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Archives: November 5, 2012

Another 'tell' of Rethuglican panic

Linda McMahon Doorhanger: Vote For Obama … And Me

Rmoney and Rove have looted those RW idiots' money

WTF - Linda McMahon door hangers "Vote Obama & McMahon"

In line to see Obama in CO

If my neighbors want to steal my Obama sign again, that's OK -

A Question Please ?

What could you buy with Perry's security travel tab?

Dad voted six days before he died...

Seal Team 6 Movie

People leaving Romney rally before he's through.

Serious Proposal: Separate Group for FB Meme

This Quadrennial Swing State Fixation Has Got To Go

For Moderately-Conservative Friends and Family at the 11th Hour

LIVE Obama rally in OHIO -(VIDEO LINK)

Telling headline on a Drudge substory about Sandy right now....

So, Walking Dead fans: I have a question before tonight's episode; this is about Rick in Season 1


If Romney loses

BREAKING: Romney Headquarters Spontaneously Combusts

You know, I have only one more thing to say today...

the only change "mitt " has to offer

"I'm A Minority"

McCaskill +4, Nixon +8, Romney +8 in Missouri: PPP

Nate Silver keeps the good news comin'!

Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra?

the only change "mitt" offers is lies!

PPP OH O 52 R 47

Ohio Attorney General up now on CNN nt

Romney staff refusing to let frostbitten children leave PA rally (UPDATED)

NO government help for us please!

the only change "mitt " offers is less for the worker!

For Ann Romney from The Guess Who all those years ago...

Come Tuesday, MittTwit RobMe is Fucked. And it couldn't happen to a better Asshole.

Romney Staffers Tried to Forcibly Prevent People Leaving Morrisville, PA rally

the only change "mitt" offers is less for the middle class!

David Sedaris on Undecided Voters

A message from Joe Biden to Catholics for Obama

Faux News Claims Women's Vote Tied

Gallup: Obama up by 16 with women, down by 10 with men in Swing States, yet Race TIED

Let's talk about the Senate: Who's gonna win? And, will Walsh and West still be around?

Live Streaming of President Obama's Cincinnatti Rally

Voter suppression is a national scandal

the only change "mitt " offers is less for the middleclass

New York City Nanny Yoselyn Ortega Charged in Stabbing Death of 2 Children

Oh Noes!!! "Redskin Rule" Sez Rmoney Will Win!!!

Survey USA has O up 52/41 in Minnesota

Romney camp desperate for attendance at Rally..

will we ever see the real "mitt"

A presidential nominee who won't stand up for Americans' voting rights

Nixon! Wallace! Perot! Nader! Romney!


My son's most recent facebook status about his flight delay

60 minutes on congress

112-year-old US apparel maker in Pa. to close (130 employees)

Half of California voters will vote by mail this time

Why should you trust Nate Silver? Today's national polling has already proved him right.

The sports world is about as split about the election as America is

Great article on why Romney's buisiness experience is not suitable for the role of president

Hot at the mall this week.

Kansas City: my favorite fountain

Cold weather and new storm add to victims' misery

Obama will do an interview during halftime of Monday Night Football tomorrow.

Fucking Sixty Minutes! "Both sides" are NOT to blame!

Is The MSM Setting Rmoney Up For A Most Embarrassing Loss?...

YouGov: Obama ahead in NoVA, Richmond, Tidewater, and amongst Virginia Independents; 2% state lead

Public Officials Suppressing Votes Should Be Arrested For Treason -----

Tim Matheson, Paul Rudd, seperated at birth?

President Obama campaigns in Ohio (Cincinnati Live Links !!)

I found an AMEX card today


Rupert Murdoch Bashes Chris Christie; Sets Up Christie Scapegoat for Election

My friend and I were discussing an analogy between Sandy's forecast track and the polling

A year ago, virtually all the pundits said we'd lose the Senate

11-04-2012 Update - Nate Silver Swing State Cheat Sheet

Please Proceed Mr President!

Kansas City: Loose Park Rose Garden

Words I cannot wait for: "FORMER GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney"

David Gergen, CNN: Polls suggest President got important hurricane bump heading onto this weekend

WOW: Romney Staff Holding Rally-Goers Hostage in PA, Refusing to Let Them Leave

Who does this True the Vote think they are?

Seal Team Six starting now on

do NOT stand in long lines to vote on tuesday

The Lurker Posteth

Judge orders early voting extended at site in Fla. where suspicious package caused delays

CNN national poll: 49-49...

Attn displaced voters

Ode to Michonne's Pets: We hardly knew ye.

Remember, New Ed Show and Maddow show tonight on MSNBC. Ed on now! n-t

What would things like w/no Bin Laden raid?

Very Awesome: Mother Jone's Guide to Voter Suppression and Poll Problems (Interactive!)

Romney staff refusing to let frostbitten children leave PA rally

Why does PA poll with Obama 3 point lead over represent white voters and men?

I just got a call from Bill Clinton in support of Tammy Baldwin..

Despite storm damage, election officials hopeful

Still love this video from 2008 campaign

"Welcome to the Republican Disaster Relief Hotline…"

I have been posting a lot in GD today.

Republican Meth House Papers Part Deux. More on the group who ran the puppet candidates

It may be true, but I find talk of a hurricane bump to be pretty disgusting

Government isn't the solution, it's the problem…

Princeton Update: Probability of Obama re-election: Random Drift 98.4%, Bayesian Prediction 99.9%

Princeton Update: Probability of Obama re-election: Random Drift 98.4%, Bayesian Prediction 99.9%

I want to know why Marylanders are pissing away $550 million a year.

easy question...

Sunday Night Football on NBC

If you don't think education matters, then you probably get your news from the dropouts…

KSTP/SurveyUSA: Obama increases his lead from 7 to 11 in Minnesota



Million Dollar Reward Offered To Expose Election Fraud

NY Times, "Ways to Win". Nice page that lays out all the election scenarios.

Some kind of interuption at Obama rally 5:30 Cin Ohio


Is anyone else watching Seal Team 6 on NatGeo right now?

Today Only: 25 Hours to Contribute

What the fuck are "activated almonds?"

Want a strong economy? Vote Democrat(ic)

Anyone else watch 60 Minutes?

Kansas City: Kaufmann Center (and my name in lights)

REPUBLICAN R's: Reagan, Romney, Ryan, Rush, Rove, Rand, Reince, Rice, Rumsfeld, etc. Did I miss any?

Wolf: Now CNN's Tom Foreman is in our "Virtual US Senate"

Living in a swing state can be robocall hell

Watch Bill Clinton, Al Franken rally against Michelle Backmann live.

And still more Roads to the Whitehouse:

Yeah. This guy sure is looking like a winner…

The MOST offensive Ad against Claire McCaskill!!

PPP VA Poll: Obama 51 (+2), Romney 47 (+1)

Final PPP poll of VA--Obama up by 4; Kaine by 6

HOT DAMN! PPP Tweets Obama Leading in OH 52-47 AND VA 51-47. Both Senate Races GOING DEM!

RW Propagandists like Hannity and Limbaugh...

Toles Toon- Housing Values are going up!

Seal Team Six on Nat Geo Tonight -- Be sure to watch! n/t

From Seiu early voters getting down as they wait for polls to open

EJ Dionne just said on Ed that the national polls

Toles Rant- Looting Edition

Place your final predictions here!

We have record number of voters but I don't see need to allow people more access to polls

Reuters National Poll Obama (D) 48% Romney ($) 47%/OH Obama (D) 48% (+3) Romney 44% (-1%)

i have over 300 MIR notifications since the 24th of oct

Sharp to seek a bailout from the Japanese government?

Toon- How Many Times Do I Have To Warn You?

YouGov: INDIANA - SENATE (Donnelly +2)

Why are there 4 campaign events with Clinton in PA?

Think tank recommends big benefits cuts

On Ed Show: Karl Rove and fellow repukes will blame Hurricane Sandy for Obama victory.

Now THIS should scare the heck out of anyone-posts in the Rmoney Administration

our liberal buddies at nbc news......

When Obama wins

The way Rmoney always walks

Howard Fineman.

Let's hope Tuesday Obama can add one more huge achievement to his resume

Way off topic... But it's getting way too serious in here....

A girl at my church just explained how she got her mom to vote for Obama

If Pew Is Right And I Think They Are It's Too Late For The Poll Troll To Adjust His Results

CNN Poll: White vote - 57% Romney, 40% Obama

BREAKING - Romney Rally Attendees Now on Forced March !

Does it make sense in PPP's polls today that Obama is doing better in Va than in NH or Ia?

Romney Lead in 0 National Polls Today

Arizona group ordered (again) to release records (and refuses)

Bob should be able to afford a clue…

So what does the House look like for this cycle?

TTC, police deny responsibility for decision to divert buses for Mayor Rob Ford’s football team

Post here if you're about ready to scream waiting for the election results!

Watching Rachel Maddow

Which of Romney's U Dislike The Worst Mitt, Ann Or The Sons

Self promotion try my safe driving free android app. and save your life

North Carolina: Black Vote Shatters Records

Path to Victory: Wisconsin, Ohio, Nevada, Iowa – Early Voting and Polls Suggest Clear Obama Victory

Climate Denial Crock of the Week:Hurricane Sandy's Double Whammy

I work in the media

Franken and Clinton live now 6:18 PST

I just did my own poll!!!!!!!

Ok where are the poor white people

Univ. of IL EV's O 302.6 R 235.4

WTF - voting lines in America

Make your predictions here!

With all the focus on Sandy's impact on the Northeast U.S., Haiti, as usual, is forgotten..

BCS Rankings 11/4 - Holy Toledo!

Michael Moore is on CNN right now 8-9 pm central.

TPM Electoral Scoreboard: Obama: 303, Romney: 191

If we are able to get through this, we must strengthen the voting act. These long lines and the

The Walking Dead thread "Killer Within" episode **POSSIBLE SPOILERS WITHIN**

Nate Silver update!

As a White Male

My RW sister is bitching about welfare

Sherrod Brown (D) leads Josh Mandel (R) 54-44

PPP: Obama up 60/39 with early voters with Ohio

Michael Moore goes Hollywood

Progress - tracking the election since Thurs AM Nov 1...updated 3 Pm today. Lots of data!

This is what my friend posted on Facebook.

This is not a test.

Is the SoS in every single swing state a Republican tool...?

Thank you, Dubya!

