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Archives: December 22, 2011

Romney: "If (Bush) knew there were no WMDs, why, obviously we would not have gone (into Iraq)"

Desperate Mets?

Cops Ready for War

Hey, three months from today is the first day of spring.

file under 'can't make this up'...Sarah Palin Slams Obama's Christmas Card

Tom Clancy game casts 99 Percent as domestic terrorists

More on Cheesecake

Tonight on Countdown: Rep. Keith Ellison and Scott Horton (Harpers)

Vatican goes high-tech to preserve fragile ancient tomes

It this post hidden?

They Just Pulled the Plug on Medicare and Tricare

A big one for the Obama Admin's plus column: New EPA mercury rules are a bona fide Big Deal


A couple of TIPS regarding embedding VIDEOS on DU3

Julianne Moore As Sarah Palin In 'Game Change'

Occupy Wall Street: The Lego "Civil Unrest" Set

OH NO! Bo the dog is part of the war on Christmas...

Obama Tells Boehner No Negotiations, Vote On The Senate Bill

Occupy Wall Street: A Holiday dinner table Survival Guide-

Transportation Chief Opposes Cell Driving Ban

Anyone see Walker's new TV AD??? The warm and fuzzy one??

BofA to pay $335m over loans bias claims

WTF?!?! Gay Republican Groups Defend Gingrich, Urge Gay Voters Not To Vote On Equality

FNC's Keith Ablow: Let's Make a New Way to Get Married and Get the State Out of the Matrimony Busine

WOW!! HIV Positive Man Banned From Touching Doorknobs At Work

ACLU: Europe Won't Supply Execution Cocktail to U.S.

So How Many

Are we gonna have the "check for duplicate threads"...

When did DU switch to Metric?

Remember "Reese Withoutherspoon"?

Defoe was WRONG... there's a reason why Robinson Crusoe never actually looked for Friday.

Just be patient. EVENTUALLY, we grow bored with them.

How do we sleep? Let me count the ways.

LOTSA people think MFM is attractive. There's, um... well, how 'bout... um... lemme get back to you.

Terra Sweat

His first year was a disaster: 57.58%

MFM has absolutely nothing to say. Nothing (whistlin', scuffin' dirt, avoidin' eye contact) NOTHING!

Times are tough in Detroit: Bank robber paid stranger for getaway ride

Dear Republicans,

Bring me some figgy pudding!

Hi everyone! I wanted to share AWESOME news... Obama came to my neighborhood today!

Ron Paul quits CNN interview after being asked about racist newsletters

Story of the toothless (almost) cat

For those of us who store information spacially the alarm bells are going off. Boehner and crew

Tea Party Tea Flavors

Hmmm.... Where did that fruit cake I received as a gift last year go? Re-gift?

the Toil Index

It' dancing!

Green Bay Packers loss blamed in child abuse case

House GOP Trying to Murder Their Own Party For Whatever Reason

Having an abortion does not increase risk of mental health problems, major study finds

Regressive voice

Mufti of Palestinian Liberation Army, To West: We Will Restore the Caliphate, You Will

Cello Wars (Star Wars Parody) Lightsaber Duel - Steven Sharp Nelson

Those of you in New England did you used to get lots of freezing rain in winter?

Report: Cubs hire Bill Buckner

Romney Says He Would Deport Obama’s Uncle

Occupy Wall Street Thank You Video Released

Local Cops Ready for War With Homeland Security-Funded Military Weapons

8 “Occupy” protesters arrested at Iowa Democratic Party headquarters

Crap. I may have just bought the wrong thing. Anyone know anything about VeeBeams?

Trying to get up the energy to respond to this letter

Anyone with knowledge of the latest sewing machines???

Reversing disease by reading random postings on a message board.

Anonymous leaks personal information of Senators who voted for the Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

What is your favourite tea? I love chai. I used to work in an Indian restaurant

A sign of irritation

Two more Ways Republicans are undermining Financial Regulations

Remember "Punitive Damages"?

1.4 Million Workers To Benefit From Minimum Wage Increase In 2012

Obama less popular on DU than war-making

Report Bugs Here!

President Obama calls Boehner, Reid to push two-month payroll tax extension

Are Electric cars losing their Spark - USA Today

I moved to FL in August

Romney: If You Don’t Like Bain Layoffs, Go Back To Moscow

Romney: Deport Obama’s Uncle

(In honor of my Wiccan Friend) A little letter of hope.

Getting really frustrated - quit or be fired?

There's no honor among right-wing whackjobs

Trashed my first thread!

Researchers Find More (1.5 TO 7.3 times) Pollution from Sugarcane Ethanol

Ind. family grieving killings of 7-year-old and her uncle stunned as family friend charged

Download and Test LibreOffice 3.5.0 Beta 1

HBO Films: "Game Change" with Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin.

What’s All That Other Stuff In My Medicine?

Firearm sales hit record levels this holiday season

Oh, the irony...

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Cry me a fugger river Orange Man

I just saw Callista Gingrich singing in a choir on TV!

The Law of Value 2: The Fetishism of Commodities

Al Franken said "I'm a DLC Democrat".

Breaking News: Obama to sign NDAA bill BUT also will issue a signing statement


Physics Majors are an Endangered Species in Texas

Bush rejected Taliban offers to hand over Bin Laden in October 2001

Some African religious leaders have a tremendous amount of courage

Dear Republicans, Fuck You

Mitt Romney Loses His Cool In 2007 Interview

Think Progress: Immigrants Founded Half Of The Top U.S. Start-Up Ventures

Some grief over death of North Korea leader false, defectors say

Clerks ran court while a St. Louis judge was on vacation overseas


Palin attacks picture of Obama family pet.

