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Who benefits more from government, the rich or poor?

Anyone Here Have Magic Jack?

Elections have consequences. "...Politics is often about taking the best choices one has available."

LOL. Somebody gave me Bill-O's book.

Geothermal Outlook 2012: Despite Difficulties, Industry Will Forge Ahead

Shale-Gas Boom Spurs Race

Home invader accidentally shot by accomplice, police say!

Wind Makes Up 80% of Contracts in Brazil's Latest Power Auction

Is this a normal thing to happen with medical insurance coverage?

Boris Johnson looks to hold off Ken Livingstone in London mayor election

I've finished, Boss, Dexter and Boardwalk onto...

Fox News spin: Obama tries to eat white baby!

Does deleting your post

Has the copyright rule , fair use only , been lifted completely ?

Dear Santa, I want a Xbox 360 and a gunshot wound to the leg.

Learning from an air conditioner replacement, Michael Savage prefers union contractors.


I am an "outta" state hillbilly that would

Republicans and their politics have become nastier and more mean spirited. Now they just disgust me.

Massacres Intensify in Homs as the Observers’ Director Arrives

Bloomberg: U.S. Bus Riders Surge as Free Wi-Fi Beats Driving

Girl's plight deepens Israel debate on zealot Jews

Fight Keystone by occupying Exxon

My first ever Story from the Road: Drafter.

Desdemona Despair: 50 doomiest stories of 2011

Occupy photos request

Fla. crash kills doc getting heart for transplant

Hugo Chávez pardons 141 prisoners for Christmas – but leaves judge in jail

A firearm is only...

Let's Go, Falcons!

Media Claim: Americans don't care about Income Inequality

Home invader with body armor shot and killed.

Pediatricians issue a call to aid children facing 'toxic stress'

Illinois State Rep.Takes Shot At Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh By Introducing ‘Deadbeat Dad’ Bill

Omnibus picture post (dial up caveat)

Happy Boxer Day to all!

open face turkey sandwich with avocado and sliced radishes on pane bello

I'm finally getting back to "normal"!

A Year In Blunders:

I just got myself the most awesome christmas gift EVER!

I am getting REALLY fed-up with my stupid soft contacts getting lost in my eyes!

Chicago Cardinal Tries to Walk Back Crazy Comment About Gay Rights Advocates "Morphing" into the KKK

A whole new dimension to the Moon Walk - at least that's how I see it

Can anyone explain why my Kindle / iPad has to be off on takeoff?

Got a Nook for Xmas. Already halfway through 11/22/63

Tell us of a time in your life when serindipity happened? I was once housesitting a dog and a cat.

Arizona Petrified Wood Pendant on Etsy

Veterans Affairs claims progress in ending homelessness among vets

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike's back!

If the VA has declared you to be at least 40% disabled does that help in applying for Disability

FRANK RICH: The Molotov Party

Help! Weird blinking light on water heater.

This message will be self-deleted by its author

Supreme Court Gay Privacy Case Victor Dead at 68.

Bodies found in Detroit linked to online ads

I STRONGLY object to the locking of an LBN thread from the WaPo.

Does anyone have experience with small wind generators?

Ground Zero for a food poisoing epidemic.

What happens when you wash white towels and shirts with one red sock?

Ron Paul Signs Personhood USA Pledge, Proving Once Again That He Is NOT A Libertarian Or A Liberal

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, December 27, 2011.

In the throes of an identity crisis

Where NO du-er has gone before: Puerto Rico?!1

Syria: 50 Arab monitors arrive as bloodshed continues (BBC)

What did you have for dinner Lounge? We had escargot with onions, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

I've finally figured out who Mitt Romney reminds me of:

Archbishop, bearing Christmas gifts, visits Men's Central Jail

DU Rep?

Does anyone else get passive-aggressive gifts? How do you handle them

Love this food show - "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives"

TRENDING: Potential Iowa GOP kingmaker conflicted about endorsing

Steven Harper in Canada changes laws and refuses to give reason's why. Kinda like a psychopath.

Honolulu Council Chair to Push Plastic Bag Ban

I am SICK and TIRED of the Personal Agenda Pundits

A Scary Thought...

North American mammal evolution tracks with climate change

Obama Breaks Promise To Veto Bill Allowing Indefinite Detention of Americans

How The Gingrich Stole His OWN Christmas

Cuba expands free-market reforms

Landreth Seed Company's ongoing troubles.

