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When do you start a new thread? Sometimes, while in the middle of a discussion, I realize something

DA asks Wis. Supreme Court to reopen union lawsuit, citing justice’s conflict of interest

CNN reporter just said that Michelle Bachman has been holding her fire re: Romney so that he will

60 Minutes will interview Eric Cantor this Sunday.

DK - Alan Grayson steps up asking for help for Dennis - and I join that request

One night nearly four years ago in Iowa

WI one of few states that will raise taxes on poor. From an eagle scout son of a baptist minister...

I should be able to see if one of my posts was alerted.....

A Roundup of 2011's Most Extreme Attacks on Women's Right to Choose (Xpost from GD via backtoblue)

Willard's World

Corporate McPravda Represents One of Our Biggest Problems

Al Qaida has recruited 200 people in Libya according to CNN (Erin Burnett show).

Just had a comment deleted by the author while I was in the middle of jury duty. What do I do?

Post your favorite new music from 2011 here

With Mixed Results, Ron Paul Tries To Terrify Small Town Iowa

Movies where the charactors are Boomer Babies!

Port Authority Retirees Fight to Free Trolls

Conservative republicans fear competition and free markets but love redistribution.

Who is inspector #3?

New documentary on Tea Party cult

Some more iPad apps that work quite well

Have you seen "Two Dogs Dining?"

Muslim. Plane. Not good...right?

Obama Campaign Pounces on Matt Romney Joke as Evidence Father Pandering to ‘Dead-Ender

Now the reason you sick in bed, eatin’ all that raw fish an’ old bread.

Godless Commie Canadian Predicts Iowa Caucus Results: Perry, not Santorum, will Finish 3rd

Ottawa will pay dozens of rejected Agent Orange claims

Obama administration delays request for debt limit increase after Congress objects

Ed Brayton: Why the Iowa Caucuses are Overrated

Wolf's entry into Calif. major environmental step

I don't think the Health Insurance Reform Act was a great progressive achievement.

Looks like post minimums on new threads is back.

There are some really scary CENSORSHIP bills before congress - here's a few tools to fight them

At Iowa Restaurant, Some Patrons Not Wild About Santorum Visit

New Year 2012: hereby solemnly resolved...

Federal court orders EPA to delay cross-state pollution rules

The DUzy Awards for December 30th, 2011

Ayn Rand and the Sociopathic Society

Foreign policy a key 2012 issue

Perry voices support for English as the national language

Taking the 'ack' out of backup

Goodbye Michelle, Rick and Newt....

How do I make this my signature? Kali does a DUzy!!

When you need to get another car,

DNC Vice-Chair: Mitt Romney Needs To Repudiate His Son’s Birther Remarks

GOP lawmakers target Endangered Species Act

Apple's Jonathan Ive gets knighthood in honours list

There is some really great stuff in here:

Has anyone ever had a New Years Pretzel?

I need ideas for a salad tomorrow night. I want to make something special for my parents.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Brad Friedman subs for Mike &

Just saw Kathy Griffin on Anderson Cooper 360. She is hilarious. They are going to

Oklahoma is on at 10:00 EST

Ladies and gentlemen, LOL (Brad Woodhouse Democratic National Committee)

Was on a jury. It went away. I got stuck in jury limbo

"United 93" - 2006

Punk-assed Matt "Birther" Romney or Greg "Animal House" Marmalarde? I always get those two mixed up.

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

Putin’s Approval-Rating Slump May Be Reversing

I'm *barred* from the bar Sunday 'cause I hate the Cowboys!1

Take the f**king paper! Cat vs Printer

The "Guv" must be afraid of something...

GOPers Suffering from BRAND NAME DEGRADATION....becoming a JOKE...something 2 laff at, avoid

It was bound to happen to the Celtics

Did Rick read his own book?

Will we ever hear a MSM person ask a Republican

I was gifted an eggplant. Any suggestions with roasted peppers?

Howard Stern...

