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Archives: November 22, 2012

a biography of the day-sarah josepha hale

the woman who gave us thanksgiving-sarah josepha hale

I'm giving thanks for Hillary Clinton this year.

CBC canadian Apology To America

It's getting real in the Whole Foods parking lot

Say Goodnight Gracie!

To Kill a Mockingbird coming up on TCM at 7:00 CST

1,000,000,000,000 Frames/Second Photography

Is Boehner really THAT stupid?

Nate Silver: Where Obama and Romney Beat Their Polls

in case anyone needs it, "Cooking Turkey from the Frozen State"

Pat Robertson vs. Bob Dole

Krugman: The 2012 Election, Reenacted

Hey to all you right wing free marketeers out there. I am 61 years old and I just received

Anti-Gay Christian Lawyer, Arrested On Child Pornography Charges

Will there be a name amnesty for those who want to change their names?

Remember in MASH when Hot Lips threatened

The Broken Promises of Big Telecom: ‘Fiber for All’ Funding Diverted for High Profit Wireless

Is He Serious?....Idiot Conservative Gives Obama "Advise"! Oh Please!

As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly...

‘Fighting Reality’: Life as an atheist in Saudi Arabia

Head of U.N. drug agency wants U.S. to fight new marijuana laws

"Fox’s Murdoch lobbied Christie to help Romney days before election"

Distant Dwarf Planet Secrets Revealed

We need to fix that, too.

This happened. That is all.

State revokes child's tuition for religious school

OK.. if you had 3 book choices ... for my Audible

"You got it, Chief."

For Thanksgiving - PROOF that atheists eat babies!

Ten Degrees, Part Deux - erratum et apologia

A Simple Gift Can Have a Profound Impact

Jim Messina: Obama Campaign Will Keep Infrastructure Alive

This is life for teachers at public schools, these days.... Wisconsin example

Israel-Gaza Ceasefire Comes with Pledge from Obama to Seek More Defense Aid for Israel

The Conservative Whiny Diaper Tantrum Continues....Or as the Diaper Soils!

Justin Trudeau Op-Ed continues LPC tradition of shameless opportunism

Macy’s CEO to American People: Drop Dead

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving just started on ABC.

Wheel of Fortune....Pat Sajak.....ugh....

This pic is very popular in Ann Arbor ......

Time for another EXCITING round of "Tomorrow is Thanksgiving...WHAT is Mitt Romney thankful for?"

And we need to fix that.

Anyone know about this new Christian movement about St. Hildegard?

Poetic Justice: Romney to Finish Election at 47 Percent

I used to hate Fox News and Rush but now they actually harm the GOP more than help.

Anybody else have to work tomorrow?

Sly Sylvester let go by WTDY

St. Hildegard...Anyone know about this new movement? I saw a movie on Netflix and did a Google.

Can Marion Barry EVER say anything without making an ass of himself?

Daryl Hall has an awesome internet show....

(NLRB) Labor Board director clarifies Palermo rulings

I'm going to be honest, I doubt that Mitt got 47% of the vote

Health Care Workers Tell Bloomberg: We’re Not Meeting Sandy Survivors’ Health Needs

Billy Joel's best work, in my opinion.

OMG "Linsday Graham is McCain's Mini-Me"...on the Ed show.

sitting around listening to bob wills "for the last time"

This Is Your Thanksgiving on Climate Change

Black Friday Strike Will Test the Power of High-Stakes Online Organizing

Timing of a holiday gift/tip for a Jewish guy in a service sector job?

Jager bombs

Happy Turkey Day, DU - here's a facebook timeline cover image if you want it...

How the 2012 election polling really was skewed – for Mitt Romney

Boeing Said It Will Deny Equal Pension Benefits to Married Gay Couples


I love Nina Turner.

Syrian rebels accused government forces of bombing a hospital (CNN email)

Plz Sign-> Tell @Macy's CEO's Lundgren Stop!! Lobbying Congress to Gut

Thanksgiving LOL.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad subs for Mike

Things very difficult to do:

Maher: let us never speak that name again... Mitt...

