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You know what I am thankful for...

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Thank you for my family, Scott Walker.

"It’s Not Your Freedom You’re Worried About, It’s Theirs" at electablog

Time's quantum arrow has a preferred direction: BaBar experiment confirms time asymmetry

Learned on Thanksgiving: my mom has a vegan cat

Thanksgiving dinner, 26 adults, 8 children: not one republican

Assange snubs the Union

As seen parked across the street from the DU Lounge:

Today's my birthday and my kids are home.

Tonight 'The Kennedy's' is playing on REELZ channel...

November 28th: call-in day to defend Social Security and Medicare

"Obama’s campaign manager: Huntsman was biggest threat"

Kangaroo Court Looming for Y-12 Nuclear Weapons Critics

What kind of jerk RWer would run The Kennedys on 11/22?

Is anyone who's complained about Black Friday sales currently watching the NFL game?

Mohamed Morsi bars court challenges and orders Hosni Mubarak retrial

Argentina fears default after American court ruling

The USSR reacts - November 1963.

Ever since 1962 I knew who exactly to root for on Thanksgiving. This just isn't the same. It sucks.

"150-vehicle pileup on foggy Texas highway leaves 2 dead, 100 hurt"

Something to be extra thankful for

Fifty Shades of Chicken (BDSM version)

Okay, fess up! Who's going shopping tonight?

New Madrid Fault Getting Active?

ITF delivers Walmart warning

RGIII = Respect

Well, I did get some turkey tonight.

In honor of the Walmart protest on Friday: Wal-Mart - High Cost of Low Price part 2 of 10

Today's Politics: Coalition of Transformation vs. Coalition of Restoration

K and R if you are thankful Romney lost

Wing, thigh or... trunk?

Fox's Tantaros Treats Food Stamps As A Diet Plan: "Do You Know How Fabulous I'd Look?"

Special thanks to all Obama/Dem volunteers/canvassers and phone bankers.

Charlie Cook: Senate Democrats Earned Every Seat They Won--Thanks to the DSCC

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Black Friday, 23 November 2012


DC cannot become a state without a constitutional amendment.

President Obama's Beautiful Letter to 10-Yr Old With Same-Sex Parents

CCWer kills one armed robber, wounds second, third robber hit by car.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy & a new kitty gif

Holidays Past....spent with my Grandparents

The Lions deserved to lose because of this. >>


Why Conservatives Should Be Thankful That the Rest of Us Elected President Obama

Can You Handle the Cute?

Oh, FFS! Just bring in Tebow, Rex. El Supremo just can't take it any longer!!

Mohamed Morsi bars court challenges and orders Hosni Mubarak retrial

A Failed Experiment

Giving thanks for public transit — weirdos and all

What Grumpy Cat is Greatful for

Jets fans. We need your blue hearts. Don't suicide yourselves. nt

Picture of Israeli Soldiers Calling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “Loser” Goes Viral

Drunken post-Thanksgiving dinner declaration:

K&R If You Are Thankful To These Guys

Drivers pay more for gas, but still give thanks

Cash-strapped post office tests same-day delivery

I live in zone 7 and need to find some trees appropriate for near the house

Black Friday creeps into Thursday

Great music released today

Just got a call from my son @ Walmart

Who is a Dingbat?


Boycott Walmart: Wal-Mart - High Cost of Low Price part 3 of 10

Sled dog killer avoids jail sentence

Jacksonville cop making threatening comments after election not only bad behavior

We had Thanksgiving dinner with our daughter and her partner today.......

If any of you small business people out there hire a Walmart striker please post on facebook

Tax Reform Might Start With a Look Back to ’86.

At thanksgiving dinner tonight our family gave a big cheer of being thankful Obama was re elected

Considering an E-85 vehicle, cleaner burning but...

Ah, the joys of spending Thanksgiving with right wing nuts

Why not make Black Friday a Green Friday?

Police Arrest Suspects in Tel Aviv Bus Blast, Including Israeli Citizen

On line EPA carbon footprint calculator

Might I suggest a surgically precise drone war in Uganda

Oh what the hell. Congrats to K-State for winning the Big 12.

