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CNN Breaking News: Romney surging in polls two weeks after election

Equal Pay..

I nominate NEWT to replace Arne as Sec of Ed.

John McCains "Benghazi"

Obama urges Middle East leaders to broker ceasefire as navy deploys ships

Mouth Breather Scott Walker was implicated in court today. How long until he's arrested?

Is Rush Limbaugh’s Country Gone?

Which do you really look forward to:

Report: 70 Percent Of Retired Generals Took Jobs With Defense Contractors Or Consultants

Stuart Varney and I discuss the merits of a Carbon Tax on Fox News' Your World

So I posted this graphic on FB

xPost from V&M: Stuart Varney and I discuss the merits of a Carbon Tax on Fox News' Your World

Spain: Residency for foreigners who buy houses

Harper 'surprised' by protectionist feelings from U.S.

Thanksgiving Health Challenge. UPDATED 11/22/2012

Observation: Since the election, I havent noticed the (I'm a mormon) ads

And yet another Fight with Congress to put on the schedule

The Hollywood Reporter, After 65 Years, Addresses Role in Blacklist

Another Craigslist freebie--not your usual input.

Allen West's legacy: Recounts for everyone!

CEO of my organization just sent email to make us afraid

Poll: Nearly 60 Percent Of Americans Believe Israel Justified In Gaza Strikes

Anyone have any good online gift ideas

Iowa scientists: Drought a sign of climate change

Very nice encounter just a little while ago!

Intelligence community admits they changed

University gives ‘frackademics’ the boot

Wranglers say 'Hobbit' animals died on unsafe farm

Shop Your Politics.

Ever notice how the Brady Campaign has stopped talking about "gun control?"

If Susan Rice is The President's first choice for SoS, should he nominate her?

Mr. Grebe, IRS On Line One (Cognitive Dissidence)

Provincial Conservative rift spreads to federal realm in Calgary Centre byelection

If you’re 27 or younger, you’ve never experienced a colder-than-average month

From a teacher....

Oprah uses iPad to Tweet promotion of Microsoft Surface.

Moody's strips France of AAA-rating with one-notch cut

All around I see how normal it is to attack women, and even for women to attack themselves

It has been two weeks since Mitt got his ass handed to him

My God, this is beautiful!

Were Prehistoric Statues Pornographic?

is RAM as important for a PC nowadays?

No, Conservatives, Benghazi Is Not Worse Than Watergate

Bipartisan oil whores of the Senate send letter to pressure Obama on pipeline

re: the proposed "New and Improved Republican Party"

Obama, in Burma speech: ‘We always remained hopeful about you’

tips on interviewing

It is time for the fried turkey thread, this year there will be 5 to be fried.

Einstein's Brain Reveals Clues to Genius

I'd like to thank the Academy...

George P. Bush makes motions at General Land Office - or perhaps a bigger office

Lack of skilled labour threatens Canadian economy, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says

Has anyone else watched Ken Burns "Dust Bowl on PBS?

Official: Changes to Benghazi talking points made by intel community

Kos: Fraudsters, take your shit elsewhere

Ed is covering the WORKERS of Hostess, and the recent court ruling!

Treasury Secretary Calls For Abolishing The Debt Ceiling

Funny I guess Lincoln had enough of their loose talk

Why don't we ever hear that taxing the rich will *grow* the economy?

Immigrants to Pay Tuition at Rate Set for Residents

Got any tips for writing a cover letter and resume?

Anti-Gay Activist Rick Rolled on Live TV

How much longer till we get Turkey?

Recommendations for background reading on the conflict?

The reasons the GOP doesn't want Rice to be SOS

Oliver Stone on the Untold U.S. History from Atomic Age, Vietnam to Obama's Drone War

An exemplary businessman indeed.

Lisa Biron, Christian anti-gay lawyer, arrested under unusual circumstances:

PBS - 'Dust Bowl'

I See Some Trolls Didn't Receive A Good Enough Ass Beating On November 6th.

Judge Rejects Nativity Displays in Santa Monica

EarlG: Can you please resurrect the Top 10 Conservative Idiots!! There is just so

We totally dodged a huge pile of crapola two weeks ago.

Day after turkey sandwich

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad subs for Mike & a new kitty gif

IA Senate News: Jochum will be President, Gronstal stays Majority Leader

Just finished watching "Fargo".

First Lady's Labor of Love

Do you know anyone who's already lined up for Friday's

Anyone watching MNF?

Has anyone been watching Oliver Stone's "Untold History of the United States" on Showtime?

Why McCain is going after Rice: The GOP lost foreign policy advantage

Attorney fired for tweeting during hearing

Listen up, Gov. Howdy Doody.

3 local ships extend deployment amid Gaza conflict (US warships turn around)

Saw Steven Spielberg today!

Lastest Gallop - LV Obama 42 Romney 56. RV O 52. R 47.

Pre-historic Goddess Figures: Ancient Objectification?

Here Is What Louisiana Schoolchildren Learn About Evolution

WSJ: U.S. closes antitrust investigation into seed industry, Monsanto.

Blue states to secede....

"It’s been great. It’s been bittersweet, nostalgic, all the things you would expect"

When Will the Economic Blockade of Gaza End?

Steven Colbert interviews Tom Ridge on fracking...

