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Boo fucking hoo

Now my right-wing Facebook friend is whining

Toon: Difference in Debate Reactions

"Unmasking Mitt Romney as an economic sham" by Greg Sargent at WP

A "preemptive" rain delay???

Gallup: The Unemployment Rate Is Collapsing

Congressman DesJarlais R(banged his patient,pushed her to abort their baby) just got some BAD news

"Breaking Outrage" on the news (from Australia)

I saw my first and to date only bumper sticker this afternoon

The NFU Rejects Completely Martha Hall-Findlay’s Anti-Supply Management Report

I still don't trust Candy Crowley. But it was Mitt who pushed her to help Obama

Beyond habitual lying, Robme showed his bullying style last night.

SPIROU TO ROMNEY: “Stop offending Greece and the Greek people!”

Karl Rove: GOP 'Doomed' If It Alienates Hispanics

8 New Lies From A Lying Liar Who Thinks He Can Lie His Way To The Presidency

New Poll: Alan Grayson Extends Lead to 15 Points

"Don't Pity the Rich: The Great Recession Was Worst on the Poor"

My Prez does not need a binder...

For Benghazi diplomatic security, U.S. relied on small British firm

65.6 Million Saw That Asswhipping Last Night.

My memory and quick review of debate shows Romney did not mention troops or vets once.

People Who Strap Dogs To Their Cars && People Who Keep Binders Of Woman

The Libertarian/Marijuana Conspiracy to Swing the Election in Colorado

I have an incredibly demented sense of humor. This is really, really, really funny to me.

Michael Steele looks utterly devastated on the Ed show w/Bob Shrum.

The GOP Would Support A Known Pedophile They Are So Evil And Corrupt And Hateful.

Brown suggests Warren uses actors in asbestos ads - Taunton, MA - The Taunton Daily Gazette

Obama on a live-stream conference call to supporters

So, I'm listening to Obama in his special thanks to his contributors, (streaming)

Meet The Romneys

Are republican surrogates from another planet?

A President or a Boss? This is great!

The almost always accurate Scholastic election has Obama winning 51-45...

i sorta steer clear but i thought i might xpost

Did ANYONE see this coming? Citizens United lets CEOs tell their workers how to vote!!

LynneSin no longer has a bunch of stuffed penguins on her bed.

It's sad to think that your best "potential" is that you'll survive a zombie apocalypse.

Though he's Fucking Immortal, MFM has the absolute best, most well-thought-out bucket list EVER!!!

The youngest person EVER to join a motorcycle club, MFM's biker name was "Lil MiddleFingerBadassMom"

Horton hears a WHAT?!?!?!?

Why on EARTH would any woman vote for Romney?

Men are NEVER more sensitive and caring than during their SO's pregnancies.

Something that just struck me about Romney's comments on women...


Mitt Romney On Women At Bain: They Don't Want To Work There

Six arrested at Sensata plant

Top Romney Adviser: I Was Wrong, Romney Took No Stance On Ledbetter

Dennis MILLER & O'LOOFAH, "He's a SHY guy" Let your imagination SOAR!1 n/t

It's interesting that some DUers are trying to find out what the limits

funny thought

SurveyUSA has Obama (+3) in OHIO; Obama (+19) with early voters

It is time for us to

Capital Gains Tax

OOPS, Fox News Doesn't Bleep Out Fake Obama Voter.

Big Ed does his show a disservice having rethugs and democrats on the same time

Binders, Keepers, Losers, Weepers

Leaked Audio Captures Romney Asking Employers To Tell Their Employees How To Vote

Romney's tax plan explained:

So, apparently, Obama is ignoring the Ravitch-organized teacher letter writing campaign.

Another young kid trapped into acting as a terrorist by the FBI

Dark and scary binder

Bain Capital is largest NRCC donor

If I were prone to conspiracy theories...

Just received text re: Donation deadline

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night! Debatable

One man's Candy...

A voice from inside Syria

Toles Strikes Again!

Poor MittWit couldn't handle a black man and a woman standing up to him.

Is there something about the town hall debate format that inherently favors the Democrat?

Didn't Bush always say The war on Terror

So, where can I buy a Florida 2012 State pin?

He referred to "trickle down gov't" last night. Once again proving the GOP loves to confuse

Tagg Romney wanted to take a swing at Obama during the Debate

Text: Oppressed Women are Easily Overlooked

Tagg Romney says seeing his dad under attack during debate made him want to take a swing at Obama

Please Proceed Governor pic

Holy Shite Rmoney differed from Bush by stating three identical things

Romney's jobs plan

Romney's tax plan explained:

Obama to be on Letterman Thursday night..just a reminder, plus tomorrow on the View

PPP is reporting Obama leads 76-24 among Ohio early voters

Tagg Romney wanted to 'take a swing' at president.

Free Trade: I'm cheap and only 13.

most important difference between Romney and Bush

Funny Romney video making fun of Rose Garden Blowup

PPP Tweets about polling in CO, IA & NH

Big thanks to the jury system.


Serial filer of bizzare lawsuits adds Drew Peterson to list of targets

Ermagerd!!!! Lets all mock those with speech impediments! Yay!

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 18 -- What's on Tonight: 60th Anniversary of Cinemara

Tagg Romney Says He Wants To ‘Take A Swing’ At Obama - AUDIO link

Why does the DU spellchecker say gullible is misspelled?

Hey, when is the pendulum supposed to swing back?

Obama picks McCormick Place for election night rally

Tagg Romney Says He Wants To ‘Take A Swing’ At Obama

"Five Ways Romney Alienated Women in the Second Presidential Debate" by Tara Culp-Ressler at TP

Matt Bomer's Smokin' Hot Deleted 'Magic Mike' Strip Scene

Anyone else here remember Meco?

Hi Newbie here

This photo sums up the Romney/Ryan plan for senior citizens

Which amazing precedent will be smashed in this election?

Another 11,104 Democrats and 4,917 Republicans added to the Florida voter rolls on 10/15-10/16


After last night's debate!

Hey! Why are my blinders suddenly full of women?

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 19 -- What's On Tonight -- American Politics in the Movies

Fake Gloat Free Post-Season Baseball Scores (Wednesday, October 17)

The ugly truth about a potential Romney presidency

Just back from Gillibrand/Long debate in Saratoga.

Early *in person* voting starts tomorrow in NC!

Hannity and Malik's complaining about Crowley interrupting rmoney more times than the president.

Mitt Romney Encouraged Business Owners To Advise Employees How To Vote

BuzzFeed reporter: Tagg Romney on his dad before the debate: "He gets terrified!"

Now the Gravis Working Group needs your help.

All I need to do is watch Bridezillas and my sorry day seems a 100 times better.

One Underated Factor From Last Night...

So Corsi is now traveling on Rmoney's campaign aircraft

Jerome Corsi (World nut daily) now a rmoney adviser?

Polls Are A Looking A Bit Better, Huh

The Koutnze cheerleader prayer banner thing

Debate Fact Check Shows Romney Lied 31 Times In 41 Minutes

No more "Trending now" or "Greatest Threads" on the front page? Dang, I liked those features

"Tagg" is now trending on Twitter

Audio Reveals Mitt Romney is Behind Employer Layoff Threats if Obama Wins

The Right-Wing Lie: Tripoli is Benghazi and Benghazi is Tripoli

Greatest Hits,-- Newt Gingrich: "Mitt Romney is a liar"

Rachel Maddow just took the wingers down for the count

Rachael just did an Olbermann paper toss at the end of her program tonight!

What happens when half the country starts laughing at a national candidate?

Un Effing Believable That Republicans Are Calling Those Illinois Workers Communists ----

Overheard in the jury lounge today: "I'm a Republican but won't be voting

Greg Mitchell: Tagg, You're...Out

Cardinals must have scored a Brazilian runs in the seventh!

Son Of Willard Romney Threatens To Physically Assault The President

are you kidding? you got Josh Romeny's vampire stare and Tagg Romney's Roid-Rage

DNC tax hit draws nearly 2 million

Ann: "Hillary is doing a great job" by Alex Seitz-Wald at Salon

From the daily Kos

I got email from DCCC

I can't believe that Michelle spent the last 2 weeks whining about how hard this is

The Athens Rally was Awesome

"Is the South Distorting National Polling?" by Michael Tomasky at the Daily Beast

I heard an interesing comment on NPR today.

Plouffe: Obama campaign circling wagons/NOT TRUE

NDAA Critic Stranded In Hawaii After Turning Up On No-fly List

Maricopa voter suppression

Twitter responds to Tagg Romney: "Want to fight? Go to Afghanistan."

Heads Up: President Obama to Appear on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - October 18 - Thursday

Heads Up: President Obama to Appear on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - October 18 - Thursday

Romney tried to question Obama during the debate....

