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Photo: First Lady Michelle Obama answering calls from kids tracking Santa

NORAD tracking Santa site

New TV

I want to create a thread that never starts.


Merry Christmas: Lions in the playoffs! Stafford is the next great QB.

Maher al Assad is involved in attacking the intelligence building in Damascus

How's that Romo thing working out this evening in Dallas?

Being frugal does not mean being cheap.

I was an inmate on LockUp......

Am I the only one who sees the Meta thread by Make7 this way ?

You know what the funniest thing is about Newt not getting on the Virginia ballot?

Just received a yellow sign saying I shouldn't be seeing it

A Song for Bradley Manning

Damn..I forgot where the Duzys are, again. This Friday'

Archbishop of Wales on church's duty to 'change society'

Watching the Return of the King

I recall a time when the topic of "Peak Oil" was derided as crankery.

I was frugal today and I think it will increase my overall energy efficiency..

Does anyone else get a slightly childish delight out of the Norad Santa Cam videos ?

De Nile is a river in Egypt UPDATE: "Gingrich sets sights on nonexistent Virginia write-in slot"

President Obama: A One-Termer

Rug just got his ass whipped again.

Autism friendly Santas

The Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator

The 10 Craziest Economic Policy Ideas Of 2011

What was your opinion of the economy when President Obama took office?

Since we're currently unable to upload our own avatars, would it be possible

this never fails to amuse me.

For my Christian friends at DU! The Angels Carol from the Cambridge Singers.

Finally win the DU fantasy football league

Toddler shoots 5-year-old to death near Denver

Where do I look to find a member's status?

Was not sure if I should post here or in Pets but...

And the Royal Opera's version of "The Nutcracker Suite" wins for the 2nd year in a row

The Shadow Line - Minor Spoiler

Oh, fer Gawd's sakes (OFGS!): Gingrich Compares Setback To Pearl Harbor

Christmas spirit, paying it forward, and DAMN anyway...

Trio Of Mean Girls Admits Icing High School Classmate’s Birthday Cake With Human Feces

Agreement on 2 month extension of Payroll Tax - Reid QUOTE from the Senate floor

My frugal and energy efficient grocery getter..

oooh I am drunk and cooking - Merry Christmas

Texas Rangers Catcher Torrealba Smacks Umpire In Facemask in Venezuela League

Merry Christmas to the Lounge

In pictures: 2011 as seen from space

Eagles Smudge Romo's Nail Polish, Quits Game

Mike Royko: Mary and Joe’s story, Chicago-style

Jerome Simpson Front Flip Touchdown

The great Tebow really lit up the scoreboard today.

a wonderful christmas video.

My attitude, exactly...


Some Osprey shots. Bald Eagle added.

For Christmas Eve, here is Darlene Love!

Janet Evanovitch's "One For The Money" opens in theaters Jan 27th

A happy ending to the tale of blind pup - Return of missing dog is owner's ‘Christmas miracle.'

Christmas eve feast..came out great.

21,000 domains transfer out of Go Daddy in 1 day

Someone gave my cat a few slices of a honeysuckle tree for xmass. The cat loves it. My aunt bought

Pope laments Christmas consumerism, glitter

Soldier shot, paralyzed during welcome home party

Vast Rally in Moscow Streets Is Challenge to Putin’s Power

A Christmas Story on TBS.

I keep hearing complaints about 47 percent of us not paying any income tax.

Do they know it's Christmas?

Gingrich may be too arrogant for Iowa

Seasoned Fries Sprayed with Hot Sauce...

Jingle Bells - Buble and The Puppini Sisters - Fun and Classy

How will Putin respond to the massive protests in Russia ?

The newly created Texas 36th Congressional Dist

There will be airings of varioius productuions of The Nutcracker on Christmas Day

Video: 8-year-old child killed by Assad forces – Homs (graphic warning)

Newly created Texas 36th Congressional Distict

74 commanders gave the order to open fire on demonstrators

Newly created Texas 36th Congressional Distict

Newly created Texas 36th Congressional Distict

And since this is Christmas (or the eve of) I have a question about the movie, It's a Wonderful Life

Okay, now THIS is shocking (Thank goodness for the ACLU)

So, DU and DUers - yes, I've got a bit of wine in me..but Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate!