Obamas at Capital Area Food Bank

Penn. GOP passes law allowing employers to keep and spend 95% of workers taxes

Help for Small Nuclear Reactors

Your LBGT Holiday Mom

A Girls and Gay Thanksgiving- The New Normal

The Cleveland Browns are handing out white flags this Sunday

SantaConcert, with the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus

This pic is very popular in Columbus...

Question: how would you feel if they raised the minimum age of Social Security or Medicare?

ThanksGiving Crises!Pardon Turkey found DEAD!

I'm at a Red Hot Chille Peppers concert

Thanksgiving Thread: List Everything You Are Thankful For This Year!

Good luck to everybody who has to put up with RW relatives tomorrow night

this jes in - 16 days ago - Drunk Nate Silver

2012 Presidential Top Contributors

Thanksgiving 2012

Come out to support L.A. Wal-Mart Strikers Black Friday Rally

Too soon to blame FTA for drop in Colombia's export growth rate: US .

My World and Welcome To It....1969

I just got home from watching "Lincoln".

#Maddow is trending just after #Thanksgiving on Twitter

Toyota recalling 150,000 trucks

American Chopper Cancelled...

I don't want to compromise

Toyota Recalls Scion iQs for Airbags

Online US holiday sales seen growing 17 percent

So are the baggers giving up their tea cups for some hot cocoa mugs yet?

Ezra Klein kicking it for Laurence O'Donnell; he is rocking!

37-year-old Twinkie, world’s oldest, still a sweet treat at Blue Hill school (Maine)

Robertson Admits He Blew Election Prediction He Received from God

Walmart Organizing Comes of Age: An Interview With UFCW Organizing Director Pat O'Neill

Keep an eye on Husted

Colombia begins new trade agreement with Venezuela

many Walmart workers are glad to work on T Day and overnight into Friday...

Would it help Medicare financially to LOWER, not raise, the eligibility age?

I'm off to prep for tomorrows homeless dinner.

"Rover, bring the cat inside."

Friended: How the Obama Campaign Connected with Young Voters

Christians Suing Over Atheist 'Nativity' Scenes

So I called a new doctor for an appointment today and within the first few words

My main problem with the RED DAWN redux

Apparently, God couldn't contact Pat Robertson regarding the 2012 election outcome...

Happy Thanksgiving! Anything else you need me to fix...

"Kerry Is the Right Choice

Ezra Klein on The Last Word

Thanksgiving Plan

Grammar challenge pooch on the effect of gay marriage.

Liberal priest Roy Bourgeois repaid for longtime pro-feminist efforts with lai-

The end is nigh

Be rich in spirit

Sticking my neck out for you

Break free!

Designated hitter

Thread to offer your best wishes to Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., on his resignation from Congress

Lessons from Sandy — Preparing Health Systems for Future Disasters (New Eng Jour Med)

Green house

Been there, done that

Bertold Brecht

Anyone want this turkey at Thanksgiving?

The “Fiscal Cliff” Hoax

Popular vote: Romney is now down to 47.51% -- NOW at 47.50%

FOX NEWS Brings You The Scariest Christmas Ever.

...a word from your Thanksgiving turkey and Jesus of Nazareth...

Happy Thanksgiving (In 3 part harmony) ;)

Michael Moore made an excellent point on Bill Maher

Sandy from bicycle's POV

The reason Medicare is going bankrupt is because these CEOs dropped legacy benefits.

Happy Thanksgiving, DU. I am thankful for you!

Egypt Emerges As Major Middle East Mediator With Israel-Gaza Cease-Fire

King County Dems Legislative Action Committee takes on charter schools

US drought worsens after weeks of improvement

"Obama Campaign Polls: How The Internal Data Got It Right"

For DemoTex

White House To Boehner: Obamacare Not Part Of Fiscal Cliff Deal

Voter Bill of Rights

Big Tent News: 'In the Life' Last Gift in December

Growing In, Not Out

SPD lays out current status of marijuana

I'm providing the movie for tomorrow!

