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The Rise of Islamist Democracy

WooHoo!!! 1-0 in bowl picks!

(Lori Berenson) American Who Was Jailed in Peru Is Blocked at Airport

Hundreds of computers linked to press hackers

I need a Christmas miracle

Oahu parade honors Japanese-American WWII veterans

Making enemies...

A film called "Olive"

New species of lizard found in Vietnam - on restaurant menu

Protesters 'Occupy Birmingham' (MI) (Dirty hippies! Take a bath and get a job!)

Occupy Lexington right before they left for a flash mob in Wal Mart

'Racist' email for whites-only movie viewing riles Rutgers students, staff

Meghan McCain on Gingrich: "He was condescending to me, specifically because I was a young woman"

How to stop SOPA (long discussion on REDDIT website)

Don King’s Turkey Giveaway Canceled After Truck ‘Hijacked’

The Truth About Medical Marijuana

Once Again, Rep. Allen West Compares Democrats to Nazis

Mitch McConnell made it Plain as Day: Why can't millions of Americans see it?

Michael Winship: The GOP’s Hazy Cloud of Ignorance

"Accusing Iran of 9/11 echoes Iraq scenario"

Wisconsin: Woman leaves $1.1 million to the Oshkosh Public Library

Newt Gingrich’s Sharia Law Stance Raises Questions

What's your thoughts?

Joe Arpaio, Arizona Sheriff, Rebuked By Justice Department For Civil Rights Violations

Kids can’t fight poverty alone

The "Florida Family Association" behind Lowe's pullout of ads? One guy.

You who miss Unrec, did you object to a 'sort by Recs-only' option?

Man, my track record sucks at the new and improved DU

Occupy KC hopes police will waive cost of protest

Five deaths in rural Illinois town called murder-suicide

Occupy KC hopes police will waive cost of protest

Occupy your heart with this

The Atlantic: Free-Falling in Milwaukee: A Close-Up on One City's Middle-Class Decline

I need hide thread or else these Newt threads

Irony - How Gingrich's poll declining confirms that Romney is not going to be the nominee.

Luxury Real Estate Market Sees No Downturn

2 centuries after New Madrid quakes, what's next?


Jeffrey Sachs: 'That's not a free market, that's a game'

Obama Got Us Out of Iraq, but Voters Just Don't Care Anymore (Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic)

What is your attention span for posts?

Don’t Be Fooled: The Anti-Internet Bill Is NOT Being Shelved Until Next Year

One thing I am very proud of when it comes to posters in DU3

KC district outlines how student transfers might proceed

OK we all get asked what a socialist economy would look like

Post your alt. christmas songs here.

IL: Emanuel, Quinn Hope Bicycles Fill the Missing Link in Mass Transit

The bulls--t was flying pretty thick during the local news

WTF is SOPA ? aka The American Government trying to ruin the internet. (Corporate Censorship Law)

America Eats Its Young (And Some Of Its Old)

Idaho man loses religious appeal on pot charges

On throwing the baby out with the bathwater

Philippines floods leave 400 dead

My issues with the Jury System

Marine Asks First Lady Michelle Obama to Marine Corps Ball

Very interesting site about strengthening the ab muscle responible for holding in your gut.

Keiser Report: Useless Bankers

Gerald Celente on Financial System - 'Your money is not safe' (14-Dec-11)

I hate the airlines.

In honor of Dec., I present to you, Calvin and Hobbes

Opinion Japan Times: Hollow excuses from Tepco

some forums hosts are asleep at the wheel on this one

Slavoj Zizek: Capitalism with Asian values

Cowchips at Tampa? That's like...

The Des Moines Register’s GOP caucus endorsement: Mitt Romney is best to lead

Aide Interrupts Event To Inform Bush about 10th Anniversary of 9/11

I think it's clear enough now. For Repubs, in both houses, it's all about Obama not the nation.

Armed husband stops suspected car thief

Thug tactics used against priest by Pensacola City Council

A beautiful performance

Update about my bugs - it's a Christmas miracle

Ron Paul says that Michelle Bachmann hates Muslims!

A Minor Programming Error Found

Hello, DU. My name is Burgman.

Robert Scheer on the passing of Christopher Hitchens

What are you reading the week of December 18, 2011?

AHA! I caught my cat in the act - of peeing outside the litter box!

Occupy Policy Statement: Enough

Greatest threads sorted by time -- Thank you!

