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Rick Perry Rumor

Why are so many people without avatar images?

Use of Chimps Halted in New U.S.-Funded Research

Help with editing software for a 10 year old?

Just checkin in

Did Anyone Notice? They're working on sig pics.

The New Full-Frontal: Has Pubic Hair in America Gone Extinct?

Norman Goldman explaining the NDAA sects 1031-1032 right now

Quebec to introduce cap-and-trade system

Anonymous Donors Pay Off Kmart Layaway Accounts

Iceland recognizes state of Palestine

Update on GE Appliance Repair Ripoff

May ARPAIO's journey into Hades be picking up steam (DOJ findings of discrimination)

What if our next president is really progressive, but also really ugly

Abstract question time: What does it mean to live in a free society?

President Obama nominates two to National Labor Relations Board

GOP clown show tonight on Fox News Channel starting at 9 p.m. eastern time

DU3: Brave New World. OK, I'm over my snit, for now...

Perry's Presidential Candidacy a Bitter Pill for Texans

24 straight hours of Star Trek's Enterprise ambient noise? Engage!

Tonight on Countdown: Bill Press, Nicole Lamoureaux,Graeme Zielinski

Tea Party Leader Mark Meckler Arrested With Handgun At Airport

Does my "meowing" to my small dogs irritate them?!1

Rock music fans shaved and shamed in Indonesia

US Pursues Legal Protections for Contractors (mercenaries) in Iraq

US Senate confirms judicial nominee and first Alaskan woman to serve on the 9th Circuit

Now I've seen it all: An anti-vaccine children's book

Newt wants to outlaw some forms of birth control...

Thank You, Fearless

Rick Perry Gets Texas Monthly's 'Bum Steer Of The Year' Award For Biggest Gaffe (PHOTO)

All Your Rick Perry Gay Sex Rumors Collected in One Handy Book

On 2012, the "Lesser of two evils" is a false choice and it isn't accurate

I want to thank the administrators for adjusting the time settings.

iPod? meh. Back in the good old days . .

I keep seeing Skinner's pinned post in this forum as

Of those who read it - how much of this book was (sadly) dead on?

We knew

Is the debate gonna be televised tonight?...

Shared computer

When will the media get over it and realize fat people will ALWAYS exist in society?

The cause of this recession? Economic pundits ignoring history's voice

Someone tell a joke or something

I am looking forward to the debate tonight!

Distant Early Warning

Nancy Pelosi coming up on Ed Shultz

Romney lived in poverty while a missionary in France? Umm, not so much.

Mike Luckovich Toon: He's Tebowing!

The most intriguing "Christmas" song I've heard this year.

All Indian Pueblo Council endorses President Obama

Well..the debate should be 'good". Fox has chosen to align with Romney

Is the ignore function working yet? n/t

A brief lesson in local economies.

Toon: Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Another has-been actor falls off the right...

S.F. Leadership High on state's list of 10 for closure (charters w/low test scores)

Travis AFB asked to move menorah, nativity

The reason for the season

My letter to my Senator, Sen Wyden regarding Medicare

what do you all think about a function that allows you to see all posts from a member?

Can't Turn Me Round

If you pay your PSE bill online, read this:

question about ToS violations

Rasmussen Reports poll: Bloated, arrogant, smirking adulterer's lead drops from 32 to 20%

I have a question the right referring to the President as "Obama" <---Maybe just fox news?

The March Towards Pre-Emptive Nuclear War

What happened to "conspiracy central" or whatever the old or new "dungeon" went?

Dumb question about the methane release

Attorney: Sandusky might have taught boys "basic life skills, like how to put soap on your body"

Is there a F.A.Q. page somewhere? Especially with pragmatic how-to's and feature explanations?

Keith O, breaking news

Newt's Female Trouble

POTUS on the GOP: 'Anything that Obama's for, we're against'

Is there a place on DU to help other DUers having financial problems? n/t

A word of advice to anybody having an affair with someone powerful ...

What fun! I got hassled tonight collecting Recall Walker signatures!

Blue Republicans?

Hi all. Just an FYI, I've been added to the host team for the E & E group.

Hi, folks. I have a couple of questions

Hey! A new toy!

Dasht-e-Leili, Ten Years Later by Scott Horton

NOOT, the GNAT, as The Kamakazi Presidential Candidate? Is this his Role? There to Damage

News Bulletin: Ron Paul is a Huge Racist (and a homophobe!)

Very interesting "coincidence" regarding this day in history...

Congress approves $662-billion defense spending bill

Why Does The Cable Company Also Want To Be Your Phone Company?

PHOTO: Batman may be lean and mean, but Robin? He's BUFFED.

George Galloway: Last Post in Iraq: death knell of the American empire

No Room at the Inn (Staple Singers)

Has *anyone* been OKed as a host since Monday ??

PHOTO: The new Star Wars trilogy from George Lucas REALLY needs a bigger budget.

Skinner just made me the first host of A&A

With new bipartisan Medicare reform talk being discussed again

NDDAA: An Astonishing Attack on Our Civil Liberties

heblowsalot's SRS hitman going back home to Florida

Conservatives eating their own: heartbreaking.

Google knows what's up.

State Forums vs. the Main Forums. Is there a way that we

Mercosur to fast-track Venezuela's entry

*** The GOP Debate reality show 9pm ET - live blog thread ***

US election 2012: Mitt Romney's life as a poor Mormon missionary in France questioned

Ok, embarrassing question here, but-

Journals from DU2, you can import them here?

darkstar3, I hope you don't mind. I posted your Google search thing in Religion.

"Government should not select which married couples it supports and which it treats with contempt."

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy tonight &

A link to a wealth of photos to look at link - CNN photos - worldwide

I know mine... what question would YOU ask the Republican candidates at one of their debates?

