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Archives: November 16, 2012

Army suicides for 2012 surpass last year's numbers (AP)

So you remember Bob Murray...

Denny's is the latest to take Obamacare out on its employees. Don't go there!

I finished my unit on US Cold War policy towards Latin America today...

Army suicides for 2012 surpass last year's numbers

If the GOP believes Ryan's election analysis, Republicans will never win again

I agree with Ann Romney

Republicans on Benghazi intelligence ...... and what they think Obama was supposed to be doing

Mica (FL) likely to lose transportation committee post

Say goodbye to the Twinkie here...

Interest in UFOs apparently declining

Walker hints that he won’t form state insurance exchange

Republican problem...SOLVED (thank you)

This is in the Dodd-Frank act that is not being implimented. Please sign to get this going

I threw a naive asshole out in the cold. Was I wrong?

So, oil subsidies are "gifts," right?

Declaration of Freedom-loving, Totally-non-racist States of New America

Maine Republican Chair Cries Voter Fraud Because 'Dozens of Black People' Voted

Clinton to Romney: "I thought you were going to win."

Where Working Class Kicks Corporate Ass

Train collides with Texas parade float of wounded veterans; at least 4 dead, 16 injured

put your money where your politics are

Just how big is this Petraeus story??

Top U.S. House Tax Writer Vows Tax Reform in 2013.

The source of election night predictions at Faux "news"

Benghazi hearing turns ugly: Republicans accuse Obama of lying, Dems fire back

Odetta - Hit Or Miss

"I've started telling my daughters I'm beautiful"

DemoTex is weeping because this is so beautiful. Watch, and love the world - and Herr Beethoven.

"Jose Mujica: The world's 'poorest' president" from BBC Magazine An excellent uplifting story

Just got an earful from a RWNJ guy repairing my stove

Spoiler alert: I finally figured out what these things are for

Romney really does believe that nearly half (47%) of Americans are waiting for a handout

GOP chair clarifies comments about black people, adds something about obese people

I hope we can Survive "Deficit Reduction"

Obama is the new Hitler?

McConnell says Obama wants more revenue than Bowles-Simpson. It’s not so.

If anyone has a few extra bucks - It's Give to the Max Day in MN.

Deaths reported after train crashes into trailer during Texas veterans parade

If you could ask President Obama to do something for Native Americans, what would it be?

VWB = Voting While Black....the plague of the nation

Israel moves troops toward Gaza

Wow: Florida Man Commits Suicide Over Obama Re-Election, Wrote ‘F**k Obama’ In Will

Good news...bad news.

A Despicable Cretin....Who's Also No Good At Math

Toon of the Day

PA. Commission Proposes New Pot of State Funding to Reward Colleges that Meet Performance Targets

Soledad O’Brien destroys GOP over Benghazi, Susan Rice (video)

Buster is MVP!

All I want for Christmas is $14,000 in medical debt.

Bera's lead jumps farther ahead! (Thursday)

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Quick, Change The Locks!

CIA deputy: Rice got initial assessment on Libya

Ami Bera WON!

Social Security destroyed family values, increased homosexuality, and created illegal drug use.

Naomi Klein: Sandy's Devastation Opens Space for Climate Change Action, Progressive Reform

Republicans make their priorities clear by continuing to block Violence Against Women Act

ASU bans smoking on campus

Al Sharpton with James Carter IV and Toure discussing the Atwater southern strategy tape:

PPP & Fivethirtyeight, Sittin in a Tree

rolling jubilee - The People's Bailout Livestream 8pm Nov 15

For the people, by the people- Please help -

I'm watching Anderson Cooper 360 for the first time tonight.

Jimmy Carter beaming with pride over his Grandson's role in the 47% video (Video)

Benghazi hearing turns ugly: Republicans accuse Obama of lying, Dems fire back

Orlando gun range allows customers to shoot at each other

rick"man on dog"santoram is organizing for 2016!

Cage Match: Mitch McConnell vs Al Franken! Live!

Taliban Rep Literally LOLs at Petraeus Sex Scandal

Problems paying for star membership with PalPal

Why Did Al-Qaeda Target Ambassador Stevens?

Barber/McSally Update (Gabby Giffords' seat)

Who's in charge at the GOP of keeping them all from saying racist things?

Ok - What's the best way to put pressure on these Republicans...???

Does Obama HAVE to nominate Susan Rice, now that he's been told by Repubs he CAN'T?

McCain and Graham: Benghazi’s buffoons

Teen sentenced to attend church as part of probation for DUI manslaughter conviction

Savita Halappanavar's Parents Slam Ireland Abortion Laws After Daughter's Death

The return....

"From the 47% to ‘gifts’: Mitt Romney’s ugly vision of politics"

Hands Off Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Rolling Jubilee Livestreaming NOW!

I gave Twilight her first piece of bacon in a long while. It was only a little bit.


CA Senate President: Prop 8 may go back on the ballot.

Did Ed just call for a boycott of Denny's?

Michael Steele said Republicans need to pull their heads

Ignored intelligence =

Two million pizzas or health care at Papa John's

After 35 years and 11 Billion Miles Scientists Believe Voyager I is About To Enter Interstellar Space

Politico Breaking News: Ami Bera has ousted GOP Rep. Dan Lungren

There's a puckered PIE HOLE flapping and it needs to shut the f*&k up. . .

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Pizza the Pie & a new kitty gif

Fiscal Poker Face

The Life & Debt of Capitalism | Mickey Z.

Democrat Ami Bera defeats GOP Rep. Dan Lungren in California's 7th Congressional District

Almost 1K ballots found in Broward elections warehouse

9 Wisconsin Republicans Make Gov. Scott Walker Look Sane By Threatening to Arrest Federal Officials

How about a thumbs up for any comment?

Sen. Tom Harkin: Leave Medicare, Medicaid out of fiscal-cliff talks

"The GOP's Privatization Pathology" by Paul Krugman at TruthOut

Dear Meghan, there comes a time in every child's life where they need to intervene ~

Federal Way Walmart workers protest ahead of Black Friday

"Republicans Desperately Need a Scandal"

‘Secular’ Ariz. Democrat to replace sole atheist in Congress

*Rachel interview with Nancy Pelosi coming up.

