

Toronto Star: Win for Barack Obama is existential crisis for American right wing

I am calling Big Bird and the Count from Sesamee Street to go down to Florida and

viet nam drops objections to laos dam on mekong

Democrats get supermajority in Legislature (California)

archeologists explore site on syria-turkey border

Has Florida been called yet?

nice description of Sen. Kerry

Allen West is running for President in 2016. Here's the news story to prove it:

Chris(Tweety) Mathews on his diabetes

judge to hold fairness hearing on bp settlement

G4S loses Wolds prison contract

No, Joey Scar & Mika, Jon Huntsman didn't stand a chance either

California Democrats take over 2/3rds of both houses of legislature

Just an observation: The Obama campaign sent out about four billion emails asking for $3 ...

Fresno Shooting: Reports Of Mass Shooting At Apple Valley Farms Plant In Central California

The end of liberty in America: Only course of action now is to fight back

It's the end of the world as straight white males know it (LAT)

Says it all.

Claire McCaskill won with more than just Todd Akin's comments

Under the radar: Puerto Rico votes for Statehood - Major dilemma for Republicans

GOP must drop its myths about Obama supporters

Pundit scorecard for the 2012 election (spoiler: Repubes lied!)

Why the Internet is sooooo slooooo...

Worldwide Online Open Call for a Young Boy to Play Jesus in Upcoming Feature Film

The Great Obamagasm of 2012 by Mark Morford

Dear GOP - quit with the gut renching and soul searching. Let me spell it out for you.

Okay, we have a brilliant campaign do we hold on to it?

Romney campaign spent $45.63 per vote in Iowa

Jewelry store in VA closes to mourn election results, tells sane Virginians they should be ashamed

Is it wrong to just want to randomly "HUG" everyone I see still wearing Obama pin or sticker


How much of this can you handle?

Appeals court rejects torture suit against Rumsfeld

GOP civil war forms up as circular firing squad.

Maybe the best Rachel Maddow opening ever...

Listen up! All our Gay, Lesbian, transgender, brown and black skinned brothers and sisters.........

Moss Point Northrop Grumman plant to produce another unmanned aircraft

Went to FB..and my son-in-law, voted for Mromney..and he writes...."well maybe

By the way we kicked the loons out of at least half of the loonislature.

As NATO Nears Exit, Construction Dries Up

Do not... DO NOT Defend Libertarians to me at Democratic Underground.

obama, gop leaders lay down markers on budget deal

For a break this am. One of best 8 year old football players you will ever see:

Karl Roves election nightmare

Down memory lane with Bill Clinton and Fox news

Can't decide if I'm lazy or still just unpatriotic

Billionaire teen has 'plan' to kill President Obama

honestly i think this may have been the most racist campaign ever.

Surprise at Obama’s victory illustrates growing partisan divide in US media

"Take two tax cuts and call me in the morning."

Noor Inayat Khan aka Nora Baker

Can we talk Republican inclusiveness?

Pic of the day (drink it up DU'ers!):

Iraq war veteran gets 3 life terms in Reedley slaying attempts

Eye Candy for the brain.

Where is Dan Señor??????????

Nicole Wallace thinks that "modernizing the language" is what the Rs need to do to save the party.

Final count for Harris County (Houston) Texas:

GOOD MORNING, DU! And what an awesome morning it's been. I didn't see one picture or video clip

Scarlett Johansson, sans prison tat.

Justin Welby set to become new Archbishop of Canterbury

"Rove has a lot of explaining to do …The billionaire donors I hear are livid"

Four Tibetans set themselves on fire

Leon's out!

Has Richard Lugar been interviewed yet for his reaction on the Mourdock implosion?

So, do you think the Senate should take up the Dream Act asap?

The Message Republicans didn’t hear

State GOP's rough night

Jess King not conceding - waiting for recount results. n/t

Still pending 3 CA Republicans Lungren, Bono-Mack, Bibray all face cliffhangers, all trail

The problem with Fox News is that people take them literally

The lack of any detailed coverage

Non Sequitur: The Biblical Extinction Theory

Dear Donald Trump - you don't like what happened on Tuesday then MOVE

Vegas Employer: Obama Won–So I Fired 22 Employees

Scarlet Rivera avec prison rap

Toon- Post-election soul-searching at the GOP

Memo to the Secret Service: Clear Eyes, Cool Heads, Gun Hand Free.

Anyone here from Congressional District 6???

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (11/08/2012)

Spy Sat Costs Are 'Unsustainable,' Warns Space Commander; BTW, Don't Cut Space, Cyber

Update on Florida count.


Bradley Offspring, GCV, May Top 84 Tons, Heavier Than M1 Tank

The Wide Poverty Gap Between Women and Men

KRUGMAN: A huge night for truth, justice, and the real American way.

GO OBAMA !!!!!!!!!

The day after.

Solution to lack of resources for election equipment and staff (long lines at polls)

What to do with your leftover political yard signs

Bob Woodward Says Romney Allies Brought Benghazi Source To His Home

"If you tossed a billion dollars into a fireplace, you would at least get warmth."

Slate: Six Obvious Lessons From Obama’s Victory

Hot Scoop: Even Mitt Couldn’t Stand Donald Trump

Seen on Tubmlr: Obviously, they can afford to pay more in taxes

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 8, 1935

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 8, 1935

Buddhist, Hindu Make History With Elections To Congress

11-7-2012 Moment of Zen

Have been watching Fox lately for entertainment purposes

Poor Victoria Jackson - needs better sources for her stolen election conspiracy theories

So who plays Mitt in the movie?

Cerabino: Rep. Allen West wearing out his welcome with latest congressional race

These people have claimed the moral high ground while standing on a heap of bullshit...

Day 2 of Tea Bagger Meltdown

78rpm: Good Rockin' Tonight - Wynonie Harris with Hot Lips Page and his Orchestra, 1947 - King 4210

Rove To Hold Calls With Big Donors Thursday

Inside Story - How militarised is US foreign policy?

Top 10 DEM Presidential Candidates for 2016

Seattle Cops: "People Can Expect No Enforcement for Possession"

Deckhouse of new ($5 BILLION) destroyer ZUMWALT (DDG 1000) makes unplanned stop at Norfolk

Was Romney a Trojan Horse?

faux 'news' blames Obama win on media....oh! the irony!!!

"We have to fix that"

The People Have Spoken, and the GOP still have their hands over their ears..