What movie(s) would you like to see turned into a tv series?

Manning’s defense rests in pretrial hearing

Find safe, healthy, green & ethical products based on scientific ratings.

Sarah Palin: Tim Tebow 'Knows Jesus Is Going To Rock Your World When You Give It Over To Him'

Don't Break The Internet! PROTECT IP & SOPA

Chretien called it: Tory MP wants to rehash abortion debate

Hi. How do you delete your post list or is that possible? Thanks!

Texas doctors to operate on girl burned in U.S. drone strike

Feds following up after California man's anti-Obama post

Guys, I've been at DU for years

One of the hotest songs of all time.....

Rio police seek to indict Chevron, Transocean officials

NY AG investigating Pearson

China's Wukan Village Wins Rare Government Compromise After Protests

The GOP lost another HUGELY important group

Abbas meets woman who aided 2001 murder of Israeli

The Reagan administration once eliminated poverty in America

Assessing Assad - The Syrian leader isn't crazy. He's just doing whatever it takes to survive.

I think MHP just made a math error on "The Last Word"

Needle-Exchange Programs Face New Federal Funding Ban

Be careful about the shrapnel from exploding right wing heads

All the Companies Supporting SOPA, the Awful Internet Censorship Law—and How to Contact Them

Lens recommendations? Want a short/macro lens for Nikon D3000

Ron Paul says someone else wrote his racist newsletters; he only made millions of dollars from them.

Zunis Perform Ceremonial Dance for the Winter Solstice

UPDATE: Another Investigation Requested into Gableman

Occupy protesters take aim at Rose Parade

Get away, human...

Rep. Buchanan's credibility takes hit in election report

Mafia vs. the Current one percent

Deputy draws gun on family because of Wal-Mart employee's mistake.

Jim Tressel to University of Maryland??

Navy First: Same-Sex Couple Share First Homecoming Kiss

CBC's The National just aired some graphic, yet jaw dropping images of the violence in Syria

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

The first trailer for "The Hobbit" slated for release this time next year.

Vicky Hartzler calls for free speech in franking privileges

ACLU Voter Suppression interactive map

Floyd Mayweather Jr. sentenced to 90 days in jail & 100 hrs community service

'Zat You Santa Claus (The Heavy Remix)

President Obama to Speak Thursday on Payroll Tax-Cut

PLease help us elect a real Democrat

The Christmas Song Remixed, Mel Torme, Michael Kessler, Open Fire Mix

Court of Appeal Orders Release of Bagram Prisoner by Scott Horton

I opened the drawer, and when my eyes fell on what was inside, I cried out in shock and fear!

Christmas Remixed Holiday Classics Re-Grooved - Happy Holidays (Beef Wellington Remix)

What is your christmas wish this year. My life seems fine. I feel as safe and secure

Exclusive interview: Scott Arnold on The Ed Show - link to video below

Economy Contributes to Slowest Population Growth Rate Since ’40s

French Humor: Un ail phone

Editing your older threads does not "kick" them. Now you know!!!!

So are front page "Greatest Threads" now selected at random or by a host, jury or other method?

Carol of the Bells (for 12 cellos)

Joy to the World (Mocean Worker Remix)

Son Calls Cops on Mom Over World of Warcraft

President Obama doesn't need to be dumped, and Have A Swell Christmas from moi!

Chinese Pensioner Beaten to Death at Northeast China's Women Prison

Suggestions needed for my Netflix que.

Jingle Bells (Dan The Automator Remix)

Anyone else hate christmas music?


The UK's 950% Debt To GDP You have to see the Morgan Stanley chart

You should see this. Pretty ordinary flash mob till about 3 minutes or so. Then...yeah

Baby, It's Cold Outside (Mulato Beat Remix)

You should see this. Pretty ordinary flash mob till about 3 minutes or so. Then...yeah

HBO's teaser trailer for the new film 'Game Change' regarding the 2008 presidential election - video

Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town (Johnny Mercer)

Bad Siri

Republican Lawmaker attacks Michelle Obama ..she has a 'large posterior'..


Dutch cup match abandoned after fan attacks Alkmaar keeper..

This wonderful photo from the DU Homepage

Bring Him Home (Cello, Piano and Musical versions)

Ladies and Gentlemen may I present, Sly & The Family Stone: Thank You - Live

Remembering Arnulfo Crispin and Officer Scotty Richardson

Fairytale Of New York

Kevin Yoder proves he's an idiot

Two four star Marine generals demands that President Obama veto the National Defense Authorization

Does anyone want to plan my wedding for me?

Healthcare is failing women

Since we all need a healthy dose of inspiration from time to time ;-)

Do you know who the last man to die in the "dumb" Iraq war was?

An Elementary School Principal Complimented Me

For the past 3+ years I have been posting the semi-daily links for The Oil Drum and...

Chevron calls for investigation of Ecuador ruling

Chevron calls for investigation of Ecuador ruling

Pond at dusk

Size of Government Under Obama is Nearly 300k Smaller than Under Reagan

Strange Noises in Norther Virginia

TCM Schedule for Friday, December 23 -- What's On Tonight: Christmas Noir

Winners and losers #9

"Golden Chief" Tomb Treasure Yields Clues to Unnamed Civilization

Bah! Humbug!

