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I know the combined knowledge base of the lounge can assist me with this

Religious zealotry a 20th century concept in the US

The "Bush = (insert Democrat's name)" equation has failed miserably

Text in Sig Line

So Boehner blew up the payroll tax cut deal. Progressives and conservatives alike cheer . . .

Why Repubs not promoting Jon Huntsman?

Air traffic control

Where is my ignore list and how can I retrieve it?

The 1988-2008 State and National Presidential True Vote Model is a Google Doc

Tebow got run over by NE defense...

California politician advocates assassination of Obama and family

All these Pro/anti-Obama threads that have popped up on DU as of late, just

New for New York employers: union posters, NYC religious accommodation

Tim Tebow must be Jesus......

Search for missing toddler continues (Updated)

On the roof, there arose such a clatter

Google+ Profile Problems


49 1/2 %

Mr. Tommy Brady of San Mateo, California.

A novel method for the removal of ear cerumen

My video, rated stupid.

Xpost: Proof of global warming inside

Skinner, when is the Buddhism group supposed to be up?

The shaky edifice of global finance

Alert weirdness - should have gone to host, I got reply from prior jury results

That's it! My first fantasy football league is done.

Top Ten Peacemakers in the Science-Religion Wars

Stocking up for Doomsday: As economists predict meltdown, meet the families ready for the worst

El lobo

There's a place for us

MFM did my nails. mmmm

Hey, Aussies

OccupyLexingtonKY flash mob @Wall Mart

Venn Diagram: Billionaire Bedfellows

If Obama was a Republican running...


Arrests at OWS on behalf of Trinity Church

Tim Harper: Three women who fought back against the Conservatives


Wine Glass Version of "Sugar Plum Fairy"

Thanks for putting "Greatest Threads Sorted By Time" on the DU3 Greatest Page

yellow bar with caution triangle

Machine not booting up...

Trent Dilfer is an idiot.

Palouse falls

Venezuela Responds to "Slanderous" Accusations Made by Israel's Vice Prime Minister

Conservative party jumps the gun on registry law

DFA: Run This Town - Be a candidate, recruit a progressive candidate.

Are there still journals?

Where is El SuTebow? Crying through his prayers after losing to Satan??

Why the Western policy to end Japanese whaling has failed.

Here are some gods I don't believe in:

Jury system has really opened my eyes on how hard a job the Mods have had for years

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Doonesbury? Here's today's.

One of these mornings..

With Liberty and Justice for Some: Six Questions for Glenn Greenwald by Scott Horton

Reggie Bush ran for 203 yards today

The Suzanne Brackmann book dedication

Layaway bills paid off by secret Santas

Just saw Mission Impossible 4 Imax

National Organization for Marriage takes aim at Ron Paul

I agree with John Walsh


TIME's Person of the Year cover vs. original photo...

Simply put, this is why I'm voting for Obama again

Hell froze over today.

I can't wait for the...

I can't wait for the...

Sedona, you are beautiful! I loved my visit!

The only allowable political position is Right Wing Lite.

Question about HTML in SIG LINE

I was advised my post was something and to come to meta --so

Noam Chomsky Attacks American "Libertarians"

Corporations, NOT governments rule the world

Obama administration won't specify required health care benefits by states under health care law!

This was the month by month unemployment rate from nov 83 to nov 84

Anyone for Classical Music Humor?

O.K., I'm *sick*!1 I am actually buying-in to this KARDASHIAN crap

US and NATO troops train on the Syrian border

IMF Head Warns That World Risks Sliding Into A 1930's Style Depression

Tens of thousands rally against US in Lahore

Matt Stafford=Most Underrated QB in the NFL today...

You are me.

Not many left - wood stoves.

Of all the holiday songs ever written, this is the DUest.

I recall [Scott Walker]

Stew, Fresh From the Fisherman

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 20th: Christmas Shopping

Senator McConnell admits that President Obama can make recess appointments during holiday break!

I found milk from the heavens

I am not going to spoil it, but the last episode of Dexter is must see.

Citizens protest huge year-end bonuses for bank executives

The three best things about DU3:

How do I survive this Christmas visit?

Has anyone here read anything by John D. Caputo?

When Bush was the "Unitary Executive" Progressive were united

SOPA: Chairman Dodd's Assault on the Public and the Internet

US election 2012: Ron Paul joins the frontrunners in Iowa

Future Riot Shields Will Suffocate Protestors with Low Frequency Speakers

a message from rep. jan schakowsky

Kim Jong Il is dead.

All-American Muslims is on right now on TLC

Sign petition for White House to veto Comrade Dodd and Lamar's SOPA bill.

North Korea says supreme leader Kim Jong Il has died, AP reports

The Secret Government PBS 1987 Bill Moyers

Patriot Pump craze sweeps 99% of The Nation

Navy completing secret two-year submarine upgrade - Jerusalem Post

I'm not an Obama defender.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 21st: TCM Guest Programmer Winona Ryder

Some Händel

Padilla v. Rumsfeld

They did it, Why Can't We?