Bill O'Reilly Celebrates Grayson's Defeat- "The Pinhead Is Done" after the 2010 election.

Alaska a swing state in 2016?

quit talking about 2016. we need to focus on 2014.

One more reason they lost: They are, literally, a dying breed.

The federal government can give everyone in the country a voter id to use when

Sandy might send more than 250,000 cars to scrap heap

only four Presidents in the past 112 years have gotten 50%+ twice

Report: Jackson Jr. in talks over plea deal

LIMBAUGH defense against inclusion of minorities: Leopard, meet spots.

US trade deficit narrows to $41.5 billion in September as exports climb to record level

The "fiscal cliff"

Who will replace Boehner as Speaker as the GOP moves further to the right?

Karl Rove: Obama Was ‘Lucky’ That Hurricane Sandy Hit

Florida Democrats chip away at GOP power in Tallahassee

Boston Herald: "Cabinet role for Mitt Romney would be a shrewd move" - Do you agree?

FOX Is A Mess...The Right Wing Has Learned Nothing...We Will Be Golden...

Citizens United... Fuck Yeah!

GOP's empty chair (cartoon)

Higher Education Proposal

Ungrateful For Me To Ask . What Happened In North Carolina ?

Do we have a hurricane problem?

"Scott Brown: So stuffed with hedge fund money he burped credit default swaps".

Texas Judge Who Beat His Daughter Is Reinstated To Bench

I hear Karl Rove is going into the Rat-Fucker Protection Program.

In my never ending quest to hydrate myself with the tears of RW media types

What do the 2014 Republican campaigns look like?

Colorado Governor Seriously Doubts The Feds Will Let The State Legalize Pot

...aaaaaaaand the knives come out for Karl.

Does Fox Help or Hurt the GOP?

"don't break out the cheetos just yet"

I am not buying Boehner's BS.

'Innocence Of Muslims' Filmmaker Is Heading To Federal Prison

Knock knock!

Man behind anti-Muslim film gets 1 year in prison

Aussies laughing their heads off over anti-Obama teen girl.

Unfortunately, because of redistricting it will be some time before we will get the house back. We

Afghanistan massacre: Bales was denied promotion before incident

Romneyworld Reckoning Begins

Who would you like to see as the president's next Supreme Court nominee?

Detroit approves personal pot use

F-35: Gets better over time?

Billionaire son jokes about killing the President

What to do when the people you dismiss, kick your ass…

Katrina vanden Heuvel: It's Time to End the Electoral College

China's Mysterious Predator Clone Is Finally Out In The Open

MADDOW BLOG: And he really is -legitimately- President of the United States. Again.

Local Teabaggers Prove Their Own Stupidity AGAIN

Canada: Thanks For The Memories – Dan “Mr. F-35" Ross To Retire

Drink all you want:


My 'stache survived. But I'll still shave it on Morning Joe, if you'll help raise $1m to find a cure

Bacon from a calculator?

Nevada Youth Rocks!

Rachel and the Daily Show were both must sees Wednesday!

The Gary Johnson swindle

Zombies Reelected Obama

Opening the door for someone is "voter intimidation"

Your party is in trouble when they ask how the rape candidate did and they ask "which one?"

David Axelrod will shave his 'stache off after all, even tho he won the bet he had with Joe.

St. Paul School Levy Passes

Orly Taitz Weighs Her Options After Obama Re-Election - She may be done!

I wonder if the Democratic Convention helped win the election.

jury fail

So how did Romney do in his various homestates?

Boeing to cut 30% of defense executives

One of my favorite Post-Election Images

You know what concerns me about the GOP "making a bigger tent"?

I find the exit polling results in Florida very interesting.

Obama has earned even more "political capital" that Bush declared he earned in 2004.

Ryanair boss: EU should allow us to operate "Standing room only" section on aircraft.

Man admits Election Day burglary of Nancy Pelosi house, cops say

Vincenzo Gennaro of Staten Island ranting on FoxNews

This crap will never die, will it?

Butter shots, beer, and nut bag make for a classic election night rant.

How gay equality became the new normal of US politics in 2012

*WHY* do we allow prisoners to count as constituents if they can't vote and can't choose to be there

"And Voters Had A Lot to Say, Too!" (post election stats)

Rasmussen Trying To Redeem Its by showing Good Approval Numbers For POTUS

Tell Bob McDonnell to scrap TRAP!

The Most Hilarious Part Of The Libertarian Party

Is All the Lying Backfiring?

Lethal weapons may have given early humans edge over Neanderthals

What The NRA's "All In" Failure Means For The Media

Serious question: How did IN become so conservative/republican? Not even Bill Clinton could carry it

Sing it with me, "They lied"...

To the repubs who now want to move to Australia -- the Aussies have a message for ya!

Who wants to bet Christie either switches party or becomes an Independent?

The Modern Republican Big Tent

Any Idea If Canada Has Seen An Influx Of people Since Election day ?

All eight candidates sponsored by Sheldon Adelsen...lost!

I hate that big money made this election a circus show where clowns almost governed

Romney’s F-22 dreams died Tuesday

New Republican logo?

GOP candidates henceforth will be equipped with a special device during campaigns.

Kenyan Mother Names Twins Romney and Obama

Wisconsin residents need stricter gun laws

2014 Senate Midterm Elections - I don't see any big races in this one

Patrick to Pedro----No more Deportees

A DUer recommended I do this

NY Giants receiver Victor Cruz catches on with Team Obama, helps give President second term

Romney would have been 'excited' to be president

Am I alone in liking how our edits are not showing?

Judge denies 'stand your ground' motion in retired OPD officer's shooting of son

(NSFW) Have you seen this crazy GOP rant on YouTube? HYSTERICAL!

When did we start naming Nor'easters?

Here's The Bloomberg Businessweek Cover If Romney Had Won

Has Florida been officially called yet? N/T

Ugh... After Loss, Florida Rep. West Wants Ballots, Voting Machines Impounded

Grand Rapids chicken restaurant's video cameras show 'justifiable' homicide by convicted felon

Great picture of Obama family on WP front page......

If exits polls off in Obama's favor he wins Ohio by 14%

Romney Team Accidentally Releases Victory Website

Behind the Scenes at Romney HQ Election Night - the moment he had to concede

More Americans voted for a Democratic House than a GOP

Have not heard a single word from my wingnut father-in-law since the election

Julian Castro: Texas may be a swing state in 6-8 years

A Well Deserved Rest

Catholic bishops' election behavior threatens their authority

Wouldn't ya like to be THIS guy? (probably Googling 'tattoo removal' as we speak)

Pope Benedict to Join Twitter, First Tweet by Year’s End

Phyllis Schlafly is still out there - now ranting against UN treaties and globalists.

