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Instead of asking why public employees are making more money than private sector employees

WHY JUST CYBER MONDAY? (30% off MADE IN USA boots all week)

This ad left me pretty much speechless and my son sputtering


Payback Time for A Solar Panel System

When Corporate “People” are More Equal Than we Others

Syria: Children 'Killed By Cluster Bomb'

Federal Judicial Council Orders Married Gay Couple Reimbursed For Denial Of Marriage Benefits

Ex-Republicans claim Fla. GOP suppressed Democratic vote

Fwd: CDC/NIH Webinar: Lyme research moves in wrong direction

Time's Person of the Year? Vote for Barack Obama!!

Hasn't anyone in this Forum heard the admonition, "DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS".

John Lennon

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Hispanic outreach

Republicans oppose vote on UN disability treaty

Direction of Time Fuzzy for Subatomic Particles

We are Turning into Zombies! this pic proves it!

Rick Santorum ‘open’ to running for president again

Walmart tries to blame Rogue Supplier-BUT-Photos Taken SHOW Clothing With Walmart's EXCLUSIVE Label

I really, really, really NEED Obamacare

White House Makes Politically Expedient End Run By “Designating” Elisse Walter SEC Chair

I want to thank each and every person who wish me well in my thread about my Lung Transplant...

"impure thoughts" (from Mr. "Poopyhead" )

FILIBUSTER: Will Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats Change the Rules?

Former Walker aide reaches plea deal ( Tim Russell)

Greetings DU--finally got 10 posts!

Tonight Chez trof: Turkey Bacon Club Sandwiches. And Tater Tots.


Mortgage Interest Deduction on the table in fiscal cliff talks?

So if you want to "run government like a business" you don't increase revenue?

Karen Handel vs. Saxby Chambliss? It’s possible

Hey Everyone!

The holidays scream.....boiled custard

UK education sixth in global ranking (USA 17)

Cuomo: Sandy cost NY, NYC $32B in damage and loss

Facebook stock climbs after upgrade

In regards to the Ohio electoral vote scheme (awarding by Congressional district) I told you so

Milky Way: Infuriated Farmers Spray Milk On Riot Police In Brussels

What their signs say, and what they mean.

GOP stops Sportsmen’s bill on budget violation

The RANT light is on!

Mortgage Interest Deduction, Once a Sacred Cow, Is Under Scrutiny

We should cut deductions instead of raising rates. After all, Romney won.

Greasy Heart.

When Congress Busted Milton Friedman (and Libertarianism Was Created By Big Business Lobbyists)

A question to those who support banning pornography because it objectifies women.

So, get this . . . Romney's popular vote count now stands at 47.48 percent!

"Hiding the Church’s Treasure" by E.J. Dionne, Jr. at Truth Dig

Thom Hartmann: Grover Norquist, Enemy of the State?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! With Thanks & a new kitty gif

My hubby & I made approx same salary for 17 years

Today I discovered that Grover Norquist agrees with me about something...

"Told You So" by Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Dish

"Downton Abbey" Scores A Fourth Season

Protests Erupt After Wal-Mart Factory Fire Kills 124 Workers

Does anybody know anything about when (if)

Movie that scared you the most when you were a kid.

Statement by VP Biden on Anniversary of International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women

Share a little joke

GOP blocks bill to give more access to land for hunters

Marijuana institute takes shape at Humboldt; third in a series of lectures Tuesday

Transplant Doc, Nobel winner Murray dies

My Dog Skip, don't watch this movie without a box of tissues.

Eric Cantor: Obama "Ought to Be Putting Obamacare on the Table"

The Myth of the Obama Cave-In

I beg you to set aside some time and watch this important film

Star Track

Israel's Likud primary draws party further right

Behold, Some of the First Apple Computer Photos Ever

Accused WikiLeaker Manning says he was punished before trial

Pit Bull puppy tied to back of truck and dragged down highway; recovering

A good source on racist groups, including the Tea Party

Fox News Ambushed On Air Over Benghazi Scandalmongering

Should capitial punishment be abolished?

Bull Doze Blues

There should be a Senate rule that requires

Lebowski fans: nice review of The Abide Guide

Egypt's president stands by his decrees

SO...I landed a SWEET gig as the DJ in a local joint today.

Tomorrow (Tuesday 11/27) is a very special DUer's birthday!

I just finished reading the Rude Pundit, 11/26/12

Mine Kafon

So what happened to the movie 2016?

He broke The Pledge! And HE broke The Pledge. That fucker broke The Pledge.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry: Old Navy brings Chevy Chase back as Griswold.

