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Archives: December 26, 2011

Romney has a 22 point lead in New Hampshire!

Video: 1000+ NYS Principals Say Rating Teachers on Kids' Test Scores is a *Really* Bad Idea.

commuting daily/weekly/monthly

Is anyone here old enough to remember the phrase "disappear like Joe Bindigo"?

Woody Guthrie - 1913 Massacre

Christmas eve water leak

Rick Perry’s Security Costs Texas Taxpayers up to $400,000 a Month

If You're Headed to the Movie Theater in a Group of 3 or more, get there early

TYT: Christian Government Under Newt Gingrich

Islamists kill dozens in Nigeria Christmas bombs

Laura Nyro is an inductee!

FReepers "celebrate" Christmas with unbridled hate. For those on DU, all the best.

Ancient seal found in Jerusalem linked to ritual

Formula maker says tests show no sign of bacteria

Civil Liberties for Christmas?

13 more deaths reported in Syrian unrest

Crappy Christmas, Sheriff Joe. F**k you very much.

Guess what's on the Comedy Channel right now?

Christians & Muslims r demonstrating now in Zabadany chanting for freedom

The Secret Lives of Killer American Drones

Syrian opposition calls for UN role to end crisis

Japan now down to 6 reactors out of 54 reactor fleet

Baby formula probe widens beyond Enfamil

Has GOPisEvil made it to DU3 yet?

Horrifying - it's as though the Syrian regime does not see the people as human

"River" a Joni Mitchell cover & a great winter song (not necessarily christmas, though)

Baby Boy Tossed From Window By San Jose Mother

Al-Qaida leadership almost wiped out in Pakistan, British officials believe

Obama and family celebrate Christmas in Hawaii with gifts, carols and church

I can't believe we are ordering Chinese Food tonight....

What did you "get" for Christmas?

Eulalie Mackechnie Shinn. n/t

My dad sometimes changes stories to be anti-Republican when reading to my nieces.

Many Iowans struggle with political indecision

Solyndra: Politics infused Obama energy programs

Baby lives after mom tosses him out of the window

America needs high-speed rail!

What law justifies excluding LGBT Jews?

Jewish drive for same sex marriage

Countrywide's Racist Lending Practices Were Fueled by Greed

Lugar: I'm the Republicans' best chance

Tough choice looms for people suing over 9/11 health claims: to apply for gov’t aid or not

Warning! Your Police Officer's Sleep Disorder May Be Hazardous to Your Health

E4E's Laura Klein Of IS 217 Bronx Mocks Student In Foster Care

Hmmm Bug similar to when DU GD went down? (screen shot from tonight)

Link to "Our Community Moderating System" info. Juries, Hosts, MIRT, Admin info......

Bloody Christmas

Ad executive's 3 children, both parents die in Christmas morning fire at Stamford, Connecticut home,

Canadian Medical Association Journal: Japan "culture of coverup" and "unconscionable” health risks

Can you self-delete a post after it has been hidden by a jury?...

Not religious in the least but for Christmas I just want to give thanks for...

PSC approves sale of Missoula's drinking water to Carlyle Group

iPads and Kindles force newspapers further away from print

Santa knows if you've been naughty or nice because..

Here's a Lounge question: What about NOT r.s.v.p.

The American Stock Markets are closed on Monday 26th Dec 2011.

Here's a fun-sounding familiar Chex-like mix for kids of all ages.

Am I wrong? This one grows up to be this one.

A 1%'er went off on my daughter today: "I am a medical field executive and I drive a Lexus.."

Since Gringrich has met his Pearl Harbor in VA ....

Williamsburg roaster debuts 'gay coffee'

Isn't it sad how great stars pass from memory, like Rosalind RUSSELL

Crossing the Delaware, More Accurately (new painting of Washington crossing from 12/25/1776)

Video: Baba Amr Siege: Assad Unleashes Heavy Machine Gun Fire on City – Homs

Vote 2012: Iowa Race Quieter Than In The Past

I Would Like An Honest Opinion About My Post That Was Hidden by A Jury

Is CNN a "left wing" station?