Boy, For all those who are over 50 and paying a shit load for health insurance. Beware!!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving

Couponer attacked by store manager

Even More Reason's To Thanks Your Stars...Dan Senor Rips GOP Officials For Turning On Romney

America's Two Earliest Startups Gave True Meaning To The Word 'Perseverance'

Cutting off the in-laws?

While You Watch Black Friday Shoppers Act Like Savage Animals.....

Another update on an Aspie son.

Pink berets -

Any good Thanksgiving stories?

PHOTO: Congressman Alan Grayson walks #WalmartStriker Lisa Lopez off the job tonight in Orlando

I am Thankful for DU and all the wonderful Americans who are standing

My only post of the day before heading to bed - THANKS for DU - to Skinner, EarlG and elad...

Congressman-Elect Alan Grayson Shows Up At Florida Wal-Mart To Support Strikers

'Antisemitic' Guardian Gaza cartoon shows Jews as puppeteers

Congressman-Elect Alan Grayson Shows Up At Florida Wal-Mart To Support Strikers

Moultrie GA Wal-Mart Black Friday 2012

How American Jews view Israel’s latest Gaza assault

What character in tv or film do you most relate too. I love Leslie Knope

Are reporters in WI afraid of Walker?

Several pro-Israel rallies held across Australia

Illinois "Dem" Governor terminates state AFSCME contract.

Is Israel’s response ‘disproportionate’? A history lesson to consider

Google translation: Accepts entry of Bolivia Evo Morales to Mercosur as a full member

Black Friday faithfuls camp outside Best Buy

If you're feeling festive, the Hubble Telescope website has designed some downloadable Xmas cards

15:06 Unasur Defense Council to meet in Lima next week

"The Cliff"

4 Common Myths About Israel and Gaza

In which Americans celebrate their traditional regard for Native culture

Sex worker & mother: ‘Yes, I AM empowered by my job.’

Wood working planes..

After years of hearing about it every Thanksgiving on NPR...

Religion: A proposal for churches to cut ties to civil marriages

'All that is necessary is that good men do nothing ...'

The GOP Turnout Myth

Pentagon Wants to Keep Running Its Afghan Drug War From Blackwater’s HQ

Photo taken by friend tonite at Wally world

worst Thanksgiving ever, but still grateful. vibes please.

Attacking routine mammograms, again

New Zealand Backs Anti-Whaling Suit Against Japan

Senate threatens to cut aid to Palestinians over statehood bid at UN

Overpass Light Brigade coming to Seattle!

A few boycott Wal-Mart pictures from the Overpass Light Brigade

SIL did a very inventive thing with a medium sized pumpkin today

So I am watching this show Revolution on NBC...

Are K and R threads really back in fashion?

Ann Romney serves Thanksgiving dinner to a group of notable GOP players.

Mali under pressure to give separatists autonomy in fight against al-Qaida

Wow... that's an AMAZINGLY biased headline

The 14 Most Unintentionally Terrifying Statues in the World

The day after Thanksgiving is, in my opinion, the biggest shopping day of the year.

Diplomacy trips equivalent of 19 trips around the world

Phil Ochs-Crucifixion(in memoriam President John F. Kennedy)

Foods you've never had but wanted to try.

WWII coded message found on dead pigeon's leg

Paddy Power Has President Obama As The Firm Favorite To Win Time's Person Of The Year 2012

Mexico's President Calderon seeks to change country's name

UK : Plans for gay marriage vote likely to get go-ahead before Christmas

Thermal layering for cold weather sports - what am I doing wrong?

Homeland Security spent $430 million on radios its employees don’t know how to use

Chambliss fires off on Norquist's anti-tax pledge

Give Thanks You Weren't Bombed and Murdered by Americans Because You ARE Americans

Former Komen exec. who pushed to defund Planned Parenthood weighing Senate bid

2010 version: We had to destroy the villages to save them

Oh dear. NY Jets Quarterback runs into his own lineman's ass.