Sweetening Bachmann's stay in the House?

Is Grover Finally Over? (Bruni | NYT)

Sen. Sanders:Now is The Time to Stand Up for the Working Class

Candidly, I do not see the necessity at this time for "Shared Sacrifice"

Bernie Sanders ‘Nervous’ About Obama’s Talk Of Entitlement Reform

We need to be cheering Grover on. Go Grover! Go Grover! Sic 'em, Boy. Good Grover.

Israel, U.S. Hold Secret Talks Over Palestinian Authority's UN Bid

GOP Southern Strategy -Seamus Style

New baby names in Gaza: 'Fajr' and 'Ahmed Jabari'

TV Advertising 101: Don't place your ad for chicken right after a Zombie feeding frenzy

Grover Norquist dismisses ‘impure thoughts’ on taxes

"Climate skeptic group works to reverse renewable energy mandates"

Lest anyone be tempted to think Lindsey Graham is a fair, responsible man . . . . .

Grover Norquist Makes ‘Tony Soprano-Like’ Threats to Republicans Who Dare to Break His Pledge

FIGHT!! Congress: Here's a petition to recognize the Tea Party as a treasonous hate group:

Fox News On Pro-Obama Women - "All they have to do is surrender to their nature..."

Did you vote for or against?

Big Tent News: Brad Pitt on Recent Gay Marriage Victories

I would like to publicly thank Willard.

Big Tent News: Ambassador Rice Speaks Out

Yesterday Was International Day for Ending Violence Against Women

** Poll for December Contest Theme** PLEASE VOTE TO SELECT THE NEXT CONTEST THEME!

end corporate welfare, cut the welfare military. no impending dems sell out needed

*Warren Buffett on Charlie Rose now.


Your LBGTQ Holiday Mom

Honda chief eyes more exports from US

Appeals Votes Down 30 race discrimination cases in a row

'Two and a Half Men' actor calls his show 'filth'

Fox News VP: Guest Who Slammed Network Apologized - But Not Publicly

People Without Facebook Accounts Are Deemed 'Suspicious' -- Forbes

Suspect in insider trading fraud released on bail

It gives me hope that they're back in Tarir Square in Cairo, protesting a "strongman"

•Email this thread function... any time line?

Now, I'm just an old country boy...

4 More Go Down in $154 Million Medical Billing Fraud Prosecution

Is the "Daily Show" a new one?

Does anyone know how many alerts are made each day?

Big Tent News: Catholics Do Not Support Church on Equality $2 Million Later

Tomorrow will be a new day.

Jon Stewart Shreds Apart Media Coverage Of ‘Winners’ And ‘Losers’ ...

Is Occupy doing anything in Tucson soon?

Best Led Zeppelin song ever!

Traffic pollution tied to autism risk: study

Italian Senate Kills Proposed Libel Law

I think I'll do this

New Zealand's first eco-friendly hempcrete house

Why MiddleFingerMom couldn't have beans while in the Army...

Britain ready to back Palestinian statehood at UN

It's time for the US to STOP blocking Palestinian statehood at the UN

Bangladeshi company budgets $1200 for families of those killed...

David Harvey: Seizing the Time for Anti-Capitalist Struggle

Lake Dayan-Gur, Russia

Budget Negotiations.....


'Please spare my little girl': How Mexico's fearless female mayor sacrificed herself to save her dau

The Face of Nature

Face Paw

Cantor Investigation

Time Magazine People of the Year?

storm cloud

What's the deal with all these "Text-Enhance" links popping up in posts now?

UN passes first resolution condeming female genital mutilation

Money for War


Medicare & Medicaid are on the tracks. Plouffe says Grand Bargain Express is coming! I believe him!

Mitch McConnell’s five biggest whoppers on the filibuster

"Fix the Debt" tour will be in Raleigh tomorrow - Progress NC needs protest rally participants!

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Monday, November 26)

On the Friday following Thanksgiving

Anyone else remember that moment in Wayne's World 2 when Chris Walken catches on to

Asian American consumers: Nearing $1 trillion in buying power

Abercrombie Will Ask Legislature To Consider All-Mail Voting

Democrats' Next Generation of Leaders Bides Time (Wasserman Schultz Expected to Continue as Chair)

FL columnist points out FL absurdities that make our state "unique". Well, weird, really.

Electric cars - What's the latest news for battery innovation?

Adding to the deficit – G.W. Bush vs. Obama

the lies of David W, Corn

Fox News STORE? Did my eyes fail me? In DFW airport...

