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Obama was a Community Organizer!

A reminder..Benefit for the victims of Sandy is on now

Check out last man standing on ABC now

*****Concert for Sandy Thread. Might as well have someone to cry with*****

Oh No. The Final Nail In The "America's Comeback Team" Coffin.

Obama conspiracy-o-rama

Wait for it.... "Its wasn't the message - it was the messenger."

MSNBC's weekend TV lineup (No Prison Porn)

In 2008 I Knew Obama Won When McCain did SNL

General Keane throws bullshit right back in Fox's fucking face........Nice!!!!!!!

On election night, the magic number for President Obama will be 192.

Just got back from early voting in Texas

Virginia Election Fraud may be tied to Republican party

Is Mad Men really saucy & salty? I ask because I bought the series

Virginia voter fraud case expands to focus on GOP firm

Retro-chuckle. Remember this Obama parade float from '08?

So I got my Obama magnetic sticker...

can someone easily and accurately catch me up on the Benghazi situation.

It was a CIA Operation

Sandy will test the humanity of the Wall Street crowd.

Bummer. Trying to donate but

Not a single Fox affiliate is carrying the concert.

Who's Got Jury Results For The "Why should I vote for Obama?" Mega-Flamebait OP?

Remember the Hurricane Sandy benefit on MSNBC and NBC on now!

JFK's inspired inaugural address

Association of Climate-Change Deniers

The "oh woe is me I have to vote for the lesser evil" post

New Englanders, speak to me of your driving culture

MSNBC showing the Hurricane Sandy Telethon, Faux News, not so much!

Please DU, please contribute to the Redcross right now. or 1-800-HELPNOW

Clicking On The Elephant's Ass

It's called irony, Lou

Get a room, you two! (Man loves cat; cat loves man -- G-Rated)

New Poll IA:Obama 46%/Romney 44%

Bergen County moving 153 polling stations

As of November 2, 8:00PM EDT: (Princeton Election Consortium)

Govt involvement in standards/technology/etc. for consumer products

NJ License plate gas restrictions begin at noon tomorrow

Ann Curry!

Obama is good for Israel. Haaretz

finally got power back

I'm 100% on my last 4 jury duties.

An Election Poem

Any Ohio people here? David Gergen and John King on CNN just said that all the energy

good one...

Would love to see billboards near voting places that say

Dear Patriots of all Parties

Orlando small biz group protests NFIB "I Built My Business" tour: wearing Karl Rove masks! (pic)

Don't Forget To Set Your Clock Back One Hour - LOL! pic


I voted today in Trumbull County Ohio, and my vote will be counted

Motherf***in’ Mitt Made Millions from The Auto Bailout

Bill Clinton coming to campaign against Bachmann and for Jim Graves!!!!!

Senator Elizabeth Warren

I just donated to the Red Cross for Sandy relief via i-tunes took less than 30 seconds

No pleasing some folks: Right wing Facebook Friend from New York

Dumbass Tea Partier's Guide to Hating Obama

Is there anything more timeless than a Bruce Springsteen song?

GOP Disaster Relief

Local RW paper Hilarious article on Romney's failed BBQ stunt

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Final Friday & a new kitty gif

3-hour line to Vote in Maryland today. Daughter's first time voting.

Akin: America like 1930s Germany

Gravis up to their old tricks ME 2nd Dist. - Obama +3

And who does The Boss support for President?

Obama cut a new ad today for Chris Murphy in Connecticut (VIDEO)

Romney in West Chester, Oh

PPP - OR Obama +6

You know. It is actually possible we will know the election winner on election night.

King County Warns that GOP Is Trying to Collect Ballots

"Corporations Are People, My Friend!"

12-Year-Old Rape Victim Called "Negligent" and "Careless" by School District in Legal Papers

Not sure how to title this, but to be on the safe side (NSFW).

KING COUNTY, WA -- GOP fucking with our ballots! X posted (and cruder) from WA group

A Deep Red Mississippi Family just turned blue.

Is anybody else tired?

NE2 - Romney +5 World-Herald Poll (Sept Poll was tied)

rethink the drones

Does anyone else wish there were polls about the Ryan/Rob Zerban congressional race?

Mitt Romney’s campaign insults voters

Q: Why Don't Gas Stations Have Gasoline-Fueled Electrical Generators On Hand?

Nate Silver on Rachel NOW

Nate Silver is on Rachel's show right now! - n/t

Ruh-roh...ROMNEY OH-Rally - Crowd Came For Kid Rock - Heading For Exits While Mitt Is Talking

Michele Bachmann Outspends Opponent Jim Graves 12-To-1, Still At Risk Of Losing

The Mother of All Election Recounts? - Mother Jones

Nate Silver, 11/2 8:24 PM ET: Obama with 81.4% chance of winning, Now-cast 83.7%

Our President is on CSpan in Hilliard, Ohio . . . nt

Where can I find an update of this? Does anyone know? Thank You.

Rick Scott Halloween Mask (sorry its late)

Bill Clinton to appear in Chesapeake VA (Norfolk metro area) 10 AM tomorrow - tickets required

"Benghazi-gate" - Outrageous lies, repeated by Washington Post, invented by Fox.

Bill Clinton to campaign for Obama Monday in Pittsburgh Scranton & Philly (OP updated w/more info)

A Rap Battle

Bill Clinton to speak in Chesapeake Sat. Nov. 3; gates open at 10 AM

Rick Scott always reminded me of this guy

No, really. Peggy Noonan accuses Obama & Cuomo of egocentrism

Morning Joe - Not So Smart

CRISIS: How Religion-Based Bigotry is Killing Our Children

Giuliani just had a frightening display on CNN

What does Obama smell like ?

Since the GOP is a dying party, maybe the US should switch to the Top 2 system that California uses

Lyan Palin 's future plans after they lose??

PPP Connecticut: Obama up 55-42, Murphy up 52-43...

I need your help with an important decision tonight, people.

Rachel Maddow reporting on 5 hour waits to vote in Florida

Hilarious LAST OBAMA EMAIL from the Finance Director

PSA: Rachel Maddow will be on @ 9 pm on Sunday.

NYC Bar Washed Out By Hurricane Found Fully Stocked 7 Miles Away - article with photos

Great news in NY 55th SD and NY 25th CD

Hello from Long Island (Part 1)

The story that must be giving Mitts the shits.

AP Reporter: "people leaving Romney rally in the middle of his level low"

It pisses me off when the wingnuts bash government, and then when disaster strikes...

Romney Promises Any Pennsylvanian Who Votes For Him Can Have Ann Romney For One Hour | The Onion

The Republicans are desperate for Pennsylvania.

Have you text "Redcross" to 90999. $10 goes to relief for victims of H.Sandy

Nate updates us again today. Now at 81.4% chance of winning.

Obama Slams Romney ‘This isn’t a game, these are people’s jobs, these are people’s lives’

Check in if the RedCross has ever helped you

Condi Rice a no-show for Romney event in Ohio.

Hello from Richmond, VA

American College of Emergency Physicians: It's Time for Single-Payer

How is Lyin' Ryan doing in Wisconsin, in his other race?

Will I ever stop getting tears in my eyes when I watch Obama

BOYCOTT HOME DEPOT! I just saw an anti-Obama Super PAC ad featuring their founder here in PA.

Love how Obama camp lets me use my facebook to contact my friends in swing states

Swing State Win Probabilities

Watching President O on CSPAN I love watching him

Romney's real change is more of BUSH!!! Ha ha!

Chris Christie Is Still Campaining Hard Tonight..........For Obama

The End of White America?Moving open Letter to The President

Murdoch: Christie must re-declare for Romney or take blame for next four dire years.

When Poor People Attack!

Is Maverick Education Partnership (CFN 407) Complicit in PS 154's Failing??

who is this guy

Florida: when I left St. Petersburg to drive home today, the line was around the block!

This might be old for some by now but I just got power back at 7:45 PM tonight from Sandy

Turn on Jennifer Granholm if you can. She is discussing Florida's long lines.

