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Archives: October 25, 2012

Remember the Thompson 9/11 ad against Baldwin, looks like it backfired

Why Conrad Black is blustering

I have been thinking, a bit longer?

Mitt Romney Started Bain Capital With Money From Families Tied To Death Squads

Do You Think Donald Trump's Big Announcement Will Be A Game Changer?

"Why the Obama Campaign Is (Still) So Confident About Beating Romney"

100% Wrong. Romney on the "47%"

Gallows Of Effigy (I call bullshit on the "I'da done it to Bush" excuse)

The Chicken, The Egg And The Reporter

I told my friend something that floored him today re Dubya vs Romney

Frightened men love Mitt Romney

It's Time to Save the Union Again, Folks: Hope and CHARGE!

Shouldn't Trump offer President Obama AND Mitt Romney $5 million for their records and transcripts?

Mitt Romney Sees The Geico Therapist!

Anderson Cooper thinks it is breaking news that the State Dept. knew about the Libyan...

From Joe's lips to God's ears

Prohibition, the real threat of any ban

It's that time of year for evangelicals

World’s most advanced mirror for giant telescope completed

Calls for BO in OH tonight

1.5million grassroots volunteers IN 08

President Obama will be on Jay Leno tonight

Jon Ralston: Why Romney hasn't surrendered Nevada

"With Debates Over, Candidates Race to Clinch Vital States"

The Laschamp Event- Rapid magnetic reversal only 41,000 years ago

The National Memo: "Is The Race In Ohio Already Over?"

Romney's 269 Electoral Vote Strategy Will Begin This Weekend.

'Join the queue' for EU membership, Spain tells Alex Salmond

3-3 jury vote to allow the 'c-word' as an insult?

CNN Just Gave The DNC A HUGE Freebie & Broadcast Their Mourdock/Romney Ad On AC360

Is there a site that streams the World Series?

Who doesn't accept "NO" for an answer?

47 - 47 Michigan - Baydoun/Foster (D)

Obama and the Bird in Denver

Obama edges up to 60% on Intrade

Dinesh D'Souza is getting sued by his movie partners

Remember that humongous rock crystal necklace Ann Romney was wearing at the last debate?

Ok so a FB 'friend'

Judge to rule on Romney testimony: Staples' value may be key

A simply devastating story about Lance Armstrong.

Gallup's Own Polling Numbers Indicate an Obama Landslide, Not a Romney Lead

PSA: "Automated" Polls are a Problem

I, Barnabas

Physicists demonstrate an actual tractor beam in the lab

Things Change.

Just watching NBC Nightly News

...and here comes THE CLOSE

Will your pets dress up for Halloween?

Ben Stein throws Fox & Friends for a loop

The Rapture: an update

Harder and harder to take RCP's averages seriously...

It's NOT Over Until President Obama is INAUGURATED.

Why did we do away with paper ballots?

"State to review pharmacy monitoring"

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night. Sing Halleluhjah!

Reid’s 2010 Win Serves As Warning For Romney In Nevada

Birthdays/holidays...celebrate them or ignore them?

Fracking Permit Granted One Mile From PA Nuclear Power Plant

EXCLUSIVE: Mourdock Argues Insurance Companies Shouldn’t Cover Birth Control At All

Can it be done? $5 million to a charity of Romney's choice for 10 years of tax returns...

REUTERS POLL: Obama Is Going To Trounce Mitt Romney In A Landslide

Just because it is so fun to watch:

I hope our man finds some time to get some rest and take care of himself!

Feds investigate phony letters warning Florida voters they're not eligible to vote

The Perfect Storm Hurricane Sandy

Nance Greggs: The Judas Goat

This message was self-deleted by it's author

Next up for recording to CD: Kansas.

Hydrogen Atoms as Big as Your Face


7 nights till Halloween! Tonight I give you a

Romney and Kid Rock Drew 2300 to an Airport Hangar Wednesday

International Vote Monitors Warn Texas: Don't Mess With Us.

The nice thing about being a California voter

Trump on Piers Morgan. If Obama doesn't do what Trump asks "Why hasn't he done it. 5 Million for

Watching Maddow, wasn't aware of the extremes of the personhood amendment

What you WON'T be for Halloween!

‘Moderate Mitt’: Neocon Trojan Horse

Piers & trump = the cheapest, most a-hole, most jerk-ass (words fail me) in the world n/t

Skeleton of French man found in bed after 15 years

Where is Dubya?

Austin voters (maybe Texas in general) - a warning.

Is Rachel Maddow Really Going To Sell The Tied Election Scenario?

I remember Halloween as being the best night of the year, running from house to house getting candy

Yo, Repugnants,Republicons, visigoths...whatever

Just got called to Jury duty for the first time.

Flacks Like Rachel Maddow Are Killing Us...

Enbridge vs. Michigan oil spill whitleblowers

beware of polls bearing gifts

Intrade for Elizabeth Warren

Obama tweet:

How absurd can the right get?

I have a new personal hero...

More about these words we use--

Rachel about to cover 269 strategy

The discrepancy between ROMNEY and RYAN needs to be pointed out

Brother thinks the country won't last past 2030 no matter who wins


The ED Show - Romney having car trouble in Ohio

The ED Show - GOP leadership embraces Mourdock

I've got beer, I've got Greek gyros, and I've got DU. Anybody up for a chat?

Sustainable Farming: A Simple Fix, Zero Cost

How Mitt's day went today (night all)

More from the Duchess

For the record, Mourdock and Ryan have identical views on rape pregnancies

Polltracker at talkingpointsmemo (Ohio)

light painting experiment

Paul Krugman: Romney Victory Could Mean 'Double-Dip Recession'

wow. Hospice offers free grief groups or counseling

American Drones Killing a Generation in Pakistan

Vote NO! On Anti Gay Marriage amendment in Minnesota is leading!!!!!!!!

Mike Malloy live commentary over the final presidential debate on Oct. 22 (all 6 segments)

A great picture book to read to children with a "socio-political" theme

Will this Allred/Romney/Sternberg divorce thing go anyhere?

Log Cabin Republicans claim secret promise by Romney to support workplace equality

Democrats for Robme...... Shut the front door

Anyone else think DU should have an stickie containing info on reporting voting irregularities...

Obama did a "20-minute conference call with 4,000 undecided voters in swing states" today

When 9-11 Families were Shedding Tears – Thompson Becomes a Profiteer

Republicans Rally Around Richard Mourdock

The ED Show - War on women takes a hard right turn in Indiana

What the holy fuck??? Sandoval with three home runs???

Big Bird Hugs Obama in Denver!

Blobbo Bennett shilling again on for Mittens.

The good old days were when it was a reasonable assumption to think the repubicans would not . . . .

Breaking: GOP Caught Red Handed, Election Fraud in Indiana

Scott Brown whines that there aren't enough moderates like him anymore.

The ED Show - Right-wing rhetoric gets ugly


tired of media pushing rare EV tie


I think the ElectoralVote system is outdated

McCain Calls On Mourdock To Apologize For Rape Comments

Report: Unsafe food putting lives at risk

HA! Linda McMahon is behind by 6% in CT Senate race (Quinnipiac) after spending $28 million

Rape .... a man's story

Would you end a friendship with someone who planned to vote third party?

Montana Governor's Race - District Ct Judge stops Rick Hill (R Idiot) from using $500K Illegal Contr

No more interviews?

Rigged Elections for Romney?

OK Donald Trump's facebook page is cracking me UP!

Republicans Need A Cold Shower, Barack Obama Is Still The Favorite

I Traveled To The Crucial Swing State Of Wisconsin This Weekend, And Here's Who I Think Will Win...

The talk is that Romney is scared that he might be losing Indiana.


Obama on Mourdock: 'Rape is rape'

The Tree of Wooden Clogs

Has anyone here had an opportunity to speak with a woman who supports the RW position on . . . .

The 269-269 scenario doesn't take into account the possibility

Boeing Has Perfected A Missile That Wipes Out Electronics And Leaves Everything Else Intact

GOP Rape Advisory Chart

Why isn't Romney getting hammered on his plan to limit middle class tax deductions to $25K or $17K

Donald Trump's next line of attack: he'll accuse Obama of not eating hot dogs

Palin stoops to 'shuck and jive' (Another RW carnival shill shamelessly vies for some publicity)

The only song that should EVER be sung during the seventh inning

Yup, I'm going there.

Sarah Palin (sort of) apologizes for "shuck and jive" remark.

Key & Peele: Obama's Anger Translator - I Sunk Your Battleship, Bitch (Video)

15 Days Until the Election, Washington Marijuana Legalization Initiative 502 leading 54-38!

Wingnut Theories on Rape and the Female Body: A Taxonomy

WTF? Is anyone watching Lawrence O'Donnell?

I'm Getting A Little Nervous And I Need Some Talking Down.....

Lawrence, LAWRENCE! I love ya, man... but REALLY?