Bradley Manning: Graham Nash and James Raymond

Stop Picking on the Poor Plutocrats

I was on a jury 2 hours ago that has yet to report back to me with the results. It was about SPAM.

China gets approval for Afghanistan oil exploration bid

Scotland proposes banning gay marriage ceremonies from churches

Second former ICE worker pleads guilty in travel voucher kickback scheme

I have *never* used Windows backup utility ... help me out, please.

Japan Panel Cites Failure in Tsunami

Ron Paul’s House record marked by bold strokes, and futility

Fox spins CBS News story (warning for the satire challenged)

If You Care About Keystone and Climate Change, Occupy Exxon

Post office arsons - is there a pattern developing?

WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! would you help him....

So who's the Freeper's candidate?

Auction of Righthaven website domain name under way

Guns in Public, and Out of Sight

Detroit Free Press: "Is Michigan's decade of job loss finally coming to and end?"

Had long talk at bar with one of the candidates who ran against Patty Murray

A new tradition - removing the holiday music from the iPod!

How can I wreck a thread in the lounge?

What was the most thoughtful Christmas/holiday gift you received?

Letter from Senator Ben Nelson Explaining NDAA

Toons: Managing Without, Wrong Paul, Mayan Calender, and More. -12/16/11


Hello Alpies - How are you doing this holiday season?

The 'Arab Spring' and the West

Anybody else seen a Sling Monkey??

Police Arrest Suspect In Shooting That Left Soldier Paralyzed

The state of Kansas is still chasing one of the last links to George Tiller

Ron Paul: 'Education Isn't A Right'

Strange Jury Decisions...

Better know the Koch Bros. front groups.........

Whiz-bang! Man accidentally shoots self while peeing

Israeli police must obey law, not rabbinical edicts

Iron Lady is worth a look. I just saw a preview screening.

I just tried to post a response and was referred to this forum.


Members of Congress grew richer as most Americans became poorer

Fighting for Socialism in a Backward Liberal Democracy

Pic Of The Moment: On Campaign Trail, Gingrich Faces New Test

Real winner of a Walker supporter here!

What would you do with a basket like this?

Heed rights protests, senior Communist party secretary tells Chinese officials

We just had a split jury

Law to Find Tax Evaders Denounced

WTF? An endorsement from King is a "big prize"?

Are we seeing more advertising spam than usual?

Timothy Olyphant

Robert Hass reads Czeslaw Milosz

Japan drops ban on military exports

Rich nations failing to contribute to emergency disasters – Andrew Mitchell

I'm not allowed to steer the train

New Options Market coming up for 2012 elections - Place YOUR bets!

What do you think about the new options market

How the Cuban Missile Crisis really started

CBS News: Whatever follows, "Occupy" has changed the rules

Book: Hoffa is buried beneath the RenCen

You've heard the R's blame that gov't regulations are the reason for slow economy - WRONG!

Are "Hosts" locked out of a thead if the host has a post hidden in a thread in their hosted forum?

'Ron Paul wishes Israel didn't exist'

Golden Retriever Loves Guitar (VIDEO)

Gorbachev: Is the World Really Safer Without the Soviet Union?

Koch Political Group Brags About Bullying GOP Lawmakers Into Denying Climate Science

Bow Before the Portrait: Sino-North Korean Relations Enter the Kim Jong Un Era

China official says Wukan protest shows rights demands on rise

Links aren't showing.

LAT: Syria refugees find sanctuary in Libya

Romney & Gingrich: The Draft Dodgers That Want to Send Your Kids to War

2011 The Year In Review: Republican Jobs Program

There is an OP by Make7 with 40 replies but no link

Path Is Cleared for Yemeni Leader to Get Care in U.S.

Who Killed the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR)?

Does anyone here use Dwolla Payment system? Pros? Cons?

How did I get here?

Bereavement Group Archives Link

What to look for at NKorea funeral for Kim Jong Il

What do you do when you know DU has been infiltrated by a freeper?

OK, this is probably the cutest 9 seconds I've seen lately...

Congress is now home of the 1%-Congressional net worth more than doubles since 1984

Will someone please feed the Geico Gecko to their cat?

Bette Midler ~ Marahuana (funny...on so many levels)

Belgian ex-footballer turns gay porn star

That old gang of mine

Europe's view of the Top 10 Gay News Stories of 2011

Blue & Yellow

Michelle Bachmann heckled by "gay robot" (Video)

Gingrich win almost certainly be the nominee. The calendar simply favors Newt over Romney.