Am I losing my mind?

Mr. President: Take Social Security and Medicare off the damned table in no uncertain terms.

John McCain

Hey, McCain and Graham,

Quit Insulting Neanderthals - They Were Einsteins Compared To Republicans.

If you missed it live, here is a link to tonights episode of Making Sense with Steve Leser

Trending on Yahoo all day: "John McCain Missed Briefing While Slamming Obama Over Benghazi Attack"

Marco Rubio and the crazy twins:

Is anyone watching ALEC? I see they have a meeting Nov 28-30

Can someone please tell me what the hell Exxon Oil

"5 Giant Contradictions That Are Sinking the GOP"

Fucking platelets

Hitler finds out Obama won re-election

Please proceed, Senator McCain...

OMG. I'm so angry about Benghazi, I've completely forgotten about tax hikes for the rich.

Nobody gonna say anything about Cabrera (the other one)?

Protests Erupt Over Woman Who Died After Being Denied Abortion

"Republicans Aren't So Good With Money After All" at the Dish

Top story Univision: Romney says Obama won with promises of amnesty to minorities (and gifts)

US Senate unanimous in ‘vigorous support and unwavering commitment’ for Israel

Federal food safety employees win whistleblower protection

HHS extends Friday healthcare deadline for states

Joe Biden with Amy Poehler on Parks and Recreation

Bob Hewitt suspended from Tennis Hall of Fame after allegations of sexual abuse

*Nancy Pelosi on Rachel Show suggesting will take more than talks in DC to get agreement.

Fuck you Target

Where do your eyes normally go when you are talking to someone?

New GOP meme: "divisive politics needs to end". Apparently all sides are

Exelon Open to Closing Oyster Creek Reactor Pre-2019

Jindal Slams Romney: "We Need To Stop Being The Dumb Party"

America's Diverse Coalition of White Men (cartoon)

I miss the gloating threads.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow asks Leader Pelosi about Little Russert's off base question

How do you report someone who says President Obama should be hung?

The true depth of the GOP's trouble

McCain missed the committee briefing because he was trying to undermine the committee

Hundreds gather in Federal Way to support striking Walmart workers

Reaction to affirmative action ruling: Bill Schuette vows appeal, ACLU says political process must b

Wow! Look at all of the blue inside of the red on this map:

Poll: Small businesses think spending cuts would hurt the economy more than higher taxes on the weal

A Final Letter To Mitt Romney

The Neocons’ Waterloo

The Benghazi nonsense is being perpetrated from the mainstream media too.........

Awesome Best New Thing in the World today on RMS!

Gov. Rick Perry officially refuses to set up Texas health insurance exchange

I have whiplash

"Hillary Clinton 'to give Congress Benghazi evidence'"

The Guardian: Walmart hit by walk-outs in build-up to 'Black Friday' disruptions

Songs about Marijuana. Post 'em here!

Businessman: Jill Kelley Wanted $80M to Broker Korea Deal: 'It Didn't Smell Right'

Hatemonger Pamela Geller strikes again

Take a break and enjoy

All democrats holding office at any level in local, state, or federal govt. Please listen up!

Google investing in western Iowa wind farm

Progress! Vitter (A. Boisei) Replaces Inhofe (A. Afaransis) As Ranking Senate Environment Panelist

am I the only person suspicious of the guy committing suicide because of obama's re-election

UK's "Greenest Govt. Ever"; Tape Reveals Chancellor Cutting Legs From Under Cameron's Env. Policy

Pipelines Explained: How Safe are America’s 2.5 Million Miles of Pipelines?

Orrin Hatch Weighs In On The '47 Percent,' Says It's Really 51 Percent


Why are we standing up to live better?

New England Compounding & Meningitis Center CEO Pleads Fifth Across The Board Before Congress

Christian porn....seriously

Lawrence O'Donnell showed a tape of a republican consultant.

The secessionist Coast Guard

Benghazi Attack Details Aired

90% Certainty That 2012 Will End Up As Hottest Year On Record

I know that somewhere in all this horseshit is a pony...

Americans Want to Raise the Minimum Wage

Is it tacky I still have my Obama sign up?

A picture worth 1000 words: 2011 top 10 defense budgets.....share this

Myanmar announces release of 452 prisoners (Goodwill gesture ahread of Obama visit)

In the year of 2012 President Obama has nominated 38 federal judges, the senate has confirmed TWO

NJ jobless rate dips to 9.7 percent; 12K jobs lost

Frito-Lay set to release Cracker Jacks with caffeine

Thom Hartmann: Full Show 11/15/12: Why Romney Lost

Really Interesting From Greer - Nuclear Deterrence In The Age Of Decline

Clothier who dressed Elvis Presley dies in Tenn.

Barack Obama Sings Can't Touch This by MC Hammer

So Colin Powell goes before the U.N....

the margin of victory

Actual Carbon Emissions vs. IPCC Scenarios - how far away is safety?

Peter King to give up Homeland Security chairmanship

In three and a half years we will be right back in this same spot.

I just caught a brief bit of RW radio today

That's my President

I'm so political

Romney says Dems should include dental care in Obamacare....

Eugene Robinson....The Republicans still don’t get it

Still 163,482 early and provisional ballots around Arizona that still have to be processed and

Paul Wolfowitz weighs in on Petraeus; “Forget the gossip: focus on Benghazi.”

Football Night in Arizona

There must have been a red, blinking "Cat Vacancy" sign outside my door that I didn't

Cyber Sleuths Checkmated Rove?

Dana Rohrabacher: "The President himself has intentionally misinformed, read that lied, ..."

Investigating Deaths of Undocumented Immigrants on the Border

Election Night in Dallas

I think the President's State of the Union speech will be historic...

How much do we need tax reform and election reform?

The gall of a Republican loser


Intensive Israeli airstrikes blitz Gaza Strip as death toll mounts

5 Foods That Improve Your Sex Life

Let the elites know how you feel with this CNBC poll

CIA to investigate conduct of ex-chief Petraeus

Signs mount of possible Israeli invasion of Gaza

BP Seen Escaping U.S. Contracting Ban After Oil Spill Settlement

"Give it to me" she screamed... "I'm so wet, give it to me NOW!"

One last precinct reporting late: My son's 1st grade class.