Republican Party Rape Advisory Chart - updated to include Mourdock and Cornyn!

I REALLY Don't Understand What The Big Deal Is

Does Mourdock's opponent also believe in no exceptions for rape or incest? I hope not, because if

Our favourite "you create your own reality" troll is back

James O'Keefe is a cockroach

Anyone interested in a Progressive Voting guide I've compiled?

Republicans react to perjury

Trump = shit eating ape

New Obama Ad ‘537’ Warns Of Bush 2000 Repeat

Some friends and I had fun with this on Facebook . . .

What does it say about our nation that "rape" has become a central issue of this election?

538....back over 70%!

Nate Silver's update tonight: Obama 290.8, Romney 247.2, Obama with 71% chance of winning

Chevron Criticized for Prying Into Emails of People Working On Ecuador Case, Says Amazon Defense Coa

Nate Silver's 538 updated. 291 to 247 --- 71% to 29%

Nate Silver has Obama up

PPP: Barack Obama now leads 49-48 in our national tracking. 3 point gain since he was down by 2 on M

Van Jones calls the GOP strategy what it is - Bodies on the Beach...

Talked to a Catholic Sister tonight on my phonebank shift.

It is time to console our broken hearts.


New Laws Add a Divisive Component to Breast Screening.

Obama up 1 in national tracking

The Whore with the White Coat, from dKos

Nate - 71% - just up

Bin Laden raid film incenses GOP as news emerges of extra Obama footage

Having an out of body experience - back in ten min.

Florida Flawed Ballots

Newest poll: 59% of Americans want marijuana legalized

Maddowblog - "Who ascribes 'momentum'?" - More Reasons Not To Buy Into RW Media Talking Points!

Bravo Jon Stewart

Romney Upbeat, but Math Is the Same

Chevron Criticized for Prying Into Emails of People Working On Ecuador Case, Says Amazon Defense Coa

President Obama On Mourdock: ‘I Don’t Know Where They Come Up With These Ideas’

why this picture should make us happy tonight - from Nate's 538 update just now.

ad (Mitt Romney: Extremely Conservative)

In answer to Lawrence O,Donnell

*PrezO on Leno Show coming up.

Are we currently polling ahead in North Carolina? Maybe.

Romney's bluff will cost him dearly.

Ooohhh Stephen!

President Obama Las Vegas Rally (live stream) ON NOW !!!

Colbert to Trump: "$1M to charity of your choice if you let me...

One Poll Shows Obama Ahead In Florida

Gloat Free World Series Score (Wednesday, October 24)

The Irish Sue the Banks

It appears that women are waking to the fact the the republican party really does have a war against

Note to Florida Voters:

Stephen Colbert has a 1 Million Dollar counter offer for Donald Trump tonight!!! (no spoiler)

Republicans Desperate to Spin Romney as the Front-Runner Are Becoming 'Nate Silver Truthers'

Obama on Trump: Our feud goes back to when we grew up in Kenya together

Jon Stewart Rips Hypocrisy Of GOP Senators Who Blocked Veterans’ Benefits Bill

Rachel Maddow - How would Romney adjudicate a rape exception

Arizona AG (R) cited in hit-run accident (witnessed by FBI)

October 2012 is getting good! Giants take game 1 of the world series.

Brooke Burke caught doing Gangnam Style on set

Who knows about volunteering for legal matters involving voting in Ohio?

Interesting article about the spin

Obama while visiting with Leno: "I didn't want to let Detroit go bankrupt."

Four Years Ago - I answered the anti-Christ meme

Obama leads fundraising in North Carolina

Walker Wins Paul Weyrich Award

I love The ED Show!

Arrest in Libya attacks?

Look under your chairs!! Everyone gets an EARLY VOTING SURGE IN NC!!!

Debates and booth reviews

Why is Mitt mailing it in?

Who to vote for in TN US Senate race.

President Obama on Mourdock: Male politicians shouldn't make abortion decisions

Come. Let's watch Katy Perry and Pres. Obama in Las Vegas!

Kids write the darnedest things

Obama: Fight w/ Trump goes back to when they grew up in Kenya together

"Romney's budget math haunted by Ryan"

Was just watching the President on Leno and right in the middle of

Fugitive Seattle real-estate millionaire and wife arrested in France

Cross-post: Austin voters (maybe Texas in general) - a warning.


Romney’s ‘Binders Full Of Women’ Didn’t Include Many Judges

I want these for Christmas decorations!


Hard drive pricing question

Would not be shocked if the actual women vote far exceeds expectations as the secret ballot will....

so i look at the guide on the comcast teevee for the jay leno show...

Its nice to have a down to earth President...

Indianapolis Star: Mourdock’s comments on rape, abortion ignite a political firestorm

Strident Anti-Obama Messages Flood Key States

President Obama: '' Exercise your franchise... ''

Has anyone checked the voting results for California?

Why bother having rules?

Nate's Now Cast (vs. Nov. 6 cast)

Nate Silver ups Obama's chances to 71%; swing state firewall very real

Mayans demand an end to 2012 doomsday myth

About Mourdock's views:

POTUS - just as relaxed and funny as he can be

New Matthew Message up.

I've now been working 15 1/2 hours

Katy Perry at Obama rally in LV (pic)


Obama Gives Wide-Ranging Interview To Leno, Mocks Donald Trump And Condemns Mourdock’s Rape Comment

Oh sweet Jebus, you're not gonna belive this one...

Rachel Maddow - GOP rape debate an extension of 2010 agenda

One thing I'm really looking forward to after the election

Donald Trump Gets His Own October Surprise From Obama!

We well-informed, high-information, voters know what demographic we are in when the only adverts

Quiz question - "I never said most of the things I said." - Who said it?

State ethics commission: David Rivera broke 11 ethics laws while serving in Florida Legislature

President Barack Obama to vote early for presidential election

Facebook Page: Let's put a white man back in the White House

Money-Boo-Boo Has Been So Evasive On His Tax Return But How About Bain Capitols Tax Returns?

I wonder if all those christian fundamentalist voting for Romney realize they are voting

This must be the best election season dress ever

Obama tells Leno this year Michelle will not be handing out fruit on Halloween.....

President Obama on Mourdock - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

John McCain Pledges To Withdraw Support from Richard Mourdock If He Doesn't Apologize

Jon Ralston: Why Romney hasn't surrendered Nevada

Trump goes on Faux "news," does the expected...

Detroit News endorses Rmoney

I know this sounds alarmist and I don't want anyone to think I'm some liberal crank pot....

Is there any truth to this email? Very interesting read.

Colombia trade deal goes forward as Indigenous peoples at risk

Sign the petition for Obie the chubby dachshund to stay with Nora

I CONFESS...(and a candy poll)

From 2011: Comedian Patton Oswalt on Gay Marriage. (Didja see it? Didja?!)

Maybe Donald Tramp's idea........

Looking at the polls, we have a really polarized electorate.

Destiny cannot be escaped:

What Did Women Ever Do to Make Republicans Hate Us So Much?

A new and socially acceptable definition of 'retard'

Reid’s Machine Powers Obama in Nevada Test

Supernatural: Still great TV even now in its 8th season.

Colombian forces could skirt prosecution, U.N. experts warn

Funny pic for all Pokemon fans here:

Key & Peele: Obama's Anger Translator - I Sunk Your Battleship, Bitch!

Mourdock admits his comments were twisted.

Freeper Hypocrisy

Obama Ground Game: State Parties Flush With Cash In Swing States

Great tweets from Vegas...

Jon Stewart Rips Hypocrisy Of GOP Senators Who Blocked Veterans’ Benefits Bill

David Zephyr =your 269 plan I will learn more about it

Todd Akin's Militia Ties Exposed: Salon

Utah Republican activist facing rape charges found dead after jail release

The Army Is Turning A Generation Of Young Wives Into Full Time Caregivers

Trump would never give up the money. He wrote the offer in a way that gives himself an out ...

Yes, gentle reader it's time once again for the Halloween mask poll.

Poor Carlton Fisk.


New poll shows Props 30 and 38 on ballot are falling behind


How an Innocent 26-Year-Old Got Sold Into Guantanamo Hell for a $5,000 Bounty

I forgot who was President 9-11-2001, and who got Bin laden

Jim Moran’s son resigns from campaign amid video furor

Progressive Americans should be on their knees thanking the Almighty for Richard Mourdock /Todd Akin


Why Don't the Democrats Go After Non-Religious Voters?

The president should do it. Put some of The Donald’s money to good use. - I heard this several times

i can not fucking believe romney made up 15 points with woman.

I Might Be Disillusioned About Election 2012, But the Stakes for the Country Are Still Huge

Texas warns it could prosecute OSCE poll monitors

Obama leads Romney by 4.2 in new RAND poll (up from 3.8 last night)

Do you think Korea should stop launching leaflets to North Korea?

