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STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 2 November 2012

I am on a phone town hall with Tim Kaine and Mark Warner right now

Unions Boost Economic (Upward) Mobility in U.S. States - Center for American Progress

Some thoughts on the life of the mother.

2 really frightening youtubes of rushing water from Hurricane Sandy

WOW Shirley Bassey original arrangement of "I Who Have Nothing" (early 60s)

11/01/2012 The Trend is solidly in Obama’s favor.

British millionaire pleads guilty in Iran missile scheme

Larry Flynt Offers Mourdock $1 Million For ‘Proof’ Of Claim That Rape Pregnancies

Once again -the Onion is more real than the news (Climate)

Hershey Shareholders Allege Company Uses Cocoa Produced Through Unlawful Child Labor in Africa

Seven Eleven Poll -Obama (D) 59% Romney ($) 41%

Is it Tuesday yet?

October surprise - there appears to be new late-entry candidate

CRS Economist Stands By Tax Cut Study After GOP Successfully Demands Its Withdrawal

Y'all know that we're not going to do shit about climate change, right?

So Is the Media Back on Their "Romney Is Surgering" Theme?

17 years for man tried over Pentagon terror plot

Just got back from early voting.

Rasmussen is the only pollster today to show Romney leading in state polls

O +9 in Wisconsin... Not toss up at all.

Over at FR, they really think they are going to win states like Oregon, PA, MN etc.


Are their provisions to delay voting if an Election Day storm hits New England?

Woman claims doctor refused to treat her because she's voting for Obama

Did Obama end up winning the Halloween mask poll?

And the Winner of the BIG Money is.... (Drumroll please.....)

Good news for us Missourians, Mitt says we will co-rule the world

O'Reilly: How will Romney & Ryan counter all this media good economic news?

Election Model Updates

An 80 year old former Democratic Congressman from Ohio who served 35 years ago has endorsed Romney

Poor Obama.

Critics see red over Russia's internet blacklist

Hey Freepers, how come your MITT isn't TALKING UP THE PRESS about your BENGHAZI CONSPIRACY?

Okay! Who wants to shed a tear!

I KNOW Obama will win, but the real reason I'm excited for the election to end...

Sen. Inhofe: Obama "Has Tried To Destroy Every Institution That Makes America Great"

If you think Barrack Obama's term as president was good

Bill Clinton Rally at Coliseum in St. Pete Friday Night

I voted this afternoon

Fox News is tip-toeing around inciting riots

Heroic nurse who helped save newborns in NYC coming up on "The Ed Show."

Manufacturing in U.S. Expands at Faster Pace in October

"Obama Ahead in 10-Point Favorability Measure, 62% to 55%"

Romney going to PA is about trying to save Tom Smith against Sen Casey

I Am Being Taken Back To 1975

Ralph Gilles, Chrysler Executive, Lashes Out At Donald Trump (Romney related)

NLRB Chairman: New Penalties Needed for Union-Busting of Undocumented Workers

Cuteness Alert!

Hi, DU friends. Checking in, doing well!

Obama's comments on gun control, has complicated matters..."Venting after rough day"

"Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Endorses Barack Obama" by Grace Wyler at Business Insider

Edward Norton's Homespun Campaign Documentary Debuts Tonight: We Hold These Truths

CNN: Sun Sets In The West, Rises In The East? The Jury's Still Out.

Can someone please explain the defcon system

A Million to Close - VoteVets Action Fund Goes Up with $1.25 Million in Nebraska, Ohio and Virginia

Am I the Only One that Doesn't Think Rove is a Genius?

Obama to end campaign with Bruce Springsteen in Madison, Columbus and then Des Moines, Iowa.

Democrats crushing Republicans on sporadic Fla voters in early voting

New Poll Virginia: Reuters Ipsos-Obama 49%/Romney 44%

Some one get Mitch McConnell a pacifier

"Nonpartisan Tax Report Withdrawn After G.O.P. Protest"

GOP Campaign Manager Resigns After Tweeting False Info During Hurricane Sandy

"Lowering marginal tax rates for the wealthiest Americans had no effect on economic growth."

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! All Saint’sDay & a new kitty gif

From the Ministry of Silly Clocks:

The Old Spice must flow.

In case you missed it, tonight's episode of "Making Sense with Steve Leser" Voter suppression and...

Sam Wang explains Rove-mentum! Princeton Election Consortium Excellent Analysis!

It's dog naptime. Ruh-roh!!! It's dog naptime NOW!!!!! (poss DIAL-UP ALERT!!!)

Typical conversation with a right winger nowadays:

Is it safe? ... Is it safe? ... Is it safe? ... Is it safe?

MFM has been alone WAY too long. OMG, "WAY too long" doesn't BEGIN to explain it.

MiddleFingerMom DESERVED to be in that beauty pageant. Don't hate him 'cause he's beautiful.

Mike Malloy - Obama Reacts Too Early To Sandy

Nevada & the Presidency

Mike Malloy - Auto Industry Smack Romney Down

This confirms my darkest suspicions about cats.


Romney Style

Stephen Colbert on Sandy/ Election day

538 Update: Obama Is Taking off Like a Rocket

I keep getting a phone poll my cell phone. I have taken the same poll about 30 times so far

I plan on being tipsy at 7:00pm CST next Tuesday.....

Just saw the video of the "End Climate Silence" protest at Romney's rally today

Thermostat or furnace?

Nate Silver, 8:52 PM 11/1: Obama with 80.8% chance of winning!

OH MY! This Can't Be Good...

Edward Norton's Homespun Campaign Documentary on Obama

Is it safe to give my cats those thin doggy bones?

Early voting results 2012

Newsmax/Zogby - Tracking Poll - Obama 47% / Romney 47%

Fired Up For Barack In Colorado!

My 16 year old got into a heated text exchange over beliefs tonight...

Self Deleted

Mitt Romney Sleazily Uses His Church to Avoid Paying Taxes

Liberty to Lie - NY Times

President Obama Rally Boulder, CO (Live Stream Now!)

How important is it for wimminses to have a origami?

Obama, Romney, and Sandy all on the Subway

Iowa D's Lead R's by more than 60K ballots, about the same as this point in '08

spent a pleasant day helping at OFA/Hirono HQ in Honolulu...

Saw Walter Mondale at Lund's in Minneapolis today. He looked great.

anthromorphing Sandy

“Glitch” wipes out 1,000 early votes in black FL neighborhood

Um, can I ask this here. ED question.

Democrats crushing Republicans on sporadic Fla voters in early voting

Democrats Pulling in Sporadic Florida Voters

Romney Style: How to Destroy Your Campaign's Credibility in Five Easy Steps

The Unshakable Senator Sherrod Brown at Lordstown Ohio (pix)

Margins of Error and Sample Sizes

New cell phone use while driving law takes effect on November 1

Is Romney's "lead" underestimated?

Rick Scott Factor in Florida

Obama rally in Boulder, Colorado - Live Stream LINKS below

bigtree appreciation thread

The War on Women Takes a Toll in Swing States and with Independents

First Lady Michelle Obama delivers remarks to grassroots supporters in Miami, FL - pics

Do you ever get the feeling...

My daughter is sitting in a room with Jon Huntsman right now.


ThinkProgress: OH's ballot woes could delay election results for weeks


CRS Report Top Tax Rates (suppressed by the GOP in September)

World record for the highest-elevation Obama campaign rally? - pic

WOMEN FOR POWELL! (Wayne, taking eric cantor out!)

Republican National Committee alleges voting machine troubles in Nevada, other swing states

The ED Show - Attack ad from Romney campaign hits new low

This Week's Chuck Lorrie Vanity Card Says it All

Pat Boone is just another millionaire asshole putz for Romney. nt

James Baker is already warming up.

We now know Obama's complete schedule thru the end of the campaign...

George W. Bush in Caymans today to visit with Mitt's money

2 NYC boys found dead, swept away by storm waters

New Jersey to deploy military trucks to serve as polling places

McCamy Taylor: John Sununu's White Trash Moment

The ED Show - Auto workers demand answers from Romney

Romney Refuses to Back 'Equal Pay' For Female Hurricanes

Consumers give US economy a lift before election

Okay, it's time to put your money where your mouth is...

Must read: Cuba’s New Now

Remember today is Day three after Sandy

Wisconson Election Official Confirms Romney Poll Watcher Materials Are Inaccurate

Do not trust Christie's praise of President Obama. It's a set up.

The ED Show - Five days before election Bush gives speech in Cayman Islands


Tomorrows Unemployment Numbers May End Romney For Good

Staten Island is the Lower Ninth Ward

Why Seas Are Rising Ahead of Predictions

Grove Insight Final FL Poll Obama up 1

Meanwhile, Second Chinese Stealth Fighter Makes Test Flight

Separated At Birth?

Question for people who live/have lived overseas

"Quinnipiac/New York Times poll has Obama with 48 percent support and Romney at 47 percent:"

Republican campaign management

A question regarding Single Issue voters, for a segment called "Ask the Wingnut Wizard"

11/2 Prediction: Job Report Will Be Very Good, The Polls Will Have Moved Significantly Toward Obama

Get any swing vote relatives to vote for Obama?