Got my new shoes on

GOP feeding Sake to Kamakazi MITT...hoping to sink Obama's ship...still confused ....unable to start

Australian military 'to recruit British troops laid-off in UK cuts'

Advice for someone going offline as a New Years resolution?

Looting for profit has been the 'bane' of Willard Romney's existence.

Iraqi al Qaeda group says behind Baghdad bombings

Man sought in daughter's abduction; girlfriend dead

I'm not a witch!!!

Astounding cover of 'Rolling In The Deep' Mercy!

Mike Malloy - Anti Abortion Bill In Ohio

North Korea -- same ol' shit, room for hope, or are we STILL utterly clueless?

My laptop overheats and the fan won't stop running

Japan Olympic champ indicted over teen rape

Mike Malloy - Scott Walker Watch

I really MISS my programmable coffeepot!!!

LynneSin's "guests" are planning a Jan 1st breakout (rumor is she doesn't wake 'til the 2d or 3d).

A chart to aid in educating your children -- The Dangers of Coke vs The Dangers of Marijuana:

Wisconsin: Public national park is a tribal first

Mike Malloy - Mormonism Worse Than Infidelity

I can just hear the Freepers now... "Well, no WONDER they want Universal Health Care!!"

An illustration of the difference between MiddleFingerMom and a pessimist:

Season of rape in Somalia: ‘Climate of fear’ sweeps IDP camps

LAYDEEZ! MFM's required by the State of AZ to register his "Sexy-Time Stare" as a "friendly weapon".

They're still running pro-Christie ads in the Midwest?

Baltimore Sun: DNA links 48-year-old male to brutal rape of 13-year-old girl

Missing Ind. girl found dead, babysitter arrested

Would Abraham Lincoln have been considered a "good risk" for a loan, considering how long it took

Science shows creationists are right (maybe)

Corruption fighting. Russian edition

Wisconsin: Republican lawmaker intent on making State "more backward than Mississippi"

Dan Marino's 1984 passing record is an awesome feat

Ron Paul Not Anti-Gay, Just Wouldn't Shake Hands With Gay Donor Says Aide

A Modern Day Abolitionist- Podcast

It seems the DU Video/TV section has lost it's punch...

Bradley Manning is a traitor.

It is all about fear. Fear, fear and more fear

The Strokes

here is a little gem (imo) - Brassed Off

and if you haven't seen "Billie Elliot", you really should put it in your queue

A Simpler, Freer Life Insights from Thoreau for the coming year.

good morning!

The NFC title game if it is the Saints against the Pack...

THE SECRET OF THE INCAS: Myth, Astronomy and the War Against Time

Sears Holding is Closing 100 to 120 Stores

oopsie tootsie nootsie

NYT: How Anger Took Elites by Surprise

Betty White Monday Night Football Open

Portland’s ‘Just Out’ LGBT newspaper shuts doors

Ron Paul calls Wikileaks Heroes

Siobhan Reynolds, RIP

Eugene Robinson: A Brainpower Revolution

I appreciate Kay Hagan's vote for funding for the Sustainable Communities Initiative

Holiday returns to hit record $46 billion

7 of the Nastiest Scams, Rip-Offs and Tricks From Wall Street Crooks

IMF's Lagarde warns global economy threatened

Strong in the oped in the Salem paper on Kerry's call to revamp data collection on fish

Economic downturn took a detour at Capitol Hill

I would like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation

A Christmas Carol 2011

How the Feds Fueled the Militarization of Police

Piano and hat rack

What should progressives' strategic focus be?

Economic Downturn Took a Detour at Capitol Hill

Sears looking very bad, as predicted.

Old Lab Coat -- toon

May I please ask for prayers for my nephew?

Mom Finally Became Ally for Gay Daughter

Chile's Supreme Court awards burn victims up to $48,000 after attempting newspaper's churros recipe

Meth Hype Could Undermine Good Medicine

24 Items Not to Hoard

Some Falcons’ Players Upset Drew Brees Went For The Record Last Night

How to make Hamas acceptable to the West? PLO membership !

Any good progressive radio shows between 9-12 EST?

Billionaire:“If I hear -‘paying your fair share’ one more time, I’m going to vomit”

Evolutionary Medicine: Does reindeer have a circadian stop-watch instead of a clock?