Washington Policy Center shilling for all ballots to be received by Election Day again

A Tweeted Invitation to a Same-Sex Wedding in China

Mary kinda liked Mitt Romney, until she lost her job



Top U.S. CEOs urge increase in tax revenue: WSJ

Report shows predatory payday lending on the decline in Washington

What do seniors buy? A simple question that can improve Social Security

Americans don't want a 'grand bargain'

Obama picked up a key endorsement this last Monday

Strengthening Hurricane Sandy slams into Cuba

Linda McMahon doesn't agree with Obama on much but is forced to cling to him.

USS United States vs. HMS Macedonia October 25, 1812

OH Early Voting - From Free Republic forum - THOUGHTS?


Hawaiian-based grocer Uwajimaya Recognized for Energy Efficiency Initiatives

U.S. to return over 4,000 archaeological pieces to Mexico

"Mister Romney's Neighborhood" - (Jimmy Fallon)

Data Deluge Creates Privacy Issues

Conservative newspaper owner failed to disclose investment in anti-Obama film

Sanctions are pushing Iran towards nuclear talks, just not US sanctions

Lost in the Mourdock uproar: Joe Donnelly is anti-choice

"Bodies on the Beach": GOP Strategy Must Fail

Bank Robber Came Back To Complain

Misery over the mortgages that can't be paid back:

Texas A&M research team trying to slow the effects of aging

Pre-Columbian Stone Spheres Still a Mystery

Is Joe Scarborough finally facing

Museum bosses benefit from skyrocketing pay

Don't Be Fooled - Nance Rants

Maryland pastor deems same-sex marriage "worthy of death"

Joey Scar twisting himself into a pretzel explaining Mourdock HAHAHAHHA!!!

Trumps Obombshell, Tulsa World newspaper opinion 'toon, Bruce Plante

Who says The GOP stands for nothing?

Frightened men love Mitt Romney, Mark Morford

Solving a Civil War murder mystery

Memorial to Roma (Gypsy) Holocaust Victims Opens in Berlin

We are approaching a crisis in this country:

President Obama & President Clinton campaign together next week in Florida, Ohio, and Virginia

NRA expands its role from fight for gun rights to conservative causes

Two Geographies of the Left and Right

Donald Trump punked all the media that chased his foolishness. nt

Healthcare costs top U.S. executives' concerns: Adecco survey

Finally, a use for all those old floppy drives.

President Obama jokes about trump on Leno's show:

How long would slavery had lasted if the South decided NOT to secede?

Courier-Journal Endorses Joe Donnelly over Richard Mourdock for U.S. Senate

Time for punkin pix again

Democrat (NE) Bob Kerrey aims to beat the odds again in a GOP-dominated state

When ‘God’s will,’ rape and pregnancy collide

Donald Trump offers to fund cancer cure in return for Barack Obama lap dance

(Wannabe) President Romney Can Thank Obama for His Permanent Robotic Death List

Should my sister vote for my brothers?

Tom theDancing Bug toon- President Obama's "Romnesia" Comedy Showcase!

Inside the Monsanto Information War

Loved the look on Joe S.'s face when he discussed the Time Ohio poll

Toon: Bounty on Trump

Stephen Colbert's Offer to Donald Trump (It's very crude!)

Colbert's $1,000,000 offer to Trump. For the children....

Ohio's voting machines – brought to you by the Romneys

Colin Powell Just Endorsed Obama on CTM - FULL INTERVIEW LINK! (update)

Welfare Recipients ...... Not so much who the right thinks.

Colin Powell endorses Obama!!

9-Billion-Pixel Photo of Milky Way’s Center Is Full of Stars

Chuck Todd, just wear an elephant hat with teabags on it.

"This all dates back to when we were growing up together in Kenya...."

WikiLeaks Says It Has Released Hacked U.S. Detainee Rules

Just in time for the final countdown.....fucking Palin....

Ai Weiwei does Gangnam style – video banned in China

Associated Press Poll - What is the problem with women

Sensata is on

Colin Powell Endorses Obama, Will ‘Stick With Him in 2012’

'Ash dieback' fungus Chalara fraxinea in UK countryside

Colin Powell Endorsement video from CBS:

Check the facts on Mitt...

PPP: Obama up 5 in VA!

Joe Scarborough had his sad face on today...bwahahaha

Pregnancy isn't the only thing that can result from rape, are they 'gifts' from God too?

5 million people will give $1 to charity if Romney releases his tax returns.

Obama lead in Virginia up to 5 points

China Slows Development of Nuclear Power Plants

Obama's Edge: The Ground Game That Could Put Him Over the Top

Talk Talk - It's My Life (Live at Montreux 1986)

We need to stop austerity somehow or the economy is going for a double dip.

Greg Abbott Threatens To Arrest U.N. Elections Observers

GOP outrage after Harvey Weinstein movie on Bin Laden raid is 're-cut

DU Google Search Results: definately / definitely

John Avlon (Independent): Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama carries real weight with independents

538: Obama up to 71% in our forecast, his highest since Oct. 9

Multiculturalism in its controversial glory: Is Canada a ‘country without a core culture’?

Calling All Nuclear Values Voters

My grandmother passed away last night.

I’ve been living in the patriarchy for 56 years. I’m getting tired of this shit.

President Obama Speaks to 26,000 Voters on Air Force One Calls


Romney "does not oppose unsealing the [Staples] docs because there is simply nothing there."

In Myanmar's volatile west, sectarian violence worsens

Fracking permit issued 1 mile from PA. nuclear power plant. What could possibly go wrong?

Maverick Mark is "leaning" toward Obama - on CBS This Morning

Chuck Todd said Romney campaign told him Ohio is "essentially" tied. Whatever.

Van Jones: "The Republican party (is) just kind of going off the rails"

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (10/25/2012)

The snake in the grass.

Caught on camera: Game cam captures remarkable images in Sapphire Mountains


Arctic Ocean Seabed Increasingly Covered In Plastic & Trash: Amount Has Doubled Since 2006

The Emptiest Candidate in Presidential Election History

More Adventures In Africa?

Jim Rogers: "We're All Going To Pay A Horrible Price For This…"

Dawn breaks over Joe Scar's marble head...

The New iPad Mini Ad

State Of Utah Approves First US Tar Sands Project

Can anything be done for a cd that keeps getting "cyclic redundancy check?"

11 ethics counts filed against U.S. Rep. David Rivera (R-FL)

Most Americans want less foreign involvement, polls show

Ash Dieback Confirmed In E. Anglia Woods - Mortality Rate Is 90%

Forget Gloria Allred

"National Polls"

Paul Ryan Didn't Understand The "Horses & Bayonets" Line

Army Suicides This Year Exceed 2012 Combat Deaths in Afghanistan

CBC: The Arab Spring vs. the history of democracy in the West

In college I really liked this girl. But the closer I got, the more I seemed to do everything wrong.

Great crowd greets President Obama in Ybor as the sun rises over Tampa

Texas Veterans had better be ready to fight another battle with Republican Legisalature over cutting

A Low-Down, Dirty, Rotten and Expensive 2012 Presidential Election

10/23 Drought Monitor - Pasture Conditions "Abysmal" Across Most Of West; Wheat Emergence Terrible

Where Leaders Shaped the World over Schnitzel

Wrongney Testimony Unsealed & Gloria Says: Boston Globe Double Crossed Me

Why Romney Doesn’t Need a Poll Lead in Ohio

Is Colin Powell making amends?

For those of us in a bubble void yesterday what exactly DID Donald Trump say? and what was it about?

Westboro Baptist Church Picketers Coming to Arlington

Pennsylvania Christian Taliban Wants Women To Prove Rape Or No Food Stamps

Do Thirty Eight Percent Of Americans Live In The South?

Obama Gives Wide-Ranging Interview To Leno, Mocks Donald Trump And Condemns Mourdock’s Rape Comment

Anyone at the Obama Rally in Florida? Brian Williams says only 5k there

Great graphic from a Facebook friend. . . .

Cancer risks studied near 7 U.S. nuclear sites

Colbert To Trump: I’ll Donate $1 Million To Charity If ‘You Let Me Dip My Balls In Your Mouth"

At Third Party Debate, a Focus on Issues Left Out of Mainstream

Rand Poll-Obama (D) 50% Romney ($) 45%

Libyan suspect in U.S. envoy attack killed in Cairo

What's The Word On Paul Ryan's House Seat Should The P/VP Attempt Fail?......

Romney’s 9-Point Plan to Annihilate Unions

I challenge Donald Trump to give up all his money and live on minimum wage for a year

A bit of morning shootaround at the firehouse before the Prez's first event in Tampa

SHOCKING Mitt Romney Footage: 'I'm A Big Believer In Getting Money Where Money Is, And It's In Washi

Colin Powell Endorses President Obama

Great T-shirt I just saw:

Legitimate rape: the musical

As a reminder, Richard Mourdock DOES have a Democratic challenger for the US Senate

Ten Years Ago Today, Senator Paul Wellstone Died

Texas Veterans had better be ready to fight another battle with Republican Legisalature over cutting

Too Big To Handle

Greek austerity program fallout article.