Nate Silver 538 Update: National Polls Shift To Obama, Align With State Polling

Obama slaps the side of the podium at the end of each speech

It would be easier for me to be calm and rational about Tuesday's outcome

A great site for information on how the Electoral Votes are going...

Car shopping (cartoon)

What do people mean when they say "Welfare" now. TANF?

Have you guys seen this NYT interactive "512 ways to win" site?

Harris-Perry: Tea party group aims to tie up election results


The ED Show - Republicans begin blame game for possible Romney loss

Just in case you didn't know... I thought I'd ruin...

Politcalwire 27 last minute swing state polls Obama leadsd 23 out of 27

Romney staff refusing to let frostbitten children leave PA rally


Rachel always seems a little intimidated

Slate: Why Do White People Think Mitt Romney Should Be President?

George S. Pillsbury - my kind of Republican

This site is one of the best for

In Sandy’s Wake, New York’s Landscape of Inequity Revealed

NC raw data ( final early vote tally )

Israel doesn't swing Jewish voters

All done!

At ‘Official’ Budget Hearing, Chicagoans Find Official Indifference and Empty Chairs

Do public polls even have a 'turnout model?'

Question About Where to Post?

The ED Show - Long lines no relief for frustrated Florida voters

Alex Wagner subbing for Lawrence right now.

Israel doesn't swing Jewish voters

Rachel knows it

Israel doesn't swing Jewish voters

Republican Linda McMahon for Obama.

Rachel NEVER asks tough questions to Steve Schmidt. She let him off the hook....

The Weather Channel just did a segment on Sandy recovery

The ED Show - Romney camp can't respond to Jeep ad lies


NJ governor pledges to vote Romney despite praising Obama (Christie is Fox News' Lap Dog)

The problem for republicans blaming Sandy for coming loss

Must. See. "Lincoln". Man-crush on DDL.

A message from the Greatest Generation (NSFW!)

Obama Busts A Move, Cincinnati! Signed, Sealed, Delivered(If you VOTE)!

If you ever watched wrestling, then you may have heard of Eddie Guererro. His theme song

How is it that in 2012 America, both sides of the spectrum see the elections as possibly unfair?

How can anyone not love the POTUS and FLOTUS??

What's the longest you've been held?

The group has been very quiet. Have your pets already voted?

If a GOP President had killed bin Laden, doubled the Dow, saved the auto industry, and

Occupy Denver Idaho Springs Foreclosure Resistance Eviction

BRAND NEW PPP tracking poll

I am a white, straight male who is in better circumstances than most....

PPP National Tracking: Obama 50-48, Up 49-41 with indies...

I got chastized a few days ago

Dammit, Willy! "You Were Always On My Mind" is one of my favorites . . . . . and now . . . . .

Joy Reid on The Last Word

PPP will be releasing an NC poll next!

10:45 pm Mountain Time - Estimated time for Obama's

Paul Ryan: Western Civilization At Risk If Obama Is Reelected

Petition: Rep. Mike Foley to SOS Husted Stop your last-minute attempt to disenfranchise voters

Sunday voting in Ohio draws throngs of Obama backers

Mexican weather forecast

PPP: "Young voters continue to be putting Obama over the top."

Nate Silver, 7:00 PM ET Nov. 4: Obama with 85.5% chance of winning (Now-cast 87.5%)

Wireless Industry Resisted Calls To Backup Cell Towers Before Sandy

One thing should be obvious to any US citizen who is still breathing:

Biggest Story on Election Eve: Movement of Independents to Obama

A quick update from our friends at UNSKEWED POLLS...

I was wrong, BIGFOOT is real!!!!

Obama 'Enthusiasm Gap'

what happened to Gallup's poll

Good Heavens, Just Look At The Time!

IF Obama is at 50% is game set match because 1% of the country will vote third party.

Twitter hashtag #RomneyRallyHostages

Romney-Ryan Staffers Falsely Imprison Freezing PA Rally Attendees?

Anybody have a Health Savings Account?

romney says its possible obama could win (at rally today)....

And I brought you m******f******s donuts...

Wish me well DU; I will be doing election protection work in Ohio this Tuesday and I just found ....

LATEST NEWS from historian Allan Lichtman and his keys to the White House

Sandy Versus Katrina

PPP Obama +4 in Virginia, +5 in Ohio

T dog is on the talking dead now. May contain spoilers.

How To Clean Soap Scum With Cooking Spray

#LieLikeMitt is trending on Twitter

New-- First Lady Michelle Obama: Get Out The Vote

Big, Rich Texas

"Democrats Sue to Extend Florida’s Early Voting" by LIZETTE ALVAREZ at the NYTimes

Romney leads Obama 49.4 to 49.2 in North Carolina (PPP).

PPP North Carolina: Romney 49.4, Obama 49.2, Obama +9 in Early Voting

Carbon monoxide detector

PPP North Carolina - R 49.4 and O 49.2! just added more info on Dalton/McCrory

PPP North Carolina: TIED -- Romney 49.4, Obama 49.2

Republican caller to Mike Malloy speaks against the Religious Right/War on Women

PPP, NORTH CAROLINA: Obama 49.2 Romney 49.4

(South Korean) Gov't finds 'unqualified' parts in nuclear reactors

Michelle Obama regarding FLORIDA - 36 Votes

Nate's Big Mistake.

Seal Team Six on National Geographic Channel

In case anyone has forgotten, the polls didn't predict Obama to win NC in 2008

President Obama in Hilliard, Ohio: Keep Pushing Forward (short clip)

Ryan says Obama compromises Judeo-Christian values

Women Decide 2012

President Obama interrupted by heckler

Un mensaje especial para la comunidad latina del Presidente Obama

Is the Romney hostage story true??

Tweet from Nate Silver

PPP Posting Florida polls next along with full NC Polls

Lewis Turco's Form of the Week: 22) The Hypallogo

my friend (@sbellelauren) letter to her mom

Neil Diamond Working the Phones for Obama

MITT ROMNEY'S VIETNAM: Almost at 11,000 Views!!!

James Carville with a bit of topical wisdom

Obama Led in 5 out of 6 Battleground Polls Conducted by PPP Today; Romney led in NONE.

Repub Senator Mark Kirk climbs 37 floors at Willis Tower in Chicago...

MITT ROMNEY'S VIETNAM: Almost at 11,000 Views!!!

MITT ROMNEY'S VIETNAM: Almost at 11,000 Views!!!

Rachel Maddow - Your country needs you to vote

PPPolls just re-tweeted this angry wing nut who is not happy with their polls

Best Obama Clinton picture!

My friend's parents are from Greece and moved to the U.S. (North Carolina)...she posted this:

Republican Americans should feel ashamed

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 5 November 2012

Politics is like driving. To go backward put it in R. To go forward put it in D.

Rachel Maddow - Ohio Republicans fight to restrict voting

State increases Clackamas election oversight

Rachel Maddow - Paul Ryan, second chances and second choices

(Caught On Video) Mitt Romney-I vetoed any bill that was in favor of choice.

So... Are all the black folks set to riot on Wednesday?

Obama up 54/45 among early voters in North Carolina, Romney leads 58/40 with folks planning to vote

PublicPolicyPolling @ppppolls Romney 49.4, Obama 49.2

Secretary of State's Office admits direct reporting function of untested election software

Okay football fans...have you ever heard of Redskins Rule?

Biden: 'We're gonna be able to declare' a win in 48 hours

"Republicans Are Preparing To Blame Loss on Hurricane Rather Than Admit Loss On Ideas"

The Next Page: George Romney, rebel with a cause

Rachel Maddow - In Florida, voting as endurance challenge

Cowboys lose

I found this on Reddit: great idea to give students voter ID

Report: NYC Mayor Bloomberg spending millions as ‘counterweight’ to NRA

Obama opens up 11 point lead in Minnesota.

Storm Recovery Tidbits

It is so damaging for the Repubs to keep bringing up how Christie

So I had a call from my grandson who goes to college three blocks from my house

Just read of an 83 YO woman getting sick in line to vote in Florida

Reuters: Ryan says Obama compromises Judeo-Christian values

For months I've been asking myself this question:

Obama rally in Colorado tonight...

Voters in Youngstown "bring their souls to the polls".

Stockton council candidate never forgot where he came from

Happy Election Eve! One Day Left.

All those phone calls! And the doorbell keeps ringing!

When Gallup releases their numbers tomorrow, I bet they look much....

Senior Romney aides privately conceding that Obama will win Nevada

If Gallup Comes Out With A Scary Number Tomorrow Keep Two Things In Mind

I want Joe to run in 2016 . . .

It was the All Souls Procession today here in Tucson.

NBC/WSJ/Marist: Virginia: Obama 48 (+1), Romney 47 (-1)

9 scenarios and all lead to stock plunge

What will it take to get a popular movement of THE PEOPLE to get our fucked up voting fixed?

Michael Moore: Letter to a Non-Voter - "You Hold the Power to Stop the Bastards"

The Feudalistic Mindset of the Conservative White Guy

Gay Rights Group Files Complaint Over Tuesday's Text Messages

That 47% of the country that's gonna vote for Romney? I can't teach them responsibility.

I voted Friday, and I'm still angry

PPP has Florida 50/49, Obama +1

Obama leads Romney 50-49 in final PPP Florida poll.

Obama has class, rhythm, soul and conviction

Nate's new update for Nov 4

Paul Krugman: "Federal Govt's Ability to Respond to Disaster Always Collapses When Repubs in Charge"

Watch: Terrifying Glimpse into the Mind of a Romney Supporter

OK, who comes up with this stuff?

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!!

Is this cat a 1%er?

Monday's Schedule for: President Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden & Jill, and Bill Clinton

So... What happened to Paul Ryan?

I just want this election to be DONE

We must all pull together on Tuesday for Obama and the Dems

Middle-aged white guys tired of hearing how middle-aged white guys are all for Romney -- Check In!!

Obama, Romney Virtually Tied in Virginia (Obama leads 48-47).

I know you don't totally think "all politics is local" let me prove it in a small way

fat cat victim of Obama wealth redistribution

Whew! What a relief. My uncle WILL vote for Obama

Remember the ladies...

Weird Personalized Robocall from Republican Congressman

PPP FL Nelson ahead 51/46

Poll Watching is illegal in kentucky!

LIVE VIDEO — President Obama holds a campaign rally in Aurora, Colorado.

My inbox just dinged with a letter from Michael Moore about people who don't vote

"Obama's a divider because he hasn't cured me of my racism."

Obama speaking in Aurora CO now, slightly hoarse!