'Silent strokes' linked to memory loss in elderly

Crooks and Liars gives us just a small sampling of Ron Paul's craziest positions

The biggest sports story of 2011 >>

Video hookup

2012's Top 10: U.S., World Must Address Core Issues

Been watching Kingdom on Netflix streaming. Very good, but then anything with Stephen Fry is quite

CHILLING: In #OccupyBoston Case, BPD Hits Twitter w/ Subpoena for Users Who Used Specific Hashtags

Well I'm just fresh from a lavender /Himalayan Salt baff!

Women in the U.S. Congress. Do NOT let anyone tell you that we do not need more females in Congress

On Gay Rights, Obama Lets Surrogates Lead

Iowa's GOP caucuses may see some Democratic defectors | LA Times

Eviction postponed, Occupy Our Homes to demonstrate at BoA in Southgate, MI

Antiabortion ads from outlier presidential candidate raise eyebrows

Has anyone ever had a New Years Edsel?

I love google. Sly woodstock:

Eviction postponed, Occupy Our Homes to demonstrate at BoA in Southgate, MI

Almost finished re-reading Barnaby Rudge...I can see why...

Newt's last ditch attempt - 30 minute ad in Iowa

Congratulations, canoeist52. Nice wheels

Looking for new to me authors

For the helpful, thank you. For those who chose to answer snidely,

Russian Protesters Set a Plan for 2012

Rising Asian demand drives global coal consumption growth

Keynes was Right | Krugman-NYT

What's everybody drinking tonight? And may I buy you a round?

A quote to ponder:

Political Compass -

Ron Paul Should Stop Claiming Constitutional Stuff Is Unconstitutional

Syrians gather to show solidarity with govt

Large Protests Held in Syria to Prove Discontent to Monitors

Oh freddled gruntbuggly,

Voice Mail Villanelle

DU Compass

stuck in jury service mode but it was completed

strongly disagree with the jury's decision here

the zoo

question: Who is the star of this video?

It seems way over obvious that Newt cried today only to get press coverage.......

We're gonna drop the atom bomb

anybody good at guessing dog breeds?

How do you post a photo?

How do they deliver a DLP movie to the theatre?

Cool googlemap of #Syria documenting protests. WOW.

Indiana Senator Wants To Fine People For Messing Up The Star Spangled Banner

So I love going to sleep with the rain on the roof

So I just heard on the 10 o'clock news that Minnesotans will no longer be eligible for extended

Jackson Browne Debuts Protest Tune at Occupy Wall Street

OK, now even the Chinese don't trust Chinese food ...

Boeing wins $3.48 billion U.S. missile defense contract

Just a friendly reminder about how the alert system works.

Vaccine hunt a shot in the dark

Antarctic Mosses Record Conditions on the Icy Continent

Vaccine hunt a shot in the dark

Ed Schultz Tears Into Ron Paul For Anti-Gay Stances

Syria: protesters out in force for Arab League monitors

Syria a grave concern for ICRC

Apple's Jonathan Ive gets knighthood in honours list (BBC)

Syria forces fire 'nail bombs' at masses (some invention, Assad)

Co Q10 anecdotal report - My BP is AWESOME!

NYT: 'On Gay Rights, Obama Lets Surrogates Lead'

Twitter to be sued by pro-Israel legal group

The World's Worst Human Rights Observer

Could hypersonic flight become a reality? (BBC)

China: Tens of thousands of ruins 'disappear' (BBC)

Glenn Greenwald: What the Supreme Court got right (Flashback)

Welker fined for wearing hat

(Viral on Facebook) Lessons from Sharing the Story of My (Possibly) Gay 6-Year old son

Don't bother closing the door. This won't take long.

DU - You can checkout any time you like... but you can never leave!


Oddly enough, once she learned to express herself, Li'l Skittles was HAPPY to pose for photos.

Li'l MFM's class could survive a nucular blast or the morning after "Chili Night" at Casa de MFM.

MFM gets through bad days by remembering he had shared love and life with the perfect woman.

MFM - how can you post so fast?

"Hairstylist and spiritual advisor..."

So to get a thread like this on the DU3, what's your denomination?

Warmth in a Savory Scone


Dondi (when we had room for hungry orphan kids in the USA)

A long campaign helped us in 2008. Would hurt Republicans in 2012.

I'm going to need to see the birth certificate.