President Obama's Bombshell about Donald Trump - on Jay Leno - Trump is from Kenya

How can this be?How does President Obama go from a 16 point lead with women voters

Funny Pictures of Chuck Todd

Rec'd Hate DVD in mail here in Florida - has anyone else received "Dreams from My Real Father"?

Princeton Consortium- Obama: 293 Romney: 245

Check out the AP results

The Cult of the CEO and the Trumpification of the GOP

Luckovich: "Apology Tour"

Votamatic Obama 336 EV Romney 202 EV

BBC: Greek police accused over racism and asylum rights

Durable-goods orders rebound in September

Royal Navy spends £50bn on new fighter (F-35C) jets.. but they can't even land on aircraft carriers

All the women need to watch out for Mourdock in Indiana.

Romney/Ryan's REAL agenda.

I made a date with my daughter when she is home for winter break... she's 23...

Firings Highest Since 2010 as Firms From Ford to Dow Face Slump

Jobless claims improve as roller-coaster ride continues

2 Senior Repukes: Believe Obama Has Advantage-"Worried That Mr. Romney's Gains Had Leveled Off"

Prediction:Obama's Gallup Approval will hit 54% today, Higher than after OBL Death in May 2011(link)

Economy would be better if Republicans didnt block most Obama job bills


The Long Game

Jobless claims improve as roller-coaster ride continues

Colin Powell is Black. Barack Obama is Black.

What kind of name is Al Alburquerque?

Human vs. Nature. An interpretation

Detroit News Supports Mitt, But Exposes His Position On Auto Bailout As, Well A Fraud & A Crock

Adlai Stevenson shows missiles to UN Security Council 10/25/1962

When it Comes to Food, How Does Your Lawmaker Stack Up?

Army Modernizes, Modestly: Hard Upgrades To M1s, MRAPs, Humvees

47 Percent...

Why do we allow overt bigotry on this board

To the Barricades, Ladies! Heed the call!

*** Gets out Staple Gun and posts sign for the new DU Lounge Office Supply Store ***

Don't Forget About The Hood (love Jsiri X)

Did anybody see Rachel Maddow's segment on

Bill Clinton GOTV in Beaumont TX tonight -

Cuban Missile Crisis xpost from National Security

Apple Officially Granted Registered Trademark For Beatles’s Apple Corps Logo

The Coming Of The America Class: A Driver of Innovation

Video Collection - Romney's Support of Mourdock and his Goal of Overturning Roe vs Wade

Wouldn't it be kind of poetic if Romney won 47% of the vote in this election?

WWII Vet (Frank Tanabe) Dies at Age 93 After Casting Last Ballot

USAToday: Burnout Up At Work

Powell's secret message to Cheney

Making The World A More Dangerous Place: The Eager Role Of Julia Gillard ~ John Pilger

Romney's Defense Proposals -- More Troops, Bigger Navy -- 'Mostly Bluster'

Is anybody asking men, "What if your wife was raped and became pregnant?"

Where is Skinner?

Pew: Independents, republicans increasingly support tougher economic policy toward China

October Photo Contest Results

Heated cycle lanes to warm Dutch winter cyclists

Ohio and Virginia slipping away from Romney

Proof that government spending can stimulate, UK finally out of recession

October Winner's Thread has been posted in GD.

Rape is "God's Will?"

Sure hope Ryan loses both elections His State congress seat and this fairy tale VP seat

A Trumped-up bomb

Selling Doubt (Climate Change)

After Brookfield spa shooting, lawmakers take up gun control legislation

Could GOP Personhood Laws send Women to Prison for a Miscarriage?

Romney rejected new birth certificates for gay parents

Obama is ahead is many important swing states. NOW we can get scared.

Suspected gunman in custody after Atlanta church shooting

How the right wing lost in 2012 - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

State licensed medical marijuana farmer faces 99 years in federal prison.

What Do We Mean by Proper Gun Control?

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 25, 1955

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Debate Season

Nate Silver: Romney's momentum has stopped.

(Washington DC) Metro shows off newest rail car

What is the Latest Reputable Poll Outta Michigan?

Alex Pires (I) questions Tom Carper's Vietnam service during the DE Senate Debate

Easter Island Statues Might Have Been "Walked" Out of Quarry

Mitt Romney Cast As 'Economic Traitor' In New Ad Campaign

AZ Attorney General Tom Horne R in disguise with (possible) mistress has hit and run-in front of FBI

Question, is god local or universal?

Concerning Fox's emails... do I have this straight?

Va. AG Cuccinelli Will Investigate Voter Registration Tampering In GOP Drive

How Slight Sleep Deprivation Could Add Extra Pounds

"Redistricting is the most fun a politician can have and NOT go to prison."

President Obama: Women should make their own health care decisions. Mitt Romney: No comment.

McCain Accepts Mourdock’s Apology

Mitt Romney -- Judge UNSEALS Docs, Allred Gets Shut Down


U.S. Pending Home Sales Rise Modestly In September

As Partisan As I Am I Can't Hold Romney Responsible For Every Inanity Uttered By A Wingnut

Some common sense on voter fraud...

GOTV in Nevada (NV) adding to gains Day 5

Making a pack with the enemy.

Travis Shrugged: The creepy, dangerous ideology behind Silicon Valley’s Cult of Disruption

I am not a fan of Powell, but Powell helps with some undecided who are on the fence.

Keiser Report: Asphyxiation Nation

Consumer Comfort in U.S. Climbs to Highest Level Since April

Remember Christine O'Donnell - she endorsed a candidate charged with 113 counts of Child Abuse

Watch giraffe birth at Greenville, SC Zoo (precious!)

The Last Word - Obama's battleground blitz

I am amazed by the strength of the heroic girl named Malala

Gasoline Decline Blunting Romney Weapon: Energy Markets

Are California's Pot Farms Bad for the Planet?

Billy Graham Faces Backlash Over Mormon 'Cult' Removal

Hard-hitting new Super PAC ad takes aim at Romney's outsourcing record

"...You Just Might Have Romnesia!"

Has anyone addressed what will happen to voters who show up in Virginia and other

Way too cute!

The Last Word - Republicans stand by their man Richard Mourdock

Ex-Goldman director Gupta sentenced to two years jail

If Powell had endorsed Romney it would have been huge!!

Anti-Obama Business Group Will Teach Employers How To ‘Prepare Your Employees’ For Election

Compare and Contrast

Virginia: Obama's significant bounce, and Romney's fading numbers

The Island Where People Forget to Die

CDC Panel Backs Tdap Vaccination During Every Pregnancy

What Have We Done?

USGS: Pressure from higher-ups at USGS forced our hand

This could hurt early voting next week

Not to belabor the point, but if you're in a blue state, don't assume you can safely vote 3rd party

Analysis: Rasmussen has GOP Bias (really?)

Mourdock's mess not just a one-day story

Obama: Romney's “A Bullshitter”

The Last Word - Richard Mourdock not the only GOP extremist

Obama's Early Ohio Voting a Boon -- Five-Point State Lead in Time Poll

The Last Word - 2000 election: The sequel

Pic Of The Moment: How The 1% Amuses Itself

"Old floppy" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "old floppy".

Nate Silver blog, 10/25 -- "Oct. 24: In Polls, Romney’s Momentum Seems to Have Stopped"

Who is this hack on MSNBC right now?!!!?!??!

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Rape and the GOP

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Lingering Stench from the debate

Rolling Stone Interview, President Obama on Romney: "Well That's a Bullshitter, I (kids) Can Tell"

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Voters and the GOP

Benghazi Blowback Confirmed: US Intel Confirms Attack Linked to Pipeline of Libyan Jihadis to Syria

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- the rest

Romney Is On His Way To Losing A Second Day Of Press Coverage Due To His Pal, Richard Mourdock

It's really a simple question...


Romnney erases Obama lead among women. Huh????

According to AP Syria has agreed to a holding period starting Friday.

Now more than ever.

Romney Refused To Provide Accurate Birth Certificates For Children Of Same-Sex Parents

I would say this is a good week

"Exceptionalism" means war

"The war on boys: Young men losing ground in education, emotional health and jobs"

A Formal Complaint and a Brief Discussion.

Bill Clinton to Campaign w/ Obama next week n/t

Mitt is lying and spewing gibberish live on MSNBC and

thank you Earlg. banned porphyrian

GOP Voter Fraud Accusations Suddenly Blowing Up In Their Faces

As Gov, Romney Refused to Issue Accurate Birth Certificates to Children of Same Sex Couples:

Late (late) last night, post-Last Vegas - America Forward! Tour Update from POTUS

Why Liberals are Misreading Mourdock

Stemberg/Romney testimony: Judge releases testimony but doesn't lift gag order

Kristoff/New York Times: Romney's Economic Model Would Ruin U.S. Economy


+++ NFL Picks / Week Eight +++

Evangelical Anxiety: Romney win could legitimize LDS Church

WOW! The brownshirts running Willard's Facebook page are FAST, I'll give them THAT.