‘Binders Full of Women’ May Help One Woman Get a Job

How long until Mitt does Dancing with the Stars?

The ED Show - Right-wing unhappy with Obama's win

FEC deadline only hours away (midnight) - Donate if you can.

Not MSM that I know of covered this

Political Commercials are making me laugh

Interesting discussion with a conservative coworker..

Legal victory for (San Mateo) county in Lehman case

"Act of Terror" in Obama's speech.

A Message From Bruce (Springsteen)

Trial of 'atheist' Alber Saber resumes

There is a post about Tagg wanting to take a swing at Obama for calling his dad

Can someone give me some guidance, please,

The Yanks are making Ichiro feel right at home

Can't help but notice that Debate #1 was MSM headline for days and days but Debate #2

The whole blood church

A message from Bruce Springsteen

Joy Reid is the most refreshing new journalist on GEM$NBComcast

Is it real? Physicists propose method to determine if the universe is a simulation

A New Model Of Teaching Religious Tolerance

The ED Show - Romney trying to convince voters he's tough on China

"Virginia GOP Caught Destroying Voter Registration Forms- UPDATED"

DU, help out CANDY CROWLEY - she's getting FREEPED.

A bit of awesome in music

Steroid Crazed Armstrong Looking Forward to Big Pharma Paycheck

Gloat Free Post-Season Baseball Scores (Wednesday, October 17)

The ED Show - Romney and his binders full of women

If Romney can't handle Candy Freakin' Crowley without whining...

Political breaking news in the next few days...

Teaparty woman on facebook, said today she will not vote because she can't stand Romney!

I have been thinking?

"On tax cuts: Reagan lied, Bush lied; should Mitt be believed?"


Saw SNL about undecided voters on Last Word.

Q: Did Team Obama deliberately set a word-trap for Mitt to fall into? A: Personally, I think so.

Binders reviewed on Amazon....rotflmao

Watch Jon Stewart tonight

Newsflash for Mitt: The recovery’s not so sluggish

Nate Silver coming up on tonight's DAILY SHOW...

IMPORTANT: Sign up to help Kelley, McCormack, and Johnson on Election Day!

My feral kitteh boy is feeling really bad. Can you please read and help?

I think the first Tuesday in November, Election Day, should be a national holiday.

14,000 turn out for Obama in Athens, Ohio

An observation on Romeny's "inaccuracies" and changing program/position on everything

My feral kitteh boy is feeling really bad. Can you please read and help?

A great thing happened today in NC!

I agree with Republicans

At Biden rally, ‘malarkey’ catches on:“Malarkey! Malarkey!” the crowd shouted out

Brown apologizes for comment about Warren ad

Man Runs 2:46 Marathon In Flip Flops

Officials: Obama ready to veto a bill blocking ‘fiscal cliff’ without tax hike for rich

As bad as Romney was in the debate...

Early Voting starts today (Thursday) in North Carolina

9/11/01 vs. 9/11/12

Paul Ryan pandering to rich athletes doesn't know who a pro QB is

Stuff I heard on tv

Nate Silver is on Jon Stewart right now!

Scott Brown offensively says the widow of an asbestos victim in a Warren ad was a paid actor

Do we care what the other side thinks about polling and swing states?

Hate crime trial: Victim tells of beating, anti-gay slurs

Is my problem with DU, or Facebook?

Gregory Brothers "Songify" Debate 2....Funny - and Fun! Be sure to watch!

(Wis.) State jobs agency lost track of $8 million in overdue loans

TPM's Brian Beutler: Romney family to be known henceforth as the Rock 'em Sock 'em robots

Did Netflix just go on a B and C crapola movie buying binge?

Victory in Memphis!! Workplace Protections

... Which one is Libya?

Colbert just referred to Fox News as

"Please Proceed, Governor" - Was it planned?

Mary Bono Mack Down in Second Straight Poll

Reviews of Avery White 2-Ring Binders on

I had the honor of telling VP Biden that I've got his and President Obama's back tonight!

Well, this 47%'er has get to work!!!!!

Past Presidential Campaigns

Carol Goldberg, Presidential Debate Questioner, Rates The Candidates' Answers

Jon Stewart Praises Obama For Actually Showing Up, Tears Apart Romney’s Debate Performance

So how long before Big Bird shows up in a binder at a Romney Rally?

Something I've noticed about Romney during the entire campaign

Drop the Mike - picture

Barack Obamacat Says...


Funny candid Obama photo

Famous musician fans reveal much about U.S. presidential candidates

I just watched my TiVo of the debate and noticed something ...

Duckworth: No SuperPAC will ‘bury’ me

Debate Toons

What happened to the milestones when a post gets to 25 replies?

Mitt Romney told President Obama, he would have been more successful if he would've had two parents?

Think about this... Barack Obama is really the first democrat to win the the age of Fox News

Is Big Oil raising gas prices artificially high to help Romney?

What DUer came up with the idea to put secretions of beavers' anal scent glands into food?

Vending Machine America

Evangelicals mobilize for Romney campaign

Sept 7, 2012 (NLRB)issued a ruling that will likely deem koch's social media policy unlawful.

Akin Bonds Ever Tighter With Evangelicals

Obama Mocks Romney in Iowa Over 'Binders'

Paul Ryan, vice presidential candidate, confuses Brandon Weeden, Colt McCoy at Cleveland Browns'

Lyin Ryan and Mittens graphics - For your facebook and Twitter needs

I have paying federal taxes for 41 years

Binders on Amazon - Hilarious comments

Erbruherm Lernkern

Walsh: Vote Republican or Lose Your Job


Why is Nevada always easier for us than Colorado?

Investigation: Walker Administrations in Milwaukee and Madison – incompetence or corruption?

It Should Be A Felony To Tell Your Workers How To Vote. It Is ----

Mitt's binder dilemma

Help! I've looked and looked, but can't for the life of me figure out how I can find ...

"Please proceed, Governor." Fraze of the year

Nate Silver update: Polls canceled each other out today; Obama at 65.7%

NY Times - "Romney Campaign Makes $12 Million Ad Buy"

Question - would it have been better for Obama if Crowley HADN'T jumped in when she did during the

Ohio: Romney vs. Obama SurveyUSA Obama 45, Romney 42 Obama +3 (pre-debate)

Mitt Romney Game : Help Mitt Romney to catch all women with his binder !

7 minutes!! (CT)

Three Activists against the banks, from the Thrive movement

Oct. 18th Wee hrs. of the morning Nate Silver has Obama Up

To the Fact-Checking Fact F#cks at FoxNews- What about REAGAN LIBRARY Debate ?? (flashback)

Obama plans election-night rally in Chicago convention center

Last three albums recorded...

New SimCity to require constant internet connection

Fireside Chat Time

The next Gravis bombshell report will be held over for release tomorrow.

Chile approves extradition request for ex-US officer in 2 killings, including journalist

Presidential & VP candidates on 85% of US ballots. Arrested & chained for 8 hours.

Chile approves extradition request for ex-US officer in 2 killings, including journalist

Report: Romney’s ‘binders full of women’ story not true

What you do in the voting booth (even if your employer wouldn't approve)

lying for the lord.

Just wanted to say hi :)

Jimmy Kimmel: "Who won the debate - Michelle Obama or Ann Romney?"

Presidential betting odds from Ladbrokes

Obama's Ads Are Working; Romney's, Not So Much (Based on Study of 2300+ Swing Voters)

Bill Maher : "In the Bubble"

I know how you fell about Any Rand however read this please!


Romney's "bosses" gaffe is going mainstream -- it's the new 47

Uruguay Senate Approves First-Trimester Abortions

Uruguay Senate Approves First-Trimester Abortions

yesterday's APoD

Kimmel: Who Won ''Last Night's'' Debate? (folks were asked 'before' the debate) - funny

Paraguay diplomats ordered to leave Venezuela

Right wing billboards along I-94?

Democratic poll shows Rep. DesJarlais now faces tough challenge

Two Jurors think it's ok to advocate for a non-Democratic Congress

Argentina's Senate passes bill to lower voting age

Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up?

What children of single mothers might look like...

Graphic: Mitt and China

Court Orders First Handover of Chevron’s Ecuador Assets

Court Orders First Handover of Chevron’s Ecuador Assets

Anyone see these videos:

The Hill - "Romney's pivots raise the character issue"

I saw another poster mention about another debate...Is there another one? I thought that was it. nt

Romney Binders Online Game - As seen on Rachael Maddow

I gotta mouse in my house

Official: Shot Pakistani girl is moving her limbs

Frank Rich: The Tea Party Will Win in the End

Debate Toons Part 2

Appeals Court hears case on medical value of marijuana

Citizens' forecasts point to Obama

Voters still expect Obama to win

HA! Joe Scarborough Criticizes Mitt Romney For 'Running Over' Candy Crowley, Obama At Debate

Lingle Pollster: 'Very Close Race'

NY Times: Elyria, OH Corner of Hope and Worry

Corporations Are NOT People!