Mitt holds private beakfast with most affluent donors tries not to cry

What do religious leaders want for Obama’s next four years?

Obama hugging supporters after victory.

White Trash

Please don't ban me but

Judge Demands Ohio Provisional Ballot Answers from Husted's Office

Election 2012: A New Day for Religion in America

Victory breakfast for Obama

2008 - 2012 voting comparison

Salon: Fox discovers constant lying isn’t consistently effective electoral strategy

Sales of Nate Silver's book are up 850% on Amazon

An open letter to the Tea Party

Do you like that sweet feeling of victory? Do you want another victory?

Please be responsible; spay or neuter your republican.

Ole Miss Students to Racist Peers: ‘We Are One’

Bill Clinton - Nobody Does It Better.

My Next Steps:

I am still enjoying the taste of GOPer tears.

Neal Boortz was teetering on the edge of Crazy Canyon, and the election pushed him over....

Mitt Romney Supporter Turns To Obamacare

Where do you stand on Puerto Rico becoming the 51st State?

We are not done yet in 2012 elections

Hasselbeck is spinning herself into the ground this morning trying to explain

This is my first post! 

This is our Heyday, baby

Nate Silver: Which 4 states did Obama do better in than 2008?

Instead of sending Christmas cards this year to my RW family/friends

Hurricane Sandy: beware of America's disaster capitalists


Dow Jones dips under 13000

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Money can't buy everything!

Pfc. Bradley Manning offers guilty plea in Wikileaks case

Fraud? No, spider delays Mass. town's vote count

Delusional and arrogant message of the day from the RW

Napalm in the Morning (Drones in the Afternoon): The Smell of Victory Stirs Progressives to Action

Republicans Consider Welcoming People Who Believe in Math and Science - Andy Borowitz carries on

A confused roomate

Election Results "Purple Map" is out

History is defined by the winners...time for us to start doing some defining...

Obama's popular vote and EV number will probably go even higher

Support For President Obama.

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 -Mitt Hit the Fan!

I'm going to say it ...

Thursday TOON Roundup 3 -Climate Change

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- History in the making

Unions Performed A Huge Role on Tuesday, but also One Major Loss for Labor in Michigan:


Thursday TOON Roundup 5- Us and Them

Are You Happy That Mary Bono And Allen West Will No Longer Be In Congress?

And now, a standing ovation for Congress' newest atheist, Kyrsten Sinema!

'THE' Confederacy of Dunces


Disparity of force is not a new problem.

David Siegel, Billionaire Whose Letter Promised Mass Layoffs After Obama Win, Gives Workers Raises

What Republicans have to do now in their own words...

Karl Rove: 1% return on $103 million dollars in attack ads

Innocent people have been executed. Execution is more expensive than life in prison.

Overwhelming Obama Victory Not Just a Mandate for the President, but for Progressives

absolutely cosmic!

Pic Of The Moment: Karl Rove To Call Big Donors Thursday

Republican Rep. LaTourette: Tea Party full of "crap"

The tears are soooo sweeeet...

All This Talk Now About Re-Branding The Repug Party....

Would anyone be surprised if ...

Women under 50 years old simply will not accept ANY limitation on their life choices

The number of physicists in Congress doubles

Ground games matter between elections, too

WTF! Woodward on Video Discloses Secret Meeting w/Gov Informant brought to him by Romney's 'People'

Can a Texas Duer give me the break down of dems in the state, and how many non-voters are in the

Obama extracts revenge on the NRAer's day after election.

Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona Democrat, To Replace Pete Stark As Sole Atheist In Congress

Fill in the blank: I feel guilty when _____________________________

Asians Voted For Obama 73%/26% ..... As Democratic As Hispanics

Hate Watch: For the radical right, Obama victory brings fury and fear (via LGBTQNation)

I wish we had a "rec" button on replies as well as initial posts in threads

One less Facebook friend this morning.

Plaid Adder said it best in her wonderful post bidding Rove Adieu but it isn't the whole

Axelrod/Scarborough mustache bet:

Tribute to North Carolina, Far From Lost

Support community

Buddhist, Hindu Make History With Elections To Congress

Pagans! America’s First Ever Hindu Congresswoman Will Take the Oath of Office Over the Bhagavad Gita

Poll Worker Check-In Thread

Weimaraner's Against Rmoney!

Republicans Consider Welcoming People Who Believe in Math and Science

Ann Romney's relief...

Susan Rice top contender to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State


Well, shit. Shit!

Photo of little boys who were swept off in flood during Sandy

Dick Morris said the election gave him a bit of a mud slide on his face.....

Anybody remember the old Danny Thomas show, it is on MeTV.

2012 Citizens United floods the US with campaign cash stimulating a depress

Time to apply the lessons learned: The New American Majority must be awakened in Texas

So does this put Rush back at the head of the Republican Party?

Record snow, new power outages as storm slams Northeast

+++ NFL Picks / Week 10 +++

Guide dog finds way onto TV program

Does anyone here know about wireless web cams?

Obama pollster: GOP is trapped in the 1980s, ‘out of gas’

Pesto chicken recipe

I Wonder how long it will take for the political babies to stop holding their bearth until they get

If Obama cuts Social Security for deal with GOP, he'll repeat Baby Bush mistake

PIC: US flag with Puerto Rico's star added:

You Tube version ...John Stewart..Rips Into Fox News and Bullshit Mountain.

Up to 10,000 homes left uninhabitable in Guatemala by earthquake which killed at least 52 people

Just got a call from "Conservatives for a Majority" taking a Poll

election victory + demographics = mandate

Bond guru predicts Apple's stock price will fall to $425

We blinded them with science!

Western PA Union Dems

So that's two elections in a row for me resolved by "bozo moments".

Red Staters: How does 2012 compare to 2008?

How the (fill in the blank) does the President call and you tell someone to say you are asleep?

Now that the President has barely won, he should become Romney.

When TX goes Blue in 2020 for example, seriously, what will the GOP do?

On Wall Street, Time to Mend Fences With Obama

K Rove didn't lose

Herman Cain claims Panther intimidation

Let the re-branding begin...