Faux News Presenter Andrea Tantaros Says Food Stamps Are 'Fabulous' Diet

5 Crucial New Findings About Climate Change

Petraeus Fell For The Wrong Reason

"I Helped College Kids Cheat" Inside the Academic Fraud Industry

Nick Turse, The Secret Building Boom of the Obama Years

Why You Shouldn’t Shop at Walmart on Friday (and Why the Strike is Good for the Economy) by Reich

Immigrant Supply-Chain Labor Struggles Galvanize Walmart Activism

Obama’s Second Term Could Mark the Return Of The Four Freedoms

Economic Prosperity and the Fiscal 'Speed Bump' by Thom Hartmann

Fight Against Climate Change Blocked by Luddites at Big Oil

First 10 minutes of GMA

If there's one thing I WON'T be doing today.

More trouble for Petraeus, it looks like....Petraeus staff investigated over Broadwell access

No Fox Google News (

6 Reasons the Fiscal Cliff is a Scam

Billionaire’s Gun License Is Suspended Amid Inquiry

Norwalk man faces gun charges

Owen jones BBC Question Time (Gaza)

God's Man In The Puzzle Palace

3 TD's in 52 seconds....

A Dallas Gem Dealer Fired on His Robbers, but Now He's Fighting for His Gun License

dc on pace for fewer than 100 homicides in 2012

Rep. DesJarlais, who had affairs with his med patients, says he won’t resign

Gangster CEO cabal lobbies Congress for austerity

black voters look to leverage their loyalty

Change? Learn? Compromise? Grow? Not These Republicans

Veteran Gets $1.25 Million in Colonoscopy Lawsuit Settlement

cash strapped post office tests same day delivery

Israeli Troops Said to Kill Palestinian, Testing Cease-Fire

Creation Science at its best

2 at Ft. Jackson failed duty in sex assaults case

Germany Seeks to Pass Offshore Wind Law Before Year-End

Do shady things you may have to use your PSD

Give Thanks and Raises to Millions of Retail Workers

Hector 'Macho' Camacho clinically brain dead, will be taken off life support after two more days


Pollution Sets Record as Euro Crisis Slows Climate Drive

Russian punk rock band protester in single cell after tensions with inmates

Muslim Man to Open 'Mosque for Gays' in France

Egypt President Mursi defends new powers amid protests

A worrisome report on the eroded combat skills of an Army Stryker regiment

US Navy finally starts replacing killer dolphins with mine-hunting Knifefish drones

China's passport maps spark strong protests

Suspected in 20 antique mall robberies

Angry customer pulls gun at Texas shopping mall

I did a bunch of black Friday shopping already, no parking hassles or crazy people.

Army at crossroads, facing budget cuts and uncertainty about future role

Is Paul Ryan Too White for the GOP?

Link to livestream of Walmart strike in Woodlawn, MD

Big Tent News: 18th Annual Out 100

Striking Wal-Mart workers aren't just fighting their employer. They're fighting a whole system.

I would support a Climate Change group if CreekDog was the initial host

Casualties Down But IED Attacks Continue

We watched "Lincoln" this week

Who's at work today?

Wow! I went to Target and Toys R Us today and there were no lines.

Dempsey: Concerned, not distracted, by misconduct

Race on to fill Jesse Jackson Jr.’s seat

Film composer Richard Robbins ("A Room with a View," "Maurice") dies at age 71.

House to consider limited immigration bill

Rejected Beatles audition tape discovered

I don't think they plan to count provisional ballots in AZ. They sure are quiet.

Big Tent News: Illinois, New Jersey, Delaware & Rhode Island LBGTQ Marriage Next

US school tag tracker project prompts court row

worth doing

Nationalism Mel Brooks Style

Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill: MPs drop death penalty

After the election graphic -

WaPo: 'What we do know is that more than 80 of the (Rice letter) signatories are white males'

Lest we forget people fill our online shopping orders...

I wouldn't mind if the Media impartially coverd Black Friday,

Psychology of Black Friday: Tradition, altruism drive pursuit of deal

EU Budget Summit Heading toward Failure

Big Tent News: Cher's 'Woman's World' Released

Walmart Strikes Are Going To Have A 'Catch A Fire' Impact

Taming the Walmart Bully

America's 5 biggest low-wage employers

The 3 Mostly Likely Obamacare Cuts In A Debt Deal

The popes new book changes parts of the Bible...

