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Archives: December 20, 2011

Glad to hear Bon Jovi is OK, but I know who you're REALLY concerned about...

A question about jury duty...

"Vaclav Havel, a heavy smoker, died today" - CBS News

ATTN Rev. Al Sharpton

Letter to Lil Wayne

House set to vote on payroll tax cut extension (C-SPAN2 coverage) -

Did Gingrich really say he would have judges he disagreed with arrested?

OWS Needs Our Support

This just in: Christopher Hitchens

Boehner's new excuse for opposing payroll tax cut is biggest whopper yet

WikiLeaks offers “moral support” for Manning

Jeff Lynne sells his soul and rights to an ELO song to Busweiser's new mouse whiz light beer

Anonymous took down Egyptian Gov. servers (?)

I'm guessing the entire lounge has now rushed to put me on ignore!

Feds To Grant Exclusive Cannabinoid License To Pharma Firm

Alarm as Dutch lab creates highly contagious killer flu

Big firms let off £25bn in taxes: As families are chased for every penny, corporate giants dodge mas

There doesn't appear to be any feedback when a post is alerted and not hidden.

No religion for Chinese Communist Party cadres


Need help locating newly adopted kitty (definitely still inside house)

What I really expected from Obama--

Trump to Run for President of North Korea

Democrats: Bruning (R-Ne) remiss on open records laws

a slight rant if I may about Christmas.

More... Hitler Reacts to Alabama-LSU BCS Championship Rematch.

All World of Warcraft’s Customer Service Ever Wanted Was a Unicorn

Why are brand-new members allowed to start threads?

President Obama's Gallup approval rating amongst liberal Democrats for December 12th-18th is 84%.

"civil disobedience" Madison Capitol Solidarity Sing-Along, Mon. Dec. 19

Republicans' Frightening Logic for Being Against Preventing Mercury Poisoning

Alaweed Bin Talal buys controlling stake in Twitter

Yes, the NDAA really does authorize indefinite detention for U.S. citizens

Where did GD go?

FDA Tells Man to Stop Donating Sperm on the Internet

I am looking for a can of canned raindeer? any ideas?

(p)Rick Perry misspelled "IL"

American Crossroads Watch exposes Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS Electioneering

Shoplifters robbed while stealing from grocery store

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, December 20, 2011.

Sarah Palin Tells Fox Business Network That ‘It’s Not Too Late’ To Jump Into The GOP Race

Oilsands PR battle goes after Chiquita bananas

Shawn Marion feels Mavs overlooked

UN condemns religious intolerance, drops ‘defamation’ line for first time in years

I still can't put myself on ignore! A year of work on DU3, and they still couldn't fix that bug?

Bachmann Issues Doomsday Warning To Tea Party Activists: ‘This Is Our Last Election’

14-year-old boy dies after West Homestead shooting

New Hampshire voters should draft Hillary

Very disapointed in Obama, I will be voting for Obama

Tea Party Nation Claims Obama ‘Staged’ Bin Laden Death, ‘Gave’ Drone To Iran

I am facing down the devil...

Boehner live on C-Span now.

Dave Horsey is going to the L.A.Times

All right, I think I understand the concept of outscourcing...don't agree with it........But

Thanks to you and folks in the Weight Loss group…

Cross posting for thanks.

DU seems to be surviving a particularly difficult time

Happy Patrick Swazey Christmas!

Holy shit! I put myself on ignore!

Of course. Of course they would find a way to agree on protecting porn. (SOPA)

MSNBC No Tax Vacation or UE Extension Vote Tonight..

It's one thing to believe in a god or gods

Someone suggested Gorgonzola for a cobb salad and it was wonderful. Never had

ABC Poll shows Obama's approval rebounding

I just put myself on ignore. I guess it works...

Power Outage at Candlestick Park

Why do people laugh at creationists?

As average Americans struggle, big banks set aside over $150 billion in bonuses

AT&T to cut hundreds of landline-related jobs

Lights out at Candlestick (San Fran) - no report of earthquake

GOP: Gay-Obsessed Party

The Sugar Plum Fairy........via glass...Amazing!

Court rules Ga. university can require counseling student to follow ethics code on gay clients

Bachmanns: No gay kids in our family, the Kinsey report is ‘a myth’

Social Security will NOT be hurt if tax cut extension for the middle class passes

Hedges on Hitchens

Time to play "It's a Wonderful DU Life"

GPO boss out after Senate fails to confirm him

‘Ex-Gay’ Myth Hits Caribbean: Newspaper Ad Declares “Truth” About Gays

Corporations, NOT governments rule the world

All Gays Pose "Heightened Security Risk" To America Says AFA's Fischer

Gingrich Introduces Jury Reform Plan

Dear Ron Paul Supporters

Alex Ferguson's health records obtained by News of the World, inquiry told

Nick Clegg takes aim at inequality, bank bonuses and the House of Lords

The Defense Bill Passed. So What Does It Do?

Kim Jong Il dead: 17 bizarre details about the Dear Leader's life

I am furious that Mel Martinez son was appointed comissioner of my county

Using Official Numbers, Asahi Estimates 462 Trillion Bequerels Of Strontium Released Into Ocean

Frugal mulch in the garden and flower beds.

US court halts tariffs tied to Chinese subsidies

Where does one find the members list?

Salvation Army

I'm sure that Marge Roukema wouldn't have signed Grover Norquist's Pledge

Kim’s Heir Likely to Focus on Stability

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike's back & a new kitty gif!

If 10 or more people put you on ignore at the same time, can you feel it?

My daughter wanted to make hats for our Christmas celebration on Wed

Damn that Obama admin for failing to stick up for consumers once again!

Young Jewish adults celebrate Hanukkah as point of pride

The Tea Partied Republican Peter and Paul Hoax!

Jon Hunstman is a neo-con. He wants a ground war with Iran.