North Pole Web Cam Summer 2011

Take a break from being upset at DU and be upset at this :)

NH: President Obama has a higher favorability than Rick Perry...

Men In Black III trailer. Memorial day release 2012

Seriously, did so many people truly believe that president Obama could change the course....

I may have missed it, but how do we report a suspected disruptor

New poll shows Occupy Wall Street support growing, public discontent with Congress at record levels

Stephen Fry on the absurdity of the US prison system and the 3 strikes rule.

Are disrupters still being tombstoned? Can you alert on a suspiciously-sounds-like-a-troll

Tea Party Patriots co-founder arrested for handgun at airport

Last Post in Iraq: this is the death knell of the American empire

I've just been approved as Host of the Science Group.

"You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

Be warned, America's withdrawal from Iraq heralds a world of instability

OK...looks like Skinner got through the backlog of requests

CMW Sighting.

OMG! Rachel just said that New Hampshire residents are getting calls asking

Congratulations, Kali, the new Host for Arizona (Group)


Hey Newt...Reagan is DEAD and the world is a much different beast since the trickle down crap infest

FOX News got their marching orders..... destroy Gingrich to help Romney win the nomination.

She shouldn't have fucking BACKED DOWN.

Gaddafi death may be war crime, says International Criminal Court

Gawd! Does that bright red tie

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

Caption this pic from the Iowa Debate

A Very Bad Day

nytimes: Arizona Sheriff’s Office Targeted Latinos, Justice Department Says

Rep. Allen West is a Psycho? Or what? *LOL*

Haha! ABC- 2 seconds on Tea Party- 3 min on OWS!


With a Whimper

Archived Ancestry/Genealogy Group - From DU2

U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms

Paying a ‘Sports Tax,’ Even if You Don’t Watch

Caption Romney and Newt

Fitch downgrades world's top banks

CNN has a big piece tonight about who else...

serious question about popular vote

-Just a heads-up regarding weird computer codes (or whatever this is)...

CEO pay jumps 36.5%

HP tries to limit golden parachutes

Walker, GOP sue state elections and ethics agency over recall effort

(NY) Times Chief Is to Retire at Year-End

That !@#$#ing Google chat ding during the debate...

Election 2012

Does this group want or need a host? Please discuss.

Half of Walker's $5 Million Take Comes From Out of State - Biggest Donor: Texas' 'Swift Boat' Guy

Mayor Calls OWS Terrorists, Congress Calls On Military To Arrest U.S. Citizens

Religion Makes You Live Longer By Making You Behave?

Why can't these debates allow candidates to complete their thoughts (feeble as they may be)?

On A Plane Flight to Vegas......Joke #5

On A Plane Flight to Vegas......Joke # 4

Obama to sign indefinite detention bill into law

FBI considered a sting aimed at Newt Gingrich in 1997

BOR-ring!1 The Rethugs weren't in melt-down mode, now BEHAR's last live show

Rep. Braley's response to me about SOPA

The Future of War: Far out battle tech

7 Facts About Our Veterans That Will Shock The Hell Out Of You

Is it possible to NOT have "view all" on every OP?

They see me narc'in... they barkin'.

Not too many people know that Kali has an African-American sister.

It's not exactly a major role in a blockbuster series of films... but it's a living.

Don't play with my food? Yeah, RIGHT!!!

It's quite obvious to everyone that MiddleFingerMom is almost always high on rugs.

As a young man, MFM was WAY ahead of his time and thought that piercings were too mainstream.

Boots Riley: ‘Mainstream media always on wrong side of history’

Japan Tsunami: Flotsam Debris Reaches U.S. West Coast

DPS surcharges

Here's yet another terriffic Christmas movie on Netflix streaming!

Lawmakers trade barbs in hearing on Stop Online Piracy Act

Shutdown Averted As Dem, GOP Leaders Hash Out Payroll Tax Deal

Surely it is time to fight for something.

Weather Forecast: 2012 To Start Warm In East, Cool In West

Sunset was about half an hour ago, and I really should quit. I won't finish these doors tonight.

TCM Schedule for Friday, December 16 -- What's On Tonight: Christmas Romance

How do you get a scroll effect without having to use a scroll box?

The Nays: Someone has to post this list, before posting becomes an act of terrorism

naive questions, again

"Ging-Rich"!! Tweety cracks me up!!

OWS In China?

Tim Tebow hype is surpassing John Elway

Good job posting boards (Find jobs online)

How science can irrigate California deserts (big pic warning)

Toons: Leaving Iraq, Safe Driving, the Worlds Most Exclusive Club and more. 12/15/11

Pic Of The Moment: Candidates Thrill Crowd At Final GOP Debate

My sister, her boyfriend, and my fur nieces!

Everything you ever wanted to know about the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes

Victoria's Secret embroiled in child labor controversy.

So we are having a very small pre-Christmas gathering Sat night. Ideas for finger foods (easy?)

Brave youth and young adults testify about children/youth homelessness

Japan to declare 'cold shut-down' at Fukushima

P.Tchaikovsky - Sugar Plum Fairy (The Nutcracker) like you have never heard it before

"Anyone who stands in the way of American interests will be arrested"

At US lab, minnows reveal power of the 'uninformed'

God, enough of Tebowmania please!!!

Nancy Pelosi On Ed.......

Romney and the CIA's Mormon hiring prefernce...

Rock Bottom (Greenhouse)

Just reported by Vanity Fair on Twitter - Christopher Hitchens has passed away.

It's good to see each rethug candidate getting their 15 minutes in the spotlight

Most Popular Linux Downloads and Posts of 2011

Franken voted against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

Interesting Photo of Bachmann family

In Memoriam: Christopher Hitchens, 1949–2011

Just got back from the emergency vet

Wow! Coffee bean mosaic, Guiness Book of World Records

China Gets Revenge On Obama With Tariff On U.S. Autos

In Memoriam: Christopher Hitchens 1949-2011

BUG??? I should be locked out here because I had a post hidden here within the last hour.