Final WMUR-Granite State poll (NH): Obama 50, Romney 46.

When you post a post, do you mouse over and click Post or do you tab three times and hit Enter?

Best Juror comment ever & possible questionable hide...

U.S. gasoline prices post biggest fall in nearly 4 years: survey

French left hits back at Church over same-sex marriage

Of Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida,

If you have to spend a long time in line waiting to vote on Tuesday, treat yourself to a Mittcone..

Windows 8?

Even RCP's NO TOSS UPS MAP is now at 303 EV's. :)

Clinton slams Romney in Iowa op-ed

The Simpsons Trashes Mitt Romney, Voter ID Laws, And Uninformed Voters - video link

I had to tell my wife to vote for Romney

Will the Onion do a story about Romney followers

Fury as leader concedes pillar of Palestinian cause

Obama rally draws 23,000 in Hollywood, Fla.

I just realized that President Obama's last campaign event

CA Prop 30 just might pass!

At this point, 24 hours before Election Day, it bears repeating . . .

PPP is saying Florida and NC are going to be a long night

Nice Florida voting story

Best Memes Skewering Mitt Romney

GasBuddy develops Sandy gas availability site

Fox News and Conservative media have done a lot more damage to our country than I thought

CA: Prop 32 going down in flames.

Matt Taibbi on why most people want big government

Boston Herald - MASSACHUSETTS - Obama +20; Brown +1 [-3]

U.S. eases rules on sale of medicines to Iran

The Right Wing Nutjobs are freaking out now all over the internet

The Permanent Militarization of America

Obama camp exudes confidence in home stretch

Gravis Marketing: Obama 48%, Romney 48%

Nate Silver 538 Update - 1:26 am Nov 5

Obama busts a move as Stevie Wonder performs Signed, Sealed Delivered at the Uni. of Cincinnati

Anti-Semitism reaches historic low in US

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Sunday, November 4)

Chime in if you're working the polls on Tuesday, tell us where and......

Princeton Consortium- Obama: 303 Romney: 235 Meta-margin: Obama +2.84/Bayesian Prediction 99.9%

How Girls Bully - How to help teach our daughters to protect themselves from girl violence

Isn't There One Major Problem with the GOP Trying to Steal the Election

Obama tells crowd in Cincinnati, Ohio, that 'we've got more work to do'

What's for Dinner ~ Monday Nov 5th

Nate Silver: Obama is "NOW FULLY RECOVERED."

Murder - Attempted Suicide in Los Angeles

Nate Silver Obama Fully recovered! 308.2 EV 86.3 Chance of winning!

Irish betting site paying out [early] on Obama

The Simpsons Trashes Mitt Romney, Voter ID Laws, And Uninformed Voters

Jeff Flake Robocalls Provide Wrong Polling Places

One view from abroad

Boardwalk Empire: The Pony - Season 3, Episode 8

Dick Morris seals Romney campaign's doom - stands by prediction of 325 Electoral Votes

In District 45 race, Democrat Sue Crawford calls opponent's ad deceitful

President Obama in Ohio: We Will Continue Fighting for the Middle Class

Mitt & Co. look like they’re resignedly scaling the first steps of the Kübler-Ross model.

Don't believe the BS regarding the economy...

Obama ‘Bets On’ Voters, Believes ‘Good Sense’ Will Prevail Over A Billionaire’s Ad Blitz (VIDEO)

Do you happen to know what my BIGGEST joy will be on this coming Wednesday?????

Tea Party, Fracking Industry Launch Astroturf Campaign Against Mansfield Bill of Rights Referendum

Must Read: My Heartbreaking Denver GOTV Story

Now is the time to demand a modern voting system. WE have no lines here in the North West

Revisiting my own prejudices against the mentally ill, and how it fed into my paranoia of stigma.

Good rapid response by King County Dems and WA State Dems to ballot theft

WA State Democrats and King County Democrats mount solid rapid response to potential ballot theft

Mourning Joe is gonna be real interesting this AM...

Can someone Explain why the right wont accept that possiblity of a D+(insert figure) electorate

Bill Clinton: Romney wants to undo progress Obama made

The Marshall Tucker Band is going to be with romney's campaign

RAND: 11/04 - Obama 49.88%; Romney 45.49% (Increase from previous day)

Mitt Robme DOES have a sense of humor after all...

RAND: Obama nearly 50%, pushing close to a five-point lead over Romney.

This is not right!

Turned on my local news to see a reporter on the road in Cincinnati, OH, covering the election

Moving Bookmarks?

Rachel Maddow: Chaos at the Florida polls

Gallup Swing State Poll Shows Tie Among LV---Obama 4 Point Bounce

Its Going TO BE FUCKIN AWESOME, When Obama wins PA by double digits

Benghazi - an anecdote from canvassing

Former Obama drug policy adviser predicts weed war if states legalize

Joe S. will probably just give up on the polls today since Romney is down in almost all of them

Bomb Scares, Belligerent Tea Partiers and Last-Minute Disenfranchisement –

The Onion's The Onion Voter's Guide to Barack Obama

How Occupy Sandy's Relief Machine Stepped Into the Post-Superstorm Void

Big Oil vs. Native Community: Canada's First Nations Challenges Shell's Plan to Mine Tar Sands

The problematic basis for deficit phobias by William Mitchel

Holland Taylor, who plays the Harpers' mom on 2 1/2 men, just tweeted about DU.

Scott Brown is a Republican in Washington but he's anything but in Mass.

Florida DUers, exactly how popular is Rick Scott?

In 2010 NH went massively republican with tea party leadership in the House

Presidential Election Seen Spurring New Wave of Lawsuits

Sometimes I despair. When you think you've seen it all....

They know

OK, It Is Official....The New "Lost Cause" Of The GOP

How about a GOTV music thread? Election day is nigh upon us. Wednesday I will be dancin'....

'Russia for the Russians': Nationalists turn out in force to protest Putin

Morning Joe is downright laughable!

Sandy: Haiti appeals for international help after storm

One repuke pundit after another are making landslide romney predictions:

Laos approves Xayaburi 'mega' dam on Mekong

Major Dutch Paper Discovers: Romney avoided $100m taxes through the Netherlands.

HSBC fears U.S. money laundering fines to top $1.5 billion

The Antidote to Ayn Rand

It takes a hurricane for the Mayor of New York to realize there are homeless?

NYC Commuter Week Faces Uncharted Ground as Storm Brews

I am going to vote this morning. Afterwards I will be making a few phone calls for

still hearing about the " undecided voters"

Keeping the Rich Comfy: Your Job Future?

The Big boss man comes back from Asia and says they want Willard

Moyers and Company: What’s Wrong With the Stop Special Interest Money Now Act?

Extra day of voting possible in New York

The RW knows what it's doing...

Weather forecast for Florida: really bad weather on Tuesday...

Media Desperation

Boom! Gasoline prices post biggest fall in nearly 4 years

Poachers dehorn 14 rhinos in South Africa, 3 die

Worth another look: 2008 "One Day More" from Les Miserables

So,Right Wing is pushing the NAACP gives water to voters meme.

Prop 37: food companies spend $45m to defeat California GM label bill

Latino Decisions: Obama 73%, Romney 24%

It's Freedom and Equality, Stupid

Preferred candidate for President by country:

Why aren't cities in FL, OH, and NC providing more places to vote and more voting machines?

Update Florida Nov 5 Early Voting

A racist appeal? Gee, ya think?

Analysis: Romney is likely to break "day-one" China currency pledge


Toronto is a great city with a clown for a mayor

If you are in Ohio

Some 143,000 New Yorkers get different post-storm voting sites: mayor

GOTV everyone! Please help if you have any time.

California GMO measure may fail after food industry fights back

SurveyUSA: MISSOURI - (McCaskill +15); (Romney +7)

This morning, Obama and Romney are getting their final internal polling reports...

Voting day euphoria has been eclipsed by campaign fatigue

Josh Marshall: This could get weird

Mods, please lock the thread about activated almonds and let it sink away.

New Aircraft Carrier Does More with Less Crew

It’s Freedom and Equality, Stupid

Please join in.

hey JoeS...when you resort to the heart/head argument, you have lost

President Clinton Introduces President Obama in Bristow, VA (Video)

The hosting situation in the dungeon has further deteriorated.

IRAN has oil....

As Dubya once put it: "Elections have consequences"

11/5/12 Columbus, OH Obama has the Boss and Jay Z Romney has the Marshall Tucker Band

Warning to ReTHUGs aka True the Vote racists and Freepers

which mitt

Romney crowds?

Oh, hometown newspaper (in southern Ohio) reports that

Republican-Heavy Counties Eat Up Most Food-Stamp Growth

Judge orders 1 Fla. county to extend early voting (Orange county)

Seal Team 6: "The Raid on Osama Bin Laden" film...

Middle class faces quick impact from fiscal cliff in form of alternative minimum tax

WTF!?!? Morning Joe misquoting the UNH/WMUR Poll, saying 47-47 LV when it's 50-45 LV

electing MN Supreme Court

2012 Message from Kolob (R)


After Obama wins PV and EV

don't be suckered by mitt

There are Obama signs in front of BUSINESSES in Wmsbrg !!!!

Is Everybody Fired Up and Ready To Go???? GOBAMA Let's do this Ohio!!!!!!!!!!

‘KKK’ scrawled on homes and cars in Missouri suburb

Somebody Should Do A Five Stage Of Republican Grief Thread/nt

The Antidote to Ayn Rand

workers don't be suckered by "mitt" and the corporations

So now I need to cook my way out of all the leftovers from that damn storm!

Monday update: Nate Silver improves Obama’s odds again

The GOP's closing arguent:

There once was a man from Nantucket

What do you predict Rasmussen's final numbers will be?

if we win the senate, get rid of the filibuster harry reid

The Obama landslide scenario

So, it all comes down to this one guy?

Do the Math: Join the Movement to Stand up against Fossil Fuel


Final Electoral College opinion map update

Election's biggest corporate donor an enigma with $5.3 million in contributions

NO ON 32 and YES on 37 because...

don't be suckered by "MITT"

Remember That Bridge To Nowhere? Here's A 2012 Version:

Republicanism = Authoritarian Complex

Yesterday at church, I heard a story about voting

Rove on Fox Giving a Spin on Ohio Early Voting Sunday Night on Lou Dobbs

Reasons I install Microsoft Silverlight

Question for Louis C.K. fans.