Syria’s Claims Over ‘Unusual’ Bombings in Damascus Draw Much Skepticism

Well. I've decided to quit and need some help.

Rep. Landry Offers Amendment to NDAA to Protect Civil Liberties

My Christmas Eve encounter with therapy dogs at a skilled nursing/rehab center

Aboxalypse Now

Congratulations to David Akers!

Pentagon Finds No Fault in Ties to TV Analysts

Syrian violence shadows Christians' celebrations

"By all Means Necessary" - Human Rights Watch 88-page December Report on Syria

Scott Walker Recall Supporter Puts Up 'Recall The Kochsucker' Sign Outside Her Motel

Stumbled across this methane graph for Barrow, Alaska...

Merry Christmas DU.

President Obama Defies Congress On Czars, Gitmo

"MERI KURI" everyone!!

'Don't touch my manger,' says Texas town

Holiday stop for those who need to vent or have a horror story

I'm not very religious, but I could use your help this Christmas.

9/11 Debunked: The "First Time in History" Claim

I Am Sorry for the Role I Played in Fallujah

UPDATE: Police ID suspect after double slaying, child abduction

How would your life be different if there were no TV nor Internet?

My bus driver told me my new favorite joke the other day...

A Kennedy Christmas Story: the gift my mother never forgot

Wis. DA may seek rehearing in unions lawsuit

Lynn Samuels (Sirius) died today.

it's 11 minutes til midnight

Sea Shepherd says drones find, photograph Japan's whaling fleet

Ronald Reagan, mental health, and spin

found this in the portland press hearld

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all on here.

What are you reading the week of December 25, 2011?

Maybe I'm a Scrooge.

Peter Bouckaert (HRW) - UCSB’s Distinguished Alumni Award winner for 2012

I have to say it, "DALLAS WHO?"

Video:NYS Principals in Major Revolt Against RTTP-inspired testing.


Robot Santa Sighting!

Happy Holidays from Democratic Underground

Sunday Talk Shows

So teach me in non-jock dialect how I can mock Cowboys fans re: Giants will trounce

God? Religion? Atheism? Millions shrug 'So What?'

Vietnam, MLK, Christmas music and the death of Lenny Bruce

(UK) It's time that we valued people over profits, poll results show

Retro video of Stephanie Miller co hosting CNBC's Equal Time in 1997

Name where this scene is from

Happy Christmas, DU - and remember this (HT to Michael Moore):

The world lost a great priest today

Man's goal is to have 100,000 URL's tattooed on his body

Christmas Eve in Detroit

Sending some extra love and prayers for everybody for Christmas

18 Undiscovered Websites Every Gamer Should Know

Occupy North Pole

MiddleFingerMom's THIRD collection of brand-new 2011 Christmas pics & toons:

Happy Holidays, One & All!!!!

Jailed contractor's wife 'heartbroken' over Cuban decision

Authorities: 3 Americans among Mexico victims

Nigeria clashes kill at least 68, say officials

Sending love and prayers for all who visit this group on Christmas and every day

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza, Festivus,

Sunday's Christmas Day DOONESBURY: "Good Night, Iraq"

Some fat, drunken slob in a red suit just broke into my house

I'm watching "A Christmas Story" on TBS now (a 24-hr marathon 'til 8PM tomorrow).

NJ hospital settles suit with 12 nurses, says they don’t have to aid in any abortion procedure

Bankruptcy Filing Raises Doubts About a Bond Repayment Pledge (Jefferson County, Alabama)

Snow storm reportedly delays delivery of 50,000 UPS packages in Colo.

Scott Walker: Regrets, he’s had a few.

Ruling by Justice Dept. Opens a Door on Online Gambling

Egyptian Islamist parties gain in 2nd runoff vote

Assad Trades Blame With Protesters for Bombings in Syria

Forces Loyal to Yemeni President Fire on Protesters

Help me remember the name or author of this short story

Feel Good video

WH: West Wing Week: 12/23/11 or "#40dollars"

Hi, my name is Tav

Going into 2012

What was Jim Sensenbrenner listening to before remarking about Michelle Obama's butt?

What I would like for Christmas

In his debut in Washington’s power struggles, Gingrich threw a bomb

Boom! Tboggs annihilates Callista Gingrich:

GDP: For First Time On Record, Canadians May Be Wealthier Than Americans

It's time that we valued people over profits, poll results show

Happy Christmas, C&B!

