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Archives: December 21, 2011

Rick Perry needs help, latest "oops", doesn't know what his own tax plan is,

How Finding Higgs Could Change Physics

Proof of citizenship is the common thread in all the "new" voter suppression laws

The State Dept today released this photo of Kim Jong Il and ex-CIA agent MFM.

Exclusive: Secret U.S., Taliban talks reach turning point

Just for the record, this latest shitstorm belongs solely to Boner and his lack of power as Speaker

Canada goes bananas over oil sands boycott

Any Downton Abbey fans here?

9% Congress approval rating...lowest in History...America is blaming the GOPer led House for this

Almost an A-Plus

How's everyone in Western KS tonight?

It's the end of the year, how did the Big Guy stack up?

The Semantics and Cartography of Belief

Question about "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo": Since when is revenge "empowerment"?

Come on, frugals, we have to do more posting

Santa Claus: The ultimate dry run

Interesting anti-Romney argument on FreeRepublic

Theology and Peace Annual Conference Announcement

Drug War Policy Question

New approach to malaria vaccine revealed by Oxford researchers (BBC)

How long is it appropriate to hold a grudge against a corporation

Theology and Peace Annual Conference Announcement

Capitol Report: Wisconsin leads nation in job losses

Gov. Walker reverses course on cutting services for sexual assault victims.

The pen is mightier than the stomach

Help me convince my liberal friend Ron Paul is no good

Obama administration issues report on homelessness in 2011; awards $1.5 billion to local programs

Alien Relay 2.0 I am back in the belly of the beast of Walker, Inc...

Why's everyone focusing on the payroll tax, not the fact that extended unemployment is going to end?

Push for war with Iran, thread locked as a "conspiracy theory"?

Long Beach, NY. Draw your own electoral map

Homeless New Jersey man beaten then wished Merry Christmas on video

Scientists say Turin Shroud is supernatural

Ronald Reagan Jr. on MSNBC tonite

So, with the War in Iraq "over"......

Where does one draw the line between being frugal and being an OCD packrat?

Gary Johnson to drop out of GOP primary to run as Libertarian:

A Holiday Message For You

Kim Kardashian Made $12 Million Last Year & Paid Barely Any Taxes

Chinese Atheists Lured to Find Jesus at U.S. Christian Schools

Can you decode this simple graphic?

Administration to draw down National Guard troops on Southwest border

Oh haha. Newt Gingrich - a Bad Lip Reading Soundbite

Rep. Pelosi on Speaker Boehner: ‘He is not Lucy and we are not Charlie Brown’

British Inquiry Questions CNN’s Piers Morgan (phone hacking)

Researchers figured out why Conservatives, and assholes in general, are like they are;

Panetta: US Would Stop Iran From Getting a Nuke

It seems to me that one simple way to avoid an unhappy experience with the Jury system

Christopher Hitchens: N Korea the most theocratic state in the world..

Another Poll Shows Obama Approval on the Rise

Biden urges Iraq leaders to resolve sectarian disputes

The smartest guy on the planet.

Obama blasts GOP after House Republicans defeat two-month payroll tax cut

Caption this pic of Newt

List of uses for WD40

Does ranked choice voting have a future in Maine?

Wher would be the best place to post about cloth diapers if it's inapropriate in Frugal and Energy?

(San Francisco) City, PG&E investigate high-profile outage

PHOTO: Jean-Luc Picard can really be a brutal S.O.B.

As recently as 2004, Ron Paul condemned the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Anyone else like sleeping in "tent hammocks" when camping?

Nebraska troopers sue over pension charges (19%)

Children of welfare recipients in California forced to pay for welfare debt

A dictator, a dissident and Suzanne Hart

Exposed: A Spammer Fooled MSM & America with Edited NDAA Video

Calif. AG Sues Fannie, Freddie Demanding Answers

Boy, that republican Congress voters elected sure kicked

VIDEO: Meghan McCain Unleashes On Callista Gingrich For Being 'A Mistress'

GOP Controlled House Delivers Lumps of Coal for Christmas to the Nation’s Elderly

Norman Goldman will stay LIVE on the new AM 960 KNEW (the former Green 960)

Republican presidential candidates ramp up Iowa ads before caucus

My cousin lives in Iowa. She is so friking sick of all the "bothersome hopefuls" that she is

Capital Account: Steve Keen on the Hidden Pitfalls of Financial Sector Debt

Human Testing on Possible HIV Vaccine Starts in Jan.

Bob Hope. For a long time that meant very special Christmases with the troops. A look back - Video

SF condo owners' suit rejected by appeals court

Ted Nugent Calls For Punishing The Poor, Claims They Make Poor Decisions To End Up In Poverty

Alaska lawmaker strikes at TSA in unusual ad

Sunni leaders warn of sectarian chaos in Iraq

Palestinian textbook debate reaches U.S. Republican campaign

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new kitty gif!

Drought may have killed a half-billion trees, Texas Forest Service says

Typo on Ignore tab?

California FETUS incurrs DEBT!!! What. The. Hell???

One Percent To 99: Stop Picking On Us

Hi Skinner, you wanted me to remind you of the Buddhism group that I had proposed.

BP signs deepwater exploration deal with Angola

Occupy Denver disrupts vigil to honor homeless who have died, refuse to allow mayor to speak

Ruling could stop cuts in elderly, disabled care

Unharmed baby found with 2 dead parents in Alaska

Friedman is wrong

Justice who cast vote for Wisconsin union-busting law got over $10K from law firm arguing the case

Seattle cops mocked ‘dumbf*ck’ jogger hit by semi truck

Canadian news article about the Mississippi mayor who shopped at Toronto gay sex shop

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Happy Holiday's to writers everywhere


Newt Gingrich to gay Iowan: Vote for Obama

Is it just me, or

License, Registration and Proof of insurance please

Exactly what is a terrorist?

