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Archives: December 17, 2011

Why I'm putting up a holiday tree this year.

A few clips of rather incredible Classical pieces - live concert segments. Share your favorites.

Is it cool to use DU3 to resurrect old fights from DU2?

Is Amy Koch the first female politician in US to resign because of a sex scandal?

cute overload warning. pup will be home tomorrow.

A Brighter Way to Make Solar Cells

Hello, from your Taurus Sun ~ Aquarian Moon & ASC ~ hostess.

SEC charges ex-Fannie, Freddie CEOs with fraud

Stop Online Piracy Act Delayed, Opponents Declare (Temporary) Victory

Freakonomics: What Went Wrong?

I'm a few years late but who has read "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle"

VIDEO: Walker Protesters, Supporters Chant and Wave Signs at Uline Event

What do you notice about this picture?

Sold into slavery as a girl, Shyima Hall becomes a U.S. citizen

Louis CK's DRM-free direct-sales video experiment pays off

Review of 750MW BrightSouce project advances in California

Has any loungers ever tried peat?

Judge to hear campaigner's plea for inquest into Dr Kelly's controversial death

Romney's two "lower-middle-class" years as a Mormon missionary in Paris? He lived in a PALACE.

Sen. Sanders: Once Again

You know I find it odd that...

Anyone watch the first season of "Boss" on Starz

Anyone seen the series "Justified" with starring Timothy Olyphant?

Friday rant: the future is here edition

'Barefoot Bandit' sentenced to seven years over crime spree

Syria deploys “Bastion” missile system along coastline

Tonight on Countdown: Daniel Ellsberg and Joe Romm

All Your Rick Perry Gay Sex Rumors Collected in One Handy Book

How 3-D Photovoltaics Could Revolutionize Solar Power

Thank You DU. I just noticed the recs 'column' is now on the forum's thread list page!

If we accept the argument that Dems have to nominate people who can get corporate donations

33 Quotes About Conservatives/Republicans That Liberals Should Know About

HTML URL code issue on DU3

Tonight on Countdown: Daniel Ellsberg and Joe Romm (xpost)

I can declare victory over one corp's attempt to rip me off ( for now, anyhow)

VIDEO: German McDonald's commercial pulled after Burger King complains, calls it "degrading"

I can't find a posting I posted yesterday in G.D.

GOP Wins On Keystone As Senate Agrees To Two Month Payroll Tax Cut Extension

Football underdog 'Rudy' sacked for stock fraud

Tentative deal on payroll tax rate includes provision pushing President Obama

Wisconsin Democratic Communications Director takes on the right wing-media

Is making Main the default in latest threads not excluding a lot of posts ?

"Greatest" Page woes........ :(

Mother Teresa's order prays for old foe Christopher Hitchens

BREAKING! Judge throws book at Starship after ruling city was actually built on crappy pop, not rock

Will Iraq's 1.3 million refugees ever be able to go home?

Bees. On my screen, on my flower. BEES!!

New charges filed against Orie sister(Pa.repuke)

I can declare victory over one corp's attempt to rip me off ( for now, anyhow)

Discovery of a 'Dark State' Could Mean a Brighter Future for Solar Energy

Star Wars: The Old Republic: PC Performance, Benchmarked

Greg Davis, Mississippi Mayor, Reveals He Is Gay After Audit Reveals Visit To Adult Store

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Associated with Improved Markers of Heart Disease and More

An Open Letter To Newt Gingrich From A Black Kid Who Grew Up In A Poor Neighborhood

I have to say this about Wellburtin

K&R if you loathe the Republican Party!

"Can you wait a minute?" he asks. "I'll be right back out."

Looks like Mississippi has another family-values kind of republican

Gingrich: As a historian, I understand the courts better than lawyers. But he's a lousy historian.

Anyone having luck downloading from Mixcloud lately?

Long-time Biden fan, now I'm sick at heart because...

SOPA Vote Delayed, Allowing For More Corporate Fundraising From Censorship Bill

I will NEVER click on a MFM thread with neti in the title.

A question about Christian fundamentalists.

What is to be done?

Welfare For Millionaires

K&R IF...

Rick Perry collects early retirement, owes student loan

Me thinks all that "navigation" in the left column is a waste of space

First lady Michelle Obama at a Toys for Tots event at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling - pics

Billick intrigued by Dolphins post

So it's Friday...Are you Stuck at home too...Anyone up for Holiday/Holiday movie Trivia.

Please Rush I invite Sarah Clueless to jump in the race


Heh. John Dean says Congress can't force Obama to Decide about Keystone

REVEALED: Gingrich lauded "good parts" of "ObamaCare" in two 2010 conference calls to clients

A Christmas message for Calvin & Hobbes fans

Hey, anyone know why the time appears to be way off on threads?

I'm in a pinch. Gonna try something... I hope it works. (Results)

Now I Remember. I have seen this shit before !!