My spouse just shared this bit of wit about Ann Romney

This is what momentum and hope look like - includes Sat AM polling updates...getting better!

Christie ihas a real chance to save the GOP and rip it back from these god pandering...

Reading on Twitter of a huge Romney crowd in OH today

I know it's just anecdotal, but my very moderate, raised Southern Baptist neighbor is

It's Friday night and I'm analyzing EEG data

Is it true people ignored the woman whose sons where strip from her arms by Sandy?

5 Reasons The World Will Laugh Their Balls Off At Us For Electing Mitt Romney

Mad respect to one particular Republican tonight: FEMA director Craig Fugate

Want a good wholesome laugh? Listen to this quote of Bill Maher just now:

Rachel showed a clip of Romney in 2008 saying how the polls were wrong and McCain was winning.....

Gov Christie to Murdoch: Keep your voice down, I'm busy talking to Obama right now

For the first time since I've been old enough to vote

How lucky is Obama that Meatloaf isn't supporting him.

Rob Reiner is rocking it on Bill Maher

Long Early Voting Lines in NC as EV closes: More than 2.39 million have voted Early

Matthew for October is Now Up

Romney’s 917 Lies Over 41 Weeks

Next up to be recorded to CD...Springsteen...

Looking for animal charities to help Sandy victims

Hot Damn! Just saw President Obama closing his speech in Ohio

What's BETTER Than Obama Surging in the Polls? ...

If Obama wins but we don't gain Congress Then it's still all for naught.

Sandy death toll in Caribbean continues to rise..

I Am Laughing At This Mitt/Eddie Rally.

For Parallels users - how arcane is *t*h*i*s*?

Eastwood doing robocalls for Rove SuperPAC

What is up with Daily Kos?

Feel sorry for Romney's family? After Tuesday we are rid of him. They have to live with that prick

Thank you Karen Finney

White Horse prophecy fades in the stretch due to hurricane. Evidently White Horse

If you love something, set it free

Rachel, quit running those ads!

Huge turnout for last day of early voting in Nevada.

Mitt Romney has already won. (Update)

Who and How Many Supreme Court Justices Will Be Retiring?

A Beatles video question

Having two men at once

GOP registration dips below 30 percent in Calif.

So Mr. Romney look at the wonderful jobs report!

Mitt won't lose

Joe Biden does it again.

Common Cause New York is looking for volunteers TODAY (NYC)

Let's bring back old-fashioned 1955 capitalism

What my Mother would have said about Mitt and Ann Romney..."at least they married each other

Video: Romney Supporters Respond to Climate Change by Yelling “USA! USA! USA!”

Hey, how much y'all wanna bet...

Chris Christie on "asking for money from the feds"

Absolutely The Most Brutal Ad So Far... 'Mitt vs. Sandy'.... Holy Shit this is Good

Huge rallies Dont mean much ,but will we get a very big one before the elections

Translation program gone terribly, terribly wrong.

Silver Lining II

Romney campaign gets $34,000 bill for Land O'Lakes rally (Florida)

OMG! Obama's doing lobotomies.

Under GWB, 11 US embassies were attacked, resulting in 53 people killed

Bill Maher Blasts GOP On Handling Natural Disasters, Says Dems Have Been Better

A video of a gas line in Mahwah NJ today

T'Was the night before GOTV - From my friend, an OFA organizer

Paul Ryan: "I can smell success right now."

The ED SHOW is on MSNBC right now. They didn't show it earlier due to the telethon.

Big Ed; chart- 32 months of job growth

For the record, no, I am not a heartless a-hole as somebody called me here tonight.

Just got back from seeing Argo

Predictions, anyone? First thoughts on Tues PM, EST.. Timings!

The last of Maryland's power outages will be restored tonight. So the crews are moving north

NYC Marathon Canceled. (not sure if this is late breaking)

Government Shouldn't Rebuild After Disasters, It Should Be "Free, Private Individuals Who Have The $

I did this four years ago, time to do it again: Some More Sun Tzu For Your Asses

King Country [WA State] GOP offering to turn in ballots for voters

Hello from the inside. Columbus Ohio Democrat here, DU Newbie!

"CIA rushed to save diplomats as Libya attack was underway"by Greg Miller at the WP

Just did my 1st Jury!

Kansas congressman sees 'political payback' in federal aid to NYC the GOP stupid keeps coming

Ryan 'Can Smell Success,' Or Is It Cow Manure?

Romney +4 PA: Susquehanna. Wingnuts hopeful again

What if Ricky Scott's vote suppression tactics backfire?

It seems like all the old female names of 100 years ago are coming back.

I was able to watch almost 10 minutes of Hannity's show on Fox tonight. 5 takeaways:

"10 Dirty Tricks to Keep Americans from Voting and Swing an Election"

Mailbox letters aim to shame Michigan voters to turn out on election day

PPP national tracking Obama 49 Romney 48. Obama now leads with independents.

Bill Maher Recaps The Highs, The Lows, And The Empty Chairs Of The 2012 Campaign

Nate Silver: Indiana now leans Democratic in our senate forecast ...

Who is the Susquehanna Polling Firm?

DU Newbie needs some advice


Pooling the Ohio Polls

FL voters: Is this is true?

Rachel Maddow - Another report contradicts Republican dogma, GOP kills it

School board prayer out, silence in

PPP Daily Tracker: Independents Swing to Obama 50 to 44

GOTV Walks this weekend

Republican early voting

Anybody know of a friendly place in Raleigh to watch election returns on Tuesday?

some asshat stole my new sign

Romney Ohio crowd not so crowded

2012 US Election Spending Predicted To Exceed $6 Blllion

For those of you with little experience in watching election night returns...

Robo call questions voter registration in Detroit

Anyone know anything about NY1?

Look At The Front Page Of Susquehanna Polling. They Make Doug Kaplan Look Like A Honest Pollster


You can download Billionaires and Ballots for FREE right now on Greg Palast's site:

Rachel Maddow - Checkable facts expose end of campaign bluster

How is everyone doing?

Space shuttle Atlantis

Q: Who decides what you pay in taxes?

New Nate up to 83.9

Cool Story Bro! (fantasy construct @ freepersville)

For those who are worried about Tuesday..

Fox liar, liar pants on fire

Why Election Day Marks the Beginning of the End of Marijuana Prohibition

Rachel Maddow - Florida suffers under manmade voting disaster

Paul Ryan reminded me of a VP candidate who also ran for his current seat, just to be safe.

Brews for Tuesday Night

Vandals Spray Hate Message on Ray County Man’s Home

Nobel-prize winning prof endorses Obama

Good Saturday Morning: Three Days til Election Day

Marist: Obama up 6 in Ohio, 2 in Florida.

New New Yorker cover:

Watch retired four star general and former Secretary of State Colin Powell's powerful endorsement

RCP Average for OHIO = Obama 2.9%

The Last Word - This election's most bat-crap crazy candidates

*Lit Drops and phone banking for Wayne Powell until Nov. 6!

Oh, looky here! Nate Silver update ..............

Nervous DUers - Here is an analysis that made me feel so much better today......

I'm mailing canned goods (C.O.D.) to the Romney campaign.

Republicans for Obama

Wall to wall Romney commercials in PA. They must have money to burn!

Does this go in the Lounge or in the Politics forum?

Predict the Drudge Report headline for Tuesday afternoon

Michigan utilities workers helping with Sandy East Coast cleanup may not be able to vote

Approximately What Time Will Willard Concede To Obama On Election Day Nov 6th

The Last Word - Sean Hannity on jobs report: 'They'll cook the books'

Summary of discussion on the election on Charlie rose with John Dickerson...only a few min.

Police Confirm Explosive Device Removed From SkyTrain Tracks

Nate Silver update!

2012 Senate Race Polls: Richard Mourdock's Plunge Dampens GOP's Majority Hopes

Thoughts on this Atlantic article saying GOP is winning early voting?