"Thank You for Everything that You Do" Visit to a Tampa firehouse - America Forward! Tour update

States which allow rapists custodial visitations,

President Obama: Day 2 of the America Forward! Tour Kicks Off in Tampa, Florida

I sunk your Battleship!

So who are the best judicial candidates


Antiabortion group sends out mailers for Scott Brown, who favors legalized abortion

Mitt Romney's "solution to extremism against women? Promote the extremists.

Dems should call GOP the right-to-rape party

DEMOCRACYNOW.ORG - Food Fight: Debating Prop 37, California’s Landmark Initiative to Label GMO Food

We have had 14 Days of Falling Gas Prices

THE RUDE PUNDIT: Note to Richard Mourdock: Your God's an Asshole

Jon Stewart slams GOP senators for voting down bill to help vets

I am totally lost on what are and are not healthy cooking oils.

President Obama: Women should make their own health care decisions. Mitt Romney: No comment.

Ladies? Could you give us guys some perspective?

"Elizabeth Warren is the Democrats pride, Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock are the Republicans’ shame"

I was talking to a girl at a bus stop this morning...

So supposedly Romney's support is due to a perception he will "fix the economy" - there is an ad

I am starting to feel a lot better about

TMZ article & video: Author Who Saw Divorce Transcripts Says Romney Didn't Tell Truth About Staples

President Obama reacts after a fire fighter offered up a game of basketball in Tampa, FL - pics

New report shows Koch money scrubbed before funding the right wing attack machine

Do not vote a straight Democratic ticket.

I have a question...who finances Pollsters?

Best Trump Tweet ever!

President Obama makes an unannounced visit to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in Tampa, FL - pics

Hillary Clinton Indicates She Could Remain Secretary Of State Longer Than Expected

Officer Charged With Plotting to Kidnap Women and Cook Them

Gravis Marketing is slipping Romney only +1 in FL

Tammy Baldwin fought against every job-killing trade agreement since she has been in office.

Mitt Romney has a vision. ATE

One Year Anniversary of FracFocus

Well, even the NYPD has their limits...

Gloria Allred

John McCain Lashes Out At Colin Powell After Obama Endorsement

Time to rally the troops and build morale - how I've done, and what I've been doing that works.

Do the Wealthy Need Segregated Charter Schools?

Republican Voter Suppression App Designed By The Onion

EV Trends Favor Obama Keep track daily

The Wolf Who Cried Wolf

Keith Olbermann Casts A Wide Net In Job Search

NV: Democrats now have 30,000-vote lead in Clark, still have edge in Washoe

Does the amount of water usage strike anyone beside me as high?

DNC video: “Romney-Mourdock-GOP: Wrong for Women.”

Donald Trump's Racist Hassling of Barack Obama

Court allows testimony by Mitt Romney in Stemberg divorce case to be unsealed

RIP Sen. Wellstone

I hope there will be more debates. Dem chances improve with every open GOP mouth

Colin Powell On Romney: ‘I Have Concerns About His Views On Foreign Policy’

Tina Fey slams Senate candidate over 'legitimate rape' remarks

ROMNEY'S 2 week october haul kinda scared me

Cat dosages for emotional pain management:

Cops hate zombies. They really, really HATE them.

Think YOUR job, um... oh gosh... well, there's no other way to say it. Think YOUR job sucks?

Here... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... smell my finger. (poss. DIAL-UP WARNING!!!)

MFM's been going thru his "skill sets list". He wouldn't last long in the coming zombie apocalypse.

MiddleFingerMom hopes that he will be quite the role model for future generations.

Mitt Romney Gets Tax Break Off Firm Sending Jobs To China-Demented GREED!

Thom Hartmann: Paul Ryan - Ayn Rand Utopia with Poor as Feudal Serfs

Crowd in Richmond, VA: Waiting for POTUS, literally as far as the eye can see. - pic

Convicted Tax-Cheat Attended Romney 47-Percent Fundraiser

Native American Woman Offers Some Perspective

Sam Wang slices'n'dices David Brooks...

President Obama called Colin Powell to thank him

"Why More Single Moms Is a Good Thing" - This from Gawker > Jezebel

Rape Babies are The Will of God? Puh-LEEEZE…

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday Oct 25th

Just saw a video on MSNBC (Alex Wagner) of McCain upholding his endorsement of Mourdock.

I hope the Friscan 1%ers get champagne and caviar with these parking spots. >>

LOL!!!! Rmoney's new campaign theme is BIG CHANGE. Now he is a liar and a thief.

Harwood told panel on Now w/Alex Wagner that any poll that shows Romney ahead with women

How to eat a Triceratops

Washington Post endorsement: Four more years for President Obama

Really encouraging trends on Nate Silver's 538 Blog Now.

Milwaukee CEO Warns Employees Of ‘Personal Consequences’ If Obama Is Re-Elected

Fish shoots down prey with super-powered jet

Why Yes............Yes I Do.

The Rude Pundit - Note to Richard Mourdock: Your God's an Asshole

Workers warn CEO of ‘Personal Consequences’ if Romney is Elected

NY Mag: Nevada almost certainly out of reach for Romney.

New Ras poll for VA +2 for Romney (down 1 from last week)

Milwaukee CEO warns of 'personal consequences' if Obama is elected

John Nichols: Big NEW ad is going up in PA, Ohio,Wisconsin,VA on Sensata plant closing

A quick THANK YOU ALL for the great vibes last night

Axl Rose Tells 'Kimmel' He 'Leans Obama' But Won't Vote

If you from Tennessee it's ok that you NOT vote for this guy. I strongly recommend that you do not

Insanely large crowd for Obama rally, Richmond, Va.

Concerned that Indiana incident has not changed polls by at least 3 points

Ok, so a rightie on Facebook posits the question, "Why do you love Obama?" to which I reply,

How processed beef trimmings got rebranded, again and again and again.

Democracy for America Raises a Half-Million Dollars in Funds for Progressives

John McCain Lashes Out At Colin Powell After Obama Endorsement

New Romney tape- secretly recorded in 2002

Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Legacy Lives if Not The Verdict

OWS needs to mount an offensive to these fucking CEOs that are trying to intimidate voters

Oh Crap - this is not looking good for the Mid-Atlantic region next week.....

Tina Fey On Todd Akin: "I'm Going To Lose My Mind"

Washington Post endorses President Obama

CNN removes story about women’s hormones affecting voting

Help WAYNE POWELL kick eric cantor out w HARDWARE FOR BIG WEEKEND!!!

NV Early Voting Update.

Flashback To 1996 (Ugh)

President Obama about to speak in Richmond, VA

Jon Huntsman: Mitt Romney Should Withdraw Richard Mourdock Endorsement, Pull Ad

Ohio's nightmare voting scenario

Help WAYNE POWELL kick eric cantor out w HARDWARE FOR BIG WEEKEND!!!

"House will stay Republican" (John Harwood) and Sam Stein nods in agreement

CNN VIDEO: Romney Won't Respond To Questions About His Support For Mourdock

Romney to crowd: If someone doesn't have a ride to the polls, bring them to the polls

Man in Afghan uniform kills two U.S. servicemen: NATO

Pro-Obama Super PACs to run Sensata ads, labeling Rmoney "economic traitor"


Masters: If Sandy's landfall in NE $100M damage, record rainfall; mid-Atlantic landfall $1B disaster

another whats wrong with GOP women.....

Gallup: US Unemployment down to 7.3%

An alerter accusses a poster of being....judgmental!

I Still Admire Senator McCain...

House prediction update (and advice) --Princton's Sam Wang

'Romney's GOP: Wrong on Rape and Women'

Is there any possibility of Nancy Pelosi getting her job back in the House???????

need job interview vibes

When ‘God’s will,’ rape and pregnancy collide

Mandel Breaks With GOP Senate Field, Backs Mourdock To The Hilt

Potential problem in Ohio regarding absentee ballots + provisional ballots?


Does Obama's "bullshitter" comment about Romney remind you of The West Wing?

Ritual Is Power: Religion as Revolutionary Concept or Evolutionary Advantage?

Romney got bailed out by the "evil" government when he was working on the this.

Religious Logic

"The only moral abortion is my abortion"

If we were starting fresh, how would you design our election system?

Allred case could take down Romney for good, do not underestimate it...

Heated cycle lanes to warm Dutch winter cyclists

A History of the Unaffiliated: How the "Spiritual Not Religious" Gospel Has Spread

Romney testimony: Estimated Staples had 25% of survival.