Does anybody here "no poo" (no shampoo)?

Democrats Group UPDATE

But in Section 1032, it clearly states:

People arrested for dancing- time to "cut loose"

(Christian Bale) 'Batman' star punched, stopped from visiting blind Chinese activist

'Absolutely no progress being made' at Fukushima nuke plant, undercover reporter says (MUST READ)

Editorial in the Dearborn Press & Guide: Michigan Voter fraud bill is a bad idea

Stephen Colbert Rounds Up Gays

Any good books out there involving history or sports?

Controversial Air Force casket photo prompts investigation (graphic warning)

Is Debka normally trustworthy ?

Aren't Ds just demanding that millionaires return some of the FICA revenues Bush stole for them?

Gay marriage 'improves health'

Why if I like being alone do I sometimes have moments of great loneliness?

Glen Maxey releases a book

Austin Get together?

AHF Launches Campaign Against AIDS Discrimination at Hershey School

Writer Christopher Hitchens Dies

This Volkswagen Pasaat commercial featuring "Rocket Man" really gets under my effin' SKIN.

Newt, Mitt, Bibi and Vladimir (Tom Friedman)

NDAA....good cop/bad cop?

If you care anything about girls please watch this and share if you can

Somebody shoot me now!

K&R if you like Obama!

Italy’s Leader Offers Tax Increases, but No Deep Reforms

I'm a newbie ...

One Big Hawaii Photography Thread

I added a bunch of co hosts from the list of people who were voted on

London built with the blood of British slaves

Photos of victims of 'death flights' turned over to Argentina by human rights commission

Our Lady of Grace

The Road to War between the U.S. and Japan was Paved by Irreconcilable Worldviews

Hello! I just dropped in for a visit

Sick of Christmas music yet? Try Lickin' some Gravy with Jimmy Thackery

Photos of victims of 'death flights' turned over to Argentina by human rights commission

Catmas carols transferred from DU2

Greatest page stays the same all day, solution

China villagers defy government in standoff over death

GOP debate: "Pompous gasbag Gingrich fought off an army of fire ants unleashed by Bachmann" (Salon)

Confused about defense spending bill

Today in American History....the 200th anniversary of the first New Madrid Earthquake

Proposal to Increase Group Participation

Protestors Condemn Mining Corporation Suing El Salvador

Jon Stewart Stages An Anti-Newt Intervention For The GOP: ‘Don’t Do It’ - video

why doesn't a person's self-identified location show up in the profile now?

This jury-thing is not bad...

You somehow KNEW would have a Christopher Hitchens thread...didn't you?

The animal that lends itself most readily to humor: the camel!

Arizona sheriff rebuts federal allegations of discrimination against Latinos

Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama

Today in American History....the 238th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party....

Duplicate post deleted

Today in American History...the 67th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge

My most cogent argument for voting for Obama in 2012 with a direct apology to skinner for it

Unexplained shower of apples falls from sky over town

A real-life allegory to the "Independent" voters:

if politics is a circle

A Tale of Three Wives: Life on the Campaign Trail (from

Nitzan Alon appointed Central Command chief

The Punk Patriot - SPECIAL EDITION: Indefinite Detention Bill Passes Both Senate and House

Wisconsin loses jobs for fifth straight month (11,700)

Sometimes I do miss the unrec function

Holder Stands Up for the Right to Vote

Question & Suggestion (re- Most Rec'd & finding answers to questions already posted)

Is the old, non-google search function gone?

Senator Feinstein introduces "The Due Process Guarantee Act"

Senator Feinstein proposes a stand-alone bill to fix the problems with the NDAA.

Today is the birthday of Catherine of Aragon, wife of Henry VIII and mother of Mary I of England....

Russia to send first woman cosmonaut to ISS in 2013

Newt says to hell with the Supreme Court.

The Hardest Job

Peter O'Neill claims to be in control in PNG - The Australian

Here's an idea

Just got officially made host

Quantifying bogosity: The Crackpot Index

Wayne County Commission rejects Ficano's request for taxpayer-funded lawyer.

Insight - In Greece, playing cat and mouse with tax evaders

How To Indefinitely Detain Jamie Dimon

Everyone's wondering about Lakers' direction, including Kobe Bryant

Houston DA convening grand jury to indict protestors for using PVC pipe as a 'criminal instrument'

Hello Prayer Circle!

Down memory lane with Amy Goodman, George Galloway and Christopher Hitchins

Christopher Hitchens dies; Vanity Fair writer was a religious skeptic, master of the contrarian essa

Anyone seen ClarkUSA around?

Bill deals with sailors killed in 1804, Jewish WWI heroes, ship names

U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms

PM adviser's letter to 'New York Times'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, December 16, 2011 (XPost)

With a strong arm

English tests for immigrant spouses fair, court rules - UK

Christopher Hitchens has completed his final journey

ICC says Muammar Gaddafi killing may be war crime

Jesse LaGreca on Fox News hypocrisy - The Ed Show

Seattle Atheists Launch Confusing Bus Ad Campaign

Salon: How Big Oil and Canada thwarted U.S. carbon standards

"Unrepentant Christopher Hitchens is now roasting in hell!"

Google’s Zeitgeist 2011 search list proves men will masturbate to anything

Did the media coverage of the end of the War on Iraq feel like a "Victory Nap" to anyone else?

My dogs are "full of it" since the weather is warmer with so much rain.

Tebowing craze fades pathetically as NFL fans adopt the Patriot Pump

Judge Dismisses Twitter Stalking Case

Fact checking the Fox News debate in Iowa

Victoria’s Secret revealed: Child labor picking its cotton

"Those Things In The Bill Of Rights Are Being Taken Away From ALL Of Us!" Congressman McDermott

Languages you didn't know you borrow words from (1)

Now we get to the scary part

Doctor Fights State Law on Pain Clinics (Law does not allow them to accept cash)

WRITE-IN CAMPAIGN! Lets start one. No money needed. We'll social network

A modern-day fairy tale peddled by Republicans

Deal targets job poaching by communities

Toon - 10 years summarized

Did your grandma get run over by a reindeer?