Much improvement in format with the dual columns on latest page

New New Guinea Frog Species Discovered; Likely World's Smallest - Size Of A Tic Tac

Government removes journalists and the public from Bradley Manning's pre-trial hearing!

Why do we put the day's biggest flame-bait front and center on our homepage?

Oakland may turn police loose on Occupy blockades

Sexting game making 'Rounds' at local middle school

Some info and a couple of TIPS regarding posting videos on DU3

50 Horrible Sources to get Your News

Hey animal loving truck drivers!

When medications are used to replace nutrients, antioxidants, enzymes and essential fatty acids

I love Barney Frank!

Lawmaker wants military patrols after child's murder

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero blasts federal defense bill on Facebook

Another question about versions of "A Christmas Carol"

OK. I'm confused.

More "jury" nonsense. A "jury" voted 4 to 2 against Manning.

Abercrombie submits $11B budget request

The Great Successor >>

Future Riot Shields Will Suffocate Protestors with Low Frequency Speakers

Cheesecake Season

6 million out of 25 million in North Korea starving. Well she actually said, "near starvation."

You watching this power outage mess in Frisco?

The Case Against Alleged WikiLeaks Supplier Bradley Manning Takes a Strange Turn

Kazakh Police Massacre Striking Oil Workers

Mexican Security Forces Kill Two Student Teachers

America Eats Its Young (And Some Of Its Old)

How many real Christmas cards (or Holiday cards) have you received this year?

The night the lights went out in Candlestick?

Academica: A Case Study In The Privatization of Public Education

What special items do you hang on your Christmas tree?

Crews to begin stringing together Bay Bridge cables

Syria accepts Arab monitors as dozens more killed

Gay couple sue Hawaii B&B, claim discrimination

US: No 'Firm Evidence' Libyan Missiles Have Left the Country

Another UT Republican Caught Tweeting Racist Comments About Obama

Battlefield America: Is Gitmo in Your Future?

Eight Years and Nine Months (Mixcloud suite)

Figured I'd throw one out for a winter feel.

China Protesters Share Food as Supplies Run Out

Syrian Stories at this link

So now the fuckers are just blocking the fucking voting! NUTFUCKERY!

Movie suggestions for women over 40?

What are the best TV series of all time?

Best obituary EVAH!

If I have someone on ignore will I be bypassed for jury duty on their posts?

What happened to no new taxes?


Scientists a step closer to cloning mammoth

Image of unknown woman beaten by Egypt's military echoes around world

In Murky Republican Contest, the Clearest Target Is Gingrich

What is the best gift you are giving this year? My brother found a lantern that

Father of slain gay teen Larry King calls jury 'incompetent'

The All American Debt Bomb (RT Video)

Researchers: Excavation of Lake Michigan shipwreck warranted. Is it the Griffin (lost in 1679)?

House Republicans intent on killing Senate payroll tax cut deal

(Independent) Fukushima probe to avoid assessing quake damage

Video: Homeless man beaten in Wall by two laughing N.J. youths

I told you that you could be next. (You Could Be Next Part 4)

President Obama Reportedly Sent A Congratulatory Letter To A Married Gay Couple

Girl Scout Troops in Trans Panic Mode?

Cenk Uygur Proves He's Two-Faced

Liberal talk radio comes to Milwaukee. Sorta.

So is every complaint about Obama wrong? Or some people just don't like to hear them?

Mixed Reactions to Minn. Antimarriage Amendment

for those wishing to quit smoking, or want support..

Surrender by AT&T is victory for consumers and regulators

The Poverty of School Reform

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Empowering or exploitive to women?

Utahns Support Some Antidiscrimination Measures

I Got This Info The Other Day... Maddow Talked About It Tonight...

Cenk Uyger going ballistic in 2006

Creepy Youtube short movies

One-third in world embrace Christianity: US study

hi all

Consider the idea that our obligations to Social Security for lost funds could be threatened

All temporary taxcuts should be allowed to expire.

Today marks the third diagnosis of lung cancer I've made this year.

And on a lighter note...The Meaning of Life

TDPS: Newt Gingrich Hates the Constitution

Are they starting a whispering campaign for a 'draft Daniels' campaign?

Trump to Run for President of North Korea

Strict diet could save brain from aging: study

Ron Paul, Ayn Rand, The GOP And Jesus

OK. What pug is going to jump into the pool next?

Maybe this needs to be written in BIG RED BOLD LETTERS on every page here

Gov. Rick Snyder signs bills lowering worker benefits, costs

NREL solar breakthrough: 114% efficient solar cell (!!!)

The tumult in the new GD is not surprising. The old GD and GDP had their own identities.

What will Newt Gingrich do for attention after he loses the nomination?

About Christmas. ...

Is this the worse gerrymandering map in history?

Fellow "Sensitive" guys check in!

Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii's way To say "Merry Christmas to you."

All I can say is Wow. Apparently the monkeys were watching someone do the dishes for a few days...

Nevada judge rewrites ‘misleading’ personhood ballot initiative

Ice kitty

That's what I was going to chime in to say

Citizen's United money can be used by the GOP to do false flag stunts to make democrats

In the land of Bull Conner, George Wallace and burning crosses, it's sometimes hard to

Apple wins smartphone patents victory over HTC


Secrecy defines Obama’s drone war

Major Victory for Whistleblowers in Seventh Circuit Says Retaliation is a RICO Violation (FELONY)

TYT: Police Drones Spy on U.S. Citizens

What the heck happened to Barney Frank's 'left hand' ???

The jury system is kind of cool. I like it. But one question...

FBI Releases Preliminary Semiannual Crime Statistics for 2011

Obama’s job-approval rating is highest since summer

Noticed that all three zombie-trolls in that GD thread

Why does my cat put her paw in my water when I set it down beside her. Cats don't like

G8/NATO in Chicago summit discussion

Is the BOG gone? I hope? Cause we shouldn't be separating our leader from the rest

Archbishop Desmond Tutu speaks out about government malfeasance

The CT GOP is trying to move Bridgeport out of CT-4

My 80 year old Mom took a fall yesterday, she's lucky it could have been worse.

