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Archives: October 29, 2012

Question for lurking freepers. If Romney or Ryan are all that good, then why

Germany Defeated By Army Of Nazi Raccoons

Obama just landed in Orlando and will stay overnight.!!!! Clinton and Obama

Ronald Reagan - Medicare Will Bring A Socialist Dictatorship

Massachusetts just declared State of Emergency!

What Happens to Voting Machines in Evacuated Areas?

I'm bored ask me anything

Is that a smile or a sneer?

I'm calling people in Mississippi

How Faux News Covers the Zombie Apocalypse: Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi!


NY Giants Win By ONE Inch, WOW.

Do the good people of Montana know Romney's saddle has no horn?

Season of the Witch -- Bloomfield, Kooper, Stills

Thus saith the Lord, thou shalt not watch foxnews.

Science deniers...

Breaking: Romney urges 53% in storm path to prepare

*Mudcat Saunders

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 29 October 2012

As of October 28, 8:01PM EDT: WOW! Nice Increase for O-Princetion Elec. Cons.

Mudcat Saunders

What is it with some people and wearing short pants all the time?

Delete if dupe: NYSE Suspends physical floor trading due to Sandy

national polls: sandy

Tea Party Polls: Allen West, Joe Walsh Among Incumbents In Trouble, PPP Data Finds

Here is a vote for judges list for people in the Chicago area

I look forward....

Madonna needs a little love from DU.

Would I really be on a conference call with the president?

It's going to be a fun election night.

CNN-Miami Dolphins 30 New York Jets 9- Still Too Close To Call

Tea Party Polls: Allen West, Joe Walsh Among Incumbents In Trouble, PPP Data Finds

I was just polled in Florida by ??Opinionology??

CNN The Detroit Tigers have the Giants just where they want them.

A secret program has been installed in all voting machines to track illegal activity

You know Sandy will be a night mare....but you know all the News coverage...


During this storm,hope for our homeless, hope for our strays

***** Cyclone Sandy = Satellite Imagery and News = BLOG *****

Greek journalist arrested after publication of "Lagarde List"

YouTube Commenters In A Nutshell

Post your favorite "Live Cam" on Eastern Seaboard.

13 Days ago ...Hip Surgery

TRENDING: Poll: Obama up three points in Minnesota

Will it be Gov. McDonnel or Gov. Christie

Batshit Right: Sandy is Obama's Weather control

I threatened some folks at my church today

Hurricane Sandy: Cubans clean up after parts of the island are devastated

Weather Underground: State by state impact forecasts

As per the weather channel: NYC is expecting a 6-11 foot storm surge!

DU aviators: Will AirForce One be able to land in DC tomorrow in light of the storm?

Record Arctic Melt and Hurricane Sandy....Remember Jennifer Francis from Rutgers?

New PPP Poll FL +1 Obama

PPP: Barack Obama leads our new Florida poll 49-48

PPP Florida Poll: Obama 49, Romney 48

Real-life tractor beam developed at NYU

will Obama still be going on Morning Joe tomorrow?

Romney post-Sandy...

(Using our new fun joke) CNN Poll from 1980's

EV Trends Favor Obama Keep track daily

President Obama declares a State of Emergency for Washington DC

John Mccain vs Obama still too close to call per CNN and NPR

Obama Declares State of Emergency for NYC

I expect Assmussen to make right wingers feel better tomorrow. lol!

just on Twitter - #MittsStormTips - Secure your pet firmly to the rooftop...

Where's The Walking Dead thread? I'm stuck at work ... ***POSSIBLE SPOILERS***

CNN-Miami Dolphins 30 New York Jets 9- Still Too Close To Call

Lewis Turco's Form of the Week: 21) The Octo

Santorum ready to say 'told you so' when Romney loses

Reasons to Vote for Mitt Romney

Popcorn Park, a special zoo for older, distressed, abused animals

Right Weather - Six reasons why Hurricane Sandy scares me

US detention of Imran Khan part of trend to harass anti-drone advocates

How Romney and Ryan Would Severely Impair Disaster Relief Efforts

Romney/Ryan = Bialystock/Bloom

Who recommended Call The Midwife?

DU: If you want to double down on the use of the phrase "double down", now's the time to get on it.

Peni Interview - Rob Zerban for Congress

Quick! Name the future Oscar-winner who got his bare butt spanked on film by Jenilee Harrison!

Just canceled my membership in AOPA...

Popcorn Park, a special zoo for older, distressed, abused animals

If you get the references in this CNN joke.. You are 40 or above!!!!

Popcorn Park, a special zoo for older, distressed, abused animals

Obama with a wide lead in new poll of Ohio's early voters

A dozen nuclear plants in the path of Sandy

A couple scary thoughts or possibilities for New Englanders.

We're going out aurora hunting tonight.

New Poll Shows President Obama ahead or Tied in All Swing States

Tigers up 2-1 in fourth. CNN says Giants could lose series if Tiger surge continues.

O.K., who's got Chealsy HANDLER'S e-addy, 'cause it just ain't working for me

Odd gifts to your gay children

Romney pollster skeptical about winning Nevada, Pennsylvania.

Romney's Bain Capital shipped ohio jobs to China

MTA Flickr photostream:

Another good day in Nevada early voting.

PPP:Our full Florida poll, which finds Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney 49-48, is now posted

Obama commercials during the Walking Dead!

Early voters overwhelm polling places in D.C., Maryland

Just Saw some info that Romney is cancelling campaign events & using his bus to deliver

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's death penalty debacle

President Obama visits the campaign field office in Orlando, FL - pics

When Romney loved federal money: hypocrisy alert

Anyone here been to a Grateful Dead concert?

Colbert takes on retiring Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniel. Very funny.

JAPAN Live Cam

New York Vote With Your Gum

Looking at some of the pics coming in of this storm

Nate Silver updates numbers with voters who only use cell phones!!

CNN: Cold War too close to call, Romney responds: "Russia is our #1 geopolitical foe."

Romney doubles down on misleading Jeep claim Chrysler called ‘fantasies’

"Sandy is now the largest tropical cyclone on record..."


Mitt Romney In GOP Debate: Shut Down Federal Disaster Agency, Send Responsibility To The States

Look closely

Thanks, Barack, for today's moment of Zen

Are there any webcams for Maryland? Could use one or two.

Taking care of business

Are there any webcams in places where a person can see the storm come in?

Hurricane TIP List with tons of tips from DUers.

It looks like Princeton Elections Consortium is down...

If you are in the storm's path and have no power tomorrow, there are friends worried for you here

BCS Rankings 10/28 - Fewer Undefeateds

CNN: Denver leads New Orleans 17-7 at the half. CNN reports it is "tied".

New post - Josh Marshall - "What Do The Polls Tell Us"? Long, good read.

Wind map

Is New Romney Ad in Ohio a Sign He's Losing?

Okay folks. The CNN "tied" gag was funny the first twenty times...

Tuesday night highlight: PBS Frontline documentary on Montana campaign finance

I guarantee freepers will think their "prayer e-mails for the election" caused the storn

Voter fraud? Voter suppression? Nah. Numbers show winning FL's all about ground game | Miami Herald

Iowa Newspaper Stabs Obama In The Back And Endorses Romney

Good luck with Sandy, everyone.

Would a commercial with Mitt's "Obama wants to protect you from rising oceans" joke be in bad taste?

What do you want in a President?

I don't believe it, I'm recording a record to CD, and I'm actually enjoying it, by...

NC Teacher: “I Quit”

Obama Signs Emergency Declaration For New York Before Sandy's Arrival

Parsing government waste:

Neighbors fear coyotes have taken over vacant mansion

East Coast Tidal Gages

DU THIS Please: FaceBook page = Lilia Alvarez for Supervisor = AZ

Paul Krugman: Medicaid on the Ballot

Paul Krugman Op/Ed: "One Thing Clear, If Romney Wins "Medicaid Will Face Savage Cuts"

Anonymous gives warning to Karl Rove (video)

So let's assume Romney's campaign is a lost cause. (because it is)

I should have posted these weeks ago

Retrograde stories?

Last minute tip for folks in Sandy's path...

Please keep everyone in the path of Sandy incl. my family in your thoughts for the next few days

Obama lands in Orlando, tells volunteers: 'We win Florida, we win this election'

Obama Campaign Dismisses Talk Of Mitt Romney Momentum In Wisconsin

Arthur, King Of The Britons, dismembers The Black Knight. CNN calls it a draw.

Please cut and paste the most insane, confusing, hateful or downright stupid posts on any site....

Pa. college grads 2nd worst in nation for average student loan debt

Dudes, there is something really weird about the Babysitter next door!

Brutal Cartoon, but Accurate: Women For Romney

Strip club fight sends man to hospital after eye hit by high-heeled shoe, police say

PPP has Obama 1 point ahead of Rmoney in Florida...

Viewers ask TV station..."Can we telephone San Francisco from New York?"

Weather Underground's @wunderground Twitter account has lots of updates:

Do you believe in the supernatural?

Voting in Oregon ( I <3 Vote By Mail!)

Anyone know where I can find that Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up Video?