Walmart moves 'Black Friday' to 8 p.m. Thanksgiving night

Buchanan: ‘White America’ Died Last Night

N.Y. emergency boss fired after diverting crew to clear his driveway during Hurricane Sandy cleanup

Break-in at Cleveland home of Dennis Kucinich

Foxconn looks to U.S. to open manufacturing plants, report says

An American Red Cross nurse writes to the mother of a deceased young soldier during WWI

Keyboard Kommandos Rising Up, Going Galt...

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Are Like the Purest Heroin Followed by the Sweetest Whiskey Chaser

Communism doesn't work because is out-competed by mixed economy socialism.

How Rick Perry–Mr. "Oops"–Helped Kill the Romney Campaign

O.K. Conservaties.............President Obama won!!!

Obama’s big Hispanic win worries GOP

"If all else fails, strap John Boehner to the roof of a car. "

Can someone explain to me the fuss over a "mandate?"

Picture of the angry ranting woman. Shelly Dankert.

Woo-hoo! The doctor just upped my Sythroid 40%

Thought you would like to know exactly what group was responsible for swaying the election in ND.

So are you a pimp, a whore, or a welfare brat?

We need serious election reform in this country.

and like a good neighbour, Brian blows the whole block

As the election winds up, I just have to say one last time...

and like a good neighbour, Brian blows the whole block

Did Elizabeth Warren kill the Tea Party?

Las Vegas Business Owner Fires 22 'Mostly Hispanic' Employees Over Obama Win

Virgil Goode????

Hey MSM stop cherry-picking re: Nate Silver

Is Obama going to create a Secretary of Free Stuff?

Spiral sliced ham - what to do with it.

2012 was not a huge turnout election (for either side)

The best nutjob conspiracy theory I've ever read.

Stupidity is the Republican's Primary Strategy

Why are so many right-wing Americans so ungrateful to their society?

the benefits of working from home ...

Partisan Redistricting Helped Lyin' Ryan Keep His Seat

Karl Rove blames everyone but himself. (Predictable, right?)

Serious Question ...

The Republicans were living in a bubble, they shouldn't have been so surprised when it got popped nt

Tulsa Fox News punks their own "disgruntled voters" by showing route to Canada

I'm not new to political debate

Absentee Ballot Count Over in Miami-Dade, press conf link:

Nate Silver expanding his operation....

Mitt Romney planned Boston Harbor fireworks show that was scotched by election loss

"The Malia Generation"

Why Obama Is Likely to Lose in 2012

Just so you know who we're dealing with...

HELP PATRICK MURPHY, being 'challenged' by West.

Military Resistance and PTSD Soldiers find home at Coffee Strong

Say Goodbye to the Rassmussen Organization.

Q: Would you buy a used car from this man?

Joy-Ann Reid takes down Fast Eddie

Obama tries to reach out to GOP leaders, here's what happened

You can't fix stupid overnight, sometimes not at all.

As A Republican:

Almost Every Obama Conspiracy Theory Ever

Freepfucks thrilled about the misery from the storms in the Northeast

Adjusting my tin foil hat again

The 'Obama Phone'

The Republican Party Needs to Ditch Fox News If It Wants to Win

My new Representative will be Duncan Hunter

Some good news from Florida

Curiosity set to weigh in on Mars methane puzzle

Here's a glassful of Republican Tears to go with your Alaskan Salmon Lunch

Replying to Sheldon Adelson who, last week, had an op-ed

This one goes out to Bill O'Reilly

Rush Limbaugh is again the Default Leader of the Republican Party.

Not new, just wanted to know about "Star" members

They're counting Florida again, and Obama's lead went up

This past election showed me that Faux News has now become irrelevant

Question about that Chinese factory Rumney toured that had barbed wire around it.....

CU professor: Model predicting Romney win was "wrong"

Gazprom tests LNG trade route via Arctic waters

Why did Romney's campaign lock Margaret Warner from PBS outside?

Jared Loughner to be sentenced for Tucson rampage

Ballotpedia.. very useful tool to identify state races we should start on for 2014

The Moment of Victory in Minnesota

Responding to Sheldon Adelson

How often do you see snow falling on hurricane-damaged coasts?

The Real Story of 2012. No 2008 white Obama voters switched to Romney.

Rove’s On-Air Rebuttal of Fox’s Ohio Vote Call Raises Questions About His Role.

Final farewells are always the saddest…

Election night 2012 - images. Where would you rather have been?

Romney actually BELIEVED he was going to win

Florida will not seek a recount of votes

The Streets Of Athens Filled With Tear Gas & Broken Glass As Austerity Protesters Clash With Police

Tea Party Patriots(Idiots) Slams Romney Over Loss

Sasha Obama's Friendly Reminder To Her Father On Election Night (VIDEO)

Palestinian Teen Killed By Israeli Fire In Gaza: Medics

Georgia will go blue by 2016 or 2020. The fastest growing population in Georgia is the

Brutus is forming in response to an usually large loop in the jet stream over the Western U.S.

LOL! Same WorldNutDaily guy who said it's time to arrest liberals now fears arrest from Obama

Meet twins Barack Obama and Mitt Romney...

Pissed Donor Inadvertently Reveals Beltway Papers Run Planted Stories for 5 Grand

My daughter was hit at school for saying she was happy President Obama won.

An Emotional Romney? Probably Just His Dented Sense of Entitlement

2012 Election Model Post-Mortem: Exactly right at 332 EV

Let The Scapegoating Begin: Candidate Number 1, Chris Christie.

Bashar al-Assad vows to 'live or die' in Syria

Skidmore to Boehner: About your assessment that there is a "mandate to work together."

Mother Of The Year nominee:

Romney Supporters Shedding Tears (WARNING: PHOTO HEAVY)

The Romney campaign outsourced their data management, Obama campaign built an inhouse data mining

Detained Refugees Appeal To Israelis, Rights Groups For Aid

Vote Here - what will Mitt Romney's next job opportunity be

Gorgeous slide show of stunned despairing Romney supporters on election night

Bulgarian archaeologists find golden treasures in ancient Thracian tomb

Will the last person to leave the GOP please turn out the lights?

Election Predictions Oft Gang Awry - OOPS!

According to a FB friend

I'm sorry but no statehood to Puerto Rico unless we also consider it for Washington DC

A note to the Republican Party and their surrogates -

Cuba Subsidizes Home Materials for Sandy Victims

Oh now the nutjobs are calling PRESIDENT Obama

Israel’s Netanyahu Takes Heat After Obama Victory

I am loving this!!

