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Top 5 science journal retractions of 2011

Welcome to Homs - 28.12.2011 · Mónica G. Prieto

Another jury comes through...not

Venezuela's Chavez: did U.S. give Latin American leaders cancer?

Internal BNY Mellon Documents Show Panic

Whining about jury decisions is the new whining about unrecs.

Idaho: Fatal shooting suspect says it was an accident, he was trying to unload gun

Wisconsin GOP desperately trying to change more laws based on false accusations in recall effort

American Empire

Any of you folks live in Phoenix?

I'm just reading Nials Ferguson's "Civilization". He goes on and on about how protestant

does this look like a cat to you?

Max Keiser: Honey, I Shrunk The Brokers

how irrelevant is iowa???

The GOP’s Ten Most Extreme Attacks on a Woman’s Right to Choose

How do you turn a Magic Jack off?

How to Film a Revolution - a tutorial - Occupy the Movie

I got a Kindle Fire as a gift - anybody use this?

Albers, Morales, Melachon, Bard or Aceves, Bailey...ain't bad

Is There Anything Good About Men? (by: Roy F. Baumeister)

Murdoch's £100m plan to settle hacking cases before they get to court

"The Artist" A must see silent movie. Terrific.

Republican: "This isn't a campaign, it is Andy Kaufmann on a book tour"

Damn Jeopardy was great today

My Political Prediction for 2012: It’s Obama-Clinton (Robert Reich)

Ed Miliband risks Tory trap on public spending, says shadow minister

More on Gingrich's chances to pull it out. (Sorry about that word choice, btw)


Never in my lifetime have I seen a more intellectually bankrupt GOP

Saw a headline I hoped I would Never SEE

"You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it the the Help & Meta Discussion

Tiff with Tea Partier leads to town meeting

Of all the new kick-ass features, the "My Subscriptions" tab is the most kick-assiest

poll: Why don't more people realize GOP policies created the Trickle Down Deregulation Disaster?

Is Less Reading Making Americans Less Empathetic?

Ron Paul's Website Boasts Of Endorsement From "Death To Gays" Christian Pastor

Romney: Big Bird's going to have Advertisements

A Joke about Tom's old one..#9

South American Cities Launch Urban Gondola Systems

A joke about Toms old one..#7

I was reminded last night why we need to win in 2012.

Click on it. It's cool.

Bugs may be resistant to genetically modified corn

Good God Almighty, TV sucks

Holy Shite - the co-chair from Bachmann's campaign just endorsed

Does the mention of any food, spice or flavoring make your mouth water?

"Why is your son in Afghanistan? I thought we took all of our people out of there."

A continuing problem posting comments in jury votes

November Moon

Did you guys see Tammy's new video?

2012 predictions.

Romney Campaign In Des Moines Locks Doors On Occupy Protestors

Frank Lee causes more problems for Newt. Why hasn't Newt fired him already?

What are alternative names for Kentucky Fried Chicken? I've heard it called "the dirty bird",

Rev. Jesse Jackson and PDA Challenge Democratic Party

Need ideas for a photoshoot prop on the 99%

Dual Band. How does it work?

A MUST read: An Atheist’s Sermon to All Souls Unitarian Church on December 11th, 2011

A Person's Right to Exist

Never growl at a tiger..

It's almost 2012. While some maintained status quo in 2011, others began to change the world

Congressman Ron Paul welcomes the Co-chair of Bachman Campaign into the fold of his campaign

Third Way Democrats - What Are They?!?

LA could vote on mandatory condom use in adult films

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Missouri politician runner-up to Anthony Weiner on "Twitter loser" list

John Wilkes Booth sited at Jon Stewart Rally

Sea Shepherd's boat in distress

San Diego Police Cite Marine Corps Vet for Carrying American Flag

Propaganda reruns from Iraq used on Iran

"afraid he would drool on himself" (DesMoines Register re: Bachman defection)

blood drive for an injured FDNY firefighter

Michele Bachmann Iowa campaign co-chair endorses Ron Paul

Pregnant girl, 17, skips cancer care to save her baby — and loses her own life

Repubs Preparing To Steal Iowa From Paul? - Moving Vote Count To "Undisclosed Locatioin..."