Chef fighting for life; wife/daughters believed dead after house fire on Australia's Sunshine Coast

U.S. Prepares for a Curtailed Relationship With Pakistan

Merry Christmas, for those who observe it. For those who don't, I hope you enjoyed your holiday...

Isn't Aaron Rodgers wonderful?

A Village in Revolt Could Be a Harbinger for China ('Occupy Wukan')

Taking the pulse of Ngozumpa {Glacier} (BBC)

"Next Great Baker" contestant commits suicide after being kicked off the show

Time for that age-old holiday tradition

Washington Crossing the Delaware

Apology to my friends here on DU

Chairman Lamar Smith: List of SOPA Supporters.

Sing along with me, "Da Bears Still Suck!"

Where's the "buddy" list?

Merry Christmas from Rex and Edna Boil... Dog Christmas outfit ideas.

Kid Gives President Finger

437 violent deaths in Caracas during the first 24 days of December

We must end Capitalism.

Newt's 'Signature' Failure: Yes, Virginia, There is a Sanity Clause

The illusion of Christmas horror

I got a heart & stroke Canada calendar/lottery tickey for Christmas. That would be 3 draws

"My Declaration of War on Christmas", says Greg Palast

OccupyMarines Renews Vow To Protect Protesters

Arson suspected in post office fire (anti-govt graffiti and bullet holes found)

Just watched Dexter Season 1 Episode 1.

What do you have planned for New Years?

If Gingrich is the nominee, how many states does he win??

Coal extraction poses climate challenge for Obama administration

I just got home from my mother-in-law's in Mississippi

Pictures from Christmas Day!

Took this one today, during our Christmas celebration...

Syria doctors risk their lives to secretly treat protesters

Happy Boxing Day everyone!

Largest protest since collapse of Soviet Union rocks Russia

I hope everyone has had a good holiday season so far

I'm not seeing "delete all read mail" in the mobile version of DU3

Silent thread for those who ate too damn much today.

Antiglobalism defeats US

I have some old comics, Fantastic Four, X-Men, etc...

Obama spends Christmas with family and military

Paul Disowns Extremists’ Views but Doesn’t Disavow the Support

Merry Hothmas

Newt Gingrich Campaign Resurgence Funded by Secretive Coterie of Super PACS, Wealthy Donors

Thom Hartmann: Brunch with Bernie (12/22)

Does your dog open presents?

A day late but worth it. From WWI, December 25, 1915: The Germans and The Scots Guards' Christmas

Happy Boxing Day!

Exclusive: Afghanistan sets ground rules for Taliban talks

Bomb Attack Kills 7 at Baghdad Checkpoint

From Dear Leader to Marilyn Monroe, defector mocks Kim

Fox's Cal Thomas Brings the Hilarity

South Korean delegates cross border to pay their respects to Kim Jong-il

American Firms See Europe Woes as Opportunities

DU Holiday Greetings: Goodwill and Death Threats

Ministers 'will defy meddling EU over votes for prisoners' - UK.

Your Monday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Anti-Stress Formula Edition

China jails dissident Chen Xi for 10 years

Japan's response to the nuclear crisis was confused and riddled with problems

Happy Boxing Day Sports Forumites!

Europe is cutting off drugs US needs for letal injection to get US to stop the practice

Philippines Floods 2011: Bodies Found Far Away From Ravaged Villages, Coastline

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani could be hanged in Iran

Social Media meets Darwinism

US weighing travel request for Yemen's president

Study: Wealth Inequality In America May Be Worse Than It Was In Ancient Rome

Syrian gunfire 'kills 13 people in Homs'

For my holiday leisure I was watching a new Billy Meier's UFO story

WW2 real time 1939 tweets: today's weather conditions (GAH!)

Apple Hydrogen Fuel Cell Battery Plans Revealed

Has anyone seen or heard from H20 Man?