Beware Luke, that is NOT a moon

Sabato: Projection: Obama Will Likely Win Second Term


Bill Clinton Is Obama's Real Running Mate, Says Romney Spokesman

All last week, people proudly showed me the "I voted" stickers on their lapels

Mitt Romney Mormon video goes viral

What % do we need to win by to stop the "They stole the elections" from the right

POTUS Busts A Move In Cincinnati!

As bewildered by all the ballot initiatives as I am? Here's a link ......

DUers I need keyboard help so I can do GOTV today in Ohio...

Lindsey Graham actually talking sense here

Joe Scarborough: “If I'm Betting, I'm Betting On The President”

Gas Flaring is Wasting Fuel and Fueling Climate Change

Erie (PA) Times-News Endorses President Obama

Wisconsin police enable domestic violence

Dems End on High Note in North Carolina Early Voting

mitt the flip flopper

Yes, I have a problem with Chris Hedges.

Chillicothe (OH) Gazette Endorses Obama (was for McCain in 2008)

Tory Minister Iain Duncan-Smith hits out at 'appalling demonisation' of Mitt Romney in the UK media

Newbie here - just wanted to say hi

Your country needs you to vote today and tomorrow! Lets re-elect President Obama

Research Firm Says Historic Showing Among Latino Voters Will Carry Obama To Re-Election

Your country needs you to vote today and tomorrow! Lets re-elect President Obama

Not everyone has been happy to see me, as I traipse about, canvassing

Bill Clinton's op-ed supporting Obama in the Des Moines Register

Poll: McCaskill Has 15-Point Lead Over Akin In Missouri Senate Race


Thousands in Tokyo protest US deployment of Osprey aircraft amid anger over recent crime

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Voting

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Stench is almost gone

As If Florida Isn't Already Screwed Up Enough...


Monday Toon Roundup 3- Climate Change

Third Most Accurate Pollster (NATL POLL) You Gov -Obama (D) 49% Romney ($) 47%

By 6:30 a.m., Obama fans had started to gather, holding blue placards and chanting “four more years!

NPR Segment on Exit Polling describes how they were forced to change the results in '04

Romney Avoids Taxes via Loophole Cutting Mormon Donations

Nate Silver: GOP Can't Blame Sandy

Why I think the Electoral College vote will be 347 for the President versus 191 for Romney

Mitt Romney is not acceptable...

I should have taken today off from work.

PPP Teaser Tweet: Working on Colorado results- Obama ahead, just a question of the margin

If GOP believes Obama wins because of Sandy, does god love Obama/dems more than Romney/pubes?

PPP - Obama will be ahead in CO poll (no results yet)

don't be suckered by mitt

Giuliani Claims Obama Response To Hurricane Sandy ‘Worse Than Katrina’

does anyone get this impression

After O wins-

Nate Silver, 1:26 AM ET, Nov. 5: Obama with 86.3% chance of winning, Now-cast at 88%

Replace the Electorial College

Obama, Kaine and Powell win VA student vote!

well, the media has kept it a horserace right up to the election...

Thinking about the 99 years preceding this hug . . .

The Day Before The Election: Even if Romney Wins FL, OH, VA and NC, he won't win.

xkcd toon

FDR 1936 Campaign Speech: 'I Welcome Their Hatred'

1-866-OUR-VOTE - Election Protection Hotline

Bill Clinton To Unleash Irish Paramilitaries To Ensure Obama Victory

True Happiness....

A diversion from the horse race: Who are your top 10 most despicable living Republicans?

Can someone explain in polling what does

Chuck Todd Is In Denial.

Why is American Crossroads running Romney ads

"If Romney loses it will only be because of Demographics"

Letter to President Barack Obama

You talkn' ta me?

Billions More Needed To Refurbish (B61 nuclear) Bombs

Fascinating graphic of Congress' composition over time.

Huff Post says Obama win likely based on final polling

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 5, 1982

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 5, 1982

Drugmakers offer to cap Greece's medicines bill

In The So What Else Is New Category -Larry Sabato- Projection: Obama Will Likely Win Second Term

Report: Kabul calls US assessment of Afghan forces 'baseless'

Confused over God's politics

Predict the Electoral College--What's your guess?



Rick Scott says Romney has always been ahead in Ohio.

Arizona GOP Senate Candidate Robocalls Democrats And Tells Them To Vote In The Wrong Place

Feast of Fools: All power corrupts but some must govern. —John le Carré

Is there a place that has a 'scorecard' to keep track

What will you be drinking on election night?

Let me tell you about my grandfather

Today is the day that the winger polls and pundits will predict an Obama win so they can claim

Toon: Mitt and Sandy

Larry Sabato: Obama Will Likely Win 2nd Term with 290 EV

Putting the AP in Crap: 'Obama favored in his ancestral Kenyan village'

No surprise, but Chuck Todd has spent his entire show pimping the razor thin

I Know The Answer ...

A Senate race to watch - re: the Hispanic vote in Az.

PPP Colorado Poll: Obama 52 (+2), Romney 46

REPORT: Bain Capital Used Dutch Loophole To Dodge A $100 Million Tax Bill

Obama would definitely win Florida if the GOP would let the voters vote.

Who is behind 'Americans for Jobs Security'? Theirs is the only anti-Obama TV ad

"Does one of them have some secret in their ground game we don't know about?"

SABATO: Obama Is Going To Wipe Out Mitt Romney

Warren Buffet calls in on CNBC interrupts Jack Welch pimping

Question on Chuck Todd: Who was the last Democrat to win 400 Electoral Votes?

NBC Poll: Undecided Voters Like Obama Much More than Romney

Hi guys

"Half of Voters Say Obama or Romney Embodies Their Views"

Salt Lake Tribune: "President Has Earned A 2nd Term-Romney In Whatever Guise-Does Not Deserve A 1st"

Listening to NPR is painful

Mellman VA Poll: Obama 48 (+2), Romney 45

Why the "takers will re-elect Obama" meme is wrong in one picture

The Tides of Event | James Howard Kunstler

A New Order in the Quantum World

Sen Lindsey Graham: "If I hear anybody say Romney wasn't conservative enough I'm going to go nuts"

Why are we not protesting the voter suppression and why is the media not mentioning it?

LMAO Steve Schmidt blames 'Whack-A-Doodle Party" fringe for costing GOP Senate seats!

Is 'True the Vote's" agenda to tie up the election in the courts?

Wheeeeeeeeeee: Romney Flip-Floppulence


George Washington, and a Call to Action

When Obama wins, what will we from the right wingers?????

John Weaver, McCain Political Consultant: Obama wins with 303 Electoral Votes

Paul Ryan breaks off one more totally offensive rant

TOM TOMORROW: Red State Spex

A post I just read on the WABC NY web site, re: Staten Island

4 on Japan nuclear safety team took utility money

Kilmeade: ‘The best thing’ poll watchers can do is ‘intimidate people’

In Virginia, It’s Tradition Versus Change

Husted Ohio's "Secretary of Suppression"

Days Before Election:'Experimental' Software Installed on ES&S Tabulation Systems in 39 OH Counties'


The Doctors (ABC): Average American eats 150 hamburgers a year!

Democracy Corps National: Obama 49 Romney 45

Grasping for right wing polling straws

re: Razor-thin. The election actually Is incredibly close.

I voted today....

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Stevie Wonder's "Fired Up, and Ready to Go!"

I think Hurricane Sandy has demonstrated the wisdom of the Electoral College.

Pro Life...You're kidding right? (toon)

"THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot

What is considered "rich" in this country?

Gravis Working Group versus the New York Times, letter to NYTimes Ombudsman

A bad lock by a Meta Host

Mitt Romney talk-radio interview on Mormonism...he didn't know he was being

Lindsey Graham apparently has a Clone or had Truth Serum Slipped into his Pepsi

Romney's 7 Maps

Important idea/suggestion for anyone canvassing on election day.

Final WMUR NH POLL: Obama 51% (+4) Romney 48% (+1)

No way! Fox News' headline this morning

Ryan: "First prayer I say every morning is the serenity prayer."

Campaigns Brace to Sue for Votes in Crucial States - NYT

All The Dirty Tricks By Repugs To Suppress The Vote Or Disenfranchise Voters Or Make It Difficult...

Where will Sean Payton coach in 2013?

Where will Undecided votes break?

MUSIC VIDEO SPOOF: Vote Obama Style (Gangnam Style Parody)!

Many Rivers To Cross

mUSIC VIDEO SPOOF: I'm Never Ever Gonna Vote For Romney (Taylor Swift Parody)

Documented Deceptions of No on 37 Campaign- GMO s

Shades of Gray

Clever serving idea for banana, orange and kiwi

To all Ohioans in the 8th Congressional District:

Results of the Youth Leadership Intitive Mock Election

Words of Wisdom

Fox "News" in meltdown mode

Does HE Look Like A Winner To You?

THE RACE (Great video for this pre-election day)

If Romney loses, count this as the first shot fired in the GOP civil war.

To Miami Dade Florida voters

War on Women, Waged in Postcards: Memes From the Suffragist Era

Chuck Todd Panel says

Allen West "Obama is a Marxist Islamo-fascist."

Join the Free Press and other concerned citizens in Election Defense

Racist Ryan - slurring our President in every which way

Razzie VA Final State Poll just came out

Does Romney have any possible way of winning the Presidency?

Alabama GOP Plans Election Night Party at Gun Range

Final Ohio Poll (U of Cincinatti): Obama 50, Romney 48.5

How did Angelo Mozilo get away with it? Countrywide scandal

Reading Very Late Polls

Huge Wisconsin Crowd ROCKIN' With Barack and Bruce!

A challenge for any Romney supporter

What is the story behind "Mitt Romney found my missing daughter?"

Tom Tomorrow: "Hey Boys and Girls! Get Yourself a Pair of Red State Spex"

Clackamas County commissioners call emergency meeting Monday ... ballot tampering investigation

What is the best group whose focus is on election reform?

Mitt Romney's electoral record after tomorrow: 1-3

Important Color Coded Chart: Which States Have: Voter ID,Early Voting; Poll Closing Times, etc.

Florida Is the Only Swing State Left

Where's my Pizza?

Two words I would love to hear a lot tomorrow night: Obama's coattails

“Pathway to Prosperity” for the 1% requires the “pathway to Austerity” for the 99%

On This Day: Susan B. Anthony Votes in Presidential Election

Election judging in Illinois.

America’s Leftward Tilt?

Ryan says Obama's policies threaten 'Judeo-Christian' values

Romney’s Closing Pitch: Elect Me Or Face Another Recession

Who’s Advising Mitt Romney on Foreign Policy?