"Golden Chief" Tomb Treasure Yields Clues to Unnamed Civilization

Priest threatened with arrest...

I doubt the differences between the New Deal Democrats and the New Democrat Coalition

Michele Bachmann: Bob Vander Plaats, Christian Conservative Leader, Asked Me To Drop Out

Toons: Tax Holidays, Succession, Leading from Behind and more. 12/21/11

Tell me about your Christmas/Holiday Bonus

Tesla Model S pricing and options announced.

Simon de Pury

Pink and Blue: Help us have fun with gender equality.

Old kitty is gone now too

Doing research I happened to land in Susquehanna County

Tech question about how Juries are generated/formed....

I think the trigger happy alerters need skin in their game.

Syria unrest: Arab League observers set to arrive (BBC)

Deadly series of attacks rock Baghdad

boehner pulls the biggest political boner this year

PROTECT IP / SOPA Act Breaks the Internet

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response---or ASMR for short.

UK asks US to return suspect held in Afghanistan

For Democrats in Hawaii, Unease in an Oasis

Chinese scientist Huanh Kexue jailed for trade theft

Pet Shop Boys - It doesn't often snow at Christmas

California Hospital Chain Eyed for Possibly Bilking Medicare for Millions

How Will New Voter Registration Laws Affect 2012 Election?

Border Fence Blocks Bears in Migration, Study Finds

Suit: Arizona authorities shackled pregnant inmate

California woman indicted on charges of giving money to terrorists

Man Eats Lo Mein from Brother's Hut, Flies

Oh brother! The Teaparty, Sarah Palin, The GOP, etc have been dividing the country for THREE YEARS

"Any President [could have taken out bin Laden], Mr. Romney? Really?"

Updated recipe - Pecan Kringle

The Guardian UK: Iraq bombs kill 23 as series of blasts hit Baghdad

The new domesticity: Fun, empowering or a step back for American women?

Religions explained

a bug?

Earth-sized planet discovered 0.0 light-years away

Axis of Evil to strengthen squad in January transfer window

Rachel Maddow: Jingo All the Way / segment regarding Obama's White House Christmas card - video link

Rachel Maddow: Breaking news segment regarding NDAA bill & Obama's Signing Statement - video link

Lone Holdout's First Nuclear Winter Looms in Tohoku

'UNESCO funds Palestinian magazine glorifying Hitler'

Honesty is not the best policy for the Palestinian Authority

The Front…

War on Christmas continues

China slams Christian Bale for "creating news"

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, December 22, 2011 (XPost)

Greece’s Creditors Resist Push From IMF for More Losses

What's a christmas/holiday song you haven't heard on the radio yet?

List of Cities Breaking Yearly Rain Record Grows.

CNN interview of Ron Paul an example of pathetic TV journalism

What is the most frugal and environmentally sound way to handle baby poop?

The truth is that Sarah Palin hates the

Egypt attacks ‘foreign interference’ over abuse of women

Perhaps the last great protest song

Getting the beach ball a lot

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin are parents.

India May Join US-China Solar Trade Dispute to Avert ‘Disaster’

30,000 Chinese ‘Occupy’ Highway to Protest Polluting Coal Plants

US admits mistakes over killings of Pakistan troops

Ultracold science finds new method to get even colder

Aisha Khan found safe, a missing person’s case with a happy ending

Eliot Spitzer: Our Rallying Cry Should Be, "We Own Wall Street and We Can Stop

An antidote to RW e-mails and relatives (especially ones trying to un-blame Bush)

Reputed Mexican cartel chief charged in killing of U.S. agent

Antidepressant, talk therapy fail to beat placebo

The latest poll on the health care reform law is out. 50% keep/expand it; 38% repeal it.

Why Does Everything Seem to Be Going Wrong for Women's Progress?

The eyes that reveal the trauma of war: Haunting portraits show Marines before, during and after ser

LHC reports discovery of its first new particle

Matt Damon Blasts Obama: “One-Term President With Balls” Would Be Better

To Save Post Offices, Turn Them Into Public Banks

Response to the Press Release Titled Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators Surve

Response to the Press Release Titled Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators Surve

Girl Scouts' Inclusion Of Bobby Montoya, 7-Year-Old Transgender Child, Prompts Troops To Disband

Solstice Redemption. All invited (Even RepubliCons)

Perhaps the 'Alert abuse' link is not always the solution.

Paul's story changes on racial comments

Battleship Iowa prepares for its final voyage

GOP Kamikazes

WoodyAllenJesus, by Tim Minchin

WoodyAllenJesus, by Tim Minchin

Special Report: The watchdogs that didn't bark

Hero of democracy Bradley Manning supported by UK military veterans

Robert Reich: How Angry, White, Southern Men Took Over the GOP & Made Our Government Into a War Zone

GOP Playing into Obama's Hands

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (12/22/2011)

"Newt Gingrich Campaign Collapses Under the Weight of Own Head"

Ted Rall toon: We Coulda Won

John Sinclair: Where the movement began (MI marijuana legalization)

Balancing Act

Robert Scheer: On to the Next ‘Bubble Fantasy’

Gingrich chased out of Iowa Capitol building

Josh Marshall: Reality. What a Concept?

Inequality in Ancient Rome and Modern America

post edit history would benefit from being able to show the modifications explicitly

Associated Press linked story from Comcast has Republicans as the more generous Santa Claus...

HuffPo reader "shilparules" posts some freeper bait in "Julianne Moore as Palin" comments

Dear Jamie Dimon, Nobody hates your right to make money. They hate how you made it.