Imagine this:

Coyote Ugly. Beale Street, Memphis, TN

For New Year’s, a Bit Fancy, but All Relaxed

Wall Street Crimes: President Obama is "effectively encouraging future financial fraud"

The Sliver of Perception

What is a Soulless Automaton?

She's in the hospital now....

Pachabel's tantrum

Freedom-Hating TX Prosecutors Go After Job Creators Over Accusations Of 45 Years Of Water Pollution

crescent moon

EARL G posted this about the JURY BUG that has been fixed, pls read:

Do I need a new Flat TV? Stuck Pixels...

US soldier returning from deployment tells his mother, "Mom, I'm a murderer" before he kills himself

Chicago Teachers Battle Mayor Rahm Emanuel whom Occupy Chicago has dubbed "Mayor 1%"

RP Flood Death Toll Hits 1,249 - City Got 1 Month's Rainfall In Less Than 12 Hours

Jon Stewart Crushes Fox News In The 2011 Ratings

No really, Diane SAWYER needs to answer some Qs about Tricky & Bebe

Woman's 'severely decomposed' body found on Port Townsend shoreline

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

Yee Haw and thank you Rick Perry!

DOJ endorses San Antonio Maps.

Checkers. Model Direction? Too much?

Is promoting a suspiciously RW fringe blog in *every* post as a manual signature line a TOS vio?

2011 May Simultaneously Be Hottest & Driest Year In Texas' Meteorological History

Indian Environment Minister Assures Opposition: No Binding EmissionsTreaty Will Be Signed

Oh for F*#$'s sake, ambien, REALLY!?!?!?

"The TP and OWS have, therefore, a bright future ahead of them..."

chinese lanterns

Ron Paul disavows…Ron Paul? Tries to duck responsibility for racist, homophobic writings

What A Surprise! Asia Pulp & Paper Clear-Cuts Area It Pledged As Tiger Sanctuary, Then Denies It

Why I always add an explanation if I am on jury duty.

Brees versus Marino, 2011 versus 1984

You Have To See This!

Awesome art sketches on Google search bomb for Santorum

It's Official; Chinese Officials Declare Beijing Hit Official Target For "Blue Sky Days" In 2011

Whoa. Made the best Jambalaya ever!

Hanoi's Red River Hits 100+ Year Record Low Flow - AFP

Canada's Athabasca Oil Sands- 1984 to 2011 imagery

From somewhere on the internet...maybe here..Do You Remember When???

Mountain Pine Beetle Has Killed 50% Of BC's Commercial Forests In 15 Years - Vancouver Sun

NDAA - America, Я U Brain Dead?

Edmonton Journal; Canada's Climate Victory At Durban One We May Well Live To Regret

Rising Seas, Saltwater Intrusion Forcing Shifts In Mekong Delta - Rice, Shrimp, Ginger All In Play

Anybody else stay up all night to watch Kim Jong il's funeral?

Democrats can not afford to lose the Senate

I just watched a NOVA show that was sponsored by the David H. Koch Foundation and to my surprise

Ron Paul photographed with Neo-Nazi's

ROBERT REICH: Get Ready For An Obama-Clinton Presidential Ticket

Harry, where ya goin' with the water filter?

Arizona humane society kills a mans cat becasue he couldnt immediatly pay $400

Why are there so many football announcers with speech impediments?

FOX Hates on Girl Scouts Using Media Matters For FACTS

Ali G and the Republicans..

The winner of the Iowa caucus will be...

Gingrich's Rapid Fall Validates 'Newtonian Physics'

Question on - help!

Well, I just added 1 disc at a time to streaming - but only until we are done with Wonder Years...

Lawrence just showed Sasha Baron Cohen dropping trou

Just started "The girl with the dragon tattoo".

Johnny Winter - Be Careful With A Fool

Four more Righthaven cases dismissed as auction continues

Kitteh Awwwwwww.

Puppeh Awwwwwww.

NYT editorial: Wall Street Meets Reality

Bachmann Campaign Leader In Iowa Quits To Join Ron Paul's Campaign

Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe

Reform vs. Anti-Reform: Quoth the Raven

President Obama should issue a full pardon to Bradley Manning for the sake of the country

Soon to be recalled Gov Walker takes credit for a decision Obama Admin had to FORCE him to make.

I would have posted this in GD, but there's a fine line you have to walk there now...