It seems the only card the GOP has to play is threaten to destroy the country...

Predatory lending is still going on

Mike Malloy - The Fraud Of The Voting Negros

Mike Malloy - Another Christian Anti Abortion Pro Family Fraud

Mike Malloy - The Black Mind Controlling Devil

The UN wants to regulate your ability to freely discuss this or any other topic

Bernie Sanders ‘nervous’ about Obama’s talk of entitlement reform

9 Greedy CEOs Trying to Shred the Safety Net While Pigging Out on Corporate Welfare

Are Republicans Losing the South?

Science for Hire: Why Industry's Deep Pockets May Be Depleting the Last of Our Fisheries

fda suspends operations at peanut butter plant

Cliff Diving

growing animal rescue group is work of teen actor

big bill for levee upkeep comes to new orleans

Jane McAlevey: Building the Labor Movement in Obama's Second term

Moon rocks from Apollo 11 landing found in Minn.

If The Democratic party caves forget winning in 2014

Useful to know where the Tories' next potential coalition partners stand on adoption


Israeli-Americans sue Clinton over PA aid money

un: thawing permafrost to cause increased warming

Republicans Have An Enormous Tech Problem, And It Could Kill Them In 2016

Yup the moon was just full....

Milky Way

Goldman Sachs CEO on avoiding the fiscal cliff

Dimon Would Be Best to Lead Treasury in Crisis, Buffett Says

4 AM is the loneliest hour of the day.

Teens Need Contraception Prescriptions, U.S. Doctors Say

Big bill for levee upkeep comes to New Orleans

Clashes resume in Cairo ahead of opposition rally

Bangladeshis mourn garment-fire (112) dead, plan protest

Rice to meet senators whose support she covets

The shit is hitting the fan in Tahrir Square (CAIRO, Egypt).

Private, Public, Union, or Management: Who Takes All the Money?

42 Million Dead In Bloodiest Black Friday Weekend On Record

Fire highlights harsh lives of Bangladesh workers

Environmental Critics: US Must Take 'Urgent' Climate Action

Can anyone advise me on a USB battery backup that would power a Garmin Nuvi

Sorry, John McCain, But Anti-Choicers Are Judged on Actions, Not Words

Will Stealth Survive As Sensors Improve? F-35, Jammers At Stake

Did Joe Scarborough sign Grover's anti-tax pledge when he was in Congress?

Navy's Move To Growler 70% Complete; Build-Up Reflects Stealth Doubts

Goldman Sachs CEO on avoiding the fiscal cliff

"FDA halts operations at peanut butter plant " (Mostly Organic PB producer)

The 401(k) Is a $240 Billion Waste

Permission -

A Tuesday morning seminar on Where The New York Times Is Really Coming From re: the "fiscal cliff"

Warm Cat

Untold U.S. History from the Atomic Age to Vietnam to Obama’s Drone Wars

President Obama to appeal to public on fiscal cliff

South Korea says North is preparing for new missile launch

French documentary on gay seniors strikes timely chord

My version of huevos borracho

Norquist in a nutshell.

Analysis: For Obama, could 10,000 troops in Afghanistan be too many?

Jeb Bush, with cash and clout, pushes contentious school reforms

If the Republican Party worked with The Prez instead of against him, they'd get better ratings

China's Communist Party newspaper falls for Onion story about Kim Jong Un

Audit Says Kabul Bank Began as ‘Ponzi Scheme’

Japan Is Working On A 300 MPH Floating Train Read more:

The cut Obama should offer regarding Obamacare.

Did Walmart foretell it's future?

Remember when Mitt Romney was going to win Michigan?

The Ultimate Absurdity: Rice v Rice

The bitterness over the rich and their tax cuts

1% Have Self-Imposed/Manufactured "FISCAL CLIFF" Expecting Us All To BUY What They Say As $$$ Gospel

Enough of these myths about Entitlements and Gifts


90% of bacteria Consumer Reports found in pork were resistant to antibiotics

"Sinning" - Angus T. Jones........

A letter to Santa!

Walker confident he's clear in John Doe investigation

Some companies send employees on 'surgery trips' to cut health costs

Standing up to Grover is a scam

Santorum’s new cause: opposing the disabled

Shakesville: On "Bitch" and other Misogynist Language

Cowboys fan petitions President Obama to remove Jerry Jones as owner

That's Why They're Called "Capitalist Pigs"

CEO Evening News? CBS Turns to Benefit-Cutting Bosses for 'Fiscal Cliff' Commentary

Pat Robertson Admits He Missed God's Message on 2012 Election

Bad news for those wanting revolution.