US Lockheed Martin F-35 chosen as Japan fighter jet

Can we get a more refined ignore?

Snyder cuts workers' comp. benefits

All Indian Pueblo Council Endorses President Obama for Re-Election

Of the HUNDREDS of vinyl LP's that I'd bought, I bet less than a handful of their "hit" songs...

LGBT Rights Lecture by Ex-Israeli Army Member Draws Controversy

Has anyone seen the movie "The Hangover II"? Is it any good?

Uranium Mining Debate in Virginia Takes a Step.

Craig James announces run for US Senator from TX as (Quelle surprise !!) a Repug

49ers turns out the lights on Steelers

Obama, Clinton to world: Stop gay discrimination.

Court asked to step in after Righthaven refuses to comply with auction

In the middle of browsing, lounging on the sofa, my laptop hard drive fried

Steam Cleaning is the Awesome

The hate of men will pass, and dictators die... (Inspiring words from Charlie Chaplin)

Wind blows out gas's flame in Germany...

Toons: Kim Jong-Il, Hocus Pocus, The End and more. -12/19/11

Aloha 'oe to a great activist and a great Hawaiian, Marion Kelly.

Get your laugh on - "Put This On: LBJ Buys Pants"

You Would Not Tell With Such High Zest--

Mike Malloy on Green 960 becoming a right wing station on January 3, 2011

Guess Which Candidate Is The Most Organized In Iowa?

Thom Hartmann: Paul Gunter - officials declare cold shutdown at Fukushima

Thom Hartmann: Cliff Schecter - How the Ohio GOP is saving millions at voter expense

Uranium Mining Debate in Virginia Takes a Step

TCM Schedule for Thursday, December 22 -- Star of the Month: William Powell

Organizing Democrats, Cat Herding, and Circling the Wagons

Georgians fearful others may grab thier nuts while they sleep.

A divine message for Tim Tebow

House GOP postpones vote to extend payroll tax cut

Help with a concept

Flashback: Mitt Romney Praises "President's Plan For Economic Recovery Including A Stimulus Bill"

The NDAA does not allow the President to detain a single person that he could not previously detain.

I found something kooky looking that might be a bug

North Korea backs son after Kim Jong-Il death

Keith Olbermann Unchained: Calls Ted Nugent ‘A**hole’ In Worst Persons Segment - VIDEO

Wanted ex-DAS Director photographed partying in Panama (Uribe's intelligence chief)

DPD raiding Occupy Denver

Investment Fraud Targets Older Americans

I told you guys that I'm dealing with Cervical cancer & using everything available. LDN, AHCC, PSK16

Open letter to my so-called friend

I really love this whole transparency thing... and more

Another reason Teblows: Pat Robertson

"Firefly" fans

Occupy mantra ("We are the 99 percent") tops best quotes of 2011

Wayher is tha spelchek?

Obama's failed human rights moment

How do you pronounce "DU"?

Man suspected of torching 73-year-old woman in NYC elevator is charged with murder, arson

Caesar Gingrich

(Kim Jong-il)Suspicions arise over cause of death

It is said that ex-smokers

Obama criticizes Venezuela's ties to Iran, Cuba

Texas Drought Caused The Deaths Of Millions of Trees

Bi-Lo to Pay $9.50 a Share for Winn-Dixie

Seattle officials vote to ban plastic bags

S. Korea sends condolences to N. Korean people

In mourning, hermit kingdom North Korea seals itself

Do you still have your first Social Security card and the brochure that came with it?

North Korea Recalls Some Troops to Base as South Tightens Cyber Security

The Body of Kim Jong-Il Displayed on North Korean State TV

Time: China's Stake in a Stable North Korea

National Geographic Explorer: Inside North Korea w/Lisa Ling

Amnesty International - "Hell holes": North Korea's secret prison camps

Rick Santorum Pitches Electability Just Two Weeks Before the Iowa Caucuses

Churches urge Bentley to repeal law (Alabama's immigration law)

Discovery Channel: North Korean Killing Fields

Egyptian troops charge protesters in pre-dawn raid

Toward a North Korea Reading List

From the "What Were They Thinking Department" -- State of Michigan wants you to "F. Up" Holidays

Philippines sends coffins as toll nears 1,000 dead from floods

The Next Roe v. Wade?: Jennie McCormack's Abortion Battle

Police 'need riot tactic rules', watchdog says - UK

Breaking Poll: Tax Fight Sinking Cons, Lifting Obama

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, December 20, 2011 (XPost)

Equitable Income Wanted? How about buying only from Corporations that equitably share the wealth?

Can't wait for Barney Frank to have his own show. Here's last night w/Rachel, on Republicans.

Video surfaces of Mitt Romney opposing total repeal of Obamacare

Solidarity Sing-Along Season's Greetings from Wisconsin!

Dear Santa, from Barbie

International academics seek to keep 'biased' Israeli politics department open

The Niner-Harbaugh story is far bigger than the hyped St. Tebow story.

The Dictator - Official Trailer (Sacha Baron Cohen)

Excessive military spending: It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand more guns less butter

You're welcome

Leveson inquiry - Piers Morgan to give evidence today

Wisconsin: Walker’s Plot to Plunder Pensions

The definition of fat cat just showed up on the set of

Good Grief. Jersey Straight Talker Chris Chritie says Obama doesn't compromise

Ending the year with consciousness

lizard games

A scenario: Newt Gingrich is President of the United States in 2013

Poll: How vile are Ayn Rand's socio-economic ideas ?

I really do think that banned trolls should be identified better.

French women 'must have faulty breast implants removed'

When I woke up this morning, I saw once again the dishes fairies did not pay me a visit.

Corporate food...

Eugene Robinson: Do We Want Mitt Romney Answering the ‘3 A.M.’ Call?