A Very Youbetcha! Christmas

Hard line on tax-cut bill backfires on House GOP

You GO, Little Girl!!!

FDA warns Science Diet pet food

'Knockout King': New brand of street violence targets random victims

MiddleFingerMom wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

Sea Shepherd says drones find, photograph Japan's whaling fleet

Reindeer make a funny noise when frightened.

Liberal party wins third place after the second round of voting in Egypt


I think Korean unification is not far off. The chaebol are visiting North Korea

First Kiss

The media consensus on Israel is collapsing (from Salon)

Top marginal income tax rate should be fifty percent

Merry Christmas Fiction Group!....

I work for Scrooge.

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

Witness says at least 25 dead bodies removed from scene near capital Abuja and second bombing report

U.S. Embraces Low-Key Plan as Turmoil in Iraq Deepens

Local cable TV rates to possibly double in 2012?

Florida lawmakers considering allowing school bus ads

"Pause for Mr. Clause" by Arlo Guthrie

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

The most revealing question and the answer the GOP clowns gave this year

Technically a sellout at the Redskins game, but........

To my friends here in the photography group,

Christmas Morning 07:10 drinking a...

California soldier shot at his homecoming party

Commerce is the reason for the season.

As Jimmy Rabbit once said about "Go Your Own Way" which he played over and over again..

Christmas In The Trenches

Nuclear Power Remains Key To America's Energy Future

Tony Auth nails the Tea Party and Republicans

Muslim sect claims Nigeria church attacks; 25 dead

Hundreds pack Bethlehem church for Christmas Mass

Robert Parry: America’s Debt to Bradley Manning

Modern Right Leaning Conservatives are about this:

Quibbles... minor factual errors you notice that distract from the story

Santa and the Political Cartoonist

How to Wrap Gifts Faaaabulously with Style and Class

Christmas and the good news that religion is dead

The chocolate Charlotte is in the fridge...

Wizzard - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day

To my Christian friends

Merry Christmas, DU Sports Forum!! A treat for DU. A couple of pics from our Sports Forum reunions

Some Christmas Toons For DU

Approved in the U.S. the merger of stock exchanges in Frankfurt and New York

Compassion Is Our New Currency: Notes on 2011’s Preoccupied Hearts and Minds

europe's debt crisis deepens {interesting point made}

WTF??? Washroom for rent - Craigslist Toronto

Merry Ducking Christmas, ya bastards!

Main break cuts off water to an estimated 200,000-250,000 people

some interesting things about xmas in Key West

I dare say **NO ONE** got one of these for Christmas

Her: Let's go and carol the Andersons!

Foundation Funnels Private Monies to EAS

Happy Xmas (John Lennon & Yoko Ono) Coral Itaipu & Orquestra

GOP restores ban on needle-exchange funding

David Versus Monsanto - 52min Documentary

Activists use drone to track Japanese whaling fleet

Blind Dog Thought Dead Reunited With Family In Time For Christmas

Final Settlement Orders Babies R Us to Pay $35M for Price-Fixing

Ex-Marine’s Afghan Tour Included Rescuing Dogs Forced to Fight

Court Nixes Challenge to City's Fine Collection-Municipal fines are not debts

Grinch still rules on Wall St. - Big banks rule out extravagant parties

Sea Shepherd Welcomes Iconic 007 Star Sean Connery and others to their Advisory Board

Watchdogs say Obama has not done enough on transparency

Breaking: Santa pepper sprayed in California:

Merry Christmas from LT (Long Tail)

Romney leads, Paul rises in N.H. poll

At the end of one of the most bizarre weather years in American history....

Senate Republicans Block Confirmation of Head of Customs and Border Protection

Police: 9 shot at Tenn. nightclub Christmas party

Do you have a favorite, yet non-classic or less known (i.e., ATYPICAL) Christmas CD you play

Newt Gingrich won't be able to mount Virginia write-in effort (LA Times)

If you are in Oregon... and you read this within the next 15 minutes (it's 7:35 am)

Happy Holidays

ACLU Complains About Liberty Religious Concert

Noticing something that is vastly improved on DU3

Syrian National Council calls for Arab League monitor to go to besieged Homs

Iceland is our modern Utopia

Da-Who Dorays, Fa-Who Forays, Welcome Christmas, come this way.