Just for the heck of it--here are Zogby's final polls for FL,OH & VA

Serious Question About Twitter

Texas home to God, government court disputes

A shallow observation perhaps, but I just like President Obama's voice better.

Welcome To The Fragmented States Of America

What Do Rich Douchenozzles Get Out of Buying Politicians?

Damn. No TeeVee for me tomorrow.

Interesting educational simulation...

HELP w debunking rumor that help of Alabama and other utility workers REFUSED

One Safety Net That Needs to Shrink

So what do you predict Gallup's final numbers today will be?

Joe Scarborough: “If I'm Betting, I'm Betting On The President”

Salvation Mountain’s creator returns

How Do You Raise a Prodigy?

Rover gets it! He's a dog against Romney!

JOE SCARBOROUGH: 'If I'm Betting, I'm Betting On The President'

A more important question than "who will win tomorrow"!

LOL Final Rasmussen Polls: Nat: Romney 49-48, VA Romney 50-48 LOL

having to wait 8 hours in line to vote is outrageous, but that is what is happening in Florida

Intrade up to 67.2% for Obama

Climate change denier mocks Obama for being ineffective at fighting climate change

I have been hunting a big cat with my camera.

Jerry Jones locked out of Cowboys' locker room after loss

Willard Does Live In The Past

I Wonder How Many People Complaining About Lack Of Government Response Are Republicans?

VIDEO: Big Bird vs. Romney Mock Ad

Early Voting In Swing State Of Ohio

Paul Krugman on "Sandy vs Katrina" (NYT)

Nuclear, wind and wave power chiefs in joint appeal on green energy

Is anybody besides me feeling weepy and emotional today

It would be nice if someone could locate Melissa Gay,

We are too over confident at DU

Bill Clinton and his plant-based diet

I held off buying my DU star until today

Latest national polls

Florida outlook: 4.5 have voted, Ds lead Rs by 167,000 ballots

New Hampshire Poll: Obama 50, Romney 46

Pennsylvania Voter's Bill of Rights, 800 Numbers and Suggestions

My "Obama 2008: One Voice" T-shirt


MSNBC 'Power Panel'...only Bob Shrum calls out the PA 47-47 as biased

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL!!! Crowd waiting for Obama in Wisconsin

This is what infuriated me

wormholes - how short is a shortcut, really?

Keep calm . . .

I'm in NH and just got an email from

Streaming Wisconsin -- Bruce Springsteen on now...

FPPC expects to reveal Arizona nonprofit donors today

Best mining companies for alternative energy

FOX Encourages Criminal Behavior: ‘The best thing’ poll watchers can do is ‘intimidate people’

Irrespective of Presidential Race Outcome Constitutional Amendment Ensure True Democracy A Must

Republicans are truly stoopid

ARG (aka A Republican Group) IA R 49(+1) O 48(-) & NH R 49 (-) O 49(+2)

Another Conversion Story (And Some Comedy At The End)

I havn't seen any early vote totals on the Latino vote

NFL Rookie QBs at the half: A brief comparison

SHOULD VETS VOTE FOR OBAMA? Heartfelt view of Vet who is casting his first vote for a Democrat

Joe Scarborough is the biggest asshole on MSNBC...

Voter Suppression by limiting early voting may have backfired in Florida.

Mayors Are Taking Over the World

Can we?

Wow. New Climate Crock of the Week: Hurricane Sandy’s Double Whammy

About Those Long Lines For Early Voting

Well, hubby and I finally decided on our choice and cast our votes....

NYC Poll site changes

I brought my Florida Absentee Ballot to Supervisor of Elections

Engineers’ Warnings in 2009 Detailed Storm Surge Threat to the Region

Hand knitted lacy white sweater for a girl

Campaign 2012: The End of Political Truth? —By David Corn

MITT's (WTF) Last Pitch: ‘Tomorrow, we begin a better tomorrow’

Courage Campaign voter guide

Calif. FPPC: Group tied to Koch gave to shadowy Ariz. group, admits to money laundering

Angus Reid: Pennsylvania - Obama 51%, Romney 47%

WOOT! PPP - final Colorado poll finds Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney 52/46.

What state will be the one you keep the closest eye on tomorrow?

Good news/bad news...

Wales child abuse: PM orders sex abuse inquiry probe

They can yell Benghazi all they want, we keep the senate and White House, they can suck ass

Republican-Heavy Counties Eat Up Most Food-Stamp Growth

BREAKING: GOP stealing ballots with "Victory Vans"

Four Lessons From The Largest Student Movement You’ve Never Heard Of

GOP outrage after Harvey Weinstein movie on Bin Laden raid is 're-cut to add more footage of Obama'

A response to a believer in the skewed party identification logic.

Live video - MSNBC site - Obama rally in Wisconsin NOW

Yeah, But Can Mitt Do THIS?

I love The Boss!!!!!

For tomorrow, from Wayne Powell

Nate : Did Hurricane Sandy Blow Romney off Course?

S&P found guilty of misleading investors

The Street predicts Obama Victory


The Republican Closing Argument - as see by Andy Borowitz - is happening while

I AGREE with the Republicans that only the Hurricane kept Romney from winning...

Dan Quayle endorses Obama!

Which state(s) do you think will be the biggest surprise tomorrow?

Update on the flea-infested dog...

2 killings highlight dangers of Detroit cabbies' job

Americans for Responsible Leadership Admits Campaign Money Laundering, Discloses $11 Million Donor

Why Obama's ground game is better.

Just a silly, but WTF are those MSNBC folks sitting in?

Romney Unbound

Coast Guard: Incredible damage from NY/NJ oil spill; ‘Grab bag’ of contaminants also suspected — ABC

Wondering how people are voting on Question 5 (Congressional Districts)

Is there a clear correlation between Republican controlled states and long voter lines?

Romney's going to Ohio on Election Day??

The Problem with Rasmussen (R in ALL CAPS)

Vote for Revenge

Has any elected official in MA given its endorsement for or against question 2 or 3?

made me smile...

Final Rasmussen OHIO: 49 Obama, 49 Romney ; Obama approval at 51 percent in state

WhoNu Cookies. Is it a trap?

TheStreet Predicts Obama Will Win the 2012 Election

Got a bit of a chuckle this morning

So proud of the Obama canvassing operation

Jim Cramer's outlandish 440 EV Landslide for Obama

One Term More! This is really excellent (particularly if you love Les Miz)

NOW is the time for Federal Infrastructure Programs to strengthen Nation, economy

MSNBC just said Romney will be holding a campaign event on election day in OH

Final PPP Nevada poll : O 51 - R 47.

How many polling stations are there in Florida tomorrow?

Election Night: When we will know we won

Wisconsin voucher schools get worse test scores, so Walker EXEMPTS them

Arizona GOP Senate Candidate Robocalls Democrats And Tells Them To Vote In The Wrong Place

Personal beef about scary movies.

OK my polling place has changed because

Why Was Uncertified 'Experimental' Software Installed on ES&S Tabulation Systems in 39 OH Counties

It's monday...

Today with a couple of exceptions the fringe pollsters are out in force

Here in WA, it's vote-by-mail. Should all states go this way?

Robert Reich on "Romneyism". (HuffPo)

GOTV Colorado (CO) FINAL 11/05/12 Reps vote lead shrinks again

Latino Decision:Latino vote to carry 4 key swing states to Obama

So I bought this PENNSYLVANIA beer for tomorrow night.....

It's gonna be busy here on Tuesday. So I'm going to say goodbye to Mitt Romney now.

Betting Lines

Detroit Entrepreneur Opens Factory, Makes Innovative Coats For The Homeless

Once more with feeling: Here's the real final Republican closing argument in 6 words and a picture

GOTV in Florida (FL) FINAL EV. 11/05/12 Dems surge to 4.6 pts

You Think the Writers Will Put Dexter and Deb in the Sack? **SPOILER**

I have no doubt that Obama will win, but

A Krugman reader weighs in

You know what would make me just as happy as a Sen. Elizabeth Warren?

The Rude Pundit: In the End, Vote for Obama Because Fuck Romney

The Last Word - 2007 tape reveals Romney's real record on women

Serious Question about Paul Ryan

Alan West. There Is So Much Wrong Here That I Don't Have An Hour To Address Them All. So I Won't.

Obama Fans Check In. Tomorrow Will Be Vindication

The Last Word - Bill Clinton's closing arguments for Obama's re-election

On blaming Sandy for Romney's loss

The People Who Were Killed By Hurricane Sandy

Polls show states that know the candidates best all support Obama/Biden

Karl Rove Crashes at the Crossroads!

Tom Brokaw relates this election to replacing Nixon in the Whitehouse

He Just Cannot Stop Lying... He is now Lying about the Lies!

Did anyone listen to This American Life this weekend?

Isn't democracy grand?

is anybody factoring VOTER SUPPRESSION into their poll numbers?

I just cannot wait until this is over!

Rmoney's concession speech predictions

Gallup: 49 Romney 48 Obama; they call it a "tie"

Is This Country Music's Great Gay Hope?

Why Was Uncertified 'Experimental' Software Just Installed on Vote Tabulation Systems in OH?

Damn! Freeperland is down. I was going to go in and give them my Eat Shit farewell

Uh, Mitt? You might want to look at who's up on stage right now...

Early voting results 2012: Update

Election's biggest corporate donor an enigma with $5.3 million in contributions

Web-cartoonist, Jeffrey Rowland, who is never political posted a pro-Obama strip today.

Obama just can't win

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today, No. 10

PPP tweet: "we expect Barack Obama to win 303 electoral votes and Mitt Romney to win 191"

Milt Campbell dies at 78; Olympic gold medalist in the decathlon

Interesting thing this morning

Yes, Eddie Munster, I did vote out of revenge

I'm not saying that Republicans are stupid but...

How to Use a PS3 Controller in Windows 8 (and Win7) in Local Mode

Damn, there has to be a better way to determine who to retain as justices on CO ballet

In spite of what they say, Faux News and RW radio really want Obama to win.

After Success Of London NFL Games, Goodell Thinking About Trying One Game A Year In...

Final Gallup poll has Romney up 49/48. Calls it a tie.

No one waits 8 hrs in line to vote for county assessor or city council

Marine One - Brilliantly, beautifully written by Richard Schiff

In a modern democracy what should the maximum

PPP Final Forcecast: 303 Electoral Votes for Obama

5 Videos - Welcome to the future of 911 under Romney

"Tomorrow we begin a new tomorrow."