Cynical - Obama for America TV Ad

Romney talks about his relationship with Jesus

Bulletin: German nuclear exit delivers economic, environmental benefits

Polling wizards.....

O'Reilly: "Grievance Against Whites" In "Some African-American Communities" May Affect Obama's

Historic NJ landmark survives Sandy (Lucy the Elephant).

Jay Leno's Garage: Proterra Ecoliner Electric Bus

When your alma mater holds a mock election, and you only get 26 percent

My least favorite ad

Exasperation builds on Day 3 in storm-stricken NYC

a quiz and experiment for non-gun buffs/gun control advocates

OK. weird! Intade has our president at 66.6. Tonight we watched The Omen.

I Am Convinced The Only Way To Deal With Today's Republican Is EXORCISM----

Another Young Democrat

Rice team boosts silicon-based batteries

Snow, Ice, and Rain possible in North Carolina on Election Day?

Trouble trying to reset my password


Photo of President Obama Campaigning in Florida Over the Weekend

you can't make this faux shit up: In praise of 'price gouging'

Attention Women, Daughters, Granddaughters (and men interested in them:)

The average distance between stars is about 4,150 light-years

I have to post this again. I want West Wing Season 5.

Mitt Romney Heckled in Virginia

FEMA Liason on Staten Island:

Nikon Small World 2012 Photomicrography Competition Winners Announced (PHOTOS)

My Obama logo pumpkin got great response last night -- 100% positive comments

Romney To Deliver ‘Closing Argument’ Speech Friday

Trouble trying to reset my password

Omaha teen shot, killed 'like she was nobody,' mom says

Mitt Romney speaking about Mormon faith

Pascual Perez, the Expos and Braves pitcher, has died (apparently murdered)

*Wayne Powell on TV tonight, soon!!!

Even W is stumping for President Obama

Damn CNN is terrible

Obama ‘Honored’ To Have Bloomberg’s Endorsement

He really *is* just a fucking douche bag

New National Poll: PPP Tracker Obama 49%/Romney 48%

IA 1st Districct Debate: Surprise the GOPer flip/flopped on disaster relief and FEMA

(Hilarious) When's The Last Time You Scored?

What are the best charities to donate to in support for Hurricane Sandy victims?

I think there are only 3 states left in play: VA, NC, and FL. (In other words Obama is at 290 EVs)

My Hard-Core Republican Housemate

Rachel Maddow - Former President Bush to speak at Cayman investment forum

Ex-pitcher Pascual Perez killed in robbery

Canned chili

"Joe Biden reads Top 10 List on ‘Letterman’" by Lisa de Moraes at the WP

To put the half the casualties are on Staten Island stat in perspective

CF Industries plans $1.7 billion expansion in Sioux City (100 new jobs with an average $20 an hour)

Latest polling: props 30 and 37 barely hanging on with ~48% Yes

Your sanctimonious bullshit is wearing a little thin

anyone have a GM pension?

Holy shit! ... Kimmel's got Jon Stewart AND Stephen Colbert tonight - Gotta be a DVR SPECIAL

Jon Stewart: Hurricane May Have Devastated East Coast, But At Least We’re Not In ‘Swing State Hell’

Latest Majority Pac Ad in Senate Race

I Wonder What The Conversations Between Scott Rasmussen And Karl Rove Are Like

Hurry - Joe Biden doing top 10 on Letterman - very soon nt

My quickie idea for an ad put-down of Clint Eastwood

The day in some polls, AM to PM - Intrade was interesting....numbers went in the right direction

David Letterman asks Audience "who are you voting for".....

Interesting Swing State Analysis

Rachel Maddow - Election takes unpredictable turn with natural disaster

Republican National Committee alleges voting machine troubles in Nevada, other swing states

I know it's after Halloween now, but this is a riot.

Hey, I miss you guys...


Here's How Romney Is Going to Steal Ohio.

where is our old friend opihimoimoi?

Today, upon logging onto Facebook, I discovered

Colorado DUers, is the pot legalization going to pass?

Leon Redbone!

A Report on Tax Cuts for the Rich is Suppressed by the GOP

Info On the Top 7 Political Prognosticators

New Salt Lake Tribune poll shows Matheson well on his way to decisive defeat.

Great FB entry by Sam Wang of the Princeton Election Consorsium re Ohio....

Ok, I had to run to meta asking for Jury results

Public Health Alert: Red Cross faces blood shortfall after Hurricane Sandy, requests donations

Stop Worrying! It's in the Bag!See & pick combinations for Obama to Win W/out OHIO

Leave it to Jack T. Chick to defend the Salem Witch Trials...

Downtown After Sandy

Mea Culpa. Honestly. I had no idea. I'm sorry.

Megatron's favorite!

A Working Man's Shoes

What Happened To The Blue, A Must See!

Sam Wang And Former Undersecretary Of The Treasury, Brad DeLong Are Discussing His Model On Facebook

Bill Clinton Cites Economist Kenneth Rogoff To Argue Obama Needs Four More Years

Help Get the Word Out There Before This Election! Check this out and please share!

Currently Listening To: Not low bandwidth friendly.

This guy is scary pretty scary if you disagree with him

Biden on MR & PR: "It Just Depends"

The Anatomy of a Lie: Right-Wing "Media Trackers" Strikes Again with Libelous Smear

The Free Press confirms installation secret justification of uncertified election tabulation softwar

My final electoral college map

Climate Change: Vanishing Arctic ice is the planet's white flag of surrender..

The Funny Thing About Nate Silver Is That Liberals Hated Him and Right Wingers Loved Him In 2010

We wanted to say "Dump Citizens United" - this is how we did it.

Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel to perform in Superstorm Sandy concert to air on NBC

Despondence, Despair and Dashed Hope!

Just saw Obama in Boulder!


NJ to use military trucks as polling places

A moment of hmmmmm...

Any polling on the other statewide races?

Early voting lines are long, so plan ahead to wait in line for at least an hour if voting in Boise!!

What the final campaign stops tell us...

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Thursday, November 1)

FYI: Staten Island Has a Larger Population than Atlanta, Georgia

Lynn Jenkins' positive ads

TCM Schedule for Friday, November 2 -- What's On Tonight: Tom Ewell

Last-minute outside money flows into Todd Akin campaign

May not belong in this forum, but I am going for the most positive thoughts, prayers, whatever...

Mitt Romney's storm tips ... a few days late and 47 cents short

Disaster related army of mainly white power wire crews from the midwest and south migrate.

Super-PACs Kept Romney-Obama Even in $1 Billion Ad Race


Hopper steps down from economic development corp.

Rush Limbaugh's lubricious limbo — how low can he go?

Exit poll: 80,000 Americans in Israel voted, 85% for Romney, 14% for Obama

Confidently, I believe the final days will be about margin ... not who wins.

Late Super PAC Ad Buy Urges African Americans In Ohio To Vote Republican; Lincoln Freed The Slaves

A Dog shows what he thinks about Romney/Ryan! LMAO!!!

Oregon Voters: If you have not voted yet, use the Drop Boxes instead of the mail.

Eerie, like the 'dark side of the moon'

Mitt thinks the Second Coming is in Missouri?

Scope of Sandy's Devastation Widens, Death Toll Spirals (98)

Great new pic of Romney!

Springsteen Pays Tribute to Storm-Damaged NJ Coast

Drudge is so desperately trying to turn Sandy into Katrina

Proof positive that the President will win reelection

coming down the home stretch it's Obama moving like a tremendous machine

Election Forecast Summaries: 11/1 (evening)

"If $10 is the right hourly wage why not $100?"

Campaigns Brace to Sue for Votes in Crucial States.

Judge deals rail setback but dismisses bulk of plaintiffs' claims

President Camacho From 'Idiocracy' Takes Over Funny Or Die With Election Advice

If things don't change in the next Presidential session with Congress there has to be a

Someone stole my Baldwin yard sign.

What Has Romney Gotten Away With?

President Obama IS on top of the crisis, and Staten Island IS NOT the lower ninth ward!

1st Congressional District may go back blue this election

I love words. I really do. "Bulbous Bouffant" by The Vestibules:

NV: Big day for Dems in early voting.

Chinese think tank urges end to one child policy

Why your Independent, Undecided and Republican "friends" should vote Democrat. A video to share.

GOTV in Nevada (NV) Day 13. Dems lead by > 60,000 EV

Trump jumps into fray, is rebuked, on Romney auto ad claims

What's for Dinner ~ Friday Nov 2nd

Would you comply with a mandatory evacuation order?

Call it what it is: Corporate terrorism

Mr Burns Endorses Mitt Romney!

Eastwood really has decided to scrap what little dignity he had left, hasn't he?

'one side believes in a free market, the other side believes in a free market with a safety net'

A night i won't ever forget

What thought brings more pleasure? Obama winning, or Romney losing?

L.A. County Democratic Party endorsements for candidates, state propositions & local ballot measures

is Sandy good for the economy?

One of my oldest friends was on NPR today!

Under Attack, Nate Silver Picks the Wrong Defense

Here comes the weekend before the election! How many are doing one of these...