More than 50 "Occupy" protesters arrested in New York

How would y'all feel about asking the Admins to edit the SOP for this group?

Obama is not a progressive - he is an incrementalist

Rae calls Attawapiskat 'our Third World' (Canada)

Kitty has a problem......

Gingrich: As a historian, I understand the courts better than lawyers...but gets the history wrong.

Occupy activists set up camp outside Obama re-election office in Des Moines

have you seen the Santa commercials?...

Wow, I'm away for a couple of months...

Fischer: ‘Hitchens is in hell because God loves him’

"Mark as read"?

Obama, Congress Back Legalization of a Police State

Here's something for you children of the 60s...

Senate approves disaster relief without House pay-for

It doesn't matter if Obama's a progressive or not or if he's "on our side" or "on their side".

Al Jazeera: The Long Road to Tripoli (1h40m Documentary)

Globe and Mail OpEd - Be very afraid: Stephen Harper is inventing a new Canada

Fossil-fuel emissions unbraked by financial crisis

For some reason I am seezing up when I'm on jury duty. I empathize with the

I really hate duplicate posts, so--

The GOP only legislate so they can regain power. That is why they make the choices they

Come and warm yourselves...

So, as near as I can figure, NetFlix is punishing its members for preferring the streaming service

Boy sends 180,000 thank-you cards to US troops

Occupy's new tactic has a powerful past

So are you watching TV? If so what are you watching right now.

Mark Shields on Friday's News Hour: About war with Iran.


Question about "star" status.

What do you notice about yourself and jury duty. I am realizing how easily duped I am

The "mark as read" feature seems to be going off by itself

Thank you, Skinner & Co., for making me feel like a real citizen.

What will happen to my computer if I don't have virus software on it? I don't surf much if at all. I

After a re-watch of Wizard of Oz, I think that all of the best Lit, Theatre and Film must be

As Occupy D.C. movement grows, so does tension

Scott Walker's Next Target: Cancer Screenings for Women

Too many Youtube videos in a single post is causing a crash problem

Which Christmas songs make you cringe every time you hear them?

Not Netflix yet of course - we went to see The Descendants tonight. Honestly - *** out of 5.

A Bronx Student Thanks Mayor Bloomberg For The Education He Has Received

The DU3 experiment - some results I have seen

I saw "The Descendants" today

Off Topic -- BOG Theme Song?

House republicans looking to muck up mucky Senate-passed payroll tax cut bill

Libya’s Civilian Toll, Denied by NATO

Departing Iraq: An ill-conceived war leaves Americans with unintended consequences

Ever live somewhere for years and FINALLY visit some neighborhood you never went to?

Killing of bin Laden voted top news story of 2011

"Photoshop a world where there is a actual war on Christmas"

Anyone have any good blogs?

Top 10 news stories of 2011

"Whenever there's a cop beating up a guy"

Hungry monkey

Offering my services as a co-host ...

A political argument against the pipeline.

I'm confused. Is GREMLINS a kid's movie?

Young Woman at Occupy Lexington and a parking meter

The Health forum contacted me about a post that didn't

Favorite documentaries?

For all you people who seek attention with nothing good to say about the freedom to DISSENT...

Next year, this guy's gonna be a Darwin Award candidate.

Favorite documentaries?

Can I get banned for giving DU2 shit?

White picket fence, bluebirds, green lawns and a severed human ear in the sprinkled lawn.

I wish the prompting to provide personal info -- ESPECIALLY gender -- were more prominent.

This is just a suggestion but

Sunday Talk Shows:ABC debate with Barney Frank and Robert Reich

9/11 Theories: Expert vs. EXpert

I'm seeing this (screenshot)

BiRTHER ALERT: Honestly people need to have a basic understanding of Definitions

Romney: I Could Be Tea Party's 'Ideal Candidate'

Suggestion for jury call duty - leave a comment with your vote.

Senator Merkley Explains How YOU Could Be Indefinitely Imprisoned With No Trial

Obama Signs NDAA Martial Law

Election Decisions - A New Animated Web Series

For those who want/miss the unrec and just for giggles.

Deer crossing

I've served on 12 juries so far

Inthe interest of letting the sun shine

What is the probability that 15 witnesses would die unnaturally within 1yr of the JFK assassination?

Can't I just "Mark as Read" single threads?

Apparently these posts were not considered in keeping with the serious subject matter of GD

Granola recipes?