The most stunning picture from the Japan earthquake/tsunami.

Come back, little weekend!!! Come b-a-a-a-a-a-a-c-k!!!!!


Don't be taken in by your cat's offer to help with dinner.

We know what the French call a Quarter Pounder. Where do they go for a Grand Slam?

Kim Jong No Longer Just Il.

When MiddleFingerMom wakes up and can't find his glasses, he simply makes it so.

Duggar Children Struggling To Understand The Loss Of Unborn Sister

For those who BELIEVE the rumor that MFM couldn't find a prom date... seeing is believing, no?

Best wishes to the people of North Korea, may the transition be positive and peaceful.

Václav Havel on Kim Jong-il

About the whole NDAA thing....

It Started in Georgia

Rachel Maddow Explains How Republican Governors Are Making Obama More Popular

I wonder how many holes-in-one Kim Jong-Un has?

Vacation (all I ever wanted....)

ABC did the stupidest thing possible on the show.

DU3 really needs a metametadiscussion forum for discussing the metadiscussion forum

Rick Perry has now fallen so far...

How do I nominate this thread

SEC Sue Fannie & Freddie Mac Execs For Fraud

To eleny: I love the bapron link you posted on the old DU


Official N. Korean Statement Regarding Death of Kim Jong Il

Up w/Chris Hayes discusses Christopher Hitchens' atheism

Secularism gains interest as field of study

Improve the front page

To the Manning defenders...

The greatest page has gone a bit... odd

Once again - Cat Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire.....

North Korea has the bomb. Let us all send out vibes that they remain secure and unused.

Yemen 'could be another Somalia'

so is DU now allowing the promotion of republicans?

Isn't this OP a TOS violation? Calling hundreds of DUers "Morally Bankrupt and Contemptible?"

DU3 really needs a metavegameatavitamin forum for discussing the vegameatavitamin forum

Report: Hezbollah in dire financial straits

Slight malfunction - 40 billion recs?

Tania Libertad - Syndrome of Love. A song still banned on Mexican Radio to this day

Syrian Security Forces walk over dead people they killed (warning graphic)

Syrian government threatens to execute 21 rebels in the next 24 hours

Death of Kim Jong Il may have created world's most dangerous situation ...

Yes, moral bankruptcy. Yes, contemptible behavior

The Patriots are going to lose to the first good team they encounter in the playoffs.

Years ago Mother Earth News published a recipe for making your own Catsup. I would like to have

Should I give my cleaning lady money or a gift for Christmas?

New PPP Poll: Paul Leads in Iowa; Gingrich Implodes

For Newt: A History of Child Labor in Pictures.

If a thread gets hidden, what happens to the person who posted the thread?

The Giants got smoked, the Jets got annihilated...a suggestion for those who like schadenfreude...

Peru's Cocaine Industry Skyrockets

My apartments are on every Austin news station!

Enough About Tebow!

Silent B&W Ben Hur on Turner Classic right now!

Morally bankrupt?

The Republicans' Big Problem is with Independents, NOT Conservatives....

Some Bach

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

How does one post a photograph to a reply?

Some Mahler

Canada's earliest nuclear projects will haunt landscape for centuries

Buffett Buys 49% Stake in $1.8 Billion NRG Solar Power Plant

Gingrich says millions of illegal immigrants should leave

Proposed wind energy plan could harm Minnesota's 'eagle country'

Some Brahms

Bradley Manning hearing told of lax security at military intelligence unit

Egypt News Media Clash Over Cause of Violence

Iranian TV Airs Video It Claims Is of U.S. Spy

Channel 4: We’ll screen shocking images of violence and child abuse that prove Syrian torture policy

Eulogy for Mellie.

Israeli woman refuses ultra-Orthodox dictate to move to back of bus

It's 3AM. A telephone is ringing in the White House

4 Women Face Unusual Felony Charge For Shoplifting

We the People, no matter our disagreements, are not "Morally Bankrupt"...

No, Obama's not perfect for a progressive voter.

60 Minutes: The Gardens of the Queen

I offer the true Republican Christmas Song

Greensboro man the last soldier killed in Iraq

"You know what? That looks like--- FIRE!!!"

Occupy San Jose once again sets up tents at San Jose City Hall plaza

Violence in Egypt, solidarity (video) (graphic)

Pakistani Crisis Prompts Leader to Race Home

Top 5 classic movies of all time.

AP Names Murder Of Osama Bin Laden TOP Story Of 2011

U.S. drone operators show signs of exhaustion

The mouse that screamed?

Anti-Gaddafi Leader Sues UK Over Rendition

A 29 year old Kim Jong Un is now in control of Nukes in an unstable region of the world.

So now I think the jury system is stuck

I confess, every time I visit GD, I read Skinner's pinned welcome thread as...

More Than 50 Occupy Protesters Arrested In New York

Fake Withdrawal? 'US won't leave Iraq oil to Iran'

Does this group have a host?