One holiday down, two to go

Grover Norquist compares signing his Pledge to being married to HIM!

Bangladesh Factory Consumed in Fire Made Walmart Clothing

Happy Birthday CaliforniaPeggy!

Sitting Rep. Leading 'Fiscal Cliff' Talks Accepts Job as Duke Energy Lobbyist{dem}

A big mess that could be easily fixed???

The false hope of filibuster reform

No Deal Will Be Reached

Dear John

The Supreme Court's 4 Most Likely Moves On Gay And Lesbian Couples' Marriage Rights

The only evidence you need for voter suppression - Florida

What was your favorite color in the Crayola Crayon box?

Nigerian teens build generator that turns pee into power

Crazy German Dude jumps into ice cold water (fail)

the republican senator that pisses me off with his sanctimonious partisan bullshit

State Department Warns On “Criminalization Of Homosexuality” In Uganda

Chuck Todd can bite me.

Dancing With Stars All Star Edition

LOL! Bush offers Obama advice on what to say to Boehner if he tries to put Obamacare on the Table

"They (Faux) are just a bunch of BS Artists"

Enclaves, Long Gated, Seek to Let In Storm Aid (Sea Gate)

David Axelrod Surprised by Romney Campaign’s Missed Opportunities

Globalization vs. Traditional Religion

Suffocating The World... about those bags...

Why is there an infomercial ad right up at the top of all DU pages right now?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- It's Over, Grover

"Don't Read The Comments At Youtube."

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Republican Reflection

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3-De Nile is a river in Egypt

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

"the Beltway mutual non-aggression pact"

German renewable energy drive brings emissions cuts success

Siberia's pesticide dumps may prove a bigger hazard than nuclear waste

Jeb Bush meets with campaign operatives

Far-Right Hungarian Politician Denounced For Anti-Semitism

"Fanatacism and ignorance is forever busy, and needs feeding."

Petraeus friend to be ousted as South Korea's honorary consul....

Robert Reich: Why is the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers Helping the Republicans?

Political toons

Why Democrats NEED NOT FEAR filibuster reform!:

Alito Rising: What to Expect From the Supreme Court’s New Alpha Conservative


The Fiscal Cliff Is a Lie

The Wonderful World Of WalMart

russia's cossacks start patrolling moscow streets

Boy George - Turn To Dust

UPDATED - Fox News: Tom Ricks Apologized For Benghazi Criticism; Ricks: No, I Didn’t

"With Rumors That Arne Duncan May Step Down as Sec. Of Ed,"......

Fox News Insensitive Statements On Wal-Mart Factory Fire Shows Laissez Faire Capitalism In Action

Three reasons why anti-gay group failed to divide the black and gay communities on election day

There is no mandate for compromise with the Republicans

I Went To The Accts Payable Dept Of The Hospital Yesterday To Pay My Mom's Bill's And Found This....

Just in case there are others who just can't let this election go, LOL, click here:

Tom Ricks smacks down Fox Noise, again

WSJ: 'Cliff' Wranglers Weigh Medicare Age

Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Rose 3% in Year to September

Don't worry, I never use condoms...

Well now I know personally why our insurance is so high

SC Black News: Partisanship vs. Xenophobia vs. Humility

Zombie Babes Pinup Calendar.

German Spiegel: "Notes on the Decline of a Great Nation"

Mountain View, Arkansas - is there a huge complex?

McCain, Graham, Ayotte, and Rice

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Increases to Four-Year High

Thom Hartmann/Sam Sacks: Walmart's Hunger Games

Erotic Zoos Prompt Germany To Reinstate Bestiality Laws

Funneling the Sun's Energy

GOP throwing everything into budget talks- ACA, Medicare etc. So why aren't Dems asking for....

Revenue from deduction cuts is a SCAM, unacceptable, must be off the table

CNN just called Andrew Cuomo the OWNER

Would some be so kind as to post a link to ...

Best song EVER about the Lord of the Rings

How do I determine who started or holds an LLC title?

On the Virtues of Facebook

If folks are concerned that the Democrats are going to cave on the so-called "fiscal cliff", let

Retiring Blue Dog Democrat Heath Shuler Breaks His Pledge To Not Become A Lobbyist

Demand for U.S. Capital Goods Climbs in Spending Rebound

RW Senators DOUBLING DOWN on Rice...