HuffPo - MSNBC Apologizes To Romney Over KKK Comparison (What?)

What would you get your ageing parents for Christmas if they have everything and you have

President stands in the way of Keystone for months, threatens veto, and DEMOCRATIC SENATORS fold

What musical acts did you discover in 2011?

America must not back down on sustainable energy

Vitrectomy - anyone here had it?l

OK, I bought the book...

Obama says 'no options off table' on Iran

I think a new condition is coming about

Hold your horses! This doesn't mean the the Keystone Pipeline if going to be built

I know now what DU3 needs more of!

Jimmy Stewart lost his dog...

Why don't Republicans complain about government interference with prostitution?

Looted Dishes Used in Art Project Returned to Iraq

Jury not working on these Hitchens insults....

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if youare, please report it in the Help &Meta-discussion forum.

China’s growing share of solar market comes at a price

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF Brad Friedman subs for Mike &

Walker raises record sums to fend off recall, half from out of state

My 2011 "McLaughlin Awards" (Part 1)

Thomas: Recuse yourself from ruling on President Obama’s Affordable Care Act!!

RIP Bob Brookmeyer 1929-2011

We think too much and feel too little: Words from 50 years ago intermixed with images of today.

Breaking Bart (Breaking Bad / Simpsons Mashup)

The Song is called Linus and Lucy. NOT Linus and Lucy and Christmas. NOt Holidays with Linus

Flying Reindeer, Shrooms, and Santa Traditions

RIP Bob Brookmeyer 1929-2011

Watching "The Aviator"

Approximately what percentage of alerts are about OPs versus other posts?

Senator Cantwell Attacked By Challenger For Being Unmarried

Carl Paladino endorses Newt GingRich!

ok, working on sop. (sorry to be pokey) need opinion.

Christmas idea for parents with young children - Telemarketers beware!

Marcus Bachmann Planning Anti-Abortion, Anti-Gay Marriage Campaign As First Gentleman

Kobe's Wife Has Filed for Divorce

Flooding, Mudslides Claim More Lives in Colombia -Latin American Herald Tribune

They are having carriage rides here in Springfield!

K&R if you think the FDAA sucks and that the President should veto it (in spite of saying otherwise)

Mobile Carriers Claim Consumer Consent to Carrier IQ Spying

DUzy awards for December 16th, 2011

Stop motion Indiana Jones

Minnesota's first female Senate Majority Leader resigns post after sexual misconduct charges levied.

Dating Fails: She Didn’t Get The “Semper Fi” Part

My last dog - should be a poodle

When Dietary Supplements Are Used As Medicines

i sure hate not being able to hide threads

Hey, Did You Take Care of That Thing That We Was Talking About?

Party loyalty or civil liberties?

The Story Behind W.V.'s New Anti-Bullying Law

Occuthon! 24 hours of talking to benefit Occupations across the country. Starts 7 PM ET tonight.

Census shows 1 in 2 people are poor or low-income

Why should man expect his prayer to be heard by what is above him.

The ReTHUG Congress cannot

Tea party leader flees CBS cameras after handgun arrest

From the Beaches of Normandy....

Defense Authorization Bill Passes With Conscience Protection For Chaplains

Those developing the Canada tar sands and greenlighting pipelines are destroying the eco-system

How many private sales can someone do legally?

GLBTQSA Day at Occupy Phoenix!

What is the one Christmas movie you never want to see again?

When I look at Obama, I see a man who is trying very hard to do right by the people

Someone was asking recently in The Lounge about yeti hots -- see important health warning.

Occupy Group Faults Church, a Onetime Ally

YAY!!! Heat Wave!!!

Tibetan monks help ex-US servicemen get lives on track

What is the point of hiding a post if you can click on 'show' and see it?

Still Governor, Perry Collects ‘Retirement’ Pay

Poll: Regarding the 2012 presidential primaries

High school student under scrutiny for racist blog

The Freudian Drive-thru

Is Skyrim really that good?...

Bradley Manning hearing: defence lawyer turns fire on military accusers

Waging a One-Man War on American Muslims

Burma 'jails' Karen rebel leader Mahn Nyein Maung

(Vancouver) Police call for riot footage thrown out over typos

Russian Poetry

Occupy food table in Ogawa Plaza gets 3 arrested

Rapper Slim Dunkin shot and killed at music studio

(Lori Berenson) U.S. Activist Jailed in Peru Can Go Home For Holidays

Stanford Ends Effort to Build New York Arm

Illini volleyball team in the national title game

The GOP's Spirit of Christmas Past...

Obama backs tax deal but pipeline now in doubt - Boxer: "They’ve just killed the Keystone pipeline."

Comcast CEO Fined Over Stock Purchases

Obama defends Israel policy in speech to Jewish group

I agree with the Republicans..we NEED to cut Govt...

Grizzly Bear Cub

Health Care Law Will Let States Tailor Benefits

America's Greatest Threat...