Reality in North from the defection of North Korean soldier

Democrats winning money race in key congressional races .

Apparently there's a wingnut Dr Seuss chain mail going around

The Rehabilitation of Mitt Romney.

Obama breaks 50% on RAND tracking poll - leads Romney by 6...

The craziest right-wing post EVER

Conservative women speak out for Senate candidate Todd Akin

Nation's Ever So Malleable Simpletons

Anyone else love this captioned Paul Ryan photo?

Reince Priebus Forced Back Into Ancient Puzzle Box After Being Tricked Into Saying Name Backwards

Fareed Zakaria NAILS it! Arguments over what the President said about the attack are a "Red Herring"

Former head of Israel’s spy agency Mossad Meir Dagan seeks liver transplant in Belarus after Europea

Palmyra Massacre October 18, 1862

Presidential, Senate races dead heats in Wisconsin

Rightwing makes effort to co-opt Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Little House" books

Is Mitt Romney the pointy-haired boss?

Apple loses UK tablet design appeal versus Samsung

RW friend says "Top 10% pay 70% of all taxes, taking care of that 47%." True?

Mitt Romney AGAIN Won't Say Which Loopholes & Deductions He'll Cut

Goodbye toys and cards. Hello loans and bookies

The Three Corners of Ron Johnson's Mouth

Obama answers questions from Nick Kids...

Brentwood library pulls book off shelves after father claims it promotes homosexuality

Michigan troops' ballots spark battle

Murdoch demands ABC apologise for lie

Tag Romney wanted to take a SWING at the President after the debate this quote is going VIRAL

A cat wants shrimps!!

Mitt Romney Game : Help Mitt Romney to catch all women with his binder !

Mikka - You go girl!

My only Problem with the second debate Was How Romney Tied Fast And Furious To this admistration

What a shameful, retrograde, sexist and misogynistic

Note from the debate don't go forward when you're opponent says please proceed Governor

According to Bill Press & Think Progress...Mitt had 31 lies in 41 minutes!

FoxNews Guy Can't Decide: People or Money are More Important

New ad in this area for Romney. Saw it a few minutes ago. Needs quick response.

Now that the FEC deadline has passed, what SuperPac should I donate to?

Amid much speculation, Cuba state media releases message from Fidel Castro

Choice IS An Economic Issue

This wild. Time lapse star trails and city light trails taken from the space station

Mitt Romney Reminds Me Of A Serial Killer

May a plague of poo eating locust invade the Houses of Rombie.

Government doesn't create jobs?

Voter registration numbers out in PA, NC,NV as of 10-17-12

Editorial: John Ewing (D-NE) is World-Herald's pick for House (NE-02) Endorsed L Terry 7 times !!!

Joe Ricketts buys $220K in ads bashing Bob Kerrey D-NE

Morning with Misogynist Joe...

Pennsylvania Getting Tougher on Straw Purchasing in a Bumbling Sort of Way

??? Makes More Friends in Yemen

Tom Toles: Romney's Binder

Mitt wants to know what the Obama "agenda" is for the next 4 years?

Luckovich: I have binders full of women

What Government Does for You

Mitt Romney caught on tape telling businesses to force employees to vote for him

Krugman: Small-Time Mitt

Mitt Romney Leaked Fundraiser Video- Iran

10 Things Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Don't Want Americans to Know


Privatization Pushback: Civil Society Slams Water Privatization Conditions for EU Bailouts

538 has Obama up to 65.7 % chance of winning.....

"Romney's approval rating stood at 34 percent in November 2006, ranking 48th of the 50 U.S. governor

Mitt Romney closed factories and shipped jobs to China

Why educating women isn't necessarily a panacea for population growth

Newsweek Will End Print Magazine in 2013

Gay couple win Berkshire B&B refusal case

Why is Mitt Romney so unpopular in his home state of Massachusetts?

Madagascar palm trees at risk of extinction, study finds

EU summit: Angela Merkel calls for national budget veto

INSIDE the Gallup number from yesterday where etch a sketch was leading 51-45%

The student next to me cheated. Do I tell, or not?

US, Lobbyists Face Off with EU on Data Privacy Proposal

Schools of Choice

Limited Government Romney Style Would Be ----

Football fans urged to ‘shop around’ for cheaper clubs to support

DVD'S Campaign to Trash the President Should this be a concern?

Public Policy Polling: Warren Up By 9 In Massachusetts Senate Race

Romney and Ryan remind me of teabaggers I've known

The GOP Even Wants To Turn Police And Fire Protection Over To Corporations ----

Joe Scarborough is a lot like Mitt Romney.

A library for Bush groupies

Fracking’s big picture

It's the Washington Times, but OMG

One of the reasons many women are presently unemployed...

Amazons Avery Binder listing is totally Mitt-acized! Check out the reviews!

Anyone watching MORNING JOE?!! What Misogynistic bastards!!

The Hidden Price of Food from China

Poll..Just saw that

Krugman: Small-Time Mitt

Romney's Code Talk -- Women Should Have Careers In The Home ---

The Electoral College and My Vote

Laxative-laced soft drink bubbles into a lawsuit

Food From Nowhere: Producers Reject Calls For Stricter Labels

I'm watching this movie from the 50's called the Man in the Gray Flannel Suit...

FBI 'stings' under scrutiny after NY bomb plot arrest

Please proceed, Governor:

Anne Hathaway's Wedding Pics: Donating Money to Support Gay Marriage

George McGovern no longer responsive

Do you want a laugh? Seen on Facebook

Note to Concern trolls...

ES&S vice president accused of peeping

MIRT forum access

Newsweek will end their print edition at the end of the year.

Wait, did Mitt say he was going to start a trade war with China?

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (10/18/2012)

Women For Romney!

Custom-painted bulldozer rolls for Romney


Trapped in Afghanistan: Major Hurdles Facing German Troop Withdrawal

Exactly where in Mitt Romney's plan does one make it out as a mature, self-determined American?

Toles Toon: In High Positions

Ted Turner was just on the CBS morning show. He's supporting Obama

SurveyUSA Ohio poll: Obama up 3 points

Open Enrollment meeting at work and the use of "Obamacare"

NYC still a target

BBC says broadcasts being disrupted in Middle East, Europe

Mitt Romney Makes Another Demand:

The Binder reviews are in

Poll: Warren Up By 9 In Massachusetts Senate Race

Romney-Gekko jpg.

Famous White Americans

Jobless claims reverse course, bounce back up

Walmart Strikes: More Workers Join Fight In Oklahoma, Claim Intimidation

Protests as Ireland's 1st abortion clinic opens

Ben Stein Stuns Fox & Friends: ‘All Due Respect To Fox’ But ‘Taxes Are Too Low'

Obama Ready to Play Hardball on Fiscal Cliff

Greece hit by new general strike over austerity

Krugman writes the introduction to new edition of Foundation Trilogy

'If not for them I would totally kick his ass or have my nanny do it.'

What Can I Do?? I hate talking on the phone, but want to volunteer!!!

Ten Commandments Judge Battles Bomb Victim’s Son in Alabama Race

Romney staff and advisors are essentially the Bush administration. The facts are if people vote for

High Ten . . . and, more

Will Rogers Never Met Willard Romney

That first question ...

Meanwhile over at Amazon, the binder meme mutates.

Tune into NPR Science Friday tomorrow

West Chester Approves Cigarette Butt Fine

TPM: Romney-Cited Researcher Disputes Romney’s Jobs Math

Romney primary message shifts as election nears

"His real victory was in provoking Mr Romney to reveal the snappy, irritable side of his character"

Obama has lost Dilbert!

MA Senate: Brown forced to apologize for lying about Warren TV ad

Prop. 32's real purpose is to cripple labor unions politically

BBC Rape Factory: The story goes international

The choice is simple: Bill Clinton policies or George Bush policies.

Mika Brzezinski Calls Out Mitt Romney For Lying About Seeking Out ‘Binders Full Of Women’

Mitt & Ann at Cayman Hide-Away

Romney’s Enormous Medicaid Cuts Dwarf Other Health Care Differences (CHART)

L.A. County assessor arrested in bribery case

Have you seen-Crazy Boy?