New America Base

(Natl Org for Marriage) NOM asks for money to cover ‘looming shortfall’

Idaho’s Mike Simpson earns place in Congress’ top “enemies of the Earth”

Family guy

One of my cats likes to chase his own tail

The wet dream of having a real liberal in the White House today.

Ding Dong, the Kim is dead!

Bob Dole Endorses Mitt Romney

California politician advocates assassination of Obama and family

What does BOG stand for?

Can I interest you in Hannukah?

Can I interest you in Hannukah? (Jon Stewart)

For Election Year, MTV Drops ‘Choose or Lose’ Slogan

Alan Grayson (FL-D) - Official campaign website (lots of info and great vids on the site)

Survivor Finale Thread (SPOILERS, of course)

So how's it looking after a week or so?

Richard Berman deserves a massive punch in the balls. Repeatedly.

Bozell Plays the Buckley Card (because National Review endorsed Romney and Huntsman)

This is odd. The jury voted to let this post stand. Skinner banned him.

A great DFA'er passes

Revealing Rinehart's hard-right agenda

Are formerly banned members now welcome to rejoin DU?

List of U.S. Senators that have 'announced' that they are NOT running in 2012

Argentina remembers its worst crisis 10 years later

List of U.S. House of Representatives that have 'announced' their retirement from The House in 2012

Mexican party names presidential candidate

BT sues Google over Android

Bad Lip Reading: Rick Perry

SF: Mayor’s homeless fund sat untouched for years as homelessness worsened

Where is the little box that shows the smileys and how to make them?

Gay films thrive in Tel Aviv

Everyone who thinks GD needs a big fat chill pill check in!

I got an abusive mail in my inbox. What will you do about it?

Israel's 'Rosa Parks' refuses ultra-Orthodox call to take back seat

Israel court rules against evicting two East Jerusalem Palestinian families

Michelle Obama, daughters on low-key Kailua getaway

Leaving the Castle: Havel's Life After the Presidency

Fun things to do in Las Vegas?

Is there any guideline on signature graphics?

Political antisemitism in the United States, 1873-1932

History: Political antisemitism in the United States, 1873-1932

Old Jews Telling Jokes (warning: some are NSFW)

Which Solar Companies Would Survive a Shake-Out?

Survivors tell why the boats keep coming

Google's Easter Egg for the Holiday season

One of the eight Occupy L.A. protesters arrested Sat. charged with felony (*Dialup warning)

Half an Hour With Khaled (Alaa Abd El Fattah a.k.a. Abu Kaled)

Wisconsin - "I Recall"

I have a job!

Is your congressman selling out your children?

I was 'gate raped' by my government by Shannyn Moore (read it to the end)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, December 19, 2011 (XPost)

No danger of earth exploding

Some jury decisions are just idiotic.

What happened to the completely separate Women's Rights forum?

Syria signs Arab League peace deal

Don't click on this thread unless you are prepared to be depressed

We're not oddballs or unrealistic nutjobs.

"Smirk." - Beelzebub Bellichick

Awesome gravy recipe

Romney: "Cutting welfare spending dramatically, I don't think will hurt the poor."

Protesters call end to occupation of St Paul's

Honestly, who will launch off missiles with the word dong in them?


#OccupyDenver Successfully Resists Eviction From Civic Center Park, Structures Remain

Hey Pats fans, STFU on how you guys are going to lose each week!

please HELP, how do I ignore someone now?

California man leads lobbying to halt U.S. aid to Egypt


If you don't vote you may be giving your voting power to an Idiocrat

Three Supreme Court Cases That Should Worry You

Sunday Pearlstein: Starve the beast. End the stalemate.

Went to see Dickens "a Christmas Carol" Friday night. Suddenly realized Scrooge walks among us still

"If this guy really isn't in charge, and everything under him starts spinning out of control..."

Investigators say 4 Reps got discounted loans

Campaign Finance Proposal

Artist Spotlight: Gio Black Peter

Exclusive: The Fabulous Beekman Boys Got Engaged Last Night!

Three Supreme Court Cases That Should Worry You

I'm on my way...

Did anyone here watch the Showtime Series Homeland?

Were the Mayans Thinking of a Third Bush Presidency When They Talked About 2012?

Obama interview with EL Universal out today

How Pay-Pal Squeezes Merchants with Unfair and Likely Illegal Business Practices

Rick Perry believes he can cut $5 trillion from a $3.7 trillion budget.

Rick Perry "I am sorry to hear that Kim Jong is ill."

Anybody here have a favorite finance program for Mac?

Why (Very White) Iowa and New Hampshire Matter So Much in US Politics

I fought so hard to bring our troops home from Iraq -- I even fought this Democratic President

A warm welcome....

Bitter Teabaggers

Fellow pet folks (warning: partial rant)

AP Enterprise: Russia oil spills wreak devastation

Pipeline caught in ‘death spiral’ of rising costs

We are the Median: Faces and voices from the series {video at link}

What new varieties of vegetables will you grow this season?

Kim Jong Il is still dead.

Investigators say 4 Reps got discounted loans (AP)

Republican values

Let's scrap it all and elect firefighters!