School Officials Apologize Over Racist Comic in Newsletter

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, December 21, 2011.

Occupy protesters indicted on felony charges in Houston

On one hand, I kinda want to support Ron Paul in Iowa because if he wins....

Russian Anarchists and the Civil War

Can we kill the "Pic of the Moment"?

It's almost Christmas, here's a feel good moment from the past

I don't understand why some people appear to be simultaneously attracted to

Deck the Halls

Sean Penn and Maria Conchita Alonso get into verbal fight

GOP Brokered Convention? Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Palin, Petraeus, Ryan etc could end up as nominee

Mister Chase and Chris Salvatore sing "Baby it's Cold Outside" for charity.

You want some kewt?

The EU “Energy Roadmap 2050” contradictory to the German government's strategy

Lifelike snow sculpture

Occupy Atlanta helps keep a family in their home -for good!

Fed Proposes New Capital Rules for Banks

Hacker describes contacts with Manning

Staying out of the ring: Barely half of adults wed

Carne Ross - Interviewed on Rachel Maddow's Show

I'm ready for my evening jury.

Romney sees choice between ‘entitlement society’ and ‘opportunity society’

Danziger Toon: Iraq War Ends

Iowa voter calls Newt Gingrich "F*ckin a**hole"

The irony! It hurts! One Percent To 99: Stop Picking On Us

Racist Newsletters Return To Haunt Ron Paul

Does anyone have a tool/workshop that runs entirely on solar energy?

Really bad stuff is going on in Syria - nobody cares.

Wash. Post: Ron Paul becoming serious contender in Republican presidential race

Congress Votes No On Payroll Tax Cuts… But Yes On Winston Churchill Bust!

Thousands of rare documents burned in Egypt clash

Does anyone have a tool room/workshop that runs entirely on solar?

Shoplifters robbed while stealing from grocery store

Syria to publish Arab leaders sex films?

Former Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson running for President. A progressive alternative to Obama

Romney Defends ‘Wall Street’ And ‘Insurance Company Executives’ From Obama’s Criticism

Uribe blasts Ecuadorean president for FARC links

We stopped using tax policy for job stimulus, now we have the jobless recovery.....

Newt’s Campaign Comes Down To Earth As Iowan Calls Him ‘F—king A—hole’ To His Face

Uribe blasts Ecuadorean president for FARC links

As 2011 Concludes Republicans Take A Solid Lead In Lying

Has anyone here benefitted from a gluten-free diet even though

I see *only* Ron Paul signs in my liberal city

A general question on the Celebration of Christmas in U.S.A and some other places....

Sen. John McCain: Payroll Tax Standoff Is ‘Harming the Republican Party’

Coolest swimming pool EVAR!!!

I need some feedback on Mackeeper

Sickest Movie of All Time

When was the last happy meal you had in San Francisco?

A 99% Christmas

Glenn Greenwald. What's your opinion of him?

150 killed in 2 days in Syrian uprising

Favorite Judge In A Movie?

Exposed: A Spammer Fooled MSM & America with Edited NDAA Video

The Cowardly Senator Wyden

Should there be, could there be a Progressive Party in the near future?

I just saw one of the REAL "fronts" in the so-called "War On Christmas."

Boycott Koch Industries – Avoid These Brands

If this fashion trend catches on, their species face extinction.

What do these pictures have in common?

Finally -- WHY your cat is so athletic and graceful:

Four Worst Republicans?

Sleepovers -- Fantasy vs Reality:

A Poem by MiddleFingerMom:

Occupy Lego-Land!

War on Hannukah?

AP Raw Video: Egypt's Women Protest in Cairo

Crippling the Right to Organize?

If Don Quixote couldn't molest all those windmills...

Killdozer's cousin

Any chance of allowing hosts to move threads instead of lock them?

The Assad regime has not seriously considered introducing comprehensive reforms

Top Argentine official found hanged at summit

There are certain foods Santa abhors

A youtube exclusive: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trailer #1

Any chance of getting the old search and advanced search back?

And you thought your Christmas decor was awesome

Fed Proposes New Capital Rules for Banks.

Some music for the Lounge, from a great musician..nobody hardly ever talks about

Hey DU... What does G.O.P. REALLY stand for?

Stick a fork in it. We're done.

New Book: "Atomic Cover-Up: Two U.S. Soldiers, Hiroshima & Nagasaki"

New law re tax increase

Collision Mortality Has No Discernible Effect on Population Trends of North American Birds

Chanukah for dummies: 5 facts about the Jewish holiday

River Picture

How do I post a poll? n/t

Hillary robot calls or labelling Obama supporters as "Obama defenders"on the DU or

Marshall wins Beef O’Brady’s Bowl

So much for military retirement and disability income protection.

Jewish Agency to launch virtual network linking Israel, Diaspora schools

Righthaven files emergency appeal to block auction

Cryptic alerters - make your argument

Happy Chanukah!

Why has the middle class woken up? Is it the OWS movement? Is it the GOP

My analysis of The Twelve Days of Christmas

In Canada, high food prices are here to stay

K&R this thread if you can't wait for Christmas season to be over with

The power of words

SF Mayor Lee calls Candlestick outages 'national embarrassment'

Safe space

KITTEN ALERT! All four paws off the ground and headed for YOUR HOUSE!

Tonight's Lullaby - Nella Fantasia

Caption this Boehner/Cantor pic

Propagandizing for Perpetual War

"Low Disk Space" on drive D

Calif. AG Sues Fannie, Freddie Demanding Answers

Kim Jong-Il's last words:

Ron Paul says global warming is a hoax.