A very comprehensive interactive chart of the Petreaus affair ...

Employers lower health care costs by shifting them to employees

Redskins vs. Cowboys...

...this may be my last entry...

McCain is a thorn in our side because

Just got my turkey breasts in the smoker...

#GOPHOUSEBANDS trending on twitter...BDF

Lost 2 pounds this week. I was surprised it was more because

5-Point Guide To The Fiscal Showdown

BACKPEDAL ALERT!: Papa John's CEO now says there will be no cut in hours due to Obamacare.

Sinkhole: H-Bomb Explosion Equivalent In Bayou Corne Possible

Unpaid activist opportunities-2012 and later

Happy Thanksgiving!

47.51% and falling!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Will we pass up a Golden Opportunity...?

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Wednesday, November 21)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Don't let priests use sacraments as political weapons

Maine News Anchors Cindy Michaels And Tony Consiglio Resign

Georgia Man Arrested for Triple Murder

Being Born in Winter Can Mess With Your Head

Four days ago McCain said that President Obama should send BILL Clinton to negotiate ...

Gaza crisis: Israel-Hamas ceasefire agreement holds.

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Bill O'Reilly's "Leave It to Beaver" Nightmare!

Happy Turkey Day! My Life as Turkey by NATURE

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm at the airport, ask me anything!

How do you decontaminate a sewing machine?

TED Talk - Louie Schwartzberg: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.

JK Rowlings - A Casual Vacancy

This Thanksgiving, Avoid a Horror Story (Food Safety Tips!)


A Thanksgiving Letter to the Republican Party

Rachel Maddow: There is a lot to be thankful for - video link

Linda McMahon’s Campaign ‘Screwed’ Workers by Giving Them Bad Checks, Condoms

Things For Which You'd Like To See Nate Silver Forecast

happy thanksgiving everyone!

Walmart suppliers confronted by union as stores hit by employee walkouts

5:00 a.m. -- Let's Roll!

Tens of thousands protest in Indonesia

Why Thanksgiving turkeys keep getting fatter and fatter

Giving Thanks For Thanksgiving facts

Thanksgiving Obama Surprise!

Rio Gay Pride aims to tackle Brazilian 'homophobia'

ADHD treatment 'may reduce risk of criminal behaviour'

After Sandy, some dump homes, while others hunt for bargains

Was the Chris Christie buttering the turkey video the real deal or was it faked?

Holiday shopping marathon starts as consumer sentiment shaky

"Over the River and Through the Wood" honor of Thanksgivings past!

Happy Thanksgiving to all DUers

"Over the River and Through the Wood"...Happy "Jour de Merci Donnant"!

Is This Sexist Or Just Funny?

Susan Rice responds to the attacks on her about so-called scandle Bengazi

Confronting the Reality of a Rapidly Warming World

Nevada City (CA) to Require Homeless to Have A Permit to Sleep Outside

Germany's Clean Energy Transforms Industrial City of Hamburg

Macy’s CEO to American People: Drop Dead

Answer: 4.55 billion years

The 7 Worst Black Friday Horror Stories (And Why You Should Stay Away From Stores This Year)

Maine news anchor team resigns on air over ‘unbalanced news’

Why Fracking May Ruin Your Thanksgiving

***THANKSGIVING DAY THREAD*** Check in with what you are thankful for and/or favorite traditions.

Turkey Day Photo Tips

Gaza crisis: will Egypt come to regret its role as peacemaker?

Food Bank Stocks Dry Up in Wake of Great Drought

New WH Pics of President Obama in Asia

"FEDEX delivered the package": US military emails shed light on Osama bin Laden's burial at sea

When do we start airing the grievances?

Pie Crust

Hollande admits gay marriage opt-out gaffe

8 years at Walmart earns you 11.90 an hour.

should we reclaim the word 'faggot'?

President Obama: Thanksgiving a time to unite after ‘passionate’ election

Be sure to catch this must read NYT piece on Obama's Middle East involvement.