2 Million views in 24 hours ... Egyptian Army Brutal Crackdown

So where DO we get regulators and how do we keep them clean?

NOTE: Be sure NOT to miss this video of weeping crowds on Kim Jong-il's passing!

Why DU TV? And who chooses "Cool Threads"

Mitt Romney Still Makes Millions of Dollars a Year from Bain Capital

john boehner should resign as speaker

Here's an example of what we're up against in terms of science:

My new shoes make me feel like a criminal - alarms go off.

So when are those *Iraqi War Revenues* Going to Replenish our Treasury?

Krugman: Romney’s Truthiness

Splitting hairs


Automaker Saab files for bankruptcy in Sweden

Do You Have Any Idea? A Call by John Pilger

FILM THE POLICE - B. Dolan feat. Toki Wright, Jasiri X, Buddy Peace, Sage Francis

Herman Cain: The liberal media forced me out of the race

Android code instructions on uploading picture

Does anyone else care to discuss minimal community standards

Boehner Faces Key Test After GOP Mutiny Over Payroll Tax Cut

"Cat nuts" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "cat nuts".

Shoveling Water: The life of a Pre-drill Test

Justin Bieber and the principal: The real story

Krugman explains the Austrians.

OECD: Tax and Spending Policy Can Push Against Rising Inequality

Well, at least it looks as if I have finally stabilized health-wise, although the rest of my life…

A Christmas Carol (lightly updated)

"an outsized mannequin in a black vest"

North Koreans weeping hysterically over the death of Kim Jong-il

Panetta: Iraq War was “worth it” - But no one seems to have the Audacity to ask "Why?"

new rights for california's undocumented

the four occupations of planet earth

COVER OF TIME Magazine's "Person of the Year" vs. Original Photograph. Note the Glaring Difference?

House GOP to REJECT payroll tax cut...Admits because it will help Obama!!

Drumbeat from the weakend and today...

Drumbeat from the weakend and today...

Video on new homes in the US with ALL made in USA materials (ABC) (list added)

Newt v. Judiciary

"like, totally awesome"

Bloomberg News: S&P Cut Proves Absurd as Investors Prefer U.S.

Stonehenge rocks Pembrokeshire link confirmed

Paul leads in Iowa

China - Apple Inc supplier Pegatron Corp had an explosion

Jeremy Shockey: The Houston Texans don't love America

HHS to give states more flexibility to implement health reform

Puppy Christmas

well, I finally got the lights hung

Todays trades

Right now Tim Tebow is on his knees thanking God...

Why the 2012 election could all come down to Florida

Another Non-Union Contractor Seeing Success Under a PLA

hey newt, who decides which judges are activist?? you?

My 35,000th post...and a few extra....

Invasi. Eradicavi. Turbavi.

Gee what a shock. Article detailing tea party leader advocating assassination of Obama is GONE.

Neo-Nazi Terror Investigation Intelligence Agency Reportedly Sabotaged Police

Highly Toxic Mercury Present in Processed Foods, Yet FDA Does Nothing

I think I need a little help with the facebook button. .

Saudi prince buys $300 million Twitter stake

A Solar Trade War Could Put Us All in the Dark

Gas Drillers PR Target: “People that like South Park are our audience,” she said,

It's Time to Tax the Church

So I hear there's a job opening in the Dictator department and I know just the person

Kim Jong-il Death Crisis for Republican Candidates

MF Global trustee seizes investor's gold and silver boullion, too.

Can We (the US) Build Tomorrow's Breakthroughs?

This maybe a stupid question

Just Watched Ben Affleck's Movie, "The Town"

the teaparty's great hypocrisy

Gingrich wins Tea Party Patriots straw poll

Is anyone else using Find-a-Grave for research?

US social spending comparable to Mexico, S. Korea (Formerly titled An Appeal to Logic)

Data-driven tools cast geographical patterns of rainfall extremes in new light

Libertarian Candidate Calls For Assassination Of Obama And His Children

Kim Jong-Un Privately Doubting He's Crazy Enough To Run North Korea

With morgues full, Philippine flood victims buried - 700+ dead

Politics is More than just Presidential

Chemicals and biofuel from wood biomass

Gay marriage 'improves health'

German research team targets ‘at risk’ data on biodiversity

Two very serious recommendations to the DU Community

Restarting threads previously closed by jury decision

Exclusive: Secret U.S., Taliban talks reach turning point

What are the prospects for sustaining high-quality groundwater?

Satellite pic: North Korea vs South Korea at night

We're coming to the end of the 4th quarter and Ken Aden needs HELP!

Paul Moves Into Lead in Iowa Forecast

Calling all Drivers!

Smells like a bear raid—Trading data suggest 2007 effort to manipulate market

Dems To Boehner: Take It Or Leave It

It's been a good day for Asher Heimermann

Freedom Riders return to Alabama

NASA: Climate Change May Bring Big Ecosystem Changes

Atheism outside the US - First hand perspectives invited

Liz Cheney: W Got Kim Jong Il Before Obama Could Run Him As His VP in 2012

Novel device removes heavy metals from water

If the war is over will the prisoners be released?