Gabrielle Giffords confronts shooter Jared Lee Loughner in court

Voters Reject Controversial Candidates In Three Arkansas House Races

Lame-duck agenda: What should it be? IMO, strategically, the Veterans Jobs Bill should come 1st.

Anyone Know how to add an avatar next your screen name? n/t

ROVE-Spent More Than $200 Million-RESULT: NO Winning Candidates

how to connect the coasts? least red of the red long to turn (if we can?)

Drunk Nate Silver

Job Creators Who Are so Rich They Gave Money Away For Nothing

The GOP’s Failed Voter Suppression Strategy (Ari Berman, the Nation)

Maybe the Mayans were predicting the end of the Republican Party?

The kids will destroy the GOP

Did Republican Voter Suppression Efforts Backfire?


The new Obama Apology Tour

Wall Street Journal says the only reason Romney lost is having less money than Obama. no really

Bennett: "Election Night" In America

Rove's War with Fox's Nerds: The Backstory

I think Marco Rubio will have little more appeal to Latinos than did Mitch

*BREAKING* Fox News has Sarah Palin at 324 electoral votes in 2016

Still two weeks to go but, Mr. Vice President, what a wonderful 70th

Boulder libraries to allow guns

The Donald Problem

Dammit when I buy an election, I expect it to be delivered!

DU, I cant Help It But I Think I'm Evil

Mitch McConnell is already back to obstruction at all costs

Does anyone out there have any favorite chili recipes?

Kan. GOP right sees less spending, more tax cuts

Mayans predicted the election in 2012

The new Republican party: old, white and entirely blind

How to Repair the Voting System: Sec. Debra Bowen's Answer

Marco Rubio is fool's gold for the GOP

It literally hurts to hear the statements made by the victims to that horrible little man in AZ.

2008 reprise , only more costly this time

Harry Reid: 'We Are Not Going To Mess With Social Security'

Message to: John Boehner

Cool waterfall

Check out these Facebook Posts Concerning the Election Outcome

Excellent article! "Voter Suppression Backfires".............

47%- ain't irony a b!tch?!

"...if the GOP remains a purist cohort built around grumpy old white men, it is committing suicide..

Can someone direct me to a map that has Florida's EVs counted in it?

Mitt Romney planned Boston Harbor fireworks show that was scotched by election loss

Being Fucking Immortal has its downside, too.

Will Mitch McConnell keep his job as Leader of the Obstruction?

Colorado Attorney General: We will implement Amendment 64

Bondnam Style:

Beer Hangovers:

Surefire Guide for Training Your Cat:

Quite the athlete, MiddleFingerMom was universally described as "gazelle-like". (DIAL-UP WARNING!!!)

MiddleFingerMom has gone into hiding. Please do NOT tell him if and when it's safe. Don't do it.

Gun sales soar after President Obama's re-election

So, how will the GOP court Hispanics in the future months?

why are cooking & baking OPs showing up on the "latest threads" page now?

I hope it's ok for the prez to show anger about racism now.

Romney spotted driving off in the backseat of his son Tagg’s car. His wife, Ann, was riding shotgun.

Election must be over, I see AB Stoddard on my screen.

i love looking at this map

If you think the Republicans are just sitting around doing nothing, boy are you wrong!

Obama calls 13 world leaders

47% And Then Some

Karl Rove: "...Obama suppressed the vote..." explaining demographic changes

LOL!! Disgruntled Romney Supporter's YouTube Rant

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Romney Sings Concession !!

At 8:25 pm, media was 'leaning' to call WI for RobMe/Lyin

Obama Teabags GOP

Colorado House Democrats pick Ferrandino for speaker, historic first for gays

Smith & Wesson, Ruger stocks jump after Obama win

Joe Cole has been left in Russia to become a goat herder

This is probably the ONLY time I will recommend you read something on Herman Cain's website

Netanyahu Phones Obama, Congratulates Him On Election Win

The demographic changes which gave Obama his win.

Only Whites vote for the GOP, so it is the party of identity politics

Romney's ill fitting suit on Election night.

McDonald's Upside-Down Flag Causes Post-Election Controversey

Life sentence in Ariz attack that wounded Giffords

"Obama's here to stay"

People who are feeling sorry for the Republicans, remember this:


What was the FINAL vote count for president?

Great job by all the democrats in Delaware!!

ABC News names Sheldon Adelson biggest loser of 2012 election

We are back on Defcon 2?

2 female Army officers admit sending nude photos general facing sex crime charges

The Malia Generation (New Yorker)


Sam Stein tweet about OFA

Nate Silver got one thing wrong: Ohio wasn't the tipping point state--Colorado was.

No mercy to the Tea Party

Judge who halted union law may run for Supreme Court

Ex-worker pleads guilty to setting nuke sub fire

BWAHAHA! RW radio has been epic hysterical! Here's the latest!

Brietbart- Freaking in his grave!

I might get in trouble for this but I laughed so loud I cracked up the parrot.

International observers cite 'concerns' in US presidential election


Romney Campaign Concedes FL

Jeff Kent: A real piece of work (Survivor spoilers within)

Megyn Kelly making an issue of US Drone shot at by Iran November 1

Democrat-Boycotting Libertarian Eric Dondero on Whether He Would Let a Democrat Drown

Who said it, Ted Nugent or Charles Manson?

Ha Ha!


So why does someone get to say "Fuck you, gutter worm" in a PM, and keep posting privileges?

ROFL! "Karl Rove: Obama Succeeded ‘By Suppressing The Vote’

So cool about what happened to Romney's campaign aides nite of election.

I think there's a back story here :

888 people actually voted for a party called "NSA Did 9/11" on Tues

The Atlantic: 1 in 3 Men Can't See His Penis

Obama Victory Could Spell End Of Conservative Supreme Court

Mark Kelly: 'You May Have put a Bullet Through Her Head, But You Didn't Kill Her Spirit'

Poetic Justice for Karl Rove and Citizens United!

Florida Democrats have increased their registration advantage by 14,312 since October 9th

Very happy for Marriage Equality gains...Obama and for Tammy...

Rove Accuses Obama Campaign Of ‘Suppressing The Vote’

Pentagon Says Iranian Warplanes Fired On U.S. Drone Over Gulf

Thanks Windows, but I'll take the risk.