Weekly Address: Wishing the American People a Happy Thanksgiving

Economic Prosperity and the Fiscal 'Speed Bump'

'Sobering Facts' In UN Report Show Global Warming Targets Fading Fast

*Spoilers* If Republicans want to remake themselves, the need look no further than 'Lincoln.' Review

What I am thankful for.

Growing Opposition to US Drones Program

I am using today--Thanksgiving Day---as a day of amnesty for all Sports forum Douchebags.

I'm at the MSP this where Sen Larry Craig was "exposed"???

US hacked Sarkozy staff computers, French magazine says

On the eating of crow...

Icelanders Vote to Include Commons in Their Constitution

Where did it go? Australian scientists un-discover phantom Pacific island that appears on world maps

Reflections from the Great Lakes Commons Gathering

The Turkey of the Year Award

Your helpful Thanksgiving charts about the deficit

Happy Turkey and Football Day, Everybody

I may have a good meal today. I may have chicken noodle soup with peanut butter sandwiches.

Wally world greeter gone wild

Oh no. A Remake of Red Dawn

Many are happy to have a job

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Song [from Bob's Burgers]

EU takes major step to protect sharks

President Obama in Thailand with Secretary Of State Clinton

Happy Thanksgiving, Fellow FGers!

In memoriam: President John F. Kennedy

worth repeating

Matt Lauer is getting the boot from The Today Show??

Old White Men In Ohio To Revive "Heartbeat Bill"

I want to barf.

Rights groups dismayed by Afghanistan's return to executions

Happy Thanksgiving and a little history..

Afghan opium growth sees "alarming" rise, U.N. says

U.S. Deficit Shrinking At Fastest Pace Since WWII


Chicago pays NRA $150,000.00


Happy birthday, Scarlett Johansson

Police officer quits after comments about killing Obama

Doctors say famed Puerto Rican boxer Hector 'Macho' Camacho is clinically brain dead

The Humbling Tragedy of Jesse Jackson Jr.

DEA Agent Says He Was Told Not To Enforce Drug Laws In White Areas

Denialists, Whiners, and Wackjobs -- There’s more than one way to be a Republican

Losing gracefully

Sorry pilgrims-Myth busted

Map Of The World Based On Sport Popularity...

Happy re-evaluate your boundaries with your parents day!

Two good Thanksgiving cartoons from Mike Luckovich

HappyThanksgiving to all the denizens of the DU Religion Group!

Thanksgiving takes its toll.

Any fans of the group (choir) Scala?

Could non-profit, member owned health insurance work? This looks like a great idea.

ThankProgress: 10 Things Progressives Can Be Thankful For

You can get anything you want at... Alice's Resturant

Karl Marx Explains the Labor Theory of Value

Obama should nominate Rice and take on McCain

Saskatchewan Roughriders Vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Howard Zinn on honesty in history

Uh, is it my imagination -- the Kelley's portrait, here --

How Karl Rove was thwarted from fixing election by cyber dudes

Soldier’s last wish: Let DOMA die before I do

What are you thankful for this year?

Faux News has a new lead on Benghazi

Warning! Don't read if you are about to eat; this is a gross story.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Pepperidge Farm or Bells?

I'm so excited! Can't wait to see my niece ice skating in the T. G. Macy's Day Parade.

Taking On Employee Intimidation at T-Mobile USA

A Happy Thanksgiving to all, from me and the Mrs. Z ...

The Obama's Help Out at Food Bank Over Thanksgiving

How those from Japan multiply - as in maths.

If I want car advice, I won't go to a massage therapist or a chiropractor. If I want to know . . . .

Thanksgiving in Dystopia

Right Wing Invents New Bengahzi Conspiracy Theory: Top U.S. Intel Official Is A Liar

Marine Corps get first F-35, but with no weapons or the right gear

Happy Thanksgiving from WKRP

Justice for JFK

Robert Reich: Why You Shouldn’t Shop at Walmart on Friday

No Thanksgiving is complete w/o listening to this:

Police Raid 9-Year-Old Pirate Bay Girl, Confiscate Winnie The Pooh Laptop

My mom's doctor told her to vote for Romney

WKRP Turkey drop.