Gov. Chafee Declines.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, December 31 --- THE ESSENTIALS: COUNTDOWN

My .mp3 players

Prescription drug shortages

Toons: New Years 2012, Political Succession, Political Resolution and More. 12/30/11

Hit-run suspect told police he drank 14 beers

After-Christmas squee...

Hunt for Gas Hits Fragile Soil, and South Africans Fear Risks

86 that Rand 420 study: 5th worst of 2011

I am watching the movie "Conviction" and Martha Coakley

Tentative agreement averts strike by New York office cleaners

U.S., UAE reach deal for missile-defense system

Agencies: No need for baby formula recall

Amazing to watch the "lebron" sycophants here posting about

We put our tree up Dec 24 and won't take it down until after Jan 6 - you?

So ... you like to look at insects ?

Libya's government 'broke international justice standards' over Saif Gaddafi

I am getting a puppy, almost 4 weeks old. Yes, 4 WEEKS! Aieeee!!!1111

Grrrr! Some doctors need a swift kick in the butt!

Cyclone Thane leaves 33 dead in India

Joe Lieberman Wants Power To Strip Government Opponents of Their Citizenship.

I want this campaign job!

*knock, knock, knockin' on Elad's door*

"Sunflowers, Al-Rastan", a powerful documentary produced by Al-Arabiya.

Youtube video: 'What Are You Doing New Years Eve?' by Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Recall Organizers Intend to be Visible at Rose Bowl

State keeps funding dangerous ALFs

Mike Thompson's dynamite animation: The Top 1 Percent

And in another bit of good news...

Special birthday dream

President Obama: A Radical Liberal Moderate Conservative Socialist Corporate Stooge?

Wisconsin District Attorney Asks State Supreme Court to Vacate Collective Bargaining Ruling

13 Occupy Oakland protesters arrested

Decoded: The Mystery of Human Migration

Eff Ron Paul

You know, there are a lot of people who say driving 500 miles isn't a sport.

World pays Ecuador not to extract oil from rainforest

Kucinich talks about running against Kaptur

Another waterfall.

Federal Judge Clears Way for Hawaii Civil Unions

Graphic: How exchange rates could collapse after a Euro break-up

Nasa's Grail gravity twins set to orbit Moon

Woody Guthrie: Bound for Local Glory at Last

As GOP votes, Obama will rally Iowa Democrats for November fight

UN chief wants to ensure democracy sought in Arab Spring is sustained in his next 5-year term

Two Congressmen walked into a bar ...

Romney son jokes about Obama's birth certificate

Occupy The Vote!!! What does this mean to you?

Myanmar sets April by-elections, Suu Kyi set to run

E.D. "Terrorist Fist Bump" Hill is the new CNN weekend morning host...

Contrasting Bush/Iraq & Obama/Libya

Fox: Year of "Disappointing And Dangerous Foreign Policy Fumbles" -- No mention of bin Laden

In his own book, Paul criticized AIDS patients, sexual harassment victims

Francesco Petrarca: The Ascent of Mount Ventoux

Tornadoes in 2011 Set Deadly Records

Gingrich thinks Palin would be a darned fine energy secretary


10 Pop Monstrosities That Almost Destroyed Our Culture in 2011

The cheap gift wrap was not so frugal!...

# # # # HAPPY BIRTHDAY booklady! # # # #

Up with Chris Hayes - the US_Iraq war

Our Economy Has Failed -- Until We Admit That, We're Screwed

Police Tactic: Keeping Crime Reports Off the Books

Family nurse 'dying' gran back to life after doctors give up on her

San Francisco Becomes First in Nation with $10 Minimum Wage (and the Sky Isn't Going to Fall)

Obama to Turn Up Attacks on Congress in Campaign


I'm definitely not a sports fan, so never been into fantasy teams...but THIS has had me thinking.

Man Dies After Penis Allegedly Bitten Off By Rats

Weekly Address: Working Together in the New Year

The Ghosts In The Living Room

Ed Muskie's "breakdown" (1972 campaign)

Chris Hayes (MSNBC) is asking if the U.S. owes Iraq a "formal apology"

White House 2011: The year in photos (slideshow of favorite images by WH photographer Pete Souza

As year ends, Japanese reflect on fragility of life

What ever happened to Eleni

Freepers ponder the ramifications of "Gingrich Floats Sarah Palin As Possible Vice President Pick"

just noticed something cool

PHOTO: GUESS who this is. No Googling, no right-clicking, no cheating, just look and guess.