Broadwell hires Washington PR firm to deal with Petraeus scandal - Reuters, Nov 19, 2012 (Mon)

Police make arrest in monkey death at Zoo Boise

Dolphins Found Shot, Mutilated

Ha! I made this graphic yesterday and posted on DU.... now it's gettin' all viraly on FB!

Councilman faces ouster for allowing homeless man to sleep at City Hall

Report: Eric Holder To Stay In Obama Administration Beyond First Term

Filipino ex-employees say Grand Isle Shipyard pressed them into 'involuntary servitude'

(Federal) Judge denies Hobby Lobby's birth control case

Nance Greggs: Make Room at the Kiddie Table this Thanksgiving

Anonymous are Criminals, according to the Far Right Wing! Lol!

Infographic: Weapons and casualty comparison past four years

The spectacularly damaging Rush Limbaugh Effect illustrated in two stock charts and a video

Revolution--the concept is getting better.

Rachel just made me spew my soft drink all over my laptop

CNN’s Don Lemon tells Will Cain of The Blaze he ‘doesn’t make sense'

Mitt Romney turns blue

How can I help WalMart employees carry out their strike?

Gaza's 96 Dead Include Farmers, Water Sellers And The Girl Next Door

Could Bill Clinton end the Israeli/Hamas war??

It’s time for a federal takeover of national elections

Radi-aid: Spoof charity single asks Africans to donate radiators to Norway

Any chance of getting them to make a "Garbage Pail Kid" named "Fiscal Cliff"?

Benghazi, Schmenghazi (John McCain, You Scumbucket)

Dressing vs. stuffing.

McCain to obstruct any SOS confirmation unless Democrats play dead on foreign policy till the end of

so much for the right getting anything right!


You know it's bad when China condemns: We condemn the over-use of force causing innocent deaths

There's a request in Meta for a Climate Change group

FOX Conservatives Attack Chris Christie For Appearing On SNL

A question about Lee Atwater and the GOP

I am 58 and just got a new job. 5 year contract. Hang in there...

Instead of S.E. Cupp, MSNBC should have hired Abby Huntsman for The Cycle

Leading The Way

Dates to mark on your calendar

Mustang Ranch owner elected county commissioner

‘Color Of Christ’: A Story Of Race And Religion In America

Real Historical Irony - Dust Bowl States Hate Government And Would Not Vote For

They're taking Reagan off Mt. Rushmore to put Obama up?

Pete Seeger, Harry Belafonte, Jackson Browne and More to Play Benefit for Activist in NYC

If you’re 27 or younger, you’ve never experienced a colder-than-average month

Capitalism sucks the magic from life.

You Have Chosen To Remember

Here Is What Louisiana Schoolchildren Learn About Evolution

How the Right Wing Destroyed the U.S. Postal Service

Israeli Media: Four More Top Terrorists Eliminated

The Dalai Lama will be the Commencement speaker

The GOP learned NOTHING from their thrashing on November 6. WTF is wrong with

It appears my Google Fu is WEAK tonight...

Facing Rates Of $17 For 15 Minutes, FCC Takes Up Regulation Of Prison Phone Industry

Just finished watching "The Dust Bowl" on PBS.

How is Andy Reid not fired yet?

DetNews columnist Neil Rubin's tribute to the late Sonny Eliot

Woman hits 'like' on Facebook, gets arrested in India

Secession is possible-can you say plebiscite

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Monday, November 19)

OK, this "Black Friday" crap has gone completely stupid.!

TCM Schedule for Thursday, November 22 -- What's on Tonight: Family Comedies

The GOP Fears the Electorate

TCM Schedule for Friday, November 23 -- What's On Tonight: Lerner & Loewe Musicals

Sorry, but I don't like stuffing or dressing.

A classic joke about the "Drugstore Visit"

Great U.S. Drought of 2012 to Last Into Spring of 2013

A thought on the stealing of trademarks, copyrights or labels by foreign corporations for profit.

What time of day do you have Thanksgiving dinner?

let's go over the cliff. dems sellouts are already trying to get repubs a good deal....

So, seems all those political ads have been replaced with...non-stop car ads!

Lights out for John McCain

"Putting Faith in the Conservative Creed"

Has the inauguration web site

49ers creamed Da Bears....

Santa Monica may bar Nativity scenes in public areas, judge rules

Cartoon HistoryOf Israel/Palestine ByNina Paley

University study finds alcohol and sex makes people happier more than kids and religion

Judicial nominees sitting on sidelines

Grover Norquist Defends Strength Of Anti-Tax Movement Amid Signs Republicans Are Defecting

Dinosaur Jr to release 1987 live set on ‘Chocomel Daze’ limited-edition vinyl LP

Great U.S. Drought of 2012 to Last Into Spring of 2013

My wife and I met at the University of Pennsylvania...

Ray Davies - "Thanksgiving Day"

A (very) modest proposal for the Gaza Strip

LTTE: "I have never witnessed a losing candidate so openly critical of the winning candidate."

There is a single Congressman who has spoken out against the assault on Gaza

Anybody have an idea what this cable news channel Russia Today is all about?

Rubio on Earth's Age: 'I'm Not a Scientist, Man'

Here's how well the New System works:

Bengazi - The Corporate Media Continues To Enable The Crazy Right!

Ever Seen This?