Another sore loser Republican -- in Oklahoma!

Religious zealots

Here is what I don't get. If Obama was "buying" votes with healthcare, student loans, etc.,

We still need to get rid of voting machines.

Is there a simple list of what the Affordability Act offers to pass on to some skeptics?

The Armed Forces Network won't dump Rush

Here is a Medicare reform that would help

Grocery store employee's persistence saves elderly woman from scam

Those who lie to us on DU hate their very own beliefs

Jon Stewart Mocks Bill O’Reilly’s Fears About The End Of Traditional America - video link

Obama should make the rich white guy that ran for President: Sec of State

Anyone here know someone wonderful to adopt an orange male tabby cat?

Postal Service $15.9 Billion Loss Highlights Urgent Need for Legislative Reform in Congressional La

Texas conservatives want to secede, be more like Russia lol

Republican Congressman Joe Heck Baffles Soledad O'Brien With Bizarre Quasi-Defense Of Susan Rice

Holder defends keeping Petraeus inquiry from White House until after election

Story update.

Sean Hannity hits a new low...

Should we finish flushing Rush?

Candid Photo Of Tennessee's Secessionist Leader

Democratic Solution To The Filibuster: Make Them Talk (details regarding new filibuster reform pkg)

Why I Voted for Mitt Romney (parody)

Democratic Solution To The Filibuster: Make Them Talk

Perry says Texas will not set up health-insurance exchange

Letter Raises Questions About When BBC Ex-Chief (now w/NYT) Learned of (Jimmy Savile) Abuse Cases

Gov. Martinez Says Romney Remark ‘Sets Us Back’

SAF sues Missouri on behalf of Canadian citizen


Cat gets stuck in box, is freed, gets stuck again, etc

Photo: Jill Kelley, left, & and Jill’s twin sister, Natalie Khawam pose with Sen. Marco Rubio

Interview with Jon Meacham

Advice to the MRN's

In case you're curious... insomnia sucks... that is all n/t

The "elephant in the room" as we roll our eyes at "Real Housewives of Tampa" and it's not funny....

Can you keep this thread kicked?

Cuba Embargo Stance Seen Complicated By Recent Pharmaceutical Breakthrough

BENGHAZI - Post Election Butthurt Relief (image)

So, David Frum has an e-book called "Why Romney Lost." Hmmm...

Report: Jesse Jackson Jr. Insists On Disability Pay As Condition For Leaving Office

The Republican attempt to turn Benghazi into a political football is disgusting.

You know what pisses me off....

Private Prison Company Allegedly Partnered With Violent Gangs To Save Money

Rubio breaks with McCain and Graham on blocking a possible Susan Rice nomination

Talk about your "Nanny State". You know that warning about an erection lasting more than 4 hours?

Republicans Can’t Declare Mandate With More Democrat House Votes

I have never seen the GOP so much on the run.

The Heritage Foundation Refutes the Big UN-Arms-Trade-Treaty Conspiracy

Now the CIA Is Investigating Petraeus

Isn't Mitt Rmoney Right About The Election.....

An innocent NATO photo has become the Web's favorite vehicle for commentary on General Petraeus/

PPP: Republican governors highly vulnerable in PA, FL, OH and ME

Deport Everyone That Signed A Petition To Withdraw Their State From The United States Of America.

Should GOP/Tennessee congressman DesJarlais resign? Vote at the link below.

Bob Cesca: The Reality of Secession and Unicorns

You know who was REALLY promising us all kinds of "stuff"

Butterball probes turkey abuse accusations

Natalie Khawam Got Hefty Loan From Defense Department Lobbyist

George McGovern at the 1984 DNC

Socialite Jill Kelley skydived with commandos (plus tons of details about her 'parties')

Has FBI Agent Frederick W. Humphries even been Suspended?

Obtaining an anonymous shell company is easier in the U.S. than in the rest of the world”

Get troops out of Afghanistan now, says Paddy Ashdown (former leader of the UK's Liberal Democrats)

US, Thailand boost military ties to counter China

It is Fido Friday! Big dogs are here to rule!Dial up warning

Ami Bera defeats Dan Lungren in close California race

Weird goings on in LBN. Post count at 0 but the story was Tweeted 3 times.

Fucking prison rape jokes and the fucking people who make them

Jamaica to abolish slavery-era flogging law

Joe Biden's 1993 Cameo On Carmen Sandiego

Mexican leftists, Uruguay propose legalising dagga

EU group endorses training mission for Mali

Who pronounces Italian "Eye-talian"?

AU wants UN approval for intervention force to fight insurgents in Mali

... and the soap opera rolls on.

Progressive Senators Pressure Obama Not To Cut Social Security

a novel idea

Swiss Bankers Battle Socialists to Keep Tax Breaks for the Jet Set

here's a thought

here's an idea

Never Saw It Coming ... (Homerun)

Tenn. GOP congressman's ex-wife had 2 abortions

let's use that bp money to help

here's an idea that could help the taxpayer

On "Way Too Early" this poor guy is no Willie Geist...

Beware of false GOP rebranding efforts

Homeless man arrested for charging phone in park

Tribunal overturns convictions of Croat generals

Coburn's report highlights an ongoing Congressional problem

Wiegel (who I'm really beginning to see as must read) If We Lose, It Was Stolen

Personnel Reliability Program, nukes, Betrayus, chain of command

Former Mich. first lady Helen Milliken, women's rights advocate, dies at 89

Joe Scarborough - Romney really did mean his comment

Tenn. GOP congressman’s ex-wife had 2 abortions

Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm: Thank You, Nancy Pelosi

UK may never recover £66bn spent to rescue banks - MPs

It was all that I could do to keep from crying

Another $418 Million Dollar Fighter Jet Crash - Pilot Ejected Safely

Train Crashes Into Wounded Veterans Parade In Midland Texas

5 Reasons the Feds Should Not Crack Down on Legal Pot

Democratic Solution To The Filibuster: Make Them Talk

One more reason not to be a Republican...

Philly smoking rates at lowest level in years

Are you going to boycott Walmart on black Friday?