A rebuttal: Social Security Is NOT Selling Government Bonds

Who's Zooming Who

Dealer helps customers say goodbye to quake-hit cars (JAPAN)

Has this ever happened to you?

Cuban statue of patron saint ends historic journey

What disgusting picture is painted by the words "Santorum Surges?"

gop island

Knighthoods for Nobel-winning graphene pioneers

Matt Romney Said His Dad Will Show His Tax Returns When President Obama Shows His Birth Certificate

Licca-chan's secret--the story of Japan's Barbie

Syrian opposition fears failure of Arab mission

Yossi Sarid: Orthodox Judaism treats women like filthy little things

ANIME NEWS: U.S. nominates 3 Japanese works for Annie Awards

The wackadoodles sure were mad after a Democratic president signed Medicare into law

Occupy's Rose Parade float: 70-foot octopus of corporate greed

Amma, the Hugging Saint; ”She stands here in front of us. God’s love in a human body.” ~ Jane Goodall

In a first, gas and other fuels are top US export

Air Force buys an Avenger, its biggest and fastest armed drone

You know there used to be a civilization on Mars?

U.S. exports record amount of refined fuels in 2011

Top Ten Reefer Madness Stories of 2011

Missing maps mean PG&E lines weren't inspected

telecom companies granted immunity in wiretap case

Romney As A Man-Of-The-People

question about internet political forums

The Baby Bore-er

click on this thread

'Internet Explorer Spell Check'

One of the BEST things about "Up with Chris Hayes".

New users able to sign up using names of members TSed under DU2

Sorry Huffpo - this is a pathetic report

Santorum brought their dead baby back home for the kids to meet

Thomas Frank: How the Right Wing Hijacked Rage Over the Economic Collapse and Swindled America

I just figured out why Bachmann spells her first name M-I-C-H-E-L-E

The rules, the rules, the rules, MUST follow the RULES!

President Obama DeFacto GOPer WHISPERER...somehow he subdues angry GOPers into listening

More Nature, More Sex, More Sleep: 8 New Year's Resolutions That Will Actually Make You

Fashion Industry Salivates Over Creepy Photos Of 10-Year-Old French Girl


i'm considering getting a 'smart phone'. leaning toward an Android.

Alcohol Abuse

Open Letter to the Publisher of the Charlotte Observer on facilitating civil debate on amendment

hey... dont type shit, get alerted on and then self delete. screws up the jury thing

The smirking Santorum reference has to end.

Right-Wing Media Machine Closes Out 2011 With Attacks On Girl Scouts Of America

A Romney/Bachmann ticket gurantees a viable funded Tea Party ticket

Hard to believe in a year or two this little fellow wouldn't think twice about eating you

Stop state-corporate internet censorship -- generate and print flyers for your district

As we close out the final hours of this year and are about to embark on a new year

Photo Gallery: The Best of Picture This 2011

Just cooked my last breakfast of the year!

Super Cool

Good morning everyone!

Virginia People's Assembly 1/14

Perry supports English as official language in US

Man dies of bird flu in southern China

ROLL BACK personal bankruptcy law.

The swimming hole

A different kind of year in review - Obama's playful moments. "Being President can be fun" (VIDEO)


Gamblers say Romney to win Republican race

Lion eyes

Should the U.S. Cut Off Aid to the Egyptian Military?

Yosemite Falls

Lemurific !

Group’s aid to Syria protesters goes from online to in-person

Would Colleges Be Better Off Without Football?

Please,Please Kitten

The greatest accomplishments of Ronald Reagan.

"Guys, this is a major program to aid lower- and lower-middle-income families."

Alaskan lake bed cores show expanding Arctic shrubs may slow erosion

Guantánamo Bay's green regime has prison limits

Why can't I access posts by certain authors?

Tips for a Healthy 2012!

Key to school improvement: reading, writing, arithmetic……. and character?