Nikki Haley-Mitt Romney Endorsement: South Carolina Governor Reportedly Will Endorse GOP Presidentia

Eugene Robinson: Been There, Thought That

"I'm having a bad day, I'm gonna shoot you and that dog."

Government denies Florida's request for relief from a provision of the federal health care law

Armed Left Wing Militias?

Joe Conason: The Republican Closet That Won’t Stay Closed

HS students suspended for Tebowing..

BBC: Russia set to become WTO member after 18 years of talks

Our Lady of Grace

A Policeman With A Woman Trapped Beneath A Bus

joy gentle friend, joy and fresh days of love! accompany your hearts!

Is it just me or is DU running at slow dial up speed?

Bioethics Panel Urges Stronger Protections for Human Subjects

RIP Joe Simon

U.S. Jewish lawmaker: Palestinians have to prove they deserve a state

Tea Party leader arrested with gun at NY airport

The Evolving Truth about Fracking for Natural Gas [Updated]

"They want to touch you, feel you, and sniff on ya."

time for huff and puff to resign

RIP Hitch

New e-book pricing scheme a surprising assault on the wallet

Over GOP Protests, Court Upholds Illinois Map

Juan Cole: Interview with Feminist/Nobelist Tawakkul Karman (Yemeni Peace Prize winner)

9 states to share $500M in early childhood grants

The Obvious Bigotry of Salon's Alex Pareene

Romney's missing hard drives raise questions over government records

Breitbart caught using Nazi cartoon

Liar, liar, pants on fire? Your baby will be the judge

IMF chief warns over 1930s-style threats

Why Isn’t the SEC Cracking Down Harder on Banks?

Dozens arrested in Europe over child pornography ring

Joe Simon dead at 98: Created Captain America with Jack Kirby

The picture on the front page..

Progressive Challenger Enters Race, Mentions the infamous "look forward, not backwards", red flag.

BBC: Is anti-Muslim politics on the rise in Florida? Clashes between conservatives and Muslims

RIP - Christopher Hitchens is dead

Let The Dallas Morning News know who won the debate last night

Religious right leader goes off the deep end about Macy’s, Hilary Clinton, and bathrooms

Disney Princesses and the Battle for Your Daughter’s Soul

Sources: Agreement reached to prevent shutdown

New Foreclosure Wave is Coming

Morgan Stanley, Like Rivals, to Make Deep Job Cuts

Bail-out Bombshell: Fed "Emergency" Bank Rescue Totaled $29 Trillion Over Three Years

Bail-out Bombshell: Fed "Emergency" Bank Rescue Totaled $29 Trillion Over Three Years

Best unintentional headline I've seen in awhile...

The last Ford Ranger comes off the assembly line at the

Our Frayed Social Safety Net, in 8 Infographics

News Bulletin: Ron Paul Is a Huge Racist

The OccupyUSA Blog for Friday (Dec. 16), With Frequent Updates

Joe "Intern Killer" Scarborough: "I usually don't have to dig down too deep to prove how cool I am"

Christopher Hitchens, 1949–2011: In Memoriam

Whose Bright Idea? Spending Bill Defunds Enforcement of Bulb Standards

Drumbeat: December 16, 2011

Peak oil notes - December 15

Drumbeat: December 16, 2011

Peak oil notes - December 15

Question about Hitchens...

Julian Assange can appeal against extradition, supreme court rules

Two strikes: Brockton Rox miss lease payment, don’t renew liquor license

Christopher Hitchens on the Tea Party

Hubble Captures Violent Birth Pangs of Enormous Star

A very silent night: Chinese officials shut down outdoor Christmas party in toy-making town

The NDAA in my opinion is being pushed

Storm of criticism over Grid prez’s award. Officials and residents: It’s not ‘justified’

God can be a dick ...

Look what they've done to my state, ma.... fracking it all up

IGNORE button, oh my

What does this mean --

Morning Song Tribute to the Lounge from backtoblue

One case where an irrational belief was truly beneficial ...

Is it PC gone mad?

Could the Admins add a link to the DU Community Moderating System tothe bottom of the page?

Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011)

NJ Dad Kills Ex, Takes Kids, Then Dies in Apparent Suicide: Officials

McQueary takes stand against Penn St. officials

People arrested for dancing

I won't be happy until my grumbling assessment of Obama's presidency makes it to the front page

Places I Have and Have NOT Been. ... J #6

any other rock hounds around here?

Places I Have and Have NOT Been. ... J # 5

Russia is secular state, but work of religious organizations in its higher education welcomed: Putin

Santorum: "The Race is Where I Want It." Still Ahead of 2% Milk in Latest Poll

GOP 'Family Values' Mayor Davis of Southaven, MS Forced Out of Closet by Receipts from Gay Sex Shop


Archived Maryland Forum from DU2

Let's get the Feinstein DPGA right. It makes Congress expressly authorize detentions

Red Moon Rising - Astronomy Picture of the Day

We have our first Gungeon Host. Do we need more, and who should they be?

Happy Beethoven's Birthday

Congress overturns incandescent light bulb ban

Churches fighting lawsuits with white cross campaign

Now I gotta cut loose...

Couple who rode freight trains found dead in coal

Holiday displays bring out humbugs at Travis AFB

'Kyoto Has Only Carrots and No Sticks'

Bradley Manning pre-trial hearing opens amid tight security

Bucks County billboard praises Gingrich -- for adultery!

Excellent upgrades, DU. Thanks!