Green Rosellas (birdies)

From the "fox watching the henhouse" file

[Alberta] Oilsands' carbon emissions rising

You know what would be SO cool?

Religious freedom panel gets 11th-hour reprieve

My last hog should be with noodles.

Anyone here ever read Ultimate Sacrifice or Legacy of Secrecy?

OMG! They actually look like they LOVE each other!

British public strongly support renewable energy, survey says

Sandusky lawyer: Showers were lessons in hygiene.

Chavez Rolls Back Seizures as Shortages Hurt Re-Election Bid

Christmas in Wisconsin

Phasers set to stun: real life catches up to Star Trek

I think the GOP desperately wants to privatize health care because medical knowledge just

Would it bother anyone if I sat here with my glass...

Ric Sanchez Drops Out of US Senate Race

Persistent drought in Romania threatens Danube's power

Dear admins: can you change the sender of alert PMs

Just my opinion: Hosts need to lock K&R threads as off topic

How many Supreme Court Justices will be nominated between now and 2017?

"May the good lord take a likin' to ya..."

a little OT: Swift Boaters fund Scott Walker in WI

Couldn't Obama just do a signing statement? (Re: payroll taxcut, Keystone pipeline)

U.S. Transfers Its Last Prisoner in Iraq to Iraqi Custody

Beginning January 2012, people in Switzerland may legally grow 4 cannabis plants at home

My last nog should be with oodles

Oilsands' carbon emissions rising

Bill O’Reilly to Interview Bill Clinton

Two things about the XL Pipeline

Point Click, Fire: An Undercover Investigation of Illegal Online Gun Sales

Ohio Civil Rights Commission to revisit 'white only' pool case

Packers' Finley, Ravens' Flacco take issue with Tebow coverage

This is a link to the final days of Occupy Boston at Dewey Square...

Video: Former Bodyguard of Mu’ammar Al-Qadhafi in Lebanon Speaks out (English Subtitles)

33 Quotes About Conservatives/Republicans That Liberals Should Know About

Occupy Group Faults Church, a Onetime Ally

Conn. utility eyes $2.2B power system improvements


No Better Place

Suggestion: Another tab for Greatest page.

"Rudy" Inspiration Charged with Securities Fraud

This is what I want to do with MOST Republicans I encounter.

Locked threads on home page?

Has anybody here ever been Santa Clause?

Congress Cuts Winter Heating Aid For The Poor While Boosting The Defense Budget

Dear H. SCHULTZ: If You Really Want To Save America, Why Don't You Give Starbucks Baristas A Raise?

GOP wary of Romney’s rhetoric on immigrants

Keystone XL Pipeline will create 1,714 jobs for ... bartenders?

EPA finalizes tough new rules on emissions by power plants

Note from an Occupier

Something for you to space out to on this Friday night....

No Nerf, no nothing: Mayor says Shavano Park gun law extreme

What would be an easy way to get my medical people to actually


**Replay interview w Christopher Hitchens coming up on C-SPAN 2.

How do progressive Christians cope with the Book of Revelations?

A good pro-regulation piece on

Orange Juice's 'Secret Ingredient' Worries Some Health-Minded Moms

One People Flash Mob — Occupy

TCM Schedule for Saturday, December 17 --- THE ESSENTIALS: HEPBURN / GRANT

What do you think Obama's liberal Democratic approval rating will be on Monday, according to Gallup?

Nice! "Citgo starts seventh year of heating oil donations to US households"

YAY!!! A Futbol forum

Festival of Amazigh song to Benghazi | Task 1 Gasro - Impossible under Gaddafi

OK- who's hiding the HTML shortcuts and the Smilies?

Something GREAT about Obama

Isn't this mild weather in the NE wonderful !

Recent Obituaries, Classic Films Only

I need help- I'm buzzed and may not reply once you save me

Sad News. We've lost Piccalo

The life of this man and his passing should be noted.

Hacked climate emails: police seize computers at West Yorkshire home

California finally gets a piece of Race to the Top

Mic Check! This is what democracy looks like! - Occupy Song for Occupy Wall St. & Occupy Boston

Cult of the Damned

Michelle Obama asked to Marine Corps Ball

Well, Breitbart did his CYA...

I think it's a guarantee that this MIRT bullshit will stifle discussion on DU.

Internet Explorer: Microsoft plans 'silent' updates (BBC)

David Cameron says the UK is a Christian country (BBC)

Brazil dam company wins Belo Monte appeal (BBC)

US-Mexico immigration: Even oceans have borders (BBC) {Yes, a fence *IN THE OCEAN*}

What Paterno said to McQueary is Simply Astonishing

Japan Admits Tsunami Funds Used to Defend Whaling Fleet

Please sign the petition against Citizens United (to UNUNITE the 99%) by Bernie Sanders!