When Right-Wing Christians Stopped Thinking of Women as People

After GMO Labeling Shot Down, Citizens Start Labeling Themselves

Brave Woman Descends Sewer for Trapped Homeless Dog

population of mountain gorillas rises

Growing concerns over 'in the air' transmission of Ebola

GoldieBlox: "Engineering toy for girls" LAUNCH VIDEO

Scott DesJarlais (R-Naturally) Approved Wife's Abortion, Slept With Coworkers, Patients,

Why is the Private Prison Industry in our Public Schools?

states reveal their choices on obama's health law

Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY) unloaded, first sarcastically: "Let's just hang the guilty parties."

BREAKING: Hostess, the maker of Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread, is going out of business

Comforter-in-Chief in NY

Rove Turkey

Twinkies Maker Will Close After Strike

Slow Economic Growth? You Can't Say That!

Kind to chair New Democrat Coalition....

Rep. Lungren (R-Calif.) loses reelection bid

Bomb Iran? No. Bomb Gaza? Yes!

Christmas present idea ?

Obama Comforts Storm Victim

Experts: 50 Million Poor Need Safety Net, Not Austerity

The Republicans still don’t get it - By Eugene Robinson

The Great Gatsby (1949)

I'm not liking this filibuster discussion and this has me nervous

Obama may find silver lining in the fall of Petraeus

Eleventh implicated in Fort Stewart militia plot - 2 hours ago

Democrats need to win state legislatures to un-Gerrymander the entrenched GOP

Anyone see this movie yet

This breaks my heart:

Wait! Republicans aren't taking blame for nothin'.

CIA investigates Petraeus; Pentagon wants to improve ethics

An apology to America from Winthrop, Maine.

Don't let Wall Street sideline Elizabeth Warren: Sign the Petition.

Joe Madison:Maybe if Petraeus wasn't out BOOTY CHASIN Susan Rice would have had the right CIA report

My last post re: the election

Joe Conason: Mitt Romney’s Sneering Farewell to the ‘47 Percent’

Nobody can make the people in the Middle East conform to some agenda.

T-Mobile USA Sees Three National Networks Over Long Term

Will the GOP keep the crazies out of their primary process?

How do you reform the filibuster?

A noun, a verb, and Benghazi

HYSTERICAL: Local News Accidentally Runs PhotoShop Petreaus Bio Book Cover: ALL (up) IN (my snatch)

Editorial: 'Petraeus-gate' distracts us from real threats

What's for Dinner ~ Friday Nov 16th

BREAKING: The Average Health of US Citizens will increase now that Hostess is Closing

Hostess plant closings aren’t tied to strike, union says

Joseph Dunford, New Afghan War Chief, Not Included In Troop Withdrawal Discussions

Wow! Didn't realize the impact that DU has on this whole Petraeus thing???!!!

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 16,1928

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 16,1928

AUDIO: Romney Suggests Democrats Run On Free Dental Care In 2016

Obama's "Fiscal Poker Face"

Mitt Romney Accuses The 47% of 'Re-Gifting'

Ikea regrets use of forced labor in East Germany

Chris Christie and Bradly Cooper on Morning Joe?

Tommy the C Is Doing His Thing Again - This Time On The Military

Antibiotic resistance 'big threat to health'

Oh, Boo Hoo Hoo, We Won, You Lost.

So when 0.0321% of the USA wants to promote their batshit crazy ideas....

'Too little known' on early birth

'I'm going to help! (signed, Barack Obama)

Robert Scheer: The Land of Milk and Honey Once More

They've started it - "Obama taking Third Term!"

Pentagon Says 75,000 Troops Might Be Needed to Seize Syria Chemical Arms

Scott Walker scuttles his healthcare exchange as it was too likely he'd get caught stealing the $$.

Joe Conason: Mitt Romney’s Sneering Farewell to the ‘47 Percent’

Christie Says He Disagrees With Romney’s ‘Gifts’ Comment: Time To ‘Move On’

Swiss Bankers Battle Socialists to Keep Tax Breaks for the Jet Set

Secessionists (cartoon)

We're analyzing the Republican Meltdown way too much. It's simple to understand

Gender Quota Proposal Is 'Only the Beginning'

Bradley Replacement to Outweigh Abrams Tank

Gov. Martinez Says Romney Remark ‘Sets Us Back’


Investigating Deaths of Undocumented Immigrants on the Border

Colburn's Take On what Needs to Go

Joe Biden On "Parks and Recreation"

Sovereign citizens in Florida.

President Obama's Daily Schedule - 11/16/12

The Most Important Tax Break Is the One That Nobody Talks About

Is Rep. Peter King just lying through his teeth on MSNBC?

Study: We're Less Likely to Recognize Symptoms of Depression in Men

Indirect effects of climate change could alter landscapes

Why are all the talking heads (and DU also) trying to fix the republican party?

I'm not ready to let Mitt Romney- or my anger- go.

USGS Release: Streams Show Signs of Degradation at Earliest Stages of Urban Development

URGENT! Please sign this petition. (Nigeria: Stop the "Jail the Gays" bill)

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - The Stench Still Lingers

A Spontaneous Demonstration, or Premeditated Attack?

Letter to the Red States in regard to your secession

Friday TOON Roundup 2- Cliff Notes

Keeping Pace with Shift

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - General Disorder

Mitt Romney, punching bag

Friday TOON Roundup 4- Repubs

Hostess Brands closing for good

Colin Woodard: The GOP’s Yankee Problem

Why do Democrats ...

How Risky Is Marijuana Possession?

Are the Scumpublicans laying ground for Impeachment? Fux News may have tipped its hand

Friday TOON Roundup 5- Elections and Leaving

Luke Russett and Sesame Street

What the auto recovery in Ohio teaches us about race and class

Why Paula Broadwell Sent Those Emails

Am I the only one annoyed

After much contimplation and thought I have decided upon a new theme song!!!

New dating of sea-level records reveals rapid response between ice volume and polar temperature

Terrific! Rep. Gutierrez Introduces Republicans to Latinos, Again

Colin Woodard: The GOP’s Yankee Problem

Oh's! No's! The Drudge Report Readers (if you can call them that) are Very Very Upset and Sad!!

Derrick Belcher, Man Behind Alabama Secession Petition, Mad About Losing Topless Car Wash (VIDEO)

You'll never need another site to do Christmas shopping...