We are not all created equal

Tick, tick, tick (cue Hitchock "Psycho" shower music here) Kim Kardashian Christmas tweet to BARBIE

Recession or Depression -- Are We Really Better Off Than in the 1930s?

Palm oil threat to Indonesia's orangutans (BBC)

Okinawa Governor wants US base moved out

Egypt court orders end to ‘virginity tests’

Rick Perry Spent $397,000.00 For Security In Less Than ONE Month Paid For By Texas Taxpayers

Newt Is Despicable, plain and simple

Keeping Students From the Polls (NYT)

AMAZEBALLS: Gaysayer’s Best Tweets Ever

Victoria Jackson: Publishing suicide bomber tips is "as ridiculous as two men kissing on the mouth!"

DUBBLESTANDART feat. Lee "Scratch" Perry & David Lynch

Please take this test on Education policy.

Gingrich ’06 Memo: “Agree Entirely With Gov. Romney” on Health Care

Luckovich toon - Color-Coded Boehner Incompetence Level


Disenfranchising young voters

Monsanto's GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure, Study Reveals

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 13 January, 2012 (XPost)

Growth of large private water companies brings higher water rates

Is it my imagination or is this group quieter on DU3 than it was on DU2?

Suspected meth lab busted next to police station in eastern Mo.

House prices fall sharply in October

Obama job approval higher than disapproval for first time since July, Gallup says

The Danger of CT Scans - to your breasts - for real

Stores 'ashamed' to sell religious cards... but obscene ones litter the High Street

Rutgers-Eagleton Poll…Obama Looks Strong against Top Republican Challengers

15,000 Czechs tell census they’re Jedi knights

Cornell's Lost Ladybug Project

Religion amendment still misleads

"Fake Newton" GET THIS: Newt Gingrich led a protest against a bank!

To Serve

TDPS: Religion vs. IQ...the numbers don't look good

Guess What Happens When You Leave McDonalds Out For 6 Months? NOTHING!

Consumer Confidence Rose More Than Forecast

New Year's Resolution: Moving the pendulum

Japan Recommends Temporary State Control for Tokyo Electric

An eye-opening experience at the eye doctor last week

If you believe Ron Paul regarding his newsletters, it's even worse than him writing them himself

Federal judge: For blacks, ‘voting rights’ include identifying Democrats on ballot

Fiscal Crisis Takes Toll on Health of Greeks

GoDaddy: A glimpse of the Internet under SOPA 12/26/2011

'Mischief' voters push Ron Paul to front of Iowa GOP race

6.6 magnitude earthquake hits southeastern Russia, USGS says

austin at dawn

+++ NFL Picks / Week 17 +++

Malcom X....words from the past...very relevant today.

If U.S. land were divided like U.S. wealth...

Sailor's gay kiss is a milepost on a long road of change

Occupy Small Claims Court

Cameron Loses Appeal to Scuttle BP Spill Trial

Safeway fired my daddy....

Same-sex spouses lose big on taxes

America-change it or lose it...

We need to purge Friedman's Economic Policies from the Democratic Party

Deutsche Bank Among Firms Giving U.S. Plans to Rent Seized Homes

Honda Hybrid owners FYI. Car owner takes legal fight away from lawyers

DU3 Album of the Day: "Tapestry" Carole King

At the Post Office this Christmas Season

What did everyone make for Christmas dinner?'s Obama been on the FCC?

Forget Watergate. Did Nixon have a gay affair with a Mafia fixer?

Has anyone bought a dishwasher that works in the last five years?

I don't like...

Can the NFL really claim parity

Recovering from the Teabagger Tantrum of 2010

Thank you Little Star, update on the dumb question

My stepkids just had their first Tofurkey holiday.

Romney's candidacy is a direct affront to OWS

What if Our Economy Were Bible-Based Instead of Debt-Based?

Here's my list of precious, priceless shit that none of you thought to get me for Xmas (DIAL-UP WARN

Head of NC Baptist Convention: I support the anti-gay amendment – but I’m not a bigot

Arab League monitor ignores pleads by resident of Bab Amr

Silly me ... I thought "Character Counts" or "Character Matters" applied

Syria refugees find sanctuary in Libya

Goodhair signed into law prohibition against double dipping pensions, but not for himself

Two 5 MW Photovoltaic Plants Planned In Connecticut

Are You Envious Of Believers?

Israeli APIs to the Rescue of Drug Manufacturers

In Iowa, Santorum prevents man-on-pheasant sex by shooting pheasants.