Russia Finds Radioactive Metal Bound For Iran

are we notified if we have a post hidden? update: answered.

Department of Justice releases findings on their Seattle Police Department investigation today.

Friday TOON Roundup 1- Merry Xmas, War (in Iraq) is Over

Friday TOON Roundup 2- Newt and Mitt

Forbes: LePage welfare quotes inaccurate

Friday TOON Roundup 3- Generally Obnoxious Republicans

Rick Perry Channeling Tim Tebow...STUPID

Friday TOON Roundup 4- The rest

Was I the only one who caught Michelle Bachmann claiming that she won 5 elections in 4 yrs?

Suggestion: Front Page Chapter/Header Links?

Looks like all the lightbulb hoarders just got an interesting christmas 'present'

Debate In 100 Seconds: Last Chance Saloon (TPM)


A rebuttal to The Donald's "President Obama isn't a role model to 'Black' children"

I can has cheezburger that melts in my mouth... not in my hands.

Perry defends Joe Arpaio

People with multiple pets should actually FEEL this connection.

Rick Perry's new ad - by Matt Bors

Wait up a minute!!! MiddleFingerMom is going to have just one more piece of coconut cream pie.

Um... about this post. MFM doesn't think he's EVER gone out or stopped in for "just ONE beer".

MiddleFingerMom ain't askeert o' NUFFIN'!!!!!

Tweets about McQueary's testimony in pretrial for Curley & Schultz

McCain, Putin Trade Barbs


Dead for 3 years and nobody notices...If you disappeared, would anyone come looking for you?...

Philosophical Bodybuilding

SEC suing Fannie, Freddie execs

Just Beautiful!

# # # # HAPPY BIRTHDAY pink-o! # # # #

ok, who wants to defend Mcqueary now

I need some of those famous lounge vibes...

FBI Considered a Sting on Newt in 1997

Three myths about the detention bill

Merry Xmas From Batman

Gilbert & Sullivan -

Rapid rise in wildfires in large parts of Canada?

Todays trades

Beach dogs

This really happened to a self-depracating friend of mine

"It's a long way from April to November...too long a period of time for Newt not to screw up."

FLAC to MP4a file converter for PC

Is DU now officially on GMT?

Biofuel research boosted by discovery of how cyanobacteria make energy

Countrys worst Governor loses 100 million dollar grant.

SEC Charges Ex-Fannie, Freddie CEOs With Fraud

Global Forests are Overlooked as Water Suppliers, Study Shows

Time Magazine Decides to Throw Numbers to the Wind to Promote Representative Ryan

Is this guy a DUer, you think? (Newt-bashing LTTE)

DU Album of the day: THe Black Keys "El Camino"

City of London include Occupy movement on ‘terror’ list

***SPOILER ALERT*** Survivor South Pacific Finale - Sunday 12/18/11

Have a facebook? Can you spare a like for an adorable doggy?

Kemah Texas' 50th Annual Christmas Boat Lane Parade 12/10/11

Civilians and a School Kid murdered in cold blood in Rastan , Syria

10 Things Men Find Unattractive

Sweet Jesus, when will the IGNORE button go live?

'Cold shutdown': Fukushima reactor now stable, Japan's PM says

AP-GfK Poll: More than half say Obama should lose

Lana Del Rey - Video Games

Post your favorite budget liquors

Horry County SC voting irregularity

Time for the I word?

Are the rights protected by the US Constitution parochial? And should developing states

Bradley Manning Heads for Trial; No One Charged for Murdered Civilians

I think the default latest page is now more restricted than it was on DU2

2012 in one picture:

THE HOTTEST QUESTION IN EUROPE: Did The ECB Just Pull Off A Back-Door Bailout That Will End The Cris

STRONG Response from a Teacher

Is this Democratic Underground?

DAMNED LIBERAL MEDIA! MSNBC discussing how Obama will make a living if he loses in 2012

Private Prison Companies Fund Anti–Immigrant Legislation

Putin calls McCain Nuts

So, we're back down to just one pointless and unaffordable war of occupation?

I don't feel like my vote is that earthshaking, that holding it hostage will make any difference

Broken sewer pipe led to clam, oyster harvesting ban

Three Envelopes

Caroline Kennedy to Librarians: 'Your work is truly life changing.'

Regarding the execution of Anwar Al-Awaki's son & Blowback from American Exceptionalism.

"In last night's debate, Michele Bachmann lamented that we've gotten to the point that the Supreme

Even the ancient Scandinavians were plagued with Republicans.

Obama Concerned That Iran is on Verge of Underground Nuclear Enrichment

We need to design a new economic order

Getting a blank page for the DU home page

For LGBT People living in states that allow same-sex marriage

We need to design a new economic order

the beauty of slime mold - no, really!

Woman forced to carve boyfriend's name into own arm

Colorado Officials Settle 'Howling Pig' Lawsuit

To Believe that Obama won by just 9.5 million votes, you must also believe...

Protestors Cry Foul over Proposed G8, NATO Restrictions

The problem in two charts

Will Israel Declare War on Violent Settlers?

Climate Change May Modify Half Earth's Plants

Maybe we can find understanding in Sen. Feinstein's explanation of her NDAA amendment

Should we remind people that this forum exists?

Your daily supply of cute

DU3 down at 12:20pm EST. I got in this way:

You Can't Be Serious, Couple Tells Allstate

The FBI Reports Military Gang Members Are Funneling Heavy Weapons To The Streets

Most chimp experiments unnecessary, says US panel

Greeks fearing collapse of eurozone bailout pulled record sums from bank


They say pets resemble their owner and MFM's pets were no exception....

Champions League Last 16 Draw...

Romney accuses Obama of deliberately harming America for political reasons

Just now: You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussi

Jerry Brown blasts GOP on climate change

So if people post support for rightwing bullshit in gd it is hurtful and disruptive

Right-Wing Legislation Stirs Democracy Debate In Israel

W.T.O. Accepts Russian Bid to Join

Man accused of 1966 murder of Yolande Waddington to face trial

snowy owl invasion in chicago?