E-reading isn’t reading.......

Dunford sees some U.S. forces in Afghanistan post-drawdown

** Gets out her staple gun and posts today's DU Cafeteria Lunch & Drink specials **

STUDY: Expanding Medicaid Would Save Florida $100 Million Per Year

Happy B-Day, Totally Silent Protest!

New Study Shows Airborne Ebola May Be Transmitted From Pigs To Macaques - Science News

Scott DesJarlais Abortion Scandal: Congressman's Wife Had 2 Abortions, Court Transcripts Say

NFL Board Paid $2M to Players While League Denied Football-Concussion Link

Musn't Rush Things! Brazil Urges Delay In Any Binding Climate Talks Until 2013 - SMH


Elephant in the room Question to businesses that screw their employees over Obamacare.

Let's see if the rabid-dog Right goes after Chick-fil-A for their "War on Christmas" .....

Origins of job market troubles hard to pinpoint

Boston cardinal reshuffles parishes to meet priest shortage

Hacktivist group claims to have foiled Karl Rove's election day plans

Hacktivist group claims to have foiled Karl Rove's Election Day plans

Helen Milliken, former Michigan first lady, dies at 89

Back in Congress, What Will Paul Ryan Do Next?

RE Constitutional Amendments:

Maine GOP Chairman: I'm not racist, I play basketball with a black guy !!!!

Passengers left stranded on bus after driver refuses to board because of gay rights advert

Christian wins case on anti-gay marriage Facebook post

Shadows of J. Edgar Hoover in the Petraeus Affair

being transgender and being a parent

An Easy Task for Congress: Save the Post Office

'Out' Unveils All Four Out100 Covers

Winners and Losers in the "Big Secret Bucks" Spending War

Video on out of control health care costs.

Selig won't let Marlins owner off easy

A creepy dream last night

Drumbeat: November 16, 2012

Peak oil notes - Nov 15

Impeach Obama?

Peak oil notes - Nov 15

This Week in Poverty: The Cliff and The Janitors Who Are Already On It

Drumbeat: November 16, 2012

Anti-gay Pastor Scott Lively is mulling a run for Massachusetts Governor

Candidate for Most Distant Galaxy Discovered

Remember when "Obamacare" was a slur by the right wing. Check out this FB post.

Joe Lieberman Says Obama Must ‘Courageously’ Cut Medicare Benefits, Raise Retirement Age

"what's wrong with the idea of including dental care in a national health care system...?

Speaking of casual racism

Meghan McCain on Why the Republican Party Needs to Wake Up

Filibuster on the "other foot"

For the few of you that do hunt, stay safe out there this week!

"Higgs" boson may not open door to exotic realms

Flood Insurance, Already Fragile, Faces New Stress

Petraeus - Jill Kelley Attended GOP Convention - Got Award at Pentagon - Visited White House

Tenth of Quirky Creature's Active Genes Are Foreign: Believed to 'Ingest' DNA from Other Organisms

Israel's Attack Underlines Helplessness, Hopelessness Of Gaza Palestinians

Why Cell Phones Went Dead After Hurricane Sandy

god will judge america over abortion and gay marriage

Holy cow! I lost my star!

Sears Steals PA Wrench Inventor Idea, Now Made in China

President on live, msnbc

Remember that 'Oculus Rift' device?

I fear ANOTHER sex scandal will break out in the DU Lounge!!

Over the last 5 years, commuting by bike has risen 25%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

I call it "Obamacare," and not ACA

Alan Simpson & Erskine Bowles Bloviating NOW on C-Span2 re: "Fiscal Cliff"

MEGA-OUCH: Fox News Chief On Karl Rove’s Election-Night Meltdown: HE Was Wrong, WE Were Right

Jordanians Protest Fuel-Subsidy Cut, Demand King’s Ouster

In the Emperor Has No Clothes Dept. - what is the "scandal" they speak of?

Question about Fox News

THE RICH ARE TAXED ENOUGH (a debate with Robert Reich and Arthur Laffer)

The Leggiest Female On Earth Lives Near Silicon Valley

Industrial Production in U.S. Drops 0.4% on Sandy Effect

Don't miss this post: Alan Grayson:

HOSTESS Spinning BOGUS Story: NO profitable company shuts down over a spat with labor.

I must confess a certain guilty pleasure ...

Peter King: Petraeus Testifying that White House Took Al Qaeda References Out of Rice Talking Points

Is Twinkie the Kid trying to kill the Baker's Union?

Why is Lindsey Graham being such a dickhead about Benghazi?

How much do we spend on nuclear waste?{uk}

Beautiful gem for this morning!

Dems unveil 'FAST Voting Act'


Hostess is going out of business, but Twinkies will live forever.

Dial Global Radio Network Posts Disappointing Q3 Financials, Points Finger At Rush Limbaugh

George P. Bush for Texas Land Commissioner

Other things McCain might have learned if he didn't skip the Benghazi hearing

Captured just before an important moment. A little boy in the Oval Office.

Turkey Raps Israel On Gaza, To Discuss With U.S., Egypt

Why Minorities Will Not Vote for Republicans

MSNBC seems to find the Hostess closing amusing

Protests Mount over Keystone Pipeline

land mine kills 17 afghans traveling to a wedding

Report Two Dead, Two Missing in Gulf Platform Explosion

Interesting movie trailer with Tina Fey & Paul Rudman.

Gazprom feels the chill as its dominance is weakened

Has anyone seen anything refuting what Romney says Clinton told him on phone,

Pic Of The Moment: Petraeus Gives Testimony To Congress

Democratic rep from Maryland giving analysis of today's hearing on

Why a Rush Limbaugh Listener Thinks Calling Obama a 'Magic Negro' Is Okay

WH Petition: To Allow Certain States Wishing to Withdraw from the Union to do so immediately

White House puts final nail in coffin: "We would never propose a carbon tax."

Taxes are not *your* money-"You want to live in a civilized society, you pay taxes. Get. Over. It.”

Hostess Has Shut Down Its Website

Charlie Webster's Bizarre Voter-Fraud Conspiracy Theory

Don't let Wall Street sideline Elizabeth Warren.

At Age 11, This Girl Named the Curiosity Rover

Obama not even sworn in yet...