Rick Perry "Kim Jong the 2nd"

Other than Ida Lupino & their acting careers, what do George Sanders & Dana Andrews have in common?

Globalism=Capitalism=Occupy the World

Wisconsin: Legislators worked with Gogebic Taconite on mining bill

With the Democratic Party still using land-lines to ask geriatrics for votes, a cyber-party emerges

Legislators worked with Gogebic Taconite on mining bill (details of Repuke drafted WI mining bill)

Dale Hansen’s revelation: He kept sexual victimization a secret since 1958

I think Sarah Palin is the only RW loon NOT on Morning Joe today.

Help with responding to global warming debunking pieces

"We need to make sacrifices, don't pick on one group, everybody has to help, particularly the middle

Science News - BPA In Parts-Per-Trillion Concentrations Can Cause Heart Cells To "Misfire"

Thom Hartmann on the News - December 19, 2011

Ethics Group Cries Foul on Gingrich

Indonesia - Palm Oil Plantation Security Forces Allegedly Beheaded Two Farmers, Videotaped Murders

Telegraph - World Bank Has Spent Less Than 10% Of Billions It Received In 2008 To Preserve Forests

Hate is still hate, greed is still greed

"12 Days of Christmas" gifts cost over $100K

Listen carefully as our menu options have changed

President Obama's puzzling silence on marijuana policy

Paul Krugman, Robert Reich, Jim DeMint and Rand Paul on the Payroll Tax Cut

Cuba decrees 3 days of mourning for late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il

Sarah Palin On 2012 Presidential Run: 'It's Not Too Late'

Cuba decrees 3 days of mourning for late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il

"Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald says the GAB is no longer a credible non-partisan agency, and

Two accused of spitting on recall supporters

Bankers Seek to Debunk ‘Imbecile’ Attack on Top 1%

Unless we remove the wealthy from politics, we have no chance.

Question on employment retention agreements

Venezuelan police: there are 180,000 criminals in the country

Obama on Offense in Tax-Cut Battle - golden opportunity to tar the GOP as the party of the tea party

Does the Jury have an "undo" button?

This is scaring the crap out of me.

Bonuses at seven of the biggest U.S. banks- $156 billion, record breaking number

Where are the journals?

Paul B. Farrell: 99% plan new tax war on Super Rich in 2012

Study: 1 in 3 American Youth Are Arrested By Age 23

+++ NFL Picks / Week 16 +++

The Return Of A Holiday Tradition

Stephen Harper's banana battle

Vander Plaats wisdom abt. Gingrich From Daily Kos

"Dark Knight" series - right wing?

Mississippi "family values" Repug outed by a receipt from a sex shop in Toronto's gay village

Unfunny Bigoted Christmas Carol from The Lowell Sun Newspaper

On the religious roots of celebrity worship

(NC Gov) Perdue Media Team Used Confidential Data To Spin Jobs Reports (against Federal law?)

The Defining Issue: Not Government’s Size, but Who It’s For (Robert Reich)

Study: Why Teen Pot Smoking Could be a Good Thing (And What We Can Learn From Teens Who Choose Weed

steve forbes backs rick perry???

Please stop repeating false Republican talking points!

Occupy the Progressive Movement

Money for Foreign Income Tax Holiday is Actually Vacationing in the U.S….Tax-Free

Paroled American Berenson Arrives in US

I let my kitteh drink my tea...Poll

America is going to spend over $650 BILLION dollars on defense next year. Does anyone care?

Obama, the Courts, and Gay Marriage

New ABC News Poll: Obama approval rating highest since summer 49%-47% approval

Anyone notice Repubs shouting "class warfare" to protect richest 1% are NOT WORKING ANYMORE?

Who was that tea bagger congresscritterette on MSNBC?

Judge Rules in Favor of Gay Couple in Custody Dispute

Joe Scarborough IS the new/old Bob Dylan? Really?

Court rules Ga. university can require counseling student to follow ethics code on gay clients

“Smoking is not the issue, It’s the undesirables, the panhandlers.”

Wisconsin Solidarity Singers Carol In Huge Numbers, Thumbing Nose At Walker's New Protest Rules

(AL) House committee Bans 'Merry Christmas' And 'Happy New Year' From Congressional Letters

Great Plains DUers check in! Hope you're doing ok thru that blizzard

another nuke plant leak - Romania

WaPo: Has John Boehner lost control?

From DOJ to EPA, Secrecy Has Been on the Rise Under Obama

Politifact loses all credibility

Olbermann: Nugent an asshole for insulting Occupy protesters

How does the brain memorize a sequence of events?

Jewish Voice for Peace: Israeli soldiers shoot to kill with "Made in the U.S.A." tear gas canisters.

Obama cracks down on abuses by big-city police departments

Strange Doings in City Court

Surely You Jest, Fired Chicken Worker Says

Denver police evict Occupy Denver protesters

Fresno homeless Activists take action; Wed, Dec 21st 10:30am City Hall

Egypt: Salafi party calls to respect peace accord with Israel

What do you think of the House GOP strategy of saying on payroll tax cut....

Which polling criteria make the most sense WRT political issues?

New Decoy Website Launched To Lure Away All Moronic Internet Commenters

Pity the Elf Slaves of Online Shipping

Bhagavad Gita to hot for Russia

WaPo/ABC poll: "Who do you trust to do a better job..."? (Obama or Republicans)

TDPS: Michele Bachmann Doesn't Hate Muslims, Likens to Nazis and Hitler in Same Sentence

20 years ago today

Will our ignore list transfer over?

Monday's Bank stock prices...

In Tunisia, a Clash Between the Religious and the Secular

Personalized avatars?

Freeper "Eye of Unk" predicts that people who "openly despise and ridicule" Palin "will be branded"

Eating Animals

Homeless kids in U.S. number 1.6 million

Time for Nonbelievers to Emphasize Equality

Wheeeee...Investors Scrutinizing JPMorgan’s Mortgages

I just did jury duty!!! NOT GUILTY!!!