Taking on the Trade Laws of the 1 Percent

LHC reports discovery of its first new particle

Geebiz, if Gloria Borger got Paul hysterical how would he handle that 3:00AM call?

Charlie Chaplin: People of Earth

Going out on a limb

The Repukes are out!

I just joined this group.

Jobless claims fall to lowest since April 2008

What a crappy hat.

Make your own, virtual, personalized Atheist billboard

Congressman Brady's Support for GOP Redistricting Plan Stirs Controvery (WHYY in Phila)

Prism Break: Seeing Beyond the Shadows on the Walls Around Us

Voter ID Law Likely to be in effect for 2012 Elections - The Disenfrancishment continues

Senate GOP worries tax standoff could cost them upper chamber

Notice this habit of the clowns who support Ron Paul?

What happens when you blow up a building? What happens when you blow up the economy?

Kids In 'Scared-Straight' Program Visit Horrifying Cleveland Cavaliers Practice

Japan Times: Nuclear crisis far from resolved

Who is your "less obvious" avatar ? I've always wondered, have you ?

After the last GOP primary there was only one thing that just about all the candidates agreed on

Anger in Australia as school books ‘write Christ out of history’

Does anyone else feel this way?

American Horror Story (season finale) SPOILER

Teabaggers Beware! Thom Hartmann: TRUE history of the Boston Tea Party

Talk host sorry for anti-gay remarks

The Anatomy of the Modern Republican Brain...

Insulting the First Lady

Peak Oil Is Here, Energy Stocks Will Soar In 2012

Auto Industry Success Continues, Further Vindicating Obama Rescue

Social Security Notification

are you a micro or macro thinker? is it an innate characteristic or a developed perspective?

Religious watchdog condemns bill allowing church politicking

Max Keiser: Tapeworm Ltd., CEO David Cameron

Maybe a bug under "My Posts"....

Labor Board Adopts Rules to Speed Unionization Votes

Occupy - Why We Fight

Aging Cars

Lower right corner - next to 'Reply to this thread'....

President Obama Offers Republicans A Way Out: Pass The Senate Bill

At gas pump, 2011 was the year of the big squeeze

Admins: My monthly subscription notice went to DU2

WTF, Palin goes after the Obama christmas card for including their dog last night. Then, this mornin

Does Matthew Kroenig want a nuclear war with Iran ?

Science & Religion: A Select Bibliography

I put my cinnamon roll dough in the fridge overnight (after the first rise). It rose a lot and now

Patton Oswalt - Christmas Shoes

Re: Matt Damon, from Liberal comedian Rob Delaney

'Nothing says the little baby Jesus like two foxes roasting the NBC peacock

US Peace Corps cuts Honduras role amid security fears

GDP report: Growth even weaker than feared

Just had a weird jury call.

Pvt. Manning and Imperative of Truth by Ray McGovern

Jobless claims at lowest levels since April 2008

When Tebow Wins . . .

Cops mock Seattle jogger nearly killed by a truck

DU3 rocks n/t

"Any President Mr. Romney? Really?"

Canada's Health Care System At Risk? -- Bad medicine: Harper's prescription for privatizing Medicare


Only for those who have seen The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Nigeria on alert as Shell announces worst oil spill in a decade

President Obama’s view of fraud “from 40,000 feet”

Welcome to the hypocritical world of cartooning!

Wal-Mart pulls Enfamil formula batch from 3K-plus stores after Mo. baby dies; no recall issued

The problem so many men have with love:

Jobless-claims data improves again

MiddleFingerMom's suggestion for the "Ignore Button":

MiddleFingerMom stays young in part by not just following, but STARTING fashionista trends

To be honest, nothing's really changed about MFM since he was Tiny Li'l MiddleFingerMom.

no hunting.

Grover Norquist on MSNBC right now, pissing and moaning about raising taxes on the 1%

The Peak Oil Crisis: 2012 -- Apocalypse Now?

California lawmen buying assault guns civilians can't

Responsible for his brother's death--who ate cocaine hidden in his butt.

Why Google needs Firefox now more than ever

Online Sellers Agree to Make Illegal Sales

Romney does another flip-flop, this time on college football

Madison pays $10,000 to men who wore guns to restaurant

"Crushed ego sends Newt to hospital" (SATIRE from Salon)

Raising taxes

Gingrich Goes After Paul

Al Franken said "Richardo's a DLC Democrat".

(Tell me) I've got to know -- Where do lonely hearts go?

WOW SHIT! Cardinal George (Chicago) compares gay liberation movement to KKK. . .this is dispicable

Once Boehner & House R's Cave On This 2 Month Extension Here Is What I'm Going To Do With My $40....

Santorum thinks pope is socialist/marxist

Skanner, Olad, and EarlF...

Turkey recalls envoy from France over 'genocide' bill

Freepers use their limited vocabularies to verbally disembowel Mitt for "Obama isn't a socialist"

When jurors vote to hide a post, how come they're not required to give an explanation?

If the "powers that be" get the blame for what this administration has not been able to do...

FCC rules for Tennis Channel in Comcast dispute

So this card is not "Christmas-y" enough for Palin and Fox News?

Disgusting: Feds following up after California man's anti-Obama post (rant included w/redactions)

Auto Industry Success Continues, Further Vindicating Obama Rescue

Guys I've got a question for y'all.......