Priest threatened with arrest for defending free speech in public meeting

Mercosur to fast-track Venezuela's entry

I have a Sci-fi world in my head, I just need to get it on paper.

Sasha and Malia...and you thought you'd seen all their cuteness...

"Be Like Others"--a documentary well worth seeing

Drug testing and government benefits

Black-backed woodpecker named a candidate for protection

Father’s open letter to Google: ‘Thanks for making my daughter cry’

Low Carb Risotto

Colombian Paramilitaries Arrested in Venezuela

Thoughts on Survivor (only spoilers for up to this point, pre-finale)

I missed it. I invite loyal Democrats to participate in a year of ignorance!

Did anyone actually hear "walked four miles to school in knee-deep snow, etc" stuff growing up ?

Where's my stuff, UPS?

Germany Rehabilitates Its Persecuted 'Witches'

Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Gets The Job Done – Mark Brewer, Not So Much

Is Your Fleece Killing the Ocean?

Women Occupy San Diego sings protest carols at shopping malls

Rush Limbaugh Picks On Poor Kids, Says They Should Starve At School

I saw something on TV tonight I hadn't seen in 20 years.

Seth Meyers And Amy Poehler vs. Jimmy Fallon And Tina Fey In Weekend Update 'Joke Off' - VIDEO

Utah birds die after mistaking Wal-Mart parking lot for water

This time of year is just a little different in the South.

Jesus Politely Requests Tim Tebow ‘Take It Down A Notch’ On SNL - video

Bring Back DU2

Is Senator Levin lying about NDAA?

Suggestion for alerting to a jury - leave a comment with your alert.

NOAM CHOMSKY w/Bob McChesney LIVE - call-ins accepted - Sunday 2pm EST

It could be a landslide for Obama and Democrats

What TV series would you recommend?

Secrecy in the Old Craft

Occupy Endgame possibility-police arrest criminal 1%

The Silent Thread: 9 years, $800 billion, 4,500 American dead and an estimated 100,000 Iraqi dead

Top 10 Ways Republicans Show They Hate Americans

Brazil President sees room to lower rates

A Photo that Encapsulates Egyptian Police Aggression

new here

Last U.S. troops leave Iraq, ending war

LA Times: Autism hidden in plain sight (article about adult autism)

Michigan's homeless students: Foreclosure crisis takes toll on 31,000 kids

Eliecer Ávila discusses issues in Cuba (En Español)

Forbes's Scott Ungar - "Scott Walker Kills Women's Cancer Screening Program For Political Gain"

Light decorations: yours are not as cool

Many missing as Russia oil rig capsizes off Sakhalin - BBC

You are a disgrace to the family name

Recall effort against 4 GOP state senators on pace, groups say

Woman set ablaze in Brooklyn apartment elevator, dies

Anyone here use TenFourFox?

How long before the Brits tar and feather their financial sector.

Remember Recess on ABC?

"Conservatism is a irritable mental gesture" LOL!!!!

good article

Andrew Lansley: 'It would let people down if I just walked away'

Hammond Indiana Gun Shop Burgled - Owner Feels Bad

A video we all should see..

Anyone who knows anything about Kentucky law...I need help with family situation.

Inside Chemical Drug Corporations: Former Sales Rep Says The Truth: Pharma Doesn't Want to Cure

Why a millionaire wants autoworkers to take a pay cut

Cat soothing crying baby to sleep

Argentine lawmakers limit foreign land ownership

Russian Oil Rig Sinks: 4 Dead, 49 Missing

One look at GD reminds me why we desperately need a separate GDP forum...

Bolivia to Maintain Claim over Access to Sea, Warns Morales


Clergy Members Arrested with Occupy Wall Street Protesters After Briefly Liberating Duarte Square

Only 1/3rd of Americans Supported the American Revolution?

Former Nazi hit man, 90, taken to prison to serve sentence for World War II killings

Chiquita and the “Cost of Doing Business” in Colombia

Has anyone watched Spike Lee's "Miracle at St. Anna?"

A teeny-tiny issue of format....

"Godfather" of Colombian Army Intelligence Acquitted in Palace of Justice Case

Ecuador: Chevron's Ecuador Fraud Highlighted In Memo Ordering Destruction Of Documents

Is there any way to bring back the status bar in Firefox 7?

Will DU3 have an HTLM reference lookup table?

If the objective is...

Graham:“And when they say, ‘I want my lawyer,’ you tell them, ‘Shut up. You don’t get a lawyer.’”