Don't Forking Believe It: McDonald’s rings in 2012 with farmwashing

Yoda speaks.

The Most Incredible Woman in the World:

Do you think Gingrich would be saying all this crazy stuff if there wasn't an audience for it?

hundreds rally in support of accused wikileaks source

Your cat's location? Either one of two places:

Whenever MFM runs into one of these, he ALMOST understands all that ANGER about his dots.

MiddleFingerMom can do magic tricks.

Before Kali named her dog Dumbass. she wanted to make SURE of what it meant, so she looked it up.

I wanted to give something back to you for all the wonderful help I've recieved here. This recipe is

Spam alert.

Obligatory kitty picture - at least its seasonal.

Pics lost from Iphone camera roll after update

In a tight economy, MiddleFingerMom decides it's time to bring in a roommate.

holiday checkin thread

A million to miss out on a mortgage in new lending crackdown

What's for dinner? ~ Monday the 19th edition!

Who do you think will win the Iowa Caucuses?

Pentagon says Iran concerned primarily with deterring an attack

dog owners- bones or no bones?

Republican Presidential Choices

This message was self-deleted by its author

Arne Duncan Exhorts Teacher “Troublemakers”

Have any of you bakers ever made a Chocolate Angel Food Cake?..

National Geographic Photo Contest Photo of the Day - Upper Yosemite Falls, California

How Iran outsmarted the US on Iraq

Big Oil and Canada thwarted U.S. carbon standards

Have the Republicans secretly infiltrated the FDA in the interest of self-perpetuation in the South?

Sharing list of Newt lies, compiled by Alan Grayson. Enjoy.

No citations for Journal Sentinel photographer arrested while covering rally

Breaking News: Supreme Court schedules oral arguments on health care law for March 26-28

Britain refuses to take part in EU IMF fund: sources

Best Christmas Lights Display for 2011?

50 Best Photos From The Natural World (The Big

I'd like to encourage all of yall to fill out your DU profiles

Poll: Obama Takes Lead In Swing States (updated)

Sapphire Energy Out to Prove That Crud Can Take On Crude

What Being A Democrat Means To Me

The tea party guy who wants Obama assassinated posted a follow up on his Facebook page:

Are the emotionial reactions out of NK for real or are they part of the show?

Syria agrees to Arab League monitors

The Rude Pundit - Mitt Romney: The Invisible Man

PLOS Blogs Book of the Year: Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism

New Poll: Gingrich is fading in New Hampshire, too--Romney has solid lead with Paul in Second place

Accomplishments during Obama's First Term

Texas Oil Company Sentenced to Pay $12 Million for Clean Air Act Violations and Obstruction Crimes…

An excellent explanation as to why most people ignore the destruction of civil rights via the NDAA

Is It Natural for Older Guys to Lust After Young Women?

Pygmy hippo caught on camera in Liberia (BBC)

Oxnard teen who shot gay classmate to be sentenced

For Law Schools, a Price to Play the A.B.A.’s Way

Video: I discuss Newt Gingrich's candidacy vs one of the Tea Party founders on RT's Crosstalk

Snow Unlikely for You This Christmas

Dr David Kelly inquest ruling challenge fails (BBC)

Xposted from GD- Video: I discuss Newt Gingrich facing off against one of the Tea Party founders

DuPont Settles Hazardous Waste Violations at Deepwater, N.J. Facility

Text with embedded links not being dispalyed

Top Perry Confidant Calls for an End to the Voting Rights Act

Voter in Iowa confronts Michele Bachmann about the likelihood of her having a gay child

Isn't it apparent yet? Newt really, really, really, really, really doesn't want to be President.

Rightbloggers Close Ranks Against Ron Paul, The Wrong Kind of Small-Government Conservative

Those who want to see GD-P brought back -- relax. Soon we'll be able to create our own groups.

Year in review, part one by Tom Tomorrow

Sacred Salubriousness: Why Religious Belief Is Not the Only Path to a Healthier Life

Towards artificial photosynthesis for solar hydrogen generation—Algal protein gives boost to electr…

The Real War on Christmas ... by Fox News

Putting cardboard in shoes to make them last longer - anyone else ?

Valis, by PKD


The Price of Private Prisons.

Saab files for bankruptcy in Sweden (BBC)

American needs a Conservative Business person leading it (Mittens Ad)

GOP Sen. Brown rips House Republicans for opposing tax cut

11 Losers of 2011

"20 Reasons I won’t Vote for Ron Paul."

Why I Voted Against the Homeland Battlefield Bill By Sen. Al Franken

Plant-Eating Dinosaur Discovered in Antarctica

Site of Stonehenge rock origin pinpointed (BBC)

Colombia receives 4 water pumps from Venezuela to reduce flooding

A Star Wars holiday card for all your geeky friends

Try #2 - Are we now allowed to make broad brush attacks on fellow DUers in GD?