I plan on making plenty of donations to Salvation Army this year.....

there's a witch hunt going on in susan rice


Politics: Where you attack a black woman to reassure people you are not gay

JESUS: Remember: It's My day, not Rupert Murdoch's. You don't want to end up where he's going.

Jane Harman new CIA Director?

Today, Jimi Hendrix would have been 70 years old

Gun Control works

I keep hearing the modern gop ...

Medicare and the Cliff Negotiations

Sorry for continuing to mention election, but here's a great collection of pics from both campaigns

"Homework: New Research Suggests It May Be an Unnecessary Evil" by Alfie Kohn

Susan Rice reminds me of Rosa Parks

Dear Mr. President, In regards to the so-called "entitlements" . . .

Dear President Obama. PLEASE nominate Susan Rice to SOS.

Final Score: Inhofe/Heartland Institute 16,000, EPA 4,000,000

McConnell Extends Olive Branch To Reid To Avoid Filibuster Reform

Jennifer Lawrence on set of Catching Fire.

We'd be better off with the Marx Brothers in charge than the Republicans...

On "Bitch" and other Misogynist language

GOP Senators Not Backing Down On Benghazi

What BS. McCain, Graham and Ayotte all choked up with stunned concern.

I missed this story from a few weeks ago

Something to think about for 2016:

Kicking great rendition of Adele's Someone Like you.

Republicans Poo-Poo President's Plan to Lobby People on Economy, Yet, Promote Their Own Campaign

Anna Paquin carrying her twins around. already looks thin.

The push to fix the debt is a billionaire- and corporate-financed looting scam

Britain Selects a Canadian to Lead the Bank of England

Pic Of The Moment: Saddened McConnell Says Filibuster Reform Would Poison Party Relations

After Drought, Reducing Water Flow Could Hurt Mississippi River Transport.

Good summary of Walking Dead Episode.

funny and ironic story

Marvin Miller has died at age 95

Junk Art.

House Republicans To Hit The Road On Fiscal Cliff

Senator Levin hasn't decided on filibuster reform yet

New film delves into the complexities of meat production

"likes" for Mitt Romney dropping, "likes" for Barack rising...hitting refresh on their facebook page

*** Gets out her box of letters and posts sign - DU Lounge is now Hiring!! ***

Israeli Military’s Twitter Warrior Forced to Retreat After ‘Obama Style’ Blackface Joke

Former baseball union head Miller dead at 95

Guatemala’s ‘Little School of the Americas’

Fox News: Tom Ricks Apologized For Benghazi Criticism; Ricks: No, I Didn’t

Ah, the racism. It's just so casual here.

Just an honest question - why would Israel want to poison Arafat?

Thom Hartmann: Is Grover Norquist an Enemy of the State?

I know "Lincoln" has gotten awesome reviews here, but LOL:

Why doesn't FB ave an option for

McCain, Graham and their unnatural spawn Ayotte ran right out to spew...

Favorites from food art.

Fox: ‘Don’t think that the people in Bangladesh who perished didn’t want or need those jobs"

The Associated Press removes the word ‘homophobia’ from its Style Book

Poll: Public Disapproves Of Handling Of Benghazi But Sees No Cover-Up

Savita Had a Heartbeat, Too (re: the woman who died after being denied an abortion)

Go ahead COPYRIGHT your Facebook

More info on the usefulness of mammogerams:

Republican Congressional candidate who campaigned on 'family values' arrested for slapping wife

McConnell Genuflects To Majority Leader Reid On Filibuster Reform

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Nov 27th

Susan Rice to meet with GOP accusers

Surrounded By Heroes, Made in America, Christmas brought to you by an atheist!

In Left-Right politics, where do libertarians fit?

Poll: Public would blame GOP for budget impasse, wants tax increases


Soaring iPhone 5 sales in US knock Android into second place

WTF!!! a Woman was beaten to a pulp because she is gay

AP Exclusive: Graph Suggests Iran Working On Bomb

40 Years Later, We Have An Important Choice To Make

Jeff Masters - Damaging Katrina-level storm surges are twice as likely in warm years

An excellent point....

My wonderful Thanksgiving and how we made it work

How the GOP does Christmas. LOL

Why don't we just keep calling it "Burma"?

50.6% to 47.8% is, I don't know, weird...

Justin Wolfers*, Prof in Econ at the U of Michigan

Exonerated suspects forced to pay up to have photos removed from web

Not sure...did MSNBC just put up a graphic labelling Jeanne Shaheen as (R) instead of (D)?