Twitter Blocks Germans’ Access to Neo-Nazi Group

Polls immediately prior to elections - 2000 / 2004

All the Romney swagger and posturing finally elicits response from China

Debates in a (Bagley Cartoon) Nutshell


Jobless benefits jump to a 4 month high? This is getting as confusing

Housing industry recovering faster than many economists expected

California college students' average debt among lowest in nation

Jobless claims snap back up

U.S. to Get Downgraded Amid Fiscal ‘Theater,’ Pimco Says

Nate Silver is saying that it will be a couple of days before we see the effects of the debate. He

Chuck Todd Was So Bad I Had To Put On FOX Lite

*** Gets out her staple gun and posts sign for the new DU Higher Education Learning Center ***

Bain Capital: A Cultural Reference


WTF! Faithless Electors on Chuckie Toad, the College Dropout...

Toon: "Could you say that a little Louder, Candy?"

Gallup unadjusted unemployment rate tumbles down to 7.3%

All Rich Republicans Think Romney is Lying

My opinion of Mitt

Check it out...I'm a meme!

Message From The BOss

This article about native Americans is just awesome.

I couldn't go to the beach, 'cause I had to work today. So ...

Origami Cat

Anybody read or cover this story yet

Employment surges for community college grads

One Mass. resident's experience with Romney

Richard A. Clarke: Romney on Libya: Just shameful

Voter Intimidation is definitely illegal but the penalties are weak...

Portrait of a Mitt Romney Voter -- Feel free to comment and share!

Toon: The Schoolyard Rmoney

Boy, 11, banned from joining Scouts for not believing in God

Fast path to healing

Biden, in Nevada, accuses GOP ticket of 'blackmail' for tax stand

Tagg Romney wanted to "take a swing" at President Obama

Just a Reminder, Ladies

Romney said he's not going to allow the 'wealthy' top 5% (AGI $159,619 in 2010) to have a tax cut

When Dems lose a debate...

James Lipton nailed it on Romney, and got me thinking

Saudi Arabia plans female religious police

Despite Court Order, Ohio’s GOP Election Chief Is Still Cutting Back Early Voting

+++ NFL Picks / Week Seven +++

CSM - "Medicare: Taking it private would raise premiums"

He shot a man in the face just to watch him lie.

A modest jury proposal...

Hello, I am from KS

Obama Leading by 4-5 points In Every Region Except the South (Romney Losing the Election)

NUVO Columnist on This Election and Early Voting

Corporations, Super PAC Donors Funded Republican National Convention In Tampa

I don't think anybody is voting "FOR" Romney

Rand poll shows movement toward Obama

Virginia GOP Caught RED-HANDED Destroying Voter Registration Forms (Update: ARRESTED!)

Schoolyard Romney.


The ignorance and idiocy on the right regarding Obama's comments on gas prices is astounding.

Why I do not believe the Gallup Poll on women support for Romney?

"At First I Got Upset. And Then I Started Pacing. And Then I Started Crying"

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 18, 1929

Biology forms Identity. Identity forms Culture. Culture forms Politics.


Lukovich: "Binders Full Of Women..."

Huffington Post: "Mitt Romney Encouraged Business Owners To Advise Employees How To Vote"

There should be a law that says employers cannot blackmail people into voting a certain candidate

Romney Weighs Competing in Other States...


U.K. Energy Rules to Include Measures Spurring Nuclear

Bring the Robin Hood Tax to The US

If the execs at Bain believed

Electoral College vs. Popular Vote mis-matches

Man in Germany Gets Big Surprise When He Jumps Into an Icy Pool

Ras Ohio Poll--no change from their last--Obama still up by 1

Limbaugh Knocked Out of Top Spot in Streaming Talk Radio Audience Metrics

UK's year of drought and flooding unprecedented, experts say

Leakey church sign stirs political controversy

Much love for Ohio U. & Athens, OH (pictures)

Why Romney Whiffed Obama's Pitch To Women

I want to thank individuals in the top 2% who side with the 98%

A Piece of the Binders Full of Women Action

For Mitt Romney, the Great Recession Never Happened

Why binders of women was such a curious thing for a Mormon to say- binders used for extra wives

Have to admit, President has done a poor job of fighting the "We can do better" attacks...

We Are the Parade

Afghanistan’s president says NATO can speed up handover of security to Afghan forces

Keyboard shortcuts (Cntl-a, -c, -v) are controlled by the OS. True or false?

How to rescue a baby elephant? Rope, Land Rover

Winner-take-all economy enriched those at the very top, & lightened their tax burden.

Mitt Girl: *CALLING OUT* Ryan Girl!

This American Life: The Convert

When idiots suggest that the psychopath will be better for the economy

Latino Catholics overwhelmingly favor Obama

Ask Dr. Ozzy

Michelle clapping? Ann Romney caught yelling "WHAT?!" to Obama

Scott Brown Has Sunk To A New Low - No Wonder He Is Losing

(Canada) Conservatives table next big budget implementation bill

Given the new GOP emphasis on voter suppression has security on electronic voting machines improved?

Rachel Maddow is TICKED OFF

Survey paints picture of war-weary America

"Letters from the boss" about politics... should they be illegal?

Bruce Springsteen & Obama: Singer Explains His Support

Federation of American Scientists: 50th Anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis

From The Use It Or Lose It Files: Navy OKs $1 billion for missile called flawed by tester

Mr. Obama is a very patient man.

How the FDA allowed the company that once said DDT, PCBs and Agent Orange were safe....

Tucker Carlson: Crowley’s fact check was like Abraham Lincoln’s assassination

Hey Tagg Romney!

Germany Tries to Halt Baltic Shipwreck Plundering

Mitt Romney kinda did me a favor...

*MY* state leaning toward becoming *1st* in USA to approve same-sex marriage on ballot

Video Shows Drunk, Stoned US Defense Contractors


I saw interviews with 4 of the debate questioners on CNN & one on Fox

According to Gallup (for what it's worth) abortion is the top issue amoung woman

Can cobalt-graphene catalyst beat platinum?

Another Romney's myth. According to the BG, women's share among senior adm. officials declined

Romney only wants to BE president

Long lines as N.C. early voting begins - 10X as many Obama supporters!

Time again to post your favorite band no one really has heard but should

Exposing Romney Lie #967: Actually, under Obama, China's Renminbi has STRENGTHENED, not Weakened

Does the Romney Family Now Own Your E-Vote? - YEP, PRETTY MUCH - By Bob Fitrakis

From THE 'ignorant, pandering ass'

This is hilarious. "Don't arrest me, I'm a republican..."

Oh - wrong Romney

New ($500 million dollar) littoral ship due to arrive on Thursday

Apparently, Ann Rmoney will be on The View today to whine about her hubby's treatment

Mayoral Candidate J. Max Davis Accepted Campaign Contributions from Vendors

AZ Officials Send Out Doc - White People Vote November 6 ---Brown People Vote Noviembre 8

Why Are U.S. Eastern Seaboard Salt Marshes Falling Apart?

Too late to stop global warming by cutting emissions

Young Voters Prefer Obama:

Team Romney won't rein in GOP nominee during third debate

Future Jobs Depend on a Science-Based Economy

Just when I thought Romney could not sink any lower,greed and hypocrisy on steroids

Where are all the polls?

Five Wolves Killed in Wisconsin as Controversial Hunt Begins

Call me Ishmael

I would like to thank the Republican primary voters for picking Romney over Jon Huntsman

Are there areas in AK, Canada, and some places in the West that are mostly unpopulated,

Northrop Shows Off Smaller, Modular Robot For Tighter Budgets

Since 2012 is looking a lot like 2004 lets see how the polls stack up then & now

Mittman and Ryan by MR. FISH

Schilling & Bustos debate in Rockford

68 Nobel laureates strongly endorses President Barack Obama

"Another Brick In The Wall" Romney-style

(CV-22) Crash Drives Air Force to Restart CV-22 Pilot Formation Training: EXCLUSIVE

Somebody explain to us what fucking bizarro world the fucking repugs live in again?

Letter to bishop on appointment of ultra-extremists bishops.

Spanish speakers given wrong election date with Maricopa voter ID card

Queen Ann on The View right now ... Mitt dumps on her, he might "go crazy"

Rachel Maddow - Right-wing truthers lead Romney to debate disaster

OK Texas DU'ers! Early voting starts on Monday.

i am so pissed.

Greg Palast: Romney's Bailout Bonanza---Mitt Profited By At Least $15.3 Million From Auto Bailout

The myth about Romney being a job creator while Governor..


Commander: If Iran Is Attacked, Israel Will Be Hit

How a President Romney Would 'Stick It to Seniors'

Calling out every Amendment on the FL ballot this November.

To Gov. Romney - Get Yourself Some "Binders Full Of Respect"

Anyone else fascinated by The later Roman Republic?

80-year-old woman in San Diego rips down Obama with Hitler mustache posters and gets arrested

"Last night, Gov Romney blamed parents for the violent tendencies of their children. Then..."