Victor Valley College suspends federal student loan program

The New Dealers: Is the recession driving Americans into the economy's last growth sector?

Cicak - Animated Music Video

Spineless Classics - A Book On One Page (marvelous art)

How much does security cost for a sure loser whose campaign demise is a fait accompli?

Any ex-homeschoolers here?

Babies love Obama!!

The best documentaries of 2011 from Roger Ebert

Rick (Gov't Spends too Much) Perry is doubledipping the TX pension system

Will Kim Jong-un really rule North Korea?

The Need For a Revolutionary Party

Why is a "Democratic" senator sponsoring a bill to cut workers overtime?

Interview Andrzej Stasiuk’s European lesson

China, Japan to Back Direct Trade of Currencies

Brazil economy overtakes UK, says CEBR

We're All Hoarders Now

Football in the Tundra - just the way we like it!

Luckovich: Wall Street's Christmas gift

USDA Approves Monsanto’s Drought Tolerant Corn

We should scour the moon for ancient traces of aliens, say scientists

What are the odds the Republicans are headed to a brokered convention?

How Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories May Pose a Genuine Threat to Humanity

I want to create a thread that never DIES

Seeing America by small plane (big pictures)

So, our six month old Frigidaire Affinity washer stopped working properly -

Why Are We Forced to Worship at the Feet of 'Mythical' Financial Markets Controlled by the Elite?

What's for dinner? ~ Christmas Hangover edition - Mon Dec 26

Poor White Blight: How Rapper Yelawolf (and Eminem Before Him) Turns Hip-Hop's Eye

Gingrich Defends South Carolina’s Decision To Fly Confederate Flag At Capital

so cute!

Al-Qaida leadership almost wiped out in Pakistan, British officials believe

Well, I had an odd Christmas

Fukushima investigation reveals failings

Cuba begins banking reforms

War vets invade an urban village (in Baltimore)

Salmon rebound in Sacramento Valley

But Then It Was Too Late...

Geocentrism? Really? Galileo not yet forgiven by *all* Catholics.

Year in review, part two - by Tom Tomorrow

Upper Respiratory Disease in Cats

China tests 500 km/h super high-speed train

Since the Iraq Pull Out Went OK, I'm Voting for Santorum (WTF?)

And now a word from the late Barry Goldwater

Obama: The conservative in 2012 --- by: E.J. Dionne Jr.

Homs Baba Amr martyrs of the massacre in the streets by bombing 26/12 (warning, graphic)

Adults that spoil kids aggravate me

Intro to NBA games on TNT. Look carefully at the players, when they played and who is playing who.

Pulling out the stops in the payday loan fight

Miami Herald: Law (NCLB) turns kids into commodities

Wendell Potter: When Medicare Isn't Medicare

Do you think a laborer who makes $150,000 a year with overtime is being overpaid?

Escalating violence won’t pull U.S. back to Iraq

Video (youtube, etc..) downloader and to MP3 converter

Leftovers!!!! Thse reminders of the feast!

There ain't no Sanity Clause

Rep. Paul says defense bill assures ‘descent into totalitarianism’

pakistan on the precipice


Mexican Army: Cartel Ally's Arrest Is Blow To 'El Chapo'

Long Term Unemployment Has Become a Civil Rights Issue

China's first wind-solar power storage demonstration project comes on stream

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 27th: Take Me to Your Leader

What happened to not being able to start a thread without a minimum number of posts?...

Bradley Manning: A Hero, Not a Traitor

Remembering Wounded Knee

Why Ron Paul's Racist Newsletters Didn't Hurt Him in Texas

haaalp! every time my light begins to shine...

Feds Back New Wind, Solar In Southwest

Romney's Secret Money

My Favorite Boogie-Woogie.