What JFK said about Tricky Dick Nixon

Banks Bunker Hundreds of Billions in Deposits at ECB

The biggest lies of 2011

Gingrich ’06 Memo: “Agree Entirely With Gov. Romney” on Health Care

"Pentagon Will Tell You Cyber Attacks Rapidly Moving Up The Scale Of Threats They Worry About"

Anonymous' hackers target U.S. security think tank..steal credit cards to make charity donations

It Is OUR Duty, WE Are the Ones...

2011 year in review: Solar energy has a great year

Winter Wonders: The Science of Cold

Creepy lady (Bachmann) spotted in Iowa (Don't open before lunch)

German Defense Minister on Afghanistan 'We Have Fallen Short of Our Goal'

The Ingredients for a Lahar

Your best roast leg of lamb recipe?

Anyone here "refashion" clothing?

Another barf alert from Iowa...Santorum goes hunting

China gets approval for Afghanistan oil exploration bid

Just what is it that makes Christmas special?

Can someone kindly

So if Brees gets sacked for 5 yds on the first play next week

75 Yr old Wall Streeter: "There will be prosecutions & show trials & violence-mark my words"

More Powerful Painkiller Has Experts Worried

Interested in becoming a DU Forum Host?

Could someone PM me the secret code to get service guys to return phone calls?

This is what we call a circle - and the nonsense of Military Recruitment Advertisement

Is the NDAA a declaration of war? (Not a NDAA bash)

Top 10 celebrities NOT to Google if you don't want a computer virus

todays trades

Jewish Students' Civil Rights Suit Dismissed

What Other Country Does Romney Think Has A 'Stronger' Military?

Strange Relics from the Depths of the Earth: Muddy footprints across the face of time

Someone here once said that Ron Paul wasn't bigoted. I disagree.

Police: Utah mom, son rescued after Facebook post

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: A Few Lazy Observations on Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama

Afghan Refugee Strategy A ‘Big Mistake’: UNHCR

Citizen Action of Wisconsin: Walker abandons obligations under health care law

I honestly don't know what to make of Handwriting Analysis

The 1% Should Live Like The Poor

Iraqi al Qaeda group says behind Baghdad bombings

Happy Birthday Rep! Here's your gift - A very unique hummingbird

At what point does denial of citizenship benefits over paperwork become unconstitutional?

Sinead O'Connor's reason for ending her 16 day marriage is a doozy.

Best watering/growing system for tomatoes?

W. Bank: Israeli car shot in suspected terror attack

State cuts to Medicaid affect patients, providers

Ron Paul’s Iowa State Director Is Also A Leading Anti-Gay Extremist

Abstract painter Helen Frankenthaler dies at 83

Rhythm of the Universe - Anthem for the World

FACT CHECK: Ron Paul Personally Defended Racist Newsletters

Roll Out With Motorized Shoes

America’s Best Kept Secret: Rising Suburban Poverty

What's an 'Entitlement Nation' or an 'Opportunity Society?'

Help! My dog has dry skin.

its done. not as bad as I feared. Just still numb and getting used to the denture

The Top 15 Most Dangerous Conservative Politicians And Government Officials To Watch In 2012

# # # # HAPPY BIRTHDAY, xmas74! # # # #

The new excuse to privatize Medicare.

Romney should hire these people to do his ads

If by any chance, even a slim one , anyone has an interest in the banjo

There's a lot of Hungry People out there...

U.S. Receives Record Demand For Its Bonds Under Obama, Helping The Deficit

Breaking news - Ben Nelson of Nebraska will not seek reelection

MSNBC: Nebraska's Ben Nelson will not seek reelection.

I was just watching They Live movie written by John Carpenter, with the scifi taken out, it seems

60's Psychedelic Rock Thread?

So's how's everybody doing with the holiday onslaught?

Bill Maher Takes Heat Over Tim Tebow Tweet

New fee coming for medical effectiveness research

Iran threatens to stop Gulf oil if sanctions widened

Wisconsin tractor maker to build $90 million plant.......... in China

LCD makers agree to settle price-fixing allegations

Keeping low-profile, Jerry Brown reaps few victories in 2011

Semiletov & Shakova;Marine Sediment Sample Showed Thawing Of Clathrates @ 0.6-1.2 Below Zero Celsius

Funny cartoon video about Christian right and Christian left

Top 10 Game-Changing Progressive Moments In 2011

Which is more likely: Winning the House or Holding the Senate?