NBC's Gregory Helps GOP Governors Take Credit For Job Recoveries That Began Before They Came To Offi

Polical Effects of Sandy

Oh my! @TeamRomney and @PaulRyan purchased promoted spots on #mittstormtips

Long time no post/MSNBC

From FEMA - if power goes out, use text/email, not voice

VOTER REGISTRATION: New Republicans claim they were flipped

WOW! YouTube/Weather Ch. is having Live Coverage of Sandy!!

CNN: The CSA lead General Sherman on his march to the coast. CNN says the CSA is "tied" and

"Obamacare repeal has insurance industry scared" by Chris in Paris at America Blog

CNN: Quint battles Bruce the shark; calls contentious fight too close to call

I don't care if you are in a red state

A baby spiny anteater is a puggle - and i'm not chidnia

Organized Labor for Obama in Canton, Ohio: "this election could wipe out 50 yrs of struggle"

Views of Sandy from NYTimes building

CNN: Too Close to Call if Lance Armstrong Doped...

FiveThirtyEight Updated! - 10/28/2012

Obama volunteers are out in Colorado

CNN: US accepts Japans unconditional surrender on deck of USS Missouri; war too close to call.

Mitt Dearest, Women Everywhere Have a Message For You ***Video***

Ever see this 1998 concert video?


When this election is over, we need a collection thread for today's CNN jokes...

Hitler called from 1945 and reported that CNN has said that the Soviet advance to Berlin....

Obama's top donor:

Unbelievable In Colorado --- Romney Ads He Is 180 On Everything. Now He Is A Liberal. --

Is there a cable channel broadcasting live overnight that will be covering Sandy?

Hurricane Mitt - Romney On FEMA (image)

Did I really just hear that Chris Christie declared emergency...

Cool email I got from louis ck:

New York Stock Exchange will hault all trading Monday and maybe Tuesday.

Michael Phelps may have to give back his gold medals.

CNN: Apollo landing on the moon

Atlanta hate radio station (WGST) bit the dust last month

CNN: Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Roberto "No Mas" Duran

CNN: No decision in Sugar Ray Leonard v.s. Roberto Duran "too close to call"

Warnings: Monster storm may take Great Lakes wave heights to 33 feet

Accuracy List of Pollsters (based on 2008) - And current poll numbers

Two days on the front lines in Florida early voting.

Nevada Poll: Obama +4

Romney's anti-Fema debate.. Fair or no fair to be used by Obama???

Good Weather Channel video!

SpaceX capsule returns with safe landing in Pacific (BBC)

CNN: Custer - Crazy Horse contest in South Dakota "too close to call".

Its weird to see Republican ads on DU

CNN claims Civil War too soon to call.

Wasn't there a man with bad hair who looked like he just ate a lemon

CNN: Marie Antoinette Executed by Guillotine; Revolution Still too Close to Call

Bracing for Storm, U.S. Stock Markets to Close

CNN: Giants win game 4 World Series is...

Kudos Giants! Way to play the game. 4 game sweep for a World Series championship.

I need help finding something. I'm looking for a seafood dinner that comes complete,

CNN: Generalissimo Francisco Franco not yet dead, too close to call.

Congrats to the San Francisco Giants and their loyal fans.

Sandy: City-by-City Impact Forecasts

Giants win game 4! CNN: World Series still tied.

Congrats to the San Francisco Giants!

happiest athlete on the field - Marco Scutaro! from an awful Sox team to this!

Did CNN ban the term "Frankenstorm" because it's a metaphor for unintentional consequences?

We Will WIN! Nate Silver's Now Cast Update: 300 EVs for Obama, 80.1% chance of winning

Thanks for a great season, Tigers

CNN: Will CBS cancel I Love Lucy? Too close to call.

Gloat Free World Series Score (Sunday, October 28)

Once again, Senator Dumbass opens his big mouth...

I did a very little, but also very big thing today.

CNN: Sanjaya winner of American Idol? Too close to call.

CNN: No fallout possible from the burglary at Watergate.

70+ mph winds...or 35 mph winds?

Finally! A reason to vote for Romney... ZOMBIES!!!

CNN: Spanish Armada riding crest of momentum.

Being From Detroit means...

*Eat, Pray, Love on USA Network NOW, for diversion.

CNN: Giants win fourth in a row; Detroit maintains Series Lead.

CNN: Napoleon Surging at Waterloo

Facebook friend: "You'll survive Romney."

Go Giants!


The City is going to be fun this week.

The Six Hundred ride into the Valley of Death; CNN reports battle too close to call


google doodle for today--bob ross "joy of painting" birthday

You guys are killing me with the CNN "dead heat" jokes! LOL!!!

CNN: SF Giants take 4-0 lead , still a statistical dead heat. Nt

CNN: Armstrong takes first steps on the moon, "Space Race" still a dead heat.

Do you think the Giants will cut Melky Cabrera loose now?

CNN: Bugs Bunny vs. Daffy Duck - too close to call

Caesar captures Vercingetorix and massacres one million people. CNN: Rome-Gaul evenly matched.

Daisy at 50

"Washington Generals score twice! Can Globetrotters regroup from this statistical tie*?" - CNN

Join in Mike Thompson's Romney cartoon caption contest at the Detroit Free Press

Nate twittered: Dems now 90% likely to retain control of Senate

Actually, More Americans Say They Are Better Off Now Than Last Year

CNN: Oscar Race Between Gone with the Wind and Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever: Too close to call!

CNNSI: Super Bowl XX - Bears 46, Patriots 10 - still too close to call

This spamming with CNN threads needs to stop.....

You just know this is going to be a bad movie

Obama's Guantanamo problem

Why does Willard hate Bob Ross?

CNN memes vs. Whining about CNN memes - still too close to call

CNN: Your wife is too close to call. Get up and talk to her yourself.

"Candidates joust over Romney's record as governor" By Seema Mehta and Michael A. Memoli, Los Angele

LOVE CNN jokes - keep em coming

Local TV station puts Storm surge into perspective

CNN: Will New Coke be a Hit? We Just Don't Know For Sure.

Jury results back from all the CNN threads....too close to call

Is this making a lot of news in Colorado?

CNN: Giants win World Series. This is no doubt good news for John McCain!!

CNN: Ishtar sweeps Academy Awards!

I Just Got My E-Mail

Romney Avoids Taxes via Loophole Cutting Mormon Donations

Dems in Big Blue states: Vote as if the national vote matters, because it does!

CNN: Dan Quayle Invitationul Spelling Bee - too close to call

Brooklyn Decker and Napoleon Dynamite vy for Sports Illustated Swimsuit Cover--CNN says dead heat!

CNN: Can President Nixon telephone the Apollo mission on the moon

Giants Ticker Tape Parade on Halloween The City will have two days to prepare for parade down Market

Can Willkie beat Roosevelt? CNN calls it a dead heat. n/t

CNN: The Beatles vs. Milli Vanilli - still too close to call.

The time to prepare for Hurricane Sandy is "about over," FEMA warns

ENOUGH! Very serious people, with very serious things to do have decided, no more CNN posts!

CNN is reporting that Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead and dying.

I think this is called tension release.... have at it.

Serious people wanting to post important threads vs CNN jokers...

It is now Snowing in the NC Smoky Mountains at 38 degrees.

For those who....

Humane Society Award finalists--Betty White vs Michael Vick--CNN says too close to call

Giants top Tigers in 10th for World Series sweep

Red Army parties with Wehrmacht in Warsaw suburbs. Poland hangs on to razor-thin lead! CNN

Frontline season opener: Obama vs Romney

CNN: Bin Laden in dead heat with Obama.

CNN: ENOUGH! Very serious people, with very serious things to do have decided to consult Thomas

Fox News ripping into President Obama for Hurricane Sandy

CNN: "Too close to call" whether CNN threads are over done

CNN Photo Exclusive: "Too Close to Call"

CNN is reporting that Abe Vigoda may still be alive. The CNN polls say he may be dead.

Florida Woke Up A Sleeping Giant: Rick Scott's Efforts to Limit Early Voting Have Backfired:

ASPCA tweet in regards to Sandy:

Are you planning to visit an evangelical HELL HOUSE this Halloween?

FOX NEWS: Is Obama a Communist Kenyan Muslim? Still too close to call Goes Corporate

CNN: Will Brad Pitt Stay With Jennifer Aniston or Go With Angelina Jolie? "Too Close to Call"

Q&A: Severe Birth Defects Soar in Post-War Iraq

Threat on Twitter - this should be a fun week

CNN: Midieval Princes call "Black Death" a "Scientific Hoax", CNN Poll "Too Close To Call"

CNN: Is CNN a Cable News Outlet or a Bullshit Factory? "Too Close to Call"

GOTV in West Virginia (WV) 5.6% reporting

Bad Karma at Comerica Park ...

Romney now running Ads about Jeep and China

CNN reporting no change in the condition of Sgt. Kruger

Some people still think photo ID required.

deluded folks at 'RedState' think they have MI and PA, and tied in MN

When the internet goes ironic nt

CNN Breaking: Michael Corleone dines in The Bronx with Top Cop and Slick Sicilian.

a prayer for the east coast

If you go to a haunted is your duty to scream or react!

Has Howard Fineman always been an.asshole?

The Aftermath ?

CNN JOKE ARCHIVE THREAD: if you've posted a CNN joke today please re-post it here.

President Obama is at my door!

Poll Summaries: 10/28 (evening)

Breaking News: Ten Out of Nine Newsjocks Can't Count!