On Lawrence - NYPD Commisioner reissues non-interference order

What new comedian should I check out on youtube?

My take on the GOP 'candidates'

Did any Democrat running in 2004 lie about GWB

Tonight's Lullaby: Arcade Fire - Wake Up

My new favourite soup is made from lamb bones, potatoes, carrots, ham and garlic salt. Yummy. And I

After Christmas death, teen leaves online message behind

M-Edge Files Lawsuit Against Amazon For Patent Infringement, Fraud

One last reason to loathe the holidays

Criminal Charges Are Prepared in BP Spill

What I learned from the local news in Iowa

Something festive from Occupy Seattle

The goals of atheist activism

Ed Schultz is interviewing Santorum tomorrow!

The Book of Jobs by Joseph Stiglitz

Occupy Des Moines protesters want Romney to release tax returns; he says ‘no’

Unprecedented lawsuit against Bank of America and a debt collector it hired.

Looking for experience/opinions on Almond milk and soy milk...

Campaign manager on Ron Paul: "He's not against war."

Bill Maher Upsets Tebow Fans With Blasphemous Tweet

Did anyone notice when Google results stopped including the "cached" option?

I called my mom and she told me she had to call me back because Harry Potter died. WTF.

Toons: Makin it with Mitt, Droppin the Ball, The End is Near and More. 12/28/11

Ab Fab returns

Marx's theory of working-class revolution

Does anyone here trust it when Big Business demands "incentives" to invest in a community?

Denture wearers???

Interesting question from a pollster tonight (Sarah and Jeb??)

Krauthammer: ‘Ridiculous’ GOP Congress And ‘Embarrassing’ Candidates Are Handing Obama A Victory

A Snapshot of the Race for the Senate

Priests Scuffle At Bethlehem Church (once again)

The win-win of a Obama-Hillary ticket.

China News December 28, 2011

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

FLASHBACK: Mitch McConnell: We Must Rewrite The Constitution Because ‘Elections’ Haven’t ‘Worked’

Cool to see Ed Fallon on Rachel Maddow

The Texas Santa Killer

How many kids are too many?

2012 Republican Campaign Horse Race - animated graphic

Anti-whaling protest ship in Southern Ocean distress

I was on a jury today and I had the feeling that there was some software problem.

Fresh DR Congo election crisis looms

Bombs, threats ahead of New Year in Lebanon resort

Pic Of The Moment: Surging Santorum Strikes Gold With Iowa Seniors

BREAKING! Republican population down 96% after Obama states "Shooting oneself in the head is bad."

December 29, 1890

WI Gov Walker Appoints Judge That Self-Identifies as a "Child Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer"

Bad Lip Reading: Rick Perry's "Strong" ad

Right-wing post survives jury. Is the jury process the last word on a post?

Join Occupy, Jesse Jackson Tells LA’s Black Community

Ron Paul on Militant Tax Holdouts Ed & Elaine Brown

Mysterious Mass Sacrifice Found Near Ancient Peru Pyramid

Mysterious Mass Sacrifice Found Near Ancient Peru Pyramid

Cape Wind wins courtroom battle

Daniel Dockery, Arizona Cat Owner, Loses Pet After Humane Society Euthanizes It

Special report - Energy giant hid behind shells in "land grab"

Gallup: TWO DEMOCRATS - President Barack Obama, SoS Hillary Clinton Again Top 'Most Admired' List

It's Kucinich vs. Kaptur In Ohio Congressional Race (And Joe The Plumber!)

Iran's battle for TV influence takes shape on Press TV

Israel arrests extremists for tracking IDF forces in West Bank. Haaretz

Video: President Clinton Signs The Brady Bill

For fuck sakes. The NADEX has filed for permission to allow traders to bet on election outcomes.

Man made at least $35,000 by promising to care for people’s pets after the owners were raptured

DNC Memo: With Iowa Caucuses One Week Away, Mitt Romney Tries to Rewrite History, Distract Voters

Chairman of Somerville Republican Committee arrested for videotaping boys in shower

Pakistani death squads go after informants to U.S. drone program

Israel needs to listen to Hamas, and take notice (Ha'aretz editorial)

Latinos unhappy with President Obama's deportation policy, poll finds

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore pre Derek and Clive

Anyone been on a cruise with Royal Carribean?