Report: Obama Considering Corporate Funding For Inauguration

(T)he new Chinese leadership in Beijing is getting increasingly nervous about Hong Kong's

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 23, 1170 BCE

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 23, 1170 BCE

What's for Dinner ~ Friday Nov 23rd

How much better is the iPad 4 vs the iPad 2?

So sad. The Arab Spring has withered on the vine.

Wal-Mart: Just 50 Workers Participated in Protests

'Brutal Psychological Terror' Taking On Employee Intimidation at T-Mobile USA

What The GOP Means By Middle Class

No Amount of Bombing Will Ever Solve the Problem In Gaza

Did anyone else have RW relatives bring up the book, Duped?

Distinction: Looking sharp is easy

Great history of the Mountain Meadows Massacre

This gives me joy.

Reaching Consumers by leveraging Mobile Devices + Social

Jailed and Jailers Pitched In Help After Storm (Rikers)

From the "You Can't Make This Shit Up" files...

Mary Edwards Walker

Should be called Black and Blue Friday.

IA judge will decide electrical inspection case

Beavers Enjoy Thanksgiving At White House With First Family


Pro-Assange group in Swedish hospital hack

Big Tent News: Russian court throws out Madonna anti-gay compensation claim

Pres. Obama's designer couture pays off for campaign, "just north of $40 million"

CNN, if you're listening,

Israel Has Turned Propaganda Into a Game, And It’s Pretty Gross

Tea Party Seeks to Regroup

Whitehall closed off after naked man mounts statue of Duke of Cambridge

A Pizza business model that's good for the planet and people.

Ok, I've been a good doobie!

Postcard mailed in 1943 finally delivered to Elmira

Anybody doing Buy Nothing Day?


Guest deals some drugs in small family owned motel. Govt want's to seize it


It Gets Better - November 22, 2012 - Disney

Namib Desert beetle inspires self-filling water bottle


Awesome Christmas photo of President Obama and First Lady Michelle in 2009

5 Black Friday Myths The Media Want You To Believe.

Mediation Fails to Resolve Hostess Strike — Owners Intent on Dissolving the Company

Massachusetts man takes home TV, leaves kid during Black Friday shopping

Will the 29 Sanders-letter senators co-sponsor the Begich Social Security bill?

Mother Jones: Are Walmart's Chinese Factories as Bad as Apple's?

Officials: Israel's Gaza Offensive Was Training For A Possible Fight With Iran

As a kid, which Our Gang/Little Rascal character were you most like?

Union Official Says Increased Retaliation 'A Real Possibility' When Strikers Return to Work

Indoor Dog Park, or one great meal per week, or full-service mini-farm ?

The Pilgrims experiment with communal property and socialism ended badly

Could you pass the citizenship test?

K&R if your getting a little tired of people telling you to K&R their posts.

Went to Stanton

Pussy Riot member moved to solitary cell

Barack Obama Thanksgiving tweet with old family photo

Holiday Shoppers Flee Walmart, Flock to Labor Notes Online Store

A Quick Brick Upside the Head to an Election Consipiracy Theory.

Mannequins collect data on shoppers via facial-recognition software

The Energy Generated from A Single Orange: A Citric Acid Battery by Caleb Charland

Love-Struck Peacock Saves a Turkey From the Dinner Table

"Illegal Venting" - why carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a non-starter

Keiser Report: Shadow Banking

Black Friday mayhem is not a spontaneous exposé of consumerism, it is advertising

Chris Hedges: Third World America

If you have been considering online computer back up, great deal today on Crashplan --->

Oh My God....My clippers just died halfway through my haircut. I have to go out into BLACK FRIDAY

Ireland Opens New Investigation Into Death Of Woman Denied An Abortion

20% Off and Free Shipping Deals free returns and exchanges (Find Santa logo to save up to $100)

Her name was Reina and she was truly a Queen.

PHOTO: Mitt, Ann Pose In Thanksgiving Facebook Greeting (warning)


This is how I felt last night

Pardoned Turkey arrested in Thanksgiving shooting spree

How did American companies get tax breaks for moving jobs overseas?