I wish Ed Schultz stop saying the middle class all the time and for once talk about the working poor

Cowboys fans petition Obama to remove Jerry Jones

Screw Mitch McConnell !

Are Republicans Really Breaking with Grover Norquist?

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 27, 1967

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 27, 1967

Why Finland's Unorthodox Education System Is The Best In The World

Ask Not What Religion on the Internet Can Do for You..

Flying Piano & Flying Snoopy’s Doghouse

The one tax graph you really need to know

ARKstorm fears Northern California Residents as Atmospheric River sets up WHOAH!

Globalization vs. Traditional Religion

Rice: Wish We Were Perfect

Ray Giunta, Discredited Pastor, No Longer Appearing At Pentagon Prayer Breakfast

Picks from free Craigslist


The Goldman Sachs Project to take over Europe nearly complete

Carbon, carbon everywhere.

Do Missing Jupiters Mean Massive Comet Belts?

Thom Hartmann: How your privacy & emails may take a major hit this week

Rude Pundit:Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Smoke Charas While Downing a Six-Pack of Crown

John Bolton

How would ending the Bush taxcuts affect those making less than $26,000 per year?

Hungarian politician demands lists of Jews

Steen named Texas secretary of state

The Bush tax cuts expire in exactly five weeks.

Iran War Opponents Ousted From Israeli Leadership

Seek Professional Help

Patheos blog: It's Racism, Stupid

Geez Louise.. Susan succumbed to a private meeting with the Three Stooges?

Best Led Zeppelin album - in videos

Cutting Benefits to Reduce the Deficit by Bowles Simpson.

always check out the squealing pig

Why isn't anyone talking about the trade deficit when discussing the national deficit?

Damaging Katrina-level storm surges are twice as likely in warm years

In Hawaii, a coral reef infection has biologists alarmed

DoD and medical research. How much should be cut?

Julian Assange expresses surprise over EU WikiLeaks decision

looky looky who is donating

Naked protestors in John Boehner's office

Pat Oliphant is back!

McCain and Graham are irrelevant

Hollywood images of bipolar?

Papantonio: GOP Leadership Crisis Destroying The Party

This is definitely true...

There has been no "shared sacrifice"since Reagan

What does GMO really mean?

If Lindsey Graham and Grover Norquist break up who gets the red naugahyde couch?

If you miss the way it use to be-then....

GOP Senators Embraced Condi as Sec of State After She Ignored 9/11 Warnings, But Pummel Susan Rice

Santorum’s new cause: opposing the disabled

FINALLY, A Video For Women Who Don't Consider Themselves Feminists

People of Walmart is not a "right-wing hate site."

I went back and looked back at my Facebook feed

McCain, Graham, Ayotte - Dedicated to the Crazy!

First Transgender Elected Official Pressured to Step Down

Mr. President: STAND YOUR GROUND...

Three arrested as naked protesters storm Boehner’s office over budget cuts

F-You, Rand Paul, and the Tea Party you rode in on

Three budget ideas

Mercury’s Shadowy North Pole

Awesome advice from Bill Maher to our President

Jenna Bush new editor-at-large at Southern Living

November solar pool heating update

Laura Ingraham leaving Talk Radio Network

Brevard suspect pleads not guilty in slaying of Wolfson student

Brevard suspect pleads not guilty in slaying of Wolfson student

Thom Hartmann: Who Won the Black Friday Hunger Games?

Third accuser comes forward with allegations of abuse by ex-Elmo puppeteer:

Texas Democrats rebound with small but steady gains in 2012 election

Question/Comment about ignore

Why is Schumer attacking the far left on CSPAN

Kiddie Porn Admission in FBI Job Interview Was Fair Game

The party's over

Data recovery software

Can YOU touch your toes?

Ex-Foreign Minister Forms New Party to Oppose Netanyahu

Screwed and Tattooed, Foreign Students Say

"Life After People" --why does this stuff fascinate us so much?

Want to take a little quiz on religion?

First there was "Harry & Louise"..Now we have "Harriet & Lou"

Where Can Homeless Sleep, if not Outside?

Naked protesters is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "naked protestors".

Man completes visit to all 201 countries without flying

Refugee activists say hunger-striker may be close to death on Nauru

More weird anti-gay activity in Africa. This time Cameroon.

Civil rights leader Lawrence Guyot dies at 73

Angus Jones' friend....

If McInsane had more questions, why the hell didn't he ask them?

Oh phuck...Ark girl killed by neighbor, parents arrested last year for abusing her...