China Hackers Hit U.S. Chamber

Bad planning for UK energy efficiency program

Anyone ever tried talking to a Ron Paul supporter?

Does anyone plan to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo?

Palestinian heroism - Amira Hass

Prosecutors raid the HQ of Olympus in earnings probe (BBC)

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.-

In Iowa the World's Food Capital, there is hunger.


so netflix this late....

Worst Fedex Delivery ever

Why are juries anonymous?

Toons: Faithfulness, Complications, Veterans of Pointless Wars, and more. 12/20/11

Gingrich and Clinton Trade Careful Praise in Fox News Interview

I'm going to bed now. (dial up warning)

What to Do About Asian Carp? Great Lakes States Can’t Agree

Chile to gradually withdraw UN military contingent from Haiti

Who Owns All the Guns and Why They Need to be Controlled

well i was born to have adventures

Thai PM meets Burma's Suu Kyi

Hugo Chavez: Obama is a clown president

Best 'Democratic' Albums? Whole Albums...

Tucson Shooting 1 Year Anniversary Approaches - Hold a Candlelight Vigil for the Victims.

Alan Grayson on Dealing With Republicans: "Be Tough. It's the Only Thing They Understand"

Happy whatever you celebrate!

OK,I'm pissed. "Bradley Manning case: homosexuals a national security threat"

Emoticons are BACK!!, and they brought friends

Inouye Still Brings Home The Bacon - Saves East West Center

Has Mitch McConnell Weighed In On Boehner's Failure In The House.....

White House White Board: Payroll Tax Cuts

Tennessee Hospital Won't Allow Gay Partner to Visit

Free Stellarium Planetarium & Stars

Obama would be perfect if he would only......

The Tory MP, the stag do, and Nazi salutes

Gozirra-thon coming up ap the Academy

South American bloc to bar Falklands ships: Uruguay

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

No Xmas at Home for Detained Ex-Philippine Leader

Occupy protesters indicted on felony charges in Houston

Bravo Egyptian women

Piperlime Ad Tells Sweatpants-Wearing Women They'll Send Men Running

Rio's Cemetery of New Blacks sheds light on horrors of slave trade

160 million Americans face tax increase because of GOP fellatio on the Rich>

Elad, if you had an advent calendar

State Sen. Scott Fitzgerald (WI) confronted by recall leader Lori Compass on false recall allegation

Controlled Substances Act (1970) and its Consequences

Dead men sell no heretical iPhones, By Mark Morford

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, December 21, 2011 (XPost)

Domestic Right-Wing Terrorist (Spokane MLK Bomber) Cops a Plea and Gets 32 Years

Afghanistan Casualties More Severe Despite Pentagon's Claims Of Progress

Aviation carbon trade approved by European court

Scientists find car made of dinosaur bones

DU folk really need to read this re: Molestation in Philly:

The Death of Intellectual Property

What is left to negotiate?

Jailed Egyptian blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad is a prisoner of conscience who should be released (12/14

This could have been avoided if she'd given them what they want.

Health Care Law Has Saved the Average Senior $569 on Prescriptions in 10 Months

The GOP's Payroll Tax Fiasco - How did Republicans manage to lose the tax issue to Obama? (WSJ)

Ron Paul Iowa Team Welcomes Additional ‘Homeschoolers for Ron Paul’ Members

The Democratic Underground Manifesto

Crispy Nutella Cookies

(GOP) Lawmaker: Boeing won't build tanker in Kansas

Romney leads Obama

What Is Good Fact-Checking? (MoJo)

The GOPers BEST gave us this 6 months after stating OSAMA wanted DEAD or ALIVE...."I don't care...

Posting privileges revoked...

What would you do if you saw a man laying on the sidewalk?

FBI Says Activists Who Investigate Factory Farms Can Be Prosecuted as Terrorists (xpost)

John Walsh Finds Corporations are America's Most Wanted

Attorney Is Mad as Hell & Won't Take It

Mexico Mayan region launches apocalypse countdown

2011 Word of the year: Douchebag

Fox Promotes "Democrat" Caddell's Ridiculous Scheme For An Obama Primary Challenge

Pioneer Bloggers in the Gulf Arab States (Sultan al Qassemi)

I looked around the main stream media today, and yesterday nothing in politics happened.

"I don't want everybody to vote...

Reuters - 2011 Texas Drought Has Killed Up To An Estimated Half-Billion Trees

Obama, Boehner square off in payroll tax fight

One In Every Six Trees In The Sahel Dead Since 1950s

Oops: Perry Botches Kim Jong Il's Name

Argentine Scientists Working W. Small Farmers To Recover Corn Landraces - 99% Displaced By Hybrids

Bill Black's Handy Guide to Bankster Fraud, From 'Small Fraudulent Fry' to 'Septic Tank Scum'

Bradley Manning and the miscarriage of justice

As China Talks Concessions W. Village Rebelling Re. Power Plant Plan; Another Town Begins To Protest

Democrats Are Still Compromising Away Women's Rights -- What's Wrong with the Pro-Choice Movement's

Go, Job Creators! Indonesia Exempts 3.6 Million Ha Of Primary Forest, Peatlands From Logging Ban

Book review: 'Beyond Religion' by the Dalai Lama

Why does Joe Scarborough have a three-hour TV Show?

Shall we vote on alleged adulterer, hypocrite and anti-gay MN lawmaker Amy Koch’s marriage?

Exclusive: North Korea's military to share power with Kim's heir

UK Government demands return of Bagram prisoner Yunus Rahmatullah from US custody

Rep. Pelosi: 'Anything they put forth is designed to fail because that is what they want to do'

"when...Repubs have lost the ed.board of the WSJ, they’ve reached a humiliating level of failure"

Redistricting Vote: Who Crossed Party Lines and Why

"Hier stehe ich, ich kann nicht anders" - Rev. Nathan Monk stands up for free speech in Pensacola

Newt Gingrich to gay Iowan: Vote for Obama

Why Are We Forced to Worship at the Feet of 'Mythical' Financial Markets Controlled by the Elite?

