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Best Obama polling day since Charlotte DNC Afterglow?

I recall earlier in the week some Republican saying Sandy was "Obama's Katrina"

Bruce Springsteen singing "Sandy"

Poor bankers..this is how they suffered during Sandy.

"Just wanted to tell you, I'll be voting for Obama."

Hubby said it had to take a female hurricane

Some GOOD news for New Yorkers: Thousands of RATS may have drowned in superstorm as water swept into

USA Today : Romney's auto mess shows he is not ready

Marquette University: WISCONSIN - SENATE (Baldwin +4) (5-point swing since last poll)

*POLL* for November contest

Wiccan Rede

There seems to be more to Governor Christie

Bill Clinton campaigns for Obama in Council Bluffs

Taxes Don't Drive Out California Rich: Study

Biden unloads -- again -- on Romney car ad

Bones, Caskets Unearthed by Sandy + cop humor

First pictures of some of the 64 killed. I am shocked by how many were killed after

Will "experimental" election software patches affect the Ohio vote

Okay, so after tomorrow it is off the the Sugar Detoxification and Sweets Abuse Treatment

Donald Trump To Make Robo-Calls, Campaign Stops For Mitt Romney Before Election

When Katrina happened, W *delegated* responsibility. Whn Sandy happened, Obama *TOOK* responsibility

Because of Sandy, trick or treat moved to Saturday here :(

"Halloween has been rescheduled"

Perfect night to watch Zombieland again

Truthout: Political Polling is No Longer Meaningful

A fairly reliable indicator says . . . OBAMA!

Hidden Tapes & Secret Emails: Right Wing Now Throwing Kitchen Sink At Obama On Libya

Arizona Attorney General Tom "Sanctity Of Marriage" Horne Exposed As Adulterer

I just got power back in NJ after 49 hours.

Mike Huckabee Warns Christians: Obama Vote Will Crumple In Hell's Fire

I love electricity. Seriously. I love it so much, I want to marry it.

GOP Attention Deficit Disorder

Romney campaign claims Obama firewall "burning" LOL

Romney's Halloween Nightmare - Toon

Looking back on all the juries I served on. Updated as of 11/13/12

I received a phone call from the Big Dawg urging me to vote for Proposal 2

I'm reminded this week why politics would have been a poor career choice for me.

Ohio School Disciplines Students For Wearing ‘Straight But Supportive’ T-Shirts

“Trick or Aid” for Sandy Relief in Greenpoint

For Hurricane Sandy flood victims, a guide to fixing your house, from Hurricane Katrina survivors at

US Homeland Security sued for drone details


Drudge Teasing Sex Scandal - Still Developing -

What kind of asshole candidate doesn't speak to the media in the last week of a VERY tight campaign?

Anyone else have a liberal college-age kid they love?

Something occurred to me about electronic voter fraud - maybe a good thing

MI,PA,MN: Axlerod on Ed Show said

How come everytime you come around, my London London Bridge wanna go down like?

Henri the Existential Cat discusses Halloween.

What I saw Today, Early Voting in FL

Resolved: Current Political Polling methodology is as up to date as pay telephones.

Henri 4, L'Haunting

President Obama and Govenor Christie in New Jersey (pictures)

I Just Got Home And Checked Intrade- Obama Is At 68.8% Hoorah

I'm starting to feel it! How about you?

INDIANA - Another newspaper (Tribune-Star) endorses Donnelly over Mourdock

Obama, Romney Campaigns Enlist Thousands Of Lawyers In Case Election Is Contested

Brad Pitt Puts His Money where His Heart Is- Supports Marriage Equality with $100k Gift

let's win Florida and/or Virginia so Husted stealing Ohio won't matter

The Atlantic: "The Strange World of Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan Fan Fiction"

President Obama -- The Comforter in Chief!! GREAT PICTURES!

Women voters in Wisconsin likely to elect Obama and Baldwin

From The Guardian: "Obama hugs distraught homeowner in New Jersey." (PHOTO)

Romney is losing keynote speakers.

Now 8:50 EST Obama up to 69.5% on intrade

The starkest of contrasts: "Heckuva Job Brownie" vs "15 Minute Rule"

Halloween Political Cartoons

Women react after talking to Scott Brown about Blunt amendment

LEGAL CANNABIS----In Van Nuys, California, a sign of cultural progress

WOW! Romney donation event was staged.

Romney Campaign: Now 0.1% Less Dishonest

Hurricane Sandy's effect on the election in blue states

Leaked Florida GOP Memo: Dems are 'Cleaning our Clock'

I just called my sister's right-wing bigot "friend" out on his hypocrisy and hate.

Wait, Chris Christie postponed Halloween?

"For Years, Warnings That It Could Happen Here" By DAVID W. CHEN and MIREYA NAVARRO at the NYTimes

Voting in Florida today

LOL - Rachel shows off her Hallowe'en costume:

Michael Moore on Piers Morgan tonight, for the whole hour.

NEBRASKA - Chuck Hagel to endorse Bob Kerrey

A LIST of LINKS to Twenty 2012 Presidential Electoral Vote Forecast Maps

How soon until disease becomes an issue in some areas still under water?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Be Afraid, Be Bery Afraid & a new kitty gif

Romney’s New Radio Ad Reaches Surreal Level of Desperation and Fail

Reporters versus People who Think Their Job is to Manage the Nation Behind the Scenes

Election being stolen. Help.

Sign of Hope

Princeton Consortium- Random Drift 95% Bayesian Orediction 99%

"Israeli Defense Chief Says Iran Postponed Nuclear Ambitions" by RICK GLADSTONE at the NYTimes

Does anyone know a good bumper sticker maker? I want a WOO HOO! w/Obama logo

Only one Trick or Treater!

Do you know what President Obama did today? He calmed us down.

Anyone here use Twitter?

"Obama Is Winning Support From Undecided Youth Voters"

Lake Lynn today.

Reading vs. Arsenal

A $5,000 Shopping Run to Walmart Turned Romney's Campaign Stop into a 'Relief Event'

In-Person Early Voting Ends Friday in Nevada, Colorado, Wisconsin

When Republicans put their constituents ahead of "I hope he fails"

Nate 538 Update: 78.4% O - 21.6% R

Just Posted Nate Silver has Obama at 78.4 Posted State Forecasts Also...

This Is Why Congress Criminalized Heroin In 1920

Can we Democrats handle winning?

"We owe you..."

Obama at 69.1% on Intrade

How Nate Silver got interested in politics

we went all out on the Halloween decorations this year!

Be inspired for the coming juggernaut that is us...

"Poll: Obama Reaches 50 Percent, Leads Romney By 5 Nationally" by Tom Kludt at TPM

In one week no one will give a flying fuck what Romney thinks.

This has that old -campaigning from the running-board- feel to it

Republican Congressional Candidate Opines On ‘The Rape Thing’ (AUDIO)

I personally took out about 40 zombies tonight, how about you?

Stealing Ohio would be too obvious. I think they'll target PA.

Bo with his Pirate doppleganger for Halloween...

I only got 3 Trick or Treaters this year

Here is part of the news you have waited 2 weeks for - Picture of the Day: President Obama and Chris Christie Working Together

Who know what?

I feel sorry for those poor deprived kids who have parents who think celebrating Halloween is evil.

Anger Aside, Voters Favor D.C. Status Quo

What are your republican friends saying about Romney now (post-Sandy)?

My starving dog is sitting here right now mooching for salad.

Can someone explain what the Republican Party stands for??

pre-school and early childhood teachers: chime in here.

Obama leads by 8 in Michigan

Out of webernet for half a day... Welcome home to a gazillion good polls

Atheists may not be welcome in Indy

Nate Silver, 9:14 PM Oct. 31: 78.4% chance of President Obama winning

I am so glad Evan Bayh did not win the nomination back in 2008. We would had lost that election.

I just have to share this...

The ED Show - Romney silent with reporters for last 3 weeks

Now the Repugs have their face-saving excuse: Sandy. (Let them have it.)

Effective Disaster Relief in 6 Easy Steps

How many times do we have to get punched in the face before we realize, you know what...

I bookmarked a post, now how do I access it??? I've looked in My Account, etc. and can't find it,

Who sunk to the lowest of the low Ryan's photo-op or Romney's Photo-op?

Ultimate Christie conspiracy

Is is stress causing

Obama leads by 8 in Michigan

Minorities Fear End of Secularism in Egypt

So what happens if Polls show Obama winning overwhelmingly but he loses do to.......

GREAT Yard sign :)

Today, on my way home from work ...

Neanderthals smart enough to copy humans

The ED Show - President Obama: "We're here for you"

Heard a Pubbie early voter (FL) on NPR complaining about Christie - Why does he have to praise Obama

Long lines in Florida for early voting. Voters getting discouraged and frustrated

Everybody knows Mitts Relief Event was politically motivated, he doesn't care about America

Do you ever toast your flour before using to thicken? nt

Rush: Christie is Obama’s “Greek column”

Hello Human Diary. It is I again, Mitt Romney, your better.