11/1 Early Voting round up:Way up NV/IA/FL Good news CO/NC

The Fantastic Four - Obama, Michelle, Bill Clinton and Biden are closing strong...

Great crowd in Boulder for Obama!

Democrats crushing Republicans on sporadic Fla voters in early voting

Japan protests to US over Okinawa 'assault'

Michelle will be in Charlotte on Monday campaigning...

On Letterman: "it took hurricane force winds to bring a democrat and a republican together"

Democrat Airs ‘Obama Wants To Kill Your Baby’ Ad

Source: Secret Service agent dead of apparent suicide

Navajo code talker from World War II dies

Nate Silver Has Obama's Election Day Chance-of-Winning Up Above 80% for 1st Time Since Oct. 6

The town of Cabot Cove in the show "Murder She Wrote".

I just went to my youtube to watch some music videos...the super pac ads are there too.

Amsterdam tourist cannabis ban rejected by mayor

Romney Campaign Blames Obama For Closed BBQ Restaurant With Repeated Health Violations

What I was thinking ...........

Freddie Starr released on police bail after arrest in Savile abuse inquiry

Alcohol is the Gateway Drug, not Marijuana

Half the country is going to be very disappointed

After Halloween

Mexican unions unite against regressive labour law reform

US supreme Court petition for certiorari embody v ward # 12-516

First British NHS hospital privatization a massive failure

Thousands in Taiwan rally for gay marriage

The “BS” Austerity Plan Nobody Wants--And We May Get Anyway

Dean Baker: Is the Budget ‘Crisis’ History?

China to stop using organs from executed prisoners

Ala. Racist Language Measure Draws Unexpected Foes

I don't have a clue as to who will win the Presidential election

Who is funding this Aversa guy?

Who Gives a Shit?

How Fox News Created a New Culture of Idiots

As a Pennsylvanian, this morning I'm wondering WTF is going on here, the new Center of the Universe:

The Real Terror: 6,408 Deaths Caused By Extreme Weather Since 9/11

Joey Scar, taking the rest of the week off??? Absent again today, NOT MISSED!!!

And here's the news: My bum's got nothing to do with the story

Canadians amused by American threats to move north if their candidate loses

Howey/DePauw Poll has Donnelly up 11% in INDIANA Senate Race!

Krugman: The Blackmail Caucus

To the Republicant lurkers....

Protecting nuclear plants from nature’s worst

elephant in south korean zoo imitates human speech

judge: worker not let go over intelligent design

japan protests another us troop related incident

LOL: 6 Bizarre Factors That Predict Every Presidential Election

flowers, ritual, horse race mark day of the dead

There is an ad that I consider to be a threat by the 1% which has been running here.

"'Twas the night after the election" (an homage to friends at MSNBC)

For Those Worried About Staten Island, They're Getting Help

So I turn on a New York TV station and hear the most beautiful singing

Bob Dole did a 96-hour desperation marathon right before the election. Some highlights--

What do you know about a new Nor'easter for next week?

"Mitt Romney is a pimp. He’s pimping his base, lying every opportunity he gets"

It Is Interesting That With The Recovery Going Well The MSM Is NOT COVERING ANY OF IT. --

Free Nate Silver

UK 'likely to face winter floods'

Jill Biden

Spanier's lawyers claim political vendetta-Corbett accused of covering up his role in Sandusky case

I Am Beginning To Believe That We Will Be More Deeply And Bitterly Divided After The Election.

Really Staten Island?????

Romney Campaign Blames Obama For Closed BBQ Restaurant With Repeated Health Violations

Mitt Rmoney is the reason so many of us don't trust corporations

Trickle-Down Anxiety: Study Examines Parental Behaviors That Create Anxious Children

Anyone hear from Annabanana? She posted before the storm that she was on a Long Island

Help! Clueless husband.


The Road to November 6th: America Forward! Tour

Viva Obama

'Deep concern' as deal to protect Antarctic seas fails

How Many Seniors Would Rather Risk Their Social Security And Medicare Because ====

Gallup Update on National Tracking Poll (*MAY* Do Poll Covering Last 4 Days)

Perverse media incentive watch: Chris Cillizza

Protect your right to keep and bear

Yes, climate change is a problem to be dealt with, can we also take about our infastucture?

These people might disappear if they approached me after a disaster.

Spelman College chooses fitness over athletics

Pew Study: 2012 Campaign Coverage Overwhelmingly Negative For Both Sides

What time wiill the jobs report be released today?

Staten Island receives aid

Whoa! The runners and organizers might get run off the streets:

Dear Rush Limbaugh:

Dirty bomb terror threat breakthrough:Brit. scientists build machine to detect smuggling of nuclear

Climate Change Ads Show Up On The Campaign Trail Following Sandy

You all weren't joking about Morning Schmoe

Aaarrrgh! Another reason to get this election over with...

EPA finds Hyundai, Kia overstated gas mileage (just like they did horsepower a few years back)

Romney Complains About So Many On Food Stamps And Unemployment. What He Would Do ----

Wall-to-wall political ads here in central PA

Romney's Baffling Claim About Medicare Pay Cuts For Doctors

Two Sides Of Todd Akin Come Out In Final Campaign Push

‘A Giant Sucking Sound’

Romney Op-Ed: ‘I Am Offering Real Change And A Real Choice’

Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm ... Is A Tea Party Republican

The group "Aqua" of "Barbie Girl" fame has a new song!

68 Nobel Prize-Winning Scientists Endorse Obama and Trash Romney

I wish they'd stop showing the Staten Island films

Now the finger pointing begins. Residents of Rockway want to know where is FEMA. If local

TOON: Romney/Ryan Atlas Shrugged relief

A Manly-Man's Map

New England College: NEW HAMPSHIRE (Obama +6)

Can someone help debunk a claim that NJ is turning away non-union help?

Joe Biden, Letterman top ten on voting early

Toward a Fraudulent Populism

So early voting in Florida this morning

Are they hiding Ryan since the pots and pans pictures? Have not seen him. Does

Flip flops

TV AD--Anti Obama Coal ad that is running in Western PA/Eastern Ohio.

I just saw a Jill Stein sign in someone's front yard here in PA!

Unemployment number predictions?

Chrysler Executive to Trump: "You are full of..."

KRUGMAN Explains "THE BLACKMAIL CAUCUS"-Nice country you got-Shame if something were to happen to it

Democracy at risk: Voting machines might be hacked

171,000 JOBS-7.9%


"We'll know who won the election the Thursday before the election." Unfortunatly I can't remember


What has FEMA been doing anyway? Glad you asked

Romney Predicted John McCain Would Win Pennsylvania

Rethugs heads exploding over the lastest job report...

Romney campaign crowds getting smaller

The New York Times needs to FIRE David Brooks!

Looking for Democratic guidance for Missouri

Denis MacShane faces 12 month suspension from Commons over expenses

Gallup's Unemployment Numbers Are As Suspect As Are Their Presidential Horse Race Numbners

Is it me, or are more and more MSM writting more

Just switched over to Fux & Fiends

This is Friday and the effects of Sandy are still with us in the mid Atlantic

No Michelle Bachmann for Indiana! Mourdock now losing!

Manhattan Should Have All Power Back Today, Con Ed Says

OK DU'ERS I know the employment numbers are good but why didn't the rate DROP

It's the liberal/drive-by/lamestream media's fault. It always is.

Mystery of Angkor Wat's huge stones solved

Heartwarming Story From On The Ground: A Little Storm-Shelter Library

Lukovich: "WHAT?"

union prevents crews from restoring power in seaside hieghts

Mystery of Angkor Wat's huge stones solved

Both August and September numbers revised UP... so +171K is more like +250K

The Major Failure in Post-Sandy NYC is the Free Market: Gasoline

Donnelly up by 11 over Mourdock in Indiana

DAMN Huffington Post look what they have on there headline

How Republicans would change the Senate

Mitt Romney has shown me how to be Teflon for the next 4 years

A singular story of the human capacity - no, the need - to help others.

According to Drudge, Rasmussen begins his move to Obama today. Tracking will be 48/48

Peruvian Judge May File Extradition Warrant For Rennert (La Oroya Mass Lead Poisoning Case)

Defense attorneys ask Panetta to televise 9/11 trial from Guantánamo...

So, during morning blow

Freeper Heads About To Explode-Their Mascot To Show A Tied Race

Paul Krugman: The Blackmail Caucus

Paul Krugman says it all in just one paragraph

Chuck Todd: Job Numbers are good for Obama

CNN Headline: Job Growth Accelerates

Could A Real Smart DUER Explain To Me The Arbitrage Opportunity At Intrade Over Betfair

Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett) buying Omaha's Oriental Trading

Ali Veshi is slamming this rightwing economist on CNN

Hedgehog trapped in crisp packet in Weston-super-Mare

Bill Clinton rocks!

Mark Zandi " Great Jobs Report"

Voters' Score Card for Romney/Ryan's plans for Social Security and Medicare

Dear Jeb,

Will you take the pledge?

Fox Attacks NBC's Sandy Relief Fundraiser As Political: "Where Are The Conservative Performers?"