War Widow Blasts Fox & National Geo

One Day More

So, how is Rush doing today?

American Research Group (R) NATIONAL: Obama 49, Romney 49

Maryland DUers, let's make GLBT history tomorrow!!! Please vote "yes" on question 6 to show that we

Obama Moves up to 303 w/ Politicp

Borowitz: The Republicans’ Closing Argument

Does anyone know who's on election night coverage for ABC and NBC?

We Might Be Seeing Some Herding From Pollsters

Lookin' in the bag:

Here's your RW Conspiracy Theory for today...

College essay time

LARGE Madison crowd with Obama and Springteen

Daily Kos: Breaking: Something Incredible is Happening in Kuwait

Extended early voting in Florida used a provisional ballot

Sell! Sell! Sell! The bottom is falling out of the Romney shares at the Iowa Electronic Market!

"I don't want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of the people."

Gallup Had Ford At 50% And Carter At 48% And Bush * At 48% And Gore At 46%

Chuck Toad is basically conceding that Obama will win tomorrow.....

Mystery Firm is Election's Top Corporate Donor at $5.3 Million

Fuckie Toad trying to give Romney 270?

Meatloaf and Kid Rock

I voted! I will be making some phone calls in between my routine today. GOTV! nt


Romney Down Sharply on Gallup

After Obama, which races do you most want the Dem to win?

A.B. Stoddard on the election: I know nothing and have no opinions of my own

Get Out the Vote! Get Your 'Vote Hands' Ready (So Cute)

To all of you that are helping GOTV,..a huge THANK YOU!

Will Romney Contest an Electoral Loss if He Wins Popular Vote, As Bush Planned To Do in 2000?

John Cusack to play Limbaugh in big-screen movie

Final Daily Kos PPP Poll: Obama 50, Romney 48

Democracy Corps (D) Poll- Obama -49% Money Boo Boo 45%

Here is Princeton...Obama at 303

Do you plan to watch returns on one network or jump around?

Final pre-election Daily Kos/SEIU State of the Nation poll: Obama 50-48

BEHOLD! Metro Detroit's Worst Politicians!

A Good, Sincere Article Written by a Former Young Conservative:

Huge crowd in the Arena District this hour waiting for Obama, Springsteen & Jay Z.


Dumbest Mitt Romney Quotes of Election 2012

Common Sense facts about Mitt.

FINAL Survey USA, OHIO: Obama 49, Romney 44

Mark Fiore: House Science & Ladyparts Committee

Survey USA Ohio — Men are moving to Obama in the final weekend

Nate Silver blogged Romney's momentum stopped on Oct. 24th Hurricane Sandy hit Oct. 29th

A view of the U.S. Economy that all Americans should see:

Just took this though my office space window.

Hey, banana Republican Rick Scott, the third world is calling...

Essay: Why the Annihilation of Women Doesn’t Anger The World

I despise Eric Cantor! Assuming his seat must

Before Getting Annoyed with the Media, Remember This

Sandy caused Romney's surge to stall..

The democratic party needs to push for poll closing extensions tomorrow.

Alan Grayson Will Make Every Democrat in Congress Better

So, does Rmoney slither off the national stage tomorrow after his concession speech?

Final Rasmussen Ohio. 49-49

Today's Ohio Vote Suppression Attempt

A toast to Mitt Romney!

Full Gallup results-Likely Voters-R49%(-2) O48%(+2) Registered voters-O49%(+1) R46%(-2)

election tampering??

What Jewish Voters Should Know About the Source of Those 'Support Israel? Fire Obama' Yard Signs

Money Boo Boo Dropped To A 1,000-1 Underdog At Princeton Consortium.

Tory child sex ring claim: Cameron races to control scandal

Current Intrade Electoral Map = 303 EV's

Just walked in to hear Andrea Mitchell ask

I can't think of anything more un-American than making it more difficult to vote...

Cannot WAIT to NOT have to look at this again

Hot news! Just received an advance copy of Romney's speech tomorrow night!

The short career of Tagg Romney, Dodgers executive

Hate to make you all jealous, but I have to tell you.... Ohio Republicans Sneak Risky Software Onto Voting Machines

I'm excited like a 1st Grader on Xmas Eve!

Rasmussen: Repub part ID at all-time high

Dwayne Wade writes about Obama’s importance

Another indicator of an Obama victory..even landslide..

California voters....even if the Presidential horserace is over

McCain Strategist Admits Voter Fraud ‘Doesn’t Really Exist’

Since Romney lies about everything and flatly denies reality with a straight face, could you see him

Your choice of lifestyle is an abomination...

ACLU of N. Cal says NO on 35.

Gasoline prices post biggest fall in nearly 4 years

Back To The Good Old Days

Obama leads in CO, NV

Why Conservatives/Republicans Turned Against Science

Thank You President Obama - pic

I'm really feeling it for the people still in the dark/cold from the storm

More than almost anything else, I really hate knocking the doors of the dead

Popular Vote / Electoral Vote mismatch up to 6.9%

The look on his face says it all - pic

Long lines for early voting in Ohio and Florida this weekend

Cameras caught Mitt without his make up.

To our President Thank you for the past 4 years and looking Forward to the next Four

Anyone having weirdness on MSNBC? Mine went to Glenn Beck Radio!!

Romney Forfeited His Closing Argument

So which national Republican is going to stand up to the party and say voting suppression is wrong?

OH really??? McCain Strategist: Voter Fraud Is GOP ‘Mythology’ (VIDEO)

Is Mitt Romney running the worst campaign ever?

Got this from a FaceBook page: "Americans Against the Tea Party"

I JUST REALIZED: Remember Remember the fifth of November - It's Guy Fawkes day today

I'd like to say a word of thanks to President Bill Clinton.

On or after November 7th what will happen to Ted Nugent?

A question about polling

Romney holds up a baby he plucked from the audience (actual caption!) - pic

What's your electoral college prediction?

With Survey USA and Rasmussen. RCP now +3 for PBO in Ohio.

Oh, now the media is pumping U of Cincinnati poll OH 50 to 48.5 vs PPP poll w/Obama up 5pts

Why Seas Are Rising Ahead of Predictions: Estimates of Rate of Future Sea-Level Rise May Be Too Low

Hello North Carolina

Cat & dolphin

Tomorrow's biggest surprise

Man & propaganda machine behind Whitewater, Vince Foster etc's "poll" says PA tied.

Pic Of The Moment: Obama vs. Romney: Closing Arguments

Bloomberg and I suspect the other financial networks are pushing it may take days to decide

Voters' Picks: The Storm Changed My Vote from Romney to Obama

Anti choice heckler at Obama Cincinnati rally (video)

The wisdom of children

Mind-numbingly stupid robo-call I received at my house last night from a Republican.

Paul McCartney urges you to vote... for OBAMA!

Anyone think AZ and TX will be the new purple of 2016-2020?

Springsteen: 'A World that Challenges Hopefulness' (Wisconsin Appearance with Obama)

Broken Anvil: Miskitu Communities Fight Militarization

Romney Campaign is phoning it in. Voting Precincts in FL and OH staying open due to long lines

Post Sandy in my neighborhood.

Paul McCartney urges you to vote... for OBAMA!

The Dirty tax-free hands of religion in our elections.

Will 'they' call it on Tuesday Night?


I'm too old to be this stupid

Rep. Scott Garrett *only* NJ member of congress not to sign letter asking for additional aid

Romney's going to Pittsburgh tomorrow.

Peruvian Shamans Predict Obama Reelection

Ballots on their way to polls, being guarded by PRISONERS in Cullman Al.

Video Of Man Who Heckled The President

My thoughts on when to pop the champaign when watching the returns tomorrow.

Thousands turn out in freezing weather for Obama/Springsteen in Madison

A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way (from UK paper..lots of pics)

After voting, I'm taking my wife out for either a victory breakfast or a victory pizza

MSNBC just announced That Romney has decided to travel to..

When do the California polls close?

The Republican Id

WOW! What a great governor! Gov. Christie says people can cast ballots by fax or email.

NATO-land scratched their heads when I was asked for my prediction before the 2004 election

UNF poll has Obama up 49-45 in Florida.

Maddow tells voters stuck in long lines, ‘Your country needs you to stick it out’

Don't get worried by exit polls tomorrow!

california ballot initiatives - DEFINITELY NO to 31,32,33

Most of my republican friends are really democrats and don't know it.

Prediction Time. What time do they call it for Obama?

water cats

Can the Federal government take over elections in states

I'm OK with Republicans blaming Romney's loss on Sandy

How much Mitt Romney makes website

Papantonio: Department of Justice Colludes With Wall Street

"I don't want everybody to vote"


Sending out good vibes to the President, the Vice President and America tomorrow.

My 80 yo mother just said, "Hell with it, I'm not going to vote!"

Should have used the Cheney family to oppose the gay marriage amendment

President Obama's last campaign Rally Columbus OH live at 3:30est with Jay-Z (Video Link)

Life Begins At Conception. That's Not the Point.

Union Strong: America's Workers & Union Members Pitched in Big Time for Hurricane Sandy

Halperin and Cilizza finally stop pretending it's too close to call

The Permanent Militarization of America

New Hampshire Poll With Link Obama 50% Money Boo Boo 46%

Rick Scott Ignores Fla. Early-Vote Mess to Stump With Romney in town where Travon Martin was shot

This is inspiring and will help you to stay positive!

Does anyone have the truth about what's going on in PA?

Place your finger here

This is inspiring and will help you to stay positive!

Gary Johnson says Obama will win

This is inspiring and will help you to stay positive!

Obama’s white working class firewall

Mom always takes the best Sears portrait studio pictures.

Romney is coming to Pittsburgh tomorrow to try to prevent me from voting

If the PPP crosstabs of CO are correct, he has to win the state

The National Press Club Conference on Election Fraud:

Romney adds Election Day stops in Ohio, Pennsylvania

What is wrong with this man? It just reads like he wants us dead, or something. Unbelievable...

OBAMACARE - Fuck Yeah!

Americans for Responsible Leadership Admits Campaign Money Laundering, Discloses $11 Million Donor

Mitt and Ann Romney to vote Tuesday in Belmont

Barack & Bruce!!!

'Baby Killer' And Racist Epithet Deface Campaign Offices Of Wayne Powell, Eric Cantor's Opponent

Spotted outside the Democrats of South Dade volunteer office..

Keep Calm…

Haven't created a post in a long time - how do I include a photo? Is the only option to use a link?