Pentagon Nixed 1998 US Nuclear Scientists’ Probe of Iranian Programme (Christopher Stevens mention)

How Sandy could cause lots of coastal damage: The science

CNN: Tortoise, Hare tied in race.

IBD/TIPP polling has been suspended due to Hurricane Sandy.

Experiencing Prejudice

PPP New Hampshire poll Obama 49 Romney 47

CNN: Humorous Posts Mocking CNN Overtaken By Posts Complaining About Them? Too Close To Call

Obama Campaign Dismisses Talk Of Mitt Romney Momentum In Wisconsin

So Romney Wants To Send FEMA Back To The States Or Give It To Corporations ----

Research shows gay and lesbian couples are good parents

Oops I thought I was in GD,

AP Poll: More Americans think Obama is Jewish than Muslim, plurality thinks he has no religion

The Germ Theory of Disease

Could someone please post some data/info on House & Senate races?

New Hurricane Sandy Storm Update

George Carlin - Lying Politicians And Words

I want to thank the Koch Bros & KR SuperPACs

Chilean government prepares for maritime case against Peru

What's for dinner ~ Monday Oct 29th

Improving employment situation

CNN, BREAKING: CNN jokes have been suspended due to Hurricane Sandy

Fuck Karl Rove, that...

DIY - Fast & Easy Beignets

Where do you go on DU for latest news?

Could the though that these guys would come make you want to live in a Haunted House?

CNN joke archive...

Well, Lindsay Lohan has weighed in on Sandy:

What does Senator Franken think about the media

Remain calm while your life is extracted.

Why all the talk from Republican's about Romney winning WI? Is Walker rigging things there?

Wow! Check out this unique interactive wind map:

Sonny Corleone Shot at Toll Booth, Condition Too Close Too Call---CNN


CNN asks: Will "Heaven's Gate" be the biggest moneymaking movie ever? It's just too close to call

A Hurricaine Is Coming and Don't You Think republicans Are Figuring Away...

A Desperate, Deceptive Gambit for Romney in Ohio


It is interesting but no one has even suggested that the size of Sandy could be related to global

RAND 10/28 O 50.9 R 45.05


Two NC coastal pics Sandy passing by over 200 miles away did this...

Ron Johnson, Romney Surrogate, Dismisses Abortion Issue: 'It Doesn't Even Move The Radar'

East Coast DUers: How Are Things Where You Are?

Mitt Romney In GOP Debate: Shut Down Federal Disaster Agency

Panic in Freeperville over new Politico Poll

Anonymous Gives Warning to Karl Rove

Mitt Romney In GOP Debate: Shut Down Federal Disaster Agency

"Criminals Will Always Get Guns" is a Poor Argument

Whose glum faces do you look forward to seeing November 7.

Chile: Allende's granddaughter wins her first race

Demand that Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank end sickness evictions.

Dean Baker: The Economics of Social Security in the Presidential Race

Black soldiers’ 1862 valor finally recognized at Missouri site

The truly funny thing about CNN is...

People are staying put:

Yeah b-tches! New Politico/GWU O: 49; R: 48 (adjusted for raw numbers or whatever)...

How Patriarchal, Christian Backlash Politics Have Only Become More Vicious

Why is the Rmoney Jeep Plant closing lie NOT going viral?

# of states in Which Rapists Can Sue For Custody and Visitation Rights -- 31 --

minn. gay activists pitch to tough crowd: seniors

Land deals in Africa have led to a wild west – bring on the sheriff, says FAO

US detention of Imran Khan part of trend to harass anti-drone advocates

Cancer fight stalls amid push for profits, doctors say

Coast Guard monitors tall ship in distress off NC during storm

Coal resurgence threatens climate change targets

HMS Bounty- UPDATE: Ship has sunk. Most crew rescued by helicopter

Thousands heed call of ‘Souls to the Polls’ in Miami, statewid

Front page yahoo, "Why Won't Mitt Romney Go on Any Late Night Shows?"

DMR endorsement of Romney.

Early vote figures don’t lie. But who figures? (Florida)

New York Flight Upheaval Disrupts Air Travel Throughout U.S.

At this point, it's hard to see Sandy as anything but a major disaster

Billionaires Going Rogue

Rmoney - Preisdent Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the Oceans and to heal the planet

Shutdowns abound due to Sandy (Philadelphia)

Egypt’s Copts vote for successor to Pope Shenouda III

Metro Service Suspended on Monday, October 29 (Washington)

Really eerie...

An Excerpt From “How to Rig an Election”

Bwaaaaaaaaah Joe Scum doesn't know the difference between the House and the Senate

Frankenstorm: evil Harbinger from Kolob (R), or Global Warming karmic gut chop?

Tweet from a reporter at the Outer Banks:

Boss Rove’s Justice

As temporary host of the gungeon, I appreciate the support, however,

Firefighter Retires After Alleged Anti-Obama Rant

Steeler uniforms

President Clinton will be in Fargo tomorrow with Heidi Heitkamp

Tampa Bay Times/Bay News 9 poll: Florida I-4 voters back Romney 51-45

Storm Gains Strength as It Churns North

Gay Romney supporter and friend booted from rally for ... who knows?

18 hours to landfall and the wind is sounding nasty...

Sandy is beginning to make that western turn.

Hurricane Sandy:View from above - webcam

LOL! Check it out, DU's Broken CNN's Googles!!

'Avengers' director Joss Whedon says Mitt Romney is right man to lead America

How did the President do on Morningjoe?

Rats Prez cancelled the UCF rally

At one week out- 10 of 642 FB Friends "Like" Mitt Romney...

UCF Obama rally cancelled

"Candidates and Climate Change: Why It Matters"


Joe and Chuckie. romney romney romney

Harold Ford is such a suck up to Joe S. On Morning Joe singing the praises of the Romney momentum.

Politico: Obama retakes lead

Crew of Tall Ship off NC Abandons Ship

Gingrich being his usual miserable self, bashing Obama over Sandy/Benghazi


Pablo named WS MVP..

Giants win 2012 World Series! | Game 4 | Complete Highlights

Chris Christie Praises Obama For Hurricane Sandy Preparation

People here bash the shit out of the Yankees (because they win)

‘Seal Team 6’ Director: My Movie Isn’t Propaganda!

The worst of Sandy will hit

On Day 1- Romney Would Seek $500 Million Cut To FEMA As Part Of 5% Across-The-Board Cuts

Romney lowered taxes with loophole allowing rich benefit of charitable giving without donating much

IBD/TIPP polling has been suspended due to Hurricane Sandy

If Mitt Romney's religion is so important to him, is it based on lies? Is that why he's a liar?

Women Voting For The GOP Really Are Not Smart Enough To Make Their Own Decisions Their ----

Pentagon plans to buy iPhones, Androids in threat to BlackBerry’s market share

Unsubstantiated but just heard on the radio that some voters are being

Love thy mother, and don't be a straw buyer.

Doctors versus “Big Pharma”: is it justifiable to judge research by its authors?

East Coast DUers, cleck in here.

Tar Sands Pipeline Risks Too Great, Canadian Unions Say

Paul Krugman makes it clear—a vote for Romney is a vote against Medicaid.

Harlan County USA

Mitt Romney In GOP Debate: Shut Down Federal Disaster Agency, Send Responsibility To The States

turkish police try to break up demonstration{pro-secular demonstration}

Connecting the dots on Mitt, despicable liar and fraud

Twitter #RomneyStormTips

Ads: I wish we could do something

Romney Avoids Taxes via Loophole Cutting Mormon Donations (Bloomberg News)

What can I realistically expect w/o electricity for a week or more?

new un atlas links climate change, health

Stuff to make both parties worry about Fla's early vote (I think more for THEM to worry about)

CHECK IN - DUers who are in the path of Sandy (and well wishers too)

In Middle of a Messy Election, a Nightmare Makes Landfall

The Real News: Manufacturing Corporate Friendly State Legislation

Trippy Paint-Spill Painting

The Real News: Koch Brothers and the Road to "Citizens United"

You can thank an Oklahoman for Medicare, Medicaid, and the NEA

Hurricane Sandy tracked by Google

Northeasterners: Don't forget your top heavy topiaries !

THE ROVING EYE: China takes over Bryce Canyon (Nevada)

Morning Joe interview of President Obama

Hurricane Sandy grounds thousands of flights, airlines prepare to cancel all New York-area flights

Breaking on CNBC: Personal Spending and Income higher than expected

Latino Decisions: (Obama +52) Obama 73%, Romney 21%

Just how scary should you make your front entrance?

"Here's's a little ditty I wrote back in 1967..."

LOL! Reality Challenged RW Media Still Reporting Romney +5 in Battleground Poll (cause-HUME Says So)

Afghanistan war in new phase -- with no decisive end in sight

On Bill Press' show a reporter from Politico traveling with the rmoney campaign said

Rah Rah Sis Boom Rah - Joe Scum Where's Your Pom Poms?

Miserable day here in Brooklyn.

AmericanBridge Super Pac Releases Brutal Ohio TV Ad: Romnopoly

Battleground Poll (NAT'L)-Obama (D) 49% +1 -Romney ($) 48% -2

El Bloombito

On A Scale Of 1-10 With 10 Being The Highest How Happy Are You That You Are A Democrat

Princeton Elections Consortium: EV O-305 R-233, Re-Elect Odds 91%/98%

Pentagon inspector starts criminal probe of contractor

WOW. The new Romney ad that lies about Jeep and China is getting CREAMED by the press.