Old Health Forum

Congress Getting Failing Marks on Economy in Year of Gridlock

Is something wrong with DU home page? All I get is white, hubby's computer too.

This is a sweet photo

Why Does Newt Gingrich Hate Janitors (and Their Union) So Much?:

Is there a new membership policy?

BP settles with maker of failed blowout preventer

Set Your Doomsday Clock to 11:51

Feds: 'Excessive Force' By Seattle Cops Must Stop

Watching MSNBC: w/ Alex Wagner

CDC Survey: 1 In 4 Women Attacked By Partner

Quick question about the jury process

Post your favorite budget lickers

Just in time for X-mas - Jesus Heals a Gay Man

I think we can all agree that Apple products are the work of Satan

One good thing about jury duty

Has anyone hear from Roon?

Etta James terminally ill

SEC Brings The Hammer Down And Charges Six Ex-Fannie, Freddie CEOs With Fraud (Where's The Love?)

Congress Cuts Winter Heating Aid For The Poor While Boosting The Defense Budget

Opponents say Ala.’s ‘Juan Crow’ law causes fear, anxiety

Hey! Allen West! Ever heard of "Fox News," you smug, clueless fuckstick?

"Secret Santas" Paying Off Layaways For Poor Families

I have a question

Syrians protest against Assad after Russia U.N. move

Gaming Lizard

SEP Update - federal funding ban remains in bill reported out of House/Senate committee

Rick Perry's new ad (parody)

What's for dinner? ~ Friday the 16th edition!

The Tea Partied Republican China Connection!

DOJ Report Finds Arpaio Engaged in Practice of Civil Rights Abuses, Racial Profiling

Thom Hartmann: ''No nation can preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.''

Un-Aired LOWE'S Commercial for "All-American Muslim"

Trust is earned, not automatic.

This could be a record:

New Research Demonstrates Lean Beef is Good for Heart Health

A living memorial to someone you have lost to AIDS

TPM: McConnell Demands Keystone XL In Any Payroll Tax Agreement

If I had a rocket launcher, I would retaliate.....

I have a problem with the new site...

NEWT: I got tired! Like an Emergency Room nurse! So I cheated on my wives! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

Stakes are high as Army begins argument for court-martialing accused leaker Manning

As Manning heads to trial over WikiLeaks, new push for whistleblower protections

A Deal With the Devil: A Happiness That Harms

Hacker who betrayed Bradley Manning expresses regret over possible jail term

Move Over Flash Pyrolysis, There's a New Bioenergy Sheriff in Town

Let's do a little comparing of "Liberal Rude" versus "Republican Rude"

DoD Training Manual: Protests are "Low-Level Terrorism"

Newt Gingrich supported $27 billion of President Obama’s stimulus for electronic medical records

As US troops leave Iraq, some ask: Was the war worth it?

From trashed land to community solar...

Fuel Cell Powers Up Festivities at Secretary Chu’s Holiday Party

"the net is swarming with hysterical headline"

The 2 totally opposite, competing, "Obama BAD" memes.

He paid for movie tickets, she paid for a nacho combo, he asked for her keys, then stole her car.

GOP leaders: Pipeline stays in payroll tax bill

Christopher Hitchens - one of the few reporters who agreed to be waterboarded

A sober analysis of NDAA / Detention issue

Win 7 Security 2012 rogue program problem

LEDs offer a brighter future, says report

Tin Man miniseries is pretty good

If Elton John never did one other good thing in his life ... he deserves heaven for this.

EPA set to impose tough mercury limit at power plants

Mother Jones: "The Nitty Gritty on the NDAA"

Autism hidden in plain sight

Quaker Oats just heard from me.

Is there hopefully going to be a minimum post count to start threads?

A reminder that we have an HIV/AIDS forum..and a request

Conspiracy Theorists Believe Republican Candidates Are Tied Up somewhere-Borowitz suspects Obama

I just got swept up in a street protest of the Congolese dictator Kabila. Ask me anything.

Thom Hartmann: Is The Middle Class an Endangered Species?

A Very Calvin & Hobbes Christmas

Please keep leftyclimber and her family in your thoughts today.

'Twas the Night Before Recall

Paterno's grand jury testimony is being read in court. He knew it was a sexual act.

Anyone else make soap?

Look out, Bearkats, here come the Grizzlies! Championship Football!

Freeper concedes 2012: "Mitt will end up as the GOP nominee and Obama will get another 4 years"


The HIV/AIDS forum has a thread that I think a lot of us should and could contribute to

Where do we look up who are our hosts? - answered

I am really loving DU3

Rick Perry Retires (But Remains Governor) To Boost Take Home Salary

McQueary claims he saw Sandusky molesting a boy but didn't call cops because "the act was over"

A rather rare occurrence in Michigan for December. I'm going to harvest leeks tomorrow.

Errors showing up everywhere right now (friday afternoon, EST) in my Google Chrome.

Secret EU Paper Aims To Tackle Israel's Treatment Of Arab Minority

Please bring back the unrecommendation featured!

Did DU become very slow for anyone else today ?

Excellent typo from my local paper...

I would rather die at the hands of these so-called terrorists, than give up my civil liberties. n/t

Shared Sacrifice MY ASS

announcement: memorial thread for lives lost to AIDS

Wikileaks: Bradley Manning military hearing bias row

Bradley Manning Case Advances Despite Defense Objections

The Rude Pundit: Why Does Newt Gingrich Hate Janitors (and Their Union) So Much?

President Obama Should Listen to the American People – Not His Advisors – on the NDAA.

FREE MARC campaign

Homophobe Pastor Rick Warren Tweets On Hitchens' Death. Twitter Responds.