"The cemetery is full of people the world couldn't do without"

Palin to Dogs everywhere - you're just not American enough for her

Gingrich on OWS and unemployed: "Your "revolution" is over! Condolences! The bums lost!" (VIDEO)

Women's self-loathing is big business and supports a global capitalist system

The Villainous One Percent.

All of this talk of cheesecake made me stop and pause this morning on my way to work

Letter from Richard Trumka, President, AFL-CIO

Chinese Hack Into US Chamber of Commerce, Authorities Say

Mitt Romney’s private-equity past puts ‘creative destruction’ in spotlight

Prospects for Peace on Earth

Mitt Romney's greatest tweet ever

Is Paul a racist or just a willing tool of racists?

Thom Hartmann: The GOP Tea Party is raising taxes on the 99%

Latent heat of fusion - is the Arctic A/C about to quit?

How can I get rid of the horseradish smell from my fridge?

DUer "NNN0LHI" is stuck in jury duty of a locked thread

AZ sheriff's officers turn in fed credentials

Top Chef update (w/spoiler)

Bless you Speaker Boehner

Kris Humphries says he didn't hear "merciless booing" at Nets game because he was "so focused."

"He did it"

Occupy protesters take over disused London courthouse to hold 'mock trials' (pics, article, video)

DU3 actually works better on my iPhone than on my desktop computer.

Boehner sticks to his guns as Senate Republican leader McConnell urges swift action

I have a job interview this afternoon.

Perfect love and perfect trust.

New lineup for KNEW (former Green 960) moves Thom Hartmann to 10pm!

PHOTO: After her stinging criticism of White House Christmas card, Palin faces backlash over her own

Merry Xmas Lounge - don't say I never gave you anything

The State of Michigan pays you $15 for your first half day of Jury Duty.

McConnell To House GOP On Payroll Tax: It’s Over

Paul Krugman comments on new mercury regulations. (Gives credit to Obama)

In honor of the Christmas holiday, I am abstaining from posting on 12-25-11....

U.S. leaders say they are hard at work on payroll tax

From my email today -- Bring light into the world

"President Obama Just Stated That He Can Have Any American Citizen Killed" Jonathon Turley on CPSAN

99% plan new tax war on Super Rich in 2012

Rasmussen (R) Obama 49% Approval

George Michael Released From Hospital, Report Says

Boise QB has nothing Moore to prove

Leading U.S. Indicators Rise More Than Forecast in Sign of Further Growth

10,000 American troops pulled out of Afghanistan

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Climbs More Than Forecast in Michigan Index

The Syrian protesters have just lost.

I want to do a thread that's exclusively emoticons.

Chicago Cardinal Compares Pride Parade to Ku Klux Klan

What other recent President would have risked missing spending Christmas with family?

F.U.O.H. - Orrin Hatch: Unemployed "don’t want to work, so they just stay home and watch television"

Been a busy week Du so i am late with this...A critic thanks you Mr President

My Alert turned into a "duisruptive" alert even tho I chose Off-Topic

Retired, Computerless Woman Fined For Pirating ‘Hooligan’ Movie

Gay and lesbian community of MN issues letter of apology to resigned Senate Majority Leader

Hillary’s Angels

So... You've Been Indefinitely Detained! Helpful Information From Your U.S. Government!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,everyone!

Several duplicate OP's on "My Posts" this morning

Thom Hartmann: Occupy Bishop arrested, wife beaten...

Colorado's biggest asshole, Douglas Bruce, convicted of tax evasion.

Dallas Cowboys: 'America's Team' no more?

I received two Christmas gifts from my government today.

Merck discounts Isentress for cash-strapped ADAPs

Why depressions do not just go away

What did Candidate Obama say about cutting FICA Contributions during the Campaign 2008? ... NOTHING

A jury alert that was "successful', because, IMHO

10,000 American troops pulled out of Afghanistan

Bunker Buster Blunder

Boehner and Republicans follow Tea Party down the rabbit hole

US courts already enforcing SOPA-style shut-downs

This infant died after being fed formula sold by walmart

Thank you Juror #2 and #6.

The Art of Jumping Time Lines

BREAKING NEWS: Indefinite detention and torture act arrives at White House

Were the Koch and Brodkorb resignations connected in, you know, THAT WAY?

Pelosi: House Republicans 'Now Stand Alone'

Man released from prison for murders he didn’t commit files suit alleging police torture

We're losing the war on Christmas.

Word to (D) Obama-Bashers: Wake Up and Smell the REALITY!

The GOP master plan: turn the USA into a Third World country and then oppose aid to it.

I'm psychic - this is how my Xmas will go...

House vs Senate: Do I have this about right?

SAY WHAT YOU WANT about President 8 years, Bush NEVER did this.

From BP (Beyond Petroleum) To BS (Beyond Solar) - Company Axing CCS, Solar Units

President Obama statement: "Forty dollars can make all the difference in the world." **LIVE**

To End Ridiculous Pot Arrests, Jurors Should Refuse to Convict Marijuana Arrestees (And Can Do So...

Peru's Rio Santa Passes "Peak Water" - Summer Runoff Likely To Move Ever Lower From Here On Out

In Alternate Universe Matt Damon Blasts President McCain

Based On What FDR Said, Walmart And McDonalds Would Be Toast

RAP NEWS X - #Occupy2012

Romney V. 2007 On Climate: "But No Question About One Thing - It's Getting Warmer"

Hamas for Sale?

Once and for all! Here and now! Is professional wrestling fake?

Oakland's Quan doubts city can stop port closure

Pakistan Prime Minister Fears Ouster

AP: California lawmen own thousands of assault guns

MOVIE REMAKE! It's "Indecent Proposal," with an all-feline cast.