GOP chairman expects Obama to sign anti-online piracy bill

Spiced Ham alert

Today's xkcd... Some new science mnemonics!

The New Orleans Saints

Germany: Israel plan for new West Bank homes 'devastating' to peace

Science review of 2011: the year's 10 biggest stories

Armed, masked man robs Prairie Village residents

Christmas expectations vs. reality

How do I post a You Tube Video?

I just got a "Hillary Clinton for President in 2012" recorded phone message

Kim Jong-Un Privately Doubting He's Crazy Enough To Run North Korea

Healthy is the New Skinny

A little something for the OWS movement...

Feel-Bad Ending for Hero of 'Rudy' Movie (bilk investors out of $11mil, pay a fine of $382,866)

According to Jake Tapper, Pres Obama is meeting with

What would you make with these ingredients?

Hmm...maybe we need a name change.

Does anyone here remember that "Terrorist Organization" know as the IRA?

The new 'Avengers' trailer just seems a bit more badass in German

Medical Breakthrough Over the Weekend

Robocalling Hillary 2012

update on Duffy, the border collie who cheated death

DU Album of the Day: David Bowie's "Aladdin Sane"

Watching the North Koreans' reaction to Kim Jong Il's death. And they said North Korea is atheist...

So, now that it looks like I'll be gainfully employed at a REAL job

The myth of Reaganomics

Rep. Marcia Fudge on Obama Re-elect: "He needs to get with the people more"

CNN poll: Renominate Obama 81%

about my baby

Wow, didn't think there were so many of us..

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction goes online!

For those of you who have had one too many years of formal education

Florida middle school teacher faces battery charges after throwing hashbrowns at McDonald's worker

Christmas Questions for your Monday afternoon.

Now that I have your attention:

Manning supporter says he was barred from courtroom

Are youtube vids OK -- what are the rules?

What should liberals be trying to accomplish?

Reid Dismisses House Gop Threats On Tax Cut - Can They Just Do Their 'Basic Legislative Function?'

NASA/JPL Study - Rate Of Current Warming 100 Times Faster Than At End Of Last Ice Age

1-Year Decline In Number Of Texas Cattle Biggest On Record - 12% Of State's Herds Gone

The "Walkupy" marchers -- an ongoing saga that deserves more notice

NYT - Biggest Concern Of Scientists Studying Permafrost Melt Not Speed, But Unstoppability Of Melt

More from Wisconsin...Scott Walker will speak at the CPAC conference next February.

How many ebay sellers do we have here?

Survivor gets two more seasons

Doing some book Xmas shopping - and finding TOO MANY right wing indoctrination books

The Real War on Christmas ... by Fox News

AP's 2011's top 10 sports stories:

Sweet Jeebus! is Sandusky's lawyer defending him or trying to get him a reality show in prison?

THE OCCUPIED EYE: The war is pronounced dead

"Fishing, Hunting - It's All Gone" - Russian Oil Industry Spills A BP Every Two Months

Kim Jung Il is not dead---update

Mavs owner Mark Cuban says NBA will see openly gay player in 3-5 years

Exxon Mobil hits new LGBT low

'Israel to export natural gas to India'

This is one of the greatest cakes I've eaten....and very easy.

Brazil tackles harmful Amazon frontier farming

Favorite Food Blogs

Study: Anti-gay groups far more effective than LGBT groups at soliciting cash

Forensic Examiner Found No Match of Cables on Manning’s Laptop to WikiLeaks’

For those of you with E-readers:

So now you're telling me a 20-something kid is in charge of the North Korea Nukes?

What are your fitness goals and what's your plan to attain them?

Make your own Coca-Cola

An online presidential 2012 test - who is your candidate?

Will Hillary be VP candidate in 2012?

Great offer for people in need of literacy

Next state to legalize gay marriage.

Southern Calif. teen sentenced to 21 years in prison for killing gay classmate

I think I have the slogan for 2012... it's no longer "Yes We Can".. it has to be...

Video: Roof collapses at Russian airport after fire

2011’s Most Googled Gays and Lesbians

Warren Hellman, financier and philanthropist, dies at 77

I have a Threefer coming up

Justice reports record false claims recoveries

Cute little Black Olive Penguins

Win on N.C. Billboard a Sign of Things to Come?

History of U.S. Intervention in Iran - 1953 Until Present

boehner: House will defeat 2-month tax cut, send it to conference

Ancient Texts Tell Tales of War, Bar Tabs

Arrest Order for Sunni Leader in Iraq Opens New Rift

POLL: Buying Pretend Weapons for Kids

Gardening Book Recommendations

Cornel West was at our church yesterday.

Affirmative-action foes urge Supreme Court to take Texas case

Dates set for Supreme Court health care reform arguments

Jerry Lee Lewis ... Sorry, I just don't get it.

Anybody seen a Lytro camera yet?

"Why do you want to restrict their rights when they are fighting and dying for your freedom?"