Question about the DU Marketplace

Neti Pot Deaths Linked to Brain-Eating Amoeba in Tap Water

NYC Cops Post On Facebook About Brutalizing Occupy Wall Street Protesters (IMAGE)

Thom Hartmann: Brunch with Bernie from today

Ok Fellow DUers, what is on your Xmas Wish List, am not providing them, just asking!

Thom Hartmann: Ron Ross "Inequality in Perspective"

SOPA NOT postponed, so unless you want the internet to turn into a corporate home shopping network:

Most respected world leaders: Obama, Dalai Lama, Clinton, Merkel

I just saw the most amazing lion story on Nat Geo Wild.

Most respected world leaders: Obama, Dalai Lama, Clinton, Merkel

Getaway Driver: I Saw Officer Figoski Shooter With Gun

Toons: Big Heads, Tebowing, Going Home and more. - 12/16/11

Has anybody here ever seen a Sanity Clause?

what keeps y'all up so late?

Rocky Anderson - is he for real ??

Is Rocky Anderson for real ??

Handgun ownership surges in new groups

The foolishness continues in Georgia: Obama's inclusion on Georgia ballot challenged

Check out this youtube video, 'North Korean children playing the guitar. Creepy as hell.'

Special prosecutor for wall street crimes?

How the DEA, the Attn General or Congress Could Reschedule Cannabis

Sorcerer (bridge scenes)

Storm-triggered flash floods kill nearly 200 people in southern Philippines, scores missing

Three myths about the detention bill (NDAA)

About starting a small business.

N.C. soldier reportedly last to die in Iraq war

Rick Scott continues to show he's a conservative idiot...

Oh, this is cool. O'Reilly 'said' that Gingrich is a "scarier guy" than President Obama !!!

Do we need health insurance?

Why is the DU always down at like 1:15 in teh morning?

With Liberty and Justice for Some: Six Questions for Glenn Greenwald

Perry: Drill, baby, drill ... in Iowa?

Alternet: How Ayn Rand Helped Make The U.S. Into A Selfish, Greedy Nation

When Cults Collide: How Big Sports & CEO Worship Threaten Societies

Nuclear Isotopes Caught Heading to Iran – Not Quite What it Seemed

The "independent contractors"(I.E., mercenaries)who'll take over the fighting in Iraq now...

Don't count Michelle Bachmann out yet...

DU experts, tell me about the Kickstarter approach

Furor as Renault heirs revisit company's link with Nazis

Hanukkah 2011: Dates, Customs, History Explained

Sprint says it is disabling controversial Carrier IQ software

Matisyahu shaves beard, drama ensues

As maine burns down

Panetta Is First U.S. Defense Secretary to Visit Libya

I just wanted to thank you for brining back the DUzys. Now how about the top 10 conservative idiots?

Wukan Revolt Begins Like Others, but Its End Is Less Certain

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Statement on Mitt Romney’s Comments on Entitlements

DNC Vice Chair R. T. Rybak’s Statement on GOP Presidential Debate in Sioux City, Iowa

Greeks fearing collapse of eurozone bailout pulled record sums from bank

GOP doesn't want to beat President Obama they want to beat up on him

Boehner backs uranium-plant funds

Vegas police: Officer fired 7 shots into vet's car

Chris Hayes has a decent panel discussing the future of the Post Office n/t

AP: 5 dead, including 3 children, in Illinois town

I think Stinky the Clown should host this group!

AP: Rapper Slim Dunkin slain in Atlanta music studio

Left Foot Forward: Must the left give up on the EU?

LAT: Man kills 2 Edison co-workers before turning gun on self

Deep thoughts from Miami R. Rep. David Rivera on losing the chance

Lockage - a flaw in the system

Suzanne Somers and the Future of Breast Reconstruction

The Occupy LA protester who made TIME's 'Person of the Year' cover

Senior Admin. Official: Payroll Tax Cut Deal Means Pipeline 'Almost Certainly Will Not Be Built'

Weekly Address: Honoring Those Who Served in Iraq

Wisconsin: Bar fight in Cudahy over Walker recall petition

Not sure if you guys caught this in GD---but Rudy from Notre Dame lore is a penny stock scammer..

Ted Rall: Occupy The World

Uganda's Yoweri Museveni puts trains before gay rights

Turkey Playing Increasing Role in Iraq

Libya’s Top General Says Son Abducted by Militia in Capital

Iran inspection report shows more than a thousand nuclear weapons.

Written Testimony of Destiny Raynor - simply heartbreaking (FL homeless teen)

Strange but true: Newt married his high school math teacher when he was 19

Hallelujah!!!! Finals Week is (almost) over!!!!!

Wanna see something that comes closer than ANYTHING in history to making believers out of atheists?

LynneSin's tolerant penguin is tolerant.

Game 7. Time-out. 4 seconds left. 2 points down. Play it safe or go for the win with a 3-pointer?

MiddleFingerMom is not usually a grammar Nazi... but DAYUM!!!!!!!