Damien 'Lock Up Your Daughters' Romney: "Soon"

Ann Romney

Boner stumping in Iowa; REFUSES to discuss specific policy positions (eg., farm bill)

Many In Romney's "Binder Full Of Women" (5 of 8) Were Campaign Donors

PHOTO: Thousands of students come out last night in Athens, Ohio, to Obama campaign rally

Ok, I'll bear the brunt, here's a Newsmax-Zogby poll of FL just out...

Rachel Maddow - Obama shows lessons learned from first debate

Meet the Other 1% — Welfare recipients

Please help with straightening out a teabagger about the Rmoney Detroit bankruptcy

Mitt Romney Beats a Retreat in Crucial State of Pennsylvania

Misery Index Predicts President Obama Win CNN

Murphy ahead by 6% against McMahon

I think the Secret Service ought to pay a visit to rat faced weasel fuck Tagg Romney's place.

An incredibly thought provoking Scientific American article about science and politics...

(Federal) Appeals Court Strikes Down The Defense Of Marriage Act

President Obama's Daughter's School Evacuated

Wife & son keep making mental health problems allegations against Mittens

A political cartoon I haven't seen but maybe should

UConn/Courant Poll has Obama leading by 14 in Connecticut

Latest Presidential Polls: Obama Holds insurmountable Lead in the Electoral College

Is There A Video Clip Available Of Ann Rmoney Coming On Stage Immediately After This Last Debate?...

Zogby (yeah, I know) has Obama up by 3 in Florida

What if Romney said "binders full of women's resumes"?

PPP: Washington poll finds (D)Jay Inslee leading (R)Rob McKenna 48-42 for Governor

Report: First Daughters’ School Evacuated After Threat

Voting issue: In Cali, just checked and my husbands voters registration was cancelled.....

The Boss and President Clinton about

Got madder than I have ever been at an old friend over politics yesterday.


"Binders From the Right" Best take-off on Romney's BS yet!

Malarkey Mover!

"We conclude that Section 3 of the (DOMA) violates equal protection and is unconstitutional"

Florida man beats boyfriend for listening to Alanis Morissette

Just voted for President Obama!

Rachel Maddow - Romney runs away from Bush in wrong direction

Mike Thompson's toon captures the essence of the Rmoney campaign

Pic Of The Moment: Tagg Romney Wanted To "Take A Swing" At Obama During Debate

Haitians living in fear 'under the tent'By

Wasn't the "Romney" character always the villain in the movies?

Mitt Romney's Bailout Bonanza

Big Ed is on the Tag Romney story

USS Wasp vs. HMS Frolic October 18, 1812

Mitt Romney’s boldest claims — that his new jobs plan will create 12 million jobs — falls apart.

Will Ferrell crashes Chelsea Lately in a golf cart.

PPP: Montana poll for @LCVoters finds (D)Jon Tester leading (R)Denny Rehberg 46-44

Ghosts of war:

Rush Limbaugh knocked out of top spot in streaming talk radio audience metrics

You know what would be really cool?

Video from Mother Jones Romney saying he would take advantage of a Iranian type hostage situation

LGBT Floridians

PPP: Not seeing anything in our polls tonight to suggest a big shift back toward Obama.

Flashback: Thanksgiving 2000

William Rivers Pitt: The Short Truth of Mitt Romney (Catch the Quotation)

Talking mailer plays Todd Akin’s ‘legitimate rape’ comment

Inventor, solar innovator Stanford R. Ovshinsky dies at 89

Binders - product reviews on amazon mock Mittnocchio.

PPP: Florida 22nd District - Frankel (D) +3

WTH? Paul Rodriquez? Is he really that clueless about what Romney is about?

Tagg Romney's Company Misled Reporters About Its Relationship With Ponzi Scheme–Linked Firm

The Last Word - Lilly Ledbetter on Mitt Romney's binders

Viagra For Men And Abstinence For Women That Is A Real Catch 22 Pushed By The GOP.

The Last Word - Romney makes math problem worse

Putin Says Russia Will Not Be Dictated To On Arms Sales


Gerbera Daisies in the Rain.

Google threatens to drop links to French media

The Randians should realize that men like Romney

The High Inequality of US Metro Areas Compared to Countries.

Seen - OFA TV Ad (Romney "delighted to sign bill" overturning Roe v Wade)

Newsweek to end its print publication after 80 years

President Barack Obama on the front cover of the Athens Messenger

Women Dressed As Binders Protest At Ohio GOP HQ (PHOTOS)


Ohio and those damned machines

Paul Ryan Absent At Soup Kitchens, Shelters In His District, Say Local Charities

Oh, those frustrated Frisco fans are going to be furious!

Mitt Romney Destroying Our Democracy By Urging Businesses To Tell Their Employees How To Vote

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday Oct 18th

I hate Mitt Romney, because he is a Gawd Damn liar! I've never seen anyone quite like this asshole!

i don't expect RCP to be aware of this but Zogby is now a right wing pollster

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down DOMA In Opinion By Republican-Appointed Judge

Young blood can reverse some effects of ageing, study finds

To sleep, perchance to forget fears

I Have Some Hope That Enough Voters Will Figure It Out And Flush These Two GOP Turds -

PPP:(pre-debate) Virginia poll for @Lcvoters finds Barack Obama up 49-48 and Tim Kaine leading 50-45

CNN host boots fundy Bryan Fisher off her show...

It is a fiscal cliff because Republicans want a Thelma solution ...

Computer problems?

Not Gonna Let Mitt Romney Rewrite History On Choice -- 'Seen' (New Obama Ad)

Language has a democratic, not scientific, aspect

It's going to be a good day. No, it's going to suck.

President Barack Obama at Ohio University, Athens, Oct 17 -14,000 people!

Obama begins a 24-hour campaign blitz today...

Could a moon of Uranus harbour an underground ocean?

Romney's Energy (Drilling) Claims Are Garbage.

Women! Do you want Bishop Romney and his American Taliban overseeing your organs?

Democrat Rich Carmona Races Toward the U.S. Senate

Which Millionaire Are You Voting For?

They went there..."Since when are you a moderate voice on women's issues?"

Tom Daley’s sponsorship with British Gas causes an awkward moment

The Four Freedoms

Put an Obama Biden sticker on my car this morning.

Electoral Votes - where we stand today. Without the 8 states 237(o) to 170(r)

Mantra for the next 20 days? "You can't trust Mitt Romney"

Leo Kottke's "Power Failure."

Gallup (Thursday): Obama job rating 50/44 Plus 2 in three day average

A Perfect Description Of Mitt Romney..........

Gallup might want to check their likely voter screen

Scott Brown Apologizes For Accusing Widow of Cancer Victim in Warren Ad of Being an Actor


Mitt Romney’s Math Problem

Romney Has Massive Lead Over Obama in the South, BUT...

A Schizophrenic on Death Row

Robbery Rob - Android app - Free

Wow...Queen Ann's inflection says more than the words.

NC Dems! Remember that if you vote straight Democratic ticket . . .

Dinesh D'Souza explains why Obama hates traditional values

I finally figured out who Mitt Romney reminds me of

The vilification of electric vehicles

When Democrats lose a debate:

Dinesh D’Souza Resigns From Presidency Of Christian College

Remember Rove-protegee Patrick McHenry (R-Closet) connex to murder/suicide? Another crony arrested

What's funnier?

Teacher charged with assault; mom says lesson involved Islam

Equal pay for women and equal Social Security benefits for women.

UN: Hezbollah's launch of Iranian drone into Israel was 'reckless provocation'

GOOG: Google Stock Plummets After Quarterly Earnings Leak

You say Mitt is going to create 12 million jobs if we elect him???

Note the RCP average is Romney by 0.7%

I have seen several pundits saying Obama isn't going to get a bump from the second debate

Rape is just another form of conception. - Paul Ryan

This election is clearly divided by race and ethnicity

When Robme/Lyin' Ryan or anyone assert that Obama has no plan for the next 4 years...

GD needs a good laugh...

Obama retakes the lead in Florida, 47%-44%

Romneyy campaign sent Barbara Comstock on Andrea Mitchell's program to defend his record on women's

This is why I hate these bastards. Illinois Republican: Do civil unions mean ‘somebody can get

Obama campaign ready to take on voter suppression!

Gore won the popular vote - yet Gallup showed an 11 point lead for Bush on this day in 2000.

Website Counting Down to ‘October Surprise’ Has the Internet Guessing

Recommendations on CA state propositions.

I wish one of the questions at the last debate had been:

BARF! On Andrea Greenspan Mitchell now...

record number seeks food aid in the U.S.

Number of Democrats grows by 8,300 in 6th District

Recommendations on CA state propositions.