Member parts ways with gun club over NRA

Gail Collins: A Quiz for All Seasons

Walker not the only Scott up for recall in WI

Occupy New Haven Demonstrators Confronted By Gunman

New Year's Resolution -- and then some!

The ‘Occupy’ movement lives

There will be, at the least, a military skirmish with Iran in 2012.

Anthony Weiner Scandal

New Antibodies Treat Autoimmune Disease in Mice

Terrell Owens receives six-figure offer to play indoor football ...

Kudos to public transit on New Year's Eve !!!!

Public Transit: A New Year's Eve lifesaver

A Very Pleasant Outing For the DU Someday Perhaps? (HAPPY NEW YEAR too)

Military Defense Act Affirms Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens

Post your nomination for Best Song of 2011!


searched a bit but when can we upload our own avatar pics?

Okay, where the heck is the ignore function?

End of the week LOL's - pics

Saturday, December 31st. The New Year's Eve Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Wake Up CAll - "Tinkle Down Economics" Works For The 1%. It's About Wage PARITY.

Iowa can blame their loss on the camera! Video >>

Why Not Occupy Newsrooms?

2 US icons being phased out

'Dear Leader' - I've noticed at least a few people

Wedding ring 'found on carrot' after 16 years

Another 10 charts peer into the economy

A Ronulan tries to drum up liberals support for Ron Paul at HuffPo

New laws toughen rules on abortions, immigrants, voters

Any New Year's resolutions?

Arab mission warns Syria as opposition unites

Wow. Kate Bush's new cd is amazing!

Santorum is the flavor of the week among tea baggers

Christopher Hitchens, 1949-2011 ---- by Matt Bors

Pellet traps and .22 spring air rifles.

What's for dinner? ~ Saturday the 31st - New Year's Eve edition!

Marx Brothers all day on TCM

Hot damn! It's finally here.

Informercial Stars Won't Face SEC Fraud Claims

California Fuel Standards Raise Issues With Global Warming Law

Ian Murphy of "fake David Koch" fame will visit east-central Wisconsin to help Recall Walker

Connecticut drops insurers from Medicaid

Infiltrating Congress

meet your gods, the rulers of the universe....u ask, "who is in charge," well, here you go

As we go into 2012 for Colorado

A thought about jury duty

Lets relive some of the stories of 2011.

Question re: javascript widget displaying in IE but not Firefox

Follower expelled from FLDS for violating sex ban

2004: Bush administration begins to call "building" Big Macs a manufacturing job

Stuart Altman & David Shactman - Power, Politics, and Universal Health Care - Foreword John Kerry

World opinion of Americans throughout the world

My friend's young daughter passed away from leukemia recently and she is mad at God

California officials post $60,000 reward after 21-fire arson spree

leasing through the backdoor: the private financing of public prisons

I don't usually go out on New Years Eve, but 'The Tubes' are playing in town tonight.

A Great Quote from a Great Lady..

Right Wing Nutjob declares Ron Paul a Traitor to America

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge "More Museum Signatures!"

A call to holders of traditional Democratic ideals.

Greenwald: Progressives and the Ron Paul fallacies

Greenwald: Progressives and the Ron Paul fallacies

Minnesota GOP begins election year with massive debt.

Desdemona Despair: 50 doomiest images of 2011

The Bomb Buried In Obamacare Explodes Today-Hallelujah!

Viewpoint: Has 'one species' idea been put to bed?


Occupy the Caucus

Mitt Romney Takes 'Issue' With TIME Magazine: 'CORPORATIONS Should Be Person of the Year'

Glenn Greenwald:

Occupy Police Brutality - This is what a Police State looks like

What would you do for love? What a year...

The perfect champagne pour

A request for help from DU's Recovery Community...

How can someone be convicted of possessing a substance that was NOT illegal?? This is nuts.

"Room" by Emma Donoghue - gave me nightmares :(

Iraq celebrates U.S. withdrawal

Executive Stock Options…Tax Break for Big Businesses, Bust for Other Americans

HAPPY New Year indeed...I have a new client (another Mexican restaurant)!