Swell, just what we need. "The Next Ann Coulter"

'At Last' singer Etta James terminally ill

MiddleFingerMom is loving and affectionate and just bubbling over with warmth.

Three myths about the detention bill

Michelle Bachmann: I hold a biblical view of law. Congress should be most powerful.

I must object to Lithos being assigned as Host of this Group.

Parenting in a two-religion household

Nikki Haley gives Romney the kiss of death

Pope Benedict Peace Message Calls For Wealth Redistribution

The big hair Orie Sisters scandal continues: More criminal charges filed

How This Atheist Jewish Writer Made Peace with Her Children's Love of Christmas

Full week ahead

Help!!! MiddleFingerMom desperately needs better arguments promoting a more socialist way of life.

Experiment anyone?

Alan West compares democrats to Nazis.

orrin hatch...'keystone pipeline help up by radical envirionmentalists'

Troops assault Egypt protesters, clashes kill 9

Two-month payroll tax cut in exchange for quick pipeline decision.

Natural gas pipes - good article about the dangers of outdated pipes & the slow pace of replacement

BBC: Tunisia one year on: Where the Arab Spring started

Virginia to allow adoption discrimination against gays, others

Gingrich signs NOM’s anti-gay marriage pledge

Forbes editor: 'Sorry, Governor, but I didn't say any of those things' (LePage lies again, Maine)

Christian Pastor’s Stinging Rebuke to the Anti-Gay “Concerned Women for America”

New Photos Released of Iraq Atrocity, With Documents and Video

This is what I'm talkin' about: New legislation for Cooperative (co-op) Development

Hard Knocks in the Bronx

Fighting Privatization, Occupy Activists at CUNY and UC Kick Into High Gear

Army court of criminal appeals has DENIED overnight writ filed by #BradleyManning's lawyer

President Obama & Secretary Clinton Called as Witnesses for Bradley Manning by Matt Gratz

'Read anything by Frederick Douglas?

Kurk Angle beats up Santa! This is nuts!

Krugman: It's a depression and democratic values are under siege.

Senate passes 2-month extension of Social Security tax cut, additional unemployment benefits -

Fox & Friends' 10 Stupidest Moments Of 2011

Interview with Star Architect Rem Koolhaas 'We're Building Assembly-Line Cities and Buildings'

steel buildings

Israel and Russia have nuke events - (nuke plant and airport)

Right wing group: Protecting newborns is NOT 'pro-life'

Paul Krugman: Ron Wyden, Useful Idiot

The Republicans are just beastly

We need a "millionaire's tax" to pay for the Iraq war.

what kind of chickens should i get?

Police shoot unarmed strikers; 10 dead - urgent appeal for protests (link corrected)

Who elected Lance Dutson (Maine Heritage Policy Center CEO) - and who pays his salary?

Toon: 'tis the season

'twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house...not a mistress was stirring...CAIN!

Help me, I am falling for this woman...

Ha ha ha- Chuck Asay compares Newt to St. Ronnie

Wisconsin: Democratic lawmaker calls for ethics probe of Justice Gableman

Toon- "Attrition Accomplished"

The War on Christmas - by Patriotic Right Wing Nuts

US watchdog bans photoshopping in cosmetics ads

Insurance Institute calls bans on mobile devices useless

Bark If You Love People.

Nurse Newtie

Why isn't the fact that your religious beliefs is based on where you are born.....

Bark if you love people!

Honduras turns deadly

html lookup table nowhere to be found - does it exist?

Mayor Bloomberg to members of Congress who oppose gun control: Join me at Officer Figoski’s funeral

Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Mark Meckler Arrested For Gun Possession At New York Airport

Senate puts pressure on Obama for Keystone pipeline approval

What's for dinner? ~ Saturday the 17th edition!

what to do

Solar Power Costs Less Than Diesel in India

China’s Solar Energy Plans Become Even More Ambitious

Louisiana warns of brain-eating parasite in tap water (Caution for neti pot users)

The 'Men In Black' have arrived at the Manning trial

"Obama Wants Our Vets to Pay for Their War Injuries, but Illegal Immigrants Get Free Medical Care"

French Firm Opens Solar Facility In San Diego (450 new jobs)

Breweries warm up to solar thermal heating

President Obama Richly Deserves To Be Reelected

There's A 82% Chance That California's Public Pension System Will Run Out Of Money

Toon: Rudolf The Red State Reindeer

Pakistan Pokes Fun At US Soldiers With This Photo Of A Shuttered Popeye's Chicken

Senate Panel Passes Sanders’ Solar Bill

I need help (re: Christmas dinner)

The Year in Volcanic Activity

Everybody read the piece from Stephen Bloom that is all the rage?

Some of the best, and worst, cooking shows?

Arab World: Thank You Mohamed Bouazizi! Thank you Sidi Bouzid!