So maybe that was the conversation at Senator Feinstein's Home between Hillary and Barack:


Florida’s minimum wage going up to $7.67 an hour while everything in sight is going up to un

State GOP wants to limit questions of party accountant in Jim Greer case

Just to clear up a few things...

Does Rick Perry plan to annex Canada?

A Fair Day's Pay for a Fair Day's Work

Large Hadron Collider researchers find new particle

tip for today

Surface of Pluto May Contain Organic Molecules

Bishops Say Rules on Gay Parents Limit Freedom of Religion

Rat-eating plant declared a new species

Kentucky v Louisville

I wouldn't mind a change up on the VP ticket

Compassion Is Our New Currency: Notes on 2011’s Preoccupied Hearts and Minds

Wisconsin: Democratic lawmakers seek delay in sale of railroad (by convicted Walker contributor)

Can a molecule make us moral?

Elephant poaching: 'Record year' for ivory seizures.

"surging santorum".................

Want to share a resource

This Country can no longer tolerate “Giving away America’s Wealth”

Obama Isn’t Schmoozing

Found on Craig's list

Why we still can’t talk about slavery

Thomas Frank: The Tea Party’s “utopian market populism”

Good Riddance To Ben Nelson

Check in if you "appreciate" Matt Taibbi.

One thing I've learned about politics is that the youth vote is really naive

Wake Up: America Can't Afford Its Military

NYT: Mr. Paul’s Discredited Campaign

Alan Grayson for VP

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (12/29/2011)

Ron Paul Campaign Scrubs Radical Anti-Gay Pastor From Website

NASCAR driver shows his idiocy in typical NASCAR fashion.

North Korea Declares Kim Jong-un Supreme Leader

occupy our food

Ron Paul should find a black guy to hang out with

Ron Paul Campaign Scrubs Radical Anti-Gay Pastor From Website

Any one else make

Don't miss the "Pic of the Moment" on the Home Page. Warning: don't look with mouthful of liquid.

Five ways to re-Occupy in 2012

Toon: Left unsaid by the "drill and Pipeline" proponents

Toon: GOP 'help' for the unemployed

New Feature Suggestion To Deal With Spammers

Koch brothers: secretive billionaires to launch vast database with 2012 in mind

Arizona’s Ethnic Studies Program Ruled Illegal!

Toon: Seeing the problem

Eight States Raise Minimum Wage for New Year

Arizona Humane Society Euthanized Kitten

Variable jury standards (a question and comment NOT a complaint)

Christmas in the Radiation Zone

Mr. Fish Toon: The Survivor

Former NM Governor and gay marriage supporter runs for Libertarian presidential nomination

A Pickup for Housing in 2012? (updated)

Concealed Carrier harasses unarmed bicyclist/child. Pleads guilty to assault with a deadly weapon.

robert foster latest

'Drive to kidnap IDF soldiers up since Schalit deal'

I jet got notification that I shouldn't be seeing a yellow bar

Envoys worldwide feel brunt of Israel's worsening image

Fracking Hell: The Untold Story

The Proof is in the Peanut Butter

Confirming the CMS Nominee — Overcoming Poisonous Politics (New Eng Jour Med)

In a couple days, I will have to go down to TJ for Nyquil.

Why Are American Citizens Getting Locked Up and Even Deported By Immigration Authorities?

Want To Vote In GOP Primary? Then Sign The Loyalty Oath!

WI Lawmaker proposes 'personhood' amendment to change

Hamas and the Arab Spring

2011 - The Year In Your Uterus - Jezebel

Death Penalty For Gays: Ron Paul Courts The Religious Fringe In Iowa

2011 - The Year In Your Uterus - Jezebel

EU warns wasting environmental resources could spark new recession

This is going to be a very hard couple of days.

The crimes of Wall Street

Fraternity Dodges Suit for College Party Rape

Latino Studies Program Is Too Divisive for Ariz.