Iran Moves Websites To Avoid Cyber Attacks

Cudahy meat plant sues U.S. Navy over massive 2009 fire

HIV Positive Man Banned From Touching Doorknobs At Work

Good time to see Mercury right now


The wingnut DUFU's hatefest against DU3

Coast Guard's Only Functioning Icebreaker On Emergency Fuel Run To Nome, AK

Default setting question

Have you been summoned for jury service via iPad?

scales of justice

NYT - Japanese Government Says Decommissioning Fukushima Reactors Will Take 40 Years

Chart Of The Day: Toil Index- the effort required to rent a house

The Pro-Business Democratic Party: Goals for 2012 and beyond

"Job Creators" vs. The Navy. What an interesting conundrum for conservatives.

A modest suggestion concerning Juries

Mother Jones: Did Congress Just Endorse Rendition for Americans?

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL): The House Republicans Are the Grinches Who Stole Your Christmas

USMNT roster for January camp (Omar finally gets the call)

I just want to tell all of you how special you are & I've made a very large donation in honor of DU

India tables cheap food bill for poor in parliament

Newt and Callista

Lake in the Hills man is DePaul's first openly gay student president

two kids vs. one: more work for parents or do they entertain each other?

Palestinian factions agree on unified government

The Lounge needs to take GD out and have some fun.

Made in America

About that caption on the DU homepage

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom's choice of a "coffee table book" is just one more example of how he ROLLS.

I'm too lazy to google it, but who are the final two boxers competing on Boxing Day?

Obama Is The MOST PROGRESSIVE President That We Can Get In Our Current Political System

STOP SOPA - by Michael Mozart

USMNT: Impressions of Klinsmann's tenure so far?

Romney says he would deport Obama's uncle

Judge Strikes Key Provisions of South Carolina Immigration Law

Inside Capitol, Investor Access Yields Rich Tips

Incredible photo of comet Lovejoy

Thom Hartmann: Do anti-terrorism laws protect the public or protect corporate profits?

Feds approve solar energy project in Arizona (300 MW)

Nazi-themed stag party attended by Tory MP prompts French inquiry

Not recent, but an update on WI Dept. Wrkfrc Dvlpmnt

Finding Fault in the Palestinian Messages That Aren’t So Public

Hawaii wind farm leans on giant battery bank

(Manning) Hearing in Soldier’s WikiLeaks Case Ends

N.R.C. Clears Way for Nuclear Plant Construction


6,200 killed in Syrian crackdown, claims rights group

You cannot both blame Obama for high unemployment AND tell the unemployed to "just get a job".

Democrat La Follette mulling run against Walker

Taxpayers have paid Perry sub Dewhurst $32,054

George Clooney Defends Obama...

PHOTO: "I guess the Republican Party just can't stand Obama Tax Cuts...."

Doctor Who Timeline Infographic (gigantic image warning)

Walker on his recall:

Former NFL players sue league over head injuries

My favorite, nostalgic, old-fashioned Christmas scene from bygone TV. Heartwarming.

Anyone else getting this (potential bug)?

Wind War Won, Clean Power Now disbands (Cape Wind)

Occupy Berkeley camp gets notice, many go

You Must Be Sold To Support War

Analysis: Tiny Desserts, Bacon Backlash Shape 2011

Romney WON'T RELEASE TAX RETURNS if nominee! What's he HIDING?

Quebec nationalist protest planned for upcoming Habs' game

Reasons Greetings!

Bush 41 endorses Romney, disses Gingrich (MSNBC)

Need some help buying something for some pre teen kids....

Rep. Grigsby in intensive care; situation described as 'grave'

Jon Perr, Crooks & Liars: "The 12 (Republican) Lies of Christmas"

Eliot Spitzer: Our Rallying Cry Should Be, "We Own Wall Street and We Can Stop Corporate America's W

United/American puts

Hey, folks. I'm still alive.

On the first day of Cute-mas

Four Days of Death in December - Egypt - English Captions

Capitalism is dead. But how many of us is it gonna take with it? Look to OWS for answers.

Egypt: Beaten female protester speaks out from hospital bed

What do you do with the Christmas cards you receive?

Has Peak Oil already happened?

A provision in Dodd-Frank helped set the stage for a clash between big banks and consumers

I found a big problem with newpapers going online and not so much paper

So I'd like to hear from DUers - what would $40 a week mean to you

Romney is such a symbol that nobody is really LOOKING at him

WND's Corsi Busted for Plagiarism

John McCain's WAR ON CHRISTMAS: He's pissed off at Obama for Christmas shopping. Get off my lawn!

B&H Photo, Leica X1 Photo Safari

Gingrich to Campaign With Pets and Music...uh..except the toad doesn't have any pets...

Gay community apologizes for wrecking GOP state (MN) senator's marriage. (Not the Onion.)


What's for dinner? ~ Thursday the 22nd edition!

The ” Write Sensenbrenner’s Apology ” Sweepstakes!

Head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection resigns

ThinkProgress: Gingrich’s Offer Of ‘Charity Care’ Falls Short

Wisconsin's biggest wind farm goes online

Appeals Court Tosses Obama Birthplace Challenge


2011 P.U.-litzers: Journalism That Doesn't Pass the Smell Test

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom's Driving School© grades students on a STRICT "pass/fail" curve.

Some idiot posted a video he (or she) claims is Rachel Maddow.