President Obama will speak about the pay roll tax decision at

You've Got To See The Latest Pictures From Tahrir Square

Growing the Economy & Education Groups.

If this was a real move I would spend money to see it!

Turbine jobs are gone with the wind (one more reason to recall Scott Walker)

As Bradley Manning Proceedings Begin, Killers of Iraqi Civilians Go Unpunished. Shocking video.

Arizona shifting toward gay marriage

EON Invests $9 Billion in Renewables as Germany Drops Nuclear

Had a very nice thing happen yesterday at my vet hospital.

Syrians rail against Arab inaction

Holiday parties must've started early at the TH

This is truly one of the best Climate Change articles I've ever read. A must read.

The moneychangers are driving Obama from their temples.

Has Oscar joined DU3 yet?

Honey Badger Doesn't Give A Shit!!!

ASAH Co-Hosts? And how to apply.

Marcus Bachmann's agenda as "First Spouse" would fight against Marriage Equality

Kazakhstan curfew on oil town Zhanaozen after fatal clashes


So did this ever occur to you?

Pope Benedict Peace Message Calls For Wealth Redistribution

My friend's service is Monday - I will see friends who haven't seen me since I gained the weight.

Cross posting for help.

New Walker appointee is Jocelyn Webster? KKKarl's newest dirty trickster?

Immigrants Occupy! Broadening a Movement Culture

Prop 8 repeal cleared for signature-gathering

Is the "highlight: 10 newest replies | Replies posted after mark" setting changing for others?

Saturday, December 17th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

*Congress/Senate tweets on C-SPAN2 now, during Senate Quorum call

I need some info. Topic: Education/Wisconsin. Hoping to get more reads here...

Jay Leno show last night...12 Days of Christmas

Why young evangelicals are leaving church

Maine Electricity Users to see Lower Prices in March

Welcome to Arizona toon

chomsky: the u.s.-afghanistan strategic partnership part of global world militarization

Ron Paul Takes Swipes at GOP Rivals, Says Michele Bachmann ‘Hates Muslims’

Richard Dawkins: Illness made Hitchens a symbol of the honesty and dignity of atheism

I can't figure out how to upload a custom avatar

Do you have faith in the vote?

From Battleground Wisconsin: Walker Enlists Karl Rove Protege to Promote New Protest Policy

Deschutes Jasper pendant listed on Etsy

Republican is Bush. Bush is Republican.

Are we able to remove the facebook, twitter, and google buttons at the bottom of each OP?

Keiser Report: Exotic pet banking fraudsters (E224)

Libyans Hope to Discard a University’s Dark Past

Sen. Sanders Votes ‘No’ on Spending Deal

The Children's General Assembly -- Occupy Wall Street

Today's Non-Sequitur

Keystone XL

So here I am in Springfield MO and still looking for work.

I don't know what to do about Lowe's

Theatre Group on DU?

In Leesburg, holiday displays bring controversy and change-Flying Spaghetti Monster

TCM Schedule for Monday December 19 - TCM Spotlight: Bicentennial of Charles Dickens birth

Occupy the Food System

Trial of Bradley Manning-Rule of Law or Rule of Intimidation, Retaliation and Retribution (Wright)

will the teapartiers abandon the repub party in droves?

What would Iran do if given free reign?

Iran Intelligence ‘Arrests CIA Spy’

Which ban offers the best "Defense of Marriage"? (Toon)

Frack That! The Innovators in Maine Have Plans to Power the Entire State with Offshore Wind

My kind of dog!

Manfred Mann - No Guarantee

Go to Google...type in "let it snow"

Defying Our Maker: What the New Atheists Miss

About 100 In Mich. Protest Lowe’s Pulling Of Ads From Muslim TV Show, But Supporters Show Too

OR-1: New Poll: Bonamici (D) WAY up

When will IGNORE make its return?

How do we petition to start a new group?

There is no snow here in Saskatchewan.

For Azurnoir and others who want to know what's wrong with Gay marriage...

Chiefs host the Packers Sunday

(Book review) "Why Marx Was Right": lively challenge to 10 myths

Spokane Cops Estranged From Community

So How Long Are Unemployement Benefits Good For?????

U.S. Sues Businesses It Says Helped Hezbollah

What Christmas songs do you LOVE?

When Hitch was wrong

The payroll tax cut?

Chess (Nov/Dec): Kramnik wins in London

Sort by author still isn't working

Remarks by Ambassador Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, at the Ann

Missing Haole Girl this Christmas...

As Permafrost Thaws, Scientists Study the Risks

SOPA and the War on the 99%

The jury system is failing miserably.

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge!

UNKLE - "Eye for an Eye"

China keen on action in global efforts against climate change

Oh Crap! NASA is facing even more budget cuts!

Space Wallpaper -- from

Obama IS progressive, and he will most likely be re-elected. Welcome to reality.

Do doctors get some kind of gifts from drug companies if they prescribe a new drug

Christmas is coming!