A word about juries, transparency, and perception.

(TYT) Senators Paid By Hedge Fund Managers For Early Information

The point at which Mitt Romney loses his mind

Study: Christianity grows exponentially in Africa

African-American Mayors Meet With Global Leaders for Historic Summit

Column: Jamie Dimon should relax; nobody wants to take his stuff away

Amy Goodman: Bradley Manning and the Fog of War

Joe Conason: The Lethal Fantasies Of Dear Old Ron Paul

Mitt Romney endorses Rocky Anderson 2003

Mitt Romney Support Rises Among GOP Power Outsiders

West Wing

Poor Joseph!

Desperate for the 9 train!

Air War: What Iowa TV Looks Like For Newt

Nurses at 9 Bay area hospitals plan one-day strike

Top Political Video 2011 Iowan Zach Wahls defends his mothers

Newt Reveals Plans to Wage Holy War on Atheists in America

Where incrementalism fails

Dog-fighting in your neighborhood

Romney defends invasion of Iraq-THIS-should disqualify you from being president

Question for you. Is the NYT worth $3.75 a week?

Giving up homeschooling after 18 years

President Obama Richly Deserves to Be Dumped

Virus/firewall question

Hi Kentucky!

Buy Canadian Tar Sands

Can somebody answer my questions about the House Repugs?

You ever get the feeling that something's going to happen...

Orthodox vs. Secular: Gender Segregated Bus Gives us Israeli "Rosa Parks"

Freeper email.

Does Coenzyme Q10 Relieve Statin-Induced Muscle Pain?

Happy Festivus!! Today let us begin the airing of the Greviences. Just let it all out here now!!

X-mas themed "What It's Like To Be An Atheist", by Darksyde

Wisconsin: Judges give Democrats access to GOP legislative redistricting process

Broncos boss Elway: 'Tebow's not going anywhere'

What doesn't add-up for me

Banking: the gift that keeps on giving – just not to you

With its FAST program, the federal government is trying to read minds to fight terrorism

Man I needed this about 3 weeks ago when my nose would NOT stop running....

For Sale--Beautiful oak-framed portrait

Can Tony Stewart repeat as champion with a new-look team?

Drumbeat: December 21, 2011

Drumbeat: December 21, 2011

Frankincense production 'doomed'

Two cheeseheads who wouldn't sign the recall petition--

U.S. to provide Jordan with 660 million dollars in aid in 2012

bad news from Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant,

Three cheers for new mercury pollution standards

Soldiers just back from Iraq get new orders: Afghanistan

Ezra Klein: Why Boehner wants a conference committee

10 Things Women find unattractive

"unusual mortality event" re: seals

Thanks to Orrex I'm bringing back an argument from DU2

todays trades

Ron Paul revealed as a HOAX. DNA analysis confirms he is really E.T.

The science of Christmas trees

"It's Not Who We Are" Standing Up for New Hampshire Families

Let's Cast A Modern Day Version Of "It's A Wonderful Life" .....

I, boomerbust, challenge Eric Cantor

99% Carol

Eight U.S. soldiers charged over death of 'racially-bullied' teenage Asian-American who 'committed s

8 U.S. Soldiers Charged in Death of Fellow GI

Superwealthy counter attacks on rich (Bloomberg News)

Louisiana Official Calls For National Guard On Streets 'We Are At War In New Orleans'

Better Buildings Initiative Drives Investment, Creates Jobs

Mercosur Bloc – More Politics, Better Integration

WSJ On The "Republican Circular Firing Squad"

Conservatives Pan GOP Strategy On Payroll Tax Cut: ‘A Fiasco,’ ‘Entirely Outplayed’ By Obama

Thom Hartmann: 1.6 million reasons why Banksters don't deserve a nickel

We have raised & are now raising-generations of children who are completely ignorant of their rights

Is it possible to put the Progressive Party discussion on hold until after the election?

Keiser Report 225 - Victims of Banking Terrorists

US Housing Market Was Artificially Inflated By 14% In 2007-2010 NAR Reports

Wreaths From China Anger U.S. Veteran’s Son

Columnist writes that 'It's a wonderful life' is horrible and bankers are good. FR thinks he's a lib

DU Album of the Day: Frank Zappa's "Hot Rats"

I'm not smart enough to figure out how to do this....

TDPS: Dominionism Theocracy...the New Right Wing Insanity - Don't miss it

Syria group urges UN action over 'massacre'

On-air anti-trans bigotry from 98.5FM Boston

Regarding Marijuana Laws: Is it normal to want to get "high" and "wild" at some points in life?

I may be moving to Colorado, (Boulder area)

On-air anti-trans bigotry from 98.5FM Boston

Breaking: Journalist Testifies: Piers Morgan Knew About Phone Hacking

Suicide Cells

German scientists growing skin from baby foreskins

Speaker Walks Off Floor as Whip Hoyer Calls On GOP For Payroll Tax Cut Vote

Lie by Lie: A Timeline of How We Got Into Iraq

I have no idea if this is doable but......

I really miss my ignore list...

Notice that the Arab Spring is really more of a Big Bang - Rami G. Khouri

Defense rests case in WikiLeaks military hearing

Paul Sadler, a Democrat, Files for U.S. Senate

The day America died

Foundations of our plantings - soil, composting, container gardening

We Killed Your Daughter; You're Under Arrest

"...if you were the president, you're gonna do pretty much whatever the heck you want to do..."