Add to the list of Romney's gaffes, insults, particular order. Keeping it alive:

Never Forget: Paul Wellstone's floor speech opposing the Iraq War

NYPD officer arrested for plot to kidnap, cook and eat women

Former Reagan Staffer Calls Bullsh*t On Romney Calling Himself A Businessman

Does anyone else take slight issue with Andrea Mitchell? Or, am I overreacting?

Little girls pack heat in support of Paul Ryan

Here is a hypothetical

International vote monitors warn Texas: Don't mess with us!

I do not believe the polls indicating the President is losing the women vote. There is no way that

Anyone else maxed out, money wise?

Trending on Facebook...

On bullshit: the origins of character

Gotta love the RudePundit

Presidential Polls Counter Romney Surge Myth

Akin, Murdoch, Walsh, Ryan: dirty old perverts who who would rape and marginalize

Oh NO!!!! 3 people unfriended me

I vote for idiots...

Binders Rap, Yo

More efforts to get out the "women shouldn't be allowed to vote" meme (I think.)


Nom nom... cocktail frank?

Neal Boortz tweet: "I have Democrat Underground panties in a wad. Gotta love it."

Mourdocks theology?

I have a question regarding provisional ballots and early voting


Are you noticing how all the Big Networks are avoiding an Ohio poll

Why won't Romney completely disavow Mourdock?

A Hauntingly Beautiful Clip About What Is Happening To The Middle Class

We need to change the framing from "As Christians we must save every life God creates" to

"Happier Without" - a blog post from Miss Minimalist on 15 things she's happier not having...

PPP: Wisconsion +6, Iowa +2 (the good guys)

Next up to be recorded to CD...Jefferson Starship.

Romney testified he believed in late '80s Staples had 25% chance of survival. 1986 video disproves

I voted today!

John McCain Lashes Out At Colin Powell After Obama Endorsement

Sad little RW "Little Red Hen" rewrite. Anyone want to try to steer it to the left?

US Election: Congressman Jim Moran's son caught on video discussing voter fraud

Native American Ancestors' Diet Part of Study and Challenge

SI poll: Tim Tebow most overrated

North Carolina: One million votes cast by day 7. Obama up 100,000 votes

Stephen Colbert Has An October Surprise Of His Own For Donald Trump

Thom Hartmann: The Only Person Jailed for Torture is the One Who Exposed It

Ellen Degeneres rules your mind

Romney family and friends will help tabulate the vote count in Cincinnati

Romney's Sneaky Business

Tucson-area store collecting kids' books for Casa de los Niños

Condi Rice Pours Cold Water On ‘Benghazi-Gate’

Did anyone see this essay from a guy who knew Rmoney in Massachusetts totally devastating

IBD/TIPP Poll -Obama (D) 47% Romney ($) 45%

How many millions of dollars more will the MSM get by keeping the race tied?

How Mandatory Minimums Forced Me to Send More Than 1,000 Nonviolent Drug Offenders to Federal Prison

Romney is going to have to wind down his campaign without Chris Christie.

OMG PPP has new polls from WI and IOwa and they are

Shirtless Matthew McConaughey And Slut Shaming Of Another Name In One Clip

The US Economy is Recovering Well

Do You Have A Favorable Or Unfavorable Opinion Of A B Stoddard?

Citing Lack of Women in Top Jobs, European Parliament Rejects Male Nominee

Romney's not even elected and righties are discussing dissent as treason again

Report: Likud and Yisrael Beytenu to unite for elections

Christopher Nolan is rebooting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and he's going for Best Picture

Boortz - This website handles trolls and disruptors organically. It's no big deal to us

Mitt Romney goes mum on Mourdock mess (updated)

Reid's Machine Seeks to push Obama to victory in Nevada

PPP - North Carolina Poll...Tied...However

Obama Tied in North Carolina according to PPP

US military says 2 American troops killed in apparent insider attack by Afghan police officer

Dog debarking policy at AVMA raises activists' howls of protest

President Obama summed up Romney's campaign in just seven words...

Soak it up folks. For better or worse (likely for better) these are amazing times

Ellen de Generes and her commercial for "Bic-for-her pens". Be still my feminist heart.

nothing funnier than RW'rs attacking each other.

Medicaid growth hits near-record lows as economy improves

Binders Rap - Yo! (sunk like a stone in GD)

Grove Insight Colorado Poll: Obama 46 (-1), Romney 43 (-1)

10 Forgotten Scandals Surrounding Mitt Romney

Grove Insight Florida Poll: Obama 47 (-1), Romney 45

NOAA to East: Beware Of Coming 'Frankenstorm'

Pro-Romney employer warns workers of 'personal consequences'

Look for Republicans To Attack Early Voting After The Election

Holy bleep

N.Y. police officer charged with plan to cook, eat women

Jim Graves, Michelle Bachmann's opponent, is doing an IAMA on Reddit.

This Man is Lying About Your Food

Love these videos

CO PNA Poll (tweeted by Ben LaBolt) Obama +3

New poll by Democrat-leaning groups shows Obama with 47-45 lead in Florida

When will NY Times make its Obama endorsement?

Bravo Sierra

After Mourdock Rape Comments, God Distances Self from Christian Right

The Obama campaign is amassing big leads in early voting, keeping Romney pinned down.

Bill Nelson Saved My House

The ‘momentum’ myth

NYPD block off whole JPMorgan building to arrest three teens

Lena Dunham: Your First Time

Barack Obama Tweet: How Big Was the Crowd in Richmond, Virginia?

I just saw Timmy "The Tool" Pawlenty in the Skyway, ask me anything.

Testosterone Gel Works Wonders, I'm not kidding.

Toon: Oh crap, a Republican

The most bullshit videos on

Obama on Ayn Rand

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Paul Ryan’s rally in Bristol, Va today - 'Romney's GOP: Wrong on Rape and Women'

great tweet from the Opinionated Democrat...Sarah Wood

Reuter-Ipsos Oct 25 Romney still leads by 1

Romney has no plan, which is why he couldn't stay on this topic....

Mitt Romney to President Obama, "Are you fucking 'KIDDING' me?!?" President Obama, "No need."

"We don't have many modern precedents for what the models are suggesting"

"...his Supreme Court could threaten the rights of women for a lifetime."

WOW Check out this HUGE crowd seeing President Obama in Richmond

Sarah Palin silent on Ann Coulter calling Obama a 'retard' but does accuse him of being 'jive'

Here's hoping we don't "need" Ohio

Here's a letter John Boehner wrote to President Obama with questions about Benghazi.

Arlene Holt Baker: What Voter Suppression Has to Do With My Mother

Toon: Empty Chair, Part II

EXPOSED: How Koch Bros Secretly Launder Donations to Dirty Front Groups

any gay person supporting Romney after reading this....

Obama and Romney tied in North Carolina

Indianapolis Star: Richard Mourdock hunts running room after rape comment draws fire

Atheism - Sexism = Atheism +

Every time I want to se what's entertaining in Meta

Britain rejects US request to use UK bases in nuclear standoff with Iran

Hurricane Sandy now tracking to NYC

Alan Grayson is Famous for Courage and Candor

I'm Really Afraid... I Live In Florida

CEO Urges Employees To Vote For Romney--Received $1B+ in Bailouts Under Obama

Barack Obama Being Adorable With Adorable Kids

Why are they talking like mittens is drowning the president?

romny testimony unsealed

Papantonio: The Billionaire Takeover Of The GOP

I need some clarification. How could a Detroit newspaper

Driving On The 5 Today, Saw An Older Beat Up Compact Car With a Romney Sticker On It

President Obama jumps down from the stage during a campaign rally at Byrd Park - pic

I am trying to find out if Obama will be in Orlando, Fl Monday.

TWO MONTHS TILL CHRISTMAS! Tell Santa what you want him to bring you Christmas morning

Another CEO strikes.

Obama Says Ayn Rand Is For Teens

Anyone with any comments on John Grisham's new book

"No President has won under these economic conditions" Just how many EV's will Obama get?

Barack Obama was inaugurated on Jan 20, 2009.

Large crowd cheers for President Obama in Richmond, VA - pics

RAPE As A Rallying Cry: “Women’s uteri have become the unfortunate mascot of this cycle”

My boss threatened to fire me and 7 co-workers if we vote for Dems

In the spirit of Biden's "get out of the way" comment

Princeton Consortium- Obama: 297Romney: 241Meta-margin: Obama +1.82 (+.36)

Update from POTUS: Going Strong and Headed to Chicago to Early Vote - America Forward! Tour

The self destruction is starting up again

The other gaping hole in Mourdock's logic

All These CEO Shakedowns and Threats.....

Tip for voters: how to vote for/against judges etc whose names you are unfamiliar with

Heads a group that has 'anti-defamation' in it's title, spends all his time attacking others

This has been posted before,

Obama endorses Wash. state marriage equality referendum

Jerusalem's secular Israeli minority showing life

Why Voters Should Turn From the Pseudoconservative Party of the Great Recession

California weenie worried about Eastern storm


I guess Hollywood never got the word...