Tre Johnson, former Redskins lineman, teaches Landon freshmen

African American Turnout Is Here to Stay

Sources: Mark Stoops to Kentucky

What happened when Rice met with the REthugs?

Black art from the Smithsonian

Antron Brown makes history

Ohio Senate puts end to 'heartbeat' abortion bill

KU launches online exhibit of African-American photos

Why does "link" button work at times, not others?

Co-creator of ‘Dark Girls’ is back with ‘The Black Line: A Profile of the African--American Woman’

'National security risk': Far-right leader pushes Hungary to draw up list of Jews

i haven't been around much but things are going well

Bruce Bartlett "evolution from comfortably ... conservative ... to ... somewhere on the center-left"

Author Sophia Nelson says image of black women needs a ‘makeover’

Black Girls Hack holds first non-profit hackathon targeting African-Americans in tech

bad slasher comedies

"Rise of the Guardians" Barrier-Breaker: The First African-American to Direct a CG Animation Film

It’s true — knowledge is power

Thom Hartmann: One of America's Most Enduring Myths Is That Slavery Ended After the Civil War

Georgia Tech Study: Most Twitter Jargon Evolved From Black Slang

Riots, Slave States, and Kool-Aid: Race Talk After the Election

John McCain, Bengahzi is a hill worth dying for ..... "Rice admitted she was wrong"

Dick Durbin: Social Security Should Be Off The Fiscal Cliff Table

Quite possibly the most terrifying elevator prank ever (Video)

GOP Senators Embraced SecState Condi Rice After She Ignored 9/11 Warnings, But Pummel Susan Rice

No Country For Moderate Republicans

One of First African American UA Law Students Passes Away

Obama Press Secretary Grilled On Why Obama Is Campaigning Instead Of Negotiating On The Fiscal Cliff

Libertarian Economics, socialism, and Neo-con militarism

Report: Top Florida Republicans say election law was intentionally designed to suppress the vote

Grayson: Walmart is ‘the largest recipient of public aid in the country’

Kerry advocating for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Pride and Passion: The African-American Baseball Experience traveling exhibition

Romney: Once a Loser, Always a Loser...

Has anyone said "Recess Appointment" yet?

Port Chester Boy Scout revives African-American cemetery memories

Lawless Capitalism

What Republicans want this Christmas

Saved from poachers

President Signs Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (WPEA)


Sebastian Vettel wins third F1 title

I am of the opinion that we should tear it down and start all over...

Antron Brown makes history

A Shitload of Naked People just Stormed Boehners Office... Seriously (Warning: pic's and video)

Three reasons why anti-gay group failed to divide the black and gay communities on election day

CDC: HIV rates high among young gay men, many unaware they're infected...

What Can You Do With A Party That Is Willing To Shut Everything Down Until ----

Schuller, family to be paid a fraction of millions they sought

Kim Jong Un 'sexiest man,' Onion says; China's People's Daily buys it

The Mandated "Bronze" Policy on The Exchange will only cover 60% of the actual Health Care Cost?

WHAA??? Pat Robertson sez Earth older than 6000 years!!

Haiku about stepping on a Lego

The Selling of Susan Rice: “Dog Whistles" and Unlikely Republican Allies

Colorado Springs Next Front in Fracking War...


I thought winning the election would feel better than this.

Dallas Cowboys fans petition Obama to exile 'dictator' Jerry Jones

Keiser Report: Colossal Collapse Coming!

John McCain for Secretary of State

Racism evident behind some US social media

Mississippi County Jails Kids For School Dress Code Violations, Tardiness, DOJ Alleges

When SoS Powell knowingly lied about Iraqi

Racism evident behind some US social media

Republicans Introduce Immigration Bill

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wants To See All-Female Supreme Court

"Tortilla Soup". Nice romantic comediy for foodies.

Why Does Greater Israel Blockade Gaza's Exports?

Canada, the surprise 'pariah' of the Kyoto protocol

American turned Israeli is part of the IDF that cares for Gaza

Wis. gov hopes secret investigation finally ends (Walker)

Wow! What a bargain my cat litter is (according to the package).

Californians Told to Prepare for Series of Storms and Heavy Rain

Reid Says Parties Making Little Progress in Budget Talks

One less pig in Hogtown

These Republicans hate Susan Rice because

Fair way to remove mental health disqualification

Just saw on Bashir that Lloyd Blankfein is going for a private meeting with Boner.

Will Rick Scott finally end up in prison?

NTO: Idaho State Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll Claims Mitt Romney Can Still Win Election

Thoughts from a friend on Facebook....