The most expensive crapper in the world ...

McCain wants Bill Clinton to be Middle East Peace Negotiator

Ron Paul: Petitions on secession raise 'worthwhile questions'

Republicans look to oust Franken

Ban FAUX advertisers!!! Let's break their bank!!!

Intelligence officials: We knew attack in Benghazi was terrorist act from beginning

Australian 'collar-bomb' man jailed for attack on Sydney schoolgirl

Dear Dan Lungren

Truly unearthly beauty!

Kids Know: 8th grader called election.


Important: What doctors don't know about the medicine they prescribe...

Here is a beautiful cat, who is lonely.

Egypt, Israel, Hamas close to reaching cease-fire deal

Religious right lawyer Lisa Biron arrested by FBI on child sex charges

Anonymous did not stop Rove from stealing the election.

Here is a beautiful cat, who is lonely. He needs a happy home.

Lest we forget! ... Condi Rice said of the PDB of 8/06/01, "This was not a 'threat report,' "

Two prostitutes were riding around town with a sign

Most awesome plans for Black Friday?? Minnesota History Center - oooh ya!!

So, what do you all think about the Ed Reed suspension?

Julie Brown as Victoria Jackson reacts to the election

HELP understanding a recipe, please.

Steady US housing recovery is boosting economy

A Thanksgiving Prayer That Keeps It Really F*cking Real. {Video}

Maine Hunter Shoots his Foot Off

Achtung, caption time!

The hunchback of Notre Dame is on TCM right now...

Iron Dome – the best show in town

Good news for AC/DC fans...

K-pop Monster Rookie Lee Hi dominates music charts

Obama Plots Outside Game To Leave Washington, Add Pressure On Lame-Duck Congress

Are Republicans actually seeing the light -- even if through a glass darkly?

Lawmakers facing new pressure to extend unemployment benefits

Irish catholic priests STILL don't get it...

I need California Peggy...

Is the World Bank Funding Death Squads in Honduras?

Democrats sweep last undecided House races

President Barack Obama kissed Myanmar democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi

Terror Arrests: 4 California Men Arrested, Charged With Plotting To Wage 'Violent Jihad'

Obama sends Clinton to Mideast amid Gaza crisis

City of the Disappeared – three decades of searching for Guatemala's missing

Attack of the Mutant Pupfish

Your Twinkies got Romneyed

Hil is on it.

Adding Pressure On Lame-Duck Congress

For those tasked with taking the Thanksgiving Day Photos this may be of interest

A year ago I met my boyfriend

What THE best tv shows of 2012

San Francisco lawmakers set to vote on nudity ban

McCain no substitute for basic competence on foreign policy - TRMS(Nov. 19, 2012)

Attacker stabs guard at U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv -police

Petroglyph thieves grab and deface California carvings

Seems conservatives are taking their anger out on owners of GM vehicles

Slate: Why Doesn't Florida Senator Marco Rubio Know How Old the Earth Is?

Titans of the trees

Strategic Maneuvers - The Revolving Door from the Pentagon to the Private Sector

The Giant Lie Trotted Out by Fiscal Conservatives Trying to Shred Social Security

Muscular Body Image Lures Boys Into Gym, and Obsession

Look Out Monsanto: Campaigns to Label Genetically Engineered Foods Are Heating Up

What is it about American Ingenuity - give thanks for this

Sorry, folks, but we can't have you electing a left-of-centre government.

study: NJ beaches 30 to 40 feet narrower after Sandy

End Of The Line (Extended Version)

UK to charge Coulson, Brooks over illegal payments

un says greenhouse gasses at record high in 2011

Don't forget Nate Silver is suppose to be on Morning Joe

Tar Sands Blockade: Construction Halted As Protestors Face Arrests, Tear Gas

Water Industry Outlook: 'The Time Is Ripe' for Water Privatization

From Moyers and company. Naomi Klein on Climate Change

Naomi Klein: Sandy's Devastation Opens Space for Climate Change Action, Progressive Reform

When Will the Economic Blockade of Gaza End?

Allen West Concedes to Patrick Murphy

I just found out that one of my great great grandfathers served on the Confederate side

Accidental gunfire at "no gun" businesses

CU-Denver accidental shooting: Now ex-staffer trying to unjam gun when it fired

AZ still counting. Argh spit! Carmona 1,030,647 Flakey 1,099,207. 68,560 separating the two.

Post-election Mitt Romney pumping gas

Man to face charges for shooting dad

Photos and footage from last night’s anti-Israel and pro-Israel demonstrations in London.

Organized Labor's Newest Heroes: Strippers

Is John McCain up for re-election in 2014??

Does anyone know of any shops in MD where you can buy pro-democratic/liberal buttons and stickers?

Allen West FINALLY Concedes

For Australian Aborigines, the Health Problems of Westernization

The Secret Ingredients for Marijuana Legalization: Moms and Hispanics

Walker wants to end same-day registration.

Where is the Democratic Party without Medicare or Social Security?

200 Investment Firms Just Issued A Warning On Climate Change

Report: 70 Percent Of Retired Generals Took Jobs With Defense Contractors Or Consultants

The Romney Readiness Project as described by

Mr. President: How Do You Define Precise?

How do I buy a star for someone????