Iran ready to expand military links with Iraq

The Forced Liquidation of the US Middle Class

Brazil economy overtakes UK, says CEBR

Finally, OWS Crafts a Clear Message

Police Block Protesters From Bringing Food To Zuccotti Park For Christmas

This question on CNN about derivatives on presidential elections is crazy

Let's Start A War: Anti-Assad Syrian NGOs Working Directly With British Government

Op-ed: Let Your Money Talk to Help LGBT Organizations

Montanans Launch Recall of Senators Who Approved NDAA Military Detention. Merry Christmas, US Senate

The only two things on the Gay Agenda. 1. Equality

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 28th: In Memoriam

Rising atheism in America puts 'religious right on the defensive'

This is really innapropriate...

Newly released court documents cast doubt on Gingrich version

Fall of an Empire, part one

The Quiz: Test yourself on education in 2011

CNN turns up a cache that raise questions about Gingrich's claim's regarding his divorce

Romney Promises To Do For America What He Did To The Companies He Plundered

The perfect movie to round out your holiday viewing!

Amazon Is Guessing Your Religion From Your Gift Wrap

i got some neat stuff for christmas, but this may be my favorite (pic)

And Perry wants to shut them down...Springtime for Toxics

Fall of an Empire, part two

The Nation: Revolution through Banking?

Perry Racks Up Security Bills for Texas Taxpayers

UK: Call to scrap religious court oath

Business lobbyists top bill-killers in Sacramento this year

ABC's Walters Contrasts Obama Marriage with Gingrich Marital Problems

GALLUP: Obama approval at 47 (+3) / 45 (-3)

Paul Disowns Extremists’ Views but Doesn’t Disavow the Support

A Small Bit of Philosophy

Sheldon Adelson to Birthright group: Gingrich is right to call Palestinians 'invented people'

How do I pay you to get my star back?

Does anyone else just want to annihilate 'Rachel from card services'?

What liberal voters are faced with in 2012

Fall of An Empire part three

This is one SICK video game...

Knowing what the other guy thinks

Mama, mama, here come Doctor Dark...Horse clippin', clappin' 'n his ol' hooves makin' sparks

Old, but could be fun: Top TV Shows among liberals and conservatives. Which do you watch?

It took Obama economy one year to create more jobs than the economy under Bush did in eight

Captain Beefheart - A Carrot is as Close as a Rabbit Gets To A Diamond

Meet a real-life Grinch:

President Obama's Gallup approval rating amongst liberal Democrats from December 19th-25th is 84%.

Total wack job writes LTTE here in Sheboygan

How will the second Obama term be different from the first?

I like the fact that there is no 'unrec' on DU3- among other things...

Rare but Grudging Judicial About-Face in Bias Case

Is white vinegar the best / simplest way to cut grease from dishes & utensils?

Deer Make Themselves at Home at FBI Shooting Range

Oh Northern Idaho. You continue to disappoint.

The Coming 2012 Global Economic Crisis

Paul Disowns Extremists’ Views but Doesn’t Disavow the Support

Please bring back "UNREC"

Where bridges aren't built ... they're grown.

Skittles Christmas Photo. circa 1975

Facebook does something awesome...

Gay Men attacked in apparent Santa Barbara, CA Hate Crime

FR launching a campaign to facebook "like" Newt onto the VA primary ballot

Federal judge blocks Arizona’s anti-abortion law

Is there any food that you don't like but everyone else seems to love?

A photo/video from South Africa

OWS Flipbook Billboard Action NYC 12.23.11

Cancer-causing toxin discovered in Chinese milk

Kudos to Pres. Obama & his EPA: New EPA mercury rules are a bona fide Big Deal

What are the Freepers going to do if the Mitt is the nominee?

" people continue to walk amongst us ..." - published and supported in local RW ragpaper

Jewish man's death on Rainier fuels unusual fight over autopsy

(Pics) Light it up! Testing gets under way at Harbin Ice and Snow World

Beck followers ("Agenda 21") are shouting down and shutting down planning meetings in Virginia

Are GD copycat threads not allowed?

Remy: Grandma Got Indefinitely Detained (A Very TSA Christmas)

# # # # Happy Birthday, REP! # # # #

We will probably need to color Virginia red again

Which Kindle should I get?