Jesus! I have never seen a President lead like I saw Obama lead today!

Climate Change Exit

So what happened with the people in Atlantic City?

Water in NYC is now hazardous substance.

Fun with Pumpkin Carving

....meanwhile on Fox News (Greta) BENGHAZ!!

any 'steel is real' riders?

Scott Rasmussen: Romney winning PA, MI and/or MN are "REPUBLICAN FANTASIES!"

Holy Crap! Very Scary Night!


Let's Re-Elect Him

The ED Show - Romney camp claims they're ahead in the polls

"If we ever needed to vote we sure do need to vote right now"


The ED Show - Romney's staged relief effort event

VOTE For These Kid's Grandma Or Else...

An Excerpt From “How to Rig an Election”

Romney Gives FEMA A Call

Arizona group that donated $11M must open books

Headlines now:

Jerry Sandusky Moved to Prison Housing Death Row Inmates (Solitary For Life)

People who don't think climate change contributed to the hurricane, check in here!

Where Is Karl Rove?...Dude's Been Mighty Quiet Lately

The Case for Obama: Why He Is a Great President. Yes, Great.

ABC -78% Approval For O's Handling Of Sandy

What a wonderful world

Romney's momentum continues (snark)

A little round of applause for David Plouffe

the past three days have been worse for Romney than the 47% video

When Chris Christie goes to vote, do you think he'll REALLY vote for Romney--Or Obama?

Would you save him?

Romney likens hurricane relief to cleaning up "rubbish and paper products" from a football field.

So, Can Someone Point Me to the Bible Passage That Says God Lives on Planet Kolob….

Dan Lipinski (D) Ill. is a fucktard. See link inside.

Drudge's Rumored Senator Scandal purportedly involves NJ Senator

The Scariest Halloween Costume Tonight

So! Did Rev. Pat Robertson go the "God's wrath" route yet?

Arrrrggghhh....Now I'm seeing the...

The ED Show - President Obama and Gov. Christie leave politics aside

"What's a Butterfinger?"

What brings you to Ohio. People are crazy.

The Menendez Hookers Story Is A Big Fail

Storm spins death and 'a lot of tears' along path

Pundits (Mostly RW) versus Quants (Nate Silver, et al) - Index Investing v Active Management

Obama at 50.1% chance to win 300+ electoral votes

When visiting teh Lounge, please use the proper door

Nate is on Charlie rose saying a good turnout favors Obama

So I listened just now to Richard Wolff - on with Lawrence - and here is what he said

Criswell Predicts! - Romney gets 47% of popular vote

Enough Bullshit !

Jim Messina's State of the Race

Obama 3-1 or better to win on British online betting sites

New Jon Stewart tonight

I need help posting my halloween costume and sign picture

Trick or Treat (SC: Racism)

Cross-posting from Latest Breaking News...

Harper labels Mulcair an extremist after NDP threat to ‘revoke’ China trade treaty

My neighbors Romney sign blew away in the storm.

PPP: Obama +3 in Virginia 49-46

YES!!! It Happened Again (sort of)

PPP 5 Virginia polls this month all lead by Obama

That 'ole "Rape Thing"

Obama leads by 3 in Virginia

I'm Going To See The President On Friday!!!

Mayor Bloomberg Is a Spiteful Little Man

Question about Marine 1: Does it stow away on Air Force 1 when the President travels?

Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch Endorses Obama

BEST LAWN SIGN EVER!!!!! really.

John Husted is a major asshole. It is a good thing

My RW brother posted on facebook: "I am voting for Romney"

gen. powell

UAW Charges Romney with Profiteering from Auto Bailout

Jimmy Fallon Sings "Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet" as Bob Dylan (10/31/12) - VIDEO

gen powell votes for

Greg Palast: UAW Charges Romney With Profiteering From Auto Bailout

Whew! What a ride!

So, just so we remember, if George W. were still our president right now...

I'll vote with the general!

The photo that will keep Obama in the WH

some small kid did a face plant on my porch tonight. His bag ripped and sweettarts were all that

I'll vote with the general!

Best thing about Trick or Treat was the yard signs

Happy Halloween from Wisconsin

I Vote!

the general was right!

Ain't the Big Dog Cool!!!

Mid Atlantic teevee weather people saying Tuesday may see east coast with a nor'easter.

*DUers, IMPORTANT! Recall e.mail list of media folks ('old' DU?)

This was my halloween costume and poster

Just some good sweet music

I'll vote with the general

Non election hilarity: Henri, the Existential Cat has a fab Halloween video on Youtube

Romney Wins

Obama leads by 3 in Virginia

Obama used HAARP to cause Hurricane Sandy.


Stewart: Chris Christie ‘Kicked Crazy Ass’ Working With Obama On Hurricane Relief - video link


EX-UFC FIGHTER Charged with Vandalism After Naked Church Arrest

Graphic found on Facebook. Robber barron.

FOX really IS a bubble, isn't it?


“Bored” Teen’s Church Servicing Leads To Arrest

I hope Colbert goes viral

OMFG hilarious video - "Mitt Romney Style"

migration time

zOMFG! I just realized I'll be in Hawai'i for the end of the world!!

In the aftermath of Sandy!

Jury gets the KBR case after lawyers make their final arguments

Jon Huntsman Gotta Be Beside Himself

What you can do to help stop electronic theft of the election

Judge orders newspaper to reveal name of commenter

Obama up 2 in NH, 3 in Wisconsin and 6 in Iowa in brand new NBC/WSJ polls

NBC/Marist Poll: Obama 50-44 in Iowa, 49-46 in Wisconsin, 49-47 in NH

This Country does not need a divorce. It needs an intervention.

Matthew Dowd tweet

Even though I'm in one of the "safest" Dem states of all, that's no excuse to sit out this election.

chalk up 3 more for the blue team - wife, daughter and I had a pleasant early voting experience

Awesome retweets of tweets to Chris Christie by Joe Mande...

Should President Obama donate the remainder of his election fund to disaster relief efforts?

Paul Ryan points to President Obama Delphi Failures (GO UAW!)

It is Thursday. 120 more hours. 7200 minutes....

I lost another 5 pounds....

What they don't know is it is trick AND treat!!!

Inslee from the Downing St Hearings - getting beat by big money dirty ads

Audience Laughs At Michele Bachmann's Claim She Doesn't 'Do' Political Speech

Newspaper Endorsements

I want to get ahead of any complaints about the Postal Service during the upcoming Holidays

"NEW YORK: This Is What Your Flooded Subway System Looked Like After Hurricane Sandy"

Any DU old-timers wishing they knew what Bob Boudelang is thinking about right now?

I had a boy about 10 years who came To my door as mitt romney for halloween

"Obama Had A HUGE Surge On InTrade Today, And Is Nearly Back At 70%"

Gregg gains ground on Pence, new poll shows

Just seen on Facebook:

Nate Silver: Should Romney have picked Rob Portman?

Has The Background Story Behind Myth Romney's Phony "Relief" Debacle Been Reported By Any MSM Yet?

Allen West's GOP Primary Opponent says he's "embarrassed" by West, endorses Democrat Patrick Murphy

I am confused by this story

Police State In the Atlantic City Area...


Went all Bain Capital tonight for trick or treat

Colombia trained more than 13,000 foreign soldiers, looks to export security know-how .

Brad Pitt Donates $100,000 To HRC's Gay Marriage Campaign

Here's Rove rationalizing a Romney Victory and setting up the theft

So have you picked out your right-wing sites to watch for post-election loss tantrums?

Obama to Use "Affirmative" Message in Closing Campaign Pitch

Nate's 538 11/1: 300.4 - 79% -- 301 - 81.4% now-cast (link)

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Wednesday, October 31)

With a few days left I thought it would be fun to post a prediction thread

N.J. Gov. Christie on President Obama

Gun Found Inside Hollowed-Out Book Donated To Library

Cross Post From GD: "Just got my vote stolen in Arkansas"

Have you ever had a reading?

Lest we forget, the death toll for Sandy has risen to 72....

Spanier facing charges in Penn State University abuse case

Someone please make a meme, "I Got This! Willard, Just Stay the Fuck Out Of The Way!

Court releases investigative report on Barkus, Rehberg (R-Mont.) boat crash

Republican Sen candidate, John Koster, calls aborting rapist's child 'more violence on woman's body'

The Tea Party gets a news site

Nate Silver: 79.0% & 300.4 EV for Obama

Nate Silver's 538 Update: Obama 79% - Romney 21% (Obama EVs: 300.4)

Gregg gains ground on Pence, new poll shows

Democracy is a pathetic belief...