Poor Mitt--Obama cleans up in another home state 61-34 in HI

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Rmoney the Disaster Zone

Friday TOON Roundup 2- Storm Toons

Obama will be re-elected as president for a second term.... but go vote to finish the deal.

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Mouse Strikes Back

Romney Said He Didn't Like The Jobs Numbers

Oh god, I want to be a kid again! 21st Century Ant Farm

Friday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

Tweet from ED Schultz this morning

Messina: Obama has the MO JO in NC

Drumbeat: November 2, 2012

Drumbeat: November 2, 2012

In the month of gratitude, let us share some of that.

Nobel-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz: “Romney’s plan is based on magic”

I'm not a republican because I don't have family values

Buzz Feed confirms my prediction of post storm campaigning 4 days latter.

More Romney lies: New ad claims Obama killed BBQ joint

Dave Matthews, Barack Obama, Community College Of Aurora, anyone going?

Congressional Research Service Report On Tax Cuts For Wealthy Suppressed By GOP

Michelle Bachman and Paul Ryan

500,000 customers still without power in Pa. - how will it affect the election????

Damn It's Feel Good To Be A Democrat

I always know how well Obama is doing by how much the Republicans on my FB feed

FrackWatergate in Pennsylvania

Mama dog adopts baby chimp

Can Tester hang on in Montana?

Florida early voting update

Darth Bambi speaks to you about Disney, the Monsanto of the Mind (tm)

'Green-on-blue' attacks are difficult to deal with, UK commander tells MPs

Reuters Headline: Payrolls rise sharply, giving Obama some relief

Remember job numbers and unemployment

Defend Choice!

The Fayetteville Sequester Blues

Democrats found their backbone in this election.

Obama for America Tweet President Clinton to Raleigh NC tomorrow!

Once more as we head into the weekend before our President is re-elected,

TGTGTGTGTGIF. Please come CAPTION Donald ("What's an obsession anyway?") Trump!!!

Scott Rasmussen: We just can't predict who will win 48-48 in tracker

There are 8 Obama signs in my neighborhood in a VERY red county

Mr. Burns Endorses Romney

Report: Non-Union Alabama Utility Workers Turned Away From New Jersey

SEEKING ADVICE (long-time DUer needs guidance...quickly)

Afghanistan security forces report raises fears over long-term stability

I watched an episode of that Honey Baby Bobo on YouTube. My first time ever seeing it.

Can any ASAHers help with this? I have a feeling you can....

NC DUer needs advice re: disability/workers' comp

USA Today Op-Ed: Romney & Partners Ran Extortion Racket

Really Bloomberg? A marathon? On Sunday?

The RW is going berserk because Bengazi isn't working

Full Court press by Media for Romney

It's time to start holding regular evacuation drills along our coasts.

New $100 bills stolen in Philadelphia by baggage handler

Will The Main Stream Media Abandon The Tied Race Narrative This Weekend?

Californians may dump Capital Punishment

Mr. Burns Endorses Mitt Romney

Wall Street Opens Higher After Payrolls

Iraq War veteran challenges military on injury benefits

Rasmussen: WISCONSIN - SENATE - Baldwin 48 (+1) Thompson 48 (-)


New Hampshire moving out of toss-up? +6 to OB, +3 on same poll this time last week.

This is a Very good Jobs Report

Sam Wang (Princeton) sums it up in just a few paragraphs re media reporting vs reality -

Chuck Todd Is Playing With His, Errrrrrrrr, Map Again

America's Right Wing: Consistently bad at math.

So I shook Steny Hoyer's hand this morning...

To all who have been repeating fox talking points: "New Benghazi Account Bolsters CIA"

Either Scott Rasmussen was lying a week ago.. or Obama is surging

LOL @ Indiana Troll Poll

Ethiopian kids hack OLPC's Motorola Zoom tablet PCs in 5 months with no instruction

New Details Discredit Fox News Reports on Benghazi Attacks

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 2, 1920

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 2, 1920

Commentary: Rep. Allen West attempts a makeover

Mark Cuban Offers Donald Trump $1 Million To Shave His Head

During my daily driving, I keep a running total of Obama vs Romney bumper stickers and yard signs.

I received an invitation to join in an online call w/President Obama, so of course I signed up.

Benghazi: Facts bury another conspiracy theory

Obama hits numbers: Jobless below 8%, gas below $4

Post Your Electoral Map for Bronco Bama! Here's mine:

Ezra Klein: In last week of campaign, Obama gets good luck and good news

Army Creates 'Strategic Landpower' Office With SOCOM, Marines; Odierno Defends Budget

Saw a real nice ad on TV in NC from David, Goldsboro, NC

Luckovich today...

Great little video on abortion/healthcare and this election

SEEKING ADVICE (long-time DUer needs guidance...quickly)

Retail sales climb in October, but Sandy clouds outlook

International help for Hurricane victims?

NYC man accused of pulling gun in gas line

when you live in the part of ohio that i do

How to stop an anti-gay protest in its tracks

Southeast Pennsylvania (Philly and Suburbs) Power Situation Improving Greatly

I thought Mitt said Russia was our greatest enemy? So if his son is visiting Russia on business ..

Hurricane Sandy: Finally, Grover Norquist's Dream Comes True

I have trouble criticizing people on Staten Island who ask for life-sustaining help

Status Update on Gallup Election Polling Following Superstorm Sandy

Romney tries to spin job numbers

Hey fellers, TIMBERRRRRRR!

Obama Widens Lead In New Hampshire

Weather may have a effect on Florida voting on Tuesday

How does a progressive survive here?

Time management tip

Keep Pissing People Off, Conservatives

My Huffington Election Forecast

Romney: Jobs Report ‘Sad Reminder’ Of State Of Economy

1776 map of Manhattan vs evacuation zones...eerie

Judge Refuses to Stop Misleading Ads (Funded by Taxpayers) About PA. Voter ID Law

I got 99 problems...

I wanted to clear something up about poll watchers

Wisconsin: Early voting? No, there's no early voting in many municipalities.

Senior political figure [UK] threatens to sue BBC over paedophile claims

Two Friday numbers that augur well for Obama

My friends in Kansas are voting even if we will lose big because...

FL , CO, and NC are the only toss up states if you look at the evidence closely

Joe Biden Does Letterman Top Ten (Video) 'Free Cheeseburgers' :)

Economic question from the last Storm, re: "gouging"

UAW Files Charges Against Romney on his Auto Bail-out Profiteering

GOTV Colorado (CO), 11/02/12 Dems close gap

An about an hour my hubby will be on a conference call with the President..

The last land mine in Obama’s path is defused

Charts: The Voter Guide for Your Ladyparts

Forbes: October Jobs Report Blows Away Forecasts, August And September Also Look Better

GOTV in North Carolina (NC) 11/02/12. Dems lead Reps > 3 to 2

I guess the news networks are catching on..

CNN: Obama 50, Romney 48 in Colorado

Obama-Christie partnership: Karma bites Corey Booker in the butt

Tea bag co-worker just now: "Non-union electricians turned away..."

Hotels Face Demand of Evacuees Colliding With Marathoners

NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: So, I've been gone for 3 months. What'd I miss?

The Man Who Wields a Lead-Weighted Beanbag for Obama

update from lost in middle america ohio

Democratic lead in Clark (NV) above 61,000; Washoe still super-tight

Dawkins opens the door for the Christian Church, says Free Church minister

Hey wingers - want to end welfare as we know it? We can totally do that. Easily. No problem.

7 Prognosticators With Good News for Nervous Obama Fans

Really?? Now?? Romney's son travels to Moscow seeking Russian investors for his real estate business

Staten Island Ferry service resumes in one hour!

I crack myself up. Killing trolls. On a Fantasy Forum!

Complete travesty happening in Florida

Even Gravis Marketing Is Throwing Romney Under The Bus/Obama +4 In The Hawkeye State

Mitt Romney Stacks Stage with Minorities

Romney Blows His Fuse About Mormonism

Where are actual EV totals

PPP will release huge number of state polls in final 72 hours

A word for our neighbors in the NE from a Floridian that has been through this many times.

I just got my neighbors bank statement in with mine


Ohio still looks like the tipping point to me

What did Romney's son promise Putin?

Overlooked fact of today's good job numbers

I hate to say it, but I will miss the poll-watching and navel-gazing

Romney (Not) to the Rescue

Democratic contribution requests

Michele Bachmann: an INDEPENDENT voice...

Rii-ight. Just call me a skeptic. Period. Is there really such a voter

New election day lie making the rounds. Please read and share.

What are you listening to right now?

Navajo code talker from World War II dies

Nate Silver: Glasnost and Perestroika

Gang rules 6 years after start of Mexico drug war

The Republican recession and the Democratic recovery (pre-election update)

The Mother of All Election Recounts?

The LGBT guide to Election Night 2012 (Moment of truth will be at 10:00 p.m. Central Time)

Rebuttal to Propaganda story of the day: Huntsville, Joe Wheeler utilities deny claims of union

A Long Overdue Appreciation Thread for EarlG, Elad and Skinner.