Media: Reform Opponents Are Winning Online (For Now)

2nd Circuit Blasts Citizens United

The "No True Libertarianism" fallacy

Va. GOP holds its colorful tongue in Rick Perry lawsuit

Cenk is over at Daily Kos calling for a vote against Obama (updated)

Imposing Political Correctness (Ron Paul)

Chavez sees US hand in Russia protests

100 People: A World Portrait

Egypt police raid offices of human rights groups in Cairo

Tourist arrested after trying to check in gun at WTC site

Twitter Subpoena Reveals Law Enforcement Monitoring OWS Via Social Media

The News IQ Quiz (Pew Research Center)

More Proof Big-Profit Insurers Doomed; Single Payer Coming Sooner Rather Than Later

Homeless campers forced to move say shelters not an option

Anyone know anything about the smart fortwo car ?

FDA warns of rare deadly side effect of SSI's in pregnant women:


McNeil Recall of Motrin® IB Tablets and Caplets

Obama’s Secret Assassination Program

‘Occupy’ protesters interrupt Ron Paul: ‘Why do you hate gays?’

Primatene Mist With Chlorofluorocarbons No Longer Available After Dec. 31, 2011

Lawrence O'Donnel's new spot on MSNBC talks about how much the GI bill helped

Scott Walker Getting Nearly Half His Donations from Out-of-State While Decrying Out-of-State Money

Enshrining the lies of the US' 1%

In Challenging S.E.C. Settlement, a Judge in Wisconsin Cites a Court in New York.

Amid bloodshed, Hamas prepares to leave Syria

Photo: Scott Walker, Rick Scott, John Snyder, Paul LePage, John Kasick getting fed by Koch

That's white Christian American oil right there.

Chicago’s Cardinal George: gays ‘invited obvious comparison’ with K.K.K.

Really cool "recycled" Christmas tree.


From the mouth of babes... Scott Walker, are you listening?

'Make Chai Not War': Indian American show spreads harmony

Fantastic presentation of TOR vs Repressive Govts, censorship/surveillance

Facing Tough Race, Brown Complains About Warren’s Treatment In the Media

How can we build an equitable society that lasts longer than the New Deal did?

Observations about a VP change...

Meet this sweetheart. 92 year old Yoga Master

Ohio Redistricting Pits Kucinich Against Kaptur

"Santorum surges from behind in Iowa" - retweeted by Rick Santorum

Giffords, Rothschild, and D-M 50 promote Tucson and D-M as killing capitol (video)

Tin Foil Hits Fan: Michele Bachmann claims Ron Paul bribed co-chair for endorsement

Student Debt Increases Among Middle-Aged Americans - Jordan Weissmann, The Atlantic

Deputies raid North Carolina turkey farm

Vegan lobster:

DU3 Album of the Day: "Flood" They Might Be Giants

Anyway, like I was sayin', shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it...

Kali's family held an intervention for her Intertubes addiction. She hasn't stopped, but...

There are some who believe it's impossible to impress the HELL out of a cat.

MFM's attitude has changed drastically. No longer "Fuck da po-lice". he now says "SMOKE da po-lice!

MiddleFingerMom always waits WAY too long before finally heading for the laundromat.

todays trades

Happy 75th Birthday Mary Tyler Moore!!!

The Washington Times' Year Of Obama Derangement Syndrome

Victoria Jackson: Muslim Brotherhood is taking over America

Silwan man who stoned Jewish vehicle gets 4 years

One nation, many religions

Petraeus Did Not Consider Quitting Over Afghan Draw Down, Author Says

Why do we work harder than Germans?

What is the syntax for posting a reference in one's sig line and having the option to

NOM’s lies causes ruckus in Canada

TYT: Wikipedia Leaves GoDaddy Over Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

Judge reunites disabled veteran, service dog

Undoctored photo from Kim Jong Il's funeral

Isn't what Mitt did to companies the same thing that Gordon Gekko did?

U.S. eyes first BP criminal charges over Gulf spill: report

DNC Memo: With Iowa Caucuses One Week Away, Mitt Romney Tries to Rewrite History, Distract Voters

Special Report: The UAW's Last Stand

Toward the Equitable Society (X-post from GD)

Universal Repair Manual - One easy flowchart to repair absolutely anything. Great reference!

Dem rival tries to 'Occupy' Gillibrand

US First Criminal Charges Prepared in BP Oil Spill

Romney wants ads during 'Sesame Street'

This is nothing but a hit and run Flame Bait thread.

This explains my mental state. >>

Juror for Hire

Woody Guthrie's "New Years Rulin's" for 1942

I don't care who wins in Iowa--as long as it's not Mittens

Scott whines against the MA media.