Post apocalyptic fiction

So tired of the press. Look at the number of times Yahoo "news" mentions Romney/GOP today...

Key and Peele; Anger interpreter -really good tonight

Mitt is just days away

Could there be a Republican Tsunami on Election Day?

This one is for you Washington ( John Koster )

Europe's oldest prehistoric town unearthed in Bulgaria

Ohio high school students disciplined for pro-LGBT shirts

Facebook timeline cover image I created...

I am so happy to see people loading their pets into the lifeboats with them.

The Matt Drudge/F-cker Carlson scandal 'reveal' is about Sen. Menendez

Even Though The GOP Is So Completely Extreme On Everything It Just Puzzles Me ----

Which Mitt Romney will go down in history? Read more:

In case of an electoral tie - can the House choose ANYBODY they want for President?

GOTV in Nevada (NV) Day 12. Dems lead 55,650

Mama, vote for Barack!

Republican candidate calls aborting rapist's child 'more violence on woman's body'

Daylight Savings Time Nov 4th, 2012

The President looked like a Commander-in-Chief today...

Think about this when you are hating on Chuck Todd, Howie Fineman and CNN.

Obama Targets Students and Latinos in Nevada Rally

Romney faked his "storm relief event" in Ohio on Tuesday!!!

Today canned food, tomorrow Romney will host a bake sale

All I want for my birthday is a good jobs report

GOTV in Maine (ME) 10/31/12. Dems lead Reps ~3 to 2

Yet another sex abuse case at a Catholic High School

THE NEW DEAL - A Modern History by Michael Hiltzik

Florida says it will investigate unlicensed children's homes for abuse, neglect

Election Forecast Summaries: 10/31 (evening)


The 15 Rules of Web Disruption

Rev. Peter Popoff

Limbaugh: For Halloween I put Condoms on my Head, Then Calls Christie a Greek Column for Obama

Funny thing about the flood of Republicans jumping ship suddenly...

Is "Shaun of the Dead" the Greatest Zombie movie ever made, or what?

Former Colombian anti-mafia prosecutor sentenced for aiding mafia .

Juan Cole: Romney Lies "Show Contempt for Democracy, Display Some Features of Capitalist Dictators"

China is conquering the world.

Ohio Poised To Save Us From RomneyWorld

EXCLUSIVE: This Is The First Poll Of 2012 That Actually Asks The Hard Questions

Reagan: "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and

Limbaugh: media's "soft bigotry of low expectations" shelters incompetent Obama because he's black

The psychology behind Israel's status quo (Carlo Strenger)

One opinion on Brad Owen

Do It For Your Country: Vote Obama

Our Future press release on defending Medicare

Tell Bank Cop to Fail Payday Lender Wells Fargo

Obama sees uptick in RAND poll ... back above 50% ... leads Romney by 5.4.

The likelyhood of the MittTwit winning is VERY low at this point. GOTV GOTV GOTV !!

Study Finds Eurozone Austerity Is Killing Economic Growth, Increasing Debt

CNN article: Why Election Day won't be postponed

Hurricane Relief Romney Administration Style

Arrow Rock State Historic Site First Saturday Lecture Series

Off-shore bank accounts in the Cayman Islands & Switzerland + hidden tax returns

Cost Control in a Parallel Universe: Medicare Spending in the United States and Canada

Argentina arrests Colombian drug kingpin (For USA)

Exam Said to Be Leaked to Guards at Nuclear Site

Four wounded in Halloween shooting at Los Angeles campus

Citing 'civic emergency,' tribal leaders push for largest-ever Native American voter turnout

State officials: Ignore neighborhood voting 'audits'

Power Outages Delay Some Store Openings

Bolivian treasure

I'll be happy when this semester is over.

Bolivia asks Penn to help it get its coast back

To answer Mitt Romney's: Are you better off now than 4 years ago?

Chris Christie Obama's number one surrogate

New Yorkers brace for post-Hurricane Sandy ‘ratpocalypse’

Commander-In-Chief: Obama Calms The Storm In Sandy’s Wake

False Argument: Gun Ownership is Up Therefore Crime is Down

Obama Campaign Launches Colin Powell Endorsement Ad

Five Days Until the Election! Wooooo!

Good Colbert Report on hurricane

Thank you Mr President, FEMA...

Nation Suddenly Realizes This Just Going To Be A Thing That Happens From Now On

Think you know who the settlers are? Think again

When I voted for the President four years ago, I voted

How Mitt Romney Would Screw the Red States That Support Him

How ironic it is that Chris Christie's Mom's name was Sandy

"Geoengineers" Think They Can Save the Planet with High-Risk Projects to Manipulate the Climate

+++ NFL Picks / Week 9 +++

How is the vote count going in NC, Fl, OH?

Can Sandy Help Jolt America Out of Climate Change Denial?

For those voting Absentee

Romney planning to blame Sandy for his LOSS

Photos: Halloween in Hong Kong looks awesome


Republicans are adamant about their distrust of "the polls"'s why

Anyone else hear what Mark HelpmeRhonda said on Morning Joe?

storm invigorates proponents of nyc sea barrier

How Will Rethugs Behave If Obama Wins?

Does this sound weird to you?

Mexican think tank says Colorado, Washington, Oregon pot legalization would cut cartel profit

Saudi Arabia fuel truck crash kills 22 in Riyadh

Omaha could be deciding vote in presidential election (1 EC vote)

TOM THE DANCING BUG: The Republican Rapid Rape Response Squad!!

Missed the beginning of Morning Joe but

I like my "morning joe" without the joe...the end nt

Mark Fiore Flashtoon- Emergency private sector alert system!

Great picture on Juanitajean this morning.

Multiple sclerosis: New drug 'most effective'

Finally hearing some Graves ads on the radio

Argentina voting age lowered from 18 to 16

Silver Bets The Scar

American Bob: A Message To Young Liberals

Wow! I haven't read nor heard this but Maureen Dowd drives home a gut wrenching point:

So Morning Joe (without Joe) faces reality.

Post your favorite Camper Van CHadbourne song!!

For Sale: Laptop With First Presidential E-Mail (to John Glenn in Orbit)

Chris Christie: Obama doesn't know how to lead

"I just look illegal"

Election Day weather forecasts - 6 days out - looks mostly good

Electoral-Vote Nov. 1: 299-O 206-R 33-Tie

NOW is the time to look for that famous silver lining

The sheep are beginning to look up the TODAY show just did a story on how Sandy

mood of the nation: struggling but seeking no help

Brad Pitt Donates $100,000 To HRC's Gay Marriage Campaign

hobby lobby set to argue to block health care law

Political Polling Is No Longer Meaningful

Obama +8 in Michigan per PPP



Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival

90 Million Are Planning Not to Vote – Your Mission: Take Just One of Them to the Polls

Was listening to Boston right-wing radio on the way into work today

Romney and his campaign summed up in one picture

Sludge report claims that a sex scandal involving a powerful senator will drop soon. Yeah, right.

Romney compares Sandy Hurricane tragic to picking up trash on a football filled

The Schmuk Nails It

Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super Rich by Chrystia Freeland – review

ABC pushing the anger is rising and should be ashamed.

Maybe it's time to think of Sandy as Grover Norquist's bathtub.

I hear the sound of knives being sharpened

Global Genome Effort Seeks Genetic Roots of Disease

Rochester (NY) City News Endorses President Obama

Is there a list of banned posters?

Unexpected Factor Contributes to Melanoma Risk in Red-Haired, Fair-Skinned Individuals

Sad thought (as if we need more)

My People In Ohio

T'is BRILLIANT! Rmoney's application for the job of President of the United States:

Smoking laws limit heart attacks

which "MITT"

U.S. Economy Added 158,000 Private-Sector Jobs in October, According to ADP National Employment Repo


Mitt Romney: After Sandy, Voters Should Come Together For Red Cross, Then Me


Silver and Scarborough Bet


Storm-crippled NYC subway creaks back into service

Where's Waldo...Where's Mitt?

Westboro Baptist candidate for Kansas Board of Education only raises $5

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (11/01/2012)

Email me if you want my excel file of the electoral college for use on the 5th and 7th.


Hey Florida and NC.. sometime in the next four years, you'll be hit


Peak oil notes - Nov 1

Stewart: Gov. Christie realized Obama not an empty chair

Couldn't resist

Peak oil notes - Nov 1

Post-Sandy New York Aims to Rethink Infrastructure Not Just Rebuild It

BBC: Hedgehog trapped in crisp packet in Weston-super-Mare (!)

Nick Anderson Toon: Ayn Rand

Those grapes are so very, very sour....

"But I would be less than honest if I said I wasn't relieved to see he was not a democrat."