Consumer Spending Rises Strongly in September

Who's the boss

Well some Good News out of Masssachsetts this AM

"There will be no more taxcuts..."

A photo comparing Irene to Sandy. Link to interactive map posted.

Who can stop the SuperPACs from doing GOTV for Romney, doing pro-Romney mailers, print ads,

Historians: Romney Makes Nixon Look Like An Open Book

Certain Problems Need Socialist Solutions

Thank You.

Some crew rescued as ship sinks in Sandy's path

Boston Globe endorsement: Barack Obama deserves another term

Political pastors offer up Biblical bait to IRS during election season

When Medical Marijuana Is About Survival

Sandy is one serious woman

Romney to Business Crowd: Obama Sees You As an "Evil"

Madonna booed in New Orleans after encouraging fans to vote for Obama (video)

A toilet tip for those without water.

Romney Avoids Taxes via Loophole Cutting Mormon Donations

Hold us in The Light during the storm

I'm sure this never gets old -- Prez delivers pizzas to campaign workers

Green group hits Romney, George Allen in $1.7M homestretch ad buy

China to move all manufacturing to America

The Right Wing Hurricane Sandy Blame Game Has Already Begun...

So you don't understand the "enthusiasm" for Mitt Romney?

Sandy is apolitical. She will harm liberals as she will harm conservatives.

Baltimore Sun: MARYLAND (Obama +19), (Cardin +26)

How long before we get the "Queers and Sodomites" bullshit from Pat Robertson

Debbie Wasserman Schultz just had Chucky Toad for breakfast, then spit him out!!!

Peak oil review - Oct 29

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Peak oil review - Oct 29

I had someone knock on my door yesterday afternoon

The Surprise Behind Detroit's Emerging Comeback

Let the blame game begin.

Need help trying to sway someone. He writes:

Zwan. What an underrated band!

How Hurricane Sandy Impacts the Campaign

Bill Clinton quote on the storm and the election

Latino Decisions: Obama 73, Romney 21 with Hispanic voters

HMS Bounty abandoned off N.C. coast 2 crew missing

Do you think FAUX Snooze will just declare Rmoney the winner election night?

New polls: Obama now holding leads in Florida, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin

"US domestic oil production climbing to 6.61 million b/d, a 17 year high;

Campaign Buttons: Obama's, made in the USA; Romney's, made in China.

My storm is worse than yours

If anyone but Luis Suarez.....

Rasmussen: Romney drops to (+2) (Romney 49, Obama 47)

The Romney presidency: The worst-case scenario

There's Brewing Panic In The House Of Rasmussen

Panetta Approves DoD Support To States Hit By Sandy

Accusations against (3) generals cast dark shadow over Army's wind map for today

Science Is the Key to Growth

Photo of NY Harbor at Pier 6 in Brooklyn-9am

I may be wrong about being an atheist: Sandy is headed right for Wall Street.

Obama is just like the San Franciso Giants----

I really like Obama as a person

4 feet surge in NYC and tri-state area at this point.

Storm watch

Chinese man sues wife for being ugly, wins $120,000

Have you seen the Zombie Apocalypse Romney Endorsement video yet?

MITT: 'Italians' plan to build Jeeps in China, where they make my campaign buttons.

Veteran’s Family Blames Cancer Death on Army Burn Pits

What would happen if the election was tomorrow (re:Sandy)

Iran War on the Ballot

Bloomberg: Dems building 'significant advantage' in early voting in Iowa & Nevada

The Rise of the Super-Rich

Weekly Standard "projects" Battleground Poll results.... LOLPWNT only three hours later!

Duchesne County mom pleads guilty to pointing loaded gun at son's head

Dem Group Debuts “Romnopoly” In OH TV Ad

Holy smokes! Check out the difference between Irene and Sandy.

Mashable: Watch These Webcams as Sandy Hits the East Coast

The Romney presidency: The worst-case scenario

Madonna booed after touting Obama at New Orleans concert


Jim Cantore "This is certainly the biggest thing I've covered in my career".

A Republican voting for Romney is like a Democrat voting for Lieberman.

Documents Found in Meth House: "Non-profit" funnels mining exec $ to help GOP candidates

Romney campaign “hindering” and “impeding” Hurricane Sandy relief

Romney: "I love you, all right?"

Free walnuts, hickory nuts, firewood, etc.

PANIC! Sandy forces closure of all NYC, L.I. Starbucks Locations

Good thing we have all those banked votes due to early voting!

THe Whitest White Man In the USA!

Debate rally to support Graves and dump Michele Bachmann

That website that the 866 number directs you to, about the compromised IDs,

ROMNEY To The People In Sandy's Path:

Breast Cancer and Environmental Causes

Nate Silver talks about the stability of this election - blog update

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Rmoney

Please stay home. Stay Safe.

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Grand Old Rape Party

Monday Toon Roundup 3-The Rest

What I learned during Hurricane IKE ---- some Tips

So what does Mourdock say about God and Hurricane Sandy?

So, for the first time in history, it's going to start raining men...

We predicted it last night! You guys knew Ras would cook the books. OH Poll: R+2

Thrown out of class for taking notes.

Montgomery (Alabama) Advertiser Endorses President Obama

Ras OH poll

Durango (CO) Herald Endorses President Obama

Ralph Reed mobilizing evangelicals in Ohio

There is a gender gap, and no way that most women are going to vote republican this year

As Hurricane Sandy Approches, Protestors In Times Square Call To ‘End Climate Silence’

Pres Clinton rallies huge crowd in Orlando for Obama (PHOTO)

Prisoners to Remain on Rikers Island As Hurricane Sandy Heads for New York

Given Tablets but No Teachers, Ethiopian Children Teach Themselves

Naomi Klein: Geoengineering: Testing the Waters

Obama, In Morning Joe Interview, Predicts War Inside Republican Party If He Is Reelected

NYC Update: Holland Tunnel and Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel will close at 2 PM

James Patrick Wonder, Killer Of Federal Agent Donald Pettit, Gets Stand Your Ground Hearing

Did DU just slow down big-time for anyone else?

Krugman: National Review's attack on Nate Silver illustrates the right's attack on science

Cincinnati (OH) Herald Endorses President Obama

Prediction, Romney/Ryan will pull a full-on Soup Kitchen move with Sandy...

A higher destructive potential than any hurricane since 1969, including Katrina, Rita, Wilma...

boy says he was mad at his dog so he killed it

Snookered by Bill Gates and the U. S. Department of Education - |

Romney's relief efforts

Freedom Univ! Undocumented students on NPR

Game over! The National League won the World Series...Obama Wins White House

According to Rasmussen, Romney needs to Win 56% of the Remaining Voters in OH to Win

Sandy will stall over PA for a full day

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 29, 1966

View of Sandy from the NYTimes building ( cool)

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 29, 1966

Virginia really doesn't want people to vote

U.S. Army Prepares For Full-Rate AH-64E Production

german official: renewable energy beats forecasts

Has anyone noticed

Bill's Got Barack's Back

Wausau (WI) Daily Herald Endorses President Obama

New Priorities USA poll done by Hart Research has O 49 R 46 in VA.

Just over on the Weather Channel - Storm is all a conspiracy

Woman, Church, and State

Hurricane Sandy's top winds increase to 90 mph

Whoa, is DU being affected by the storms already?!1 What are we going to do if it's gone for days?!1

Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader Endorses President Obama

Tom Tomorrow: The Amazing Mittdrake and His Prestidigitation!

Pic Of The Moment: Romney: Federal Disaster Relief "Immoral"

ROMNEY Reveals Halloween Costume

Prostate Cancer Prognosis Hope

The No Agenda Myth


I don't understand are people lazy in storms or what?

Who said FEMA should be shut down?

Mitt Romney engages in "immoral" behavior that "makes no sense at all"

Atlantic City under water

Voter Protection Hotline 866-OUR-VOTE Inform here if Sandy is used as excuse to interfere w/voting

Cloning-like method targets mitochondrial diseases

Two key New York City Tunnels Closing (Holland & Brooklyn-Battery); Bridges Open for Now: Governor

Scott Brown on Local TV saying he is acting as liaison between Feds and State!


"I know a some people are a little worried out there about this storm......"

Joss Whedon Makes the Case for Mitt Romney: Zombie Apocalypse Now!

"Abortion Criminals" In A GOP Prison

The unbelievers: Post-Alber Saber, more atheists struggle to assert their identity

UAW to File Complaint Against Romneys

Breaking News -NYCs Holland and Battery Tunnels to be shut at 2.00pm ET

What If We Didn't Know Hurricane Sandy Was Coming?

A Change Is Gonna Come..........Sam Cooke Cover

Knew it had to happen, just wasn't sure which lunatic was going to say it first.

Religious right blames gays, Romney for Hurricane Sandy

We have begun to loose trees here in Brooklyn.

Superstorm Sandy intensifying, bringing record storm surges - 90mph winds

Scranton (PA) Times-Tribune Endorses President Obama

VA: 51-47 Obama's Surge - PPP - Oct 27

Documents Found In Meth House Bare Inner Workings Of Dark Money Group

LMFAO @ Rasmussen's In Kind Gift To The Republican Party

Battleground Tracking Poll: President Obama retakes lead

Sandy already producing a record storm surge

Voted early last Saturday here in Texas.