Why can't we upload our own avatars any longer?

Revealed: The true scale of Britain's woodland sell-off

'Don't Shoot': Stopping urban violence with sweet reason

Bradley Manning's Gender Identity Subject of Court Testimony

Black Books is on Netflix streaming. Yay!

LEAP/E2020: Global systemic crisis – USA 2012/2016: An insolvent and ungovernable country

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Santy Pawz 2012 Edition

Former Czech President and Playwright Vaclav Havel Dies

Congress' new terrorism rules leave open questions

Government to "accept in full" ICB bank reforms - Cable

It is clearly going to be Williard

Eurozone crisis: Foreign Office plans evacuation of expatriates

Judicial Watch Asks Federal Court to Order Release of Bin Laden Death Photos/Videos

Tiny Biocomputers Move Closer to Reality

Israel, wake up and smell the coffee

Pet food giant Science Diet receives FDA warning

This is so cool! (feral cats)

Barcelona Shows the Way!

Maybe a bug maybe a missing feature

Israel is a vibrant democracy

From Richard Engel: The last vehicle out of Iraq


Is it the Republican clown car that makes DU members giddy with their chances in 2012?

PIC of the day

All I want for Christmas is a new Congress …

This forum is a fantastic tool

Vaclav Havel, Dissident Playwright Who Led Czechoslovakia, Dead at 75

On the Edge with Max Keiser - Gerald Celente on the MF Global bankruptcy

Women's Response to Alcohol Suggests Need for Gender-Specific Treatment Programs

I'm not a "small government" person.

In Strikes on Libya by NATO, an Unspoken Civilian Toll

Names have been changed, to protect the innocent...

OK, this is really, really strange.

Bacteria can help us cure autoimmune disease

The book of Maccabees, occupied

Jury system suggestion

Interview: Newt Gingrich's Activist Sister

Which is Obama's greatest accomplishment?

The grand old Duke of York

Did you know the left controls all media? That's why Mitt will be nominee.

'The Golf Cart' by Stephen King

A Joke about being a Wallmart greeter. #7


A joke about 4 retired guys ordering very cheap drinks...#8

Question for DUers - is the notion of a Liberal Hawk


Spc. Vergil Heger -- Last soldier out of Iraq according to Richard Engel

One and for all: Bring back unrec? Answer YES or NO

Now Romney won't say whether he believes US should have invaded Iraq

Michael Moore: A Man in Tunesia, a Movement on Wall Street and a Soldier Who Ignited the Fuse

When Cults Collide: How Big Sports and CEO Worship Threaten Societies

right now on wmtwtv

engendering equality

Magic Masala: Lay's Potato Chips From India. Wow!

Off topic of what?

Sometimes. when I'm grocery shopping, I'll look at the groceries of the person in front of me...

(U.K.) Over 40% of cancers due to lifestyle, says review

My son, whose first-ever vote was for Obama, now thinks Ron Paul looks better.

The burb I live in, repaved most of the main streets

Google's answer to Siri: Majel

Thanks A Lot - Bullish

Food shortages worry Venezuelans

Sacrificing the Earth: Neither of the two main parties in U.S. is fit to protect the environment

One hell of a thread in DU2---and the lock was classic. Obama NO credit for any economic upturn

The jury system and flaming subthreads

Greece in chaos

Warren Buffett's Son Schools Bill Gates on African Ag

How the GOP stole America

Any Stephanie Plum series fans

Recall effort against 4 GOP state senators on pace, groups say (Wisconsin)

#D17 #OWS -Yesterday, December 17th in review...

Libya's Civilian Toll From Strikes, Denied by NATO - New York Times reports

Here's What Happens If Nicolas Sarkozy Can't Win Re-Election

The struggle against vicious, reprehensible and insolent Japanese whaling continues...

Private means and Public Ends

To our Iraqi war vets

"covered in mercury, emptying it out of his shirt pocket, pulling it out of his hair."

waterfowl of town lake

I'm linking to DU2 post you may have missed. Tarir Square- Christmas time.

Terminally ill woman to stay in foreclosed home until she dies

Heavier children leads to call for drug dose update


Philippine storm toll exceeds 650; 900 missing

(Political) Sunday Dental Thread:

No Fear: Memory Adjustment Pills Get Pentagon Push

You know you live in Florida

Tim Hetherington in Libya: witness to war – in pictures

Really David Gregory? Really Meet The Press? What a soft ball interview with Speaker Boner!