Work-Life Balance as a Men's Issue, Too

Steel Pulse for Obama


The Human Cost of Coal

Are Dogs 'Scientific Devices'?

More Than Just A Bromance

Boys, Body Image And Sexualization: An Equal Opportunity Destroyer

Carmen McRae - Just A Little Loving (Live At Ratso's)

I live where I've experienced . . .

faux news 'what hurricane?'

"Lets re-elect President Obama" song. If you like Al Green, you will love this!

Anyone watching/listening to Bill Press? Dem strategist Chris Kofinis saying the election is still

This weekend "undecided" voters will start to break for

"Lets re-elect President Obama" song. If you like Al Green, you will love this!

"Lets re-elect President Obama" song. If you like Al Green, you will love this!

Will we have the DefCon system on DU starting early next Tuesday?

"Romney romance is SO over!" say Rand, Intrade, & 538

Votes are disappearing in Florida

" Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people,

SANDY's Fault: "Top Republicans already hinting that if Romney loses-his people will blame storm"

Chuck Todd is just bending over backwards to convice the MARIST guy

MSNBC's morning shows need to switch to funeral dirges for bumper music

Did anyone read Rove's latest nonsense...

158,000 job in oct

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Storm's aftermath

Storm aftermath from the Lehigh Valley in PA

One of the unfortunate results of Hurricane Sandy

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Mitt the Snit

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Mouse is greater than the Force

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- the rest

Can anyone suggest a good alternative to Huffington Post? I used to love it, but it has become way

Priests ordered to read criticism

NYT on Romney: 'an especially dishonest candidate-simply turns up volume on lie +keeps repeating it'

Is California undecided?

Romney..Ryan...AynRand - BRILLIANT!

THIS is how our government is supposed to work.

Romney campaign suffers a devastating fatal blow

"Tea Party to Launch Own News Network"

Brenda Snipes I don't believe your LYING ASS!!!!!

TOLES: Sandy & Climate DENIAL

Chuck Todd is a silly man.

Portrait of Sandy's victims becomes clearer

What are the DEFCON plans for Election Day and night here at DU?

Question for women who've experienced/are in menopause


Uppercut, Then a Left Hook

Fraud? Florida Early Voting Totals ALREADY Changing, Raises Huge Questions

Air Force cadets injured in hazing

After this election is over, here is one word I never want to hear again:

At this point the only way Romney can win this election is thru theft

Climate Reality Smacks, But What Change Ahead?

"You can spin reporters, but you can’t just sling utter bullsh*t at them"

"Solid" - OFA TV Ad w/ Colin Powell

Have You Noticed How Public Racists Have Become Since Obama's Election

"I just look illegal"

Mitt Romney's Vietnam

I found the secret to not ODing on the Halloween Candy I give away each year

Just in case: C'mon Move to Canada !

Republican morons try to slander Senator Menendez while half the state has no power

Romney Vetoed Flood Coverage In Mass Even After A Flood; Then Was Absent During The Next One

at this time 4 years ago we were all worried about the "Bradley Effect" and

Any polls due out today?

Do You Have A Favorable Or Unfavorable Opinion Of Chuck Todd?

'You're Going To Be OK'

WOW! Amazing admission from Chucky Toad..."It never breaks."

Today's data for a few polling aggregates and Intrade...Final update done - a good day!

Looks like Florida seniors are the "I got miners".

First four days of early voting in Leon County

From My Friend Jon G on Facebook: Obama Facts


Chuck Todd's Wet Dream:

absentee ballots in Fla and other states-

Therefore it is logically clear -- GOD APPROVES OF GAY MARRIAGE!

Papantonio: GOP Deregulation Equals Meningitis Death

What are you favorite political and economic myths?

*** Gets out her Letter Box and posts this Sunday's Serman at the DU Church ***

Second Amendment-only voters threaten hunting opportunities

Editorial: Maryland's marriage law protects religious institutions while affirming principles

Michigan 48 O - 42 R

Why I don't trust voting in Florida

Open letter to the Undecided Voters...

Obama v W bush on real leadership

Mitt Romney's Terrible Horrible Very Awful Polling Day

Yes We Plan

I have never seen so many ads for a senate campaign in PA by one person. Tom Smith ads are on

The Republican Rapid Rape Response Squad!!

How is that POS mitch mcconell from Kentucky doing?

How low can Mitt go well hear it is

Romney Camp Connects Obama To Chavez, Castro, Che In Florida Ad

Have you seen the cover of the new Bloomberg Businessweek?

Romney campaign claims they'll win Florida by "double digits"

How we treat the Earth is directly related to how the Earth treats us.

Allen West’s GOP rival backs Democrat

Romney's Secrecy Continues.............with US Weekly LOL

GOTV in North Carolina (NC) 11/01/12. Dems lead Reps > 3 to 2

Is there a "drinking liberally" group in NWI?

This is excellent news for John McCain!

Love at the Shore: The Governor and the President ---John Cassidy / The New Yorker

How Climate Change Amplified Sandy’s Impacts

Romney's perpetual lip smacking..

Democratic lead in Clark at 55,000; Washoe remains tight

Robme speech: "We love those in need"

You do know that there is a large chunk of people who confuse the odds of something happening

Jersey Shore devastation photos

Ernie's on the truck!!

I saw a "Republicans for Obama" bumper sticker, yesterday.

Krugman on Romney’s FEMA gaffe: "There’s something pathological here."

With all this talk of the Jersey Shore, did anyone bother to see if Snooky was okay...

Has the edited functionality changed?

RCP now shows a tie in their polling average for the national polls.

It's Global Warming, Stupid

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 1, 1961

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 1, 1961

Christian group fights Texas for banning ‘Vote the Bible’ shirt at polls

If Christie thought there was ANY chance in hell of Mitt winning the election, he would not have...

Colin Powell in new Obama TV Ad

Why the Protestant Work Ethic Is a Menace to Society

Bain Capital had a third party bankrupt a Samsonite factory in France to duck more than $75M in tax

Has MSNBC turned into $%@&ing Romneyvision????

rommy is full of shit!!!`

My health insurance premiums have decreased 5% now that Obamacare is kicking in..

One Republican Sets Record Straight About Racism and GOP

REPORT: 30+ Fox News Hosts And Contributors Who Are Campaigning For Republicans

Iowa 2012 Early Vote Total now Exceeds all of 2008 Early Votes

ROMNEY re FIMA: "crickets"

Political Wire: Hagel Will Endorse Kerrey

Republicans more nervous about the election

here's a split screen ad we need to run

Ok, so how are the states without electricity going to handle voting?

Bloomberg Business Week Cover: IT'S GLOBAL WARMING, STUPID

Pic Of The Moment: What A Difference A Hurricane Makes

Karl Rove writes in the WSJ: big early voting lead for Romney in Ohio

Holy shit, this one of Romney's WORST...

Most of my family are Republicans

Romney’s Secrecy: Did He Get Away With It?

How Christian Fundamentalism Feeds the Toxic Partisanship of US Politics

I have an issue with "Early Vote"

NYC taxi firms run out of fuel as gasoline crunch deepens

How Christian Fundamentalism Feeds the Toxic Partisanship of US Politics

Seriously funny.

Okay, let's go there. Could you vote for a Mormon (or Catholic) bishop for President?

The Cake

Karl Rove's Greatest Hit, from the 2006 Elections

Now that Halloween is over, It's time to focus in on...

Acupuncture trial for fatigue lacks placebo group, is positive

The $5000 spent at Walmart to stage a canned foods giveaway for Mitt -

Random Walk-President Obama Has A 96.9% Chance Of Winning Ohio

A Movie About Noah’s Ark Has Been Delayed for the Best Reason Ever


Weird scores ...

Random Walk-President Obama Has A 96.4% Chance Of Winning Wisconsin

This is so cool! I'm now on a first-name basis with James Taylor!

i checked my BOE page today. UPDATE

Where do people think MSNBC's Thomas Roberts falls?

Rapists, Beware: Detroit Prosecutor IDs 21 Attackers in ‘Rape Kit’ Investigation

Hi from Orlando, FL

Voting Nov 6 in the Northeast

This has all happened before.

RKBA Knowledge is Power: An Introduction and Interest Survey.

(Former PSU President) Graham Spanier charged in Penn State sex scandal

“There's no heights you can't rise to when you let service trump self-interest”.

Ok it's safe to turn the TV back on the LIAR off the President is on next

Great News: ADP Employment Report: October Saw 158,000 New Jobs

Revealed: Tommy Thompson Shills For Keystone Pipeline His Lobbying Firm Lobbied For

Sending positive thoughts to anyone that needs them :) Hope everyone is doing well :)

Obama Firewall Holding firm

Tom Toles: Climate Denial

Wanna see what lower Manhattan looked like on the streets the other night?? Unbelievable.