Electoral reform adds millions of young voters in Chile, could affect elections

Schakowsky (D): Sanctimonious rhetoric you hear from republicans is nothing but talk, baby-talk

Christians, atheists fight over tradition

Electoral reform adds millions of young voters in Chile, could affect elections

Occuprint- posters

Mountain Lion Cubs Rescued in Burbank

Is there a way to report a troll besides going thru the jury system?

Who came up with the Pic of the Day?

can we advocate voting for Bernie Sanders on DU3

The Rude Pundit: One Man in Iowa Speaks for a Tired Nation Regarding Newt Gingrich

"Battlefield Occupy" -(and the weapons used against the people)

Boehner says he needs President Obama's "help"...can't wait for freepers to brand him a R.I.N.O.

Our Economy Was Built on Bull. Until We Admit That, We’re Screwed.

Killers of land rights campaigners become 'military targets'

"Does anyone think that the average American can see through the projection of Democrat leadership?"

NY Times: Republican Unity Cracks as Election Nears

Colombia's military justice must be run by civilians: House President

Maybe that war with China isn't so far off

WH: What does $40 mean to you?

Playing chess in Eurasia {pretty interesting read}

Here comes Jeb Bush (major new editoral in WSJ aimed at the Ron Paul voters), beware of BushCo

Looking to leave: Young Iraqis scarred by war

Research from Geena Davis's Institute on Gender in Media

Why so much concern with Ron Paul?

Pic Of The Moment: New GOP Front-Runner Thrilled To Be In Iowa

Powerful video: Quite Desperation in Oakland County, Mich.

The Bouazizi 'big bang'

I want to buy a friend's dog a soupbone for Christmas...

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays

Barney Frank: Apology is not a bad word

You'll Never Believe What House Republicans Did To Get Ready For The Payroll Tax Fight

One Big Lie:US Housing Market Was Artificially Inflated By 14% In 2007-2010 NAR Reports(15% in 2010)

Criminal Justice Reform 2011 – The Good, the Bad, and the Work Ahead

Winter Solstice 2011

A mighty museum of miniatures

Al Jazeera English Among Winners of Broadcast Awards

possible jury selection bug

Watch GOPer Literally Walk Out On Dem Attempt To Push Payroll Tax Cut

Further erosion of 1st Amendment protections - Salon: Convicted for words, not deeds

Twins in a Stroller warming to me - while waiting for Mom who's trying on clothes

I want the classic look and when I

Chilean student leader Camila Vallejo, person of the year for The Guardian

White House: Assad regime does not deserve to rule Syria

This week's LOLcats will be posted on Monday, the 26th.

Newt To Gay Voter: Support Obama

I did it again! I need to just stay in the Sports Group.

You want our union bosses out of government? How about you take corporation out too.

She's a fan, not a hooker

I wish all my ASAH friends a very happy Solstice.

The Supreme Court - Reason alone to vote for Obama in 2012

How do you embed a video?

For War Dogs, Life With PTSD Requires Patient Owners

"Should Be Legalized"

Is this where one would report a bug??

Attention WOT fans

'The girls of Egypt are here': women defy military

Traitors: 4 Dem Housemembers pressured Dems to vote for GOP redistricting plan to protect themselves

Major Jewish donors stick with Obama

Flickr picks the 18 best news photos of 2011

Thom Hartmann: Redistricting will save the GOP millions!

Texas Busts Shameless Police 'Charity'

Newt Called Out In Grocery Store

Joanne Mariner, Verdict: National Defense Authorization Act Explained: Part 1 of 2

GOOD used cooking equipment sales, exchanges and giveaways?

Speaker Cuts Off C-SPAN Cameras When Dems Attempt To Bring Vote On Payroll Tax Cut

Assassination Threat on Obama Kids Is Horrifying . . .

NOM’s Top Ten Biggest Gaffes Of 2011

GOP Presidential Candidates Flat with Voters

What's the stuff that keeps animals from peeing in the same spot repeatedly?

CNN Poll: Obama leads GOP candidates by margins of 7-19 points

Obama beats Romney 52%-45% in latest CNN/ORC Poll

1% on display: 'Need a last-minute gift idea? How about a car?'

"The Glen Beck Story" soon to air on TCM.

Speaker Cuts Off C-SPAN Cameras When Dems Attempt To Bring Vote On Payroll Tax Cut

Robertson slams SNL sketch, calling it "disgusting bigotry"

Santorum reeling in major endorsements in Iowa, where the right is scrambling for a new anti-Mitt

Why is the GOP for raising taxes on working class and against raising taxes on the rich?

Update on “The War on Christmas.”

Capital One Bowl - Who wins?

Bus Trips Surge as Wi-Fi Beats Driving: Study

How can I add a YouTube URL to a post in a way that it won't embed?

Progress made in the Bread Machine war.

To all, Occupy Wall Street (The Tide Is Turning)

Click this web site over and over, for a few laughs...

It’s Still Difficult to Be Gay on the Hill

What does it say about the GOPer Party when we look at Their BEST Vying for the nom???

Save the Rich by Garfunkel and Oates

Apparent good news a mirage for many states

What If Occupiers Armed Themselves?

I am Soooo glad to see the Genealogy Group is still around

In politics a week is a year - Ron Paul edition

"It's Not Who We Are"


Homeless New Jersey man beaten then wished ‘Merry Christmas!’ on video

Op-ed: Meet My Hero of the Gay Rights Movement

House GOP Refuses to Allow Dem Whip to Speak on Floor & Offer Senate Compromise

Grand Theft Jesus: Woman steals 80 pound Baby Jesus from Nativity scene, posts pic on Facebook

Jury system and bad blood

Is Romney starting to panic? (4th in a series of 78)

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Oh, those angry feminists...