Dawkins Rebukes Cameron, Calling Bible 'An Appalling Moral Compass'

CO-HOST Signup

Self-Adoration Reaches Newt Heights

Reasons Greetings!

Mr Teachbad finally saw Waiting for Superman

2nd and 3rd wave feminism

Occupy: Just Do It!

Progress! We're now down to one dumb, destructive clusterfuck of a war, not two or three.

No spoiler but has anyone seen The Help yet?

The Twelve Days of Conservative Movement Christmas

What's for dinner? ~ Sunday the 18th edition!

Even Fredo Thinks Gingrich Is Nuts

Last U.S. troops leave Iraq, ending war

Huge Embassy Keeps U.S. Presence In Iraq

What people don't "get" about OUR censorship via SOPA versus censorship in China and Iran...

Bolt down your Christmas trees everyone. And for all the Muslims out there, get an alarm system.

President Obama was my fourth choice in the 2008 primary -- I took a lot of heat for the others

last minute gift for Republican friend...

Who more "progressive" do you want nominated, then explain just how he/she gets 270 electoral votes.

Barney Frank is kicking George Will's ass on This Week.



Why the arguments of Obama's defenders leave many cold.

NOBODY loves spending quality time with each other more than applegrove and her dog.

Greenwald: Bradley Manning Deserves a Medal. Prosecution is an exercise in intimidation, not justice

I just recused myself from a jury

Cats rule. Dogs drool.

MiddleFingerMom LOVES pizza. He's got to watch his salt, so he's cutting WAY back. Honest!!!

MiddleFingerMom owes everyone a serious apology.

Who would a Ron Paul 3rd party run hurt the most?

This will be the fourth Bears game in a row that isn't on here.

TCM Schedule for Sunday, December 18 --- HOUSEGUESTS

Health Care Reform - from a provider

Ormie the Pig (a little Sunday humor)

I really wish "no non-political crime stories" was part of GD's SOP.

Newt has the signs of Malignant Narcissist Personality Disorder

Roll call of House votes on NDAA bill that allows detention of whoever we don't like at the moment

How to get the Libyan youth into work

WikiLeaks investigators 'feared Bradley Manning had links to foreign agents'

Law of Value 1: Introduction

Newt Gingrich Would Send A U.S. Marshal To Arrest A Disagreeable Judge

President Obama's supporters check in

Is A Two Step Tango all it takes?

Reuters interview w/ James G Rickards (Currency Wars)- US Treasury Dept efforts to trash dollar

Sad : Wilder / Homedale Holiday giving tree

Anyone else had Lymes?

Ron Paul versus Michelle Bachmann

I check the box to remain logged in, but I always have to re-log in.

Conservative group says Wisconsin to allow Mickey Mouse, Hitler signatures on petitions to recall Go

Doug Lafollette, WI's SoS and great-grandson of "Fighting Bob", considering run against Walker

Completely Original Nun Jokes that I made up.

I would buy this album in a heartbeat!! from last night SNL

Foxx aide's court case merits close look - DUI - examining verdict & aftermath

"Email this thread"

A question for DUers about sheriffs

After Durban: We Must Pull the Emergency Brake Before the 1 Per Cent Drive Us Off the Cliff

So what do you guys think about the jury system for hiding posts

Christian Bookstore Bans Pink Bibles

California leaders say time for cuts may be ending

SKorea Urges Japan Action on ‘Comfort Women’

I was chosen for jury duty, completed the process, then asked to serve again on the same post

You know why President Obama can't get any credit from the GOP for ending the Iraq war don't you?

They are doing everything right, but still one bad break away from poverty

One People

Doug Lafollette, WI's SoS and great-grandson of "Fighting Bob", considering run against Walker

Can you still be a Christian and...

DU3 has made my auto-unrec machine obselete

Discrimination against same-sex marriages cannot be tolerated in our society as a matter of law

Public investment in Venezuela plummets despite growing debt

US-Mexico immigration: Even oceans have borders

Sold into slavery as a girl, Shyima Hall becomes a U.S. citizen

when obama is renominated ,will biden also be renominated?

Senators( Inhofe and Coburn) block Oklahoma City federal prosecutor from judge post

PSYCHIC FREEPER "Fantail1952" reveals the WINNING GOP candidate. Not Newt. Not Mitt. Oh, you betcha.