LOL... I follow intrade pretty closely

Et Tu Chris Hedges

Voting Machines Are flipping Mitt Votes To Obama According to the right

PLEASE if you can....


Looks like Chris Christie is finally going to meet Bruce Springsteen

Apple Leaves U.K. Judge at ‘Loss’ Over Samsung Web Posts

Table with a view

Rmoney had an opportunity, and he blew it

Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders is running against a four term Republican

RobMe goes negative as the voters have already had it with the politics of hate

DSM-5 Field Trials Discredit the American Psychiatric Association

Reflections on Occupy Baltimore

Ezra Klein blog: ADP: We added 158,000 jobs in October

To all the lying, cheating, ruthless, morally bankrupt liberals on DU

Romney ‘rented’ Mormon church’s exemption to defer taxes for 15 years

October 2014 Hurricane Ann destroys Tampa, a storm victim calling one of President Rawmoney's

NBC benefit concert on Friday to aid Sandy victims

The Artwork That Infuriated Big Coal

*Anyone recall Sherrod Brown's wife's name/contact info?

What would you do if approached by those True the Vote A-holes?

Keiser Report: Give Us Your Money, Or You're Dead!

Thom Hartmann: Hurricane Sandy...Romney vs Gore

Romney Steals 2012 Election!

Florida Dem Chair is calling on Rick Scott to extend voting hours

Obama live msnbc in Wiss.

Is it over when

Will Obama's 78% "Sandy" Approval Ratings Move The Polls?

Retailer pressures workers to take anti-Obama “civics course”

"Red tape" versus accountability

For Some Debtors, “Coming Out” Is First Step Toward Resistance

I'm concerned....

The Closing Argument of the 2012 Campaign-Most Effective Final Argument for the Re-Election of Obama

I Might Be Agreeing with Joe Scar over Nate. I think Nate's Wrong.

Washoe County, NV. friend said Romney

Really, Larry Sabato

For non-cable/satellite subscribers: ABC is my new favorite.

I promise, this is the last time I'll ask for money.

Pennsylvania folks - talk to me about Casey vs Smith

An amazing collection of Obama tribute songs: Please listen to them!

For those poo-pooing food/supply drives

Things I learned this week as a result of Hurricane Sandy coverage:

Anyone know what the African American early vote total was in NC in 2008?

My last donation before election day... where to?

2012 Early Voting Statistics over 20,327,629have voted, 2 million+ in South Carolina alone.

Just doing my job

When Republicans say this election is a toss-up and that no one really knows how it's going...

Just saw on MSNBC: Liberty and Ellis Island: "Infrastructure is SHOT"

Democrats are on the move. We're moving FORWARD! Ain't no stopping us now!

current odds on an Obama victory

Fookin' Prez is throwing heat.....

I would never want to be "loved" by Mitt Romney...

Independents won’t save Mitt

GAME TIME for Wayne Powell (to defeat eric cantor!)

Listening to POTUS 11/01/12 in Green Bay's internet ad

FEMA Under Romney: Sorry Sir, We Are A Cash Only Business

Mitt seems to be remaking himself daily's internet ad

Marlins hire former catcher Mike Redmond as their new coach

21 States were impacted by Superstorm Sandy

The end of feminism? There are more of us than you think

Anyone watch that Obama speech just now?

Bolding The States O Will Win...Italicizing Those I Give O A Slight Edge To

More "wasted" DOE money: Tesla Model S wins Automobile Magazine Car of the Year

Honolulu Civil Beat: HAWAII - SENATE - Hirono (D) +15

Romney's Halloween story

Romney's Halloween story

Hustler To Mourdock: $1 Million Cash Reward-For ‘Proof’ That Rape Pregnancies Are A ‘Gift from God'

Mitt Romney Massachusetts Budget Targeted Programs For Poor, Disabled


How focused is the rest of the country on Hurricane Sandy?

Mr. Rove - I Ask YOU: What's Mitt's cock got to do with anything?

I remember in the Katrina disaster when mommy Bush went before the cameras

FYI, about "poll observers" in Ohio

Rachel Maddow - Romney burned by own lie to Ohioans

The Rude Punidt - Romney's Other Campaign Strategy: Remembering When He Wasn't a Total Dickhole

Anita Ward - Ring my Bell (Original Disco Version)

I'm Against Violence, But If A Bunch Of True The Vote Types Get Punched Out Tuesday

All three days of the Weather Channel coverage of Hurricane Sandy

Remember how W handled Katrina?

Fox News’ John Stossel Blasts Federal Flood Insurance Program, Plans To Collect His Money Anyway

photos of waves generated by sandy breaking along chicago`s harbor walls

US Manufacturing Expands At Faster Pace In October

Shocking photo of Sandy hitting New York

Republican Rapid Rape Response Squad!

In Swing States, Obama Leads on Medicare:

We. Were. Warned.

Rachel Maddow - More once in a lifetime weather events likely

Security research labels more than 290,000 Google Play Android apps as 'high-risk'

Arizona Senate Democratic Candidate Carmona's Ad: Irks Republicans

Rachel Maddow - Romney campaign dons storm relief veneer

Mind blowing: Illiterate kids teach themselves to operate tablets with no help

For More Good News Click:

The Economist Magazine Endorses Barack Obama

Just got my third or forth robo call from the GOP

Rove vs. Bloomberg in Maine:

Thom Hartmann: Did Romney cause the meningitis outbreak?

If you don't vote, are you still a patriotic American?

Flood insurance - up in Syracuse there is a problem-

Ro-mentum watch: Karl Rove

Broward elections supervisor explains changed vote tallies.


Here is why I think FOX and the right MSM know Nate Silver is right!

Ann Romney: If elected, "mental well-being" Mitt's biggest challenge"

Election Protection Roundup and "tweetable" election protection phone numbers

Chrysler Reports Best September Sales Since 2007

How about this: October 2014, Massive Hurricane destroys Eastern coast

What is the financial impact on a community with a disaster

Las Vegas Jews Caught in Adelson's Shadow

Nate Silver: State Polls vs. National Polls

Bullshit, Mr. Rove

i saw Interesting thing here In Missouri

A Taste of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie

The Last Word - Obama and Christie's Sandy politics

The Last Word - Romney rewrites disaster relief

Romney ad ties Obama to Castro, Chavez, Che

Nate Silver O 300.4 EV O 79% Chance of winning

The Assateague/Chincoteague ponies are all ok!

I did find some Romney roads to 270 EVs....

Trader Joe's opening in San Antonio tomorrow...

Has Anyone heard anything more on UAW filing charges against Robme? There

It isn't just Nate, Nate, Nate...

For those that think voting machines can be compromised

President Obama: We Know What Real Change Looks Like

don't have any illusions, DUers--Sandy WILL suppress voter turnout

Why you cannot bet on the Superbowl

Gallup -Obama favorability 62-38 -Trends suggest this is not a perfect predictor of victory, he says

Do Freepers really and truly believe Romney will be the next POTUS???

Peter King choking on having to say that President Obama is doing a good job.

Brown Student Remains Unconvinced There Was a Hurricane

Is tax evasion illegal?

OH NOES. I thought we were out of the woods. Just saw the first Rove hit ad

If loving you is wrong..........

Obama will be back here in Madison, WI on Monday...

We're fucked. It's over. Dammit.

Kill All The Wolves - Robot Chicken

TPM polling aggregator has Obama "Leaning or Favoring" states at 303 Electoral Votes

Bloomberg Businessweek: ‘It’s Global Warming, Stupid’

MORE Good Tennis News!

I wish Fox News would bring back commenting on their stories.

Take a Xanax and read Nate Silver again

President Obama in Green Bay (Pic) note what he's wearing

State Senate candidate alleges she was fired for being a Democrat

CNN: Marquette Poll has Obama up by 8% but Andrea Mitchell says it's razor thin, along with NH

It's starting...Media looking for complainers saying Obama sux...

High Point University National Poll: Obama 46, Romney 43 (RV, no LV results)

Hey Missouri! Rmoney says you guys are the center of the new Mormon World Order!

Back Door Stimulus

Keeping Hope Alive

What We Used To Be, BEFORE...

Wow! Just watched a lady interviewed on MSNBC from Staten Island

Geoengineering: Testing the Waters

Two new polls give Obama leads in Iowa and Colorado

Name Storms After Oil Companies -- They're The Ones Most Responsible For Climate Change

I early voted today. Great feeling.

The final days...

Climate Change and the Biblical Trifecta of Floods, Droughts, and now...Locusts?

So cool to see the POTUS in Green Bay Packer territory....

Just got a phone call...

UAW Charges Romney With Profiteering From Auto Bailout

Thank you Chris Matthews.

My daughter and son-in law just voted in FL

WOW What an entrance! Wisconsin 2012 (What an energetic President!!)

Ugh! Romney does it again!