SurveyUSA: Obama (+10) in MINNESOTA (same as last month); (Klobuchar (D) +28, SENATE)

If Gallup Was A Basketball Team They Would Have Been The BobCats

Mitt Romney's Bailout Bonanza

Day 1 taking Chantix.

Springsteen Speaks on the Upcoming Election

Woman, 80, Arrested for Removing Obama-Hitler Sign

Advocating Equal Pay for Women Is A 'Left-Wing Agenda'

Tagg Romney: Mr. White Privilege by David Sirota

The Boss On Obama

In 2010 Gallup Overestimated The Republican Generic Ballot Advantage By A Mere 250%

At this point, Gallup is serving to skew the national average toward Romney

Last night was the last official DONATE night but you can still shop at

Newly diagnosed with ADHD and now on Ritalin

Election Protection Hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE

Joan Walsh: Springsteen’s Obama tribute

Ann Romney: Mitt Will Not Run Again If He Loses

Let's try and remember this one fact about Ohio

PPP: Obama, Romney tied nationally

PPP:Obama is up 51/45 with women,62/34 with Hispanics, 87/8 with blacks, and 57/38 with young voters

PPP: Obama , Romney tied nationally

Tobin knows EXACTLY what to say when he comes home late and Jen is at the door with her arms crossed

Old Guy with a Story to Tell. (And suggestion, at the end.)

PPP:Romney's up 50/45 with men, 46/41 with independents, 58/38 with whites, and 53/43

The original Smartphone:


Go ahead, Senor Fearless Matador... where is your machismo NOW?!?!?!?

MFM: Who's yer favorite uncle? C'mon, who's yer favorite uncle?! Show me! Show me! Ah, there you go!

It's odd!!! Being a big fan, MFM goes to ALL the Comic-Cons, but he never makes any friends.

Terrible...awful...just terrible and awful...and really, really funny.

Lakers preparing to replace Kobe Bryant with LeBron James in 2014?

PPP: Obama approval 46/50, Romney favorability 47/47

Josh Romney punks Tagg on The View

IBD/TIPP Poll It's Obama (D) 46.2% Romney ($) 45.7%

Put Mitt Romney in a Binder and Liberate the Women to Flourish

Romney purchased a bunch of leather recliners?

Thom Hartmann: Myth Master Mitt Romney

Wow--after that last debate, my conservative mom may vote Obama!

Obama supporters prefer Red Lobster; Romney supporters prefer Olive Garden

Please help me with a response to this:


Anyone else feel like what this website is missing...

18 Ways Mitt Romney Is Just Like George W. Bush

Candy Crowley: I don't always moderate Presidential debates...

This is excellent, and it literally made me laugh out loud....

'Emmanuelle' star Sylvia Kristel dies at age 60

A winger CPA friend likes to throw that same "Look at your pension investments" crap at me

Did I ever tell you about the time that Tagg Romney, Chuck Norris, and I had to fight to

CNN Dismisses Republican Criticism Of Moderator Candy Crowley: Romney ‘Did Not Have As Good A Night’

Secret Boy Scout Files on Potential Child Abusers Released

Something big that got lost from the debate

REPUBLICAN VOTERS! Here's the deal!

Would YOU support this?

The scariest thing Romney said in the Debates.

Tagg Robme . . . Ya know what comes to mind when I see that name?

Assaulting the President is still a joke to the romneys....

A little help on DOMA.

Amazon and Binder Reviews

WalMart, strikes, unions, wages etc.

The Republican Candidate

Ed Rendell's new gig: helping gut Social Security

My essay got published. Did the happy dance!

Romney Economic Policy Director Lobbied For JP Morgan Chase Against Financial Reform And China Curre

We Have Bruce Springsteen. They Have Kid Rock And Ted Nugent

I just had a really, really creepy thought...

Willard Leaks Again: Scare Your Employees...

Google Shares Down 10%, Trading Halted

Savannah voters flock to the polls early

LOL, "Obama Took 4 Minutes" to say "Acts Of Terror"

Ann Romney lied about her husband attending every funeral of servicemen killed overseas

Breaking: Mitt Romney's Terrifying Google Search History Leaked

Soup Kitchen In Paul Ryan Photo-Op Faces Donor Backlash

On Human Behavior and Elections

The sad story about this election

Prediction: Gallup will soon start publishing two Likely Voter numbers

My days at work are reduced to wearing a poker face.

Top Romney Economist admits "job plan" numbers Don't compute

Mitt Romney Profited By At Least $15.3 Million From Auto Bailout: Report

NBC will release Iowa & Wisconsin polls later today

Ted Rall on Charles Munger Jr.

US wants to be part of the solution for Colombian peace .

AUC wants to actively participate in peace talks: Salvatore Mancuso .

Pic: Mitt joins Bindr

Nevada U.S. Senate Debate

6,000 turn out for Obama at rally in Manchester, NH today

Nate Silver: If election were today, the president would be favored to win

A theory about why Google had depressed Earnings

Manufacturers say they’ll divest of R&D if changes to tax credits implemented

US wants to be part of the solution for Colombian peace . Officially a hoax

PPP: Obama and Romney tied at 48% in first edition of new daily tracking poll

Gallup demographics for polling 9/14 - 10/14: 35% are from South, 64% are 50+

Romney And Obama Argue About Who Loves Big Oil More

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Interesting article that supports

Anne confirms that Sketchy RAN in MA as pro-choice, and Governed Pro-"life"

New PPP CO Poll: O 50- R 47. Down from 6 pt lead n/t

PPP: Obama +3 in COLORADO

Debate: Romney lost ground on the economy per CBS snap poll

Rmoney was talking 51.4 % more than Mr Obama at second debate!

John Harwood (CNBC/NYT): GOP pollster says it doesn't believe Gallup's 7-pt Romney lead

An Open Letter To Conservative Women Voters

So, encouring schoolkids to have lunch with different kids encourages homosexuality

The Barack Obama Reel

“Popular” Does Not Always Mean “Good” or “Right”

Conservative publication smears woman who asked debate question about equal pay

Romney Blames Gun Violence on Single Parents?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how full of shit is Real Clear Politics?

Obama's approval is closer to Clinton's in '96 than H.W. Bush's in '92 according to Gallup...

Deduction Cap Won’t Pay For Romney’s Tax Cuts: Study

Romney Economic Policy Director Was Lobbying For Wall Street Three Months Ago

Any simple way to test ad providers on website?

Does anyone have an e-mail address for Candy Crowley?....n/t

80 year old Conn. woman arrested after removing Obama signs showing Hitler moustache.

I have found someone with a head emptier than Ann Coulter. That would

Poll: Vote On Gay Marriage Ban In Minnesota A Dead Heat

"Declaring Something An Act Of Terror Does Not Necessarily Mean You Are Declaring It A Terror Attack

I expect the SCOTUS will overturn Windsor v. United States

From Daily Beast Quotes for the Day -

5 new countries join UN Security Council

Want to see just how deranged the right-wing can get?

Honduran supreme court rejects idea of building independently governed ‘model cities’

Mitt Romney's mental stability

Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria, and Kerry Washington in Rob Reiner-directed ad for Obama

S.E. Cupp doesn't understand how the separate branches of government work.

Mitt Romney: My Entire Life Spent 'Helping Women Through The Glass Ceiling' (VIDEO)


Future of Fact Checking During Debates

In pictures: BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year winners

FB Image: Josh Romney's plans to rule the galaxy

Up go the Walls: Windows 8 Metro & 'Surface' Tablet "is as locked down as an iPad" (Ars Technica)

Are people really dumb enough to buy this "last four years" crap?

How's this RAND Corp. poll measure up? Obama, 50-44.

Richie Rich Records presents "R-Money - Binders Fulla Women"

Caption Mr. Empathy

Fishery Collapse Near Venezuela Linked to Climate Change

Has our President prepared for the 3rd debate yet?

Another great ad (combatting sexual harassment)

Michael Beschloss is an idiot

TPM: PPP releases new 3-day presidential LV tracking poll. Tied at 48%.

The Federal Deficit Will Be Cut By 40% By The End Of This Fiscal year

Luther, Obama's Anger Translator, Reacts To 2nd Debate (NSFW VIDEO)

David Sirota: "The libertarian/marijuana conspiracy to swing the election" (Colorado)

A letter from one of the 2%

Jesus...Romney made more than $15 million off the auto bailout, per Greg Palast

Judge rules for cheerleaders in Bible banner suit

Wendy long (R) in the NY senate debate said its normal to be able to put a match under your faucet

Mitt & Tagg Romney tied to Ponzi scheme

Thom Hartmann: Romney Urges Employers to tell their Employees Who to Vote for

Need some DU help QUICK pls!

So far, I've only donated to DeFazio ( US House - Oregon) and Grayson.