The Council of Immanuel-- My new book

The Other Side Of That Victory Hug

I don't care what the GOP thinks. I think Ben Gazzara was a talented actor who will be much missed!

Any other Naturists around?

Tenn. Man Claims Innocence In Romney Tax Blackmail Probe

Religion, Poor Leadership Remain at Heart of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

I have unexpected money rolling in

Papantonio: Labor Movement Deserves Credit For Obama Victory

Some republicans are..

The New Evangelical Agenda

When twelve fingers are an advantage:

Bill O'Reilly et al: wasn't lamenting, it was plain whining and right wing victim mentality paranoia

I just found this video of Randi SMACK DOWN on two rethugs

Thom Hartmann: The Secret Obama Mind-Control Plot

Progressive Christians Enter the Age of Relevancy

Reductionist Romney

Mitch McConnell: "we are prepared to put revenue on the table"

Efforts to divide feminists and LGBT people are not going to work.

Petition To Punch Grover Norquist In Dick Removed From White House Petition Site

Right now,McCain is skipping brunch so he can have a press conference about not being served brunch.

"We have to make our principles more attractive.."

The election is over. The people have spoken. But there's that pesky media - heard this morning...

I thought the election was over!

The old guard of the republic party is determined to ignore any facts in the Benghazi

Get On The Bus

I live in Alabama and I can't stand it anymore.

List of the old guard who need to leave Congress so that the people's business

Chernobyl Cleanup Workers Had Significantly Increased Risk of Leukemia

New Congress On a Nifty Interactive Graph

Rep. King: CIA story on Benghazi changed


I saw this on FB...thought it would get a laugh :)

Lets get this straight . . .

Boehner and the iceberg - toon


A new Harry and Louise ad?

When does the Benghazi "scandal" become a dead horse?

Very concerned about Israel / Gaza conflagration

federal officials flying to oil platform fire

Suppose you were kidnapped by someone who only had a little time left to live...

'Fiscal cliff' talks begin

President Obama on the front page of The Daily News-Prez comforts tragic S.I. mom


Secession - by the blues

Separation of church and state

Money boo boo's not the first to get upset at government "gifts" (1934)

President Obama on the front page of Newsday Newspaper

Race matters

From the same people who firmly believed in a Romney landslide

I still laugh everytime I pass a Romney/Ryan sign.

JUST IN: Coast Guard says fire extinguished at Gulf of Mexico oil rig where platform exploded

Hostess to liquidate, costing 106 Triad jobs and 617 statewide

NC to build state-federal online insurance market

API to Obama: You can't regulate fracking.

President Obama on Staten Island tour

Information thread on state legislatures and Governors

First Openly Lesbian Legislator to lead a legislative chamber in the US, Tina Kotek - Oregon!

New Trend? Businesses Publicly Assigning Costs To Anything That Raises Their COB

Gaza conflict: Militant rocket targets Jerusalem

When the Nerds go marching in

Industry Claims that Fracking Will Lead to "Energy Independence" Debunked in New Report

NO MORE TWINKIES? Say it isn't so!

Girl crush on Alex Wagner

White House: Fiscal Cliff Talks ‘Constructive’

Guess who he says is "not very bright"?

We can't even get a rolling-walker through Medicare

GOP Trap-Obama and Dems Don't Fall for It

Yellowstone Wolves Shot

Slide show documenting HSUS helping animals after Sandy.

Anonymous Claims It Stopped Karl Rove From Hacking The Election By Hacking ORCA

I wish Walgreens would have waited until after Thanksgiving to start with the

if you ran hostess what would you do?


Medicare premiums going up $5 a month for 2013

4 injured, two missing in Gulf oil rig fire

About this fiscal cliff

Oil rig explodes in Gulf of Mexico; 2 dead, 2 missing (coast guard now saying no deaths, 11 injured)

Do we even give a shit about unions any more?

EA wins LGBT equality award

"If I ever run for political office..."

Taliban fails to BCC an e-mail, reveals its entire PR mailing list

Raising medicare eligibility age would be 100% political


Heavily Armed "Librul"

Petraeus testimony on Benghazi contradicts previous House statement

More than half a million petition Macy’s to dump Donald Trump sponsorship

Thom Hartmann: Time to Re-build the Wall Separating Corporation and State

An indisputable benefit if Texas secedes:

McCain Clearly doesn't care about the Benghazi victims

So, now the righties are asking for "help" (oh please help me smack this one down)

Democratic Solution to the Filibuster: Make Them Talk

Gaza Rockets target Jerusalem;Egypt's PM rushes to Hamas's aid

Exactly how much do you like sweets?

Drug Test Rick Perry, Says Texas Democrat

Anti-abortion rep. pushed for wife’s abortions, slept with patients and coworkers

Why did Andrea Mitchell repeat Peter King's version of what Petraeus said

Palin PAC

Who We Are

There is no FISCAL CLIFF. period.

The Fiscal Cliff Is an Exaggerated Crisis

When the Nerds Go Marching In: Obama's Tech Engineers

(VIDEO) Jon Stewart–Schools Bill O’Reilly over ‘Traditional America’

McCain, Fighting For Reverence, Exposed as a Disingenuous Hypocrite on Benghazi

I read this article in Daily Kos yesterday,

Contest: Best short poem

Obama Administration Responds to Secession Petition

Audio Of Former Reagan/Bush Advisor Lays Out How GOP Planned To Win The Votes Of Racists

Tampa Bay socialite involved in Petraeus scandal visited the White House 3 times this yr w/sister

Illinois Hate-Group Wants Teachers to Reject 'Fiction' of Trans Students

Neo-Nazi Rally Drowned Out by Clowns in North Carolina

Black Elk Energy oil rig explosion: two feared dead, two more missing

Obama Hugs Tabloid Hit

Heaven forbid you should take care of your 1000 employees...

My mother has a good theory about McCain

LynneSin Says Obama (& Dems Everywhere) Must ‘Courageously’ give Joe Lieberman the finger!

The entire media is taking out of context what Susan Rice really said

Video from AlJazeera (9/12/12)

Australian students learn about the battle bots of the 1917 Russian Revolution.