Attention WalMart Shoppers: Cynical Manipulation In Aisle Two

Scarborough has had 2 weeks to grow a moustache. Where is it at?

un: afghan opium poppy cultivation up 18%

amnesty international workers start strike

dutch government scraps 'weed pass' for coffee shops

All Fascism is Local

Yahya Jhodri Hamoodi. That was his name.

Tomgram: Ellen Cantarow, "Little Revolution," Big Fracking Consequences

Is It Over? Our Long National Nightmare

Dolphins Found Shot, Mutilated in Gulf of Mexico

Had a farmers daughter complaining about the "new", Obama laws to keep dust and erosion down

Greenhouse gases hit new record - UN

Elites Will Make Gazans of Us All

new push for most in the US to get at least 1 HIV test

GOP poll challengers tried to intimidate Genoa voters, clerk says

Ask Your Favorite Conservative: If the U.S. system of "health care" is "NUMMER ONE" . . . .

European companies 'using emissions trading to subsidise overseas rivals'

Krugman: A Public Service Reminder: Paul Ryan is a Con Man

More than 1,000 new coal plants planned worldwide, figures show

Costs and Consequences of the Fukushima Daiichi Disaster

Why are they changing Medicare's name to Novitas?

Murdoch mess -Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks face charges over payments to officials

I have this comment by Rachel Maddow and then a right winger made a comment I don't know how to

EPA Proposes Loosening Mercury Rules For Coal Plants; Not Enough, Says Coal Industry

Cory Booker to live a week on food stamps

U.S. & Mexico Revise Colorado River Compact To Allow Storage In Lake Mead

DR Congo rebels claim control of Goma

CIA Shuts Down Center On Climate Change & National Security - "Little Internal Support"

We need an AM radio show with no HATE-whatya think?

Big Tent News: UPS Withdraws Boy Scouts of America Support

The ONLY place I find incessant discussion about the Civil War

Pat Robertson Issues Dire Warning About Atheists Stealing Christmas

2011 Atmospheric CO2 New Record 390.9 ppm; CH4, N20 Also At New Records

Barrow: Almost Continuous Above-Avg Temps Since September, No Sea Ice Formed Until Week Of 11/11

Our Fool Proof Plan for Fixing The Republican Party

Rachel Maddow Smacks Down John McCain, ‘You need to know what you’re talking about’...

Breaking: (Cambridge Student) Union looks set to hold vote on Assange talk

Pakistan acquits girl of blasphemy charges

Tea Party Leader: Romney Can Still Win

McCain’s claims about Susan Rice’s comments on the Libya attack (WaPo Fact Checker)

Former Murdoch Aides to Be Charged With Bribery

'Politicians Haven't Listened' Merkel Climate Advisor Blasts Global Inaction

republicans are malevolent and treasonous people who hope for another attack in America

Rare snowy owl faces difficult recovery

I have a question IRT the Hostess situation.

Rights Groups Call for Ban on Futuristic Killer Robots

Brass Attack: Light & Lean Marines Get 5th Four-Star

France ends final Afghan combat mission

Daily Kos: North Carolina Results Analysis --Nov 10, 2012

Two arrested over Facebook comments in India

Peak oil review - Nov 19

Poll: Americans More Confident In Obama, Dems To Seek Bipartisan Solutions Than GOP

Peak oil review - Nov 19

After 121 Years, Identification of 'Grave Robber' Fossil Solves a Paleontological Enigma

The Morning Joe panel really beat up John McCain this morning re Susan Rice!

Encounter w/my HVAC guy... Repube... Good God ... the fear and ignorance in those people.

Poland says extremist planned to blow up parliament

Rep. Clyburn: Republicans Using ‘Code Words’ To Attack Ambassador Rice

Rand Paul On Presidential Run: ‘I’m Not Going To Deny That I’m Interested’

Gaza crisis: Israel to end attacks, says Egypt's Mursi

After Taking $10 Billion From Taxpayers, CEO Of Goldman Sachs Wants To Cut Your Social Security

If you’re 27 or younger, you’ve never experienced a colder-than-average month

Are You Sad That John McCain Is In The Final Throes Of Personality Disintegration?

The difference between cats and dogs

Tea Party Leader: Romney Can Still Win

If you want to have a laugh at freepers' expense...

Happy Thanksgiving! Florida Gov. McFraudy outsources public prison jobs to for-profit corporation

Happy Birthday, Mr. Vice President!


Proof positive that politicians can be real jackasses

Walmart rattled by growing unrest ahead of Black Friday's strike

What would you expect to find in a reverse universe?

Chris Christie listened to Rupert Murdoch’s warning, re-backed Romney

# # Can anyone say Happy Birthday in Duck Latin? # #

just a quick hello and then I have to get some job hunting done.

Allen West finally gives up

More Than Nutritious: Why Organics Are Still Healthier

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- McInsane and other loonies

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Middle east mess

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- T-day and Twinkies

Islamic Jihad Official: All Our Weapons are From Iran

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

The 1 percent killed Twinkies

Petraeus Claims 'Broadwell Affair' Not Premeditated, Spontaneously Caused By Video

I got 9 automated messages saying my star expired today..

IDF Blows Up Hamas Soccer Field-Missile Site

Why Are The Repugs Afraid Of Susan Rice?.....

Godfather Murdoch got Chris Christie back in line......