Anyone who had a sucktastic 2011 check in here

Top 10 lies about Social Security (from those who just want to dismantle government)

Max Martin, Democratic Congressional Candidate, Texas 36th District

The perils of ‘bite-size’ science

Michael Lewis: Princeton Brews Trouble for Us 1 Percenters

Speaking of Road Trips...

Where did you go to high school?

No SOPA Chrome Extension

NOAA: Tracking Marine Debris from the Japanese Tsunami

DMN Nails It By Naming Admiral Bill McRaven the Texan of the Year

" Video of US carrier filmed from Iran plane during drill in Persian Gulf "

anyone else have weather-related triggers?

Dallas or the Giants...who do you pick?

Steward Health Care quits Massachusetts hospital group

10 Ways the Occupy Movement Changes Everything

FDA draws criticism after U-turn on antibiotics in animal feed

Just WOW!

Japan's Newest Electric Car Reaches 333km Driving Range, And It's Fast

More DELICIOUS suffering at as they throw Ann Coulter under the bus

2012: Shadow of the Dark Rift

Something just occurred to me about a presidential election...

Settlement reached in Elly Mae Clampett Barbie doll suit

United States as a global power: new world disorder

Michele Bachmann, "he was offered a large sum of money to go to work for the Paul"

Verizon to charge $2 for paying your bill online or over the phone

Power Memorial Academy, NYC

Argentine dictator gets 15 years for running torture center inside seized hospital in 1976

Weekly jobless claims at lowest level in over 3 years

Poll: U.S. sees Obama as liberal

Argentine dictator gets 15 years for running torture center inside seized hospital in 1976

McManus: Oops! That was the year that wasn't

I really hate Tweakers (Meth heads)

Americans See Views of GOP Candidates Closer to Their Own

Occupy L.A.: Free speech is free

Ron Paul: Only SOME Of The Newsletters Were Offensive

'Blowhard' Jon Gruden is clueless

Salon: Coming out stories by minority and immigrant LGBT youth

Bo has proven to be a bad choice for Presidental Dog

So since we aren't primarying Obama, its time for plan B, primary Joe Biden.

All Eyes On German Renewable Energy Efforts

My experiences working for a German manufacturer.

Man Beaten To Death By Police After Hugging A Cop

"President Bill Clinton lifted the ban on CIA assassinations in 1998"

test thread for TarHeel Dem (and...Santorum..surging?)

Occupy protester 'banned' from flight home for Christmas

Are brains just fancy filters? (no, NOT sieves)

No more GD for me, no more straying from the Sports Forum.

R.I.P. Jim "Motorhead" Sherwood, original member of Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention

Losing My Religion: If I'm So Done With Faith, Why Do I Still Feel Its Loss?

Are brains just fancy filters? (no, NOT sieves)

City birders spot climate change impact (California hummingbird moves to Canada)

Kadaffi's daughter reportedly eyeing asylum in Israel

This was just up on youtube - Path to 270 win

Iraq's one-man war machine

Funniest comment about the Moonie Times I've seen in quite a while.

Vote Against FDR in '44

Sasha and Malia have proven to be poor choices for the First Family

The Human Spirit: What do religious women want?

Sasha Baron Cohen (Bruno) interviews Ron Paul! Must see video

Citizen scientists' climate-impact survey wraps up

Syria refugees find sanctuary in Libya

Team Obama Likes Its Chances: AZ, VA, NC Could Go Democrat In 2012

Newt's wives (with pics)

More Views on Climate Risk and Arctic Methane

Obama, Biden to Host Webcasts To Democratic Caucus Sites And House Parties on GOP Vote Nights

Kelly Clarkson endorses Ron Paul....and then gets mad at her Twitter followers.

A broader definition of rape

So What is A Good Conservative?

A suggestion for juries, especially those dealing with issues that minorities care about

Why Americans Pay So Much For Brand Name Drugs

Green movement's blues—Environmentalism in the U.S. is stalled, with even President Obama …

A modest suggestion for readability

US Army unveils 1.8 gigapixel camera helicopter drone (BBC)

2011 particularly deadly for law enforcement officers

Breaking Up (Hydrogen) No Longer As Hard To Do

Corbett's Big Lie About His Campaign Contributions

Lost and found in Beirut

There is Zero chance that Vice-President Biden will be replaced by Anyone on the ticket.

