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Archives: December 12, 2011

A perfect {clothing} fit for those with Down syndrome (CNN)

Military testing in Idaho's high schools

Over/under on how many days the Religion forum will go without completely blowing up?

Are All Our Rec's Gonna Be Public on Our Profile Page?

Why Israelis may not be thrilled by sweet nothings from Gingrich, GOP

Please ignore; I'm making a post to link my old Journal to my new one!

Military testing in Illinois high schools

To show there are no ill feelings toward anyone here on my part.

Military testing in Indiana's high schools

Military testing in Iowa's high schools

Germany seeks to ban far right party

Military testing in Kansas high schools

DU - The New Coke of political discussion boards

Military testing in Kentucky high schools

Military testing in Louisiana high schools

Blast from the past

Think Snow!

Now that we're beyond the beta review, does this group need hosts?

Military testing in Maine's high schools

Angourie surfer Stephen King lucky to escape close encounter with shark on NSW north coast

Were the police to blame for Milly's deleted voicemails? NoW 'was not responsible for raising false

New DNC ad hits Romney for $10,000 bet

How do you delete and add subscriptions?

Military testing in Mas. high schools

Military testing in Michigan's schools

Military testing in Minnesota high schools

Rick Perry heckled over gays in military campaign ad

Garlic and Cancer Prevention

Military testing in Montana high schools

That sound you hear is haters' heads exploding...

Military testing in Nebraska high schools

It's Tebow Time for the first time on DU3

Tebow does it again!!!

49ers what the heck! Arizona 21 - San Francisco 19. #despair

Military testing in Nevada high schools

It's another miracle!

Military testing in New Hampshire high schools

John Fox does it again

The most messed-up bonus offer of all time

Any volunteers willing to host this group?

Military testing in New Mexico high schools

Did you know that you can rec locked threads?

Jury Duty Question

This orphaned baby bat is the cutest thing you’ll see all day

FOX, Lies & the Wrong Videotape: What’s NOT happening in Moscow

Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III's tale started in New Orleans

Israeli military spokesman accused of mocking dead Palestinian protester

Does only one juror (?) determine if a thread is locked? Spell check?

Hi, folks!

Romney Presses Ann Coulter Into Surrogate Duty (AUDIO)

Hanukkah Recipes

Jury Duty question: should spamming and/or marketing be added to the list of

There are a lot of heads exploding here tonight. But wait 'till next week. >>

Eurozone crisis: hopes of recovery recede while recession looms

Warning -- This is not a surgical device

60 Minutes is about to start-interview with the Prez-7:43ET pm. That is all. ;) nt

I am very distressed by the new DU

Missing the old Home page!

New Poll: Obama beating Newtie and Romney in South Carolina

Great game by John Skelton today

Fight Back ~Elizabeth Warren

Braved the cold for a few shots from a field.

How 'bout them Packers too!

Funny or Die: Herman Cain, as depicted by Mike Tyson

Summary of Events in Hama province on Sunday, 11 Dec 2011

Reagan Advisor Bruce Bartlett's Take On Today's Republican Party

BET is running a Black Panther show...

An Argument Against Cutting LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) Funding

Hmm. Already 73 subscribers to our little quilting bee

I really like the new DU

Schumer blisters McConnell as 'petty'

what am i doing wrong. my highlight is not staying

Statement of Purpose for this forum - Just an FYI. It's in the "About This Forum" tab, as well.

Eight myths about socialism—and their answers

Do we not have an advanced search anymore?

Blazing Saddles. More relevant today than it was before?

Bill O'Reilly Attacks, Then Lies To Cover His Ass

Socialism and Religion by Lenin.

Your Old Journal and DU3

Tebow 6 points---Prater 7

GD's back.

THANK YOU ADM. for our forum back. general discussion

I just found this group

I like DU3, but can we have the soapbox back?

Walker Lies about Paid Recall Petitioners, gets Caught. (vid)

Where the hell did the 'Soapbox' forum go? Where should I post now?

HA.... we have our GD back

Hilarious spoof on the Perry ad

Good Read vs SoapBox (now called GD again?)

Here's one for Monday:

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Gingrich

I think it's pretty bleeping ironic that

Best source of need to know for anyone trying to navigate the system. Hope we survive the cut.

The famous Oscar

S.F. police arrest 55 clearing Occupy camp

Siddiqui: Arab Islamists less scary than Republicans

A modest proposal

I wrote a long heartfelt letter to our SOS Mark Richie who ran

Quiz Time-Who is the Yin and who is the Yang!

Ryan Braun: I am not a juicehead

Ranger and Sweetie Gave Us Quite The Surprise Tonight

What was the rationale for creating Good Reads as separate from what used to be GD?

President Obama on 60 Minutes, and my Republican husband made plans to watch.

To clarify my previous post:

U.S. vacates Pakistani air base

Did the Name of this Forum change in the last few hours??or am I seeing things again?