Victims of 'death flights': Drugged, dumped by aircraft – but not forgotten

Victims of 'death flights': Drugged, dumped by aircraft – but not forgotten

Will Millennials Usher in a New Era of Liberalism?

Former ‘Family Values’ GOP Candidate Arrested For Wife Beating

16 days of activism to end gender violencce

Jim Greer, Ex-Florida GOP Chair, Claims Republican Voting Laws Focused On Suppression, Racism

FYI about getting multiple pm's regarding expiration of star-subscription

Making Pet Meds More Affordable (officially known as HR 1406: Fairness to Pet Owners Act of 2011-IH)

If you could make elected democratic officials sign a pledge, what would it be?

In the UK, foster parents who belong to right wing UKIP lose custody of ethnic minority children ...

Alert !!! - SANITY is breaking out among the Freepers...

Kelley Ayotte is a simpleton.

Onion: Filthy Mitt Romney Delivers Campaign Speech To Audience Of Confused Shoppers In Ohio Safeway

Happy Holidays...Bah humbug!

From a poster at huffington to help those disturbed senators

4,000 Corporate Cafeteria Workers Fight for Sick Days Lost During Sandy

Is there a human version of Rimadyl?

Shades of Mitt but BBC headline: "US says China not a currency manipulator"

Republicans Look To Split The Baby On Norquist’s Pledge

More Items On Sale This Week! (MADE in the USA & find Santa for an additional discount)

The thoroughly Dishonorable and Dishonest John McCain

Nevada secretary of state (D) to propose voter ID law

Judge Blocks Louisiana School Voucher Implementation In Parish

At McDonald's in Mill Creek, WA -- the TV is tuned to CNN!

$1,000 grant helps retired BCTGM member pay big medical bills

Jon Huntsman (R): Benghazi, Susan Rice Criticism Overblown

Bob Dole, 89, hospitalized at Walter Reed

Michigan Chamber of Commerce says no to "right-to-work"

Israeli PM Netanyahu suddenly seems vulnerable

Obese woman told she was "too fat to fly" home, dies of kidney failure

Scottsdale gun club's Machine guns and santa photo shoot "Holiday tradition"

Grand Bargain Watch: Yesterday Plouffe with the head-on. Today, Dick Durban with the head fake:

Peter King's Greatest Hits As Homeland Security Chairman

Goodbye Grover Norquist

What More Does John McCain Want From Susan Rice?

Suspect tells cops he stole school bus to start rap group in Detroit (Darwin Award)

‘The War on Men’ Author Suzanne Venker: I’m Misunderstood!

Bob Dole, 89, hospitalized at Walter Reed

Obama shields U.S. airlines from EU carbon-trading scheme

UK education sixth in global ranking (BBC) {US no. 17}

Fiscal Cliff, Day 21: You Call That a Compromise?

Judge orders tobacco companies to admit deception publicly

Grayson: Walmart is ‘the largest recipient of public aid in the country’

Complaint filed against KY teacher who wrote 'You can't be a Democrat & go to heaven'

It's time for John McCain to undergo an exam for mental competence

Backbench revolt forces PM to drop Israel support

Bangladeshi Labor Activist Finds Burned Clothes With Wal-Mart Labels At Site of Deadly Factory Fire

U.S. Clashes With France Over Palestinians Status At UN

Piece Of My Heart

"U.S. Demands to Assassinate Assange"

Michigan Chamber of Commerce says no to "right-to-work"

Lobster season started Monday in Nova Scotia.

all three news networks lead with Susan Rice bullshit

"US Demands to Assassinate Julian Assange"

On cue, Ken Cuccinelli ramps up his Obama-derangement batshit insane wingnut fuckwittery...

The reason the word "poor" has disappeared from our political discourse

Beaver full moon tonight, smallest of year; also penumbral lunar eclipse some areas

Would a progressive third Party help the Democrats more than the Republicans?

Strange solicitation

New license plates available for decorated military personnel, veterans

Making Sense with Steve Leser returns Tonight at 8pm Eastern time.

A Month of Black Fridays

Western senators (all Dems) want refineries probed over high gasoline prices

Gays Against Nudity

Public School Enlists Controversial Private Prison Firm To Conduct Drug Raids

Do you take the mortgage interest deduction on your federal or state income tax?

Alligators found guarding marijuana grow

Four men sue New Jersey organization over 'gay conversion therapy'

GOP Attorney General of Virginia Suggests President Obama Stole The Election

How NASA might build its very first warp drive