NASCAR Awards Driver $50,000 For Homophobic Comments

"It’s important to remember that my pursuit of the presidency was only a means to an end..."

One trait has huge impact on whether alcohol makes you agressive

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak;

Adorable senior citizen flash mob in our town:

Israel places floats at 3 miles from Gaza seashore to build a new border and tighten the siege on th

If one of these doesn't bring a tear to your eye ... then I got nothing to say to you.

Plastic semiconductor makes solar cells more efficient

Paul McCartney... as a vocalist only, backed by Diana Krall's release album of cover songs

Massachusetts Newspaper ‘Lowell Sun’ Celebrates Christmas by Disparaging Trans People

"The Tea Party can't come up with a credible candidate, but

Veni Veni Emmanuel

"Occupy Iowa Caucus" Urges Dems to Back "Uncommitted" Slate


A snowy Christmas Eve in Hershey During the Depression (True Story About Milton Hershey)

Cancer alert for 50,000 British women with breast implants

Here's comes the Pat Robertson wahmmbulance.

Politifact loses all credibility (Part 2)

You say you want a Velvet Revolution

Just got the most insincere holiday greeting ever:

Funny Video: You're a mean one, Newt Gingrich (Dr. Suess would have hated him too)

Arab revolution puts women’s rights in the spotlight

"Small Business Owner" in Walker Ad Actually a Billionaire---Helped Outsource 1000s of Jobs to China

Got a message saying 'You shouldn't be seeing this message,

MO State Univ. apologizes after band performed "Dixie" at a site where 3 black men were lynched

2 Dem Congressmen Lobbying Dem. Legislators to Vote for Republican Redistricting Law!!

DU Album of the Day: Cake - "Fashion Nugget"

PHOTO: When doing your laundry, always separate the whites, the colors, and the canines.

Is "Hide Thread" still around?

momma bear

PHOTO: DU wouldn't be DU without its regularly scheduled Tuesday Morning Kitten Squeee©.

Enthusiast is still stuck at DU2.

'Freedom' an instrument of oppression

Would you have been able to survive if you had not gotten your FICA tax cut?

Britain Refuses to Boost IMF Aid for Euro Crisis

Aisha Khan Update: Search Intensifies for Missing Woman - Found alive!!!!

A Sign Occupy Wall Street Is Having Political Impact

Iowa Caucus Polling System Threatened By Hackers

The priest was buried yesterday.

Newt Gingrich Secures Endorsement Of Anti-Gay Group He Helped Fund

I just loves me some Tom Brady!

So is every support of Obama wrong? Or do people just not like to hear them?

Mother and I share computer and have problem

Mother and I share computer and have problem

New Poll: Newt falls to fourth place in Iowa--Ron Paul now leads--Perry showing surprising

Terror suspect Tarek Mehanna convicted of supporting Al Qaeda

The Strange Saga of a Made-Up Activist and Her Life—and Death—as a Hoax

Oh, the melodrama! Newt cries about negative ads from his opponents!

How to STAY in contact with your Dad via cellphone:

If your cat has been VERY considerate lately, trust me. Always... ALWAYS question his/her motives.

Is anyone ELSE watching that new forensics crime drama produced by the creators of South Park?

"Alonso says she regrets the a--hole part, but not calling him a Communist."

MiddleFingerMom can best be described as theologically bipolar... he's an Atheistic Creationist.

MiddleFingerMom is LAZY today. ... ... ... HOW LAZY IS HE?!?!?!?

MFM isn't saying he drank a TON of mezcal, but this IS the only known photo of him from the 1980's.

A boost for anti-bigot ame

Rep Michael Grimm (R-NY): What a smug, arrogant, condescending prick.

Hiding HIV/AIDS shouldn't be a crime, doctors argue

Number of Floridians on AIDS drug waiting list increasing again

Occupy NCAA

Krugman: Politifact, R.I.P.

Here are some college football players with the real holiday spirit!

Cuban Actress Blasts Actor Sean Penn as 'Communist A**-hole;' He Calls Her a 'Pig'

Want Austerity, Vote Republican....Want Prosperity, Vote Democratic

Nevada still has tickets available for the Hawaii Bowl. Lots and lots of tickets.

Virgin Media - new profanity checker

Water, Elec, or Food which one do you skimp on...or do without..

Keiser Report: Victims of Banking Terrorists (E225)

President Chávez laments the death of Kim Jong Il

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

"FedEx Guy Throwing My Computer Monitor"

Stocking up for Doomsday: As economists predict meltdown, meet the families ready for the worst

New York Times Gives CEO $4.5M Golden Parachute, Asks Union Workforce to Take 26% Pay Cut

Second Amendment Foundation and Brady Campaign files Amicus Curiae in Embody v Ward 11-5963 6th Cir

A letter from Harper Lee to a young fan:

the defining issue: not government size but who it's for -- robert reich

Liz Cheney! Is that YOU? No, it's Jackie Gingrich Cushman, on her "Defending Dad" tour.

Harry Reid: No payroll tax cut negotiations until House Republicans put down their gun

Were Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Perry, Paul or Huntsman ever in it to win it?

Simon Critchley: What Is Normal?

Mark 10:18 Discussion

You know, it’s not too late for folks to jump in and I don’t know what will happen in the future

12 to 20 Dem Legislators in PA lined up to Pass Republican Congressional redistricting plan??!!

Was There a Gay Casanova?

West Seattle, Washington (vacation photo warning!)

TDPS: Landlord's "White Only" Pool Sign Reminiscent of Rand Paul

This article describes exactly why I am now a liberal, and no longer a libertarian.

The sophomoric freshmen must have needed their barkeep to serve them another round

Climate sensitivity greater than previously believed

This Wisconsin poll may need some help...

Not Once.

The Lounge now has an official seal

A chameleon playing a video game.

Rick Perry loves to tug on beards

A Very Bad Idea Coming Soon to a City Near You

Dale Hansen, on last night's Thank God for Kids (re: sexual abuse)

the temptations of the indoor cats...