In Islamic Law, Gingrich Sees a Mortal Threat to U.S.

Stephen Colbert Offering $500K To Sponsor SC’s GOP Primary (With A Few Conditions)

CIA's favorite data analysis company,Palantir, which currently operates out of Facebook's old office

Mayan Ruins Unearthed in North Ga

Matt Damon on Education...

NJ: Oyster Creek nuke plant can use creek water (and will close)

Says it all: "Mitt Romney refuses to release tax returns"

Feingold's book "While America Sleeps" available for pre-order!

Ain't that America, for you and me? "Family faces twin tragedies: terminal illness and foreclosure"

"I Saw the Devil" I am a bit stunned....

This man says Michelle Obama has a 'large Posterior

Homecoming tradition buries DADT

Is there an easy way to see how many host positions each person is currently holding?

(Jimmy) Carter offers condolences to N Korea

Never mind, thanks for the answers. Please vote in Official thread with the ***s.

GD is disappeared???

I think DU3's ignore feature has a bug.


Obama showcases real-world cost of letting payroll tax cut expire

GD forum missing?

The GD forum seems to have gone to the zoo

Italy Passes $40 Billion Austerity Plan

Where did everybody go?

Peaceful in here.

I think Matt Damon and George Clooney's DU fight broke GD...

Gay community apologizes to Amy Koch for ruining her marriage

Winn-Dixie Stores Sold to Bi-Lo for $560M

Winn-Dixie Stores Sold to Bi-Lo for $560M

32 QB's---guess who is ranked last.

Your candidate sucks.

ok, who erased the board....step forward!!!

Not whining - Just asking - What's with all the Post Not Found entries?

I think a Host hit the wrong button

UH OH.... GD finally exploded

Somebody alerted on the whole GD & got a friendly jury.

General was fun while it lasted.

Damn It!! I was in the shower for just a moment and I missed the Rapture!

Does Obama deserve to be re-elected? Who cares?

K&R if you like it like this.

December consumer sentiment at highest level in 6 months

The rapture happened and we're the only ones left

I got the nicest compliment yesterday

A question for any man who may have had a prostate biopsy

Well, I confess.

ARGHHH! I'll never know what this was about!

I just tried to post a reply to in "greatest threads"

Massive 1,100+ year old Maya site discovered in Georgia's mountains

Elder Bush Tells Paper Romney Is ‘Best Choice’

Did Skinner break out the Tombstones or what?

"The Daily Widget" to return to DU in May

GD got raptured!

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things!!

Huge fire in SF!!!

I figured out what happened. Read this:

I just noticed I've gone over 50,000 posts.

Kyrgyz to increase oversight of religious literature

U.S. beef consumption continues to decline

Gay community apologizes to Amy Koch for ruining her marriage

Matt who?

I was on the jury that locked General Discussion

DU Album of the Day: King Crimson "Discipline"

Thom Hartmann: Peer Reviewed Study Shows 14,000 U.S. Deaths from Fukushima

I found a DU GD thread posted in Dec 1969

Mitt Romney doesn't want voters to know what's in his tax returns

Why can't all the threads on the 'greatest list' be found? Even the picture of the moment on the

"Space ball" drops on Namibia

Merry Solstice to all DU pagans!

Whoa! What just happened to General Discussion?

Hold on, everyone! I'm calling tech support to see if they can help...


Benefits of New Air Quality Rules Greatly Outweigh Costs

The missing GD posts still seem to be in the database.

Newt Gingrich’s Bipolar Mother Kit Gingrich and His Difficult Childhood

Skinner? What are you doing in there so long with the door locked?

Do prominent liberals frequently walk out of interviews?

Skinner is missing and a 4 yr old boy was found. It appears all GD was moved to December 1969

With Indefinite Detention Bill, Has Congress Also Expanded Rendition of US Citizens Abroad?

The Unleashed Mind: Why Creative People Are Eccentric

You all might find this interesting

USA sees 'flattest' growth in population since 1940s

anyone else a fan of mark reads?

Call Congrefs RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!1!!!11!!!

BREAKING: House Republicans Cave, Agree To Two-Month Payroll Tax Cut Extension

OMG, no! It's "Hangover 3"!!!


President Obama: 'Enough Is Enough'

Top five craziest things GOP contenders said on climate in 2011

Thread started about racist threatening the President...

An Important Holiday Message from nolabear:

Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant

TYT:Matt Damon Rips Obama - Would Prefer A 'One Term President With Some Balls'

Sea Cucumbers: Dissolving coral reefs?

DU website has a problem with front page links!!

Never vote for these Lehigh Valley traitors

Satellite photo of GD.

DOE Researchers Achieve Important Genetic Breakthroughs to Help Develop Cheaper Biofuels

Damn you, DU2 dead-enders!

Have you ever been betrayed by a friend?

Freak Snowstorm in Hell

What does the "Remove Forum!" button do?

BREAKING: Senate Dems expect House GOP will soon cave and pass tax bill

John Boehner, House Republicans blink on payroll tax cut bill

Joe Strummer 8/21/52 - 12/22/02

And now for something completely different . . .

Kwashiorkor cited by Prime Healthcare in bills

Ethanol growth not leading to cropland expansion - USDA report

Lack of exercise a concern for Fukushima children

No health care for domestic partners under Michigan law signed today by Snyder

You get to amend the Constitution...

So. Boner just tripped over his. They give the Dems a win. But who loses?