So I have an HP Printer I rarely use and am using OSX 10.8.6 on a year old imac

Merry Christmas!

PM's comments on Kudankulam draws ire of anti-nuclear activists

GOPers unable to capitalize on Pres Obamas Weakened Status ....his Catastrophic Failure to get jobs

Why is it so easy to save the banks – but so hard to save the biosphere?

whats this?

I'd like to be a Host here. n/t

Sen. Koch accused by colleagues of 'inappropriate relationship'

Can we bring Oscar over from DU2?

Everlast ~ What It's Like

NDAA, NSA, patriot act, and other breaches of our civil liberties

The presidential race is a distraction - we need to focus on electing liberals and progressives

So, what should you be doing now, instead of hanging out here?

It's not possible for Bradley Manning to get a fair trial

Voter registration yesterday wasn't going well for me at first:

Kenya's military threatens air raids deep into Somalia

A Tribute to Bill Hicks: Keith wishes the 'eternal comedian' a happy 50th birthday

How is Harry Potter 7.5 one of the best-reviewed movies of the year?

Special light for my sister in California.

introducing southern yankee bulldogge's doctor victor doom

Supporting ‘All-American Muslim’ Advertisers

My coworker's wife has been in the hospital 3 weeks. Canadian friend.

Getting out of Iraq toon from The Economist

Delete..Wrong group

Everclear ~ What's It Like?

The Walmartization of American Redux

Our party strategy ensures no number of elected Democrats will be enough

Congress to Resume SOPA Hearings Next Week

toon: The Good Old Days of Banking

Lee Hazlewood - Nancy Sinatra, Some Velvet Morning

Did Chicago Bears turn a blind eye to Hurd's drug dealing?

President Obama should issue a signing statement in regards to Keystone XL

Mr. President, many of us thought we were voting for greatness. Instead, we got you.

What is the difference

Prosecuting Bush era will start a civil war meme.

Deaths of bomb-sniffing dogs bound for Afghanistan trigger lawsuit

Writers and artists design money fit for modern times - in pictures

Tuesday Afternoon-The Moody Blues

The war is pronounced dead

The Sundays - Wild Horses

Cross-Post from GD: "Obama Wants Our Vets to Pay for Their War Injuries, but Illegal Immigrants..."

Inside Chemical Drug Corporations: Former Sales Rep Says The Truth: Pharma Doesn't Want to Cure You

Bumper sticker observation about Obama

I need a hug...

What is Celtic Christian?

William Butler Yeats -The second coming

Illinois has a GOP Senator who would be too liberal to get elected as one in Texas

Senate OKs $1T budget bill, payroll tax cut of 2 months

I'm a DUer who has been here 10 years and had over 80K posts yet only 0.00625% of my posts...

Removing right-wing riders

Germany Rehabilitates Its Persecuted 'Witches'

Newt's minions are polishing up his Wikipedia page

Dear 16 year old me

Today's Occupy Wall Street (NYC) March has begun! streaming links-

Congressional Republicans Fight Minimum Wage Protections For Exploited Health Care Workers

Ever hear of the musician Atlas Sound? Wow!

I am so amazingly pleased/relieved with the end of the Iraq war, I really do feel like

Donnie Darko - Mad World

Where have all the clam strips gone?

Obama looks safe in New Mexico

Call it the ReKOCHlican Party.

Oh Great Flying Spaghetti Monster - we beseech ye to smite yon Tebow with your Noodley Appendage

I've been noticing A LOT of Obama '2012' bumper stickers on the road.

NJ’s Richest County Leads Rise in Food Stamp Recipients

who knew such a little doggie could take up so much space in my heart?

Krugman: Romney’s Truthiness

why the hill in the Rick Perry ad?

Best new TV seires of 2011

Bugs with Jury system

Why do people hide threads?

"Joan Baez: How Sweet The Sound" on Netflix streaming...I highly recommend this one.

I think I missed the

Papantonio: How The Court System Will Help GOP Voter Suppression

Rick Perry, Pensioner

Sort of an odd question..

What is the easiest way to send mail to someone?

Hey FLVegan...thought you (and others) might like this. I might use it as my Avatar.

For all you people who seek attention with nothing good to say about Obama....

TYT Launches New Weekly Panel Show 'The Point' (Warning: Fun Spoof)

MN GOPer Resigns Leadership Post Over Alleged ‘Inappropriate Relationship’

God Sent Christopher Hitchens to Hell Because He Loved Him

Why can't the Party get its fucking numbers straight? President Obama says $1000...

Homesick Texan Strikes Again.

Why the UnRec feature does not work and should not be brought back.

Historically speaking , is this a quick recovery ?

Walking around in Women's underwear (sung like "winter wonderland")

Send In The Drones: The Predator State Goes Domestic

Obama taps Berner for new Financial Research job

West Virginia - That'll win ya!