DOJ, anti-trust, AT&T and T-mobile

Spoiled feathered friends....

New Take on Impacts of Low Dose Radiation:…Risk May Not Be Proportional to Dose at Low Dose Levels

New warning sign for GD

"Republicans want to extend payroll tax cut longer than 2 months."

A Christmas story about an amazing friendship (about 13 minutes in length)

Feds Shut Down Marin Pot Club, (California's) Oldest

Obama admin smacks down Michigan GOP effort to thwart Affordable Care Act

Researchers discover a way to significantly reduce the production costs of fuel cells

What happened to the smiley frown

The Rude Pundit: PolitiFact and the Lie of the Lie

Possible bug in either the vote count or the explanation of the vote...

Great T-shirt

Barack Obama is currently the only sane person running for president in 2012

I had some doubts about DU3

Robert Reich Puts An Offer On The Table For President Obama

Graham Nash and James Raymond Release a New Song in Support of Whistle-blower Bradley Manning

Terahertz pulse increases electron density 1,000-fold—Findings point to advances in…solar cell…

Does anyone else feel too much of the interesting stuff is being routed out of General Discussion?

The Ongoing Republican Plan to Shame the Poor

Glacial tap is open but the water will run dry

See the New Graham Nash Song in Support of Whistle-blower Bradley Manning

Unintentional humor from WND columnist: Punish Occupy Wall Street with 'hard labor'

Thank You, Anarchists

just saw this at the grocery store

Prosecutors claim Bradley Manning wanted to remove 'the fog of war'!!!

You know what I hate

Re Kim death: Japan PM 'Prepare for the unexpected'

Printing Human Organs...

PGE reverses stance on Smart Meters..allowing customers to replace those meters for a fee

EU lawmakers back plan to withhold carbon permits

Eric Cantor: If Harry Reid comes back to town & does his job, we can provide families with certainty

Don’t let the European ideal die

Chemerinsky on Newt: Today's LA Times


Dean Baker: The Phony Payroll Tax Battle. This Isn't Stimulus

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Lower classes quicker to show compassion in the face of suffering

What about Reich's idea to permanently eliminate payroll taxes on the first $20,000 of income?

Thom Hartmann: The Tea Party Tax Increase is Coming

Occupy For Accountability and Jesse LaGreca Discuss the Occupy Movement's Prospects for the Future

The GOPers are in a World of HURT...Baggers showing ROOKIE AMATUERISM in carrying out MISSION

In hot water: Ice Age findings forecast problems

Federal Reserve Bank Researchers Proposed Bailing out 99%, Action not taken

I have a PLEDGE to make, I hope you all join me.

Funniest comment I read today

'toon stolen from our Economy Group/Stock Market Watch ---for greater exposure

BREAKING....House GOP rejects 2-month payroll tax cut

A Currency Crisis Debate 'The Euro-Zone Bailout Programs Must Be Stopped'

Obama's approval up to 49% in latest Washington Post-ABC News Poll

I wonder if Gingrich ever really wanted to run against Obama.

This has got to be the greatest Christmas song ever!

CNN Poll: President's approval nearing 50%

Papantonio: Why The Occupy Movement Needs Your Support

Americans ditch home ownership

Started watching Boss today...Only 8 episodes? I finished...

Kepler finds smallest exoplanet to date

Wis. Supreme Court justice questioned on key votes

Wow-The GOP Establishment Dispatched Of Newt Gingrich In Record Time

Court Says No to Using Religion to Discriminate

Must We Adore Vaclav Havel?

CNN Poll: President's approval nearing 50%

Just How much confidence do you have in FedEX?

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In Memoriam. CAUTION! May be too intense for some viewers.

Teen gets 21 years in prison for killing gay classmate

If you ever loved Elvis ... or the South ... or both

So, the plan is to shame struggling wage earners into believing the little they get threatens SS?

Yet another teabagger goes full KKK

BREAKING: House Republicans Walk Away From Bipartisan Compromise on Payroll Tax Cut, Jobless Benefit

Thom Hartmann: Our Founders were not the 1%!

Liberty and justice for all....if you're in the 1%.

When does the "blender of beat-down" get turned off? (You Could Be Next Part 5)

White House On Payroll Tax Mess: President Not A "Marriage Counselor"

Tough day for HBO fans - Hung, How to Make It in America and Bored to Death canceled!

French nuclear energy under pressure

White House says ending a tax cut is a tax increase. Is it? Will termination of the Bush tax cuts

President Obama on the teevee m$nbc

Does the Payroll Tax Cut undermine Social Security?

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What's for dinner? ~ Tuesday the 20th edition!

DCCC PETITION: Stop Holding the Payroll Tax Cut Hostage to Tea Party Demands

Daily News’ Bill Conlin Accused Of Child Molestation

Gov Haley lies about inviting Occupy Columbia to make public statements

House GOP To Raise Taxes On The Middle Class Then Head Home For Christmas

So, Dale Hansen took a stand against the stigma

Season 6 of Bones available on streaming

ohiosmith's new album drops today.

Big bunch of 1%ers huddling on MSNBC...

New Verb to Replace TSed. Now a disruptor gets MIRTed, instead.


AP Newsbreak: Medicare cuts could hit Jan. 18

Who's the biggest idiot on Fox?

Thom Hartmann: Will the Iowa primary be hacked?

Iowa Christian group divided over GOP endorsement

Tuesday Morning Quarterback presents "The 12 days of NFL Christmas"

Hosts Locking Content-Free OPs

Legendary Columnist Bill Conlin Resigns Over Forthcoming Philly Inquirer Bombshell

President Obama just called out Speaker Boehner over Payroll Tax Increase

When the double-secret memo went out, they forgot to include one thing ...