With Over 500K Signatures Collected, Recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Appears Inevitable

Keiser Report: Outrageous Predictions for 2012 (E230) Plus JP Morgan Caught Stealing Again

Russia cracks down on anti-Putin protest

Second Economic Bill Of Rights

How can I delete my replies to threads?

Judge Rejects Last-Ditch Effort to Stop Hawaii's Civil Unions

Would you like to see a, "Hide this entire sub-thread", option when you are on jury duty?

James Koutoulas on JP Morgan Boycott, MF Global Failure, ZIRP ... more.

Moore: Do something-anything-but don't remain silent- Not now-This is the moment-It won't come again

Insane Leverage by the Too Big to Fail Banks, Not Deadbeat Borrowers, Caused the Financial Crisis

Bolivia extradites Argentine 'Dirty War' suspect

China's Hu lauds military promotion for young Kim

New Year's Resolution...lose weight...

Denver and Tebow will beat the snot out of KC!

Please help stall gas drilling in New York state by submitting a letter

Santorum's residency still an issue

A little irony in your diet…

David Attenborough - Wonderful World - BBC

The war drums are beating for Iran

Books by Thom Hartman

What changed in your life this year?

Social Contract. It's what the fighting is all about.

Happy New Year to all DUers.

Iran delays missile test, ready for nuclear talks

Ex-CIA Analysts Urge President Obama To Stop The Rush to War with Iran


Poll Finds "Progressive" is the Most Positively Viewed Political Label in America

Mayan Prophecy for 2012 Sports

New DU Vocabulary Words for 2012. Here's one: Bankerfucker

How many slaves to you have? Take a quiz.

Happy New Year everyone!

Mittens-CHRISTIE ticket?!1 It's my next nightmare after Jeb Crow Shrub

Vote in the Corporate Hall of Shame

The 12 Commandments of the Republican Party

Hey Greenwald, after knowing what everyone else now knows about Ron Paul,

Norman Lear on fighting the good fight....OWS and patriotic outrage

How Wisconsin has changed my life in 2011.

Dec. 31: The United States military has withdrawn from Iraq under the terms of the SOFA...

ANALYSIS | Neil Macdonald: The year capitalism became a dirty word in the U.S.

One thing for sure this year, I am spreading the money around as best I can...

Went for a drive this morning around the North end of Lake Washington

Recently diagnosed

Obama signs defense bill despite 'reservations' over limits on handling suspected terrorists

The Bush/Obama War Against Truth

Egypt arrests Christian over Muhammad drawing

Don Cherry's Piano Desk

For the first time, the top export of the United States, the world's biggest gas guz

List of sears/kmart store closings (pdf)

Now you may not want to hear this but you must:

Link not opening in new window

Typically 3 candidates make it out of Iowa with enough momentum and money to continue

25 Of The Best Crazy, Stupid, And Scary Quotes By The Republican Presidential Candidates In 2011

LA cars, homes ablaze in massive arson spree

PHOTOS: It's the “Shaun Of The Dead” LEGO Playset!

Bodhi Tree Bookstore to close after 40 years (Los Angeles)

Obama signs $662B defense bill despite 'reservations'

Just found this on's hilarious, and true!

FDA approves pneumonia vaccine for adults

The impact of human activities on a selection of lakes in Tanzania

If Jack the Ripper favored Full Employment...

Where are the best chances to take back state legislatures?

Twin NASA probes set for New Year's moon orbit

States change how they recruit foster parents-looking more for parents who help w/homework, etc

This is a question about why I can't see who is posting

Parents break Facebook age rule

Limbaugh wins Ed’s ‘Psycho Talker of the Year’

David Korten: Capitalism's Threat to Democracy, Pts. I & II

Cartoonist Lashes Out After Amazon Pulls Calendar

Study: College students' grades drop when football team wins

Study: Does enduring extreme weather make you vote liberal?

Disorganized Religion

Iraqi leader celebrates US withdrawal as new dawn

Santorum is popular in Iowa!

MIT students design vending machine to provide bike renters with helmets

Papantonio: GOP Freakshow Lands in Iowa

Has anyone ever had any luck getting a stray to trust them?