About Obama Bumper Stickers:

EPA Finalizes 2012 Renewable Fuel Standards

Open the discussion on dying

The Legislative Scandal That Corbett Choose to Ignore

Pakistani death squads go after informants to U.S. drone program The militant group known as Khorasa

Some France makers of wine go natural, and fight the system

What We Think About When We Think About the Court by Greenhouse

Verizon to charge customers $2 when they pay bills online or by phone

EERC Uses Coffee to Brew up Energy

Voter Registration/Election Day info request

Two French troops shot dead by Afghan soldier, officials say

US 'deeply concerned' after Egyptian forces raid NGO offices in Cairo

Rahm has proven a poor choice for Mayor of Chicago.

Michele Bachmann Is In Love With The AR-15 Assault Rifle

Perry set to blame God for poor showing in Iowa.

Companies Already Committed To Obeying Law Despite GOP Refusal To Fund Enforcement

9-Foot-Tall Supersoldier Mourns Kim Jong Il

Fukushima nuclear disaster firm asks for extra £6bn to compensate victims

Super Defection - Pro-Bachmann Super PAC switches to Romney

Thom Hartmann: Then THEY came for Newt & then Perry

I-5 highway to get 100 new electric car charging stations—…new I-5 stations in place by spring

White was a poor choice of color for the White House

A Modest Proposal

Tweet of the day

If I were one of Mitt Romney's GOP opponents I would ask him who he voted for in 1992.

Egypt: A religious revival



Haredi man charged with sexual harassment of female IDF soldier

2011 Year in Review: Eight Ways the Health Care Law Helps You

An article on why caucuses aren't democratic

Bryan Fischer Says Picking a President is Choosing a Minister of God

When Monks attack (in the Church of the Nativity in Jerusalem)

Going Green: 12 Simple Steps for 2012

Interesting chart from Pew Research. What's in a name?

MSNBC: "Surging Santorum: I can attract Dems, independents"...Can you say "Ich bin ein CLUELESS?"

CIA sifts social media sites

Occupy Cthulhu

Target Nurse-In: Did It Change Perceptions of Public Breast-Feeding?

TYT: Ben Nelson Retiring - Good Riddance

There doesn't seem to be much for a host of this group to do.

Iran Regime Change, Invasion, Occupation & Recolonization is Imminent

Ballard Signs LOI To Power 25 Clean Energy Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Good question.

As Deportations Rise to Record Levels, Most Latinos Oppose Obama’s Policy - Pew Research

Just A Question About An Oddity

Connecticut drops private for-profit insurers from Medicaid

Republican Governor McDonnell Proposes DMV fee Hikes for VA Drivers

Good Luck In 2012

Pew: Little Change in Public's Response to 'Capitalism,' 'Socialism'

Anyone else basically stopped reading posts here that aren't in the LBN?

I wanted to be Hunter S. Thompson when I grew up.

Eliminating entropy picokelvins from absolute zero

Maine: ALEC-linked group revealed as major secret donor in referendum on Maine voting rights

John Nichols: Gingrich's Iowa crash has GOP base hunting for the next anti-Romney

Luckovich Toon: Tim Tebow's prayer

Thom Hartmann: Was the Pentagon Brainwashing Americans?

Ideas for constructive living

Verizon Wireless: Yep, that'll be $2 to pay your bill online

Got the new router

A Rare Final Look Inside Space Shuttle Atlantis

Information please - San Lui Opisbo, CA

WTH is it with the headlines today... Ron Paul soft spot emerges...

2 of my most cherished gifts in one shot....

Word on the street in Jamaica is that the opposition PNP will beat the JLP

Red Riding Hood’s mom’s hair style and makeup were anachronistic

Raytheon Non-Lethal Acoustic Pressure Riot Shield Patent

Which sites are not allowed to be quoted or linked to?