No more moments of silence: How do we get from ‘Take Back the Night’ to ‘Taking Down Rape Culture’?

Chris Cilliza

A now PPR-ed DUer claimed that I have active accounts

The GOP’s Absurd Attack on Susan Rice Over Benghazi

Faster than NATO, France ends Afghan combat role

Frank Gore blows up Lance Briggs..

WTH is this? Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants

Centrist Group Third Way Poll Uses Loaded Question: Lumps Social Security and Medicare

promotes the principles of liberty, independence, smaller government and personal responsibility....

Jennifer Lawrence explains how she got into an accident because she thought she saw

WHEEEEEEE! Ever read the comments under a WND article?

Random Observation: When confronted by problems, Republicans.............

13 Transgender Americans Murdered in 2012

Karl Rove Toon Roundup

Man that's some salad you got there.... now quit stareing

Stunning report on Obama's visit to Burma - will make you proud!

Big News From Mars? Rover Scientists Mum For Now

This morning I prayed!

Got my star back! No more advertising! Although...

Our Quietest Advocate? 3 Pro-LGBT Actions From the Military That You Don't Know About

Cities in the Red: Austerity Hits America

Grandmother, 3 grandchildren found shot, killed in North Dakota

Housing Starts in U.S. Increase to Four-Year High

I've decided to spend Friday at Walmart.......

All in One Desktops

How long until the gun bubble blows up?

Frackers lose PR foothold at SUNY Buffalo as "Shale Institute" bites the dust

This is a big fucking deal: Happy 70th Birthday VP Joe Biden!

one more hawk from a couple days ago

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 20, 1987

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 20, 1987

Emails from Broadwell to Kelley said to be more threatening than initially reported.

I love love love this man.

A thread about atheists stealing Christmas is not "Religion".

Line of people waiting in D.C. for Marion Barry's free turkey giveaway stretches a block

I have to tell this story...and to tell the truth? I am STILL mad about it,lol

My, admittedly pedestrian and largely uninformed, take on GAZA ...

HIV Testing Will Now Be Covered Under Obamacare

Media Watchdog Files Legal Challenges with FCC - Stations Gave $1M in Free Airtime to Scott Walker

The Fall of the American Empire (Writ Small)

You want a conspiracy theory? OK, here's one:

WalkerGate: "The Campaign Group"

Israel's Goals, Hamas' Choices, and Egypt in the Middle

Denny's CEO Smacks Down Franchise Owner Over Talk of Obamacare Surcharge

Asking for evidence is Suppression.

Sesame Workshop says Elmo actor Kevin Clash resigned, calling sex allegations "distraction."

Anyone else notice

Kevin Clash, Elmo Puppeteer, Resigns

Homeless Gay and Transgender Youths Find a New Home in Greenwich Village

Conservative Republicans fight back after Romney loss

Seriously, people are already camping outside Best Buy

Late Night: Republicans Are So Totally Over Republicans

Straight-shooter Chris Christie on Creationism

Gloria Allred joins Petraeus scandal fray to represent Jill Kelley's twin..

So two weeks after the election, and we're already hearing nonstop about Paul and Rubio.

Rude Pundit: Other Questions for Marco Rubio After His GQ Interview(Based on His Favorite Rap Songs)

Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants

Colombia, FARC peace talks off to good start: rebel

Something profound happened today in Music...

Former Sen. Warren Rudman Dead At 82

Big Banks Line Up To Block Elizabeth Warren's Appointment to Senate Banking Committee

I wish every Democratic politician..

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Nov 20th

Thank goodness for the Lounge. I need to come here now and then from some sanity.

Republicans still furious at Chris Christie for being governor

An Open Letter to President Obama - Michael Moore

"A missile just hit a car driving behind the car NYT fixer was in in #Gaza."

Thom Hartmann: Will We Survive the Future Economic Dust Bowl?

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's Cambridge University talk cancelled

Port St. Lucie woman, said God told her to drive 100 mph on U.S. 1 in Fort Pierce

The War on Pot: A Raving Success

Do you enjoy Thanksgiving?

So CBS says that the DNI redacted references to AQ and terrorism in Rice's talking points...

WOW! President Obama on the front page of some international newspapers...


For-Profit Colleges Losing to Better-Rated, Cheaper State Schools

Goldman Sachs CEO "Wants Americans to Work Longer"

+++ NFL Picks / Week 12 +++

Photo of the world leaders who attended the East Asia Summit

College of Future Could Be Come One, Come All

GOP’s Benghazi Conspiracy Falls Apart: White House Didn’t Change Susan Rice’s Talking Points

1984 has finally arrived, folks

Did Anonymous really Save-the-Vote in Ohio? .... REALLY???

College of Future Could Be Come One, Come All

Solar Companies Seek Ways to Build an Oasis of Electricity

Papantonio: How Republicans Alienated The General Public

Lounge inspirational message of the day

O’Reilly: Black Voters Don’t Believe In ‘Self Reliance’ Or ‘American Exceptionalism’

Why Thai women cut off their husbands' penises

Pic Of The Moment: QUESTION: How Old Is The Earth?

Lots of artillery flares over Gaza right now.