Era veteran ends War on Christmas/....... Happy Holidays v Merry Christmas

One day old white lion cubs - pics

Do Private Military Contractors Have Impunity to Torture?

Take Bernie's poll on economic justice

"Lie by Lie" This should be under glass in the Smithsonian. Never!!! Forget!!

I hate all the sweet ads exploiting the troops -

Random strategy thought on the payroll-tax thing

The Real Complaint Against The 1%

Have you spotted a major story that the media is missing?

DeMint's deficit-cutting plan targets poor

What's the best nonfiction you've read this year? (bonus if it was published in 2011)

What's for dinner? ~ Wednesday the 21st edition!

What do two posts announcing the new The Hobbit trailer say about the Lounge?


Fox News Show Awarded 'Top Misinformer Of 2011'

Small GD bug (?) report

How do you rate Gov. John Kasich's first year in office? A Plain Dealer poll

No polls? OK, simple choice: "Jet" or "Band on the Run"?

Replacement for Offensive College GOP Prez Is Even More Offensive

Write something brief and intersting using the following words:

Study Up On Your Dinner Table Talking Points

Rethug Citizenship Test for Voting

Study Up On Your Dinner Table Talking Points

DU3 is one smooth operating website

Celebrate with me!

For Illegal Immigrant, Line Is Drawn at Transplant

National Security & "Defense" group?

A Modest Proposal to make the "Payroll Tax Holiday" even BETTER!

When I see anti-Obama posts, I usually want to support him more.

Can we post comments from other political websites than FR?

US Refuses Karzai’s Latest Plea to End Deadly Night Raids

Braylon Edwards Gave 79 kids $10,000 each for College

Time to Attack Iran

Iphone/Ipod IOS 5.01 Upgrade question....

Has the Republican Party essentially boxed itself in for 2012?

Are you entitled to exist on this planet?

Stuff that never happened

Happy Solstice!

Unions Come out to Support Occupy Movement & Condemn Oakland City Council Crackdown on Port Closures

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly do a straight remake of Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth

Shame on Boehner!!! From the AFL-CIO

Anybody know how the governor recall signature campaign is going in Wisconsin?

Iphone/Ipod IOS 5.01 Upgrade question-- Answered in Lounge Posting Thanks!...

Turkey warns of reprisals if France passes genocide denial bill

Top Argentine official found hanged at summit

Iraq failed U.S. troops

Poll shows overwhelming support for President Obama on ending war in Iraq

In case you missed it - The teaser trailer for the Hobbit is online!

Uh-oh! Alert Pat Robertson! Anti-Christian bigotry strikes again!

8 soldiers charged in alleged hazing death of GI; family seeks truth

Um, er, ah . . .

I am considering returning all of my Christmas purchases.....

President Obama Richly Deserves to Be Bumped

Rick Santorum Talks About How He Would Appeal To Gay Voters (no this is not an Onion Article)

'the President gets up every morning and tries to figure how to raise taxes on anyone or anything'

How many groups are derivations of **tard allowed in?

Defying the trend that has recently been reported in the news,

PEJ: Fox News and MSNBC Had Similar News Agendas in 2011

Just got a weird error message ... it said ...

Large-Scale Killings Reported in Syria on Eve of Arab League Observer Visit

Now you can see how many people have put you on ignore

NJ Senator supports repeal of DOMA for gay marriage (complete reversal for this senator!)

Obama Reaches Out to Congressional Leaders Over Payroll Tax Standoff

Canadian held in Mexican Gadhafi plot has detention extended

I refuse to take any Pledge unless

Security in Flu Study Was Paramount, Scientist Says (interview)

Syrian troops 'wipe out village'

And now for something COMPLETELY Christmas!

Man Charged After Posting FB Pic of Daughter with tape on Mouth

Lawmakers want to include holiday greetings in mail to constituents

Yellowstone transformed 15 years after the return of wolves

Egyptians protest against beating of women

Newt isn't gone until we see a stake driven through his heart -- ummm, chest.

Snarky but funny blog on Smirking Chimp (RE: payroll tax)

Obama goes Christmas shopping at Best Buy

Lil' Ricky Man-on-Dog reveals his MASTER PLAN to lock in TEH GAYS VOTE to Greta Von Zenu...

Western gray wolves coming off endangered list

New Limits on Mercury Pollution, After Decades of Delay, Build on State Lead

(CBS News') Russ Mitchell Moves to WKYC Cleveland

Former Bush Ad Man Forms “Well Funded” Third Party: Needs “Virtual” Candidate for "Virtual" Party

Gingrich Plummets in Polls as Voters Start Remembering Who He Is - examined by Andy Borowitz

Hello, Beings of Light! Regarding the Winter Solstice:

OWS, trinity church and a manger scene

Just in time for Christmas: Occupy Wall Street - The Lego Set

Now, you can know how many are Ignoring you on DU:

CNN Video: Gingrich faces hecklers in Iowa - "FDR didn't end the Depression. World War II did."

An observation of how and why the 1% Global Capitalist Oligopoly is lethal

The Year In Pictures - Parts 1&2 ( The Big Picture)***some graphic images***

Has Kim Jong-il brainwashed North Koreans?

Accused Ponzi schemer Allen Stafford "suicidal" and unfit for trial, his doc says

Man chases car thief and holds him at gunpoint.