ESPN college football analyst Craig James to run for US Senate in Texas, GOP fundraiser says

Peak oil review - Dec 19

Peak oil review - Dec 19

Jessica Lynch: One Iraq war veteran's unique perspective

The penalties against those that conspire and deprive we, the people of our rights include death.

JFK’s hearse going on the auction block

Is That Chip on Your Shoulder Interfering

Things that make me feel old - the first LOTR film was released ten years ago today

Schumer: Obama ‘swallowed hard’ on Keystone pipeline in tax deal

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA) is hiring an Organic Transition Coordinator

There's a Hole in The World

Around 80 ppl were killed in Norway; we talked about it for days. 114 ppl were killed in Syria today

Declaring extreme rightwing activists as terrorist organization is illegitimate way to deal with se

lost all computer contact with the living world on another continent...

Best photoshops of 2011 (make your contributions) (fixed links)


Why Being A Hater Doesn't Make You Straighter

When will we ever get serious about saying NO to fossil fuels?

Why Bernie Sanders Has Introduced A Constitutional Amendment

Supervillain or Newt? Take the quiz

Civil War Sesquicentennial


Great Military Leaders

Nuclear waste site hunt could point to Wisconsin Read more:

Speaking of de-stashing . . . . .beading magazines

How about joining/infiltrating the Repub party?

Was Kim Jong Il before he died?

Did you know you can still view/post in DU2 sports Forum?

Are we now allowing Pro-GOP threads on DU?

A Major Step Forward Towards Drought Tolerance in Crops

China emerging as another danger spot in the world economy: Paul Krugman

Pepsi 9/11 can

As Romney's firm profited in SC, jobs disappeared

Ohio Congresswoman on President Obama: "His advisors do him a disservice"

Etta James Is Terminally Ill - NY Times

picture shows the size of Saturn

Hedge fund share restrictions favor managers over investors

Ke$ha's debut single "Tik Tok" sold more copies than *any* Beatles single.

First Time In Four Years: U.S. Casualties In Afghanistan Down

Pro-Adultery Website Endorses Gingrich

"I dont want my money going to minorities"

I found out from a cousin this weekend that many people on my dad's side

When can we expect polls?

Gingrich can't go into a campaign without doing something illegal.

When it rains, it pours: PSU's Matt McGloin (QB) suffers concussion and seizure in fight w/ teammate

Students Protest Cuts to the Arts at #OccupyColumbia

Can't believe no one's talking about college bowl games.

Senate Republicans call on House to pass payroll tax extension

First Norway ran out of butter. Now the UK finds itself with no canned reindeer meat!!

Who actually has to work Christmas day?

how the fuck do you pronounce Snaefellsnes?

New Protest song - Fiat Money

Sirota: The case for a national popular vote

Analysis: N.Korea leadership struggle would bring wider risks (Reuters)

So let's play a long before someone gives GW Bush credit for

Pic Of The Moment: Boehner's Gift To Middle Class:Tax Increases

Kim Jong-Un Privately Doubting He's Crazy Enough To Run North Korea

Nine Poison Pills In The GOP Payroll Tax Extension Bill:

Limbrain trying to make the case Romney shouldn't be there nominee

What's this? Li'l Kim died??!!

You really can't argue with TeaBagger logic...

New IRS rules demand more info on foreign holdings

Support For Renominating Obama Reaches An All Time High

Sense & Censor Ability: Free speech preachers seek SOPA-powers

US and NATO troops train on the Syrian border

Truth, Candidates both D, I and R, and More Truth

Glenn Greenwald Comments on Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens in Pending NDAA Approval

A Pattern of Intimidation

$89 million in rebates could be headed to Michigan consumers from health insurance providers

File under Head Scratcher--Pastor so concered with marriage and it being Destroyed ask people to

12 Retirement Resolutions for 2012

9 Ways to Prepare Your Finances for 2012

Just got a "draft Hillary Clinton in 2012" robocall

Katniss Everdeen vs. Lisbeth Salander

PHOTO: Today's graywarrior sighting. The duck may be free, but the onslaught continues.

Thomas Jefferson Weeps As Virginia Is The Home Base For The War On Science

"Obama Prepares to Authorize Indefinite Detention of US Citizens for First Time Since McCarthy Era"

AT&T Agrees to Drop Bid for T-Mobile

Buckeyes move into Top Five Recruiting Classes

Without Your Consent: The Ongoing Nightmare of Bush Environmental Policy

Teen Who Killed Gay Classmate Sentenced to 21 Years

Democrats Were Not Wimps; Some Of The Bills Passed By Dems, Blocked By GOP

Kim Jong Il tweets:

"I would like to restore your right to drink raw milk anytime you like!"

Illegal Immigrants have no right to arms

Merry Christmas!

Former Miss Venezuela dies of breast cancer at 28

U.K. seeks to separate retail, investment banking

Hoyer: House GOP in 'disarray'

Homeward Bound. I wish I was, homeward bound.

Steve Winwood, Slash, Billy Cox & Mitch Mitchell: "Hey Joe" live @ UK Hall of Fame

A heartfelt thank you

Roberts money gushes for GOP candidates

So, now that Kim Jong Il is dead, whither North Korea?