20 Month old girl missing - Maine

Gah---My previously non-religious but spiritual mother has gone whole hog God crazy

NYC Occupy protesters scale fence at vacant lot

Now, ‘failed’ teachers to tutor UK kids

20 Month old girl missing - Maine

"Cutting welfare spending dramatically, I don't think will hurt the poor..."

20 Month old girl missing - Maine

20 Month old girl missing - Maine

Mental Illness and Gun Ownership

Habeas Corpus and Imprisoning US Citizens

London unveils 'modern' Routemaster

Obama's support among Democrats jumped 5 points this week

Florida polygraph examiner allegedly drugged, fondled female client during an examination

Human Kindness...

The left wing civil war

I'll be away this week, visiting family.

Tim Tebow, and Keeping Religion Out of Football

For $9.95 you can learn a foreign language in 10 days ..... the Pimsleur Approach

From a DU3 skeptic: I think it'll be great. Suggestions:

Two crabs engaging in some snoo-snoo

Might be a good idea to have a minimum number of replies to an OP before it is referred to jury.

CNN Update: Married woman in same-sex couple faces deportation to Japan


Question for Photoshop experts. Did the Guardian UK as well as the Daily Mail alter this photo?

9 year old dies after choking on meatball in school cafeteria

Political crisis in Iraq as US withdraws

New Jersey Senator Announces Support for DOMA Repeal Bill

Barney Frank schools George Will, Paul Ryan on marijuana legalization

I really enjoyed this video..

6 Stories That You May Have Missed From the Occupy Movement

Debunking The GOP’s Lie That Keystone XL Will Create Hundreds Of Thousands Of Jobs

Romney Admits It: My Plan Is ‘Not A Huge Tax Cut’ For The Middle Class

GOPers Mired in SINGLE ISSUE POLITICS only because it works, and, they unable to focus beyond

The Fracking Industry Has Bought Off Congress: Here Are the Worst Offenders

Iraq PM moves to oust deputy as US forces leave

Here's to Trumad and the absolutely best, most hilarious thread I ever saw in over 10 years on DU

Third day of violence rocks Cairo

Great addition - now linking to DU2 journals

Violence spreads in Kazakh oil region

The 20 Worst Wall Street Banks Funding Our Filthiest Polluters

I did'nt think I would , but I DO

Mo. University Chief Sorry Band Played 'Dixie'

Scott Walker Kills Women's Cancer Screening Program For Political Gain

Newt Gingrich Would Send U.S. Marshals To Arrest ‘Activist’ Judges

Bob Fitrakis on Fire! MUST VIEW THE VIDEO

'We are the 99 percent' chosen as year's top quote

Last Troops Leave Iraq: ‘That’s It, The War Is Over’

How about a break and watch a little fantasy for the season

"Asher Heimermann, 18-Year-Old, Refuses To Take Down Twitter Profile Poking Fun At Mayor"

US aid a step toward Korea nuke talks

African-American 'Buffalo Soldiers' protected national parks before rangers

PA Liquor Control Pulls Ad Blaming Women for Getting Dape Raped. (Graphic content.)

Israel, US 'determined' to halt Iran nuclear drive: Barak

I need some opinions on an OP for the GD board I am considering writing. Feed back is appreciated.

Should the EU give Britain an ultimatum?

There are some paper products you should avoid

I'm ready for some eggs, Dammit!

My top 11 Christmas movies ever. Yours?

Barney Frank schools George Will, Paul Ryan on marijuana legalization

Say you want to run a 2004 pre-election/exit poll simulation?...well, here you go

Lowe's issued a statement yesterday

New TYT Panel Show 'The Point' - Full Episode (Taxes, Plan B & All American Muslim Controversy)

Does anyone else miss the flaming folder Icon?

Republicans may yet kill middle-class tax cut

Whatever happened to holding Clarence Thomas accountable?

Earth Is Being 'Showered' With Poisonous Mercury Shows University of Washington Bothell Study

Senators trade jabs one day after reaching compromise

Are we going to spontaneously combust with second-guessing /meta-ing ourselves?

It will be God's will whoever wins on Survivor tonight

Wishing for the right to make that final exit

I'm not a religious person.

"yes the word is sexist language, but..." (You Could Be Next Part 3)

So how do you get taken off the democratic party email list?

Unemployment rate for veterans aged 20 to 24 has averaged 30 percent this year

Israel plans for more than 1,000 new housing units on disputed land

Climate Hawks: Unleash Hell

I am the host now of this group

I know you didn't just call me for holding!