8 month old deaf baby reacts to newly installed cochlear implant being activated (Video)

Beware if you decide to watch "Seven Days in Utopia"

Sex Shop Purchase in Toronto Outs Republican Mayor

Solar tariff cut plan ruled legally flawed

Ray McGovern: Pvt. Manning and Imperative of Truth

Jury suggestion

Five Things You Should Stop Doing in 2012

Joe Biden On Iraq, Iran, China and the Taliban (said Taliban not the enemy)

Break Up Bank of America Before it Breaks Us

2 women share 1st kiss at US Navy ship's return

What the acetaminophen-and-asthma story tells us about our tendency to jump to medical conclusions

Obama campaign uses fight over payroll-tax cut to hit Romney


Chart: The sweat of your brow

Is there a compilation of all the times the Republican House has pulled what they are

FDA Escalates War Against Amish Dairy Farmers

What a Busted Robot Airplane Tells Us About the American Empire in 2012 and Beyond

2011 Douchebag of the year: Mother chokes daughter during Packers loss

Homemade Christmas gifts...

"Boehner’s office cuts off C-SPAN cameras as GOP takes verbal beating." CRYBABY! EFFIN' CRYBABY!

Boehner’s office cuts off C-SPAN cameras as GOP takes verbal beating

Please Read before Posting in the Health Group!

The Freeway?

Five years ago, I never thought that I'd hear radio from every part of the globe

Thank you Pres. Obama

Former high school footballer Adam Goddard’s amazing poetry slam for gay marriage

Latino Vet Injured In Arpaio’s Jail Dies

Who likes clowns?

Don't forget tonight is the...

Satire: ‘How the Gingrich Stole Christmas’

BofA to pay $335 million to settle Countrywide mortgage bias probe

Pat Robertson: "Normally speaking, a person who has acquired (homosexuality) can un-acquire it."

5 challenge Obama's inclusion on Ga. ballot

Florida GOPer Vern Buchanan Said FEC ‘Exonerated’ Him — It Didn’t

Martin Bashir (MSNBC) made a good point about Newt's revisionism...

Congrats Abby!


Controversial Oakland church sends kids to solicit money at BART stations

Found this little tidbit regarding the reigning Super Bowl Champions.....the Green Bay Packers!!!

House GOP loses another ally in tax fight

Trump: "Barney Frank looked disgusting--nipples protruding--in his blue shirt before Congress....

TYT on Current: Cenk - 'It's time to free Bradley Manning'

George Allen caught on camera calling chat with voters ‘torturous’

playing my song

Will the links to other progressive site ever return?

Senate Republicans Refuse to Confirm Head of Government Printing Office

Why did so many PA. Democratic legislators vote for the Republican Redistricting Plan???

Suspect extradited in death of U.S. immigration agent

Pat Robertson: Gays can ‘un-acquire’ homosexuality

Does anyone know when the Army started personally notifying families of deaths?

Are Foreign Call Centers Endangering U.S. Security?

I Just Called The White House To Urge The President To Stand His Ground.......

EPA Tells Nation's Dirty Power Plants To Clean Up

Am a supporter of this President and the Democrats 100 percent. Period. n/t

Obama Finally Starts to Activate Privacy Oversight Board

NY times article discusses effects of federal budget cuts on Allentown and similar cities

Thom Hartmann: The GOP Tea Party is raising taxes on the 99%

I know the economy is recovering and everthing but...

BofA settles unfair lending claims for $335 million

Should this image be on DU's home page??

Countrywide: The toilet that keeps on overflowing

PAIN-O-METER: "How Much Do Tattoos Hurt?"

Independent probe launched into Oakland cop tactics at Occupy protests

The Holiday Card The GOP Is Sending To Their Gajillionaire Friends

2 women share 1st kiss after US Navy ship returns to Virginia, 1st since repeal of gay ban

The Story Of Half A Million Citizens Rising Up To Defy A Politician

Insufferably Cute Christmas Music Video with Cats and a Squirrel


Did Eisenhower Predict The End Of The GOP?

Rachel Maddow, "What Republicans Mean When They Talk about Food Stamps and Millionaires.

No Immunity for Wall Street!!! Please sign Tammy Baldwin's petition

Power plant rules unveiled: Higher bills, cleaner air

Pelosi Letter to Boehner: Do Not Walk Away from the American People Again

Tim Tebow finishes third in fans' Pro Bowl voting

There's a bug when sorting Group/Forum pages by any of the sortable columns (# Replies, Author, etc)

Famine Early Warning System (FEWS-NET)

winners and losers in PA. House and PA. Senate redistricting

The mercury rules announced today are a bona fide Big Deal..."history is being made"

How are you liking your iPhone 4S?

What if George Bailey (or OWS, for that matter) were ruthless rather than non-violent...

First Thoughts: Three reasons the House GOP won't win this fight

Could we have a FAQ forum?

Shell shuts Nigerian oil field after spill (BBC)

Kerry Statement on EPA Mercury and Air Toxics Standards

Hoverboards - Quantum Levitation Explained | Science News

Gawker pursuesO'REILLY's court documents viaFOIL& ACLU,abuse of police thru investigaing wife b'frnd

Sony's bio battery turns waste paper into electricity (BBC)

Can this be our lounge today?

Silly Raven ramble...

Bob Schieffer wants you to 'Forget Who is at Fault' for Gridlock Over Payroll Tax Bill

Thom Hartmann: A juicy right-wing conspiracy theory for GOP TV

100 year old letter to Santa

Gay Republican Groups Defend Gingrich, Urge Gay Voters Not To Vote On Equality

FDR words of wisdom going around FB - photo

Remember those who sold out Pa. voters in a flawed redistricting plan (Newspaper Editorial)

We are the 99%

The Tea Party: GOP Pays For Selling Their Soul

"They're (Obama) going to have the most demonic, vicious campaign you've ever seen because they

Newly found planets are 'roasted remains' (BBC)

The Dirty Tricks Thread

President Obama takes Bo shopping - pics

Scott Walker - Not Enough People In Jail

Boxer Mayweather gets 90 jail days in Vegas case

Ho ho ho...meow...