Pennsylvania is party sunny on Tuesday, but some rain and snow on Wednesday.

Forget about all the polls. The final word is in.

I Hope This Works-Got It From A Post At Huff Po. Whoever Did It I Applaud.

Ten Yr Old Girl Writes To Obama About Her Two Gay Dads, Obama Writes Back

Anyone have a list of what time the polls close tomorrow in all the different states? TIA :) n/t

Scott Brown Tells Audience They'll Lose Their Jobs If Warren Wins -- Cites Own Campaign Donor

Losing home states?

Got called an "idiot" twice today.

So you think fraud is only in-

This Buddhist Monk Is The World's Happiest Man

Big Lot$ Bargain & Liquidation Endorsements

What ever happened to the Values Voters(tm) ?

I am so sick of polls

Tom Brokaw is such a gasbag

"I don't want everybody to vote"

What's up with Sippy Cup?? (aka S.E. Cupp)

Voter suppression attempts will win this election.

Malawi Immediately Suspends Arrests of Gay Citizens

Romney Promises Any Pennsylvanian Who Votes For Him Can Have Ann Romney For One Hour (The Onion)

What about soil and water supervisors?

Romney Campaign Apparently Confident They'll Win Florida

Dean Dozen Debrief - 11/1/12

Heller (Senate R-Nev.) says he needs Obama voters to win

Invoices prove Romney-related voting company Hart InterCivic does maintenance on Cincinnati voting m

Calm yourselves. McCain campaigned on election day too...

Republican caught rigging votes

America across the years

Republican caught rigging votes

Should I laugh or cry: Radical Homemaker explains 'going off the grid'

S.E. Cupp isn't waiting for the inevitable, her sour grapes editorial.....

Gotta Love Axelrod

Hell(er) to the Naw! Heller wants Obama voters to crossover for Nevada Senate Race

Our President is the real deal...

Why are Republicans now basically pushing a national ID for voting?

Obama Campaign Stops Final few days 2008

I'll say one thing...

I have to post this funny from one of our members.

Bruce with President Obama and Jay Z in Columbus (video - full speech)

McCain Strategist: Voter Fraud Is GOP ‘Mythology’ (VIDEO)

Koch Borthers paying

Record Latino Turnout for Obama

Curious, apart from Obama, who do you most want to see win?

Engineering the consequences of climate change Topic 1 - The Salt Lakes & Seas

If Obama loses, who is going to make sure the birthers don't hurt themselves or others?

Tell us about the Romney Plan

4 of 5 Town Hall Debate Undecideds Now Support Obama

Diabetes and kidneys

My favorite thing about Republicans (what???? - yes...)

Gary Johnson calls the winner for Tuesday

Digital downloads of practically every issue of OMNI magazine

Beautiful short note my wife posted on facebook about the President's Rally last night in Aurora, CO

Koch Brothers ad spending by state

Why Was Uncertified 'Experimental' Software Installed on ES&S Tabulation Systems Just before electio

MSNBC screws up and releases a early election

Taking apart Tories' Party Line on China-Canada Treaty

I'm going to do something I have never done

Annals of stupidity: SF school district penalized for Giants parade

Heritage Foundation: "Let the eurozone fail" (Insight into a Romney Europe policy?)

Rass gives up on NH. Has POTUS up 50/48

How certain substances affect the aging process…

Final Reuters/Ipsos NATIONAL shows Obama surge: 48 Obama, 46 Romney

CO midday canvassing felt really good.

Pakistan Parents Killed Daughter for Eyeing Boy

Final Nat'l Reuters Poll-Obama (D) 48% Money Boo Boo ($) 46%

Coming to a SYFY Channel broadcasting TV near you…

Just Because

Dipshit just said, in VA, when he got a "high energy" welcome

Wow, my 10,000th post!

Romney announcements 11/6/2012 10:59 Eastern

We've had, probably 20-30 calls from pollsters

I have MSNBC on mute and just glanced up to see a very weird looking Mitt

What former US president said "If a politician has opportunity to steal an election, they will"?

Best Candidate & A Baby Pic EVER!

Poor's fate rests with winner

Linda McMahon last minute game changer?

Bob Fitrakis files lawsuit in Ohio re untested software inserted into voting machines, call Ohio SOS

Google News search of polls shows something very cool

Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Photo of Romney at last EVER political rally (One for the Historical Archives)

No need to watch the returns Tuesday, this is how it'll go down.

Mother Jones did some follow up and found 4 of 5 Town Hall Debate Undecideds Now Support Obama

Tweetshots from last night's Romney debacle

UK Forum prediction thread 2012

Exclusive: Romney internal polls put him OH+1, NH+3, IA+2, down in NV, tied in WI & PA

Obamacare and the End of Days

Delusional Republicans

"Dow Predictor" that has been right 25 of 28 elections since 1896

Rasmussen: NEW HAMPSHIRE (Obama +2) Obama 50 (+2) Romney 48 (-2)

Pierce County has received my ballot! Just checked. They got it on October 23rd.

David Mitchell on climate change

GOP poll watchers allegedly targeting black precincts in Pittsburgh

Font suddenly got big.

Onsight Public Affairs, COLORADO: Obama 50, Romney 46

Just heard that the final WashingtonPost/ABC tracking poll is 50-47 Obama

Question re: sequestration

This website will be worthless on Wednesday, November 7

the Guardian's balloon game. Fun and a pleasurable pastime for this tense moment

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 6: Star of the Month: Constance Bennett

Here a poll, there a poll, everywhere a poll poll

Romney has Moe-Mentum!

Bookmark for live Minnesota election coverage

Is it just my ___nesia or are we more excited and pumped this year than in 2008?

Brad DeLong of Brad Blog on Thom Hartmann NOW discussing Election machine fraud,

David Corn-I do think Bill Clinton ought to be appointed Secretary of Explaining Stuff if Obama wins

Anybody burning a "Guy" tonight?

Are people still planning to vote in New Jersey and other Sandy affected regions?

Obama vs. Romney: Closing Arguments! The Movie!

Mitt Romney Used Church Loophole To “Defer” Taxes Over 15 Years

Let's go over some of the reasons why you might want to know what is in the food you and your

Jay Z is performing at Obama's rally now! the way...Where the fuck are those Tax returns?

Voting Guide

Politico already has Romney's obituary written: "Mitt Romney was a historically bad candidate" (HA!)


TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 7: Novel to Film

Tried to serve on a DU jury just a few minutes ago but could not complete process. It may have been

If Obama wins the election, I'm leaving the country.

Gallup: Obama up to 52 percent Job Approval

Obama opens up 7 point lead in Wisconsin (Angus Reid).

512 Paths to the White House... Obama has 431 of them.

Jay-Z live now!

RCP National Average = Obama +0.4

Vote for Obama and prove Glenn Beck and David Barton 100% wrong

Early Voting Update

Freepers annoyed that FR cannot stop crashing, LOL

Obama, Bruce, and Christie on phone together today

trying not to be a doug downer ... however

It's official: ABC Poll is out with O up 50-47

OMG , I have HAD it with Polls But I cant stop Reading them

Toasting the person most responsible for taking Romney and his money down:

In two days, Mitt can take his teleprompter and shove it up his car elevator shaft.

"Which Candidate Would You Rather Be?"

A rapper is opening for a President the day before the election in OHIO. Think about that for a sec.

In my tiny universe

OH YEAH! Romney Campaign Is Train Wreck in Slow Motion. Campaign/Pollster fight revealed

Todd Akin's (growing) criminal record

watch Obama live in Columbus ohio!

Larry Sabato's Final Prediction

Could we stop with the satire for a while?

Romney Takes Hit From Big Bird, Republicans Expose Hypocrisy On Freedom Of Speech

Emergency 'I'm starting to lose it/Day Before Election' Baby Animal Thread... Baby Panda?

Monmouth/SurveyUSA/Braun - NATIONAL - Obama 48 (+3), Romney 48 (-)

I've been thinking what the most satisfying thing about an Obama win tomorrow will be

Polled by Study America

OFA Neighborhood Team Member Designation

Four Lessons From The Largest Student Movement You’ve Never Heard Of

I'll be so glad when

DU this Yahoo Poll... Is the tea Party Over?

Where the heck is Paul Lyan??

President Obama's Accomplishments thus far.

Parody on "Blowin' in the Wind"

To the People of the United States of America,

A National Look at the Weather "EMP Terrorist attacks" to "Medicare is too expensive!"....

Final ABC/Washington Post: The Enthusiasm Gap is Huge Factor

Victory over the humor crushers. Victory.

chilling day tomorrow -

In case you missed kpete's thread in GD, pop over for a good read/cry.

Jay-Z: "99 Problems But Mitt Ain't One"

FEMA’s Top Guy (Craig Fugate) Started As Volunteer Firefighter

Taxpayer Storm Shield Protects Casinos as Poor Take on Water

Great line from Obama supporter.

Any sense of how Ryan's congressional race is going? I Googled, but am at work so gotta hurry.

NME: Motorhead's Lemmy: 'Mitt Romney is a monster'

How Freepers are feeling on this election eve

WaPo-ABC Tracking Poll: Final Weekend Tally is Obama 50, Romney 47

Marcellus Watch: A river of waste

President Obama obtains the all-important Lemmy endorsement

Syrian rebels root for Romney in hopes of US military intervention

I'm worried about the Tierney race

Achtung, caption time!

Final 2012 Public Policy Polling

One Term More -- a video in song!

The thought that brings a smile to my face every time it pops into my head ...

I asked a friend if he had voted yet. He asked when the last day to vote is...


Bob Fitrakis files lawsuit in Ohio re untested software inserted into voting machines

David Shuster to Democratic Congressman, Go Fuck Yourself.

GOTV in Iowa (IA) FINAL EV 11/05/12, Dems lead Reps 57% to 43%

Obama Foodorama!

Fill in the blank: I'd vote for _______ before I'd vote for Romney!


Need Some Evidence That CNN Has Decided To Compete With FOX News?

A lil humor for this afternoon (pic)

Chuck Todd is saying Romney is going to lose in other words.

Did climate change contribute to Sandy? Yes

NYT reporter: Romney advisors tell me Romney's stops tomorrow are bc he doesn't want to sit around

Just had lunch with two Repukelicons...they admitted that...

Romney Mega Prayer

The upper class twits as the GOP

Gallup's final poll: Romney's crazy lead gone 49 (R) 48(D)

Come inside the world’s biggest sperm bank

I got dip,chips,bubbly...