Breaking - Obama to make statement about Hurricane Sandy: White House (12:45)

Axe: "We're Winning This Race" -- Messina: "The President Is Going To Win This Election"

Bill Clinton: Romney Is Running To Steal Credit For Obama’s Recovery

Anyone know which of his several houses Mittens is hiding in?

CNN: Mayor Bloomberg claims Sandy's size caused by soda pop.

Get ready for Colonoscopic Analysis of Obama's Handling of Sandy

Someone explain to me how Massachusetts just didn't sink into the sea when Romney was governor

Fear of Republicans and Right Wing Media: Why Corporate Media shills for Romney, race is "tied"

Showing support for LCWR during these trying times

Most Credible Pollster


Paul Krugman's 19 year old cat passed. He needs some good vibes!

Quick Election Updates from Indiana

Minnesota Poll: Voters deadlocked on marriage question

We are getting serious major wind from Sandy in West Michigan

Eerie Photos Show Huge New York Transportation Hubs Abandoned Due To Hurricane Sandy

Amazing...Sandy claims HMS Bounty. 2 missing, 14 rescued.

Scott Brown 45, Elizabeth Warren 43 in new Boston Globe poll.

Massive Power Failure May Last A Week In PA

*** Gets out her staple gun and hangs the Emergency Warning Signs for the DU Lounge ***

Sandy is changing.

President Obama to make statement at 12:45pm EDT in regards to the storm.

Breaking: Supreme Court to Consider Review of Prop 8, DOMA Cases on November 20th

Pic: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Anne Ortelee calls Romney a psychopath

Suicide bomber kills 7 in Nigerian church

The Hill: Sandy bad for Obama, great for Romney

So, I'm sure it's safe to say,

CHECK THIS OUT! (Post photos from the Storm)

next time an idiot tells you the storms are God's punishment to us

Mysterious Documents Found In Meth House Bare Inner Workings Of Dark Money Group

Schumer just now: "Some folks didn't want the federal gov't to fund disaster relief..."

“Mitt Romney Style”—A Virtually Religion Free 2012 Contest?

Did y'all see Peyton Manning last night? He is now the #1 passer.

Holy Hell-political bomb just went off + it is going to do some damage. Republican Meth House Papers

James Taylor would be livid if he were a Republican

Dear GOP, The America You Don't See....

Manhattan Is Flooding and Sandy Hasn’t Even Hit Yet

Frum: Let's get real about abortions

Sandy Strengthens as Hurricane Barrels Toward New Jersey

New ELON UNIV. NC poll Obama 45 Romney 45 (up from a 4 point Romney lead in Aug)

Poll Closing times By State

Allegedly, Stephen Colbert in his Liberal days:

Breaking: Romney canceling rest of today's campaign events

Reuters Sandy Feed that has some amazing shots of Storm

New North Carolina Poll:Obama & Romney tied at 45% (O +18 early voters)

Romney campaign cancels all events for Monday and Tuesday.

Breaking : Romney camp to declare Romney campaign "a national disaster"!!!

Call Congress back into session President Obama. We are going to need

Amazing Photo: Hurricane does not deter guards at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Bill Clinton heading to Minnesota to shore up the state for Obama

Reminder: National debt caused by Republicans

Chuck Todd: No time left for Romney FEMA attack

Romney’s Big Navy Guru Made Millions From Building Ships

Anyone see any good predictions for those of us along the Great Lakes?

Romney Leads in Swing State Newspaper Endorsements? Huh?

Once again, "TV's Frank" Conniff nails this "Mitt Romney" thing...

A nonpartisan statistical approach to Rasmussen data

OH HELL!! no she didn't say this

Found In A Colorado Meth House: Files On 23 Conservative Montana State Candidates

Leftwing EU MPs cancel Iran visit (wanted to visit two Sakharov Prize winners)

"Misleading Romney Auto Ad Backfires With Media"

ARG CO Romney 48(-2) Obama 47(+1)

Mitt Romney scares small children

GOP plot to destroy Fannie Mae

Supreme Court Seems Skeptical About Throwing Out Lawsuit Over New Fisa Surveillance Expansion

An Opportunist Candidate.

For those of you on Delmarva Power and have a smartphone

My mailed-in Absentee ballot has gone missing in Florida! My first name sounds hispanic!

Well, now I've heard it all...

The Path to 270

Stephen Goldstein's new novel describes GOP's plan for weather service:

OHIOANS: you CAN ask for a paper ballot!

Hurricane Sandy has a twitter account and sent me the following:

NASA's nasty pics of Sandy, Impressive, ...

Reminder for those who don't like machine ballots---you CAN vote paper

I now have more good-paying work than I can handle THANKS PRESIDENT OBAMA for saving the auto


Iran Has Pictures Of Restricted Israeli Areas: Iran MP

October surprise: Americans feeling better about economy

Disaster aid, Mitt-style: Romney sending campaign bus for Hurricane Sandy relief

Nerds under attack!

The Rude Pundit: A Quick Tale of Right Wing Ignorance Before the Storm Arrives

Ok, I'm all set to ride out the hurricane.

Australia to target economic ties with Asia

Not To Minimize Its Impact - But Is MSM Making More Of Sandy Than....

Sandy an Ad Windfall (no pun intended) for Romney

Gallup Unemployment 30 day rolling avg 7.2%

100% Confidence My President Will Respond To This Natural Emergency With His Characteristic Aplomb


Amazing Lady Liberty Photo aka Lady Liberty Photo Bomb

Another Mother Jones Fundraiser Tape Released

Skeleton riding out the hurricane

First the Globe and Mail, now the Toronto Star erecting paywalls.

Sandy, Barack and Mitt

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

Hurricane Advice

The latest from Dr. Jeff Masters

Rasmussen Poll 11/3/08 - McCain and Obama Tied in Ohio

President Obama on now MSNBC (link)

Romney surrogate Frothy Rick tells CNN: Leave Mourdock alone!!!

President Obama about to Begin Remarks on the Storm - Now Over

Sandy's Big Night -- from Bad

Bureau of Labor Statistics may delay unemployment numbers until after election due to Sandy

Could Hurricane be a double-positive for the campaign?

Sandy's Big Night -- from Bad

Confessions of an Arab-American Woman

Donald Trump sinks to a new low with this Tweet 10/29/12 @11:29am

I'll Learn Yez!

Donna Brazile: Storms are when folks should come together

Is it just me, or is DU getting bogged down?

Can you say "Presidential"?

GOP Strategist Defends Romney’s Plan To Dismantle FEMA

Great news in new NC Poll.... All tied at 45/45. Game on...

What jacka** reporter asked the president about the election.? I love his response. nt

Not to delve into hyperbole, but THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO any American can see today.

Police on playback — copwatch in New York City

Boy does President Obama know how to make a statement.

I Am So Pleased He Is The President And Will Get A Second Term

Never Will Be President Rmoney called GOP Governors. President Obama called all of the Governors.

Uh oh....freeper heads will explode

Earth Changes afoot...Election a 'non-event' in the wake of Sandy...

GOP Strategist Defends Romney’s Plan To Dismantle FEMA

(This video is fantastic!!) Moving Message About The Election From A 97 Year Old And Her Friends

Help is on the way!

Mitt Romney issues statement on Sandy....

10/2/ NC Update. Obama's lead continues to grow. 2 Polls show race tied.

Romney to flood victim: "Go home and call 211" (Which I'll get rid of if I become President)

Anti-Gay Preacher Blames Hurricane Sandy On Homosexuality And Marriage Equality

Cape May's downtown is flooded for the first time since 1892

Alex Wagner just announced on MSNBC

A Possible Compromise on the Electoral College

Rasmussen: CONNECTICUT - SENATE (Murphy +6)

Hurricane Sandy Casts Doubt Over Release Of Fridays October Employment Report

That's my President (Hurricane Sandy email)

High School Football Ban Proposal

If (when) you lose cell service...

Jobs Report May Be Delayed Until After The Election

President Obama: I’m Not Worried About Election (video)

I wonder if Ed Schultz has been knocked off the air by the storm. There is

Gallup: Obama Approval Way Up Again (51%)

In Morning Joe Interview, Obama Talks Libya And Ideas ‘I Stole From A Massachusetts Governor’

Thom Hartmann: The Supreme Court and the Death of Progress

Obama stubbornly ahead in OH and VA, and tied in FL and NC

Israelis Favor Romney Over Obama By Wide Margin In Latest Poll

Sandy's landfall now predicted around 5pm.

Latest update on Sandy - Accuweather - watch the video at the link.

Joan Walsh makes funny

You Voted for Romney/Ryan in 2012…Now Welcome to Your First Day of Voucher-care!

Romney - disaster relief is immoral - MAKE THIS CLIP GO VIRAL

New Florida poll from CNN: Obama moves into tie with Romney in Florida (48-48 in three way race).

Ann Romney: America needs a 'grown-up' who understands the economy

7 Point Shift! (+3 Approve -4 Disapprove) Obama over 50% again w/Gallup Approval/Disapproval today

I VOTED TODAY!!! in Virginia

"In times of crisis we all pull together"--what the hell kind of socialistic commuatheism is that?