Fox News has turned my folks against the Army-Navy game - oh and the "Charlie Brown controversy"

Conservatives moan about Republicans not having their 'A team' on the field (Poll)

Study Links Quality of Mother-Toddler Relationship to Teen Obesity

PHOTO: I'm sorry, I do love Christmas, but SOME people shouldn't get a turn on Santa's lap.

I think Ron Paul is truly toast, the aspens are turning...

When do you take down your Christmas tree and decorations?

Nigerians fear more church attacks after 39 killed

There is no way to alert on hate mail in the inbox?

Rolling Stone: The 1% Are NOT Citizens Of The United States

Utterly unreasonable behavior of the atmosphere in 2011

European carbon market suffers in annus horribilis

Very cool teacher runs skeptics club for kids

Newly recovered docs cast doubt on Gingrich version of first divorce (VIDEO)

Today's Gallup Tracking Poll has Obama at 47% approval!:

Researcher Develops New Way to Assess Risk for Chemicals

Assad's Regime Hunts People in Homs

Winds of change blowing for turbine makers

I stopped drinking soda and that was a big deal for me.....

PIP implants sold to Dutch firm under new name

Orkney underwater turbine ready for testing

Would like to start a thread to help a longtime DUer in need.

So, Andrew Sullivan Has Revoked His Support for Ron Paul

Willard Smith vs. Willard Romney vs. Willard (the Movie)

Major Paynesville wind farm falls behind construction schedule (needs a buyer for the electricity)

Action aboard airplane creates a reluctant hero

Tuesday at 9 AM I finally get my new teeth

No "Gungeon"?

Maria Shriver unsure RE: Arnold because of "strong religious beliefs that do not include divorce"

People who are rambling, verbose, loquacious and won't shut up

The Molotov Party (by Frank Rich) For the new GOP, conservative isn’t nearly radical enough.

How can I ( David) slay the Goliath that is T MOBILE?

What is meant by having "a personal relationship with Jesus"?

Congressional Recess Means The End Of Three Decades Of US Tariffs On Imported Ethanol

Lynn Samuels passes away

Apple investigating fuel-cell-powered MacBooks

93-Year-Old Tennessee Woman Who Cleaned State Capitol For 30 Years Denied Voter ID

93-Year-Old Tennessee Woman Who Cleaned State Capitol For 30 Years Denied Voter ID

The New Dealers - Is the recession driving Americans into the economy's last growth sector?

Pope Warns Against Bling

I finally watched the last few episodes of True Blood...

The Point (New TYT Panel Show) - Fmr Governor Jennifer Granholm on Taxes

So I met this girl named Montana...

Oy vey. I think I'm spending to much time here.

iPhone Maker Foxconn’s Entry Into Solar May Cut Industry Margins

Syria revolt doomed to sustained violence

I have an older sister with beginning stages of Alzheimers.

Romney Wants Money

Take a look at this item for sale on CL

Arab League monitors arrive in Syria

Must be a slow news day, CNN is talking about an Iowa congressman taking pitty

First election cycle without a Bush in office or running for office since 1948

Would a Gingrich / Palin ticket be considered "balanced"?

Gingrich lied about first divorce.

Monsanto: Eco-Terrorists or Agro-Terrorists?

So how is it decided what recommended posts to place on the "Recommended" DU front page?

My Choice for Facebook Post of the Year!

My 82-year-old mother just told me what happened to her on Christmas Eve...

Exclusive: Newly recovered docs cast doubt on Gingrich version of first divorce

Tiger cubs dressed as Santa Claus and piglets - pics

Canadian Medical Association Journal rips into Japanese govt and radiation exposure

A joke about a senior citizen confronting a young man on a bus #8

I'm stuck at the airport...what's new with everyone else!