I'm fired up and ready for 2014!

lol, Freeper gives wife crazy post-Obama instructions

Ashley Judd to run against Mitch McConnell

You know that "stuff" we want?

Conservative drunken rant on tape (NSFW)

On same-sex marriage, Americans are on the 'right side of history,' U.S. ambassador (to Canada) says

Poll: Obama got big share of Cuban American vote, won among other Hispanics in Florida

Poll: Obama got big share of Cuban American vote, won among other Hispanics in Florida

Ann Coulter was - gasp - RIGHT.

I just LOVE Florida.

Bioshock - PC - Free

"Today, I instructed my wife to prepare for post Obama election by doing the following..."

*Mitt Romney - Also ran for President of The United States in 2012.

The Elusive Document which the Romney Campaign Missed

Romney's election night as if H.P. Lovecraft had Tweeted it:

What the top 5 spenders got for their money in this election.

"I'm a Woman...I'm Asian, I'm an Immigrant. I'm a Buddhist... they said, 'Yes, but are You Gay?'....

Can somebody help? Need info. on Florida EV results--have they finished counting?

What I don't understand why people have been worshiping Nate Silver all election season.

The most fun I had this election was last Saturday.

VP Joe Biden guest stars as celebrity crush on "Parks and Rec"

Obama's meeting with Republican - Key and Peele

If Republicans want to be a national party again, they need to kill Fox News.

Dear Sarah

Bookmark it-Jack Schlossberg will be President of the United States one day

Court: Alleged torture victims can't sue Rumsfeld

For SoS HRC Replacement. Please. No John Kerry. No Susan Rice.

sad sad wingnuts

So, objectivists aren't objective. Deal with it!

Extra Vaccine Halts Mumps Outbreak

Does Somebody Have A Link Where I Can See The Pop Vote As It Updates As Lagging Returns Come In?

Fuck Netgear.

# # # # # # # # # Happy Birthday, dixiegrrrrl ! # # # # # # # # # #

Mississippi students violently protest Obama re-election

Mitt Romney Campaign: We Lost Florida

My moron soon-to-be-ex-brother-in-law goes to court...

I'm from CO...but Karl Rove is definitely fucking high.

Romney campaign: We lost Florida

Mitt Romney Exposed

International front pages after Obama's victory

Romney concedes Florida--time for media to update the scoreboard.

Mark Kelly's FULL statement to Jared Loughner

Obama Triumphant

Mitt Romney planned Boston Harbor Fireworks Show that was Scotched by Election Loss

Sasha Obama's Friendly Reminder To Her Father On Election Night

International Front Pages: Obama wins, planet relieved.

2 SMART LIBERALS - Albert E. and Jesus C.

Did conservatives actually expect Romney to win?

If you have not seen this. Its priceless. 2 Bimbos upset, their branding might have taken a hit

Anyone here heard of this guy?

X Factor's CeCe Frey. Like Ann Romney with Lady Gaga shit glued to one side of her face.

My son says President Obama should ask Mitt to be Secretary of Health

Is Obama giving away free stuff

Kenya mom names newborn twins Obama and Romney

Romney campaign concedes Florida?

Obama to continue efforts to curb greenhouse gases, push energy efficiency

Fate of Health Law Now Clear, States Rush to Meet Deadlines

BREAKING 3:13 PM ET Iran Fired on Unarmed U.S. Drone in International Airspace, Pentagon Says

I don't feel sorry for these people

How many of these general goals do you think the DNC would support?

Iran warplanes fired on U.S. drone over Gulf: Pentagon

Epic cartoon from Chattanooga Times Free Press on the 99%

I'm gloating and I'm enjoying EVERY moment.

"No, you cannot have your country back"..(Charles Blow article)

FYI, two election gurus were more accurate than Nate Silver and aren't getting as much attention

Tough Girl Playing Football

Voyeur Alert: Video as Fox announces Obama win at Romney HQ

Romney Credit Cards Shut down?

Mitt Romney, You Shall Not Pass !!! (couple silly videos) ha.

Ha Ha---Romney had a transition web site ready to go...

I'm posting this to prepare everyone for the next

The conservatives are looking at new countries to immigrate to since President Obama won

Axe: The heartening news is that you can’t buy the White House

Great put down of all the republican leaning pollsters..

2 Idiots in Hudson, Ohio holding "Impeach Obama 9/11/12 Bengazi" sign

Republicans Differ on Why Party Fell Short

Karl Rove has problem. He has plenty of people pissed at him and they have power

Tin Foil theory about the Rove meltdown....someone Unhacked Ohio. And he realized he was fucked as..

Job creator hands money over to networks and creates no jobs

Hell Yes! I Want "Stuff"! I Want The "Stuff" That My Tax Dollars Pay For!

Something for the lurking Freepers to enjoy

Bloomberg orders temporary gasoline rationing system

We Dems really Love You, Women!

Obama Supporter announces victory at Grover Norquist's election watch party

Karl Rove accuses Dems of 'suppressing the vote'

Nasa Celebrates Obama Win

Markos: Romney concedes Florida

Over the past 24 Years, The Bushes are the only Republicans to win the Presidency

The racists respond to Obama being reelected.

There are YouTube videos touting 'results' from last week that proved the election...

Romney concedes FL

Adding a photo to a post?

We're making fun of the Republicans who really thought they were going to win, but

There is no "fiscal crisis"...

Lots and lots of dirty money from the GOP

Boehner: Willing to bring in more revenue by closing loopholes and ending certain deductions

Wall Street Urges Obama to Commit the Great Betrayal

Come on now! Give it up for my home state Florida.

Read so many "why Romney lost" columns - (a Yahoo link below, for ex) - NONE stated the magic word.

Kids vote at my daughter's school

Steve Kornacki has a great idea to let the whole kit and rebuttal expire...

My thoughts as to why the GOP/Romney lost

Papantonio: Extremist GOP No Longer Relevant In Politics

Referendum 74 has been approved!

My husband was gloating yesterday at his unionized airline job at the rightwingers

Hilary Clinton As Supreme Court Judge

It's over Romney Florida is blue

Daniel Day Lewis Mocks Clint Eastwood

Here's where repukes still have an edge: Gerrymandering.

Are there lady freepers?

Man Who Shot Gabrielle Giffords Gets Life in Prison

Just a thought on the MA Senate result.