New Year Resolution Exchange. Trade your unused or gently worn 2011 resolutions for new 2012s.

There are a few scenes in really good movies that capture the zeitgeist of the moment...

Newton: Could Prop. 13 fall?

Really cool post from Greatest :)

Plan to use Amtrak as fallback for high-speed rail criticized

Apple Fined By Italy Anti-Trust For Misleading Customers

Empaths...have you ever met someone who you cannot 'feel'?

Trading cigarettes for votes?

Romney visit clogs streets, police hand him the bill

Font Size of Greatest Page

Obama to nominate Powell, Stein as Fed governors

Sen. Ben Nelson, An Object Lesson on the Limitations on a Progressive President

The nicest place on the internet.

A Baucus/Kerry Act to stop tax cheats using foreign tax shelters is getting flack

Mass anti-Assad protest in Homs as monitors visit

Why the GOPers gonna lose their Asses to overwhelming votes from the Masses...loss of Mission

America Beyond Capitalism

‘Occupy Minnesota’ helps woman stay in her home

President Obama to nominate bipartisan pair for Federal Reserve Board

Compare and contrast: Money for police depts and terrorist gear, but not for scientists:

I believe that posters should be allowed to see who is voting them off the island.

VA Gave Security Contract to Booz Allen Hamilton Despite Lower Opposing Bids (Carlyle Group)

What's a mewvie?

To contribute to Elizabeth Warren's campaign:

Police use iPad app to apprehend Christmas Day burglar! LA Times

U.S. Dodges Torture Suit-"War, by its very nature, victimizes many of those caught in its wake,"

White House on Friday to request $1.2 trillion increase in nation’s borrowing limit

Forced Labor Alleged in Visa Class Action

Discovering My Faith as a Religious Minority in a Foreign Country

Quan’s codependent investigation of the OPD

Best beer of 2011?

Triad of Business, Cops & Politicians Attack Occupy San Francisco

Ultra-Orthodox Jews ask Israeli media to help rid them of extremists

Town Says Official Wrote His Own Ticket

Forget about mobile payments. The future is the mobile wallet

Driving has lost its cool for young Americans

For the Techies: Flight of the Floppy Drives

The Top 15 Most Dangerous Conservative Politicians And Government Officials To Watch In 2012

Ron Paul on homosexuality.

4 Reminders That the Iraq War Was A Catastrophe

Stephen Colbert offered $400k for South Carolina GOP primary naming rights

Wingnut article on Cali buziness. Rebuttals?

U.S. Grants Entry to Yemen's President as Protesters Demand Accountability, Regime Change

Hey Newt! God will "forgive" you for getting divorced, but not if you keep lying about the divorce.

Classic Interview, Cenk's 1st Appearance on TDPS from Washington DC

Selective info for Progressives/Liberals: Senator Ben Nelson (NE), A DLC/Third Way Senator

GE Pays $74 Million for Bond-Rigging

What does I/P mean?

Resume-Writing Site Called a Come-on

Does anyone have a recommendation on Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet?

Pergamon Museum, Berlin

Please forgive me. But I just had to share this with my friends.

Is there an easy way to password iphotos?

“There was no reason to be good anymore”

Ask, tell: What gay rights wins can teach pro-choice movement

Someone dropped this off at Freedom Plaza last night (Occupy Nashville)

Sen.Blumenthal's letter to Public Utilities Reg Authority as it reviews the proposed merger

Ron Paul Is A Faux Liberterian

U.S. Receives Record Demand For Its Bonds Under Obama, Helping The Deficit

"Those who don't commit sodomy [aren't] getting AIDS unless they are deliberately infected by a gay"

OK, so who got new photo toys for Xmas?

Pilgrim nuclear plant shut down because of safety relief valve leak

I don't know what it would do if I went forward and blocked myself

Canada quietly shipping bomb-grade uranium to U.S.

Young Guns Majority Victory Fund Takes Itself Out

More growth forecast for Oklahoma economy in 2012

No-man's land attests to Japan's nuclear nightmare

PTSD's toll: 'You don’t go into a war like this and come out unscathed'

Keiser Report – Parasites with bailouts [KR228]

Capital Account Web Exclusive: Max Keiser: Presidential Futures are like "Running Man on Steroids"

Obama Administration Decides Against Lowering Trucker Daily Hours

Keystone pipeline oil will be refined into diesel and exported - from tax-free zones in Louisiana

New York Judge: Iran, Taliban, al-Qaida Liable for 9/11

U.S. Airlines and Lost Luggage Liability (you can get up to $3,300 in compensation)

Royal Dutch Shell says Nigeria spill contained-1.68 million gallons

Political predictions for 2012?