Pic Of The Moment: Post-Campaign, Cain Finally Breaks Silence

Bachmann's Latest: Kinsey Report is "A Myth"

Here is how we got where we are

Pic Of The Moment: Tea Party Takes Boehner Hostage

Ohio shooting of girl in Amish buggy a homicide

I see the comments feature is back on on Yahoo News.

Skyrim Mods: The 20 Best So Far

Cops: Robbery suspected in fatal South Shore shooting

The end of the U.S. and Canada...

boehner says he told mcconnell that the senate plan wouldn't pass....which republican is lying?

Piers Morgan tells Leveson: Daily Mirror did not hack phones

Only Walmart could come up with a brand name like 'Faded Glory' and even put it on their undies

Recommend this thread if you think Bake has a hot mancrush on Tim Tebow

Brazil’s forest policy could undermine its climate goals

Can you beat Kim Jong Il's 11 holes in one record?

Brockton, Mass. Man Arrested During 'Survival Training'

Occupiers Arrested Protesting NDAA, Denver Camp Burns

Why is Dr. Dawkins and some others such controversial figures?

Pittsburgh's Ryan Clark Thinks Power Outage was a Conspiracy Theory

High-Fives and Dope Slaps: Did the Grinch steal Christmas charity this year? (Kerry related)

Brockton, Mass. Man Arrested During 'Survival Training'

Keiser Report: Victims of Banking Terrorists (E225)


What Happened To You No Raising Tax Pledge Mr Boehner?......

This is not a game

Dad. I'd love some feedback on the cropping here. Too much tee shirt?

Third party candidacies are not helpful

Conan the Barbarian: The Musical (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Analysis - Russia's wealth gap wounds Putin

If your question is answered, please edit the title to indicate that

CNN Poll: Obama approval rating 49% (44) 48% disapproval (54)

Tighter bank rules give fillip to shadow banks { hedge funds, etc}

Republicans in House Reject Deal Extending Payroll Tax Cut (NY Times)

It’s Official!

Famous LBJ pictures.

TYT: Marijuana Legalization - Barney Frank Crushes George Will in ABC Debate

NDAA FAQ: A Guide for the Perplexed

MLK parade bomber gets 32-year prison sentence

Guide reveals Amazon's biological bounty

Thom Hartmann: Why Occupy Calls for ''Sanctuary''

New Hampshire Equality Opponents ‘Trash’ Gay Families

Ohio State gets bowl ban, other penalties

Luis Suárez banned for eight matches for racial abuse of Patrice Evra

Racist Tea Party candidate calls for Assassination Of Obama, First Daughters

Pentagon plays down remarks by Panetta on Iran

Tea-baggers scare "job creators" away from the community.

Larry Klayhead loses it...

Former Miss Venezuela dies of breast cancer at 28

Oh, GOODY. Martin Bashir's found a brunette Ann Coulter to spew GOP talking points on his show

The Most Powerful Defense Of Teachers, Paramedics, And Police We've Seen Yet

'Iran cannot be scared out of having nukes' - ex-IAEA chief

Was just made aware of DRA - Dancers Responding to AIDS

Tell Everyone: The Republican House Raised Your Taxes Today.

jury is the new unrec

Mark Ames: The Massacre Everyone Ignored: Up To 70 Striking Oil Workers Killed In Kazakhstan By US-S

XP won't start .exe files - probably resolved

Chavez to Obama: "Focus on governing your country, which you've turned into a disaster"

Secrecy defines Obama’s drone war

Elizabeth Taylor’s Final Legacy

2 more ways republicans are undermining financial regulations

Study: Pharmacies often deny access to morning-after pill

NC Firefighter Kills a Thief Who Tried To Run Him Over

New DNA test will reveal if you’re part Neanderthal

Woman attacked by multiple dogs saved by Good Samaritans

Anti-gay leaders endorse Santorum: ‘He’s one of us’

Battle of the mouse guns at Walmart

Seattle cat is 'fine' after 11-story fall

Who here is ready for the annual DU Feats of Strengths Festivus activities

Is Iran the next US target?

The Homepage of Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists (Trots) leading the Revolution

Debt of The Financial Sector

shit. at the vet with my grey.

Iran does not have a track record of aggression: Blix

Ron Paul's Newletter Draws Attention

Just got a call from "" -- can we figure out who's behind this crap?

Fatal problems plague the U.S.' costliest fighter jet

Moody’s takes shot at UK’s triple A rating

The War on Drugs strikes again...

SEP federal funding follow up (email from Congressman Jose Serrano, NY 16th District)

So, who here is giving to the Human Fund this year?

Chris Chrisie wishes that Mitt Romney had as big a mouth as he does

Moody’s takes shot at UK’s triple A rating

Give me Bieber or I will kill you.

Meghan McCain Unleashes On Callista Gingrich For Being 'A Mistress' (forgets her mom was one too)

Instead Of Extending Tax Cut For 160 Million Americans, House Commissioned Bust Of Winston Churchill

Politifact Sucked Rotten Eggs Today

Kim Jong-il dead: power struggle begins between three factions

WaPo Poll: should congress extend the payroll tax cut?

Test Yourself:

Citizens versus Persons (NDAA tangent)

Frustration threatens to unleash second Libyan revolution

For today once more: A very Calvin & Hobbes holiday:

FBI Says Activists Who Investigate Factory Farms Can Be Prosecuted as Terrorists

The official Twitter feed of the 'Democratic Party'


"I don't believe that. I don't believe you voted for Obama. It just doesn't seem that likely."

Good OP on the libertarianism and rascism connections

I see that 'Ignore' is back, but what about the 'Buddy' list? Is that coming back?

Hanukkah’s first night begins with lighting of the National Menorah near the White House

Get ready for massive tax cuts for corporations across Europe

*When* I win, I believe I shall order the soup. And I'm bringing my daughter.