My Thanksgiving tradition... two "holiday" videos that never get old...(!)

Too funny not to share.

Thanksgiving Toons 1: Turkeys!

Thanksgiving Toons 2: Nuts!

Thanksgiving Toons 3: Twinkies!

Thanksgiving Day Gift- Our Service Men

Thanksgiving Toons 4: Shopping!

Thanksgiving Toons 5: Thanksgiving and the rest!

Anonymous Supposedly Helped Keep Presidental Election Fair

A Thanksgiving Reminder That America Alone Doesn’t Guarantee Time Off For Vacations Or Holidays

Big Tent News: Thanksgiving Gay Story Of Redemption

The closed circle of Wal Mart economics

All in the Family - Thanksgiving

Mr. Fox Returns for Thanksgiving

Kerry Is the Right Choice to Lead U.S. Diplomacy

Hilarious scene in "These Old Broads"

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 22, 1968

Happy Thanksgiving, DU!!

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 22, 1968

Volunteers Help Restore Historic Voodoo F-101

Bill O'Reilly's "traditional America" nightmare ('toon)

Pardoning the Turkey and working at the Capital Area Food Bank, Washington, Nov. 21 (photos)

South Pacific Sandy Island 'proven not to exist'

Bill O'Reilly's "Leave It to Beaver" nightmare

A Barefooted Barack

Mad Mad People!

Happy Thanksgiving to all democratic underground peeps.

RECLAIMING Their VOICE: The Native American Vote in New Mexico & Beyond (42 min.)

Life on Mars? Maybe not. NASA downplays findings

Why GOP Is Trying To Censor Thanksgiving Play of 'Alice’s Restaurant'


Rush flushers seeking to hold Limbaugh accountable for hate speech are crippling the radio industry

It's been a rough couple of weeks here in Lake Woebegon.

JFK and the pardoned Turkey

An Illuminating Document

Israeli soldier dies of wounds from Gaza violence

Thanksgiving parade brings cheer to storm-hit NYC

Joe Conason: Change? Learn? Compromise? Grow? Not These Republicans

Rebels seize army base in eastern Syria

Who will take best in show?

Always makes for a good Thanksgiving Day when this happens...

The day that Facebook bought Instagram, I deleted it from my iPhone.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Ahhh...plenty of this to look forward to today

Today, I'm thankful that we don't have to see Rmoney flip flopping, selling us all down the river

A Chinese Education, for a Price

RIP, John F. Kennedy, 5-29-1917 to 11-22-1963

Fellow Atheists! We have scored a great victory in the War on Christmas!

Unions flexed muscles in state campaigns

K&R if You Agree with Krugman & Howard Dean on the "Fiscal Cliff"

Timothy Noah: Eight Ways Obama Can Jam Through His Agenda Without Congress

WEE Gather Together, November 22, 2012

Stinky Feet?..

He served less than a thousand days.. a lifetime ago..and yet ( How I choose to remember JFK)

Navy uniform for Army Navy game

The heart of the problem is that most People like Walmart

Such a nice Happy Thanksgiving text from my father

Elections have consequences, if

Myanmar opening no gold rush for US firms

Simone Gbagbo arrest warrant issued by ICC

This is FUNNY!

Cute anchor babies.

This picture is worth a million words RE: climate change

Two Maine news anchors quit on air, citing pressure to do biased journalism

Hey , John, Bill was unavailable but Hilary took care of business. You got

No God, not even Allah

Kelly Ripa, a news anchorwoman? WTF? I don't grudge Kelly but I never

Red rebels don religious colour

Argentine court convicts UNC-CH physics professor of drug smuggling

Imams, priests play soccer match in Bosnia

A Thanksgiving Tale From A Shelter Worker I Know...