I think the change we seek will come easier in a second Obama administration

Election Forecast Summaries: 11/2 (evening)

James P. Thurber Jr.: Americans should unite behind the president in wake of assault

Obama 55% <====> 36% Romney

In fiery speech, Giuliani calls on Obama to resign, faults him for Libya

R.I.P., Mitt Romney

512 Paths to the White House--Amazing Interactive

Rogue electors or other election-day weirditude

Came across this graphic...

So I got my pins and stickers from Obama headquarters.

The question that resolves the "who's right about turnout in 2012" dispute.

Dems see chance as Gregg closes Ind. gov.'s race

What is a good website to go to

Tagg Romney is not in control of the voting machines in Ohio.

The ED Show - Fox News tries to politicize NBC Hurricane Sandy Benefit

Nate Silver flips the projection on Donnelly

Florida has been creeping toward Obama all week

From Colbert: David Byrne & St. Vincent - "Weekend in the Dust"

The ED Show - Voter suppression efforts intensify

NYT: Mitt Romney wants ‘good relations’ with Putin, son told Kremlin ally

Poll: Obama up 6 in Ohio, 2 in Fla.

Rachel Maddow is looking at US North Carolina! Fix our ballot!!

How do school strikes usually work?

This about sums up that Mason-Dixon Florida poll...

Weird Phenomenon Confirmed, Spent the Evening at a Business Dinner

Chevron refinery could be back by March

I am a 1 percenter*, in the 99 percent, and also the 47%

Who has already voted? In what state (or country, but which state)?

I heard the words "alternative grading" for the very first time

I live in California, so maybe it's not a big deal, but It made me feel good.

Fitrakis and Wasserman claim Romney has already won the electronic election

Rove and company "sipping $1,000 wine"

AMAZING: Occupy Wall Street Leading Massive, Volunteer-Powered Recovery Efforts in New York

does anyone know what animal rescue orgs are working in the hurricane area?

The Real Story Of This Election Is Going To Be President Obama's Long Coattails


Bush strategist Matthew Dowd brings the pain for Mr. Bain, via twitter:

The ED Show - Final job numbers before election show improving economy

What's with the story about electric crews being turned around?

Obama Will Fire FHFA Director Ed DeMarco In December, Wall Street Analyst Says

Mike Malloy on censorship of US history in schools

ananda likes Occupy Sandy!

GOTV in Nevada (NV) Final Day. Dems lead by > 69,000 EV

A Desperate Mitt Romney's Robocall Warns Christians Against Voting For Obama, 11/2/12

I Keep Hearing Talk Of Mitt's Momentum

Voter Fraud Arrest in Las Vegas

Murdoch issues veiled threat to Christie "redeclare" endorsement for Romney or face consequences.

Woman, 29, Arrested After Being Spotted Masturbating Inside A Starbucks In Florida

Romney says '30K attend OH rally' - BUT Secret Service says just 15K went through metal detector

If Obama wins re-election, it's gonna be even sweeter than 2008

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Friday, November 2)

From the "No Good Will Come Of This" files...

National votes tallied locally

Frank Schaeffer: "1 Not-So-Simple Pretty Funny Question for the 73% of White Evangelicals

Can Tuesday's election be postponed without the approval of Congress?

Ad: Mitt Romney did run the Olympics...just like Adolph Hitler

Utility companies and electrical union reject rumors that non-union crews banned from storm relief

Jon Ralston: "Democrats had huge day in Clark County today -- gained 9,600 voters, went over 70,000"

Here's what happens to our ballots in Washington State/King Co. (mail-in).

Joseph Stiglitz: "Romney's Plan Is Based on Magic"

Have We Conceded The House Of Reps To The Repugs....

DU Do U Have Full Confidence In Ohio The Buckeye State To Come Through For Us

538 late night update - 83.7%

So now we can't masturbate at Starbucks anymore!

John Cusack Developing Rush Limbaugh Film

Presidents Obama and Clinton in Concord, NH on Sunday morning.

Nate updated yet again. 83.7%. Third time tonight...up each time.

ABC News at the top of the hour (radio) said unemployment went up by .1%, nothing about 170,000 jobs

did lildreamer316 post the annual ghost story thread this year?

Fox/Romney "moving the Jeep jobs to China" troll in GD

Election Fraud Thread

Hello from New Hampshire!

The biggest waste of campaign money ever?

5 Reasons Karl Rove Is NOT Going To Electronically Steal This Election

NV: It's official. Dems take take 70k vote lead in Clark County.


Can we win the House?

Juan Cole: Repubs Tip World Off to Covert CIA Role in Libya; Security Lack May Have Been for Intel

Will he lose even if he wins?

Does anyone know if a lot of the damn T Baggers that were elected to conmgress 2 years ago are

I've put a LOT of miles on my new bike in six weeks.

Harry Reid Was Right: Mitt Romney Paid No Taxes for 15 Years

Wow Faux News and Fiends Slapped down by Geraldo

a simple reminder about setting your clocks back

re: The idea of Undecideds breaking for the Challenger

Immediately after the election: Mobilize to oppose lame-duck grand bargain

Disaster preparedness

Enjoying the breeze

Purple Strategies: Barack Obama 47%, Mitt Romney 46%

Rights are NOT supposed to be voted on

There is only One toss-up State

Nonpartisan Tax Report Withdrawn After G.O.P. Protest

The Gentleman’s Guide To Forum Disruption

PPP: MASSACHUSETTS - WARREN +6 in Final Poll - Next Senator from MA!

I like the looks of Washington Post's Senate Race map.

7 Prognosticators With Good News for Nervous Obama Fans

Favorite wife/spouse of a Democratic vp or vp nominee in last 50 years....this is a really hard one

Mitt Romney Robocall Warns Christians Obama A 'Threat To Our Religious Freedom'

Why do my trashed threads reappear and why do the people I have on ignore keep showing up?

I can draw only one conclusion:

My prediction; electoral and popular vote

President Obama is peeling away.


What can we glean from this: Springsteen

Find a way to let this idiot have an earful:(Edit to add-he answered my tweet.In Twitter war now.)

Secret Service allows 15,000 potential armed terrorists into Romney Event

The Fundynutzies Want To Have Religious Freedom To Forcefully Impose Their Twisted Rules On --

What happened to Harry Reid and Calling out for Mitt Romney's Tax returns?

One Can Only Ponder The Damage Had Sandy Been A Category 4 Or More ----

bumper sticker scene in st. paul...

What a fucking "Mitt" !

Voter intimidation concerns hit Wyoming

If You Believe The Fundynutzie Churches They Would Have Had The Damage From Sandy Fixed ---


Why Are More Women Than Men Going to College?

Brownie Pushing Jeb Bush And His Start Up Disaster Relief Corporation. That Is Why ----

Just to plan ahead a little.

I was woken up by a bright light 10 minutes ago

The Right's 'School Choice' Scheme

Why Election Day Marks the Beginning of the End of Marijuana Prohibition

What will happen to the GOP after Tuesday when they LOSE? I predict some fun CHAOS.

Why We May Be Able to Start Feeding Ourselves From Urban Waters Again

Now US Navy is arming drone boats

Romney's Concession speech: He's not very good at gracious or humble.

Avoiding Post-Sandy Disaster Capitalism: On Rebuilding the Right Way

My Mom's power is back on in CT! Now I can stop worrying

US Chamber of Commerce Becomes #1 'Shadow Money' Spender

Dancer’s plan to restore crumbling Cuban ballet school raises architectural-ethical conundrum

Beyond the Jobs Report: A Call for a Transformational Economy

Thank you Madelyn Dunham 10/26/1922 - 11/3/2008

2012 Halloween Light Show - Gangnam Style

reminder: time to fall back an hour

2012 Halloween Light Show - Gangnam Style

Meanwhile, in the Arctic Ocean...

israel pushing ahead in medical marijuana industry

Obama banks on Bill Clinton to clinch close states

japan nuclear safety team took utility money

Virginia voter fraud case expands to focus on GOP firm

Robert Reich: Three Biggest Democratic Takeaways from Election 2012

deleted by author

Idiots. It took them until late yesterday to cancel the Marathon?