House GOP takes a political beating in payroll tax fight

Hedge-Fund Titans Got Inside Political Tips

This is hilarious- "How The Gingrich Stole Christmas"

Senator Sanders Applauds EPA Rule on Power Plant Pollution

"Nipples protruding" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "nipples protruding".

TABOR author Douglas Bruce found guilty of tax evasion

Sliders and The Sauce

TYT Ron Paul Hate From Establishment Republicans

Look who stopped by for pizza today near my office:

Can we have a new forum for Third Party Discussion?

gifts for those who have everything else they need

GOP lawmakers fire Minn. environmental panel head

President Obama should be reelected.

Israeli Officials Escalate War Of Words With N.Y. Times

Ron Paul opposes Affirmative Action, Equal Pay for Equal Work, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Harry Reid to John Boehner: Game over.

Terry Gilliam is a demented genius (his animated Christmas card from 1968)

Police-Business Deal Raises Ethical Questions

Two Women Share First Kiss After U.S. Navy Ship's Return

Iraq Political Crisis Fans Sunni Fears Of Marginalisation, ‘Dictatorship’

Notes from a Public Transportation newbie of sorts (me) -

Off The Beat: Cop Accused of Dealing Meth Free, But Not Pot Minister

Wow, I never thought this would happen in my lifetime

Jewish body condemns House GOP over Holocaust rhetoric

Romney Refuses to Criticize Boehner Over Payroll Tax Vote

The better half of primates...

Inside The 1 Percent's Texas Enclave

'his life's not an open book, it's an open sewer'

(NLRB) Board adopts amendments to election case procedures

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, December 22, 2011.

Obama’s personal reelection reflection

How the ##3#@$# do you find another DUer on this site when you need to send them a message?

Perry SuperPAC Smacks Newt and Mitt

Marijuana Myths

Boehner’s office cuts off C-SPAN cameras as GOP takes verbal beating

Hospital Apologizes to Lesbian Turned Away From Visiting Partner

Battlefield Occupy...

Romney sidesteps tax dispute

To all those that use TCF Bank: did you know about the new $10/mo fee they will charge you?

A song you would be embarrassed to tell your friends you like.

Navy Ship Chooses Lesbian Couple To Share Traditional First Kiss

MISSISSIPPI: Concealed Carry on college, in bars, and in courthouse is LEGAL.

Newt Gingrich Plummets in Polls as Voters Start Remembering Who He Is

Caption Rick Santorum

End of DADT Opens Doors to Gay Chaplains

Need help locating Presidential Campaign Headquarters in Portland

Obama campaign promotes health care law

Capitol Stand-off: Republicans Caving?

Speaking of cheesecake, if you could send one as a gift...

Hey. You! The head dudes and dudettes

Occupy protesters go to federal court

Pagan mom outraged after school gives son Bible

*Ridge just endorsed Huntsman, on Hardball.

Strong evidence that Ron Paul really did write those racist newsletters

Petition for the Thatcher state funeral to be privatised

Two women share historic kiss at US Navy ship's return - first time since the repeal of DADT.

Photos: The President takes the First Dog Christmas Shopping (and official WH Card)

Infidelity allegations, financial mess dim Minn. GOP’s hopes of making Obama fight for state

New U.S. anti-pollution standards draw industry fire

what is thread trashcan (going to be?)?

Anyone been checking lately?

Finland 'finds Patriot missiles' on China-bound ship

Cool tool - Have you checked out the "My Subscriptions" tab?

Andrew Sullivan: "Mitt Romney Is A Big Fat Liar"

Why House Republicans Won't Win

1 out of every 100 Americans are in Prison.

Karl Rove Concedes House GOP Blew It On Payroll Tax (VIDEO)

Chart: The sweat of your brow

Want More Gridlock? Vote for Gingrich: He All But Invented It

Grandma Got Indefinitely Detained

Canadian-developed HIV vaccine approved for human studies

Obama gonna Killum w/ Kindness, Clarity, and, Sanity.. nx year: The Winning Formula is (+) Polarity

FireDogLake: EPA Releases Groundbreaking Mercury and Air Toxics Rule

I really feel sorry for John Boner

Hide thread is back!

"Pity the 1%! Billionaires Bemoan Criticism by ‘Imbeciles’"

PetroChina talked with XTO, Fort Worth mayor says

DU3: The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Who would win in a fight between Xenu and Cthulu?

Good choice for a major for a young person: mathematics or civil engineering?

ROFLMAO---well I guess this won't be the word of 2012

A thought comes to mind

Wisconsin Workers: Hope for the Holidays

Gingrich 'Mic Checked' at Iowa State House

Karl Rove Concedes House GOP Blew It On Payroll Tax (VIDEO)

Boehner’s office cuts off C-SPAN cameras as GOP takes verbal beating

Appeals Court Says University Can Require Religious Student To Follow Ethics Rules

Have you heard Thievery Corporations new tune? United Tribe

Sen. Cardin Introduces Bill To Restore Voting Rights For Felons Who Have Completed Their Sentence

Protestors at Proposed Hubbard Brine Injection Well

Romney gets rid of a culture of government dependence while cashing checks from former employer

my day at Valley Forge National Park... (warning pics)

I'm pissed off at the "Hobbit" trailer...

Old? Jon Hodgman on insanely wealthy people

BofA’s Countrywide to pay $335 million over bias case

So Sensenbrenner makes a crack about the First Lady's "Posterior"

Ron Paul Suddenly Doesn't Want to Talk to Reporters About His Racist Newsletters

Lost in Translation

Canadian charity throws doomed bunnies a lifeline

Wild baby gorillas groom explorer in Uganda

Summary of a film script about Xenu, written by Ron Hubbard

Anybody else watching the hummingbird nest?...

I wish this YouTube had more hits ...

Only The IDF Can Get Israel To Recognize 'Jewish Terrorism'