Listen: Chris Kluwe’s New Pro-Gay Ad Will Make You Smile


Just back from Belgium where I fell in love with braised endive!

Obama Endorses Washington State Marriage Equality

Put these signs up in SWVA this morning...

Real Women Vote For Romkey? - pic

Uruguay's bishops clarify: pro-abortion lawmakers not excommunicated

Romney and Republicans on Women's Health: See a Pattern?

As Governor, Romney Fought Birth Certificates for Gay Families

Young adults moving out of state at highest rate since housing boom; biggest gain in 13 years

Dear Congress, men have testosterone which leads them to impaired judgement

It's always a good time to revisit the "two Santa Claus theory" to understand what the GOP does...

Britain rejects US request to use UK bases in nuclear standoff with Iran

Hey Buldog !

President Barack Obama on the Tonight Show

Ground Game Kicking In for Obama.

Thom Hartmann: Globalism is the #1 Risk Facing Humanity

Russia wants answers on NATO post-2014 Afghan mission

Progressives can’t sit this one out by Robert Reich

Absentee ballot requests in Iowa exceed total early vote in 2008

The Frankenstorm, Global Climate Change, and Politics

Canadian companies part of Colombia's human rights crisis .

Tina Fey rips ‘grey-faced men with $2 haircuts’ defining rape

What's a good FPS these days?

New PPP NC Poll Romney 48 Obama 48

Willard (R) gets an Extreme Makeover for his tats

Reminder: Make Sure of the Youth Vote Turn-Out

Where did all the debt come from?

Networks, AP Changing Exit Poll Strategy

Uribe may run for congress to defend legacy .

Mitt desperately trying to spin Ohio

I voted today!


Romney campaign tries to unskew TIME poll of Ohio


The Twelve Most Depressing Things About the Election, and How You Can Make Yourself Feel Better

Let It Be Known: Mitt Romney Continues to Endorse Richard Mourdock

I think CNN is dropping the "momentum" meme.

Wash Post Endorsement

Report: Secretive Finance Network Hides Millions in Koch Bros Spending


Burglar shot 90 yr old resident, old guy shot back, now burglar is suing old guy.

Thinking about The Prez and Donald Trump...

Disposition Matrix, Debates, Drones & Killing 4 Year Olds

Huffington Post Electoral Map - Obama: 277 Romney: 191 (OH & IA now Lean Obama, NC Toss Up)

Looky here...Jumpin Jack Flash in Richmond

WND writer wants journalists who debunk right-wing talking points "tried for treason."

Verlander should have talked to Jeff Francis.

PPP - Colorado Obama +4

Is it just me, or does the other side currently seem delusional and in denial?

Talk of the Nation 10/25: Romney and Scott Brown have connections to the compounding pharmacy that

When is the Boston Globe going to publish the Romney transcripts that were released today.

President Obama (Live Stream Link) !! Landing In Chicago to VOTE EARLY Now !!

Help again...

Were my ears deceiving me?

Family Research Council Shooting Suspect Floyd Lee Corkins Facing Terrorism Charge

Cancer = body cells becoming immortal. Gift from God?

Judge: Jon Husted Can Fire Ohio Elections Officials

Break thru in my long chronic illness...

New terrorism charge in DC lobbying group attack

'Mother Mary Was Essentially Raped,' Mourdock Says

Nate Silver's graphs look like birdies singing "The Re-election Song."

GOP Voter Fraud Accusations Suddenly Blowing Up In Their Faces

Jon Huntsman: Mitt Romney should withdraw Richard Mourdock endorsement

Wanna feel better?? Take a look at

Help WAYNE POWELL kick eric cantor out w HARDWARE FOR BIG WEEKEND!!!

Is this how the Repigs get a crowd they never scan for us to see?

WMC's anti-Jessica King ad features… a King supporter

"The Rapeublican Party. Relax and enjoy it. It's legitimate." - guy on

What to do on November 7 on Facebook?

Why are the polls this volatile?

Objectively Speaking...

Exclusive: E-voting puts vote accuracy at risk in four key states

Is a person who has voted a likely voter?

Guatemala excavates early Mayan ruler's tomb

GOP Rape Advisory Chart

The Major announcement that Donald Trump SHOULD make...

Study: People Who Exercise Have Larger Brains Later in Life

New Ad about Sensata: Mitt Romney - Economic Traitor

Has anyone seen photos of crowds from rMoney or Lyin Ryan events?

When Romney loses, we may find out all sorts of stuff about his taxes, investments...

Small organisms could dramatically impact world's climate

Romney's NEW LOGO - Yes, He Built It! - Rapepublicans

Krugman and Stiglitz: Crazy Austerity Policies Inflict Untold Damage on Economy

Awesome picture!!

Texas threatens to arrest international monitors sent to watch US election

FFRF calls for IRS to investigate "Vote for the Mormon" church marquee

BIG lie, NBC claiming the race is tied in promoting their inside look at the President

BREAKING: Retired NSA Analyst Proves GOP Is Stealing Elections

You Need to Vote!

NOAA to East: Beware of coming 'Frankenstorm'

To those who assume the Republicans would never actually overturn Roe v Wade

Topless picture thread. Post your own.

Federal judge orders new operator of Ohio nursing home to recognize union and rehire former employez

Romney wanted Ohio's, Michigan's, and Wisconsin's auto industry to go bankrupt-he said so

Donald Chump on David Letterman

Foreclosures drop to 5 year low--Thanks Mr. President!

"Seriously, you're giving God credit for pregnancies resulting from rape?" - Satan, 2012

Retired NSA Analyst Proves GOP Is Stealing Elections

I'm bullish on Obama. He's going places!

Colbert To Mourdock & Rape Apologist GOPers: 'Stab Yourself In Your Eye' (4:25 mins) - video link

Paul Ryan's Kids - Do They Go to School?

Richard Mourdock says he gained voters after controversial rape comment

Tina Fey Slams Todd Akin At Center For Reproductive Rights Gala - video link

Gotta eat

President Obama made hunt for bin Laden top priority as soon as he became pres, and got him !!

Mitt Romney Rejected Birth Certificates for Massachusetts Children Born to Same-Sex Couples

Billions in Hidden Riches for Family of Chinese Leader (NYT)

Reich: If You Succumb to Cynicism, The Regressives Win it All

How the darkest impulses of the GOP have seeped into a colleague of mine-

Wife Mugged By Giant Cat, Film At 11

RIP Manny Steward

Republicans always use the term "activists judges" But the judges they choose are true activists.

If God really wanted to impregnate a woman,

ABC News Tracking Poll Romney 50 (+1) Obama 47(-1)

President Barack Obama Casting His Vote (LIVE LINK) Now !!!

Romney is ashamed to be seen with W Bush or Cheney

No One Was Looking - OFA TV Ad

Romney fools Right-to-lifers; his company makes tens of millions disposing of aborted fetuses

Condi Rice Pours Cold Water On ‘Benghazi-Gate’

Worst. Tattoo. Ever.

How can a novice tell if their computer has been hijacked or hacked? nm

Here's Something We Don't See A Lot Around Here

Obama leads by 4 in Colorado

the election outcome IMHO

2nd incident of Maricopa County handing out Spanish voter ID cards with the wrong election date

Dead people casting ballots

PPP Poll: Obama Leads Colorado By 4 Points

Remembering Paul Wellstone

Dow Jones Industrial Index Jan 20, 1989 to October 23, 2012

Thurs 10/25 3pm EST Sam Wang/Princeton: Obama Is A LOT More Likely to Win:

Have you been "Romneyed?"

POTUS early votes... First President to do so, ever...

Gallup: Plurality Say They Are Better Off Financially For First Time In 5 Years

Fundie wigs have officially flipped this election season

Barack Obama votes early in Chicago

Met Howard Dean today...

Donald Trump You're Fired. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Are Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang too mean for today's kids?

Buh-Bye, now (Texts From Hillary) - pic

Why Republicans say you SHOULDN'T vote for Romney

Taegan Goddard: Romney seeks more cash as his aides have an urgent conference call with top bundlers

Close to 1 million have voted in NC. Obama base is very very strong.

It's said that character is what we do when we think no one is looking.

Wilkerson on Tweety re the Powell endorsement of the President

Salute to Gen. Powell!

OK poll watchers/addicts, 538 followers - let's predict...

is 2012 the year of RAPE WOMEN for republicans?

First movement in days at RCP sees NC go back to toss-up

Best Buy-Bye?

Princenton Elec. Consortium As of October 25, 3:00PM EDT:

Martin Bashir - Why Romney is giving media the silent treatment

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 27 -- The Essentials: Mind Games

Frontline: In-Depth Investigation into the Climate Denial Industry

"What's Going On Down There?"