Wingnuts to GOP Establishment: We told you so

You Just Think Your Thanksgiving Dinner With Con Relatives Will Be Bad

Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants

Hobby Lobby Must Cover Contraception For Employees, Judge Rules

In remembrance on this day: Transgender Pioneers



How long till Fox hires Allen West? Will they give him a show? Will they send him to war zones?

With cease-fire talks proceeding, Israel reportedly holding off on ground invasion

Romney Campaign: Our boy lost because Chris Christie helped President Obama with Hurricane Sandy

Justice Alito, Citizens United and the Press

What's the annual Thanksgiving "bleh"

Venezuela's industry slumps to levels recorded fifty years ago

Butthurt CEOs of America

Where we DO need a filibuster rule:

Anonymous vs Rove? Probably bullshit. Electronic Voting a Real Danger? True.

Unemployment rates fall in 75% of US states

Another Non-Struggle For the Soul - Ed Kilgore

Peace to promote country's economic growth: Colombian president

Posting this from a tent outside Best Buy

"My Life So Far". Absolutely wonderful!

French combat troops withdraw from Afghan war

Oh, please!

If You are LBGT and Want a Political Appointment in New Administration- Check This OUT!

We keep hearing how the Republican party needs to redirect itself in order to survive for the good..

Guided Tour of the International Space Station

Congressional Perks, why

Quantum cryptography done on standard broadband fibre

"Symptoms of Post-Election Stress" from Brian McFadden

The Brutal Truth Is That American Corporations Embrace The Walmart Business Model of----

"Black Friday Bargains" from Brian McFadden

Newspaper owner tells critic: No reviews on films w/strong women

8 bosses who screwed their employees after Obama’s reelection

Need a quick Boston Butt marinade recipe.

Christian attorney indicted on federal child pornography charges

Look, if the GOP wants to believe that it was

Hey Donald Trump: You're Fired

(Parrot) So I'm in a 7-11 and this ad catches my eye

Looking for your proven success with roast turkey secrets!

The radio industry is FINALLY talking about the devastating impact of Rush Limbaugh's Fluke attack


World's oldest working digital computer gets a reboot

Thom Hartmann: What Lurks in the Shadows of Wall Street?

Jeb Bush Jr: Rubio’s Doubts About Age Of The Earth ‘Head-Scratching’ (VIDEO)

Religion and science: When did they become adversaries?

'Elmo' puppeteer - second man files lawsuit over new underage sex allegations

Obama Administration Releases Draft Rules On Preexisting Conditions

More problems curse Trump's Toronto hotel and condo project. Dozens of purchasers who regret

A holiday gift for Star Wars geeks

If you haven't seen it yet: Rachel Maddow absolutely OBLITERATED John McCain last night

Screw twinkies what am I supposed to do without captain crunch!

Not Taking Defeat Well

My God Retired General and adulterer Petraeus son LT. Petraeus is a splitting image of his dad

Updated: President Obama's margin now 4 million votes.

MIT Open Course Lecture Notes

To the people who want to boycott Microsoft and let the CEO know here is his direct email

Election Night in 3 minutes

Gallup: Americans Agree With Petraeus Decision To Resign

What's to love about DU, and what's not to love ?

Money can't buy elections

Allen West concedes, or: How The West Was Lost

Big Tent News: November 20th-A Day of Remembrance- 13 Transgendered Murdered This Year

Smokers, do yourself a favor - never ever empty an ashtray into the garbage until the next morning

Why Denny's is in damage-control mode

Milwaukee is targeted for striking WalMart workers

I just had one of those over whelming bursts of emotion

Jon Stewart on Thanksgiving

Freeper meltdown over Allen West conceding...

Gay Humor on the Streets

Wisconsin economy continues sluggish growth

Justice Scalia On Secession

Church of England votes against allowing women bishops webmaster Dean Chambers claims Obama stole election

Now thats what you call a Commander In Chief

President Obama's Daily Schedule - 11/20/12

Draft Ashley "The Dragon Slayer" Judd for 2014...

The War On Thanksgiving hits a new low...

Ex-SAC manager charged in $276 million insider scheme

"In light of developments concerning Benghazi, we at Fox News humbly apologize

Yet again, WTO sides with Foreign corporations against local procurement

FINALS for Nov Contest on Friday.

I watched a neat little movie called Lars and the Real Girl.

Astronomers Directly Image Distant Exoplanet

Progressives = Tea Party? (Cenk debunks bad Politico article)

Mitt after a workout

This just in: Barack Obama Won!

Breaking News!!1!: Benghazi talking points written in 14 point font size instead of 12

What's all the fuss about "50 Shades of Grey"?

Paul Ryan, The Next Dick Cheney

GOP’s big Social Security lie

Labor Unions Launch Six-Figure Ad Blitz Opposing Spending Cuts To Medicare, Medicaid, Education

Serious question - do you give beer to an alcoholic?

We Can't Afford This New Breed Of CEO. We Need To Cut Their Pay By 90%. They ---

Susan Rice, as I suspected

Bernie Sanders OpEd: We must not balance the budget on poor, elderly

Oh noes! Three people just unfriended me on Facebook ...

"I don't always pump my own gas..."

Thom Hartmann: Surprise! What jobs have the highest number of psychopaths?

Best Hand Made Poster Ever.... and no spelling errors!!