Catholic leaders furious at Stonewall's 'bigot' award for Cardinal Keith O'Brien

'So, When did you start believing you were a Lemon?"

Just got a robo-call

Tommy Thompson On Why He Sold Out And Joined A Lobbying Firm: "My Wife Like To Shop"

We Ask America - NEBRASKA - (Romney +13) [McCain won NE by +15]

If Romney wins: a Eulogy for America I hope never to give.

Staten Island Hotel Refuses To Evict Storm Refugees For Visiting Marathoners

romney in your state


Romney has dead eyes


Free Republic Cesspool Finally Catching On?

Watching the Cuomo Press Conference on WPIX

Obama To Romney: Don’t Scare Americans Into Voting

Heh. On Dianne Rehm show someone called the Jeep Ad "Campaign Malpractice"

Absolutely fantastic Elizabeth Warren ad...the closing argument.

HELP! Moving to Denver on short notice with my family! Need advice. :}

Why Pro-War Propaganda on Afghanistan Still Works

The Big Dog holding a rally in Raleigh NC Sunday at Pullen Park, gates open at 4pm. Updated post.

MSNBC carries Romney lies in full, but cuts away from Obama campaign speech

Pic Of The Moment: Romney: "I Have A Plan To Execute Change"

I just muted WilLIARd Rmoney

What the hell is that little dot

on conference call with campaign right now...

Romney is campaigning and they NEVER do show pictures of his crowd. Can

Free trade and offshoring are great!

I'd love to see the Big Dog play sax with the Boss.

Just heard that rmoney may be trying dirty tricks in Iowa

The Black Vote for Marriage Equality (from the NYtimes)

The Black Vote for Marriage Equality (from the NYtimes)

Okay new one. Generators being used for marathon instead of rescue efforts?

E Voting verification idea

My Take: Billy Graham and Ralph Reed are putting politics before God

Mark Halperin: "...a better day for the President than he could have possibly expected..."

The Last Word - Media Shy: Mitt Romney continues to avoid media

I think my parents are watching too much MSNBC

can someone organize a protest against the GOP's decision

Catholic bishops make last-minute pitch for Romney

Is anyone else on the Obama "conference call"...

Freedom From Religion Foundation scores school prayer victory in PA

Thom Hartmann: Ralph Nader's Solutions for Saving the Future

What will Bloomberg say if a runner is electrocuted

TPM: Obama Widens Lead In New Hampshire

Braking Distance

Welcome to the Wageless Recovery

So on facebook there is a feature where you can hide ad posts as spam

SEIU, AFL-CIO Driving Obama’s Ground Game

My husbands company had their yearly benefits meeting

GOP accuses Democrats of swapping chili for votes in SD

If RAS now predicts a tie... (no smirks please)... what does that actually mean in practice?

"Colin Powell endorsed Obama because of race."

Romney just said...

DELPHI and lost opportunity in OH

No, New York, Sandy Was Not Katrina

Hurricane Sandy strikes East Coast with a vengeance -photos

Why donate to Obama now?

Chicken fajita recipe

My god, what is that bright yellow object in the sky?

The Last Word - Rush Limbaugh vs Gov. Chris Christie

Another Poll. Another Obama Lead -CO Obama (D) 50% Romney ($) 46%

Has anyone else had a call from Clint Eastwood?

President Obama's Message to Mitt Romney on Jeep ads: 'THIS ISN'T A GAME'

A handy comparison to give to the both-parties-are-the-same crowd

Why Chavez Won Again

Do we have a $ figure of how much NYC makes from the marathon?

Mark Cuban offers Donald Trump $1 million to shave his head

Obama Paths to victory!

That awkward moment when the Senior VP of Design@Chrysler (which owns Jeep) calls you out on Twitter

Huntsville, Joe Wheeler utilities deny claims of union discrimination during Sandy response (update)

Anthropogenic global warming! But, how could we have known, ...

'Fox And Friends' Attacks NBC's Sandy Benefit Concert: 'Is It A Concert For Obama?'

Virginia link to Frontline story about outside money in Montana

New Michigan Poll: Obama +7 48-41

At 84, Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel, plans to write a book with Barack Obama

President Obama in Colorado

Obama now has a chance to "run the table" on the swing states.


Vote with Your Vagina, by Taylor Ferrera

Stewart and Colbert returned Wednesday

Purple Strategies National: Obama ahead 47-46

NV: Democratic lead in Clark above 61,000; Washoe still super-tight

Buy your Obama merch now. It is selling out.

Election Forecast Summaries: 11/2 (morning)

Lost their homes, now mistreated on S.I.

Nate Silver: The Simple Case for Saying Obama is the Favorite

Stop looking for politics in a disaster, by Haley Barbour

Thom Hartmann: Are we doomed to have more stolen elections?

Are These Mitt Romney's 47%?

Occupy Wall Street Helps Sandy Victims

The Rude Pundit: A Closing Argument Against Romney to Make Conservatives Stay Home on Election Day

Half of Texans Prefer Faith Over Science, According to UT/Texas Tribune Poll

*ABOUT, FROM and FOR WAYNE POWELL, cantor challenger, this last weekend!

Ha! Romney Slowly Turning Into $100 Bill (Onion)

Conservative musicians announce their own concert to aid Sandy victims

Staten Island hotel refuses to evict storm refugees for visiting marathoners

MVP of 2012 Election

Just got robo-polled again. This time there was nothing about teh evils of gay marriage or abortion.

Geraldo lets the shit fly on Fox........Nice!!!!!!!

Obama is going to win but it sounds the lack of voting booths will cost the President the state of

Donnelly gets endorsement over Mourdock

Latest recording to CD, The Rolling Stones

President Obama aka "The Baby Whisperer" Strikes Again!

"Romney Slowly Turning Into $100 Bill"

So Bloomberg turned down the FEMA help that Cuomo wanted

Nate Silver: "The Simple Case for Saying Obama Is the Favorite"

Forecasters: New, lesser storm may hit East Coast

Bedazzled by President Obama...

Romney's Bain Investment Record: Three Times the Bankruptcies of Fed Investments

PPP: Obama's Got Colorado By 4, 50-46

The GOP starts to concede

Catholic Bishop orders anti-Obama letter to be read in diocese

Donnelly gets endorsement from The Herald-Bulletin:

Romney Pledges to Regularly Meet with "democrat" Leaders.

And These People Walk Among Us

Ideas for election night in Phx/Scottsdale

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Princeton Election Consortium Moves Obama Up 11/2/12

"Adventureland" Excellent coming of age comedy

Robert Gibbs: Romney in Pennsylvania is 'desperate'

Young brothers, 'denied refuge,' swept to death by Sandy

ABOUT, FROM and FOR WAYNE POWELL, cantor challenger, this last weekend!

Why was Romney's "Final Comment" speech done too early for us West Coasters to see it?

GOP Axes Nonpartisan Report Showing Tax Breaks to Wealthy Don't Boost Growth

Middle East Carrier Strike Group Admiral replaced for 'inappropriate judgement

Gingrich email: Obama’s gonna win

The New Normal ad?

President Obama is about to take the stage in Springfield, OH (LIVE LINKS)

Jonathan Alter tweet from Ohio

The Emergency Private Sector Alert System

Charlie Cook just said that Obama is going to win the electoral college

Romney's plan for FEMA

Take A Look At This Guy And See If You Can Guess Who He's Voting For

No one could have repaired all the economic damage done during that crash

(Love it!!) President Obama Looks To Make Mitt Romney Pay In Ohio For Misleading Jeep Ad

We got a live one!

Romney and ClearChannel

How 'Romnopoly' Is Rigged, And The Middle Class Has Zero Chance Of Winning

Some clarification about sample sizes.

Gay men in straight marriages

Blogger Interrupted Educates Teahadists In Ohio About Mormonism And Heads EXPLODE!

Wow: Washington Post editorial board absolutely eviscerates the Romney campaign.

Chris Cilizza And Charlie Cook Were Doing A Post Mortem On The Romney Campaign On M$NBC

I am glad Republicans are able to blame Sandy and a moderate (sic) candidate

In Florida when you vote for Obama

Reality check on Pennsylvania:

Don't allow recent good news to keep you from voting! We still need to GOTV!

This is serious business. There isn't any compromise. Winner takes all.

MSNBC interviewed a woman saying they have no food

Should Protests And Other Disruptions Occur IF The NYC Marathon Proceeds As Scheduled On Sunday?

Smells like teen spirit ~

I Just Saw The President!

Intrade just moved Obama to 294 Electoral votes

UPDATE 1-U.S. waives Jones Act to help get fuel to Northeast

The finer nuances of that 7.9% unemployment rate....

Sandy and You

Andrea Mitchell still asking what happened during the first debate?

GOTV in Iowa (IA) 11/02/12, Dems lead Reps 57% to 43%

President Obama stands to lose as many as 340,000 votes as a result of Hurricane Sandy

PPP - Colorado Poll - Obama +4

My prediction: a 3.5% win in the popular vote, 329 electoral votes...