A senior citizen confronts a young man on a bus #6

First World Problems: Fine Christmas Whine Edition

Disgruntled Ex-Paul Staffer Says Paul Wouldn't Use Gay Man's Bathroom

Maher Tells Media To Be Honest About Income Disparity

Cursed Glaciers

The US Double Standard on Elections in Latin America and the Caribbean

Science and Censorship: A Duel Lasting Centuries

Eye Strain

Santa Cruz woman thwarts mugger...

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani could be hanged in Iran (for adultery)

Freepers EXTREMELY agitated over what Santa done brung 'em ("Obama job approval surges")

Santa Claus Plays "Jingle Bells" with the Colt 1911

Indian student murdered in Salford street attack (in UK, unprovoked attack)

Report Condemns Japan’s Response to Nuclear Accident

Scottish couple unearth '800-year-old' stone head in their garden that looks like Homer Simpson

Newt's New Years Resolutions

Rethinking 2011. What were the political highlights, lowlights, sidelights and all?

Growing wealth widens distance between lawmakers and constituents

So this is the second night of Christmas right?


How SOPA (and PIPA) Creates The Architecture For Much More Widespread Censorship

Will Yemen Be the Site of the Next U.S. Hostage Crisis (and Votes for Hostages Deal)?

BTW for those of us born around the end of September

Colorado Springs boyfriend allegedly gets frying pan to head for Christmas

Cover letter question

Van Hollen: Republican Drug Tests For Unemployment Insurance Are ‘Insulting’

Uribe allies ask Santos for support in row with Venezuela

Uribe allies ask Santos for support in row with Venezuela

Funniest (as in stupidest) conservakook's comment I've seen all day.

EAC Claims Scanners from ES&S Are Screwed Up... Finally

(California) Business lobbyists succeed in Sacramento this year

Killing Environmentalism to Save It: Two Greens Call for ‘Postenvironmentalism’

Group/Forum buttons... I wish ...

Oildrum from this weekend and today...

Peak oil review - Dec 26

Oildrum from this weekend and today...

Peak oil review - Dec 26

Does anyone have experience with the Jenny Craig program?

(UK) Careers service and literacy hit by schools funding cuts

My sister died today.

U.S. Report on Pakistan Strike Reveals Crucial NATO Delays

1,600 socialist party members murdered in 13 yrs: book

1,600 socialist party members murdered in 13 yrs: book

Vote counting Scanners found to be making mistakes!

anyone planning on planting a garden this year?

Has anyone here ever tried Teeccino Caffeine free herbal substitute?

Growing wealth widens distance between lawmakers and constituents

republican america: Mentally ill flood ERs as states cut services

Bolivia's Morales hopes to build railway to Peru

Bolivia's Morales hopes to build railway to Peru

Yemen Opposition Slams US Ambassador’s Statement Encouraging Crackdown, Demands He Be Expelled

newt lies: Newly recovered court files cast doubt on Gingrich version of first divorce

Day after Christmas returns spike as friends of MiddleFingerMom ditch their "Dutch Ovens"

Graffiti pic

Todd Purdum: One Nation, Under Arms

Employee statutory and public holiday entitlements – global comparisons

PHOTO: This one will creep you out, or you'll find it heartwarming. I vote "creep."

Cuba's misunderstood economic reforms

Cuba's misunderstood economic reforms

Who decides what goes on the front page ?

Increased Productivity and Short-Term vs. Long-Term Sigma

America survives hostage crisis.

Gingrich character? Ron Paul character?

Woman who threatened Rep. Peter King shot to death by police

Wow- best holiday sales since 2007

OK - who else has spent the entire day in their PJs?

Confessions of a Pinkwasher

Who is CREEPIEST? Perry, Romney, or Gingrich?

No spoilers, please! I haven't had Christmas yet!

New twist in Gingrich divorce claim

Max Martin's Description of His Republican Oponents for the Texas 36th District, 2012

Warning don't talk politics with a Fox viewer on the holidays. It will only ruin your holiday.

Max Keiser: Hey, 1% pigs! Go & find real job!

Poster child for Darwin Award