Houston's Bob Perry one of the "Swift Boaters" contributes $250,000 to Walker recall defense fund

Santa Clara County school board votes to approve 20 new Rocketship charter schools

States that have ADAP waiting lists

Comet Lovejoy Survives Close Encounter with Sun

Pics from our 12-12 protest

X-post A reminder that we have an HIV/AIDS forum..and a request

SOPA: The New American Censorship?

"In Which I Turn Myself In for Indefinite Military Detention"

Congressman Told They Can't Say 'Merry Christmas' Fox News tells readers.

FREE access to New York Records

Editorial in the Dearborn Press & Guide: Michigan Voter fraud bill is a bad idea

Stop internet censorship! (please sign petition)

End of the week LOL's - pics

Ban Bonds from Baseball!!!!

I must be on everyone's Jury Blacklist! I feel so unloved.....

FIFA Club World Cup Final - Santos (Neymar) v. Barcelona (some little fella)

Someone might be interested in this temp job in New York

Papantonio: Iowa Doesn’t Matter

It Looks Like Mittens

Yea!! I just got a free Pecan Pie

Nurses union eviscerates Newt in a statement

Senators: America must not back down on sustainable energy

wow. a whole page of identical warnings.

Toon: Leaving not a moment too soon

Letter to Santa from the military/industrial cabal: This time, please bring us toys that work

Obama Announces Rule To Allow Home-Care Workers Overtime Pay

Plantinga's evolutionary argument against naturalism

Detroit People's Water Board: Water Belongs to All of Us

"If I were a poor black kid" written by middle class, middle aged white man

Why is today's McQueary testimony not Breaking News?

Arizona prosecutor wants immigration checks restored

He's back! Vern Robinson in North Carolina. (New ad)

Occupying the First Amendment

S.E.C. Charges Former Fannie and Freddie Chiefs With Fraud

Newt is no historian

Am I missing something?

Nevada sues major foreclosure processing firm (Lender Processing Services)

Man! I am exhausted from all this jury duty!

'January re-entry' for Phobos-Grunt Mars probe (BBC)

Fat Free Half & Half

xpost for visibility: Living Memorial to someone you have lost to HIV/AIDS

Incandescent Bulb Spared in U.S. Lawmakers’ Spending Measure

Beach Boys (Wilson, Love, Jardine, Marks, Johnston): 50th Anniversary tour, new album

Thom Hartmann: Wisconsin recall...Don't mess with working people

Occupy Tampa to march on Obama office to protest National Defense Authorization Act

David Sirota: Banana Republicans’ Assault on Democracy

We have no constitutional right not to be framed?

THIS is a great action video....looks 3D, but a lot of it is shot with I-MAX cameras

A living memorial to someone you have lost to AIDS

Rick Perry wins Texas Monthly’s Bum Steer Award

Occupy (LA) Protesters Expand the Movement to Confront Harsh Immigration Enforcement

My favorite method for enjoying liquor

S.E.C. Sues 6 Former Top Fannie and Freddie Executives

The Nation: Fighting Privatization, Occupy Activists at CUNY and UC Kick Into High Gear

Whre are the Duzys? they were announced to be here on Fridays. Anyone????

It Only Takes A Girl

How do you rank second amendment rights?

I was told to report this error - tried to post a thread and saw this

Dude! Where is my Spell Check!

100 Occupiers Flash-Mobbed San Francisco And This Is What Happened

Self-cleaning cotton nanoparticle coating invented (BBC)

Gay marriage 'improves health' (BBC)

If 1031 and 1032 are the only things worrying you in this bill

Bioshock Infinite

Unrec could be a user-settable preference in DU.

Bangladesh war: The article that changed history (BBC)

Windows XP, yes XP, problem/question.

I we bust a nut to get Obama re-elected, will he use it as a mandate to be more progressive or...

Darwin's Extraterrestrials

TDPS: Mitt Romney Gets Ass Handed to Him by Gay Veteran in New Hampshire

A living memorial to someone you have lost to AIDS

I have deleted some du'ers from my facebook friends

MFM is trusted with the family camera on vacation, much to the chagrin of everyone involved.

Where does a person go to change their password - I tried

Latest Threads vs Forums & Groups?

'Fog of pre-war over Syria'

Scars of Bangladesh independence war 40 years on (BBC) {16 December 1971}

he's baaaaack...

U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq: "In Terms of Destroying Iraq, It's 'Mission Accomplished'"

‘Both sides’ to blame for gridlock? Public doesn’t agree.

Another Setback for Hawaiian Recognition

US consumer prices unchanged in November (BBC)

Thom Hartmann: You're a Mean One Mr. Gin-Grinch

What is it about Siamese and marshmallows?


Can we talk about the issue of a group host and of a new SoP on this thead?

Toon: The Trump Debate

We Live in a Rage-ocracy, Not a Democracy

Discussion: About Co-Hosts for this group

Absolutely made up!

Has any loungers ever tried mead?

50 Economic Numbers About The US That Are "Almost Too Crazy To Believe"

Making stuffed cabbage for dinner.

Seattle political consulting firm fined $250,000

Someone was asking recently in The Lounge about neti pots -- see important health warning.

Elevator Death Probe Focuses on Computer Replacement

I have been assimilated! I am now the BORG! Prepare to be assimilated!

Caption this

U.S. Signs Over Last Military Base In Iraq

Have you seen DU's internet AIDS Memorial Quilt?

Ask Bill Moyers a Question

Rumor: "Anderson Cooper may come out on live TV" and some criticism/discussion of the idea...

Sad News...Etta James is terminally ill...

DU Poll:What Happened to Lisa Stansfield's Baby?

Democrats Pounce On Romney Claim He Didn’t Know Medicare/Medicaid Details

Senator Cantwell Attacked By Challenger For Being Unmarried

president obama cancels his vacation

The Cars - Moving in Stereo & All Mixed Up

Obama to U.S. Jews: My administration has done more than any other to support Israel

Happy Beethoven's Birthday, one and all!