Just in case people don't know, or may have forgotten

UPDATED WITH PICTURES - Oklahoma Lawmaker, Erects Ten Commandments Monument With Spelling Errors

JPMorgan Chase and Credit Suisse agree to pay $417 million to settle in SEC case

LePage won’t ‘lift a finger’ to set up Maine’s health insurance exchange


World's most expensive blanket (video)

So What The Heck Is That 'Fiscal Cliff' Thing All About, Anyway?

Abraham Lincoln, Republican Hunter

Seriously? Tesbagger (former) friend on FB attack my son's class for voting for Obama.

Israeli Negotiator: Hamas Commander Was Assassinated Hours After Receiving Truce Deal from Israel

Barber Bush: GET OVER!! Obama's reelection win move on


John Boehner Lengthens The Wick On The Austerity Bomb

"AS IS" "WHERE IS" clause in terms and conditions on buying a new furnace.

Medical advice needed please help!!!

More Republican governors opt for federal control of health care exchanges

Now on fox, Ollie North linking Benghazi to Gaza/Israel conflict

Sandy took the HMS Bounty but returned another from the depths...

AP: Petraeus believed terrorists behind Libya attack

I hate Carl's Jr.

Paula Broadwell lied about made up mission about General Mc Chrystal

"Drought To Affect Pizza Prices"... How soon we forget.

Obama campaign's investment in data crunching paid off

Pick my soundtrack for a Friday evening bike ride.

The desperate search for a legitimate Obama scandal

Map: Buddhists in America

How I would steal an election

Emergency center for homeless gay youth gets an outpouring of aid to rebuild following Sandy

If I use Adblock, does DU's revenue decrease?

Why is the M$M not reporting on the oil rig explosion in the gulf? or the war in Israel?

Some people don't know when to quit. Allen West takes his recount request to court.

There's a new drink called "the Romney"

Inauguration 2013

Re: Restaurants, Obamacare, and boycotts

ATTENTION San Diego DU'ers

"This Twinkie thing... it ain't over"

HuffPo: McCain Benghazi tantrum designed to keep him relevant


Adopted: For The Life Of Me


11 Companies offering benefits for part-time employees

Republican Governors are tripping over each other to throw Romney under the bus.

Suspected Collaborator with Israel Executed on Gaza Street

Anyone dealing with Raynaud's?

Goodwood Revival 2012 shot in vintage Super 8.

I have to take issue with a jury decision which was alleged by admin (?) to be 6-0 , but upon

We need Early Voting in Virginia! (petition)

Colombian activists oppose controversial military reform .

120,000 Colombians die of undernourishment each year: UN .

Court rules against Allen West again.

Judge is slapping down Allen West- live link

GOP Rep Admits CIA Approved U.N. Ambassador’s Talking Points On Libya

We Finally See The Real Difference.

Roger Ailes on Fox: "I know no one believes it — we have no agenda."

Uribe's cousin released from prison .

Rush furious about end of the Twinkie

Rep. Bilbray concedes race to Democratic challenger Scott Peters

Here's A Challenge For Rmoney & Trump - "Save The Twinkie".....

NAACP Report Reveals Disparate Impact of Coal-Fired Power Plants

A little blue collar psychology

Save the Twinkies!!!

New Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma misspells 'Sabbeth' and 'Maidseruant'

Tim Minchin has a message for us

If only Jesus had said…

Strike up the band, there's gonna be a formation. A General Officer is coming.

No nominee whose first name contains a "K" has ever lost

Obama's approval Ratings Shoots through the roof !!!

Does Sippy Cupp have a breathing...

Judge: Says he doesn't have authority to grant (Allen) West's request for recount

Well, it happened, I got thrown into the hospital without ins.

Transgender Woman 1st to Win Office in Cuba

Transgender Woman 1st to Win Office in Cuba

Soledad O'Brien Makes This Guy Repeat Himself Until His Bullsh_t Sounds Dumb Even To Him

Conason: Mitt Romney's Sneering Farewell to the 47%

Glen Grothman interview- 11 minutes of crazy talk

Glum Spain hosts summit for booming Latam nations

Glum Spain hosts summit for booming Latam nations

to those on the right that think we give a hoot

So if Benghazi is worse than Watergate, what's that make 9/11 or the Beirut bombing under Reagan?

Judge denies Allen West’s recount request; focus now on 4 p.m. canvassing board meeting

Dana Milbank jumping on the bash Rice bandwagon: "Susan Rice’s tarnished resume"

Monsanto Avoids Official French Hearing on its GM Maize

Alright I'm Going Out To Eat Tonight - What Restaurants Should I Be Avoiding?......

Satellites track post-Sandy pollutants

The Republicans will soon unveil their new propaganda strategy, code named PCEOC.

Fox News Host: Our Female Anchors Come From ‘Victoria’s Secret Catalogue,’ Luckily They Can Talk

Thom Hartmann: Allen West is stealing the election - after the election

The time has come. The time is now.

IDF sends text message to Gaza mobile phones: 'The next phase is on the way'

Steve Kornacki - best rant ever

Pope Norquist Rules That Revenue-Positive Tax Reform Violates His Pledge

so what exactly is the impeachable bengazi offense?

Awkward. Peter Facinelli brings new girlfriend to BD2 premiere.

I'm back just to mention something.

Leaders Agree To Push Big Questions Past “Cliff”

Rmoney is now Republican roadkill

Republican Poll Worker Complains About High Turnout Among ‘People Of Color’

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in Heat Trailer

In Priests’ Dining Room, a Reminder of Brutality in El Salvador

It keeps getting worse for Broadwell. Two anonymous Harvard professors trash her

Sometimes you just have to give it a try.

When Up is Down and Down is Up

Jimmy Carter: "Israelis' Policy Is to Confiscate Palestinian Territory"

In Priests’ Dining Room, a Reminder of Brutality in El Salvador

Texas Children's Hospital

Fox News Host: Our Female Anchors Come From ‘Victoria’s Secret Catalogue,’ Luckily Can Talk

Molest a girl from ages 5-7? That's 60 days in jail.

Jays sign Melky Cabrera to 2 years, $16 million...

Wall Street Uses the Third Way to Lead Its Assault on Social Security

What do "nt" and "eom" mean?

Martin Bashir. Media gold.