Romney has insulted another ally -- Italy

Ruh roh Joey:Sources: Rangers interested in Ortiz

GOTV in Florida (FL), 11/02/12 Dems surge to 2.6 pts

So when the lies don't work, apparently Romney switches to threatening people into voting for him.

I just got polled by OFA. Just a few quick questions and it was a robocall

As election day approaches, campaigns are getting uglier and uglier all across the country.

You WILL push the Button of Pleasure/Agony. You WILL push the Button of Pleasure/Agony. Repeat.

YouCan'tTouchThis. Doo doo-doo-doo doo-doo doo-doo. YouCan'tTouchThis.

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails...

Florida Democrats’ strength in early and absentee vote visualized


MFM -- cute & romantic? Now that he's been enlightened, he knows it was probably sexual assault.

Dick Morris is not only a loon but...

When those anxious moments hit about Tuesday, think about this....(stats!)

UN election observers threatened with arrest?

Joe Biden to the rescue!

Maddow: Just outrageous from FL Governor Rick Scott. 5 hr lines, no interest in fixing the problem

Funny how everyone is whining about the NYC Marathon, but no mention of NFL Steelers vs Giants

Confirmed installation of uncertified last minute election tabulation reporting software in Ohio

GOTV in Maryland (MD) 11/02/12. Dems lead Reps ~ 3 to 1

Obama's Conspiracy-O-Rama Chart 'Pick a Theory to fit your Paranoid Fantasy'

David Frum endorsement: Vote for Romney or GOP will destroy America

Karl Rove’s Mission Accomplished (Paul Krugman)

Something interesting happened to the carbon intensity of the world's electricity supply

GOTV in Oregon (OR) 11/02/12. Dems lead Reps 55% to 45%

Dick Morris actually has NO IDEA how public polling is done

Montana: Approximately half of likely voters have already voted

GOTV in West Virginia (WV), 11/02/12 Dems lead Reps 3 to 2

I'm Concerned

The aftermath of Hurricane Irene may have given some NYers a false feeling of safety.

Louisiana: 1/3 of early voters are Black, 3 percent Other

2013 and onward.

Maybe it's me but I can't wait for this election to be done

Obama's war on marijuana could cost him the election

The Romney/Ryan Administration has activated the Emergency Private Sector Alert System.

We Are All from New Orleans Now: Climate Change, Hurricanes And The Fate Of America’s Coastal Cities

Dish or DirecTV?

Great (and funny) Bill Clinton quote

Will there be a "November Surprise"?

I'm in need of education about securing internet access without a land line or cable

Nonpartisan Tax Report Withdrawn After G.O.P. Protest

In 2008, over 78% of Colorado vote was early

I actually agree with Rush on something

Matt Romney Goes To Russia, Secretly Sends Message To Putin To Ignore Dad’s Campaign Rhetoric

If you're really an Obama supporter, it's ground game time now

Is it just me, or do a lot of DUers seem on edge/hostile today?

Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Billy Joel take to the airwaves for hurricane relief tonight...

GOTV in Nevada (NV) Day 13. Dems lead > 60,600

Learned a new word today, and I think it discribes the rightwingers

Oregon Department of Justice investigating potential ballot tampering at Clackamas County Elections

EPA finds Hyundai, Kia overstated gas mileage

Republicans caught rigging Oregon mail-in ballots

NJ OEM list of open Gas Stations, Pharmacies, Restaurants & Hotels

Runners Protest The 2012 NYC Marathon In The Face Of Sandy

Republicans caught rigging Oregon mail-in ballots

For your Info: Times polls close on Election Day (EST--when networks begin calling)

one more vote for the democrats in NC!

Final Purple Poll: Obama 47 Romney 46; Swing States: Obama 48 Romney 46

High traffic levels and reduced site functionality

Americans Feel Like Jan Brady! ...

If you are as nervous as I am I have a solution.....

Four word

If you are wondering how things are in NJ, here is Gov. Christie's twitter link.

Progressive Iowa blog not bullish about early voting.

President Obama Looks To Make Mitt Romney Pay In Ohio For Misleading Jeep Ad

NASA searches for meteorite in north Alabama (Cullman Times)

Let’s Be Watchdogs, Not Lapdogs

Power back in union square!

If I were a NYer impacted by Sandy, I'd be mad at Mayor Bloomberg, too.

China Begins Phasing out Prisoner Organs Next Year

I liken this last week of the election to

Time for Faux News to go into spin mode damage control

Romney: Elect Me Or House GOP Will Wreck Economy

Back to back anti Obama ads in NC! Why are they worried?

Wisconsin folks: how is Robert Zerban doing in his campaign?

Here's the scam in Wenzel polls

I'm all for keeping the electoral college as along as we can't

Buddhists are Destroying Freedom of Religion in the USA

Did Someone Say BABIES? President Obama vs. Mitt Romney 'BABY-OFF'

"Oregon Department of Justice investigating potential ballot tampering at Clackamas County Elections

Creepy Prankster Romney's Got Time On His Hands

Elzbieta Plackowska, Naperville Mother, Stabbed Kids Out Of Anger At Husband, Officials Say

Drag Queens for Barack Obama

Head shots

Joe Donnelly Building Lead In Indiana, Polls Show (Rape Nut Mourdock 11 Points Behind)

*** Gets out her staple gun and posts sign - you asked we complied - Upgraded restrooms! ***

if nothing else

ROFLCOPTER-That Troll Rasmussen Is Hedging His Bet In OH. He Now Has The Race Tied

I went to Staten Island today to check on relatives today. There are no words to describe the damage

NBC News has actually produced a pretty useful Election guide

Marathon runners form protest groups to help Staten Island instead

FINAL Denver Post CO Poll: 47 Obama, 45 Romney

Matt Romney Goes To Russia, Secretly Sends Message To Putin To Ignore Dad’s Campaign Rhetoric

Is it wrong of me

The Clowns At Free Republic Are Not Reacting Well To Their Mascot Showing A Tied OH Race

Yep, Brownie's Doing a Heckuva Job Pimping BushCo Disaster Services

Romney's 1st 100 days WARNING: Terror Alert, but a must see

Reid: Senate Dems will not work with Romney

Are Non-NYC and Non-New Jersey Residents Who are coming into NYC for the Marathon Selfish?

92 Year Old Vet Comes Out for Obama-Slams Mitt Romney Brilliantly

LMFAO @ Romney voters in Ohio. These people are morons watch this.

Mitt watches election coverage

In The What The Hell Category Since These Polls Were Already Posted As Standalones

The jobs number next month will be so excellent. Out of the horror of Sandy will be more jobs than

Deal with it....

Any Minnesotans, how's Jim Graves doing?

Deception or Lie? You decide

RAGE: Geraldo Again Knocks Out Fox For Lying To Viewers.

In The What The Hell Category Since These Polls Were Already Posted As Standalones

Straight inspiration

Climate Change Deniers

The club that runs the NY Marathon has cancellation insurance.

Please, God!

Jim Walton, Walmart Heir, Accused Of Campaign Finance Violations...

Obama frames Romney's Jeep-to-China lie as a question of trust

Interesting video. JFK urging Americans

Techies who want to help Sandy survivors can register at this site

I just VOTED! (Florida)

Could someone, anyone please tell me anywhere in Romney's plan...

Don Lemon was on The Warren Ballentine show today, and his comments gave me so much hope

Casey Neistat Rode His Bike Though Hurricane Sandy

Where is this ad airing at its a very effective ad

LGBT Support for Obama Rises, Could Tip Election

Coming up next - 4pm ET --- NOW --- President Obama in Lima Ohio - Live-stream - NOW

Thom Hartmann: Pity the Billionaires w/Thomas Frank

So is NYC in complete pandemonium?

Panhandle GOP congressman in tough re-election bid

Karl Rove is not a genius, folks

Guatemala indigenous leader 'escapes street attack'

Ladies, ever know a guy who annoys you by constantly asking "Whacha doing?" and wanting a kiss?

Devastating Video, Alex Wagner: The incredibly 'crass' attitude of the GOP on climate change

FAUX Blasts Relief Concert: Where are the Conservatives"

When the GOP suppresses inconvenient truths

Freeper quote that warms my heart....

Harry Reid rips Romney’s bipartisan claim

2008 science warning: expect worse hurricanes

George W. Bush speaks at Cayman Islands investment conference

Mitt Romney's Closing Argument

Chile welcomes Allende family back into political life

Racist bumper sticker in Louisville today ...

Ohio’s Ballot Woes Could Delay Election Results For Weeks

Reid: ‘Laughable’ For Romney To Say Dems Will Help Him Pass His Agenda

Rasmussen, Michigan: Obama 52, Romney 47

Rasmussen, Indiana Senate: 45 Donnelly, 42 Mourdock

The moral problem of a "rape exception"

Rachel Maddow: Mitt's Mendacity - Final Count is 917 Untruths

PPP, Minnesota: 53 Obama , 44 Romney

A sad sign of the divisiveness of our times...

Obama campaign releases fake broadcast detailing Romney's first 100 days

Right Wing/Anti-Obama/Pro-Rmoney Ads On Facebook Are Through The Roof Today...