K & R if you hate K & R threads

Cruelty as Thankgiving entertainment: "NOOOOOOOOOO..."

Pet shaming!

Almost all of our problems end up having the same solution.

49 years ago yesterday was the JFK killing. This happened 49 years ago today.

APNewsBreak: Corps cuts flow on Missouri River

The Demos Report

Lounge Daily Inspirational Message

The First Lady Receives the 2012 White House Christmas Tree

Big Tent News: Chelsea Clinton Had Something to Say

FAQ: Child Sexual Exploitation

17 hour 1964 BBC documentary on WWI

K&R if you've ain't got nuthin better to do just now

It is Fido Friday!! This week the little guys are in control!! Dial up warning.

Lion eyes

Ireland opens new probe into death of woman denied abortion

Traditional Thanksgiving feast

Change the World

An interesting analysis of Hayek, Friedman and their contribution to modern conservative ecoomics

k&r if you want unrec brought back for k&r threads. nt

Wealth advisers to frantic Republicans: Get a grip

Dozens at Dearborn Walmart protest working conditions (w/video)

is "anonymous" an accessory after the fact?

The Evolution of Thanksgiving


The Fallacy of Cutting Public Health Funds to "Save Money"

Pope's book on Jesus challenges Christmas traditions

WooHoo... Just got back from my Black Friday shopping!

Tucson rainfall 3.74 inches below normal

Sort of a funny story.

Bill W, the film


Has anybody here ever visited or lived in Ukraine?

Dear HopeHoops--After a 6-0 Hide, Kindly Get a Clue.

Microsoft's ongoing war on a beloved Microsoft product

So is Pat Robertson calling God a liar?

Rove’s plan won’t work: Don’t count on Latino social conservatism

France Indicates Support For Palestinian U.N. Vote

'Likely voter' polling screens were skewed toward Romney- Daily Kos

I was looking around the Internet

Damage is done by 'bad aim' spraying illicit crops .

Inquiry widens into Gulf of Mexico dolphins' killings

link to Turkish coffe instructions

G105 hangs black man from tow truck in Raleigh Xmas parade “Tyrone the Black Christmas Fairy”

A classic case of right-wing projection featuring anti-gay whackadoodle Linda Harvey

President demonstrates how to walk and chew gum at the same time.

"Journalists" parroting the "Fiscal Cliff" meme: ENABLERS of the disaster capitalism propaganda mill

Denver TV station Googled for a picture to go along with their reporting

Serious Question: What Actual Economic Problem is the Deficit Causing?

Friday, November 23rd. The Thanksgiving Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day

Special edition of tweety on live now!

Should sniffing glue at work be allowed?

Was 2008 a realigning presidential election?

Kan. honor flights halted after money goes missing

Any snowshoers or backcountry skiers here?

Horsey does it again! His toon on the fiscal cliff:

Not sure Republican and I were thinking the same thing....

MSNBC's Morning Joe discusses " The Conservative Entertainment Complex" (with video)

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for this guy... and others just like him

"I have no sympathy for Walmart workers"

How psychopathic are you? Take the survey!

American capitalism

Disease management

Northern lights eruption

in creepy fb post Mitt Romney says that he has "Much to be Thankful for This Year"

Confessions of a Walmart Employee

The vulture capitalist who devoured Peru – and now threatens Argentina

Pat Robertson should rename his church, I think.

Greta Van Susteren: The Obama Administration Is Trying To Punish Fox News

VERY detailed article on Obama's polling. I suggest you read the whole thing.

Why liberal is no longer a dirty word

Walmart Strikers Arrested in SoCal Civil Disobedience (just 50 nationwide says Walmart my ass!)

WalMart Action - 33 cities in 71 seconds (VIDEO)

Are 'they' waking up?

Creationist Recommended Booklist


How come my Facebook feed is full of white folks doing Black Friday

What's next for Hillary Clinton?

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Did anyone see the Trump float at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?

"I'm doing this for my kids."

Walmart sale in Georgia: Unbelievable must have been one hell of a sale

Papantonio: Deadly Chemicals Hiding in Our Waters

An open letter to "Anonymous" ....