Learning to Bounce Back

What's best to combat dog fleas?

Breaking: GOP Caught Red Handed, Election Fraud in Indiana

Vigilantes Seize Mexico Town After Murder

RI Gov. Chafee campaigning for Obama, former Senate colleague, in Pennsylvania, Virginia

Voter fraud group recruits poll workers in crucial Ohio county (Hamilton County)

U.S. investigators to get access to Benghazi suspect

Hyundai, Kia overstated gas mileage in cars and SUVs, including Elantra, EPA says

Most UK ash trees will be diseased within 10 years, ministers told

Storm was cruel to elderly who refused to evacuate

Alien invaders threaten Europe's native plants

Sandy: US government races to ease fuel shortages

Acapulco mayor plans to fire 500 police officers

Yup. That about sums it up. Says it all. Pass it around.

Status of Puerto Rico up for vote again

Are zombies unionized?

Election fraud exposed. Not tied to any Republican.

Difficult-to-read font reduces political polarity, study finds

No relief effort in the wake of a major catastrophe will ever go perfectly

Obama's "intro song" for those who didn't know.

James Murdoch Re-Elected To BSkyB Board

Dissolving Circuits Could Create Compostable Electronics

Bottom line: Anyone who votes for Robme is UNINFORMED and/or to put it mildly...

US has added 1.1m new millionaires under Obama, says study

Ode of the Teavangelical

Missouri Democrats worried Kansas Voter ID law to push down Show Me turnout

NBC Polls - Obama by six in Ohio; Obama by two in Florida

Last day for early voting in NC: here's where we stand (numbers added)

How pathetic. Romney camp reduced to lying about numbers at 'blowout' rally. Doubling the #? Really?

Tom Brokaw just said on the Alex Witt show...

Climate Scientists will go the way of The Liberal Media....

So WilLIARd if 'you built it'

U.S. Rep. Kurt Schrader calls alleged ballot tampering in Clackamas County 'sneaky, underhanded'


Syria conflict: Rebels 'attack key airbase at Taftanaz'

Anyone see Alex Witt with the last guess going over the early vote numbers

The Wizard Of Oz 2012

A thought for the aftermath

You can do it Florida, turn it around today

Politico: Christie was Mitt's first choice for VP

Top 18 Reasons You Might Want To Vote For Mitt Romney (Satire)

I had to share this...a song for Romney.

The concession speech has already been written....

Greek Parliament Approves Contentious Law to Expand Privatization

Rupert Murdoch: Chris Christie Must 'Re-Declare' For Mitt Romney 'Or Take Blame'

Help please

Biden in Beloit

MSNBC on all day today w/news...!

Here in Florida we keep seeing the Home Depot political ad

Exclusive: Christie was Mitt's first choice for VP

Even Netanyahu is preferable to Lapid

KRUGMAN: "Rove the businessman has just had an amazing, banner year..."

Ash dieback: 'Wash after visiting woods' plea

***OFFICIAL "Let's Chill the Fuck Out This Weekend and Take This Thing" THREAD***

something to be aware of

NYT: Romney Versus the Automakers

Climate expert Klaus Jacob accurately & eerily predicts damage from Sandy

Germany's Merck halts supply of cancer drug to Greek hospitals

something every voter should see

I Usually Look At Aggregates But A +2 Poll For O In FL And A -6 Poll At The Same Time Is Odd

is your vote for sale?

Romney gave me his white fur-lined coat

Help again

something to be aware of

Picture perplexed

minorities donating little to presidential campaign

my vote is not for sale!

An Energetic, Joyful Obama Campaign And It's Enthusiastic, Determined Crowds

Are Republicans rigging a U. S. Congressional Race?

THE ECONOMIST Endorses Obama: "The Devil We Know"

Joe Conason: The Superstorm Blows Away Political Pretense and Ideological Nonsense

Reactions to Everyday Stressors Predict Future Health


LOL: GOP (Shades Of Homer Simpson) Claims Voting Machines Are Stealing Elections For Obama

Great Saturday Morning Hangover Cure - Nate Silvers 538 As of Today!

What is it about Republicans

Whatever will they do?

please read before you vote

I got up at 3:45AM to get gas on LI...

Judge lets charges stand against former Walker aide

GOTV this weekend through Tuesday. EVERYONE is needed to help.

please read this before you vote

Will Obama Voters Fail To Vote Downticket And Saddle The President With A GOP House?

Misogyny will cost the GOP

Freepers getting giddy over outdated poll showing Romney up 4 in PA

is your vote for sale?

Again, a shout out to Chris Hayes and his show today about global warming

It crunch time, folks!

"If You Want To Live Like a Republican, Vote Democratic."

Gingrich supporters warned of a third Obama term

Fox News should be charged with Sedition I'm serious

Yes, Rethugs Live In A Different World

Ford's C-MAX hybrid outselling Prius

read this please

The semi-annual assault on our clocks and senses is tonight!

Fresh supply of gasoline must have arrived in Brooklyn last night

Listening to Ray Lamontagne's Til the Sun Turns Black

Hurricane Sandy on Bikes in NYC

GOP Storm Survival Tip: Evacuation is not necessary.

Just as predicted, Romney goes right off of the edge of sanity and decency

Congressional seats. Are we going to pick up any House seats?

Many gun owners are hidden criminals.

THE BIGGEST LOSERS=Koch/Adelson: "It would have been cheaper to just pony the fuck up on their taxes

In Defense of Nate Silver, Election Pollsters, and Statistical Predictions

Are there any liberal militias I can join?

Fox & Benghazi: Treason in the Name of Politics?

A good one from DailyOM-How to Quiet the Mind

Contamination found in more NECC products. (New England Compounding Center)

NATE SILVER: For Romney to Win, State Polls Must Be Statistically Biased

Day 2 -The Poll Troll Has It Tied Again

They got the deer head Congressman who thinks the earth is 9,000 around school children

Rasmussen still has it 48-48... but O's job approval up to 51%

November 7th

Army: No health risk from secret St. Louis testing

Who wants to help me have a little fun when the election is called for President Obama?

Chris Christie was Mitt's First Choice for VP

Japan protests after new report of incident involving drunken US serviceman

An angry Mitt Romney discusses his religion.

Am I the only one that thinks a 3rd party is gonna make a difference come Tuesday

Tom Joad: THIS is the story of the year-the Ohio Sec. of State is in violation of Ohio law.

Want to FREAK your RePub "friends"? Bet them $100 that Obama will win and MEAN IT. I did. FUN !!

After 5 Days Without Power, I am Back!!

Iraq War contractor ordered to pay National Guardsmen $85M over toxic chemical exposure

Your top ten for election day?

Poll: Obama up 6 in Ohio, 2 in Fla.

Could you imagine where Mitt Romney would be right now had he picked Chris Christie as his VP

NBC/Marist/WSJ: Obama Leads By 6 In Ohio, Holds 2-Point Edge In Florida

A Romney presidency will NOT take us back 50 years

Education and voting...

On Sunday, remember to set your clocks back one hour.On Tues., try not to set the clock back 50 yrs

Ode of the Teavangelical Original post by Scuba-Take his to the Greatest page

Has anyone else noticed?


Nate Silver, 11/3 blog: "Nov. 2: For Romney to Win, State Polls Must Be Statistically Biased"

Bet RePubs you know $100 that Obama wins and WATCH THEM SQUIRM.

Zogby: Sandy Helping Obama with Independents

U.S. election — It’s all over but for the rage

Diesel, Toxins & A Seawall Made Of Lead Slag - Potential Beach Cleanup Costs $5-$8 Million/Mile

From Michael Moore...

some threads on DU show me that the day after the election.....

Businesses and Fox News

Former nun, now atheist and activist living in Fort Pierce

How will you be celebrating election night?

Corporate "Partnerships" Steadily Increasing Percentage Of World Health Organization Funding

Do you realize how great Obama is doing in the swing states? Imagine the Reverse

Nate Silver explains the math the haters ignore

Neurosurgeon: No head shots before 14

Princeton Election Consortium (Sam Wang's site) has FL and VA blue!