Petraeus v Obama

Just finished Michael Chabon's "Telegraph Avenue"

With all the wars and threatened wars going on worldwide

Occupy Walmart: Workers Plan Black Friday Protests

Israel Warns Gazans to Flee Homes with Leaflets

My own rational market hypothesis

Boss cancelled....

A callout of all DUers stands:

Montana newspaper disciplines copy editor for adding ‘allegedly’ to AP’s 'Obama was born in Hawaii’'

Freeper dissonative cognazince on parade

97 People who don't have a say in confirmation say don't appoint Rice

Twinkie Facts

Is Rove, untouchable super genius, the only person who knows how to steal elections?

It's Joe's 70th birthday!

GOP bills would give expectant parents tax credit on fetus

Atheist who provided ETX Nativity star plans another lawsuit

Birther Lawyer Won't Stop Questioning Obama's Legitimacy Until the Last Court Dismisses Him

Jury hides OP it does not happen to like.

Court rejects Hobby Lobby's challenge to contraceptive mandate

For Gay Catholics, an Alternative to the Collection Plate

French combat troops withdraw from Afghan war

Red states have more traffic fatalities than blue ones, but why?


Former Murdoch Aides to Be Charged With Bribery

On Hulu: For a "what if" political drama, see "A Very British Coup"

Faculties at Pennsylvania state universities overwhelmingly say they'll strike if necessary

A media hoax is seldom a valuable wake-up call

Sen. Mark Warner Opts Against 2013 Gubernatorial Run In Virginia

Return of the 47 percent: The right’s latest tax lie

Barry Loves Pie

More discrimination

Sen. Mark Warner passes on 2013 governor bid

I just watched "Koch Brothers Exposed" on Netflix.

2012 White House Thanksgiving menu, w recipes!

Honduras: Union condemns intimidation of teachers (20 November 2012)

My INTERVENTION SESSION for the TeaCRAZY GOPers who just won't admit why they LOST:

I just watched "Koch Brothers Exposed" on Netflix.

The grey-out of viewed threads doesn't seem to be working for me.

[BBC - HISTORY COLD CASE] Crossbones Girl

Susan Rice’s cowardly critics; Even some liberal pundits are providing ammunition for John McCain

Please Pray for Pipa

Word to all lurking Tea Partiers: Being an asshole is NOT an electable quality

Interesting. Texas Secretary of State resigns...effective Friday of a holiday week

There's no proof of anything until there is

Join Us In The Fight Against Patent Trolls

Can Anonymous Help Stop Election Fraud in 2014?

Michelle Malkin is going after the Soros-led Occupiers and Unions on FOX now...

I don't see alot of movies in the theater but I do want to see 'Lincoln'. Here's why

Look who's on the cover!!!

Michigan GOP ..........WOW BRILLIANT!

Asking for proof of Rove stealing votes?

I might brine a turkey with the sweet salty tears of teh Righties

Andrew Sullivan Weighs In on Israel / Gaza conflict...

The Five Stages of Electoral Grief for Republicans

Was making Nancy Pelosi Minority Leader

Global Carbon Dioxide Levels Hit New Record in 2011, Survey Shows

The War On Pot - Lenny Bruces' View

Elmo actor resigns

Child abuse in Colombia up 40%; Report .

New evidence in Palace of Justice case implicates military in citizen killings .

Cartagena prison has only 20 guards for 2,160 prisoners .

Obama Takes it to the American People....Game on!

I do not believe that Anonymous thwarted a Rove hack on Ohio voting machines

I believe that our President is getting a little tired...

Florida will pay Medicaid docs at new Obamacare rate

Georgia man arrested after pretending Taser is his penis

McCain: ‘Surprised’ By Report That DNI Removed Terrorism References In Rice’s Benghazi Talking Point

This has GOT to be the creepiest celebrity romance

MEMO TO REPORTERS: John Doe Corruption Probe: Scott Walker Role Established, New Questions Raised

Decorations for the Lounge Feliz Navidad party are delayed in shipping.

EJ Dionne discovers Newt now agrees that we're "a centrist country with a progressive tilt"

Venezuela economic growth at 5.2 percent

So Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia were won by voter fraud .... BWHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Can we talk about sex-ed for adolescence? Petition to keep NC frack-free

Really cool optical illusion

i'm smiling too....

Hamas Kills 6 Suspected Israel Collaborators: Witnesses (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

I now understand why McCain has it in for Susan Rice

The best candidate of 2012 ... and worst

Haiti kidnapping: Shrouded in secrecy


Gaza's Victims Too Young To Understand, But Not To Die


Hey, there are still nice guys in the world, even in health insurance.

How cool is this?

UN: More Than 5 Million Children In Iraq Lack ‘Basic Rights’

Transgender Day of Remembrance (Cool image)

Jeb Bush Jr: Rubio’s Doubts About Age Of The Earth ‘Head-Scratching’

Marine takes charge at Southcom, praises Colombian peace efforts

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster announces plea in mortgage forgery case

"The Hug"

Anonymous Didn't "Elect Obama", but may have saved OH from Rove's hackers

Maddow, O’Donnell Win Demo Last Week, But Fox News Still on Top in Primetime

the sarchasm of sarcasm around here

Good Riddance AssHole West.

My TV switched from political campaign ads 24/7 to Christmas shopping ads 24/7....

Argentina: Strike paralyses Buenos Aires and other cities

Definition: Benghazi-Gate, noun.