Georgia woman fired over Facebook post referring to Obama as the 'N-word'

Mike Thompson on Rove and his billionaire backers

Dems Won Big

Article on Rove from Salon: Karl Rove the Biggest Loser

Northeast US: Tens of Thousands Left to Freeze in Public Housing. But Goldman Sachs has power.

Florida Just Went Blue on Huffington Post

Read this and weep -Mark Kelly's statement at the Jared Loughner court appearance today

CA 49: Message from Jerry Tetalman

Great headline in Spanish newspaper: "El Fiasco de Romney Cuestiona el Tea Party..."

So Democrats Do we Finally Agree that YARD SIGNS =/= ENTHUSIASM

Just passed a big dog on the street with his master. Master had put

More than 600,000 ballots in Arizona still uncounted

"Romney has pretty much nailed down Florida," said Brad Coker of Mason-Dixon Polling and Research

Hey KKKArl...Get. The. Fuck. Over. It.

Gone Galt!

Megyn Kelly Informs Karl Rove Obama Won Reelection

Obama to visit Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Thailand

MSNBC just called it for marriage equality in Washington

The reports of America's death are greatly exaggerated

NEAT! I want stuff TOO.

Obama should call a meeting of Republican legislators.

Obama Got Florida

Today is my 8th Anniversary at DU and my 30,000th post

Say it with me. Mayor Bob Filner!!!


Alan Grayson Takes On Koch Brothers: 'People Are Wising Up' To 'Outright Lies,' 'Trickery,' 'Propaga

November 8, 2012 Republicans Consider Welcoming People Who Believe in Math and Science

Adviser: Romney "shellshocked" by loss

Sad Conservative Clowns

Finally! Romney camp concedes Florida

Another map to ponder this election year?

Hilarious clip of Glenn Beck losing it

Romney plans a celebration to himself in Boston Harbor in the middle of the state that rejected him

Axelrod: Twist's The Knife In Rove's Back - "I'd be asking for a refund."

Mitt to Ann tonight:

Hey GOP! For 4 years you've been telling us to "Keep the Change". We've kept it. What's your beef?

Well I guess that $38,107,666 per victory would be a bargain, if you're a right wing billionaire

Maybe the Republicans *were* more enthusiastic

Sean Hannity "America now deserves Obama"

When does Obama become 'the big dog"

Secretary Hagel?

Asshat Franklin Graham

Re: Ohio, E-Voting and Rove, Remember this? "Kaptur Defeats Kucinich 94% to 4%"

Michael Moore: "Hate lost yesterday---Election was total rebuke of Neanderthal attitudes”

New Nate Silver: "...this won’t be the last election when most of the swing states turn blue."

"It's worse than we thought." Sound familiar?

Dumbass contesting the election -- from Facebook

Inauguration Day

Old article but it appears that will be going after Julian Castro, they fear him

Is this your concession call?

Axelrod rubs Rove’s face in it

Coalition pushes new proposal to avoid Medicare, Medicaid cuts

Local Traffic Reporter Provides Romney Supporters With Quickest Route To Canada - video link

Karl Rove's Superpac spent $325 Million dollars . . . and none of his candidates won!!

I complained recently that this election has not been fun since the Repub debates finished up.

Tickets for the Swearing-In

IMPORTANT Take-Away: Pot Legalization on the Ballot Dramatically Increased Youth Turnout

As Nation and Parties Change, Republicans Are at an Electoral College Disadvantage (Nate Silver)

Lololololololololol!!!!! Romney campaign unskewed their internal polls

CBO: Expiring Bush Tax Cuts For Wealthy Are Least Economically Harmful

Holder suggests he may resign

I posted in the DU Lounge.

Romney Shellshocked at Loss

Do you think this election has put an end to Citizens United for all practical purposes

DC Circuit enforces Board order; Daycon Products must reinstate former strikers

Immigration Reform Effort To Begin In Senate Post-Inauguration

#DrunkNateSilver trending and it's really funny!

*** Gets out staple gun and posts new sign - "New DU Printer now online" ***

Boner throws in the towel on Obamacare

directions to canada

Yep, that's a MANDATE

The number one priority of the Republican Party actually made Barack Obama a two term president

In 1st foreign policy move since Obama’s re-election, administration sets new Iran sanctions

Janesville reacts to Romney/Ryan defeat in Presidential race

The More I Read - The More Amazed I Am That Romney Came Within A Million Miles...

Hubby just read about a great idea...

Voters Reject Medicare Cuts Flat Out, Prefer Tax Hikes To Reduce Deficit: Survey

Please help me to understand

Neal Boortz Slams GOP positions on Abortion Immigration and Marriage Equality

#1 - "Too Big to Fail"

The Kids will Destroy the GOP!

"A Great Night for US Democracy" by Robert Parry at Consortium News

Hillary leads in Iowa!

I have requested Secret Service protection for Nate Silver until 2016!

Mike Luckovich: Reality

I LOVE Facebook photoshops

Arrogant Boehner and McConnell Act Like They Won the Election

Bradley Manning Hints at Guilty Plea in WikiLeaks Case

Cry Babies and Sore Losers! (MUST READ)

Comedy writer from Conan tired of high five cuz Obama won

Demand that POTUS remove ......

Jeff Brucculeri, Local Traffic Reporter, Directs Fleeing Romney Supporters To Canada (VIDEO)

Dick moves. Always the dick moves

From the "They Just Can't Help Themselves Department":

GOP GOTV Volunteer Says: Team Romney "Unprecendented" Failure

Study: Planned Parenthood Got Best Return On Investment In 2012

(Onion): Heavily Armed Karl Rove Spotted at Top of Electoral College Clock Tower

Forbes: Mitt Romney's Campaign Cancels Staffers Credit Cards In The Middle Of The Night

Hilarious talking animal video

"Wealthy Romney Backers Are Very, Very Mad Because Mitt's Campaign Staff Told Them He Would Win"

Romney, exit stage right...

You know how we said in 2008 that the GOP is an endangered species? It isn't bias, it's FACT!

The last two days have been the most fun I've ever had with my clothes on.

Chris Christie told Pres Obama "congratulations" on a phone call. Christie sent Romney an email.

Quasi-Thai tonight!

Christie Calls Obama To Congratulate-Sends Mitt E-Mail

Why didn't Romney play up his Olympic stint in the election?

Names for the "new math"

Boehner: ‘Obamacare Is The Law Of The Land’ *** (UPDATE: He is walking it back already)

In Law School Talk, Eric Holder Assesses His Future Plans

Mark Kelly rips Gov. Jan Brewer on guns

Email from a Republican friend: Congratulations!