GOTV in Nevada (NV) Day 9, add ~3,000 more to gains

Currently in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

ABC TV live stream from NY/NJ

Best letter to the editor I've ever seen.

Closing The Gender Wage Gap Would Create 'Huge' Economic Stimulus, Economists Say

President Obama's secret weapon: Latinos - and new poll shows them fired up

Dont you wish the MSM would shut up about Benghazi Libya already?

Elon is a great pollster, if anything, their polls tend to be more favorable to Repubs

puppy up!

"No Skateboarding In Sinatra Park"

OKAY... I'm The Type Of Person Who Worries...

Poll needs DU'ing - What will Obama's margin

What a real leader says in difficult times:

Des Moines Register endorses Romney. The first endorsement of a republican since Nixon. And we all

Sandy Photo Shopping ...

Labor Department: Full Intention To Release Jobs Report Friday

Firefly’ creator Joss Whedon endorses Romney’s vision for a ‘zombie apocalypse’

Caprese salad. Yummy! That is all.

some one let me know when they fix google Chrome.

I just early voted

Amazing pictures of Sandy from space

Head's UP. String of bad zombie movies on AMC.

Barack Obama deserves another term (Boston Globe)

Fox spreading "CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say"

SOS? Count on Barack Obama. POS? Count on Mitt Romney.

NRA Lawsuit Challenging Federal Gun Laws Dismissed by Appeals Court

Looks like Sandy is becoming extra-tropical.

What the Dogs of America Think of Romney

Obama Camp: Romney’s Blue State Momentum Is A Bluff

Hurricane Sandy Webcams

You tell'em Joe!!

Honolulu Star-Advertiser: HAWAII - SENATE (Hirono +22)

Are We Seeing Strong Movement in Obama's Direction?

Streaming live TV storm coverage

Breaking story explains why GOP trolls all sound like they're posting on meth - THEY ARE!

Shipping 911 To Pakistan

Mittoon: Trust me - I'm going to be a completely different guy...

Today: Obama 287-327 EV (Obama +2.3 +/-1.2%)

5 "upsides" of Hurricane Sandy coming to NYC


GOTV in Iowa (IA) 10/29/12, Dems lead 3 to 2

NV: Democrats boost lead by 3,000 voters in Clark, up to 47,000 with five days left

SC has sent 6 swift water rescue teams to Maryland.

Up close and Personal

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds - Frederick Kaufman - How Food Stopped Being Food, P1

Really? Does this photo show concern for people in harms way?

If We Are Dumb Enough To Give Them The Power What Stops Romney From Voucherizing All Seniors ----

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds - Frederick Kaufman - How Food Stopped Being Food, P2

Pew National poll tied (prior poll R+4)

Anderson Cooper Talk Show Won’t Return for a Third Season

Des Moines Register Endorses Rmoney - Who Knew Des Moines Still Had A Newspaper?

Post a pic of a Sandy that's not a hurricane.

Saw our President on The Weather Channel about an hour ago.

Did you see Mitt in Ohio, smiling about the storm and drawing a laugh

Dems ahead on the 1st day of early voting in FL.

Just got robo-called by the RNC urging me to vote against those evil pro-abortion

Democrats Lead in Early Vote in More States Than Republicans

#Instacane: the story of hurricane sandy told through instagram

You can text FEMA to locate a shelter (plus DC-area locations)

For those who haven't seen the South Park episode on Mormonism (or those who want to see it again)

Anatomy Of A Frightened, Desperate Scumbag (curse-free meme edition)

Florida early vote totals revised, raising questions


What's more important? Disaster relief or the election. Romney explains it all...

New Romney audio with wealthy donors: President views you as "evil" I want you to give me more money

Ha ha! I've got an appt Monday with one of the pdocs

"Dear Red States..." A Letter From The Blue!

Vile robocall. .... My first one.

New National Pew Poll: Obama 47% (+2) Romney 47% (-2) likely voters

Math nerd moment: Sandy as a Fibonacci spiral


The distilled essence of every weather report happening today.

On Saturday ...

Romney's solution: replace FEMA assistance with privatized high-interest loans

In June, Republicans Voted Down A Democratic Amendment To Increase Flood Control Funding

A reminder as we go through this angst. . .

My response to the Chicago Tribune's Endorsement of President Obama

GOTV in West Virginia (WV), Dems lead Reps 3 to 2

the CEOs that are threating their employees

I apologize...

Does anyone feel like we're in a episode of Dr. Who?

Help me understand: how will the cold front actually make Sandy stronger?

The Tomb of the Unknown pic is from last month, the Liberty pic a fake.


President Obama will air response to Romney’s controversial Jeep ad

This storm may..

Anti-Democrat Violence in Texas

#Instacane: the story of hurricane sandy told through instagram

In a surprising, rare moment of candor, Paul Ryan explains why he scrubbed already clean pots

Another comparison of Irene and Sandy

GOTV in Florida (FL) 1st weekend turnout

How Many Have Had Your Obama Signs Damaged/Stolen?

Here is the actual regional split between Obama/Romney per Pew...

Hey Colorado, DON'T MISS THIS STORY--papers found in Colorado meth house tied to Repubs

Just wondering, how many people here have gas stoves vs. electric stove .

President Obama's statement today on Hurricane Sandy (4:06) - beginning is clipped

68% Republicans, 49% Democrats

just got an e-mail from Barack

Big Ed called away from program by 'emergency phone call'

Cincinnati Enquirer - OHIO - SENATE (Brown +4), Brown (D) 51, Mandel (R) 47

CNN Florida poll: Romney up 1 point (LV, no change), Obama up 7 points (RV, no change)

I'm a veteran, and a pacifist. And I'm a little disgusted by the disrespect voiced toward the Tomb

What is the Tea Party's answer to FEMA? TEMA! ~ A Mark Fiore political animation

Put the saddle on the stove,

Deer Visits Cat Every Morning Pictures. Got this in an email.

Seriously! Is There a Forum here for those Addicted to DU?

On newsnation MSNBC with tamron hall they are talking about Romney getting rid of Fema and some

If you don't think that evolution is still an ongoing process, just visit Kali's ranch.

It's SO easy to make the most stately, regal creature look like a doofus. (DIAL-UP WARNING!!!)

Dogs are also a GIRL'S best friend.

Gallup Suspends Daily Tracking Poll

The breakdown of the weekly work done at MOST of our jobs:

Law enforcement officials have obviously had quite a history of encounters with MiddleFingerMom.

MFM can definitely empathize with the feelings of objectification of women with large breasts.

Gallup is suspending its tracking poll!

President Obama returns to White House to monitor Hurricane Sandy - pics

He even looks good in the rain

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Hammered by Hurricane Sandy (video clip too)

Vote 4 Obama. He is Cool. - pic

What the heck is going on in Galveston County Texas?

Conditions are going downhill rapidly here in Brooklyn.

Iowa Des Moines Register thinks Romney is a fresh new economic start....

Alaska's cold adds to Sandy's punch.

Interesting Tidbit from Ipsos/Reuters poll - 16% of Repub early voters crossed over to vote Obama.

Women who look better in glasses

Phony Mitt????

Possible power shutdowns coming to parts of NYC.

BREAKING NEWS: Construction crane at 57th & 7th Ave has collapsed; hanging over side of building

Florida: Dems erase Repub absentee advantage, now lead Repubs

LOL - Party Unity His Rethuglican Ass

To all under Sandy's threat

Lake Research: NEW HAMPSHIRE (Obama +5)

Why is Tamren saying Rmoney leading when

A large crane attached to a building under construction in midtown is dangling off the edge of...

Holy Shite - and this is just the beginning

The Des Moines Register has a connection to Bain Capital

Time for this again--The DU 12-Step Redux

Evacuation Routes Keep Tolls in Place

As usual, "progressive" MSNBC...

Can you believe the election is just a week away?

GOTV in Nevada (NV) Day 9. - 2,355 votes missing!

the storm in Somerville, MA

iphone bookmarks disappearing ....and no ability to save

Counting Down To…?

Netanyahu wins party mandate for alliance with far right

Former President Clinton campaigns for President Obama at the University of Central Florida - pics

Final Pre-Election Jobs Report May Be Delayed

Obama ad slams Romney auto bailout lie

New Wayne Powell ad video: Get eric cantor OUT of woman's doctor's office!

Crane hanging from high rise in Midtown

UK - Gay sperm donor must pay out for daughters he barely knows

Incredible Hurricane Sandy Flood Images from Stone Harbor and Avalon, NJ

"Extraordinary storm, extremely serious threat"

Is it a cow...

Former Senator Alan Simpson (R) endorses Bob Kerrey (D) in NEBRASKA Senate Race

OK...Why did no one ever tell me we had a basketball team?

Say Hello to the Ohio Official Who Might Pick the Next President

Sandy Power Outages Could Make Voting Impossible in 6+ States Where E-Voting is Only Option

Romney's (pronounced Raw-money's) Navy argument destroyed in 30 seconds (TYT)

I think they've stuck Ryan in a closet somewhere...

Romney Spoof: "I Believe"

OMG part of the pier in OCMD is wiped out!

Obama Camp Releases Response Ad To Romney’s Jeep Claim


Is there a Romney Effect in the polls?