Mother Jones - The Nine Most Anti-Science Candidates Running In 2012

Air Force Academy's religious respect program could soon go service-wide

Staten Island's radio traffic is no where near as bad as during Katrina.

Princeton Election Consortium, 11/3 10 AM ET: Obama 323, probability of re-election 98%


The Romney Lie !

I "think" I voted today

PA State Agency Omitted Toxic Metals From List Of Chemicals Found In Wellwater Near Fracking Site

Need some advice for how to deal with these poll crashers

Got this from Durbin today

A Different Look At Sequestration: The Center For American Progress

Was that the real Ann Romney last night on Norman-Goldman radio show?

Remember when the entire world danced in the streets on 11/4/08?

The minimalist approach to an Obama victory

Prez making campaign calls: 'This is old school right here . . . This is how we used to do it.'

Las Vegas Republican arrested for voter fraud

California Republican ranks shrinking

Despite Pious Gum-Flapping, HSBC Financing Massively Destructive Tropical Logging In Sarawak

A Different Look At Sequestration: The Center For American Progress (xpost from Veterans)

Some thoughts on Chris Christie

Am I the only one who is extremely worried about an outright conspiracy?

North Carolina last day early vote lines

Ten parents and teachers arrested in Chicago outside Rahm Emanuel's office

How Can Evangelicals Embrace the Republican Party and Capitalism?

TPM map 303-191

How Can Evangelicals Embrace the Republican Party and Capitalism?

8m gallons of gasoline being delivered to New York...

GOP, Women's Rights

WARNING: Don’t Give Your Ballot to That ‘Nice’ Republican

Idea of the Day: We Can Reduce the National Debt Without Sacrificing National Security

Mitt, post-Sandy

Number of pensioners taking free flu jab falling

is your vote for sale

What happens next?

Mask Avengers: Canadian protesters to show faces or get 10 yrs in jail

Mitt and Rob

Wa Post: Obama has apparent lead among swing state early voters

Get Your New GOP Fox News TV Stand!

In all this early voting no one has said how the independent voters are voting

IG: ANSF construction ‘at risk of being wasted’

Israel: Syria tanks enter Golan DMZ

Geraldo Rivera: FOX charges on Libya: "GOP Bloodlust . . .An Obscene Lie . .insincere and desperate

Explaining white men's aversion to the Democrats

Obama should have made this into about 10 commercials. Why repubs say you shouldn't vote for Romney

President Obama moves up to 303 Electoral votes on Intrade

Warning about exit polls

Sam Wang Will Eat a Really Big Bug...

Ain't it the truth!


Speaking of names,...what is your middle one?

Lying and stealing: the Democrat playbook for elections = smuggling illegal Somalis into Ohio = LOL

So, this Compounding Pharmacy issue goes all the way back to Tom DeLay.

"Maybe Reality Has A Liberal Bias"

JLENS Helps Kill Iranian Boat Swarms, Cruise Missiles But Does Army Care?

Toon- "I Just Want..."

Haiti suffering from Sandy too, lest we forget

After the President is declared the winner of his reelection...

An entirely different kind of political targeting and appeal than we've been offered for decades now

Many Gun Owners are Hidden Criminals and that's WHY I Support Gun Control Laws

The Partisans : ZOMBIE AYN RAND


SW Ohio article on income inequality, spread this on Facebook please!

Any vegans out there?

Ok that was kinda creepy. I just went outside to take the trash out and heard

in ohio can we request a paper ballot, that is manually counted

New Poll CA: Obama 54%/ Romney 39%

The hosting situation in the gungeon has further deteriorated.

What are you reading the week of November 4, 2012?

Can someone help me?

Sub cost must continue to fall, admiral says

Princeton: Probability of Obama re-election: Random Drift 98.0%, Bayesian Prediction 99.8%

Five delusional right-wingers who have Mitt in a landslide

Fox news strikes again!!

New Poll NM: OBama 49%/Romney 41%

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Chris Rock's Message For White Voters On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Where Obama and Romney Stand on the Big Issues

Meet Peggy

Depressing Miami Herald front page today-Romney ++ by 5 in FL

Graphic: Mix & Match Mitt on both sides of the issues

In Search of the Lost Occupizza!

Big AM crowd for the President in Mentor OH (LIVE LINKS)


Mitt is "creeping out" voters in Wisconsin

Obama 294 - Romney 244

Hah!1 The local radio wingnut was CONCERNED about how polarized we are!1 My e-mail to him

Many GOPPERS Believe In Demonic Possession Because They know The Devil Who Is In Them.

The petition I started for FEMA workers is getting media coverage:

Bill Clinton speaking LIVE in Virginia!

Conservative ‘historian’ claims Benghazi an inside job designed to help ban free speech

Ohio Front Page reports on Obama via Ben LaBolt

My final EV projection: 294-244

Thank You Occupy Wall Street

Florida Early Voting Totals Changing, Raise Huge Questions

Borderlands 2 - Shift Codes - Updated 2/16/2013 - Gearbox Anniversary Giveaway weekend - 1st set

That little "receipt" that prints out when you check in at the polls

Florida 'Glitch' Wipes Out 1000 Early Votes In Black Area

POTUS LIVE in Ohio momentarily. MSNBC and I'm guessing C-Span.

Koch's AFP Complains about Gas Prices, but Koch Speculation Helps Fuels High Prices at the Pump

& send him to "Dancing With The Stars"

New Polls:Obama Firewall Holds

Saturday, November 3rd. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

I am watching the Rehberg-Tester debate. Can someone from Montana explain this to me,

Brownie's back!

Poll: Obama leads Romney in Fla., Ohio - WSJ-NBC-Marist Poll

The Rove "logic".

Bulletin: German nuclear exit delivers economic, environmental benefits

If you look at this strictly as a hiring decision between 2 applicants

McCain builds huge lead over Romney in a close election

Mitt Romney's Ohio: "I'm losing you; I feel you slipping away" (Lennon)

Today's College Football Thread (11/3)


My "WTF?" moment of the day...

GOTV! What are you doing today to help Obama win?

A puzzling question for a Democracy

WA: GOP Volunteers Going Door To Door In DEMOCRATIC King County TO COLLECT BALLOTS!!!

Native American Ancestors' Diet Part of Study and Challenge

Has a Dem or Repub ticket ever had both Presidential and VP Nominee to lose their home states?

President "Divider" is speaking now.

"you don't own me" (lesley gore 1964) psa hits back at gop

"you don't own me" (lesley gore 1964) psa hits back at gop

JK in Ohio. He's tweeting again...

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 3, 1972

Judd Gregg must know they've lost.

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 3, 1972

OK try not to laugh..... or throw up:

Judd Gregg is a child!

Anybody watching Alex Witt right now? Some republican just

Weekend with Alex Witless just lost a guest

Former GOP governor of NH bails on Alex Witt because he won't sit through Obama speech.

PPP poll in Michigan: Obama up by 6 points.

Check out what these marathoners are doing:

R election fraud in Clackamas County, OR

More God on the Quad: Religions on Campus


Grove Polls: IOWA, Obama 47, Romney 44; OHIO Obama 49, Romney 45; WI, Obama 48, Romney 42

Did I hear correctly...

What would a Mormon White House look like? has Florida back to being tied

Obama in Boise in 2008

OUCH! Alex Witt just slammed Judd Gregg & GOP on air.

The Big Dog holding a rally in Raleigh NC Sunday at Pullen Park, gates open at 4pm. Updated post.

Chris Rock: Message to White Voters

I still believe in the inherent goodness of The People. It is at the Core of My Liberal Philosophy.

Faith community is integral to the healthy masculinity movement

I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat (Jax,FL)

If someone offered you $1,000,000.00 to alter some votes

What's Not To Like About BPL Photos?

President Obamas Weekly Address: Recovering and Rebuilding after the Storm

Watching MSNBC yesterday evening, there was a news clip at a Romney rally, believe it was in Ohio

Dear Republicans: Please Remember To Set Your Clocks Back ONE DAY Tonight

LOL. Teabaggery at the ballot printing office?