Too funny: Romney Caught with Microphone On After Debate (Kimmel)

If I'm elected President...

millions of voters think Romney was a great governor and Obama is to blame


Something I wish was discussed is the capital gains tax rate

What would you do?

Long Lines forming in NC for first day of early in-person voting

Can someone point me to the moment in the town hall debate when

Robert Samuelson Says That CBO Numbers Are Wrong!

Democracy Now! video at The Nation: Greg Palast on how Romney made millions from the auto bailout

Ann Romney is a VILE, WRETCHED person who is just a horrible excuse of a human being!

Boy Scouts release secret child abuse files -- 'the pain and the anguish of thousands'

John McCain Slams Obama On Libya: 'Al Qaeda Is On The Run — They're On The Run Back' Read more: ht

Romney Spawn Receiving Transmissions

Immigrant Groups Call For Romney To Take Down Ad

My alma mater is undefeated so far in football this season!

Racism is NOT natural, is not from birth and doesn't kick in among people in diverse groups

What time is some kind of dinner tonight? cspan 9:00 pm Romney & OBama


Virginia Health Commissioner Resigns In Protest Of Restrictive Abortion Clinic Regulations

President Obama and Romney will attend the Alfred E. Smith dinner tonight (9pm ET) to tell JOKES

Boy Scout files reveal long history of child sex abuse cases

Ya gotta have a ball point pen for yer binder

Romney Recorded: Asking Employers to Sway Votes?

I'm Not A Katy Perry Fan But...

You know when I think of religious missions I think 3rd world countries helping the sick and hungry..

Seattle Times free ads for GOP gov candidate an outrage

Scenes of people voting early...(lots of pictures)

TEXT-S&P affirms Iceland's 'BBB-/A-3' ratings

Friendly Reminder When Talking To Repubs: Unemployment Rate when Obama Took Office 8.3%

Etch a Sketch now Hide and Seek. Clinton used this phrase today. It's short and sweet and defines

Swing States Need all the help they can get!!!

Martin Bashir just called Tagg Romney a mummy's/mommy's boy. Ha!

State Questions

Judge OKs use of Scriptures on cheerleaders' banners

Female Romney Adviser Calls Equal Pay a Left Wing Agenda (and claimed that ''real women''...)

If you need a binder the Avery 3-ring at Amazon has amazing reviews

Three more innocent people shot today in FL

If you're freaking, give YouGov a look

The 50 Most Expensive Boarding Schools In America

Out of room on your bike?

Bill Clinton Slams Romney and Exposes the Top 4 Things that Mitt is Hiding

Chris Cillizza claims that Romney doesn't have a woman problem!

From OFA's Ben LaBolt: GOP pulling out of NC as Obama supporters lined up around the block

Papantonio: The Continuing GOP War On Voting

If you aggregate all the tracking polls, it is tied

Ann Romney: Mormon missions and U.S. military are ‘different ways of serving’

Next up to be recorded from vinyl to CD, three albums by Little Feat.

So where will ReTHUGs be attempting to flip votes?

Let's play a game. How many Mormons are there in France today.

How come when one Bank wants to sell a mortgage to another Bank the Equity is of no

10 Beautiful Eco-Friendly Mansions That Are Currently On The Market

A Car with PA Plates Tosses VA Voter Registration Forms into a Dumpster – & That’s Just for Starters

Dan Ellsberg: "Defeat Romney Without Illusions about Obama!" (Advice to Swing State Progressives)

Woot! Our ballots came!

Models on Abercrombie CEO's Jet Had Rules on Proper Underwear

You can check your voter registration online and see a sample ballot here.

The men behind Malala Yousafzai

Pakistanis debate real enemy: girl-shooting Taliban or drone-firing US

Washington Post: Romney does not have a woman problem, at least not yet

Isn't it about time for Ann Romney to come out with her fake "homemade" cookie recipe?

Republicans declare Obama the winner of the debate!

Romney "connects" with the middle class

Seven Months Later, Face Transplant Patient Doing Well

Read the Amazon binder reviews.

Charlie Crist does surrogate duty for Obama, rips Romney on tax plan and ‘binders full of women’

LA Times: 'Fired' RNC Consultant Sproul Now Hiring for GOP GOTV Campaign in THIRTY States

GOP has gained momentum in Iowa since absentee ballots available

Blood Test May Help Define Breast Cancer Risk in Older Women

New Analysis: Under Any Scenario, Romney's Proposed Tax Plan Will Vastly Increase the Deficit

U.S. pediatricians call for strict gun laws to protect kids

Ex-Goldman Sachs Trader Pens Book Explaining How The Bank Rips Off Its Customers

OMG! Hank Williams Jr. Gets Political Radio Show

Questions raised about legality of Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor’s plan to copy flawed

A Message on Roe vs. Wade From Bruce Springsteen, From today's Ohio Rally

So We Could Put A Guy In The White House Who Has To Be Stabilized By His Wife Who Is Ill ----

I will send my wife to do the dirty work!

Mitt Fired-Up for Next Debate

Pic: "...manipulated by only a few heads."

Senator McDreamy's No-Good, Very-Bad Day

Scumbucket who made the "2016: Obama's America" film bounced from Evangelical Univ over adultery

Eric Stewart wins Democrat support to beat Scott DesJarlais

What do you wanna bet that Trump made a proposition that was declined?

BREAKING from Little Havana (via a Ven. blogger): Fidel Castro DEAD or about to be.

Seattle Times Political Ad Buy

Bashir: He's heard less whining from the Octomom's babies fighting for her nipples

Sirota Brings the Hammer Down On TAGG-"Latest White Man That Thinks He Can Have Whatever He Wants"

CNN Parrots National Rifle Association Falsehoods On Assault Weapons

Tagg Romney: Mr. White Privilege

Castro to convert to Mormonism soon

What Matt Taibbi Said

My granddaughter just got arrested for trespassing.

WLOS News says twice as many Republicans as Democrats voted today. Not good :( n/t

Obama leads Romney in Halloween mask polls

Mark your calendars now: Feb. 15-18, 2013

Tagg Harvey Oswald explains why "you can’t do that."

And the winner is ...

I got them talkin votin blues

Why is polling of Oregon so scant?

Thom Hartmann: We're all going to die and no-one's talking about it

Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit Steps Down, Is Well Paid For . . . What Exactly?

The real problem with Ann Romney

Absentee ballot requests in Iowa exceed total early vote in 2004

People should listen to The Boss

"if mother nature wants to warm the planet, that's her prerogative and we will adjust." Romney

Couple avoid paying damages in gun training accident

500,000 Floridians have voted in presidential race already

I am getting very nervous about this election...the thought of

Ga. agency says sea turtles finally rebounding

Colbert rips Romney for blaming gun violence on single parents

Samuel L. Jackson on the debate

That Ann Romney Could Actually Compare Serving In The Military To Serving A Mormon Mission....

Brace yourself: Daily Show quote from the President the next fauxrage

Mitt and the oil pipeline - does he know it's a Canadian owned

As a registered Independent I did receive a call this morning from the Romney campaign.

Rmoney's children-- did he have them just for the tax breaks??

Declaring Something An Act Of Terror Does Not Necessarily Mean You Are Declaring It A Terror Attack

Oh shit: Seattle Times Action Shows Limits of Citizens United

Bruce Springsteen - "Forward" (Obama Campaign Song/Ditty) - 10/18/2012, Ohio

There's been so much negitive shit on DU about the election did anyone post this Florida poll

Conservative Perversion and the Right Wing View of Women

The reviews are in

Is the WH Correspondents Dinner on Tv/stream tonight?

One thing about THIS election:


Deduction Cap Won’t Pay For Romney’s Tax Cuts: Nonpartisan Study

I cannot understand ...

Just heard on NPR...

One Thing President Obama Believes That Mitt Romney Can Do But He Sadly cant

AFL-CIO Responds to Romney Call

Ann Romney makes JOKE on The View about the time Mitt was in hospital (accident which killed woman)

John Kleeb sighting on FB!

My 1st peek at the freeper website . . . what a complete clusterfuck!

Sooo Much Ammo...If You Could Create The Next Obama/Biden Campaign Ad, What Would You Highlight?

Romney should have said he was right about Libya because he hear it on Faux news.

Sam Wang and Nate Silver on NPR Friday 2:15pm EST eom

Henry Winkler has offered "Joanie" (Erin Moran) an acting role on his show (don't know which

Just how stupid is "Revolution?"

Obama Reiterates Pledge To Close Guantanamo Bay

Romney's seven biggest debate lies - The Nation

Soup kitchen in Ryan photo op losing donors

how confident are people with Intrade?

My electoral college projection for today: Obama 303 electoral votes.