Cuomo and Bloomberg Press conference

Etsy dilemma

Mittoons: Mitt cuts FEMA

Jailed Iranian lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh On Hunger Strike

Postponing Election?

I have a feeling this election is going to be very, very close...

Would Romney and his friends from Exxon throw us over the climate cliff?

President Obama on New Jersey Newspaper Headlines

It's Rasmussen vs. everybody else...

Latest Pole Gives Election to Romney

How the World's Greatest Democracy Sucks at Elections

Bill Clinton in Eau Claire last night.

GOTV in Nevada (NV) Day 12. Dems lead > 55,000

Statistical analysis and polling aggregation (i.e., The Math). Right now.

Andrea Mitchell.

Joe Scarborough: Romney running out of time (boo hooo!!)

President Obama, President Clinton, and Dave Matthews

Paying it forward in Hoboken:

GOTV Colorado (CO), 11/01/12 Dems close gap

Election Day Poll Watchers legal parameters

If loving you is wrong..........

Zogby National O 47.2 (+2.1) R 47.1 (-1.2)

Things like this make me have hope and feel pride for my fellow man

Grateful For Unions

Mittoon: The day after Halloween...

GOTV in Florida (FL), 11/01/12 Dems lead 2.2 pts

Enforcing a DU rule against hate speech is NOT silencing anyone. Not censorship.

What's the difference between a hurricane and a "superstorm"?

I was listening to Al Sharpton speaking to Bishop Curry saying lines are LONGER now than last Sunday

If there is a name-change amnesty after the election, let's have a contest

The Morning Plum: Chris Christie drives stake into Romney closing argument

GOTV in Iowa (IA) 11/01/12, Dems lead Reps 57% to 43%

Freepers have thrown Chris Christie under the proverbial bus.

GOTV in Louisiana (LA) 11/01/12, Dems lead Reps 3 to 2 in EV

Daily Caller puts out another underwhelming “scoop”

Shocking Poll - More than Two-Thirds of Republican Voters Believe in Demonic Possession

So rape jokes are okay at DU?

GOTV in Maryland (MD) 11/01/12. Dems lead Reps ~ 3 to 1

Bill Maher quote on Hurricane Sandy and global warming

Markos KOS Moulitsas: Battleground snapshop Romney is losing BIG ground

Pundits are Useless

Sam Wang of Prince Election Consortium: Why State Poll aggregates are likely more more accurate

GOTV in Oregon (OR) 11/01/12. Dems lead Reps 56% to 44%


Anyone who doesn't understand that climate change is real and happening is a damned idiot

There is no guarantee of victory this election

Vote for Obama!

Why does Obama keep asking me for $141. Seems such an odd amount.

I take Rasmussen Poll Numbers seriously, here's why you should

Perfect Romney Tumblr comment from Bill Maher

Twitter laughs at Trump

GOTV in West Virginia (WV), 11/01/12 Dems lead Reps 3 to 2

Romney Made a Fortune Off of Extorted Delphi Government Ransom Payment: Tell Paul Ryan

Taibbi: Hurricane Sandy and the Myth of the Big Government-vs.-Small-Government Debate

Jeniffer Rubin....

It's not whether you can say it. It's whether you can say it about DUers.

Mitt: If you have an extra dollar or two, send them along to help Sandy victims

Silence of the RoBo

A reminder of what Obamacare provides....send this to your Repub friends, family, neighbors

Early voting is only important if it is made up of "casual" voters

Axelrod reports that Nate Silver challenged @JoeNBC to a $1,000 charity bet that

Texas, Iowa (Republicans) Threaten to Arrest (UN) Election Observers

OK, Bloomberg is officially an idiot. He turned FEMA away ahead of Sandy?!?!

6 Bizarre Factors That Predict Every Presidential Election

A tale of two former presidents (Clinton on the campaign trail - Bush in the Caymans)

NV: Democratic lead in Clark at 55,000; Washoe remains tight

A weird downside of being declared a Disaster Area

Any truth to this?? National Guard on Long Beach Island told "shoot to kill"

Five People Who Thought John McCain Would Win

The Plutocrat

I know this election isn't over...but this must have been when R$ hit rock-bottom:

Rove: Romney's Going to Win a Squeaker

On the bright side - at least Sandy didn't impact this major event

Nor'easter possible along East Coast next week, but not as severe as Sandy

Does anyone have stats on likely "switch" voters?

Nor'easter - shouldn't that be No'theaster?

Officials Defend Decision Not to Cancel Marathon (New York City)

Donald Trump has a sad. Obama blew off his deadline.

Company linked to Bain/Romney selects who gets called for majority of election polling

Good source of information: Facebook's Jersey Shore Hurricane News

HOW STRONG IS THIS??? Nate Silver Bets Joe Scarborough $2,000 That Obama Wins

False Equivalence Needs To Die For Good

Checking in from the early voting line in sw Indiana!

Heckler just escorted out of Romney rally, screaming Climate change caused Sandy! - Updated w/ Video

Are the R's shitting us?

Reposted: Welcome to the Rest of Our Lives

Rush the bozo said the voice in his head told him that Romney was ahead

Mississippi students see labor and civil rights as their social justice movement

My husband is signing up on-line for next year's company provided health insurance.

What Will DU Look Like After the Election?

A different perspective on elections.

WHY do I ever go in GD??? WHY?????


New Poll CO:Reuters-Romney 46%/Obama 45% FL:Romney 47%/Obama 47%

Nate Silver Bets Joe Scarborough $2,000 That Obama Wins

Obama to hold downtown Madison rally Monday

Rmoney in Roanoke this morning

If the last 3 days haven't convinced a majority of voters to vote for Obama, nothing will

The Cycle on msnbc - everyone looks unkempt! Is this to make them look

Mayor Bloomberg just endorsed Obama for President!!!!

Opening weekend.

Florida USAction Poll: 48 Obama, 47 Romney

Do you think Pres. Obama will make climate change a central issue...

Obama up by 4 in Harris County KHOU poll!

Obama's schedule thru the weekend

New Poll OH: Reuters-Obama 48%/ Romney 45% VA: Obama 48%/ Romney 46%

Need some help!

Citizen's United Poll of Ohio may not be entirely... um... Reliable

Look what came in the mail today

Just heard on radio that Mayor Bloomberg has explicitly endorsed Obama

Nate Silver to Joe Scarborough: Wanna Bet?

Citizens United Poll 1864 IL Poll -George Mclellan 70% Abraham Lincoln 30%

Reuters Database

Going to see President Obama and Big Dawg this weekend..

Well I just came back from voting. A few interesting things I noticed.

Michael Bloomberg Endorses Obama For Re-Election

Oooooh...Lookie what's coming---

Reuters New National Poll TIE "residential race still tied with six days to go: Reuters/Ipsos poll

New York Times: 'In a surprise announcement' Bloomberg Backs Obama, Citing Climate

I wonder if it took flooding the Stock Exchange to get the attention of the

Thom Hartmann: Our Electoral College is Protecting Slave Labor

Hansen on Young Turks: neither party wants to offend big oil by discussing climate change

New Poll Wisconsin: Obama 51%/ Romney 42%

I just wish the Justice Dept. would issue a non partizan statement that any activity at a polling

The Nonpartisan Study On High-Income Tax Cuts The GOP Doesn’t Want You To Read


Starself November Astrology Newsletter

Anyone know anything about the UAW presser in Toledo????

Well some lovely person stole my Obama-Biden yard signs last night. I reported

Isn't The Economist Right Leaning?

Such a Contrast! Great Pic!

RW relative is PRAISING Gov. Christie for the job he's doing.

Does anyone have any idea on how many people might be displaced from the storm in a manner that

The New Black Panthers have infiltrated Poll Worker Positions

Songs you used to like, but stopped listening to because of excessive exposure

The War on Women Takes a Toll in Swing States and with Independents

Ohio insiders, talk me down please

Navy Carrier is on station, off the Rockaways, NYC.

How are the polls looking today?

Gallup: No more polls until Election Eve

Rich Trumka: I Want to Talk to You About the Most Important Election in My Life

Here's a pic of an angel in the storm:

Any R Saying Rmoney Will Win Is Actually Worried About Down Ticket Races

Chrysler Exec Calls Trump 'Full Of' It Over Jeep Claim


Tools, Toolboxes and Zealots.

Does DU Have a Filmmaking Forum/Group?

Surreal photos of Sandy's destruction in Breezy Point, Queens

Lower Manhattan power back on by this weekend

Text of Mayor Bloomberg's endorsement today of President Obama

Does S. E. Cupp have asthma? I can hear every breath she labors to take.

New WI Poll -Obama (D) 51% Romney ($) 42%

Dear Tea Party Trolls - RE: Chris Christie

Early voting has changed a lot of things.