Among Other Things, I Recieved Three Ducks For Christmas

The real standard of "seriousness"

Wives in ads, kids on the bus: Families of GOP presidential hopefuls pop up as voting nears

How do you spell "overrated"?

Ding Dong , Ding Dong, Woof, Woof, Woof, Fox News, blah blah blah

An atheist at Christmas: Oh come all ye faithless

GOP restores ban on needle-exchange funding

I'm getting everyone a free autism shot for Xmas

GOP Women - Is Hyperthyroidism a Must?

Happy Holiday! (toon)

A really sweet Christmas letter to a gay teen from his parents.

Who has been naughty and who has been nice? Let's make a list,and then check it twice!

Why is Santa Claus so jolly?

I just watched "It's a Wonderful Life" for the first time.

An MS Patient Loses Trust When She Finds Out Her Doctor Is Paid By Drug Companies

SOPA Cabana

Arthur Cruickshank obituary

You Contradicted Yourself! ( )

Decades later, a Cold War secret is revealed

MERRY CHRISTMAS, BABIES!!! (A Xmas card -- with a real-life Kali-snapped photo -- from MFM)

The egg shells stuck to the eggs. I hate peeling hard-boiled eggs.

It's beginning to look a lot like ...... early March?

What in the hell is wrong with people.A kid back from Afganistan is shot at his own party

Michelle Obama takes kids calls Christmas Eve as NORAD tracks Santa

What Christmas traditions do you have in your family?

a conservative christmas carol of scrooge, marley, gingrich and romney

Christmas In The Trenches

Experts speculate on makeup of Pyongyang's new inner power circle

Bodies of 2 females found in trunk of burning car in Detroit (2nd time in a week)

(Avigdor) Lieberman: Israeli-Palestinian peace will not be achieved within the next decade

Merry Christmas from Sam, Kip, Buddy and Mocha!

Merry Christmas to all my DU friends

Stratfor Hacked, 200GB Of Emails, Credit Cards Stolen, Client List Released, Includes MF Global

Please give the future a Christmas Present!

Michele Bachmann Heckled by Gay Robot in Iowa

Christmas morning telephone call from President Obama

One Year After DADT Repeal, Openly Gay Soldiers In Afghanistan Say They’re Better Able To Focus

Holiday Survival Guide -- from Occupy Wall Street

Jamaica's patois Bible: The word of God in creole

Welcome to the Little School of Marxism

Christmas Gift: A Child's Christmas in Wales

Want TV hung on the wall

The Republican Brain

I just heard an ABOMINABLY bad version of Fairytale of New York

Why Samoa will lose a day

They fed my addiction for Christmas

What? No Tebow posts from his biggest fan, El SuTebow??

a little cute for christmas.

How do I add threads to my bookmark section?

Bradley Manning must be punished! He kept Obama from extending the war in Iraq.

Texas Man Pulls Gun, Chases Wrong Guy, Says Sorry

My phone just beeped at me. A text! Which of my loving friends was sending me a holiday greeting?

A few 2012 Senate races...

Got Into An Argument With My Right WInger Brother on Christmas Eve

Somebody needs a new outlook for Christmas......

Thank God we live in a Christian Country where people are free to be...

A totally awesome Christmas gift

Paraguay's congress goes into siesta mode, thwarting leftist president's anti-poverty programs

Paraguay's congress goes into siesta mode, thwarting leftist president's anti-poverty programs

A lone wolf heralds the return of a mythic predator

Help STOP SOPA Now!! I'll tell you How! This Video that Must Be SHARED

Progressive Policies By Obama Caused Corporate Backlash in 2010

The Four Companies That Control the 147 Companies That Own Everything

LEGOs for girls! (But only if the LEGOs have breasts.)

Argentine Dirty War suspect arrested in Bolivia

NYT profile of Romney: At Harvard, a Master’s in Problem Solving (w/photos)

PTSD poses special problems for the holidays

There really is a differnce between the two parties.

2011 economic review-On the Edge with Max Keiser

Romney tried to block life-saving abortion for mother of four: "Why do you get off easy?"