Scott Peters (D) wins 52nd Congressional District race (CA)

Thinking Outside the Stall on World Toilet Day

Broadwell Defended Petraeus’ Village Destruction Policy

A mini Owen Wilson.

Romney and Rove are right!!

11 year old Sheila Traina's letter to President Obama

CNN has Jerusalem misspelled

4th graders who flunk reading have faces marked

numbers behind the budget showdown

Republican poll worker gets suspicious because he sees more black people voting than

ABC's lame attempt to link Jill Kelley to Obama

President Obama talks with members of the 2012 U.S. Olympic gymnastics teams in the Oval Office

For Christ's sake.... Raise the price of your pizza 15 cents

Need help with gift selection (books)

Facebook Casualty Count

Patriot Coal to stop mountaintop removal mining

If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit...

Stop what you're doing and watch the Joe Biden cameo on "Parks and Rec."

Did I hear that right?

Wall Street uses Third Way to to Lead Its Assault on Social Security

For Israel, imperialism isn’t enough

President Obama visits Staten Island (Lots of Photos)

Oglaf, This one's safe-ish for work

Private Moon Landing in the works: "Golden Spike"

Jon Stewart's HYSTERICAL take on Romney's "Gifts" comments

Today's sexist Joke.......about women..beware !!!!!

Police Blotter: Police seeking man who stole 4 cans of Axe bodyspray

House of Reps women defend Susan Rice

Info about the Hostess Brands (it's not the unions)

How think-tanks would reduce the deficit, in two charts

The Republicans are getting some new legislation ready

These "terrorists" being attacked by Israel are carrying band instruments

Paula Broadwell was an apologist for abusive actions by the U.S. command in Afghanistan

Abraham Lincoln's Atheist Period

Mo. man charged with plotting 'Twilight' mass shooting


Gary Ackerman appreciation thread

Poll: Who do you trust more to deal effectively with the problems facing the country...

Iran Ready To Double Nuclear Work In Bunker - IAEA

Have the rules for General Discussion changed?

Great just want we need: more Chinese crap flooding the market!!

Obama’s favorable rating jumps to 58 percent

Here’s a fun Friday Afternoon Challenge for you! Today: “I’m so hot and you’re so not!”

Why Income Inequality has Skyrocketed in the last 30 years

BBC Apologises To Chief Rabbi Over On-Air Gaza Question

Jindal's Op-Ed calling for GOP Change reveals why the GOP will never Change


Hilarious "debate" with right winger

Jon Stewart quotes

Chris Christie won't take the bait, won't answer questions about Twinkies

Republicans Endorsing The Simpson-Bowles Plan Are Asking For More Revenue Than Obama

The "eccentric" doctor, pioneer Elizabeth Edmonston

FYI: Leonid meteor shower tonight

No, not the Onion. Conservatives cheer Papa John's for raising prices and cutting hours

Is the Religious Right in America Dead?

Noam Chomsky on Corporate Personhood: 2011

Dumb Questions about the Gaza Strip (Know nothing)

what will you miss most?

Didn't know this group existed

"Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence In The House of God" Documentary Blames Vatican For Handling Of Abuse

How to determine the OS one has

Who could have believed that Repukes could get WORSE??

Great photo

How long before the GOP calls for a Special Prosecutor to investigate Benghazi-gate?

Looking for the Twinkie thread with the Zombieland pic...wanna steal it now. ? ty! nt

Naomi Klein: 'Their business model is to destroy the planet.....We are at war with them.'

Ikea used forced prison labour to make furniture

Lungren concedes in race against Bera (Ca-7)

Old Man McCain yelling at Rules He Doesn't Like

Dial Global: Rush Limbaugh's Sandra Fluke Rants Hurt Our Radio Business

I've been "boycotting" Hostess for decades.

Today is a Good Day ...

Tell me climate change isn't happening!!!

What is the shelf life of a Twinkie?

Europeans Are Laughing At U.S.' Decaying & Antiquated Infrastructure, Utilities, Transportation

OK, Texas.... Ted Cruz: Mitt Romney ‘French-kissed’ Barack Obama

American Imprisoned in Cuba Sues Ex-Employer, US

Remember this during the summer of 2011?

Hostess CEO's Yearly Salary Tripled from $750K to $2.5 Mil, As It Blames Labor For Bankruptcy

Israel Authorizes More Reservists After Rockets Target Cities

x-post: American Imprisoned in Cuba Sues Ex-Employer, US

Extra Crispy Bucket of Crazy

Do not despair.

Cut the Military by 10%...

Israel Declares War On Hamas Via Twitter, Hamas Responds Via Twitter

Common Ground Awards in Honor of the Late Ambassador Chris Stevens (SOS Clinton remarks)

Legalize Drugs: A Debate from Intelligence(squared)

The Glenn Beck version of "Both Sides Now"--sing at your own risk in public!

Bwahahaha! Freeper thinks electoral college might flip their votes over Benghazi....

The Change Agent's Creed:

John McCain and Pat Tillman

Vermont Judge explains "Natural born citizen" to idiot birthers

Remember when the BP oil spill was going to be Obama's Katrina?

Rush says John McCain is deliberately demonizing Susan Rice because .....

The Post Office is not broke--and it hasn't taken any of our tax money since 1971

Weekend Economists Under the Influence of Saturn, November 16-18, 2012

My prediction/fantasy regarding the fate of political parties

So, it looks like President Obama's popular vote total has now gone OVER 63 MILLION

An Easy Task for Congress: Save the Post Office

Instead of Impeaching Obama, Let’s Impeach Unhinged House Republicans

Missouri police foil mass murder plot at `Twilight` screening, Walmart

Wis. Student Faces Dozens of Child Assault Charges

Ohio Planned Parenthood stands up against defunding

50 years apart

Things I haven't done (and likely won't ever): 1. Eaten a Twinkie

"Let's Stop Stealing From the Poor. They Have No Money Left."

Excellent News!

GOP doubles down, Priebus To Seek Re-Election As RNC Chairman

Judge denies Allen West recount request (POLITICO)

Want the real scoop on the Hostess story?

OWID---Old White Irrelevant Dude

Obama's Lead Expanding (but it's a tie!)

Try me.

John McCain Just May Have A Point...

When Will a Democrat have the courage to....