Congressional Research Service Report removed under pressure from Congress objections

Picture of what America used to be:

Just took a cruise over to Freeperville.

Fox News: Climate Change might be caused by Mars' wobble

Seven enertainment greats who were also great Democrats

I was amazed

Kids React to Election 2012. Too Cute!


New Armstead Poll -- Romney 5 percent, Obama 95 percent...

Redheads may be at higher risk of melanoma even without sun

Hoo boy. "Remember Benghazi" bumper sticker at FR.

What are the chances of NJ going red?

SurveyUSA: WASHINGTON - (Obama +14), (Inslee +1)

The laughable superPAC ad you won't see unless you live in Ohio.

Raw Video of Romney Being interrupted By Climate Change Protesters

Why Williard Won't Stop Lying

How is Alan Grayson's race looking?

Illegal border crossing EPIC FAIL.

If Trump had the brains god gave a Fig Newton, he would donate his $5 million to Sandy relief. NOW.

Cartoon on climate denial, Sandy and the USA. I can't properly describe it. You just have to look.

Taking Nate Silver's football analogy and running with it.

Romney Press Secretary on Climate Change and Hurricanes

Sandy Drowned Any Significant Chance of Election Theft

Has anyone seen any polling on Hartzler-Hensley? (4th Dist.)

Entitled citizens to riot if Obama wins!!

I've had enough ...

Economist Stands By Tax Cut Study After GOP Successfully Demands Its Withdrawal

Just wanted to let you know that Rocktivity's in the house

FAUX News/ Drudge etc. are already starting the "blame Obama for the gas shortages etc"

What's the most iconic photo of Sandy's storm damage so far?

Energetic Obama Back On The Trail: I’m Still The Candidate Of Hope And Change

Today at the mall I saw someone texting run into a post by the food court.

Election Forecast Summaries: 11/1 (afternoon)

Jimmy Kimmel Visits Brooklyn Barbershop To Find Out If Romney Can Win Over Black Voters - video link

Mr. Burns Endorses Mitt Romney (Surprise...not!)


Chris CiLizard in 'the Fix' now rates Ohio as a tossup.

Romney Press Sec Andrea Saul: no link between increased storms and global climate change

Kansas City woman claims she was refused medical treatment over her politics

Princeton Consortium: Obama 316 EVs, Romney 222.

HS Schools no longer teach people how to learn:(

On Voting (meme that began with a DU comment)

President OBAMA 50% Romney 48 in CNN Poll, Thursday NOV 1 COLORADO

Hurricane Sandy: Con-Ed explosion. WOW!!!!

CNN/ORC poll of Colorado likely voters: Obama 50%, Romney 48%

New CNN Colorado poll: O 50 - R 48

Sununu 'bloomberg endorsment because obama is secretly jewish'

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday Nov 1st

2012 is the year we learned Climate Change is Real. 2013 will be the year we get Sticker Shock.

We're ok my neck of the woods

The hymn of Republicans


The Economist backs Obama, 'the devil we know'

How We Will Know the Fix Is In For Ohio

On my way home I took an Obama/Biden sign from someone's yard.

Will not make it to NYC for Tuesday... so question is, what media arrangement for election coverage?

So, Repubs are going to blame Sandy if their guy loses

John Koster, GOP House Candidate: 'The Rape Thing' Does Not Excuse Abortions

Newark Mayor Cory Booker Opens His Home To Residents Without Power, Heat

Bloomberg Endorses Obama, Cites Marriage Equality Among Reasons

I am soooo ready for this to be OVER !

It's back to being late September again, polls-wise

Halloween Party in Philadelphia last night - No Romney impersonators

Business Abandons Romney as Bloomberg and The Economist Endorse Obama

Here's Why NH is relevant to the campaign

Romney addressing supporters about his disaster relief event

Agree or disagree with this statement

Fox Business reporter: ‘Mars wobbles’ could be causing climate change

Back to Basics

Bloomberg endorses Obama for a second term, climate change a focus

Smithers' Long List

Best fictional Movie/TV show where a Celebrities plays him/herself.

The Hurricane of 1938

Regarding Obama's margins with women voters...

Finally upgraded to Mists in WoW.

My Republican Friend, Sort Of

I Haven't Felt This Calm & Confident Since Bubba Cleaned Dole's Clock in 1996

Some pictures of the bus lines in NYC

Weird refinery economics—gas futures up, oil flat, gas prices down/up...

Familiar with New York City? I have a question.

Is this a real photo of Ann Romney or has it been photoshopped?

Police mistake woman's zombie costume as victim of gun shot wound

Some pictures of people in lines for gas in NJ

Student Duncan Henderson Fights for Two Years to Start Atheist Club at Alabama High School

I haven't been paying attention, so what is the RW uproar over Benghazi?

President Obama at Austin Straubel International Airport, Green Bay, Wisconsin, Nov 1 (pictures)

The Citizen Schwartz Fall TV Round Up: What Not to Miss Part 1

Gallup Daily: U.S. Unemployment drops to 7.0%

My favorite quote for aid to NY, NJ and the entire NE

Did anyone see Hurricane Mitt???

Incident concerning Obama 'Nazi' poster in Amherst, NH.

"Romney now says he believes in FEMA when the life of the mother is in danger.” - @AlbertBrooks

Affirmative Action and the 'Critical Mass' of Diversity in Religious Studies Departments

Congressional Research Service Report On Tax Cuts For Wealthy Suppressed By GOP

I think this says it all

This is a President

Did I hear right? Did The Economist just endorse Obama over Mr. Business?

Dan Lipinski Obama Opposition: Democratic Illinois Congressman Refuses To Endorse President

This has to be THE best photo of the whole campaign!!!

WaPo/ABC tracking poll Obama 49 Romney 48

CNN-CO POLL-Obama (D) 50% Romney ($) 48%

Nate Silver: Obama's Electoral College Firewall Holding in Polls

Tweet to former President Bush Sr.

Time & Karma (Deep thoughts)

ABC/Washington Post Poll: Obama 49, Romney 48

Tomorrow at 8:30am ET the job numbers will be released!

Anybody seen theories on why with maj white vote in Iowa Obama is polling well?

Brooklyn Teenager on Track to Become First African-American Female Chess Master

Anybody go to FR......It's a Benghazi time warp, Twilight Zone, Jason vs. Fredie.

From Crooks and Liars John Stossel: Just Because I Take FEMA Money Is No Reason Not To Abolish It

Matthews just had Scarborough"s Greek chorus on--

My updated electoral map. Obama 294. (Maybe 303)

Okay We Said That priority Should Be Given To PA if Romney Makes a stop well....

Who here is chomping at the bit to get out to VOTE this Tuesday! Obama/Biden 2012

Democratic groups invest in Indiana gubernatorial race after Gregg narrows lead held by Pence

iMovie export problem


RCP National Average Is Now 0.1 for OBAMA. LOL.

So the last stop on the campaign will be Iowa

Mitt Romney’s Latest Lie: Tells Audience Seniors Won’t Get To See Doctors

POTUS and BRUUUUCE on Monday in Madison, Columbus and Des Moines!

Good News!!! For those of you traveling to North Korea late next year!!!

What's so objectionable about FEMA?

Bill Clinton is manning phone banks somewhere....

Roger Ailes Offered Bush Administration “Off the Record Help” in Private Note

I Haven't Felt This Confident Since The Fourth Quarter Of The Fifth Game Of The 012 NBA Finals

Aww - "Romney’s Virigina Supporters Hope For Victory, But Fear Obama May Pull Through"

El Salvador urged to respond to El Calabozo massacre survivors’ demands

National Guard ordered to Lindenhurst, LI, for Looting

Israel Confirms Killing Arafat Deputy In 1988

Karl Rove's American Crossroads super PAC is flooding

Tammy's going to be on Hardball with Chris Matthews tonight around 4:45 pm CT. Tune in!

Rmoney and Seamus make an appearance at the West Hollywood Halloween parade

Job numbers

Chuck Todd and Hielman on Tweety - couldn't say much positive anything about Romney

Amazing movie of Hurricane Sandy

Florida poll: 3rd party candidates hurt Romney more than Obama.

Romney's Storm Tips:

Catholic bishops make last-minute pitch for Romney

Not everyone was a good neighbor in Sandy...Mother refused help, children found dead in storm..

Battle of the marriage equality ads in MN - kinda sad kinda funny

IBEW Members Respond to Hurricane Sandy

In a storm, always look to the Waffle House for comfort and information. Seriously.

The Fat Lady Is Warming Up

Journalists Barred From Former President Bush Speech To Cayman Islands Investment Conference

Republicans Trying to Hide this Study Showing Tax uts Do not help Economic Growth

Holy head fake, Batman!

I got 4 political calls today....