Facing 1,000 Strikes And Protests, Wal-Mart Forced To Acknowledge Unions For First Time

The best candidate of 2012 - North Dakota Democrat Heidi Heitkamp

This is pathetic. Don't know where to post but I'm really upset.

Obama now has over 64 million popular votes (4-million vote margin over Mitt)

Four F

Colombia fury over islands ruling


This Matt Kibbe guy on Tweety's show is part of the problem…

Home-state scandal interrupts Walker's presidential positioning

matt kibbe

Kodak CEO Antonio Perez “Prioritizes His Compensation Even Amid Bankruptcy”

University At Buffalo Closes Its Shale Gas Research Institute Amid Accusations Of Undisclosed Indust

Scott Walker's Not-So-Little Legal Snag

Andrade resigns as Texas secretary of state

New York sues Credit Suisse over mortgage securities

I somehow managed to forget this '08 John McCain incident that explains everything about him

Ok, I stand corrected. I like one Christmas song...

Will you walk a Wal Mart picket line on Friday?

Three in failed Ohio bridge bombing plot sentenced to prison

Robert Kennedy son acquitted of child endangerment charges

Do 2 term presidents endorse primary candidates at the end of their term?

Argentina: Strike paralyses Buenos Aires and other cities

Thom Hartmann: Did Anonymous Save the Election from Karl Rove?

How did blue dogs and conservative Democrats do in the election?

OK DUers what TV ad did the Washington Post declare best ad for the elections

Big Kitteh Thanksgiving Nomfest

FARC: Is Cuba the new Colombian peacemaker?

Other cultures

National Priorities

1 day (give or take) till Thanksgiving. For anyone needing turkey advice, here is my favorite.

Papa Johns CEO back-tracks on ObamaCare. He now plans to add thousands of jobs.

Caption THIS:

WalMart on CNN

explosive materials found in car

No, The United States Will Not Go Into A Debt Crisis, Not Now, Not Ever

Venezuela: Venezuela wins seat on UN Human Rights Council

FBI concludes Sikh temple shooter acted alone

The Wrong Man for the C.I.A. - NYT Op-Ed By GREGORY D. JOHNSEN Published: November 19, 2012


Meanwhile FOX tries to help out Walmart

Popcorn stuffing = FAILPROOF turkey

I think they are upside down

Why Obama Should Nominate Susan Rice for State

But it's a necessity!

Could someone explain what apologetics are?


Kansas supporters of DREAM Act rally against Kobach (ALEC's SB 1070 architect)

The Prez was in full strut mode while getting on AF One… He jogged up the stairs like a BOSS

Israelis Ponder Alternatives To 'Mowing The Lawn' In Gaza

Beautiful Photo of POTUS and SoS Clinton

IMO, Kevin Clash's accusers look like they're only motivated by money. Not truth or justice or...

Obama Campaign Machine May Be Turned Loose On Fiscal Cliff Climbing Congress

CNN and Wolf Blitzer just talked to Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan...

Key and Peele Fans

HHS releases draft rules on key elements of Obamacare, including pre-existing conditions

Remember the time when Romney said that he was going to kick my butt?

It's Thankgiving so it's time to test your knowledge of Alice's Restaurant.

Six Days - - - - - -

Mo. Supreme Court Expands Public Sector Collective Bargaining

What's Tom Corbett Up to Now? (Private takeover of PA Lottery?)

Leahy (D-VT) scuttles his warrantless e-mail surveillance bill

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Quantum Cryptography At The End Of Your Road

Mitt isn't a taker so he goes right back to work

Head of Robo Signing firm gets plea agreement with some jail time.

Protest in Israel calls for end to "Elections War"

Tweet about the pending Walmart strike

US sides with Iran and N. Korea in record UN vote over the death penalty

Former Marcos aide charged with secretly keeping Monet painting

The righties on Facebook are equating walmart workers to soldiers.

Another anti-gay Fundie caught in the act of being a hypocrite

Curiosity Rover’s Secret Historic Breakthrough? Speculation Centers on Organic Molecules

Homeland Security Wants to More Than Double Its Predator Drone Fleet Inside the US, Despite Safety

Breaking Bad

Another photo of a US President looking elegant in foreign attire....."the shirt"....

Check out all 49 new Democratic Members of the House

Children's Tumor Foundation (Non-profit addresses neurofibromatosis 1 & 2)

Nissan releases lower cost, lower weight 2013 Leaf in Japan

Fox's Bolton: To Investigate Benghazi, "Use Rendition" To Put Suspects In Guantanamo Bay.........

Is the Environmental Protection Agency Anti-Union?

Call me crazy but I still think there was something fishy about 9-11 and that anonymous stopped the

The United States should have a celebration on January 1, 2013!

Rhino Killings Reach Record Highs

"Who Rules America?" anyone familiar with this site?

McCain Backs Away From Benghazi Conspiracies

Hacker Found Guilty of Breaching AT&T Site to Obtain iPad Customer Data

Lawsuit threat means Alsip Christmas tradition gets crossed off

McCain Backs Away From Benghazi Conspiracies

Tearjerker! How a special-needs dog and a woman with a disability rescued each other!

Greg Sargent: Romney Likely to End Up at 47%

Cyclocross race in my town.