Evidence Grows That Black Students Are Disciplined at Higher Rates

Report: Cuccinelli to intervene in Va. ballot controversy

Newt Gingrich... Still A Douchebag

Mild weather redefines winter landscape

Walker Recall update, small sample size

In the new year, shoot for the impossible

World pays Ecuador not to extract oil from rainforest

Republicans this year seem to be scrapping to see which faction controls the party here on out

The Flight From Organized Religion

New word for Ron Paul supporters: Paultry.

Tom Toles on Republicans' Stop At Nothing Strategy

When alerting on a post that has unknowingly already been adjudicated...

Who are the 1 percent? Vote for the villans.

How does one go about choosing and pledging a clique?

James Zogby: Lesson to GOP: Don't Play With (Tea Party) Fire

A minor suggestion. After I post a post the screen returns to that post.

2011: the Republicans’ annus horribilis

Ron Paul ‘Reluctantly’ Accepts White Supremacist Support

I just want everyone to know... there is no leeway on a TOS violation

President Obama signs defense bill despite 'reservations'

Happy New Year!

Who cares about Glenn Greenwald?

Fireworks from Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign "Request for Investigation" of Supreme Court Justice Gableman

Obama signs NDAA, issues signing statement

tonight is New Year's EVe...

How are stories put on the front page under "News"

Cops: Man tried to use $1M bill at NC Walmart

hat tip to DU's ProSense...Ron Paul's principles and Glenn Greenwald's duplicity

Happiest of Happy New Years to all my fellow Lounge denizens !

Mars visitors Basiago and Stillings confirm Barack Obama traveled to Mars

Statement by the President on H.R. 1540

Rare 'faceless and brainless' fish seen off UK coast

Just ate powdered ghost chilis....

The context for self-defense

Scientists say this is the funniest joke in the world

No [US] citizen or anyone else should live in fear of this or any future president misusing the NDAA

‘Kosher’ dildos? Sex toys increasingly marketed to religious crowds

Duh! 11 Obvious Science Findings of 2011

2011: The Year The Republican Party Repeatedly Humiliated America

So, on the LAST day of the month...Cobra sends us this information- $300 increase in coverage.

Activists of 'Occupy Iowa Caucuses' march in Des Moines, Iowa on December 31, 2011 - pics

Gay Marriage Victory Still Shadowed by AIDS

Happy Hogmanay! Scots wae hame!

Republican White House hopeful Michele Bachmann rings a bell - pics

Ron Paul is crazy, but is he "crazy" crazy?

Happy New Year... be nice to yourself!!

Ron Paul said he didn't pay any attention to what was in his newsletter, so...

FDA approves computer chip for humans

More than anything else I miss the handy dandy clickable Emoticons Index

The 12 Most Hopeful Trends to Build On in 2012

It"s "amateur night".

Ga. requires secure ID for state benefits

"Oh, I see you are buying Drano...ID please"

New (TX) Law Requires All College Students to Get Meningitis Vaccination

Breaking: Mitt Romney Promises To Veto DREAM Act If Elected (Grrr...)

Mitt Romney Promises To Veto DREAM Act If Elected

Some news laws in CA for 2012 (Liquor purchases in self-checkout outlawed, etc)

Yay! We have a schedule for ohio's new progressive radio station! I missed Stephanie Miller so much!

Willful ignorance or dishonesty?

Last sunset of 2011

Bill would require doctors to confirm abortion request is voluntary, also ban consult via webcam

Should classroom doors have windows?

Stories that come as no surprise: Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops

Obama has just won the 2012 presidential election.

Happy 2012 & Thank-You To All Who Have Taught & Tested Me!!!!

CLASSIC!! Repub candidates blaming their own party for committing voter fraud...

A New Year's Resolution: Occupy Our Dollars!

Happy New Year to all those here and a poem

Well, the champagne is flowing here - nice sunset....HAPPY NEW YEAR, DU friends!

German insurance firm rewards top employees — with an orgy

BREAKING: Mitt Romney Promises To Veto DREAM Act If Elected.

What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland's School Success

Remember the GOP clowns getting hysterical over the NAFTA Superhighway a few years ago?

Gary Johnson Urges Supporters To Caucus For Ron Paul

Mitt Romney is all about laughter.

How the superheroes & supervillains will vote this year

oven-roasted tomato jam