Dave Roche for State Senate - Why I'm running (UNION Sheet Metal Worker Leading In His Race!)

Thistle’ genocide play to run at CSUSM

TCM Schedule for Saturday, November 3 -- The Essentials: Merle Oberon

We voted.

Thistle’ genocide play to run at CSUSM

Rmoney Interrupted by Climate Change protester, crowd boos

Rand Poll-Obama (D) 50% Romney ($) 45%

Evangelicals Refuse to Support Romney, Urge Voters to Write In Jesus (less votes for Romney)

Mitt Romney speaking about Mormon Faith

Presidential Election Still Imperiled by Power Outages in 6+ States Where E-Voting is Forced

14 migrants, kidnapped from Central America, are rescued in Mexico

Mexico’s Homeless Are Targets of “Social Cleansing”

TCM Schedule for Sunday, November 4 -- What's On Tonight: Staring Capucine

New Storm Could Hit East Coast On Election Day

Texas A&M issues Code Maroon for man with a gun

Rats in NYC (If you can take it)

Mitt Romney botches another Italian job as anger lingers over Bain coup

Romney Pitches In To Repair Thousands Of Downed Romney-Ryan Lawn Signs

Sandy clean-up: It's a tough job, and Teamsters are doing it

How to shove atheism down people’s throats in 10 easy steps.

Romney supporters - in their own words...omg

Hawaii Democrat poised to be elected first Hindu in Congress

'The Economist' Endorses Obama For President

From Sandusky to Spanier.

AP: New Jersey to deploy military trucks to serve as polling places

NY sanitation Teamsters getting 'er done after Sandy

Political Wire: Chrysler Executive Calls Out Trump

UAW Letter to U.S. Office of Gov't and Ethics to Investigate Romney for Noncompliance:

WA State Labor Council needs your stories on SocSec, Medicare, Medicaid and SSDI

Attorneys: detectives framed black men imprisoned for 25 years in retired US officer's death

Cartoonists: we need a pic of Bronco Bama riding Hurricane Sandy to victory. n/t

Too Legit for Mitt - pic

Just cause you are all WAY more fun that GD I have a video to share with you! (NSFW!)

Prediction: Romney campaign will bring up Rev. Wright before Sunday

Freepers all up in arms over NBC-Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Benefit

Michaek Moore We are big trouble with global warming

Eva Longoria & Sheila E. at a grassroots rally in support of President Obama in Las Vegas - pics

Martin Bashir - Romney’s 12 million jobs plan - magic wands and all

What we used to be

"Lionizing" or "Demonizing" our Soldiers?

Trump: Hurricane Sandy gonna help Obama "a lot"

Larry Flynt makes Richard Mourdock $1M offer over rape comments

I think we should all pledge to vote for Jesus

Greek Editor Not Guilty in Publishing Names With Swiss Accounts

I got a little bit bigger check than usual

MIKE CONNELL: Man in the Middle

Astrology buffs, you might find this interesting

Seems to me that one of these millionaires like Trump, or even a billionaire like Bloomberg

What is the red meat on your ballot?

NOVA Saturday: Grassroots Event with President Barack Obama (Clinton/Dave Matthews)

Media Blackout As Bush Speaks in the Cayman Islands

Angela Lansbury on Erroneous Reports: "I Am Not a Republican"

Well, I lied on a poll this afternoon when I said I would vote for Obama on Nov 6.

CBS still on Benghazi - hit piece on Obama

The Pseudoscience Wars: Immanuel Velikovsky and the Birth of the Modern Fringe

Cross-post from LBN.

Martin Bashir - Far Right apoplectic over Obama, Christie bromance

VoteVet: We're spending another $1 million because of your help (Kerrey, Sherrod Brown, anti G Allen

Anyone know if Rachel is working election night?

Stephen Colbert's balls, dipped into Donald Trump's mouth, for $1 Million

The other Citizens United decision— whether to include their poll

Errant Email to Newt Gingrich Supporters Says 'Obama Is Going to Win'

After being absent for weeks, SuperPACs working with Mitt Romney in PA have kicked into overdrive.

I had occasion to be in I-95 for about 20 miles today. LOTS of line crew truck convoys.

Well, as of today, both my wife and I have gone and done it!

"NYC officials are preparing for a marathon, we're pulling bodies out of the water."

Is Everything Up and Going in Philly?

Ohio’s Ballot Woes Could Delay Election Results For Weeks

4 days & counting without power

Krystal Ball commented today on the signoff piece for The Cycle that the Romney/Ryan budget

President Obama at a campaign event in Las Vegas, NV - pics

The Washington Poll: WASHINGTON - (Obama +21); (Cantwell +28); (Inslee +3)

Why we need regulation

Need a favor from the Lounge

It's our Right!It's our Responsibility! It's our Vote!

Anyone got official twitter pages of right wingers Jounro's

NYC isn't NOLA

UAW press conference

Most Democrats Lead in Harris County

Any Personal Injury Lawyers Want to Weigh In Here? (Hypothetically, Of Course)

Never forget: government is the reason the death toll from Sandy was 80, and not 80,000 or 800,000.


Union ratifies new contract with Raytheon Missile Systems

The rolling Forecast Model now ... model gives President Obama an 86.84% probability of winning

It’s Our Responsibility to Get Alan Grayson Back to Congress

Post by Andy Borowitz regarding Romney seeing Chrisitie with Obama (Funny/Satire)

CARTOONS: Romney, Global Warming, FEMA

Just saw on FB: NJ to use military trucks as "polling sites" in storm areas

Ad Buy Urges African Americans In Ohio To Vote Republican Because Lincoln Freed The Slaves

Best pic of Obama you'll see all day. Guaranteed.

Nurses walk off the job Thursday morning at seven East Bay hospitals affiliated with Sutter Health

Fuckie Todd says Bloomberg endorsed Obama because

Chuck Todd

Romney’s Utterly Irresponsible Attitude towards the Fate of our Planet

wanna know why they want to get rid of PBS?

Okay So THIS close to totally freaking out Re: Ohio Christie is praising Obama because Romney is so far ahead that it doesn’t matter"

So someone from Americans for the Prosperous calls me

Obama: 315; Romney: 223; Meta-margin: Obama +2.56%; Probability of Obama re-election: 96% (99% by

The Poll that is Most Accurate: Who Do Americans Think will Win?

In 2010 the Teabillies had their moment. We've been storming back ever since.

Ohio LGBTQ family wanna do a group vote Saturday? Columbus

Mr. Burns Endorses Romney

Best Nate Silver tweet yet.


Best Halloween Costume!

What is this "Bread and Peace" Model predicting Romney a Winner

poll: Colorado pick Obama up to 2

W. PA, watching Jeopardy, 3 Romney ads in a row. One was "a person from Canada who came to the

Climate Change Deniers: How They Think and How We Should Think About Them (a DUer wrote this)

The Chris Cillizza Troll strikes again, moves Ohio back to "tossup"

In Romney's Acceptance Speech at the RNC ...

If we give disaster relief to the private sector

250th Texas prisoner executed under Rick Perry

Now I'm getting robo called by Mike Reagan

(corrected) CIA offers detailed account of attack in Libya

To ‘Predict’ Nate Silver’s Future, Look to the More Enlightened Sports World

On the eve of the election, a Founder speaks.

Florida Amendment 8: Infusing Religion With Government

LOL At Chris Cilliza-Random Walk-Obama Has A 98.35% Chance Of Winning OH

This should probably be in the writing group, but I really don't know them that well

I VOTED this afternoon!

What would you rather have? big government or BIG CORPORATIONS?

Presidential election: Religious voting groups could determine the winner

I swear, I can't wait for the memes

Really Bizarre October Surprise Ads

Watch President Bob King on the Ed Schultz show tonight

Judge confirms ruling against mystery donor to ballot campaigns (Prop 30/32)

Conversation with my CONservative neighbor... subject, climate change!

Beyond Tolerance to Tenacious Love

This has been here before, but once is not enough

Rasmussen vs the world

Two films about Hitchcock. What a treat!

Will you please help a starving liberal in Nebraska? (by DUer Nancy Meyer)

2 killed, 37 injured in Colombia blast

Explained: Margin of error

I can't wait to hear this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chuck Todd: Obama leads in New Hampshire, but we're giving it to Romney...

Sandy changes everything. Not the election outcome -- something bigger

GAME TIME for Wayne Powell (to defeat eric cantor!)

Does anyone know if the special this Sunday on the capture of BinLaden is a hitpiece on the

They just ran a 537 commercial....

Our DEP is hard at work. But not for us.

Remember the 7/11 Presidential Race Cup promotion from early October?

National Mediation Board Sets Dates for American Airlines Election (9,700 agents)

"Todd Akin school of Biology" Tammy Duckworth just ripped Joe Walsh a new one.

When you get a call from a Dem asking