Love the passion but cut MSNBC a break!

"Paul Ryan: Providing Women With Affordable Contraception Is A Threat To The Poor"

HELP! I have and addiction.

TCM Schedule for Sunday, October 28 -- Tonight on TCM: Ray Harryhausen

On Saturn, Cassini Observes Huge Storm, Causing Incredible Temperature Spike

Richard Mourdock says he gained voters after controversial rape comment

President Obama Asked For I.D. While Voting In Chicago - VIDEO link and photo

POTUS early votes... First President to do so, ever...

Media Ignored Expert's Shocking Findings That Marijuana Helps Prevent Lung Cancer: Now It's ........

If I hear the phrase "common sense conservative values" one more time on my teevee...


Polls bust Romney Momentum Myth

Martin Bashir - Romney, Ryan’s ‘shrinking’ explanation for their Mourdock ‘rape’ dodge

OK Duers - do like the President, vote, continue to campaign and be cool

Martin Bashir - Why Mourdock ‘rape’ comment was Romney’s chance to show leadership

Video:President Obama Casts His Ballot In Chicago

Man sells his forehead on Ebay for advertising

"Has There Ever Been A Candidate Like Mitt Romney" by Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Beast

HBO Documentary - Hacking Democracy

PPP: Obama Widens Leads In Iowa, Wisconsin After Final Debate

2,914 Democrats and 1,209 Republicans added to the Florida voter rolls on 10/24

USW's Gerard Says Bain Capital Wants to Silence ‘Bainport’

Reason #1,000,000 I am proud to be on the left!

Firm (American Family Ins) apologizes for canceling deputy's insurance over K-9 (national backlash)

Fun with

Man killed in forklift accident

Obama wins Virginia...can do without Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Nevada, and North Carolina

New ad: Mitt Romney is Bain Capital

Workers at Bain-owned Sensata plant to walk out in response to management threats

This afternoon something happened that makes it impossible for me to vote for Obama Nov 6.

Marta and I voted by mail today

Hurricane Sandy is a big-ass storm

More CEOs Join Push to Cut Social Security in a Grand Bargain (and it could happen sooner than you

Peculiar Felon Sweep in Florida nets 12,000 Felons.

To the waitress Moms, soccer moms, teacher moms, cubical moms, nurse moms and minimum wage moms

PPP poll - - Obama leads by six in Wisconsin 51-45, up from a 49-47. Yeah baby!

Wear Jeans? Why Made in America Matters to You

What year are those LV models based on?

David Gergen says Romney's Ohio ground game looks like HS civics class.

"Ghost Breitbart’s ‘Happy Cult’ Degenerates Into Sad Mess Of Confusion And Backbiting"


Spike TV offering $10 million for proof of Bigfoot's existence

Latest polling on Maryland's marriage equality bill on this year's ballot: 52% for/43% against

EXCLUSIVE: Romney Invested Millions in Chinese Firm That Profited on US Outsourcing

Cute Raccoons eom

The "Frankenstorm" is closing on Romney!

IL absentee voters!!

"Dead" Man attends his own funeral

10/25 Intrade is back to 62/37 Obama/Romney

I'm so old that my

UN Rights Expert’s Boycott Call Angers U.S. And Israel

Zeke Miller (Buzzfeed): Romney walks away from reporters who ask him about Mourdock

"Obama Job Approval Rating Continuing To Climb" by Nathaniel Downes at Addicting Info

"You Don't Own Me" PSA

UN To Investigate Civilian Deaths From U.S. Drone Strikes

I know I am not the only one who cannot wait, to these faces go away.

NBC/WSJ/Marist - CO: Obama 48, Romney 48 (LVs, 10/23-24, +/- 2.9%) NV: Obama 50, Romney 47 (LVs, 10/

Here's the Southern Poverty Law Center's list of 15 extremist political candidates:

Effing Islamists declare war on music in Mali not to mention start stoning, lopping off hands

OK, someone just let a big damn fart and it wasn't me; the cats are no where to be seen;

It is possible that Obama wins the election (E Votes) and loses the popular vote

NBC News/Marist poll: Obama up 50-47 in Nevada, tied in Colorado

I went to vote this week

Mitt Romney Court Transcripts Released - TMZ (See documents inside).

nbc news: 'this is the most confident mitt romney we've seen all year'

Wow, CBS nightly news spin - Romney has closed the gender gap - WTF?

Wanna know why CNN sucks?

50 to 47 for Obama in Nevada. Tied in Colorado. NBC poll reported by CNN.

Can't wait to see Elizabeth Warren and Tammy Baldwin in the Senate together.

Fox News Poll VA: Romney 47 Obama 45

Romney Seeking More Cash From Donors

I got a post deleted by jury. Next time shoot me a heads up

The Billionaires' Tea Party (Full Length Documentary)

Bottom line, what does the 1% want out of this election?

Phrase you never wish to hear again after this election cycle??

1,100 new Chrysler workers to begin working on SUVs next week at Jefferson North

I Figured Out Who Mitt Romney Remindes Me Of...

Project New America Poll: Obama 46% Romney 43% in Colorado

10/25 Nat. Vote 51.5% O 48.49% R 281 O 257 R EV table Obama chance of winning 87.02%

Polls Suck !!!!!!!!!!

what is the website you can go to check if you are an active voter?

LOL - "Tis but a scratch!"

WI AG says we shouldn't change or make laws because people will break them.

Letter to all my politicians.

Obama: Ayn Rand Is For Misunderstood Teenagers

Bubba condemned our garage.

Huff Po Electoral Map has Obama back up 277 to 191

"U.S. mogul's paper with pro-Netenyaho political stand irks critics"

Come on NH!! I think it's possible for Mitt to lose ALL his "home states"

Bernie Sanders Exposes 18 CEOs who took Trillions in Bailouts, Evaded Taxes and Outsourced Jobs

Boston Globe: Romney vouched for low price on Staples stock

Presidential election to pass $2B fundraising mark


Elizabert Warren tweet

Question about butter

UK: 300 potential Savile abuse victims emerge

Comment about abortions...

Is it me or are these systems getting bigger and bigger

NYT-Obama’s Early Voting Advantage

Bush-Cheney 04 sign up on Bellevue Blvd

Local news just gave a heads up about an anti-choice ad it will be running tomorrow night

There is a DIFFERENCE!!!

"I wish my moderate Republican friends would simply be honest.

Just when I thought

Boston Globe: Romney vouched for low price on Staples stock

Romney has closed the gender gap in self-centered, selfish post-menopausal women.

ANOTHER CO Poll W/ Obama up 3 (NOT GROVE!!!)

"Hillary Clinton suggests she could stay at State" Posted by Rachel Weiner at WP

Did everyone get the "make calls for Obama" email?

Romney Downplays Early Vote While Seeking It

Bryan woman charged in connection to Texas State bomb threat (may also be involved with Texas A&M)

Just got our first Mother Jones in the mail

After Obama wins.......

Let Me Repeat: Mitt’s Mormonism Matters

Court upholds ban on handgun sales to people under 21

HARRIS County early voting times/locations

Mitt Romney claiming he's a businessman...

Ugh.."fundraiser" in Dallas tonight..Romney's son, Cheney, AND Glenn Beck

An hour with Nancy Pelosi - Tonight on Charlie Rose

This chart from Rand tells it all

Sandusky : Doing God's Will to adolescent boys for 30 years!

Why Obama Was Asked To Show His ID

Norway has an inordinately brief autumn.

Campaign workers coming into Florida from Georgia and Alabama tomorrow

Purple Poll will have O ahead in every swing state

CBS' Scott Pelley reported tonight that Romney has closed the gender gap on President Obama.

Has anyone here head of the electronic voting machines in your area flipping repub votes to dem?

Texas Attorney General Threatens Foreign Poll Watchers

Romney/Ryan Are Tearing a Hole in the Safety Net That Keeps Infants, Mothers and the Elderly Alive

The bottom of the sewer.

Bush won Nevada by only 2.6% in 2004; RCP already has Obama at 2.8%

Powell Endorses Obama Again: "I'm Not Quite Sure Which Gov. Romney We Would Be Getting." video...

Is Obama's last rally of the day over? If not, anyone have a live-stream link?

The most OMG Colbert EVER

POWERFUL VIDEO: Romney's Bain Selling Out American Workers to China

You're right, McCain. Because who is more qualified to opine about military and diplomatic policy?

teeheehee...for all the grammar nazis out there:

Romney as President = Necessary Catastrophe.

Linda's ads are over kill.

Employees of Romney Family's Secret Bank Tied to Fraud, Money Laundering and Drug Cartels

CAPTION: Romney & Mourdock

Fact checking - Helpful links

The United States Is On Course To Be The World’s #1 Oil Producer In 8 Years

"hundreds" at the Obama rally in Richmond VA today (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Ben Stein schools Fox of why taxes aren't related to economic growth