The President Connects the Boss with His Biggest Fan

It's clear that the banks that bankrupted the country love Brown, they hate Warren. In MA. Vote

I am going to be sad when the election is over tomorrow

Protect Your Vote Tomorrow. PLEASE Report Problems if You See Them.

Robert Vance leading Roy Moore in poll 62 to 34

A very stupid post by a generally very good reporter.

Limbaugh: Everything -- Except the Polls -- Points to a Romney Landslide

A Modest Crowd for Romney in Virginia

To all the phony C-SPAN Paid callers, I say "Good Afternoon!"

Much of the Media Is Calling the Presidential Race for Barack Obama

Mr. Obama, why do people hate you?

Daily Currant: Dick Morris says Romney will win by 25%

Young people stressed by uncertain economy, survey finds

Does this HAVE to be Obama's last campaign?

Early voting results from the rest of the world (or, how everyone else REALLY feels about Mittens):


Last Minute Obama Ad "For those who question my ability to reach across the isle...

Polls are polls. Must vote to make them real! If it takes 10hrs in line,DOIT. 1bad day beat 4bad yrs

Canadian Productivity: "Loonie Power" versus R&D

Romney tanking on intrade! Obama over 70% for first time since Oct 4

Freepers see Rove's latest Electoral prediction and are freaking out/in denial!

4 of 5 Town Hall Debate Undecideds Now Support Obama

RCP National Average = Obama +0.7

republican kittens

My wife believes the REAL danger in the Romney Presidency is that it will be Bush on Steroids.

I am feeling more confident today than at any time during this campaign

Robert Reich (We the People, and the New American Civil War)

What are the odds of a landslide victory tomorrow?

If I wanted to share a dumb, cloying, pro-Romney facebook post,

This needs to be reposted here...

Karl Rove seems to think Obama is heading for 281 EV

New Jobs

there is one thing that both parties agree on

CA, let's outlaw the death penalty and join these nations. Say Yes to Prop 34!

VP Biden receives a hug as he visits with local campaign volunteers in Roanoke, VA - pic

Naomi Klein: Super Storm Sandy—A People’s Shock?

Today has been a great day!!!!!!!!!!!! Except I heard a new Romney Lie

"I've had a foot in my mouth plenty of times, but it's always been my own!"

Obama is going to obliterate Mitt Romney tomorrow, you heard it here first.

Nice! (VIDEO): Stevie Wonder Sings “Fired Up! Ready to Go!” at Obama Rally in Cincinnati, Ohio

Katrina vanden Heuvel: FDR and the fight to defend our freedom

Think I stopped at least one Romney vote today....

Campaign 2012: The End of Political Truth? Will Rmoney be rewarded for extraordinary Truth twisting

fucking hilarious: From freepwadville: Who fed the hamster?

Current map based on RCP polling ave of 2% or higher: Obama 281, Romney 206, toss-up 51 (FL, VA, CO)

Find Your Fu*%ing Polling Place

Using the patented, confidential prediction model he has perfected over the past 24 . . . .

Cuomo Signs Order Allowing Hurricane Victims To Vote Anywhere

Reuters/Ipsos OHIO: 50 Obama, 46 Romney (LV)

Cuomo is tearing the utility companies a new one

School District Claims Student ‘Was Herself Responsible’ For Being Raped

President Obama Job Approval - Ranges from 50-52% today

Romney's robo calls has gotten my cousin to canvass in Milwaukee for Obama.

Don't leave the line! If you are in line before polls close they HAVE to let you vote!

A good link to bookmark for tomorrow: Poll Closing Times for Each State with all Time Zones listed

Right-wingers over on Facebook are advising law enforcement to be prepared because...

NY Gov Cuomo: will sign executive order allowing displaced New Yorkers to vote in any polling place

Freak Out You Lilly Livered Freepers!!!

Are the CNN reporters starting to jump

FFRF questions 'vote biblical' campaign

Reporter in Romney entourage overheard at airport....

This Could Get Weird - JOSH MARSHALL

Scott Arceneaux on Hardball

Lance Armstrong is making a comeback.

The ASSCLOWN at The Grocery Store

Who would not be enthused in voting for Mitt Romney?

Reuters/Ipsos VIRGINIA: Obama 48,Romney 46 (LV)

Divided States of America: Notes on the Decline of a Great Nation

Were the Pundits Wrong About Obama on Marriage Equality?

Gravis has Romney and Obama tied up 49/49 in Florida.

Reuters/Ipsos Colorado: 48 Obama, 47 Romney

Can you spot the marmot?

'SEAL Team Six' scores record ratings

Official PA. Website Gives False Information on Voter ID Requirements - in Spanish, of course

A great link to bookmark for tomorrow: Poll Closing Times for Each State with all Time Zones listed

Reuters/Ipsos Florida: 48 Romney, 47 Obama (LV)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Is there anything the job creators could have done than give welfare to the Media outlets?

Reuters/Ipsos has Obama up in OH 50-46

Do you want a good laugh?

Great rant Tweety

Us older Democrats have long memories of past election night disasters

NJ Gov Christie: Call from The Boss made me weep

Cuomo: New Yorkers will be able to vote anywhere tomorrow!

Is there anything the job creators could have done than give welfare to the Media outlets?

Any news about the Ohio provisional ballots court case?

Univ. of IL has Obama at 303 EV

Awesome pic from Move On

Just confirmed my volunteer shift at campaign headquarters, tomorrow

Unedited Tea Party Protestor in Cleveland, Ohio

Reuters- OH O +4 VA O +2 CO O + 1 FL O-1

When will they start releasing the numbers tomorrow?

Scott: Polls are closed. Want to vote?...Go Fuck Yourselves!

Internals of last Pew poll (Obama leading) shows Romney's lead w/ whites almost entirely from South

Which is the most inspiring song, Listen and complete the poll

Thank you DU members!

Democrats declare the tea party ‘over’

Score Card for Election Night?

EA celebrates Battlefield 1942s 10th anniversary by giving it away for free

Romney's Bain Capital Dodged $102 Million In Taxes By Using Dutch Tax Loophole, Newspaper Writes

Gravis Marketing: PENNSYLVANIA (Obama +3) Obama 49, Romney 46

Guess what Ann? It's not your turn. Ooooh, stinkeye!

Pundit accountability: The official 2012 election prediction thread

United Auto Workers Rally Against Mitt Romney and His Lies About The Auto Industry

Todd Akin Makes a Joke at expense of Parkinson's Disease and Michael J. Fox... Cracks Himself Up!!!

Chris Christie Denied Mitt Romney Request To Appear At Campaign Event

Anyone vote by mail in Alameda County?

Obama searching at grocery store

Columbus Free Press Editor and Publisher Files Suit in Federal Court to Stop Suspicious Software

Romney Throws Quinceañera For Ann In Last-Minute Attempt To Get Hispanic Vote

Martin Bashir - A day until the election and we still don’t know Mitt Romney

In My Best Ric Flair Voice-Woooooooooooooooooooooo- ABCWAPO-Obama (D) 50% Money Boo Boo ($) 47%

Will the House refuse to certify the Election?

Martin Bashir - GOP to thank for long lines, ballot problems in OH, FL

I know I'm preaching to the choir but, remember: People died for the right to vote

Rate your pre-election mood:

Chris Christie Denied Mitt Romney Request To Appear At Campaign Event Days Ahead Of 2012 Election

Washington Times says Obama cant win

Which state is Willard going to vote in??

Martin Bashir - Romney-Ryan strategy to bash Obama over ‘Judeo-Christian’ values

Don't give it a second thought, Chiron and Neptune DID bring us Sandy

Gravis Marketing: OHIO -Obama +1 (Obama 49, Romney 48)

Rev. Al covering the Christie call from the Boss

Dont get upset over Virginia tomorrow night

Button sold at Romney rally 3 days ago -- but there's not racism within the GOP

Obama Signs Torn Down - and My Revenge

Why did Fitrakis wait till today to file that lawsuit about the software patch in Ohio?

OMG, undecided voters are a lot of work.

CBS and NBC still pitching the "virtual tie" bullshit.

Caller on Mark Thompson is saying Eric Cantor is in big trouble in Virginia.


Your Electoral Vote Prediction Maps

BREAKING: Governor Cuomo authorizes open voting Statewide

According to the Borowitz Report: Romney Airdrops Two Billions In Small Bill On Ohio

"Its time we get on the white path." "Do the white thing this election day."

Just made some PA GOTV calls from Manhattan.

Oh, FFS! Fucking Lance Armstrong is making a comeback in cycling...

LOL...History Channel moves the Finale of "The Men Who Built America" to NEXT Sunday.....

Canvasing in Va - our last door today was an 18 year girl who is voting in her first election

I See Doug Kaplan Has O Up By One In Ohio

Paul Ryan's Econ Professor got me thinking.

Early voting results in Alabama:

Yahoo's "Scientist Prediction Engine" Gives President Obama 303 EV's

Anyone see the ad about Romney saving some lost girl?

I Hope VA And FL Goes Blue

Why do Democrats have such dirty minds?

Josh Mandel's (Sherrod Brown's competition) cousins take out an ad bashing his anti-gay views

The Obama Team

I can't believe we're not going to get at least one more lame "October Surprise" from Drudge, et al

Do any of you think for one single second

Andrea Mitchell...

Dana Perino says Obama rally with Jay-Z and The Boss was like watching a male enhancement ad.

Rally in Richmond tonight - KAINE, Biden, Warner, JOE Biden, and Mellencamp

Rove's billionaires might want to ask him why....

The dusk is deepening as I head towards my final door today

Robert Reich: The hatred’s mutual

Christie: Hug from Bruce made me weep

Two men + two Tesla coils + special suits = ELECTRICITY FIGHT!

Un-scientific reasons why you believe Obama is Going to Win the elections Or (Some specific states)

Nate Silver - Obama 86.3% - Romney 13.7%

Brad Friedman is on Mark Thompson's show, speaking about the software patches installed

Everyone should have this picture on hand when the race is called for Obama tomorrow

Rabin's murder and the paper that was never published

The man behind Mitt Romney's poll questions

Poll: The State of Florida Yes or No?

Women of the Senate!

What's the story behind these yard signs?

New Poll Colorado: Obama 50%/Romney 46%

Anyone Else Waiting To See The "Rasmussen Reversal" Tomorrow Morning?

My mom called me this afternoon with exciting news!! Bill Clinton

Do the Mitt Romney! (Comedy Song)