Union butchered Black Friday meat sale

Totally Biased: Sweet Potato vs. Pumpkin Pie-Off

Okay, I am getting two very different takes on the Walmart strikes

'Pacific solution' refugee camps condemned as 'grim' by rights group

The Common Cult

Union pensions to make offer on HOSTESS? (save the twinkie)

Today I saw my little sister for the first time in 15 years.

thanks, got my volunteer

Can You Crack the Secret Code From World War II?

1,000 Walmart protests across the US

ATTENTION: The all time funniest 12 hours or so on DU ever is below

Can ANYBODY tell me anything

Two shot outside FL Wal-Mart

Our President is a miracle worker too!

That's Racist!

Dedicated to Grover Norquist BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO - NEIL SEDAKA

I stand with Walmart workers

Cute to crow about

New Obamacare challenge: Informing millions that they will benefit

Sheboygan Prange's windows displays...

DJIA Climbs Back Above 13000

Walmart Action - PHOTOS (incl puppies!)- Stand Up, Live Better!

A reporter weighed in about customers (this AM) from a mall with 520 stores

I'm so glad GEM$NBComcast is showing 9/11 in our own words


I'm drinking the best fizzy beer/cider I've made yet.

China bans hospitals from turning away AIDS patients

Ottawa moves against PEI lab that reported virus in B.C. salmon

How many times did Jack Nicholson appear on The Andy Griffith Show?

Just got through listening to a Morsi supporter on NPR. Muslim Brotherhood member....

Retired trooper shoots intruder in Bluffton home

"Poor people don't create jobs" Oh yeah?

US trucker nabbed with ammo in Mexico is freed

Sous Vide update

US trucker nabbed with ammo in Mexico is freed

Cleveland man defends life and home during home invasion.

A little search help?

Indian schoolgirl attempts suicide after being paraded naked by teacher for 'stealing' £15

Ugly loss 'hard to fathom' for Jets' Ryan

Black Friday Violence: 2 Shot Outside Walmart, Scuffles Across U.S.

Today is a state holiday in Georgia, but not for what you think

The Girl Of My Dreams

Dean Chambers challenge

Hey El. How did the Texas ShortHorns do today?? Does this mean there will be an avatar

Chinese couple refuses to move despite apartment building that lies in middle of new roadway

So, who is up to voluteering to start laying a pipeline to this new water source?

In regards of stealing Christmas this year

Strapped to the roof of his own karma: Romney ends up with 47% of vote

"Chris Christie will beat Obama next time"

Anyone have a Wii U yet?

The strong are meant to protect the weak. After all, things do change.

The Grand Cosmic Finale for 2012

Modern wheat a "perfect, chronic poison," doctor says

Weekend Economists Back in Business! November 23-25, 2012

The Lounge needs a Social Secretary, one with sensitivity, discretion and poise.

Mike Thompson toon on banksters, teabaggers and climate change

'Fiscal Cliff' laugh at any Republican that utters these words!

K+R this thread if you think K+R threads should be alerted, not K+Red.

Black Friday Is Illegal In Oklahoma

A Story That Will Make You Laugh (or Cry)

Top 10 Reasons Victoria Jackson Loves Her Some Glenn Beck

U.S. Detects N.Korea Missile-Test Preparations, Asahi Says

9 Animals that are Just Lazy Combinations of Other Animals

"Ya can't be devout unless yer pumpin' em out" - Fugelsang ZOMG!11!!

From key peace negotiator to dictator? Egypt’s Morsi’s ‘absolute power’ play causes riots

Thanksgiving gone bad

Downtown Springfield building explodes following gas leak

What I was thankful for this Thanksgiving

What am I thankful for? I'm VERY thankful to DU for providing the....

Black Friday even happens in the Manistee National Forest.

Black Friday: 9 protesters arrested outside Wal-Mart in Paramount

How to get your cat inside.

Leftists - "Their idol is Peace Now and they are responsible for all our troubles"

Sen. Patty Murray will be key voice in Senate on budget deal

I can feel it building, can you?

The GOP’s Conspicuous Silence About Entitlement Cuts