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Religious tolerance a casualty of the Iraq war

Anybody seen "We Need To Talk About Kevin" ???

Gabba Gabba, We Accept You, One Of Us: Perry would consider Cain for cabinet if elected president

Regulatory round-up — U.S. rules to know in 2012

Conservative Mayor from Southaven MS Charges Sex Shop Purchases To City Account Comes Out

The Assholocracy

Singer Cesaria Evora dies at the age of 70 (BBC)

Owners of Uline, give Scott Walker Campaign $205,000 (Last Friday's ground breaking in Hudson Wi.)

2 strong earthquakes strike Puerto Rico within a few minutes

Now is the time of year when Helper Monkeys would really come in handy.

Senator McConnell objects to confirming nominations on the Executive Calendar

How many registered users on DU again?

A note on Jury functionality:

My two latest songs

My idea of a "progressive"...

Train-hopping couple buried alive under coal

Republicans have blocked adjournment once again! NO official recess means NO recess appointments!

Have you ever found yourself turning into a teevee show character and what did you

Palestinian textbooks debate reaches US campaign

Anybody watch the MLP: FiM Christmas show?

Israel may long for good old Hamas soon enough

Dunno how I missed this which I think is hugely funny

So they've found another weapon against us.

Gingrich: I’ll ‘ignore’ any Supreme Court ruling I disagree with

I am proud and liberated ultra-Orthodox woman

Does the “Goddamn” Higgs Particle Portend the End of Physics? (Scientific American)

Christian, Muslim leaders protest in solidarity at Lowe's in Allen Park (near Dearborn, Michigan)

help! am be again confusing by wimminses yet more!

I did it and I am not sorry LOL

Any cold weather runners out there?

Fireman adopts rescued kittens

The Case for Obama...a truly historic presidency

John McCain Drumming

Connecting the Dots: Finding Patterns in Large Piles of Numbers

ESPN Cannot Go Five Minutes without Talking About Tim Tebow

New stuff available from XBox Live

I noticed the error message of Chrome for the first time "He's dead, Jim !"

Vermont fraternity chapter closed over rape survey

Cold weather riding.

Best and worst wrap jobs.

Dawkins, on the "Post-Modern Critique of Science"

Common myth "If people want to die by suicide, we can't stop them."

Image of Egyptian army men stripping, kicking veiled female protester creates social media buzz

For the sake of clarity, and understanding, why don't we just all stand up and say

Millions From Diamonds Go to Mugabe, Observers Say

There is a "line-item veto" possible for NDAA indefinite detention - Repeal AUMF.

Anyone else here with a primary immunodeficiency?

Tunisia unveils Bouazizi cart statue in Sidi Bouzid (BBC)

Toddlers & Tiaras

UP with Chris Hayes

Parents of adult children - what do you threaten your kids with?

Unions that have endorsed President Obama for re-election (updated)

In a Sign of Labor Recovery, More Workers Are Quitting

Dave Grohl and Norah Jones - Maybe I'm Amazed - Kennedy Center Honors Paul McCartney

Asylum seeker boat sinks off Java, hundreds missing


Apparently #OWS in NYC is off the hook and befuddled the police according to tweet (livestream)

Bradley Manning hearing: court rejects bias claim

No, the U.S. is not leaving Iraq

Euro will not survive without urgent action, says Lord Lamont

The Age of Neanderthal Personal Genomics

Dave Grohl - Kennedy Center Honors 2008 - Who Are You

(Madeleine) McCann fund received £125,000 from News of the World

What do you think of the current NDAA controversy?

Oklahoma's Earthquakes, Quick Hide the Asteroid Impact Craters!

Manning's sexual orientation raised in hearing

Bradley Manning's gender identity comes up in testimony

Vladimir Putin's persecution campaign targets protest couple

Darlene Love: "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)," live on David Letterman 1995

Libyan scramble for £100bn in assets fractures the peace at Tripoli airport

Please read before posting.

Are You Smarter than a College Professor?

Welcome to the Atheists & Agnostics Group!

xposting: quote from Crazy Horse

Savage Weiner ties voter fraud to Motor Voter Act and 'Department of Mexican Voting'

Thought I'd share this Christmas message from the LGBT forum:

"The House bill ... virtually guarantees that the pipeline will NOT be approved." --WH Comm Director

USA Today/Gallup Poll: 70% Of Americans Can’t Wait For The 2012 Race To Be Over

A distress call from the residents of stricken Qusayr

Breakthrough could double solar energy output

Newt Gingrich says he'd defy Supreme Court rulings he opposed

Just had to pawn my tv to get a bus pass to work

watched "We Were Soldiers", feedback sought

Quincy says:

The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl? Somebody please tell me ESPN has started a parody channel.....

MN GOPer Resigns Leadership Post Over Alleged ‘Inappropriate Relationship’

Violence: Please tell me I'm wrong.

"sexual orientation, age, disability, gender, family status and political beliefs when placing child