"Poll: Democratic Demographics Faced Significantly Longer Voting Lines"

Five Words You Will Never Hear Again In A Presidential Election (Or Even A GOP Primary)

I won, too late for the election, but I won....

No Fireworks For You!

Sheldon Adelson's Paper Runs Headline "America Chose Socialism"

Hello from Winthrop Maine,...

Death threat?

The Best Summary Of The Tea Party Smackdown We've Seen Yet

Clinton Seeks Intelligence Help in War on Wildlife Traffickers

Well said Rachel Well Said !

Secretary of State Clinton Lays Out Fight Against Wildlife Traffickers

Ethics office asked to investigate Issa over anti-Obama video

McAuliffe says he's running for governor with Warner's 'green light'

Since when is posting jury results emails acceptable?

Electoral votes: 332 - 206

This was sent to me, Love it and it made me smile, Blue states want to leave. :-)

Hurricane Sandy - different perspectives

A Day in the Life of a Yooper, 11/8/12

My new map of the 50 States:

A message from the President of the United States.

House Majority Leader Insists On Keeping Obamacare Spending Cuts ‘On The Table’

Another job creator who gives away money for nothing; but resists taxes at all ends

The last days of Romneyland

The key demographic in election 2012 wasn't buying the racism

Seriously Joy Reid is the best find on GEM$NBComcast

2012 the repudiation of the Tea Party?

Another guy pissing away 21.5

Five ways to make long elections lines shorter ~ Washington Post

Boehner: ‘Obamacare Is The Law Of The Land’ By Tara Culp-Ressler posted from ThinkProgress Health on

Rove spent over three hundred million dollars?!

Alot of open committee positions within the Democratic Senate - who will get picked

Todd Akin Spends Whole Night Wondering What Went Wrong

Robbers starts shooting in restuarant, one is killed by CCW customer.

Wow! 'Pubs are going NUTS commenting on a Nuge rant story on the Hollywood Reporter.

Report: Jackson Jr. In Plea Deal Talks With Feds

Real criminals.

A Message From India

Romney Concedes Florida; Meanwhile Alan West Wants Recount in Palm Beach County

Reply to hateful Michelle Obama e-mail

Romney Planned Fireworks to Celebrate Victory

Franklin Graham: Okay, so Obama won. Now God will destroy America.

They Still Don't Get It

Paul Krugman: Socialism!

FACT CHECK: Is it True that Obama has Prosecuted More Whistleblowers than Any Other Pres.?

This Cyber Monday, Say No to Sweatshop Shipping

So when will the Romneys be moving into the White House?

Any trolls here? Where the hell do I go to get

Trump: Romney "should have used me in Florida and Ohio & he would be President."

Too many Democratic deserters cost Berkley a U.S. Senate seat

Boehner: ‘Obamacare Is The Law Of The Land’

Republicans hate America

The best thing we defeated was Citizens United.

"Paul Ryan Was Not the GOP’s Savior. He May Even Have Been its Albatross."

Their faith told them they were about to win. Facts told them they were going to lose.

This is my first thread.

To all the 18 to 35 YO, to women, to all the minorities I have a word for you

Rachel Maddow sets the right-wing straight on Obama's Re-election

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 9 November 2012

I may be late with this, but thank you Seamus

I make no apologies for gloating

Internet Gains Most as Campaign News Source but Cable TV Still Leads

Washington voters approve gay marriage

Every Republican who predicted a 'landslide' for Romney had his EV total lower than Obama's...

Gallup Fail

Conservative RAGE on Facebook After Obama Wins

Watchdog group asks IRS to probe Catholic bishops

Last thought: I wouldn't be surprised if Romney turned a personal profit on this election.

Nothing Grand about Proposed Bargain, Unions Say (100 cities say no cuts Social Security, Medicare..

NATE: Colorado is a blue state for now.

Rove on "elections called prematurely"


Colbert: ‘Traditional’ — aka White — America Is Over (video link)

This Young Marines Portrait Really Impacted Me.....

Concealed Carry Referendum Passes In Ten Illinois Counties

If the Repubs see the need to be more

Washington state OKs gay marriage; opponents concede

Fundies run amok at the Air Force Academy?

Thank you Anne Onymous

Aw, jeez, really? Diane Sawyer dooming and glooming about the "fiscal cliff" because that's what

Chris Christie Called President Obama, Sent Mitt Romney an E-mail

What will Karl Rove's next job be since he won't get work as a political consultant again?

Since Obama was re-elected, is he the 44th & 45th President?

To all the MEN who don't want their moms,

Deal To Resurrect 'The Killing' ????? Maybe...

Bill Clinton is Babe Ruth. Obama is Ted Williams. Discuss.

Romney planned fireworks on election night LOL

Meghan McCain looks so sad

This cake was presented to an angry Republican at work this morning...

Obama to make first postelection comments on economy, fiscal cliff at the White House Friday

Kick out the _______

Drunk Nate Silver

Once again, Reverend Al stoops low and has idiot Megan McCain on his show. WTF??

Hey Nina Turner

Security is...

Deep River Blues

Naked Capitalism: Peter Orszag Is Selling Catfood Futures

Bordering with the heavy hitters but not quiet in major league of blowing money.

McCain's daughter and Alfred E. Newman on MSNBC, now.

Did Anyone Watch Tamron Hall On MSNBC Today?

One of the many reasons not to be a Republican...

The party that was planned but never happened!

Here in Ohio we never stop canvassing

I just love this scene

The coming debt battle

This must absolutely Scare the Shit out of Rove and the GOP

What if the world could vote in the US election?

Looks like we'll have to pay 14 cents more for Papa John's pizza now.

A certain % of the other side is just fucking nuts. A true story.

So what happens in 2014 when no death panels

Reasons to be Cheerful (everyone add one please!)

"Socialism!" by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

Kroger to Slash Hourly Workers to Avoid Obamacare Penalties

Anybody Received Any Nice Letters From Their Local Catholic Bishop Lately?

Top ranked sites on internet for Political content.. (DU is ranked by Alexa at no. 12)

Republicans are losing their stronghold states as Hispanics shun the party

Remember that obnoxious crying baby "Democratic Party seal" the GOP posted everywhere after 2000?

The GOP? They never learn......Senator Ron Johnson feels he needs to Explain to the little Woman...