Almost Gone by Graham Nash and James Raymond - *Bradley Manning* - warning: violent imagery

VIDEO: "I just want to be normal like other people"

6,000 California RNs Set One-Day Strike December 22

Suggestion for PPR (tombstoned) members to reduce confusion

Nine Paradoxes of the Euro Veto Crisis

Ron Paul support is alive and well at DU...

Obama Approval Rebounds (49%) as Congress Tanks. POTUS +15 on protecting the middle class.

I think I may be stupid.

Rick Perry Agrees to ‘Conversation’ on Fracking in Texas

So about those Hillary robocalls. More Republican thuggery???

No Christmas in Hilo for Roger Christie

No Bail-Out for the Planet

Without Your Consent: Bush Era Urban Asbestos Testing (and Why Newt Will Be More of the Same)

i just turned on c-span and the house is working feverishly....

Hello good Citizen....I'm Batman....

Banks sink Wall Street, BofA below $5/share

My list of the top Domestic accomplishments of every Democratic President since FDR

Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA): It's Obama's fault. And the Democrats.

Field report from the war

I made a mistake about boycotting a company.

Unfunny Christmas Carol from The Lowell Sun Newspaper

Admitting a mistake .in front of that crowd in GD.. ain't easy..

Dylan Ratigan: Mad As Hell Special Report: Corporate Personhood, When Convenient

Yay! Grading is DONE!

Good Bye Daddy / Kim Jung Il version

Chaz Bono Calls Off His Engagement

This could be an EPIC way to fundraise here at DU

Hitler reacts to Tebow win streak:

"Dreamy British Eurosceptics fantacise about UK leaving the EU – but their arguments are weak"

Hoyer: House GOP in 'disarray'

OWS get the to Alabama! Alabama Residents Furious Over Possible Rate Increases

Karma is a bitch #37.

Scott Walker's Christmas

Full List of Demands for correcting the course of the Revolution

Army Lt. Dan Choi Pinned to Ground, Thrown Off Base Before Manning Trial

ACHTUNG! The reports of Jon Bon Jovi's death have been greatly exaggerated.

My LTTE on using the Bible as a moral compass

Saw the funniest thing outside the Chargers' stadium yesterday

US Lifts Most Libyan Sanctions, Frees $30 Billion

Libyan Leader Calls on Syria’s Assad to Step Down

Well THAT didn't take long: Arrest Warrant Issued for Sunni Iraqi Vice President

Obama criticizes Venezuela's ties to Iran, Cuba

GOP Goes To War With Itself Over Payroll Cut

Support For Renominating Obama Reaches An All Time High

Experts Say China's Economy Looks Grim for 2012

TOONS: NEWT ----------->

Where are the Smilies? And is there a Hide feature?

Fatal Cop Shooting Suspect Killed In Standoff

Recycled Holiday Greeting from Congress

So what is going on with Occupy Wallstreet lately?

Americans are being played by ReTHUGS

John Walsh Defends Public Sector Jobs.

Georgia in U.S. Military Authorization Bill

Swastikas painted at Senator Pat Roberts’ office; FBI investigating

On Education and NCLB: 'Letter to a New Teacher'...

STOP SOPA! Fight censorship and the death of a free internet. We need to light up some fax machines!

Good Minus God

Rev Al: "People are hurting! If they need a turkey for Christmas, imagine what $1000 could do!"

Local ABC station just reported that Gingerich is in 3rd place here now and Romney in 2nd with....


In Madison, 1,000 Singers Defy Walker’s Edict

I am not sure if anyone outside Minnestoa is following the spectacular impolosion of our state GOP

Ron Paul is still a racist asshole

GOP Fears Iowa Caucus May be Hacked Following Purported Video Threat by 'Anonymous'

Oh my God! The human brought us Guinness!

The Fanciful, Chocolate-Filled World of 2012

Three weeks smoke-free today

Do we have enough interested in a Mensa/Intertel/Triple Nines Group?

I bumped into a li'l money and am looking at Stand Mixers

ACLU of Maine Files Amicus Curiae Brief in Support of Occupy Maine

Hellbender salamander study seeks answers for global amphibian decline

Lady Gaga Named Entertainer of the Year

Woman says Jesus appears in son's melted crayons

House teabaggers forcing an all-nighter. Rules Committee to meet at 3 am. Floor vote at 7 am.

Did anyone type "let it snow" into google yet ? /nt

Panetta: Iraq War Was “Worth It”

Wisconsin Recall Calculus: $5 M. Distant Dollars Vs 500,000 Citizens

You fu*#ing swear you'll give to charity?

Dam I miss the "Poll" feature - so here's a question:

MIT to open source educational software

Corporations, NOT governments rule the world

The power of "Why"

A Man in Tunisia, a Movement on Wall Street, and the Soldier Who Ignited the Fuse

Repubs are spewing their crap in the guise of concern & disappointment directly to Dem audiences

Crying North Korean State News Anchor Breaks the News of Kim Jong Il's Death