Does this mean they're no longer GOLF BUDDIES?

Today's Republicans are the problem. In 1935, 16 Republican Senators voted for Social Security

That's me - prefer to be alone

Capitalism: A Criminal System - Mike Prysner

Socialism: The Alternative to the Rule of the 1% - Muna Coobtee

IDF Radio to Stop Saying 'West Bank'

Am looking for a cold dough recipe for cookies

PHOTO: Billy Ray Cyrus PERFECTS the "Detective Columbo Meets One-Hit-Wonder Douche" look.

how do you alert the MIRT, if the only post you saw by the troll was already hidden?

The Giants found a way to make their lives a lot more difficult.


Ahhh!! The SWEET sound of CORKS POPPING in Miami!

If George Washington's father had been of Kenyan descent, then would so-called "Tea Party"

Huh? The Chiefs just beat the Packers?

Irony...Thy name is Kyle Orton !!!

Jerry Lewis - Sorry, I Just Don't Get It

Gay films thrive in Tel Aviv

DU This Poll Please - Freeps Gaining


PM jury results missing the link to the juried post in them? ANSWERED - bug

Krugman re. Romney:I can’t think of any candidate who has lied so freely, with so little compunction

Patriots -- Broncos game thread

Stuxnet 2

Getting a new router....

The Patriots just mocked Tebow in the end zone with the blocked extra point

George Carlin, on religion.

Occupy Miami protests at South Beach / Lincoln Road Mall

Romney tax plan would cut $167 for middle class. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

Are people such as Timothy Geithner, Lawrence Summers, etc. progressive or organized money?

Did Einstein's opposition to quantum mechanics have a scientific basis?

News World news Czech Republic Vaclav Havel, former Czech president, dies aged 75

Eldon Alexander And Korin Vanhouten, Alleged Shoplifters, Become Crime Victims In Utah

TBF's puppy has early Xmas -

There seems to be quite few Packer fans here

Is it open season on fast food clerks?

Iraq's dwindling Christian community faces new uncertainty

Robert Green Ingersoll: "About the Holy Bible"

Bradley Manning Hearing: Court Told of Iraq Unit's Intelligence Security Chaos

Police Abuse Their Authority To Beat, Maim Or RAPE Scores Of Citizens! (and MURDER!)

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, December 19, 2011.

Florida Republicans Fail to Overturn Cuba Policy

Wisconsin: "Struggling" Sean Duffy to Luxuriate with Special Interest Campaign Donors

KYOCERA Solar Modules Deliver Reliable Performance After More Than 25 Years in the Field

Slab City, a trailer park utopia, thrives in remote desert

Krugman clearly doesn't like Ron Wyden's plan

The Horse who galloped into the record books (Cuban Olympic legend Alberto Juantorena)

Ex-mods, can I ask a question of you?

Technical request: please bring back the forum hyperlink at the top of the forum page.

The military withdrawl from Iraq has me wondering if many pieces of hardware will return to the U.S.

Atheist Group Upset Over Rejected Billboards

so, I tried an alert

Hilarious: The 12 Days of Conservative Movement Christmas

Israel Releases Second Batch of Prisoners

Guns at Your Work: Coming Soon to an Office Near You

China's nuclear ambitions move to the slow lane

A solution to the 'war' on Christmas..

Phila. Editorial: PA. Legislature Should Go Home Before they do more damage

A poem by an Occupier I met yesterday.

Officials involved in land takeovers in Venezuela

Oh, crap!

Bob Dole likes Mitt Romney endorses him in Iowa

This is the reality of what happened in Iraq; you cannot make it otherwise. It has already happened;

My daughters are fighting over the cats.

I enjoy Tales from the Morgue from the Arizona Daily Star.

The Power of the Powerless (1978) -- Vaclav Havel (1936-2011)

Qatar embraces Wahhabism to strengthen regional influence

Shaver Lake's history exposed as water disappears

If an OP in LBN is locked and hidden per dupe by the Host does that harm ones "rating"?

Fox's Latest Pelosi Smear: She "Has Totally Lost It" Over Payroll Tax Estimate

Meet Simon, one of our two new kitty overlords.

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Help! Help!

NBC Nightly News does segment on Xtian "group" forcing Lowes to pull ads.

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Bullying, verbal abuse and our juries.

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Bigot accuses bigots of being bigoted -- just another day on the Repug campaign trail

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