Germany Explodes Republican Myth

interesting new memoir by son of Geraldine Fitzgerald and Orson Welles

BREAKING: Boehner, Cantor in Standoff with Capitol Police

Leaderless GOP Attacks Itself Over Tax Cut

Nats and A's with huge trade

House GOP appears to be playing into Obama's hands

Man tries to outrun cops in Geo Metro

Cormac McCarthy reviews the Olive Garden.

Comprehensive Study Makes Key Findings of Ocean pH Variations

BREAKING: House Republicans may be negotiating a settlement on UI and Payroll tax cuts extension-TPM

Donald Trump Out. Nat Geo WILD In!

HIV Positive Man Banned From Touching Doorknobs At Work

Musically doing my part for the "war on christmas"

I got Xmas cards from several politicians including Obama, Sen Chris Coons and even John Boehner....

My man Cenk

Serviceman sells Purple Heart

Notre Dame researchers develop paint-on solar cells

Got my first DU3 Mail death threat today!

GD GD!!!

Grover Norquist: THE principal paid lobbyist for the Keystone XL pipeline?

3:10 PM

Get Your Home Slot Machine! Christmas Gifts for a Collapsing America

Evo Morales: Our problem is with Chile, not with Peru

Remember when conservatives said the President can't control gas prices? (FR warning)

Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Sun and Cosmic Rays

Sen. Sanders:Washington Works for the 1%

Saudis kicking off major move into solar

Is your insurance company selling your infomation

moon shadows

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahaha Happy Holidays President Obama

MFM had a short lived career as a Department store santa claus......

Top 5 of 2011 - #4: Who's attacking climate scientists?

Are the Republicans going to come out and admit they caved?

What Xmas advertising has taught me this year

OK, fess up! Which one of you DUers is a writer for Deadpool?

Freeper injects note of sanity into thread about Obama christmas card

Helena Guergis suing PM Stephen Harper

Go ahead, hang me out to dry. I still like MR. Obama.

Do any of you patient souls have a minute to educate me about crab cakes?

Have you ever ordered something and couldn't wait for it to get here

Capitalism is toast. What will replace it?

Nuclear renaissance? US OKs new reactor design

I just got all signed up for classes for the spring semester!

Ron Paul Runs from Racist Past

Boner's on the Colortini, giving a presser

Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Is A Better Boyfriend Than The Tea Party

Americans will be transferred to foreign prisons under Indefinite Detention act

awkwardness with thanking people at work via email

Michigan Passes Ban on Partner Health Care Coverage

R.I.P. Barbara Wold



Maine High Court Upholds Antigay Discrimination Claim Against ExpressJet

Thursday Baking for my son

House Republicons Cave In Payroll Fight..

Giving, Receiving... and *stuff*

POTUS: "...good news, just in time for the, your voices made all the difference."

Occupy Dayton Gives John Boehner a Stocking full of Coal

Am I banned or not?

Venezuela prosecutor opposes extradition of rebel

This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back. ;)

U.N. assembly's "minute" of silence for Kim Jong-il only lasted 25 seconds

Department of Energy Releases its 2011 Critical Materials Strategy

Jason Gibson, candidate for US Senate

2011 Year in (Animal) Pictures - January

I am as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning, as a young man dating the cutest cheerleader, as . . .

THe silent hammer: revenge on skeptics.

Turin Shroud 'was created by flash of supernatural light': It couldn't be a medieval forgery, say sc

Just heard sirens.

Surprise Senator Is Conservatives' Top 2012 Target

As American as Religious Persecution

Boner CAVED? WHY?..TO save their Partys Name...that their obstanance was giving them bad press??

'Birther' bid to challenge Obama's right to be president rejected

Somethings that I have my doubts about

I got this email: Creation: explained (don't even bother to open it, you will just get pissed off)

(Japanese) Academic critical of gov't response to nuclear crisis lauded by journal Nature

Stephen Colbert Now Offering $500K To Sponsor South Carolina’s GOP Primary (With A Few Conditions)

Fred Armisen and Carry Brownstein watch "Battlestar Galactica"...

1995 video of Ron Paul Touting His Newsletter

Newt, Newt, Newt... when will you learn about 'the internets'

Write Jim Sensenbrenner and demand that he free Han Solo from the Carbonite! DU IT!

US growth revised down again for third quarter to 1.8% (BBC)

I'd like to thank President Obama (and his administration)

Tex Sensenbrenner likes to talk shit about people, huh?

In pictures: Rare lenticular clouds over West Yorkshire

OK, the Republicans in the House agreed to change course, now can we all be adults about this?

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal One Year Later: “Out of Many, We Are One”

I can't help but feel a little guilty.

If you think a poster should be banned for TOS

Have we taken in more heathens?

Hear ye! Hear ye!

My Christmas lights are better than yours

Feds Scold Hawaii, $75M Education Grant At Stake

Do I understand correctly that MalwareBytes will now become a 'paid for' service?

Question about CTA and O'Hare airport

they unwittingly fled directly into the path of Fukushima's radiation cloud

Jim Dean: Thank you for all that you do

I love it when the Bull wins.

Sensenbrenner to offer apology to first lady

In Kansas, Gov. Sam Brownback puts tea party tenets into action with sharp cuts

The Dangers of Elevated Homocysteine, cardiac and neurological

There's a nuclear war in GD

DU has turned utterly toxic and I think I'm outta here.

Cops mock Seattle jogger nearly killed by a truck

Bill O'Reilly Covers The "War On Christmas" More Than Actual Wars

Good timing, McCain!

Confused about this one year vs. Two month tax cut thing