A Masterful Asswhupping

Poll shows Obama widens his Michigan lead after debate

A counter to the 'boss' threatening employees

millions of voters think Romney was a great governor and Obama is to blame

Live Video Stream of Oklahoma Dust storm

Happy International Credit Union Day to all DUers

Regarding Rice-Aroni . . . . .

Neal Cassady and Jack Kerouac were HOT.

Romney campaign begins moving staff out of NC, confident of victory

Poll shows Obama widens his Michigan lead after debate

Red State Mortality Rates and Voters Who Vote against their own Economic Interests

Ann Romney's Biggest Concern

BTW, that 3-point lead for Obama in CO expands to 5...

US President '12: Obama (D) 47.0% Romney (R) 44.0% (Oct. 18 - Reuters/Ipsos)

Soup kitchen in Ryan photo op losing donors

Why are DUers so shocked that Rmoney would tell business leaders to tell their

Cher Defends Mika Brzezinski, Calls Morning Joe Team ‘Chauvinists,’ ‘Bastards’

Clinton: GOP has tried to keep jobless rate high

MOTHERS! Mitt will draft your child to fight his wars!

One Really Needs To Question Rmoney's Ethics When A....

Good news in Michigan, all around! Obama increases lead, and Tigers up 6-0 in 5th

Big Dog puts blame for high unemployment where it belongs: right on the repukes (x-post from LBN)

I'm truly shocked. Some Republicans literally believe Obama is a Muslim

Who knows whether it's worth anything, but Gravis is about to release an OHIO poll with Obama +1

The Washington Poll: WA (Obama +9); (Cantwell +23); (Inslee +1)

Big Dawg said today that Ohio owes Obama big time

I video'd my bro, Jesse, at a coffee house a few weeks ago.

Michigan Poll: Romney 48% Obama 46%

Don't forget, President Obama will be on Jon Stewart, tonight

We shouldn't attack family members like Ann Romney

Hey all,

President Obama at a taping for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - pics

Go Detroit! Go !!!!!!!!! What a game.

Obama could get 1 Electoral vote from Omaha again & NE-02 Congress seat up for grabs!!!

Last night, Wayne Powell attended the Montpelier Tea Party Forum

Coercing workers to vote for your candidate ...

See Sue (Toon on Teabaggers)

Today's Non Sequitur Toon


Don't Let Nobody Turn You Round

Yale, NYU Study: Solar Power is Contagious


It's just a flesh wound

Mrs. Betty Bowers video: GOP Contrdictions

Matthews on Rmoney's rudeness

Electoral Math...

On The Norman GoldMan Show Just Now He Played A Clip Of Some GOPPER Saying -----

New Obama for America TV Ad on Abortion

The Facebook/Twitter photo meme that could (and should) cost Romney the election

Bye Bye Tommy, and good riddance ... you have been corrupt since before I was born .......

Check out NBC Nightly News. WI and IA polls being released soon.

Poll shows Obama widens his Michigan lead after debate

Unlimited money in campaigns, bosses telling their employees how to vote, voter suppression...

Mitt Romney Profited By At Least $15.3 Million From Auto Bailout: Report

Gun shop "election season" sale.

NBC/WSJ/Marist: IA: Obama 51% Romney 43% among LVs; WI: Obama 51% Romney 45% among LVs.

Up Up Up

For anyone interested in watching The View's Ann Romney interview...

NBC News -Obama Has Comfortable Lead In WI (51% -45%) And IA (51%-43%)

NBC: Obama up 51-45 in Wisconsin, 51-43 in Iowa

Iowa - Obama 51 to 43%; Wisconsin Obama 51% to 45%

BrewmanJax: Greed Is NOT Good

Nate Silver: Gallup vs. The World


Romney's Economic Advisor Was Wall Street Lobbyist Just 3 Months AGo

Despite Court Order, Ohio’s GOP Election Chief Is Still Cutting Back Early Voting

We Don't Do Binders - pic

Massachusetts GOP Group pays homeless blacks to campaign for Republicans

Bicycle infrastructure can reduce risk of cycling injuries by half: UBC study

Maybe Willard needs to tend to his own house, instead of the White House

Tagg Romney Invested in Ohio Electronic Voting Machines

Funny Presidential Debate Video

Guess whose planet you are living on.

Mr Romney, stop blaming Obama for all the sh**t left by Bush and Repblicans

C-Span link: Springsteen and Clinton support of Obama in Ohio

Martin Bashir - Romney, conservatives practice intentional ‘act of error’ on Libya

Oh, North Carolina...what in hell

I hope Romney is working on his concession speech - Swing states don't like him at all

PPP: Hickenlooper (56/31) and Mark Udall (47/39) both lead generic Republican foes for 2014

PPP: Our Iowa poll tomorrow is going to be a whole lot better for Romney than the NBC one tonight

$10 Bucks Says You're Gonna Like This Offer (MADE IN USA)

Mitt is the rude and dishonest car sales man--and voters see right through him

Per NBC-Marist, 34% have already voted in IA and Obama is winning them 67-32

Yo Nate Silver---

Jon Stewart is a must see tonight..

Who is MIRT?

Coming Up Tonight - Obama On Daily Show: President Defends Libya Response To Jon Stewart


Daily Kos: Scott Brown forced to apologize for asbestos 'actor' claim

Hit The Road, Newsweek.

FYI: CSPAN carries the charity event that both Obama and Romney will attend tonight.

Baldwin up by 4 in MSNBC/WSJ poll...smoke that Marquette!

Martin Bashir - Conservatives cry into their talking points over debate ‘conspiracy’

Sensata Workers Unleash banner at Romney Ntl HQ: "Stop the Romney-Bain Economy!"

Feeling stressed? These photos will set you howlin. Hilarious photos of visitors to haunted house

What time is the Afred C Smith dinner?

How good are Susquehanna Polling and Research ?

Which Romney son is creepiest?

Binder Meme getting stronger

Did I change my settings by accident or did the home page change?

US students drowning in tuition debt

Martin Bashir - Clinton, Springsteen tell swing-states ‘Never Surrender’ to Romney

Mother Of U.S. Ambassador Killed In Libya Says It’s Not ‘Productive’ To ‘Lay Blame’ For Son’s Death

Tagg Romney: Mr. White Privilege -Tagg Romney admits he'd like to slug Obama

Martin Bashir - Obama pressing debate win, Romney MIA on campaign trail

what s this about Romney pulling out of NC?

Start spreadin' the news, they're leavin' today

US and Israel to launch major military drill

Incredible Interactive Charts Show Big Manufacturing Gains Under D Presidents, Big Losses Under Rs

The other statement by Tigg, Togg...whoever, isn't getting as much attention.

My Kitty!!!! Mine I tell ya!!!( warning, contains cuteness)

Toon- Mitt Explains his economic plan!

Team Obama: Romney will be ‘drop-on-the-floor funny’ at dinner

Man (black Toyota dude) Tied To Va. GOP Arrested In Voter Form Destruction

Does Romney have leg problems?

Shaun Bauer in solitary in an Iranian prison for 4 months, looks at U.S. Prisons

Man Tied To Va. GOP Arrested In Voter Form Destruction

Get out your brooms. More proof for Romney that money can't buy everything!


Have you seen this one going around Facebook??

China investments? Apples and Oranges

Whoopi to Romney - What will you say to those mothers whose children have come home in bags?

THIS is why Mitt Can't Win

What % of the popular vote comes from the south

Early voting in NC outpaces 2008 turnout

Ranting here instead of at 'friends' friend on FB,

A vote for Mitt Romney = .... (pic)


Nate Silver L Be Careful With the Gallup Poll

Bad Arithmetic: Romney's Jobs Plan numbers Don't Compute - Joe Conason

Number One issue for women this election is

Wall Street succumbs to a far superior Main Street team.

Ann Romney: Women Didn't Care About The Great Recession (That Was Men's Work)

Nate Silver-Gallup Versus The World


OK DU experts - what yah got on this ReTHUG scumbag

Mark Thompson just said on his show that the Secretary Of Ohio is going to still restrict early voti

Party ID of WI and IA Marist polls.

Nobel prize winners endorse Pres Obama

Downton Abbey Economics

Police Make Arrest in Trashed Voter Forms Investigation

Weird question - is anyone else suddenly getting random Staples emails?

Meningitis Outbreak: Death Toll Hits 20

I Never Understood Irony When I Was Young But Yelling "VOTER FRAUD!!!!!" While Engaging In

Here's an interesting observation. According to Gallup, Obama usually polls better

The sleeper vote and other election anomalies

Greg Palast: "Mitt Romney’s Bailout Bonanza: How He Made Millions from the Rescue of Detroit

Police Make Arrest in Trashed Voter Forms Investigation.

Arrest made in Harrisonburg voter registration case

Rep. Keith Ellison calls opponent a Low-Life Scumbag in Debate