Obama and Romney tied three days before election: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Christie tweet: "Government is here for moments like this."

If You have heard this song

re Rush Limbaugh: I thought you all might want this one for your personal collections. WARNING

What 's the response to the latest RWNJ Facebook funny

Don't Let Mitt Turn Back Time On Women

Any latest polling out in PA


“He’d be great anywhere there are ordinary white men”

Obama wins if he takes all states Dems have won at least 3 of past 5 elections.

"Who Are Your Heroes In Real Life" Courtesy of the Christian Left...

Is there anyone else that thinks...

Holy Moly!!! Michelle O is coming to Orlando on Monday and

30+ Fox News Hosts And Contributors Who Are Campaigning For Republicans (

Live NOW: Coffee Party Radio: Hurricane Sandy Tips Election? Sat 12–2PM Central

Batten down the hatches everyone. The rapture index is at a record high (185)!!

President Obama back at FEMA headquarters on Saturday, Nov. 3 - pics

Ohio Republican Mailer Features Chinese Food Containers, Chopsticks To Tar Democrat


Long long lines at the Leon county, FL courthouse.

Songs which either mispronounce foreign words OR English for that matter.

How was Philadelphia affected by Sandy?

In Georgia: The times, they are a'changin

Sarah Palin, in her quest for relevancy, donates $5000 to Romney's campaign

Michael Barone predicts rMoney 315 evs to Obama 223

Cutest Halloween costumes ever!! - pic

Everywhere I look, I see Republicans being dirty.

Just went out to GOTV today in Arlington Virginia: Thoughts

I am now seeing Gary Johnson ads here in Indiana. I am assuming that this will help Obama here,

Somebody help me out here, please

Good News? Reporter with Romney says they're being "nostalgic"

The Majority of Gun Owners are Law Abiding, Tax Paying Human Beings and that's WHY

Gigi Georges = Turncoat

Obama at FEMA: "We still have a long way to go"

What is a GMO?

The Long Con: Mail-order conservatism, by Rick Perlstein

Free fuel, if you can get there, among actions to ease Sandy shortage

The Million Muppet March in Washington - (updated) pics

Uribe no longer belongs to coalition party: lawmakers .

Nate Silver: Obama 19, Romney 1

DU is on Defcon 1

Charlotte-Mecklenburg: Quarter Million have voted already, far outpacing 2008

A Mormon Church next to every school in this country?

About 4 million early FL ballots cast -- and growing. Ds leading Rs by 104,000

This is a riot: From Freepwadville: Romney's Mona Lisa Smile

Religious Consistency and Hypocrisy: Election 2012 (long, but good read)


The whole RW polling controversy is an 'Argument from Personal Incredulity'

Got a Call from the Todd Akin Campaign

Elizabeth Warren tweets pic of canvass kickoff #teamwarren

NO BIG crowd in Iowa today for dipola....his backdrop is after about 3 to 4 rows of

Don't forget to set your clocks back and more importantly.....

Romney is the Least Compassionate, Thieving-est, Lying-est Mother Fucker ever to run for President!!

Chris Kluwe's final blog post with Pioneer Press after OpEd against LGBT rights

Mexico’s Day of the Dead loses participants due to Protestant conversions

I Saw A Romney-Ryan Sticker On A Car In Alhambra

Obama for America person showed up on my doorstep

Reuters/Ipsos: Obama 47, Romney 46 (LV, 10-30-11/3; Obama up +1 from yesterday)

Up to three Hours left to Early Vote in North Carolina!

BREAKING -Public Records Reveal Romney Profited From Corruption, Fraud & Racketeering at Bain

You gotta see this. Woman arrested in Las Vegas for Voter Fraud, trying to vote twice.

GOP "Outrage" Over 11/4/12 Airing of "Seal Team Six"

Nov. 2: For Romney to Win, State Polls Must Be Statistically Biased - By NATE SILVER

When did a month become thought of as a long time for electric service to be

Another few questions about ridding fleas from dog and home...

So you've based your campain entirely on Obama's handling of the economy...

I will deface my ballot on Tuesday

IRS not enforcing rules on churches, politics

Will the pollsters be called out for consistently stating that it's 50-50

Seen on Tumblr: One Mitt, Two Mitt, Red Mitt, Blue Mitt

Do pollsters release polls on election day?

Had an awesome 15 minutes this afternoon.

Romney Seeks Vengeance For Obama’s ‘Revenge’ Remark

For What's It Worth Professor Wang Has O As A 500-1 Favorite

This Is What We Need to Wait For On Tuesday Night

Wingnuts are starting to see the reality of their disastrous candidate and campaign.

Registered Nevadan Republican Arrested For Trying To Vote Twice

Nate Silver: Does race affect votes? (video lecture)

Ex-mayor erects statue of himself at Michigan home

This could have the effect of a revolution occurring under the radar... just consider...

I can now add Rick Santorum to my list of annoying robo-callers

Wall Street donors make big bets on Romney

dirty tricks in ohio

How much damage has the Republican Party done to our country??

Boy does Yahoo! News suck!

Walkergate: It's Too Late To Save The Shoes (Cog Dis)

Violence against women act

Mountain Meadows Dwindling in Pacific Northwest, U.S. Due to Climate Change, Study Suggests

I got more dope than I can smoke.

FLOTUS visit to Ryan's alma mater looks sold out :-)

Will Monday be the last day of all the ads?

I just voted in VA. Best of all, I actually saw some cars with Obama/Biden stickers! Don't see

Fired up? Ready to go? Check this out!

Nevada: Democrats end EV with stunning 71,000 Clark County vote advantage

MSNBC just said Rmoney rally had 30,000 but police said 15000 went through metal detector

Heads Up: MSNBC is airing news and political programing day and night, today and tomorrow

Oregonians, re: new Repug voting fraud case, how do we best leave ballot choice blank?

Benghazi cover-up allegations: does anyone know what that is all about?

Exhibit A for why unrec should be brought back.

Is the reporting about the storm aftereffects is distorted by misunderstanding local culture?

kenya bull fight: obama trounces romney

The greatest October surprise ever would be

Report on the Self-Organized Ad Hoc recovery effort in New York City

To Be Fair, National Geographic Is Going To Air "The Battle of the Baguette"

Heard President Clinton Speak Today - Third President I've Witnessed Live ...

The Republican Congress will probably get one more strike?


Judd GREGG who walked off MSNBC not to hear the President has a hilarious Wiki bio

Nice summary of newspaper endorsements for Warren/Brown

Wayne Powell campaign headquarters vandalized! cantor supporters more than nervous!

TCM Schedule for Monday November 5 - TCM Spolight: Great Adaptations

Powell Chesterfield headquarters vandalized!

Romney is telling us to "Vote for love of country

NJ Gov Christie says paper ballots will be available on Tuesday at polling stations without power

Superstorm Sandy packed more total energy (IKE) than Hurricane Katrina at landfall

Most Republicans believe in demonic possession

GOP Desperation In The Final Days: Rudy Giuliani Calls On Obama To Resign

Friggin' Hilarious!! Florida To Experiment With New 600-Lever Voting Machine

I am hand-painting some Obama and Bob Kerry signs for my yard today

Climate Change Poll Finds Most Americans Unwilling To Pay Higher Energy Costs

Cenk to Jeb Bush/why GWB not on the trail: "...your brother was a royal f--k up"

bwehahaha: 'Motherly' Margaret Thatcher cleaned bodyguard's shoes and tidied their rooms

Updated North Carolina EV Stats: 2,511,435 voters, 56 percent female, 32% non-white

Former Kronk boxer fights off carjacker - Stupid rises to a new level

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday Nov 3nd

I've been spammed by Mitt Romney

Murdoch's split personality

Thought this dragon baby video was funny, is it alright to post it here?