PPP, Michigan: 52 Obama, Romney 46

For A Freeper Ras Is Like The Radiologist Who Tells You He Sees A Black Spot On Your Lung

Newt selling E-mails to scammers and con men.

DOJ sends voting rights monitors, observers to 23 states

How Many States Have You Visited?

So there is a better chance now that the storm has disrupted voting for the president from Maryland

The crosstabs of the Rasmussen Ohio poll are deadly for Romney

I so want to like the Cycle on MSNBC

GOP Senate candidate Mourdoch in Indiana is down by 11 points, with 3 days left to campaign.

NHL Cancels the Winter Classic


Pastor planned to marry mother of woman he strangled to fulfil sexual fantasy

Nevada Poll: Obama 50-44


Catastrophizing the election

Japanese Android developers arrested for infecting 10 million users

Romney aid donation to NY

Who woulda thought Romney's campaign would end like McCain's?

Walmart unveils remodeled Richmond store with celebration, labor strife

Final 'We Ask America' Polls: OH (+4 O)WI (+7 O) VA (+1 O)

Fox News Op-Ed: Why I'm Voting for Barack Obama

We Ask America: WISCONSIN Obama 52, Romney 45

Are they going to try to steal PA?

FINAL We Ask America: OHIO Obama 50, Romney 46

Where on earth is Michelle?

FreeRepublic Baghdad Bob thread (Ryan to MN = strength)

When is Pres. O to be in DM?

Final We Ask America: Virginia Obama 49, Romney 48

Steve Liesman owns Rick Santelli in jobs numbers dispute

I think that the unemployment is up slightly is an encouraging sign:

I found a fun vintage recipe blog.

I am really getting sick of the bachmann and kline ads

Anybody else getting "404 - NOT FOUND" messages

"Not Found The requested URL /1014288383 was not found on this server."

President Obama Campaigns in Lima, Ohio: Live Now !! (live stream link)

Ground Game in NH

what is up with Facebook?

Where are the threads?

Reuters Obama +3 VA, +2 OH, +2 FL, Even CO

NJ Before & After pics

Not found?

Matthews: Limbaugh is the ‘squeal like a pig’ guy from ‘Deliverance’

Barbra Streisand Explains Why She Supports President Obama

How is this race remotely close against a colossal douchebag?

What are Betting Markets Saying 3.5 Days before Election Day?

I'm getting a file not found message when I try to open threads

New CNN Ohio poll Obama 50 Romney 47

CNN: OHIO - Obama 50% - Romney 47%

Our President steps up again.

Tell The Host At Real Clear Politics To Get All Them New Pro Obama Polls Up Pronto

R.I.P., Mitt Romney

'If I have to Wear This Hot Dog Suit, You can Knock on Some Doors this Weekend'

Betty Jackson cheers as she walks out of C. Blythe Andrews Jr. Public Library in Tampa after voting

16 swing state polls ... Romney leads in ZERO.

Ralph Gilles, Chrysler Executive, to Donald Trump: "Your full of Shit!"

Anyone having a POLLGASM?

I am going to be so glad to not see that slimy bastard on tv anymore.

Concern Update (Reprise)

Dogpile On Robme Thread

Romney + 13 in a new poll

Fox Attacks NBC's Sandy Relief Fundraiser As Political, Asking: "Where Are The Conservative

California hits record-high 18.2 million voters ahead of election

Don't Reward Bad Behavior

Poll: Are you a 'POLLaholic'? (DU POLL on link below)

feeling very protective of PBO -

‘Fox & Friends’: Delay NBC hurricane telethon because it might help Obama

Got a robocall from Congresscritter Bill Johnson (R) saying if we vote

Question About ONLINE Polls

Got another robocall saying if we re-elect Obama all

Pissed. How the Rahm Emmanual/DLC "Liberals are F#cking retarded" attitude may cost us the election

R.I.P., Mitt Romney, by Robert Shrum

CNN 4.00pm Ohio Obama 50% Rmoney 47

Well, just got back home from voting.

i had to give up one of my obama signs today.

11/2 Early voting Iowa Record numbers Obama up 62,780

Wise words from an unknown Facebook poster.

Kids lined up to greet VP Biden yesterday in Muscatine, IA - pic

Is this actually Chris Christie's verified Twitter page?

Romney offends another ally: Italy

Packed house for President Obama at Lima Senior High School in Lima, OH - pic

Seal Team 6 The raid on Osama Bin Laden.


What is this crap?

Obama Explains Change to Romney with Three Words: Made in America

Just got back from early voting WV

A great article exposing Ryan's Budget priorities - WaPo Ezra Klein's WonkBlog

President Obama conducts a conference call to update New York officials re: Hurricane Sandy - pic

Democrats Have 2nd Straight Good Day of Early Voting in Colorado

This What Democracy Looks Like

The AFL-CIO Reacts to the October BLS Jobs Report

Army determines health risk from secret St. Louis testing

Rasmussen: MONTANA - SENATE (Tester +1) Tester 49, Rehberg 48


Obama Explains Change to Romney with Three Words: Made in America

11/2 Early Vote FL. Democrats to crush Rep. Prediction of lead before 11/6

Hi Gang, I'm back (sort of)

Statement from IBEW President Ed Hill on Hurricane Sandy Clean Up

Romney vs. Sandy

off duty firefighter rescues 9 people, a parrot, and dogs

Nate Silver Projects the Outcome of Nate Silver's Upcoming Date

Repubs: You know why Obama has so many show up to his rallys?

Another moment of hmmmmm...

"Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya?"

Dick Morris, who just days ago predicted a landslide for Romney, now sees danger signs!

Israel's top newspaper: An Obama endorsement?

The LA Times @mikememoli reports that the NYC Marathon has been canceled - CONFIRMED

Utility companies and electrical union reject rumors that non-union crews banned from storm relief

Rape Nut Flakes...

Oregon County Elections Official Under Investigation For Ballot Tampering

Tuesday Night, I Hope to Drink a Toast to John Lauber

Mr. Burns endorses Mitt Romney

The Friday AFternoon Challenge will resume after the Election...

Israel's Top Newspaper Endorses President Obama

Dear friends, about that right wing anti-union lie about Sandy going around today...

A problem I'm having when posting

99 hours, 0 minutes and 55 seconds untill Mitt Romney is President-Elect!!!!

Tweety says projections say Obama

I found Paul Ryan

Swing state polls for 11/2/12 - Obama leading across board

IF Christie had been the nominee... post Sandy....

Before and After Aerial Images of Sandy's Damage

NYPost: Cancel the marathon, Mayor Bloomberg!

Powell: What I will do and won't do in Washington

obama's win?

USDOJ coming, we made the list

Everybody get ready for the Rassie Shuffle

Fox News endorses Barack Obama

Happy B(ass)irthday to Me!


Pro GOP site like ours has gone almost dead since yesterday

How do you plan to spend Tuesday night?

Elie Wiesel to write book with Barack Obama

A dog greets a member of the U.S. Army National Guard in New York - pic

My Fearless Senate Predictions...

Donald Trump: Any word on him donating $5,000,000 to the Red Cross?

Useless Without Pictures!

Upper level NE R's having a fit, will Hagel's ES&S flip give Kerrey a win?

Timeless...One of Badfingers best and one of the great guitar solos ever.

Tweety says Marathon Cancelled...just now. nt

NYC Marathon Canceled, Reports NBC News

NY Marathon Cancelled

Chart: Almost Every Obama Conspiracy Theory Ever

slightly disappointed at Washington Post Poll- 2 pt swing for Romney 49-48

If you're not voting for Obama in 2012...

New multiple horrid Empower Citizens Network PAC political ads breaking hard in Ohio

ABOUT, FROM and FOR WAYNE POWELL, cantor challenger, this last weekend!

Why does this conjure up a familiar image?

No More Stolen Elections: use their software to report election irregularities

Romney - Vote For Me Or The GOP Will Shut Down The Country. == Hasn't The GOP Done ---

Live Interactive National Podcast with Sensata Workers from the Backbone Campaign

any true homo wouldn't forget la Divina

Well, I have two Rush albums to record to CD...

Bizzaro Politics and the 538 Blogs

WTF? Mitt's kid asks Russian oligarchs for FUNDING and sends message to Pootie Poot?

Anyone started taunting conservatives yet?

Have you noticed the concern trolls are getting sillier by the day....

An Open Letter To President Obama

Oh, NOW they're worried about voting machines (GOP).

FR: We are the sad, defeated resistance!


Republicans were right to have that study on tax cuts causing inequality pulled

Nate Silver urges readers to sell Obama on Intrade due to Dick Morris worrying for Romney


Dick Morris is in CYA mode.

NOLA to NY: Katrina Survivors Talk To New York

Funniest Left-Wing Bumper Stickers of 2012

Romney's CLOSING ARGUMENT: Elect Me Or House GOP Will Wreck The Economy

DUer lectures victims of disaster to be better prepared next time

Seems the media got the GOP memo

I would like to give a hardy thanks to Rupert Murdoch.