PHOTO: No matter HOW good your Christmas is, it's about to get better with 15 baby ducks!

GE Settles Probe Into Muni-Bond Bid Rigging

Harsh Political Reality Slows Climate Studies Despite Extreme Year

(Empire State Bldg) Nice View, and the Profits Surpass All Horizons

Season's greetings

Non-taxtion of churches is unconstitutional

Japan bets on casinos to fund earthquake recovery

State tracks commercial fundraising for charities

North Korea Expected to Be Focus of Japan-China Meeting

AMC is running nothing but John Wayne films today!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Japan quake debris a jurisdictional mess for B.C.

Ecuador sends 10,000 troops to Colombia border

Christmas attacks in Nigeria by sect kill 39

Syrian Christians seek only Christmas peace (AFP)

anyone starting their New Year resolution list yet?

Gay Men's Health Crisis on Needle Exchange Funding Ban

American journalist has been able to enter Syria secretly

Rise of the drone: From Calif. garage to multibillion-dollar defense industry

The funniest protest signs!

Republicans Are Furious About Obama's Christmas Card? Wait Till They See Reagan's

Some people treat Christmas just like any other day. Not, as you shall see, MiddleFingerMom.

Our Christmas day consumables - thus far and to come!

Christmas gun ads from the past

Climate skeptics in Va. oppose preparations for sea-level rise

2011 in Review: The Year Secrecy Jumped the Shark

Taking Down the Worst of 2012: Taney and Lincoln v. Speaker Gingrich

Face it, no matter how hard you try, you'll NEVER have a family Christmas card this fucking AWESOME!

Commissioner Stern booed in Dallas

Bengals begging fans to show up

Chargers interview Cowher

New DU Vocabulary Words for 2012. Here's one: Racketalism

How about some donations to the George W Bush Presidential Library?

Inequality and Democratic Responsiveness (Oxford Journal Social Sciences)

This holiday season, may you be as happy as an unsupervised goggie at the Christmas Dinner table.

Increasing Wind Energy in Germany Pricing Out Natural Gas Plants

Christmas is only the beginning. New Years, Twelfth Night, Epiphany...

A new era for Christians in Libya Coptic Christians in Libya

Watch out for me: Santa brought me an iRenew bracelet (as seen on TV)

excerpts from "The Middle and Working Class Manifesto", part 1

What's the difference between a Carol and a Hymn?

An extraordinay talk from Dr. Gabor Mate

"Christmas is really for those who can afford to enjoy it".

(TX) Seven Killed in Grapevine Shooting

The President will give his State of the Union Address on January 24th..

excerpts from "The Middle and Working Class Manifesto", part 2

Well Yay for Our Crumbling Infrastructure

I saw it and I shouldn't have, so I'm reporting it.

For politically aware songs, the '00s were all for naught|LAT

Gunmen attack buses, town in Veracruz, Mexico, killing 11

Texas police find 7 dead in Dallas-area apartment

In Tunisia, how to build a democracy

Yemeni president says he'll leave country, head to U.S.

Mass Protests for Workers Rights Needed

Israel town of Beit Shemesh is front line of a religious battle

Suicide bomber attacks Afghanistan funeral, kills parliament member

Guys Rob Store with Ak-47, Get Laughed At (Video)

me and my beloved

David McCullough used the words to describe President Obama today that says what I've been thinking

Economic inequality has reached its tipping point

I hate to say this....

I just want to publicly thank the generous friend who gave me my star for Christmas.

What's happening with geothermal energy?

Santa brought me a Kindle Touch

Nice Christmas note from our gal Nancy..

North Korea: Heir's Uncle to Play Key Role

The Kenyan Marxist is killing the nation!

Unedited Ron Paul CNN Interview Shows Dr Paul Didn't Just "STORM OFF"

i am being detained right now

Ignored for Christmas

"The Constitution Has Been Eviscerated While Democrats Have Stood By... GUTLESS!" Rocky Anderson

It’s better to have loved and lost

My response to those who mock Kwanzaa as a "made-up holiday"

Is Being Gay A Choice? Religion vs. Reality (excellent short video)

Cross-post from the Religion Group.

European banks making contingency plans for the Euro's demise.

I just watched the season finale of Homeland

Syrian Christian Children Sing in Honor of Terror Attack Victims