Former Komen exec. who pushed to defund Planned Parenthood weighing Senate bid

Winds of Racial Change in Brazil

Never the twain shall meet.

Michelle Obama will be on "The Dr. Oz Show" today.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

No turkey without Alice. Demz da Rulz.

The Birthday Wish: Meeting fireman who rescued him

US warns travellers of crime risk in Honduras

US warns travellers of crime risk in Honduras

NO New Gilded Age, Thank You...

TV coverage from 49 years ago - JFK Assassination; As It Happened.

If Native Americans had our immigration laws:

self delete--

I am thankful for a lazy Thanksgiving Day

Russian weapons designer shot dead on street

If you are tired of the "holiday programming", here's a suggestion

Colombians seek refuge in Ecuador despite peace effort

Italian journalists to strike over defamation laws

Bill O'Reilly's nightmare...

Prominent Republican Senator Abandons Norquist's Pledge..Think Progress

Denialists, Whiners, and Wackjobs... Begala on the GOP

Expose of Charter School Corruption in The New Republic

(Republican US Sen.) Chambliss Edges Away From Norquist Anti-Tax Pledge

Mitt Romney is now .1% away from 47%...

I'm thankful for the Secret Service.

100-car pileup in Texas fog kills two, injures dozens

What the hell is going on in the tree in this photo John McCain's wife just tweeted??

Just about time for the annual exploding

Classical Countdown: What's in your top 10?

THIS anti atheist, anti liberal comment gets 100+ likes?

Zero Day

Ah, Thanksgiving, reminding us why we only see these people once a year

Kid Rock, my favorite Rocker is all over the Detroit/Houston game, including an Ad clip with the

Looking forward to hearing stories later from DUers regarding their right-wing relatives...

Can we admit at long last that Tim Burton's Batman sucks and always did?

How old were you when JFK killed

Thanksgiving 2012

So I saw the Mayor of My City Today


Something nice, I think, but a little eerie happened

Toles on 'Fiscal Cliff'

My herbed, browned, and moist turkey using a Reynolds oven bag.

Freeper shows his true colors. Lily-white.

This bird is looking for my house.

Remember last Black Friday with mobs getting into fights, pepper-spraying and such?

Amsterdam Forever !!!!

What you do on Friday makes a difference

Photo and link to Pete Souza's photos from President Obama's trip to Asia

Right before the election, it looked like Channel 5 was gonna run this big anti-greenie hate show

For God's Sake: Just END this Texans vs. Lions Football Game!

Sad statement on our society today...

Thanksgiving: A National Day of Mourning for Indians

ObamaCare Will Reshape the Electorate

Israel pushing ahead in medical marijuana industry

This Christmas buy nothing for anybody

So much for democracy-Egypt's President becomes the "new pharaoh" in "major blow to the revolution"

Saudi authorities using electronic tracking on women

Cross post from GD: Saudis tracking women electronically

Buntu tribe's children understand life:

I'll bet none of you are having for dinner today what I'm having.

Cartilage made using hybrid 3D printer (BBC)


Alabama...or....Auburn? Whadda say?????

I don't support a Climate Change group, especially not with a denier as host

UGH, here in Fargo winter always seems to blow in on Thanksgiving.

Arafat exhumation 'painful but necessary': widow

Anyone watching Washington/Dallas???

Some Thanksgiving thoughts from a blue redneck

Israeli Press Declares Victory for Hamas

Thanksgiving Day Perspective

My worst Thanksgiving ever! I am so sad

Making some cornbread (my recipe)

Libyan leader opposes aid to Syria rebels

Plans for gay marriage vote likely to get go-ahead before Christmas

My God am I depressed.

Dubliner Cheese -- why didn't someone tell me about this years ago?

I have been wanting to post this pic for a little while now.

Bob Herbert and Rachel Maddow on McCain being wrong, wrong, wrong.

Gaza Abacus (from the Economist)

What are you drinking?

"Boehner’s Rearguard Guerrilla Action" by DAVID FIRESTONE at the NY Times

Chefs confess to turkey-free Thanksgivings