Police to test laser that 'blinds rioters'

Occupy London activists take over Old Street courthouse

UK government is so draconian, yet so casual towards dodgy private cash

(Forest) Fuel reduction likely to increase carbon emissions

Kim Jong Il and the danger of deifying leaders

UK government is so draconian, yet so casual towards dodgy private cash

Texas Water Problems: Towns Find Fast Solutions

..Washington state bomb planter gets 32 years prison

House GOP lets Alan West get away with comparing Democrats to Nazis

Seed Starting methods

Heading out deer hunting in Uvalde, Texas, Friday! will get this, but your children might not

French police hunt armed croissant robber

Thom Hartmann: Are Holiday Trees Christian or Pagan?

University of Nevada, Reno using new technology to record Antarctic Ocean, ice temps for climate ch…

With no more fund drives, how do I maintain my star?

I don't like conservatives.

Are we going to have a DU food drive this year?

Texas Drought 2011: Depleted Lakes Expose Ghost Towns, Graves And Prehistoric Bones

Technically this package is delivered.

Anyone else watch the young turks on Current?

did bigdarryl make it over here to DU3?

Spreading Santorum: Slick Rick is a big fan of income inequality

U.S. insists on Syrian president's ouster

GOP Hill aide: House Rs can choose between backing down with just "fat lip" (next week)

UK minister Vince Cable attacks 'whingeing' City

Anyone know what kind of tree this might be?

House won't criticize Nazi remarks by GOP lawmaker

EU set to charge international airlines for carbon emissions

Libya asks Turkey’s support for military training

Anti-Semitism in Australia increases by 31%, study shows

U.S. solar companies urge SolarWorld drop China case

Bob Shrum on Hardball:

Dr. Cornell West Discusses Occupy and Endorses Occupy the Rose Parade!

A wonderful story about gender non-conformity, and a teacher who cared

Is NYC the Marijuana Arrest Capital of the World?

Ron Paul and Bruno--- Still LOL everytime I watch it.

Some days I have no energy for anything

Chromasun Installs World's First Hybrid Photovoltaic Solar Thermal Panel Cooling System

'A curious individual' who 'takes odd jobs' named Adrian Lamo took the stand today in Manning case

GOPer Attempt to destroy Obama to one term big FAIL due to inadequate GOPer Bench who for

The Secret That 'Job Creators' Like Walmart Won't Tell You

Secrecy defines Obama’s drone war

Supreme Court to hear arguments in March on healthcare law

Popular New DirecTV Package Offers Zero NHL Games

I have a question. Would the subscribers to this group be interested

Tricky Ricky signs law lifting limits on charter schools

Alleged Illegal Searches By NYPD Rarely Challenged in Marijuana Cases

Does anybody here have the misfortune to have Cantor as their Rep?

President Obama Speaks on the Payroll Tax Cut

So I'm checking the Transparency Tab in the Profiles of my fellow Sports forum buds.

Just checking in and you guys should, too if we want to keep the

Democracy Now! Bradley Manning-Greenwald on NDAA

Morning D’oh! Christie FALSELY Claims President Obama Had Filibuster-Proof Majority For 2 Years

I want to make them pay! The punitive side of America today.

Tom Brady Autobiography Highlights The Highs And Highs Of Being Tom Brady

Caption this pic of Rick Perry

Now the Catholic Church has commercials encouraging

Cyber shill business is booming

Men's Health: The Most Dangerous Lubes For Men

Metal {oxide, actually} undergoes novel transition under extreme pressure (BBC)

Why is the outrage of the hour "indefinite detention" and not "detention without trial"?

Senator Casey Unveils Buy America Bill

Twitter users, has Twitter ever unfollowed you from someone?

Wiesenthal Center responds to anti-Semitism at MediaMatters and Center for American Progress

In Defense of Hippies & Others Who Live Outside the System

How much time do you spend tip toeing around lunatics in your life?

PHOTO: NO ONE should have to work for a company that requires a CONDIMENT FUND. NO ONE!

Tigers Sing Jingle Bells! .... and destroy presents!

Orange County deputy arrested for molesting disabled woman

Another Installment of This Week's Adventures In Law Enforcement

Paul Flynn MP in anti-semitic row

Of the old-time crooners, whose VOICE do you prefer?

PHOTO: NO ONE should have to work for a company that requires a CONDOM FUND. NO ONE!

O’Reilly Lectures Romney: Bombing Iran ‘Starts World War III

Moving to a "warm climate" versus staying put in a colder one ?

Anti-Semitic flier hits Takoma Park

Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY): "That's what we're doing, working, while Senate is M.A.I., Missing In Action"

US targeted over failure to condemn Israel

Father Loses Second Son

Housing Starts in U.S. Increase to 19-Month High

Mystery Solved. The Maddow Blog is reporting.

I'm a bit confused about NDAA...

Enthusiast still cannot access DU3, trying to help here

Tax cut fight ends ugly year for Boehner

2011: The Last (Debt-Consumerist) Christmas in America

Do you have a special hatred for Eric Cantor?

Council votes 5-2 for police to dismantle Occupy Eugene site; police and camp organizers negotiating

Latisse - really?

Bob Schaffer is telling a big, fat LIE tonight: "It's BOTH sides!"

With taxes about to go up

A list of links regarding Vice-President Joe Biden

So 50% of Americans trust Obama more than they

Witness For The Wall

Ablow Named Misinformer of the Year on LGBT Issues

The 'Arab spring' and the west: seven lessons from history

FYI, Posted this in General Discussion Forum (Ablow Named Misinformer of the Year on LGBT Issues)

My 16+ year old cat just died today.

Scott Fitzgerald, Wisconsin Senate Leader, BUSTED!!!!By Recall Supporter

Tax Extension didn't pass the house. Now what.

Boy disciplined after waving gun-shaped pizza slice

The new Lauren Corgo

Have people seen this article?

By the numbers: 1 / 6 / 105 / 3 / 3 / 0

A helping hand. Or not.

HAPPY HANUKKAH! Starts at sunset.

Time for Nonbelievers to Emphasize Equality

Mitt Romney Delivers "Top Ten" On David Letterman 12/19/11