The Onion: God Distances Self from Christian Right

It Stands to Reason, Skeptics Can Be Sexist Too

QUESTION FOR WHOVIANS On This Site --- What Villains Do The GOP Remind You Of -----

Before she was Elvira,

City of Hoboken announces Curfew - 6 PM tonight through 1 PM tomorrow

Romney was afraid...

OFA: Here's our response to Romney's outrageous lies about autos

FYI for those with DirecTV. there's a 24/7 Sandy info channel, commercial free

Mitt Romney Drowning in His Own FEMA Comments!

2-D Goggles -or- The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage

Wayne Powell new ad slams eric cantor's anti-women agenda:

ARG national poll: Obama 48% (+1) Romney 48% (-1)

Philadelphia NBC10 Storm Coverage and Ad to bring your ID

FEMA trending on Twitter, and by extension, Romney's opposition to it

OMG! I just thought of the PERFECT Halloween costume! MITT ZOMNBY!

Saving a Little More Energy With Exit Signs

Levi Johnston weds Sunny Oglesby, leans towards voting for Obama

Nate Silver: Impact of Hurricane Sandy on Election Is Uncertain

President Obama sent email regarding FEMA and the Red Cross for donations and help

Deer crossing

Chuck Todd this a.m.: Sandy is October Surprise

Surprising Road signs in Virginia..

Wind absolutely howling in Midtown Manhattan. I'm in a hotel here on 57th

God damn it, the negative political ads shown in between weather coverage in MA is

I have a Diebold Touch Screen voting machine in my house.

I wonder how long Joe Scarborough will remain in denial.

"I am not worried at this point about the impact on the election......

unofficial record low pressure 940 mb

MFW on Sandy

The right wing nut jobs are revealing who they are during this crisis, and it's not pretty

Papantonio: Romney’s Offshore Tax Shell Games

Cuomo has ordered the Tappan Zee Bridge closed

Collapse - Obama for America TV Ad:Response Ad To Romney’s Jeep Claim

Did Snopes really dismantle the Romney/Tagg/Bain Voting machine issue?

Some Of The Pew Poll Contained Old Data And Presumably Missed The Obama Rebound

The Big Knockover is probably ongoing.

Early Vote numbers= Momentum per Obama Camp...

Assigned to Harrisonburg for Voter Protection on Election Day,

'Stand your ground' promotes violence

NC: Record Breaking African American Voter Turnout

Believes in "rugged individualism" and hates "government handouts"...

Bit of good news on Sandy......

Sandy Becomes The Largest Atlantic Storm Ever

SHAMELESS: Romney Campaign Doubles Down On Wildly Dishonest Ad

North Carolina: 30 % of all African-American adults have already voted

Dems should pronounce 'Romney' as 'RAW-Money', not 'ROM-ney'

Queen Ann: Obama not a grown-up

Romney's Taxes?

A great Adlai E. Stevenson quote..

Why are reporters standing in the middle of the hurricane zone?

So...using the insane right wing logic...

OFA - Ad response to Romney's Jeep lie

Sandy pictures, post them if you've got them.

Joe & Beau Biden making us proud

Dead Intern Joe Called Nate Silver A Joke

Electricity-Free Cooking

Des Moines Register Guy on POTUS: Laura Hollingsworth (Publisher) = final say on Editorials... and..

Clinton: Romney’s Jeep Ad A ‘Load Of Bull’

Abandoned gas station down the block from me leaking oil due to Sandy flooding

Parts Of Riverhead (Long Island) Under 5' Water. This is on the North of LI. At Fork

Palm Beach County (Fl) elections office is hand copying votes onto good ballots!!!!

This is my fav local bar, the Black Duck, in coastal Connecticut.

Daily Show, Colbert Report Cancel Monday Shows

Any news on what happens to the 30 Rock broadcasting? Letterman?

Could Sandy become Romney's "Lehman" moment?

Oh great, "happening now", Woflie just took over coverage on CNN

Oh shit. It's uhhhhh it's uhhh Wolf uh Blitzer...

Romney forced to clarify 'immoral' disaster relief comments

'I met with Uribe': Mancuso .

Picture of the broken/dangling crane in NYC from my hotel room window

To the people who voted for Obama in 08 and now say, "Obama hasn't fixed it fast enough."

Get a load of Ohio State's TOUGH Schedule!

Pew Research and a few concerns - justified or not?

Fox confirms this photograph is real

The big news on newspaper endorsements - hardly anyone has switched.

Bloomberg News: Romney ‘rented’ Mormon church’s exemption to defer taxes for 15 years

Florida early vote totals revised, raising questions - (The Grio)

I hope the people who stayed make it through this.

Incredible Graphic of Congressional Partisan History (LARGE PIC)

Curiosity on Mars Sits on Rocks Similar to those Found in Marshes in Mexico

GREED...Don't let Mitt Romney deceive you...

Chile's right suffers in local election, presidency eyed

NYC Bridges closing at 7 PM...

TPM: Obama Camp Releases Response Ad To Romney’s Jeep Claim

Birther-Linked Super PAC Runs Islamaphoic Ad Against Michigan Candidate

Need help with a debate on FB about Benghazi

HMS Bounty Sinks Off Coast; 14 Rescued, 2 Still Missing

Someone told me that I can register to vote on line here in MN. Anyone know if this is true and how?

Well, that's done.

Romney Invested Millions in Firms That Pioneered High-Tech Outsourcing

If Superman were really Mitt Romney

Cable News Networks recap for today

VP Biden On Jeep Ad: ‘Have They No Shame?’

FEMA faces $900 M loss if sequestration stands

Firsties! I blame the storm on lesbians.

I dug up a long list of Astro-questions that are indexed from old newsletters:


I'm not a liberal...

Eight Percent of Latino Voters Have Already Voted

Voted today - about hour and half from getting in line to being finished with the long ballot

Romney BS - FEMA, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Taxes

Let's get real about abortions

Air pressure is at the lowest I ever felt in my life. I feel it in my bones and head.

Just thought of something. If the electricity goes out in the east coast - how will we get our Social

Technically it's no longer a hurricane. Meet Vortex Sandy:

Biden On Jeep Ad: ‘Have They No Shame?’

Montauk Long Island Is Now (Temporarily) An Island >

Just heard from a friend: Chelsea is about to lose power

Germany rattled as taxpayer losses loom in Greece

Scott Brown Pulls Out Of Final Debate, Citing Hurricane Sandy

Think Before You Retweet: How to Spot a Fake Storm Photo

Jimmy Carter with Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson

Biden: McGovern the Father of the Modern Democratic Party

OMG!!! Miami herald endorses Barack Obama! (update)

Under FBI scrutiny, suspected David Rivera ringer pleads the 5th in federal campaign letter

Mitt Romney's Campaign is trying to take credit for President Obama's economic recovery

aaand....there's an idiot on a Jetski out in New York harbor.

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Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show cancelled due to low ratings.

Has Cheney trotted out that horrible daughter lately?

Obama up by 4 in Colorado!!! -- no wait --- Romney up by 1 in Colorado!!!

I dont' get Romney's proposal to eliminate FEMA, and return the function to the states.

President Obama is On The Job re: Hurricane Sandy (This is how you do it!)

View of Sandy from NYTimes building, current:

For Flaxbee: So what does a bored teenager do who is trapped in the house

Miami Herald: "Romney is not our ideal candidate for president."

Anonymous Funder of Wisconsin Voter Suppression Billboards Revealed

Marco Rubio’s daughter released from hospital

This is my Facebook page. This is why we are here on DU. Never forget.

heads up: CodeWeavers giving away CrossOver (MAC or Linux) *on Halloween only*

Looks like the storm in the ocean just died...

WaPo/ABC tracking Poll Obama 49 (+1) Romney 49

Baby Highland plus

*****Have we made Landfall yet???****

Nine hundred and forty millibars is unprecedented in the US Northeast

Billy Graham ministry crosses line with 'coded' ads

Stupid deer....

'Biggest Load of Bull in the World'

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Bad news-Sand dunes of Long Beach LI have been breached. The city is flooding.

Early voting cancelled for Tuesday,

Wait till they see Obama's second act

The Bibi-Lieberman Deal: A Wake-Up Call To The World About Israel

For anyone who isn't enthusiastic about voting for President Obama, consider your vote

Hey Bubba, you think that's gonna fit?.......I reckon............OH, SHI.......

I could watch this for days

Anyone familiar with PC Optimizer Pro Virus?

Am I Fucking out of my mind? Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin from West Virg.was just on the weather channel.

Stick figure families

Herald-Leader Endorses Obama for President

Fake Sandy pics

Lounge DIY project for the day

Just now got a serious weather alert warning on tv about the Potomac River flooding

Voter suppression exposed: Little known Wisconsin foundation behind ‘voter fraud’ billboards

The toons on this page are so funny and some on point. eom

Silly Progressives - Sandy has nothing to do with global warming - Here it's all revealed

Sandy is going to show that (in fact) we DO still need the government!

David Sedaris on Undecided Voters

So is this right? Maryland and Delaware to get the strongest winds?