Obama Camp Releases GOTV Video ‘The Final Push’

Lying Sack of S*** of The Week: Josh Mandel

Rachel Maddow interviews Nate Silver (with video/ must see for DU)

Romney / RNC bait 'n switch. Do you think folks are getting a clue?

Spaghetti/Pasta/red sauce recipes

When you see them drag out Fuckabee's campaign manager to defend Rmoney

Three US states poised to legalise cannabis and defy 'war on drugs'

Vote intimidation

Fox News in NC -- Apparently they can not help themselves

Christie ‘Still Very Satisfied’ With Obama’s Sandy Response

Hair Peace

The FINAL push: It's on us...

The four most beautiful words in the English Language:

Souper Storm Red Lentil Soup

Notice to visitors:

Former Kronk boxer fights off armed carjacker

Egyptian princess tomb discovered near Cairo

Thom Hartmann on Romney's Final Argument -Vote for me or else!

Egyptian princess's tomb found near Cairo

Biden:Daylight Savings Time Romney's favorite Time 'Because He Get's to Turn The Clock Back' (video)

A man died and went to heaven.

Whatever Happened To Arizona Weren't We Close Enought To Pull It Out There

A cure for America's corruptible voting system - Naomi Wolf

Does Nate Silver include..

Romney the Uniter

'Suspicious' cooler that stopped voting in Winter Park (FL) was blown up

Never Forget Your Addiction to Oil....

Biden zings Romney in Colo.

Congratulations to California Peggy who

Harrowing Note Found In The Aftermath Of Sandy “I don't think I'm going to make it.”

Mother Jones Charts: Almost Every Obama Conspiracy Theory Ever

Barack Obama Versus Mitt Romney on Osama Bin Laden!

Just woke up from a nap. Ask me anything.

An interesting sculpture by the side if the road. ...

Just got my second Romney robo call... - all oenophiles should take a look a this site.

"Vote for Love of Country" Fer krissakes, he sounded like Billy Flynn

Cher and Kathy Griffen ad to get out the vote. It's really funny.

Here is the Miami/Dade sample ballot for Tuesdays election.

The Day After Romney loses, will Wolf Blitzer be doing his Leslie Nielsen impression?

Obama Praises Leaders for Coming Together in a Crisis While Romney Camp Threatens Christie

Biden: Romney's favorite time of year is

Cher and Kathy Griffin ad to get out the vote.

The right-wing voters will go out of their minds on Wednesday. Fox ‘news’, Beck, et al have them

Nope, we dont need early voting. (Picture of voting line today inside)

Please indulge me

PPP: Warren 52, Brown 46

"I'm a Democrat, but Obama..." is the troll equivalent of "I'm a student at a small Mid-Western

I am being harassed by Pat Boone!

Many Progressives Don't See the Danger In Voting for a 3rd Party Candidate

Call Your Zeyde - Vote Obama

N.J.'s Christie opens offices for early voting; paper ballots ready

Nine Cleveland-area voting locations without power in Sandy's wake

Just rec'd my Obama-Biden bumpersticker in the mail

Some pro-control politicians....

Part of the fun of Du the last couple of weeks for me

BTW... Obama ‘revenge’ comment referred to Romney ‘scare tactics’ in Ohio Campaign

Authorities Detonate 2nd Suspicious Package At Florida Early Voting Site

A (former) Mormon explains why Romney's religious views are important

GOTV in North Carolina (NC) 11/03/12. Dems lead Reps 3 to 2

Wow. Romney's crowds are HUGE.

Update: Authorities Detonate 2nd Suspicious Package At Florida Early Voting Site

Todd Akin Arrested At Least Eight Times At Abortion Clinic Protests

I remember when phones were dumb as fuck.

Hello, human diary. It is I again, Mitt Romney, your better.

WHOA!!! Did anybody else feel that?

Freeper confidence bothers me

My favorite? Picasso's Bleu Period. Yours?

It took me a few seconds to get this one, but then... ... ... BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Nobody could photobomb like Li'l MiddleFingerMom could photobomb!!!

Why MiddleFingerMom is so damned HAPPY alla time... ... ... that's MISTER Happy to you!!!

John Sununu has been suspiciously quiet recently

Feds to monitor early voting in Miami-Dade

Before you turn your clocks back, you better listen to my radio show at 4PM ET

Just a little POTUS moment to make you feel good on this pre-election weekend.

Will Hannity ever deliver on his promise to be waterboarded?

Kind of a disgusting thing overheard at work

I am fully in support of DOJ monitoring the elections.

What Is It Like After You Die?

I feed on Freeper gloatings, they are my bread and staff of life

Early Voting in Ohio!

Pooling the Ohio Polls, v.2, and what if they steal Ohio

Hey Republicans and Teabaggers

Puerto Rico begins building large solar park

."WARNING! Your computer is at High Risk"

The "Very funny, God" Electoral Map

Hej all, Expat American here, living in Sweden.

Natural disaster and elections....

Last-Minute Ohio Directive Could Trash Legal Votes And Swing The Election

When Was the Turning Point?

When someone posts a thread pointing out all the ways

Hmm... next jury service will be #200. Wondering what sort of beer or wine to pop?

New York Magazine - cover image

Field Poll: CALIFORNIA - (Feinstein +21), (Obama +15)

Ohio's SoS Jon HUSTED breaking the law:Last-Minute Ohio Directive Could Trash Legal Votes

WA Marriage Equality 52% Favor, 42% Against


President Obama live stream from Milwaukee

PPP: Washington State likely to approve marriage equality.

this race turned back toward Obama with a three word dagger

I hope they write a book about Romney's campaign

PPP: Final WA state poll Obama up by 7 (Pot/ Gay Marriage ahead by bigger margins)

Macs and Subarus…Suddenly it all comes clear!

I helped my lifelong Republican father

I'm still not going to breathe easy until they call it on election night...

This is my first election in I have a question....

So which network will you be watching on election night?

In how many states

Vote to legalize it

Still perpetuating the horse race story with 3 days to go - BBC News this evening

When the GOP suppresses inconvenient truths

The Truth Matters? 1 of the 14 National Educators for Romney Coalition has a diploma mill doctorate

It is interesting the the government is supplying gas

What swing states would Obama have to win to get to 270 w/o Ohio?

Cool canvassing experience!

Chris Christie

It's about time graywarrior had an intervention!

Hope all my fellow New Yorkers are safe and sound. Question about voting in areas affected by Sandy:

I made calls into Ohio for our President today

Just saw video on Alex Wagner: Bill Clinton said of Romney "This guy get caught with his hand in

You gotta see this!

Christie opens early voting with paper ballots (since there is no power)

My husband does not "get"'s what he said when I explained the DefCon levels planned

So, I was snooping over on another "forum"...

Find your fucking polling place

Solar charger for batteries and phones?

President Obama vs. President Bush Job Approval November 3, 2012/2004

It makes no difference which Republican is running....

Remember Buzz Bissinger, the Dem who switched to Romney? He's also standing by Lance Armstrong.

Have you ever tried to figure out Romney's strange facial expression?

Ohio Secretary Of State Acknowledges Loss Of Thousands Of Voter Registration Records

Sandy and the Unions: Death of a Made-up Talking Point

Probe into GOP firm may include up to 40 voter registration employees

Freepers: No shame

What about letting anonymous DUers claim to be professionals and give advice?

WTH? What sort of scenario can you imagine here?

Biden at a rally said that this is Rmoney's favorite time of the year.

A thought

Can you imagine a scenario where hackers turn the election and then are quickly caught.

A Carefree young man vs. the reality in pictures--1968

Romney had a better chance of winning

The 20 Most Innovative People in Democracy 2012

Chess (October/November): Magnus wins Grand Slam Final in São Paulo and Bilbao

Jihadist killing of captives widens the split among rebel fighters in Syria

Someone posted this on Facebook.

Mr. Dependable... hmmm, where's that vomit smilie?

GOTV in Florida (FL), 11/03/12 Dems surge to 3.2 pts

I thought Cristie said that we would be cutting through the red tape?