Republican lawmaker calls the omnibus spending bill a 'crap sandwich'

Attorney Ken Harris discusses how he won a $10 million dollar verdict against Taser International

reporting the message" You shouldn't be seeing this"

What is the point of a symbolic veto?

News Outlets Widely Ignore News That 2.5M Have Insurance Because Of ACA

Wis Dems To Intervene In GOP Lawsuit Challenging Recall Process

WaPo OP/ED: Does Newt Gingrich have a woman problem? With Michele Bachmann, yes

"Report slams Dutch Catholic church over sex abuse"

Appeals court upholds rule favoring airline unions

Yikes.. My husband and I have "experienced " 105 kid-years

Damn---this is one skinny football player.

Peter Hitchens on his brother (Christopher)'s passing

Sheriff Joe: Fed allegations of discrimination against Latinos "a politically motivated witch hunt"

Egypt elections: Cairo protesters clash with army

The need for Liberals to organize

ALERT: The Internets are buzzing that Obama might cave in on the Keystone XL pipeline.

Has any loungers ever tried meat?

Torrent of bad financial news flows out of Europe

My chestnuts have arrived!

Clear Channel May Keep AM Progressive Talk's Green960 on Air in San Francisco After All

Oh, debunked! Twitter removed #GodisNotGreat and #Hitchens from trending list

New large horned viper discovered, but biologists keep location quiet

Russian photographers imagine "What if...?"

Umm, McCain is a jackass.

Question: Under the NDAA, can a President send in the National Guard to arrest peaceful Occupy

"Small Business Owner" in Walker Ad Actually a Billionaire That Helped Outsource Thousands of Jobs

Almost 1 in 2 Americans are poor or low-income

Former St Francis Hospital shutting down

Internet Explorer Users: I think I fixed the blue link issue.

Tebow mic'd last Sunday - video >>

New York's New Democrat (end The Fed, stop the Wars, No Big Brother, and Legalize It!)

For the lulz: Coal Lobby Warns Wind Farms May Blow Earth Off Orbit

Here’s your first DU3 Friday Afternoon Challenge: Wives and Lovers!

"Small Business Owner" in Walker Ad Actually a Billionaire That Helped Outsource Thousands of Jobs

I didn't think I'd miss Tweety...

Do you live in a holy city? Which one?

Schoolgirl threatens to kill Santa Claus if he doesn't bring the right presents

Is there a way to look at DU2

Russia's Mars probe will crash to Earth in January

Europe ignores credit dynamics

Gay Grandparents?

Has anybody e-published their work (on Kindle, Barnes & Noble)

BREAKING NEWS: Workplace shooting reported in Irwindale, Calif. -

Why the New Atheism is a boys' club?

Senator Al Franken: Why I Voted Against the National Defense Authorization Act

$50K Pledged to Help HIV+ Boy Rejected from School

Rick Perry’s ‘Early Retirement’ Allows Him To Boost His Income By 60 Percent

Alabama officials vow to arrest Santa Claus should he venture into their state this year

Discussion: Group projects

Texas Primary set for April 3rd

Stingy sinks to a new low: pay for payroll holiday by cutting unemployment benefits

Photo: NYPD knees, takes down credentialed photojournalist for multiple wire services and papers

The Christmas Truce of 1914

Book Review: Judy Rohrer, Haoles in Hawai‘i: Race and Ethnicity in Hawai‘i. UH Press - 2010

Christopher Hitchens' Unforgivable Mistake

Capitalism by Any Other Name

Deputies Debut GPS Tagging System To Map Crime Scenes, Evidence

Shouln'd LBN be automatically sorted by what is Latest?

Because Alan Grayson said so

Strange Windows (7) Startup Issue

FAMU drum major's death ruled a homicide

Beaten Giants fan Bryan Stow speaks in first interview

Lawyer's Fumble May Open Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Retaliation Claims

Senate Leader Amy Koch Resigns Over Alleged 'Inappropriate Relationship' (MN for marriage amendment)

I've been on a diet for about 5 days and my stomach has shrunk. I could not eat

Holy shit! New York Magazine doesn't pull any punches: Ron Paul Is a Huge Racist

On Hitchens-

Farewell to C.H.


Occupy Woolworth's: A Labor Story from the Great Depression

The new bold font on the inbox page is blinding me! Suggestion below...

Christopher Hitchens - NY Times Obit

ACLU: President Obama: Veto Indefinite Detention

Mississippi man sentenced for Obama threat

It's dark and there's a guy outside using a chainsaw

K&R and if you hate threads that ask you to K&R

2012: Fear No Supernova

Perry collects retirement while on state payroll ($7,698 a month)

Police dog fired for brutality

Amazon Location Tracking and Future Destination Prediction Patent

Linking a https website seems problematic

I was interviewed by Bob Fitrakis on "Fight Back"

Principle as a joke blindfolds HS students then has their parents makeout with them.

The REAL "Energizer Bunny"

Indefinite detention alone is un-American

Weekend Economists Going to the Dickens December 16-18, 2011


Candace Gingrich-Jones: Newt Hasn't Changed

Walker Enlists Karl Rove Protégé to Promote New Protest Policy

Appellate Division Justice Anthony Cardona dies

Republican mayor caught spending city funds at gay sex shop.

Rick, EVERYBODY had emotions surface to the top

Did FBI Bury Its 1990s Gingrich Probe?

TSA lets rapper keep his weed, leaves note

The 'Report a Bug' thread is so long, I don't know if this has been noticed.

There are some events which I think I should not do jury duty on because they are one of my issues.

How cool is this? Raffle prize - A produce box full of organic, local veggies / fruits.

Number of days left.

Paul just learned a valuable lesson...