Iowa Has Hogged First Place in Our Political Line Too Long - Steve Buttry, The Atlantic

When do you take down your Cthulu tree and decorations?

Yesterday it was a record 52F in Fargo.

USA Today: Holiday sales fail to dazzle

OBAMA needs to show some leadership - GOP

2011 RoundUp of favorite recipes from the C&B Group

U.S. military infiltrates social media

A different kind of immigrant problem (evaluating the risk posed by invasive species)

Young Vito Arrested for Slim Dunkin Murder, Changed Look

UK To Close Borders, Evacuate Expats If Euro Collapses

Big Brother Cab: Taxi CCTV to spy on passengers (Video and Sound Recorded, Databased)

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures (neuroscience)

Question about Firebug

My sister's kids got Wii Dance Party 3. And challenged me.

Hot Embers from yule log likely cause of CT fire

Wall Street has destroyed the wonder that was America

What devices use Memory Stick Pro Duo Cards?

Things you can do with your artificial Christmas tree.

Federal judge says Iran is liable for the 9/11 attacks

Can anyone direct me to the really cool dancing video that was put up yesterday?

The Curse of the Job Killers

Religiously active people more likely to engage in civic life, Pew study finds

Second IAF Strike in Gaza Targets Terror Cell

Proposed Guantanamo rule change sparks backlash

America's larger cities are filled with ....

Bodies Of Four Women Found Stuffed Inside Car Trunks In One Week In Detroit

Mitt compares Newt to Lucy in Chocolate Factory. Newt says, "Say that to my face."

Rice paddy art (Japan)

Foreign Policy by the NRA? The Prospect of Gingrich and Bolton.

K&R if you think Cheney should be waterboarded

'Occupy Iowa Caucuses' - pics

Gallup: the President & Secty of State are most admired, she for a record 16 times

Washington Times: Recruiting tightens race for control of Senate

Will Pat Buchanan return to MSNBC ?


Free Heathen book

An old conservative mantra we used to hear in the 1990's and early 2000's

Religion and ritual.

49ers release Braylon Edwards

I wonder what the camp counselors are like......?

President Obama and the First Lady Mark the Beginning of Kwanzaa

Rose Bowl Unis

Economic struggles spur calls for public banking - USA Today

Democratic Nebraska U.S. Senator Ben Nelson's retirement from The Senate announcement video

Car owner takes legal fight away from lawyers

Gee. why is it that I call Yahoo "The Pigshit Hog Waller of the Internet"?

My new favorite saying...

Greenwald: Vote Obama – If You Want a Centrist Republican for US President

About a group host . . . . Michigan football the 5th-most valuable program in America

2012 highway sales

Grist: Pepsi spends $3 million a year so laws don’t come between corn syrup and your kids

A Step-By-Step Guide to Boycotting

Alan Grayson: Romney's Religion

Boston Herald endorses Mitt Romney, says nation 'needs' him

This is rich. Rick Perry ("Mr. States Rights") Challenges VA Ballot Rules In Federal Court

From a Burger King in Oakland

Economics of New Nuclear Reactors: A briefing book for members of the 112th Congress

Israel kills al Qaeda-linked militant in Gaza strike

A Must-See: Dennis Leary's Merry F%#X*& Christmas: G.W. Bush makes speech

Wind Power Breakthrough

The GOP’s 10 Most Extreme Attacks On A Woman’s Right To Choose An Abortion

Middle Class share of nation's income shrinking - USA Today

Mohamed Bouazizi has been named by The Times as their person of the year.

Oil slick from massive spill in Nigeria threatens coastline (Shell, this time)

Ron Paul’s Iowa State Director Is Also A Leading Anti-Gay Extremist

LOL. Here's some very early Nina Hagen for you!

OK, I'll be Andy Rooney again: Toy packaging.

A copy and paste of a GREAT email I received from Alan Grayson (D-FL)

GOP says more state budget cuts needed, while they delay gas drilling revenues for Past THREE YEARS

We won't have Ben Nelson to kick around anymore - he's retiring from the Senate

Truck collision spills Marcellus drilling mud into Lycoming Co. creek

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