Uruguay Senate backs bill to allow early abortions

Tokyo Motor Show 2011: weird, wonderful and wacky concept vehicles (Telegraph, Gizmag)

Nuclear Power Play: Ambition, Betrayal And The 'Ugly Underbelly' Of Energy Regulation

State supreme court upholds Indiana robocall law

Office hours

Israel vs. the NY Times

Colombian legal system poorly managed: Comptroller

LA Times - Breaking News - Showdown between USA and Iran

Prosecutor General drops paramilitary charges against Canadian oil company

Kelly Clarkson on the road to obscurity - supports Ron Paul. Shocked at hate mail

Prosecutor General drops paramilitary charges against Canadian oil company

I'll Put Millions of People on Mars, says Elon Musk

Random photobucket picture thread

This could explain a lot...

FIRE IN THE HOLE! Kelly "American Idol" Clarkson pulls the pin on the "I Heart Ron Paul" grenade

Gallup: Obama, Hillary Clinton are most admired, again and again

Geeeeeear Heeeeere! Git your Recall Walker geeeeeeear heeeeeeere!

What happens if every potential juror declines?

India corruption bill vote adjourned amid chaos (BBC)

Full-Page Ad Calls for Cardinal's Resignation

Lion is pretty good except....

Analysis: A boiling pot waiting to explode

My phone ringeth off the hook (Iowa)

Midwife uses make-up mirror to deliver her own baby

Why is DU2 still up?

2012 Presidential Matchups has been seized.

California court says state can kill redevelopment agencies

Afghan girl's 'horrifying abuse' exposed by video

Thom Hartmann: NE Democrats, take back your party!

Survey results: public's view of "capitalism" and "socialism."

So . . . . the feds may start prosecution of BP oil spillers.

Do we have an ETA on when we will get polls again?

My recipe for Pasta Puttanesca - for Jack Spratt

Judge Calls Foul on SEC in Citigroup Case

Activ Solar Commissions 100-Plus MW Perovo Solar PV Station in Ukraine’s Crimea

Steven Pinker: "Has religion made the world less safe?"

Judge Puts Activists' Circus Protest on Ice

Wiretapping Claims May Snare NSA, But Telecoms Are Clear (in 2008 congress gave them immunity)

Germany: Solar power output increases by 60 percent in 2011

Perry Appears To Forget Lawrence v Texas

Fatal Harvard Stabbing Covered by Insurance

Mitt Romney: I'd Vote For Ron Paul

How many Beatles does it take to change a light bulb?

Sears closings: After store closures, little hope for a rebound

Pelosi Aide Denies Daughter’s Quote on Breitbart Site

Gay nativity scene vandalized at Claremont church

First you take the peanuts and you pick 'em, you pick 'em, You pick 'em, pick 'em, pick 'em.

I'm "worried" about this election. We "must" replace Obama with Hillary and Biden with Baldwin

At Wendy's in Japan, ¥1280 / $16.50 is the price for the Foie Gras-topped "Rossini" Burger

Anybody have flexible dentures?

The trouble with suing Occupy L.A. protesters for $2.35 million

Will the # of posts return to our profiles??

So something weird happened today

Beaver Borough Bans Non-Residents From Sledding

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Line-Up To Spit On 8 Year Old Girl Going To School

CHP crackdown includes drivers who eat behind the wheel

Puppy starved; woman arrested

In futile car search for drugs, Pompton Lakes police inflict $12K worth of damage

SEC chided again by judge in Citigroup fraud case

Moscow anti-government protest avoids crackdown

Ed Dispatch: A Former TFA Teacher

NLRB finds musicians at three symphony orchestras are employees, not independent contractors

Russia submerges nuclear submarine to douse blaze

Who here is a musician?

Quiz time! What do these teams have in common? >>

Study: States that legalized medical pot see decrease in traffic fatalities, beer sales

Under Obama, an emerging global apparatus for drone killing

From The Gratitude Log

Happy New Year, World, from Tex Shelters of Occupy Tucson

No Meat, No Dairy, No Problem

China Reveals Its Space Plans Up to 2016

cnn poll: Would you like to see a non-partisan alternative candidate on the 2012 presidential ballot

Happy New Year, World, from Tex Shelters of Occupy Tucson

Fox News Ratings Fall Off A Cliff In 2011

Gov't request for nuclear storage facility site sends shockwaves through Fukushima

I got a Magic Jack LaLanne juicer for Christmas!

What is your routine for bringing in the new year?

Vodka in the OJ?

Should this be added to the DU3 smilies?

Remembering Summer...

Yay! I retired!