A reverse poll tax

Latino Vote Poll Trackers Predict Record Turnout - HuffPo

Some links on Romney Tax avoidance

Romney Jeep Ad Continues To Provoke Controversy

To Everyone affected by the Hurricane--I worry & hope the best for you

Neither rain, nor snow nor gloom of night shall stay geardaddy from the swift completion of his

Misleading Romney Auto Ad Backfires With Media

Financial Crisis (& Hurricane Ike): Headlines from 4 years ago 2008.

Does it seem that when these weather news guys are reporting bad news they sound very

Romney campaign reverses position; Actually, he does like FEMA now

Is Chris Christie playing CYA in his speech on CNN?

Gov. Chris Christie: Atlantic City is on its own until at least 7AM tomorrow

It looks like Sandy sat her left ass cheek on Virginia and is spinning around on a bar stool

Stephen Stills on Mitt Romney: 'I Never Thought I'd See a Creepier Politician Than Nixon'

What would you do if...

Is there a good MSNBC live feed other than Rockin' Roosters?

Didja hear the Obama commercial Christie just made?

Conservatives getting crazier: If re-elected, impeach Obama for "treason" over Benghazi

I freaking hate the word 'Glitches' or 'Glitch' !!!!!!

Is it just me, or does Chris Christie's request for a declaration of emergency before the landfall

Yesterday & Today= Only Times I've Seen President Obama Needing A Shave

CNN: San Fran Giants win 4th game, series still close ...

I can empathize

WOW! ABC NEWS: Hurricane Sandy: What Romney Says He'd Do to FEMA

Voter turnout in Kentucky (KY), Not a battleground state

Exactly, how far away is over yonder?

Stan Greenberg: Are Polls Missing Cell Phone Users?

Group demands misleading Spanish voting billboards in Pennsylvania be removed

Princeton Election Consortium Moves Obama Up 10/29/12

Halloween Fun Run

Barometric pressure in Philly 28.29 ??

Crazy theory about "Likely Voter" screens

A pointer for my friends in the Northeast.

Shocking KKK Assault on Girl- Real or Fake?

Walter, a 91-year-old World War II veteran, is thrilled to show his support for President Obama

Hurricane Sandy - Google's Got the Goods

Election Forecast Summaries: 10/29 (afternoon)

Preschoolers Have Mitt Romney, Barack Obama Face-Off (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney's Terrifying Plans for FEMA and Disaster Relief

PPP - Public Policy Polling says it's receiving hate mail over latest polls

CNN: Germans and Japanese surrender. War's outcome in doubt. Nt

Back in schooldays I used to get offered a lot of Jack Chick tracts.

U.S. officials pull Pakistani politician off plane

Caption Romney / Ryan

Southern NJ will be the landfall

One question about Reverence for the guards at the Tomb of the Unknowns

At Alt Budget Hearing, Chicagoans Decry Privatization and Job Cuts

Presidential Responses to Hurricanes

Early Voting Drawing Crowds in Several States Maddow Blog (Heavy)

CNN: Apollo 13 capsule lands in Pacific, crew recovered. Chance of moon landing still good.

GOTV Colorado (CO), Dems down slightly in EV

Brown OUT of final MA Senate Debate with Warren!!!

Naomi Klein: Geoengineering: Testing the Waters

Martin Bashir - Romney campaign sticking to ‘Jeep’ line in TV ads

No, no, no, Mr. President, you're doing it all wrong.

2012 Create Your Own Electoral Map

GM develops magnesium tough enough for body panels: double digit fuel economy gains possible

From Jersey Central Power and light emergency response page

I am big time rooting for this storm to be a bust....

People Who Can't Do Math Are So Mad At Nate Silver

Just got phone polled by 'Study America'. Anyone ever heard of them?

You know what is absent in the coverage of this storm?

Senator Claire McCaskill's mom died this afternoon

Sandy has landed

Romney says not to evacuate

CNN: Sandy might develop into a large storm, could impact the east coast.

Manasquan, New Jersey: jet skiing down the flooded roads (video)

Yikes. Northwestern Virginia (Leesburg/Winchester) getting walloped.

NYT 538 blog puts Obama's odds at 75% to win.

Why is the time at the top of my posts showing up as 10:15 pm when it is 5:21 pm. in the heartland?

Flooding begins in Battery Park (Lower Manhattan)

Musings: Phone ring intervals: J'ever notice........?

Martin Bashir - Hurricane puts Romney's flip-flopping, climate change science in focus

Martin Bashir - Romney, GOP may rue FEMA remarks as Sandy hits East Coast

Chruch urges Vote for the Mormon not the Muslim..

Pastors say gays, aided my Mormon & Muslim presidential candidates, caused hurricane Sandy

Msg to Republicans in NE, have faith, no need to evacuate, Sandy's a hoax like Global Warming.

There's a vast and blustery thundering mass on the Jersey coast

Gundersen: 26 nuclear plants in area where Hurricane Sandy likely to hit —

Iran War on the Ballot

Whedon On Romney

CNN: "Northeast coastline had ample time to get away from raging ocean,...

Google has put together a really comprehensive page for tracking Hurricane Sandy

The Unknown Soldier

Mellman Group has Obama up 49% to 44% in Ohio.

President Obama Signs Emergency Declaration for Eight States and DC.

Designing and building structures for the new normal weather

2nd alleged mistress: I smoked pot with Republican Rep. DesJarlais

Message To "America's Comeback Team"

The best fake photos of Frankenstorm

Sen. Claire McCaskill's mother dies at 84

ABC just announced stevenleser's hotel (Parker Meridien) evacuated due to crane.

To all the Linemen and Roughnecks balanced on top of lifts throughout the NE tonight:


Congresswoman Accuses Obama Of ‘Harming’ Auto Company That Went Defunct In 1988

Alone in apartment without power, your move.

At Your Service

CNN has Erin Burnett standing out in the rain

An Electoral College Tie? (Grrrrrrrr) Even NPR is doing it!

NYT feature: Silos Loom as Death Traps on American Farms

Bill McKibben on Sandy and Climate Change: "If There Was Ever A Wake-up Call, This Is It"


The UK Daily Mail has a terrific shot of the dangling crane in NYC.

After this election I think we would be wise to push for "Vote By Mail" in EVERY State.

CNN: Pharaoh Loses All Chariots Forces In Red Sea, Israelites Future Still In Doubt.

Pat Robertson

Know Your Rights: State Laws on Employee Time Off to Vote

Sad update: Body of HMS Bounty crew found, Captain still missing

Building Facade collapses in Manhattan at 8th and 14th Street

Bad news from battery park. Transformers are beginning to blow in the subways.

Mitt the Desperate Assclown - Campaigning in Iowa.

Latest State Polls

Hurricane Sandy: Could it postpone the election?

The Weather Channel reporting a 4-story Apartment building collapse in Chelsea

Al Gore said New York would be under water

Rasmussen will hopefully go the way of Zogby in terms of credibility

Local weather reporting that NWS has officially said Sandy is now post tropical

Heads up!! Scam alert!!

The right-wing playing crass politics with the storm...

Storm surge in the Battery is 7 feet 2 hours away from high tide.


CNN Reports: Flesh Eating Bacteria, a 'Win Win' for You and Your Community

Shame Insanity was complaining today no one said there was a hurricane warning.

Sandy dumping snow in NC mountains.

I'm starting to see a Gannett Corp. Pattern.

First GAY Military Marriage on Base

Chuck Toad just cannot give the President credit for handling this storm operation in a

Aftermath of Sandy likely will depress voter turnout in the most populated Blue states

When I moved back to Michigan from Virginia in 2008, I thought that I left the hurricanes behind

Obama is out rocking this storm for the US. Will you be with him next Tuesday?

New poll: Obama up 6 in Nevada

Advice for Beginners (Ira Glass) (toon)

2.2 Million without power now

Battery tide level 12 feet

Did Romney actually tell people not to evacuate? I know he said FEM was "immoral" Like to know

Are These Hurricane Related Election Nightmares Just More Attempts to Get Ratings?

Sandy is no longer a hurricane

Tweety's covering Romney's statements about FEMA last year.

He looks so presidential

Stupid physics question regarding the hurricane...

Con Ed Shuts Off Power to Lower Manhattan

Hurricane Sandy Threatens $20 Billion in Economic Damage

Hurricane Sandy

Lawrence O'Donnell Tweet: 'Yes! Dinner is available in Times Sq right now.'

Atlantic City flooded, partly in ruins

Mittens said over and over in 2nd debate "Government Doesn't Create Jobs"

In Iowa during the floods of 2008, I remember young Obama campaign volunteers

Weather Channel now:

Gay GOP campaign worker recants his statements about being assaulted

Weather Channel says ConEd has begun shutting off power to part of Lower Manhattan.

What Mormons think of Harry Reid vs. Mitt Romney

Cars Floating on Wall Street

Republican 'Rape Panels'

The Choice: Romney Recession vs. Obama Boom

Why I Support Obama (from Facebook)

I was watching News Hour and they were talking on the algorithm they use to send out political info.

Why? What F*****G Possible Reason? Jackass!

Or we could continue to ignore ALL the warnings and pump even more carbon into the atmosphere...

Power cut to Lower Manhattan

Pallas Cat Caught on Camera in the Himalyas

Can FEMA Director Craig Fugate Save Us—and Obama—From Sandy?

Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama

From Florida: I voted!

Woodsprite! Please check in if and when you are able....

Romney made a fortune from businesses he helped to destroy