Will Ferrell Will Do Anything to Get You to Vote

The Daily Beast! Wow! R.I.P., Mitt Romney

Wisconsin Obama Rally

Birth Certificate Hula (pretty funny!)

Haaretz endorses Obama for four more years—because he "has been a good president for Israel"

When an Israeli soccer game looks like a Klan rally (Larry Derfner)

GOP candidate’s lush life = ND Senate hopeful Berg charged taxpayers for stay at the Ritz, and more

What are you planning to cook Election Day?

Todd Akin Arrested At Least Eight Times

A Walking Tour Through a #SandyVolunteer Hub

Take a look here, there is a hotel in central New Jersey that obviously has a generator.

Nevada is "off the table" for Romney.

I wonder how much Nate Silver would charge to live with me the next four days?

Jerry Jones: I'll stir things up before fans grow apathetic

Papantonio: Mitt Romney, Mormonism, and Perpetual War

Rural, Red State, Small Town Half-Page Editorial...Romney: Trojan Horse

Nevada early voting ends with 48,000-vote lead for Democrats.

I'm getting through this weekend with leftover Halloween candy and ...

Big Dawg in Raleigh with Walter Dalton SUNDAY 11/4

Sam Seder: Occupy storm relief efforts

My future daughter-in-law called from Brick, NJ and they finally got power. She is a nurse and


If all you want is a child born, but not a child fed...

Mitt Romney’s Delusions of Victory

Romney's Billionaires are getting nervous! Murdoch attacks Bloomberg demands he recant.

I eat like crap on election eve weekend.

How can I get tickets to the inauguration?

Joe Lowery and the history of a joke that failed

Ted Talk: Doctors Make Mistakes. Can We Talk About That?

FEMA + A "President Romney" = Catastrophe

The Romneys look down

Queen Ann at the podium crying

Watching Ann and Mitt just now on Alex Wagner

Body language is very telling

I haven't done a fucking thing all day! This live weekend MSNBC is detrimental to real life!

Starting to feel like Obama needs to

Rejoice! Wolf Blitzer is live.

Guiliani to Van Susteren on Benghazi "It seems that we're just talking to ourselves."

How much of the early republican vote will go for Romney?

I would love to see prison sentences for this voter intimidation/lost registration, etc crap

Whoa.New Obama memo

NO on 37 voters, the Republican

Occupy Sandy Far Rockaway Queens

The Wizard of Oz

Romney rally jokes about Hurricane Sandy flooding NYC

Nate Silver:Obama led in 19 battleground states today Romney led in one

Elizabeth Warren sunny, Scott Brown dour on trail

Ann Romney knows it's over...

New Romney Ad "Take Your Campaign of Hate.."

On November 7...I am NOT going to log into my Facebook account

"Ending Spending Action Fund" obviously has no problems with spending

I usually don't boost the Buckeye Marching Band, but this one routine from October is great....

Rupert Murdoch believes Obama will defeat Romney

It's Halloween tonight (thanks, Sandy)

Paul Krugman- Reporting that makes you stupid (media pushing 'race is tied' meme)

Fox says that Romney is getting "giddy"

Christie's angle

Perry sports skin-tight minidress emblazoned with Obama’s ‘Forward’ slogan at Milwaukee rally

Chris Christie

HuffPo: Early Voting Experience In North Carolina Bodes Ill For Civility On Election Day

I hate being cold.

These women spent 70 years...

Charlie Cook: MI, PA, WI out of Romney's reach

Wash. State Catholics Break With Bishops, Back Same-Sex Marriage

Voting Model Shows Romney Holding On

WTF?? CNN has Nevada colored red on their electoral map.

Annabanana's SISTER says she's doing fine.

If you haven't given to the Sandy relief yet (Ali Forney drop in center destroyed by Sandy)

Elizabeth Warren sunny, Scott Brown dour on trail

All of a sudden, I'm not interested in reading fiction anymore. What the heck?

That gas shortage in the tri-state area

OMG I just can't wait until this is over.

Reuters/Ipsos Virginia (D)48-($)45 Ohio (D)46-($)45 Florida (D)47-($)47

Masculinity as Homophobia

Any good parrot vibes in the Lounge?

Ali Forney drop in center is destroyed by Sandy (drop in center for homeless gay youth)

Anybody else picking up nervous habits waiting for Election Day?

Mitt.... The Diary of a Madman!

Big update from Jim Messina

Chris Christie will allow voters to submit votes by email or fax

PPP National: Obama 50, Romney 47

PPP has Obama ahead of Romney by 3 points nationally.

Somebody pleeeeeeease explain to me how that b****** Secretary of State, Husted, can do

Kucinich:FirstEnergy Incompetence Leaves 127,000 Residents without Power

Connie Pillich commercial

Annabanana is ok

Just off Twitter from the President

Occupy Sandy in Rockaway. Fills the GAP between the Red Cross and city services


As Han Solo said to Luke

Invite for all to Wayne Powell Victory Party Tuesday at 7:00p.m!

Troubling New U.S. Seasonal Drought Outlook (Thru 1/31/13)

Link? Are we losing our heads with missing links? This is my second missing link thread...

One Tuesday night , will you watch one network, or channel surf?

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney to campaign in Bucks County (PA) on Sunday

I happen to think that revenge

We are far more advanced than the ancient Egyptians.

NJ residents displaced by storm can vote by email

Up 6 points today - Obama Still Has A Big Lead In A New Ohio Poll WSJ/Marist/NBC

NC 11/3 Obama is Crushing Romney with Sporadic, Unlikely, and New Registrant Voters

PPP National Poll-Obama (D) 50% Romney ($) 47%

"Oh for the love of Christmas." Martin Bashir quote just now about Romney's stump speech.

Just tried to vote early in California - DENIED.

Katy Perry wears voting ballot dress for Obama

Can Everybody Chill about Ohio

Vote For Your Animals: Know Romney's Record Of Killing and Abusing Animals

Jimmy Kimmel told parents to tell their kids they ate their candy.

Fairness Doctrine - Obama's 1st Mistake

Cilizza finally moves Nevada to "lean Obama".

Mitt/Obama both campaigned in Dubuque today...

WOW-Former McCain Strategist, John Weaver- Obama -332 ECV Romney 206ECV

REVEALED: What George Bush told the Cayman Alternative Investment Summit...

Maricopa early voters confirmation

Just in time for Christmas. Giant sized gummy worms.

Anyone think Gary Patterson doesn't have guts???

The Obama's Halloween!

When asked what the campaign had planned in final days of campaign, adviser says, "praying."

I saw a blurb on MSNBC

Remember! Vote your local down ticket races and the State propositions.

Sneak peek into Willard's concession speech...lolz

GOTV in Nevada (NV) Official Final Day. Dems lead by 70,054 EV

Open Letter To The President. Repost

The Journos Im tweeting the moment they annouced Obama has won.

New York fuel "panic" grows even as ports open, reserves tapped

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted adds a step for voters who will cast provisional ballots on Tuesd

Breaking. It looks like "True the Vote" just got pushed back by the NAACP in Houston. Lying begins

Listening to a group of new voters talk about the Presidential election in a different language

If I hear that ***** say "Clear eyes and full heart" one more time!

Toon- Plan your election night party!

Condoleezza Rice endorses Deb Fischer (R-NE)

Just checked Townhall.Com...even they have Obama with 281 electoral votes.

The day after Halloween

Is NHS being protected in UK ?

Revisionist memory: White evangelicals have always been at war with abortion

He gets paid for this???

Ohio Republican Secretary of State sued over order to discard provisional ballots

Obama Camp Claims 1.8 Million New Swing State Voter Registrations

Reid State Park & Black Pond, Maine

Romney incorrectly picks 7 states in 2008 and then wishes physical discomfort on Obama supporters.

So which states results come in first??

My GOP sister sent me a link to this 'Obama is a muslim' youtube video...

Anyone up for an Election Returns Watching Party?

A few photos from my 3 hour walk today.

'Betting On Hope'

Does that use of "democrat" as an adjective piss anyone else off?

Rethuglican Enablers are omnipresent in the MSM...