Romney the Racketeer: Elect Me or MY GOP Thugs Will Wreck the Country

Romney Storm Tips

Paul Ryan just announced that he won the New York City Marathon

Anyone want a Planetside 2 beta key?

Elephant Speaks Korean Out Loud

Martin Bashir - Some GOP operatives intent on blocking the vote

Martin Bashir - Does jobs report make 270 a more difficult climb for Romney?

What was the breaking story from OmahaSteve? nt

Martin Bashir - Jobs report: Good for US, bad for Romney

Why vote for them?

This election is truly insane

NY marathon cancelled

Chime in: In your district how does it look for a Democrat winning/keeping a Congressional seat?

EARLY VOTING LINES LONG in Maryland today!

Rasmussen - INDIANA - SENATE (Donnelly +3)

The Final Debate: The Musical

Romney: Elect Me Or House GOP Will Wreck The Economy

What the heck is that annoying music? that Hardball uses when it displays

FOX News rips Fox Channel (National Geographic) for Seal Team 6 Movie Showing

The polling location for Tuesday has been move one short block from my house.

OMG Mitt's son in Russia, tells Putin that Mitt's a LIAR!!!

David Axelrod: Obama's Last Push 'Coming From His Loins'

Michael Barone: Obama will win Nevada because of the "Latinos and Filipinos".

Todd Aiken's Arrest Record:

List the excuses when Romney loses.

Obama Headication

Papantonio: How The Wealth Class Screws The Rest Of Us

Mourdock trails by 11 points in Indiana Senate race, new poll shows

Romney's Bain Record: 3x the Bankruptcy Rate of the Federal Government

Here's the robocall I got today in Ohio.

Nate Silver: 81% chance of an Obama re-election with 300+ Electoral Votes.

A strip club I just rode by on the bus is hiring.

R.I.P., Mitt Romney - by Robert Shrum

Survey on the Good and Meaningful Life


Public Records Reveal Romney Profited From Corruption, Fraud, and Racketeering at Bain

There may be bigger ones, but this one is mine

Fuck You... Again!!! Romney Ignores Troops, Vets And Foreign Policy In ‘Closing Argument’ Speech

GOP registration dips below 30 percent in Calif.

From landslide to troubling signs, Dick Morris suggests Obama can now win.

Mitt’s new dumb lie

Is it in bad taste to lecture disaster victims from the comfort of one's home/office?

LOL... Yard Signs

Woman's Song: Female Spiritual and Religious Pioneers

Mitt must be exhausted from the campaign. Not to worry, he has a long vacation starting Wednesday.

Power definitely back below 25th st on West Side and many blocks below to 14th st

I can't believe it took me this long to realize that Mitt Romney = Dean Wormer

WeAskAmerica: OHIO [Obama +4], VIRGINIA [Obama +1], WISCONSIN [Obama +7]

Mitt Romney Explains How Jesus Will Reign for 1,000 Years When He Returns in Jerusalem & in Missouri

Exposing Mitt Romney's secret federal budget

Marathon Press Conference and Sandy Coverage

Election Forecast Summaries: 11/2 (afternoon)

County Executive and County supervisors believe it's ok for workers to pay more of their

Romney vs. Sandy

"Bozo the Trump"

Do y'all know about Team Rubicon?

8 robocalls today... every single one of them Republican

Mark Cuban just donated a Million to Hurricane Sandy victims.. no strings attached

Fox News Turns On Chris Christie (VIDEO) Fox News Turns On Chris Christie Fox News contributor,

Democrats, for instance, will have 2,500 lawyers stationed across Ohio

New Poll NH: Obama 50%/Romney 49%

They need to restrict the number of initiatives and amendments

Marathon will not be resheduled.

Weekend Economists: It's a Jungle Out There! November 2-4,2012

Free martinis distilled from your own tears of rage!

How the fuck is this even close?

Thank god. The NYC Marathon is Cancelled.

Far RightWingnutters are freaking out, abandoning Romney/Ryan

What's up with voting in different areas?


Kick and recommend this thread if you despise Ric Snott.

Holy Shite - Computer models agree that a Noreaster will move in

Just saw Obama's campaign ad again about his plan

CBS - Bob Schieffer - "we've never seen the swing states so close".

In today's overly-excited phone call from the Romney campaign, fund raising is way off

I learned something new yesterday.

I like Sharpton's Republican Zone lead video -- creepy Republicans

Palm Beach County Voters Get The Absentee Ballot Shaft: Today's Votes Of Incompetence


Going out on a limb: Romney beats Obama, handily (Washington Examiner)

**FOR AND ABOUT WAYNE POWELL from me and obxhead (working furiously on Sandy cleanup @ golf course!)

Thread hidden?

Number of gun licenses in Massachusetts shoots up

" it's 'cover your ass' time."

posting from my phone. first time on the internet since sandy

POTUS rallies crowd of 10,000 students to go vote, and they do!

Geraldo needs to leave Fox Noise

KBR guilty of negligence, must pay each soldier $850,000 in non-economic damages, $6.25 million in p

The real reason Christie was nice to Obama....backstage pass to meet the Boss.

God's prophecy. "Mitt will lose."

I voted for Democrats today because:

There does not seem to be any interest in Gary Johnson in PA. Not a word from him nor from

Matt Romney Goes To Russia, Secretly Sends Message To Putin To Ignore Dad’s Campaign Rhetoric

The State of Florida should be ashamed.

Report from my cousin in Brooklyn:

Swing State Advertising:

Romney's snarky Obama stopping the ocean speech has echoes of another pol who couldn't be trusted


We voted~~ :) The whole family voted Blue. We live in Blue County greatness in Red State Hell

Open carry arrives with a whimper in Oklahoma

Mitt Romney: A Mass. Failure

Overheard at work, getting off an elevator

Man the ignorance from some is mind boggling...check out the "opinion line" from the local paper..

Hurricane Sandy’s Legacy Could Be Ramp-Up of Privatization Efforts

Q: In building that has wireless internet, why can I connect my laptop and netbook,

. . . . . . . . . . .

Gov Brownbeckistan steps into it once again. I can not WAIT till it is time to VOTE HIM OUT

How much money have Romney & surrogates spent trying to buy the Presidency

The Pothole Gardener "Holes of Happiness"

WAPO Hopes Obama Wins: Mitt Romney’s "One consistency = contempt for the electorate.”

Critz vs Rothfus

Election Protection Coalition: Seniors passing out at early voting in FL

Election Night Music For All My Friends At The BOG:

Anybody else having trouble getting dailykos?

Romney - Why didn't you run for reelection?

Newsnight claims 'leading Tory from Thatcher years was part of paedophile ring who raped boys

The Young Turks

Do they really think.....

U.S. Military to Truck Fuel to Region Hit by Hurricane Sandy

3 For 1! 67% Off! 4 Days Only!

GOP registration dips below 30 percent in Calif.

Does anyone else notice this?

President Obama up to 81.1% in Nate Silver's forecast

What would you do if warned about an oncoming hurricane?

I think this is a real advertisement

Updated: 12:52am (ET) Nate's 538 11/3 ----- 306.3 to 231.7 - 85.7% now-cast (link)

The GOP’s Pre-Elamite Path To History

GOTV Like We're 10 Points Behind

We've Got Your Back Mr. President

Much-needed supplies arrive in Staten Island. Video link

I voted for Obama/Biden in Tulsa today

Real Time/Bill Maher lineup for 10 pm HBO tonight - time to kick back - maybe

Has anyone purchased the ipad mini? If so, what do you think of it?

Seriously, is Benghazi all they have to attack Obama with because it's getting a bit tiredsome

Dick Morris: Romney is guaranteed to win 400+ EV... or maybe he will Lose

Jeep - pic

As PBO heads towards re-election, a big THANK YOU to Joe freakin Biden! His debate victory was huge.

America's fucked up pundit culture in a paragraph A thoughtful post on Deadspin about Nate Silver an

Don't Forget Today's Incredible Anniversary

I urge all Republicans and CONservatives in Ohio to write-in Lincoln 2012 for President!

Friday Talking Points (233) -- Wake Me When It's Over

Without Electricity, New Yorkers on Food Stamps Can’t Pay for Food

First of PPP's final state Polls....Maine

What we have to accomplish next week (or weekend)- where we need to improve


Thank you, California, for your help

For Democrats the Short National Nightmare is Over

After Katina, there was a massive Gulf Coast gasoline shortage that lasted for weeks

FEMA: Defense Logistics to buy 12M gallons unleaded gas, 10M diesel; to be distributed in NY, NJ

Ok , So I am ditching satellite at end of this year. Apple tv only. Questions........

Low Information Voters of America WANT ANWERS

I so want President Obama to win re-election with over 300 EV

After Tuesday Thompson can go back into whatever bar he dragged himself out of

Sales for electric, plug-in cars strong in October

I Would Like To Dedicate My 1000th Post To

My response to a "there's no difference" friend

Obama.. averted economic crisis.. rung down the curtain on war.. shown compassion for the vulnerable

2004 . . . . . . . 2012

Is Kos down?

Huffpo Election Dashboard Map-Gooood News

I think there must be two Americas

One obvious thing that needs to be done before the next big disaster