Santa Clara County sheriff draws legal fire for way she hands out concealed-gun permits

Did this used to be the Soapbox Forum?

About 'Most Rec'd' and selection settings ie: 12 hours, 24 hours, default, etc.

Congress edges toward a compromise on spending

Any Starcraft 2 players here?

I miss Soapbox

A requiem for European Union in need of intervention

Gingrich Condemned for Calling Palestinians Terrorists

Tonette would prefer Aaron Rodgers (as would we)

Israel Acts to Curb Illegal Immigration From Africa

Is there a "My DU" type of functionality in the new board?

Is it possible to support

Undercover police spied on protesters at Occupy LA

I offer this

Fact checking the ABC-Yahoo Republican presidential debate in Iowa

US groups told to reveal Syria, Iran links

Poll: Good news for Gingrich and Obama in early states

1,700-gallon fuel spill into creek at UC Berkeley

Columbia, Mo., becomes sixth Missouri community to outlaw gender discrimination

From 'Circus Arts' to 'South Park,' quirky courses shake up the N.J. college experience

Can we still buy someone a star? Thanks.

Why would you fuck up the avatar and sig line functions?

Hey!!!!! Where is Rick and Kimmers ?????

Keys To The Matchup - BCS National Championship Game

Define or Describe 'Beautiful Game'....

in a Cyndi Lauper mood tonight....

Background Check. How the fuck is this considered legal?

Coaching Gives Abusers Opportunity and Trust

why the high cost of heating oil

So a quote the President used tonight came from Joe...

Hi Gem-Staters!

Last night's debate was the most important. Here are my thoughts.

Santa Monica nativity scenes displaced by atheist messages

I'm installing Lion tonight on my Imac and Macbook Pro

China's president promises to increase trade imports


Wow I have to say I love this new group!

President Obama - 60 Minutes Interview

City of Cleveland Passes Emergency Vote to Support OWS

So the Soapbox is gone and GD is back again?

Boy, how fast do the juries fill up? I've been invited 3 or 4 times, I eagerly click

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

Voldemort Political Ad: "Imperio"

Is it safe to come in here?

At the thrift store, the way the future was..

Breitbart has resigned from GOProud’s advisory board

Charlie Pierce: Iowa Debate: Newt Knocks Mitt's Glass Jaw to the Floor

South Korean coastguard "killed by Chinese fisherman"

So it looks like the Admins have responded to our biggest gripe and fixed it

Just a reminder about juries on this new interface.

New book list out, with some interesting history topics.

Pamela Geller Turns Hollywood ShootingTragedy Into an Islamophobic Hate Fest

Homeless Man Makes Balloons To Survive

Set to retire, stimulus watchdog Earl Devaney tried to stay above the fray

IDF agrees to expansion of West Bank settlement

It was petty to take Classic View away from non - Star members.

Two quetions about the DU3 jury system

Occupy Honolulu Targets Hyatt Hotel in Waikiki

Photographs from the extremes of US culture

The mystery of Amsterdam's Jewish community

Unoccupy. Why Here and Why Now?

So where can we find someone that doesn't appease to the corporate jockeys all the time?

Just found out I am "uninsurable"

Starting to ween myself off du in anticipation of my Sneetches star ending next december 2012

Holy Mackrel!

Max Keiser - "Crazy Cameron suicidal with knife in Euro gunfight"

Calif. senator threatens boycott over Lowe's ads

Inside the CIA’s Black Site in Bucharest by Scott Horton

My tale of two churches

If the DU Lounge stays like this I might have to find a new place to discuss Oasis.

Children of OWS Post Paper Hearts, Cops Rip Them Down

Okay, I offered to be a "host" in this group, whatever that means. It was mostly just

Obama challenges rivals on US income inequality

Occasional cursing can ease pain

What Happens When You "Drive the Occupiers Off the Streets?"

OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! I just figured out what "Ptah" stands for!!!!!

Minor thing

The Duel

"I want to say it was over $500 million that went to the country Solynda."

Can I be a member here if I am trying to cut back?

Texans rally past Bengals for first ever playoff berth

Astronaut Gordon Cooper (UFO)

Why do people dislike him?

A message from Bank of America

No One Says Who Took $586B in Fed Swaps

Last Detainee Poses Dilemma for U.S as It Leaves Iraq

Just dawned why folks are complaining about white space


Options for insulating the walls of an existing home?

Will Hosts Be Able to Move a Thread to a Different Forum?

O.K., Walmart fruitcake (very expensive) tastes like soap AND crap.

Is it possible anymore to hide groups from my 'latest threads' page?

UPDATED: Would you like to be a host?

Where are the little blue heads?

Eight players suspended in wake of Xavier-Cincinnati brawl (w/video)

Gay writer saw path to progress

West Coast port shutdown announcement video

400 to 500 PA. State Police Officers Could be Laid Off

Hermes bag (purse) sells for $203,150

Have y'all made all choices regarding the Malicious Intruder Removal Team???

New American Atheists Billboard Encourages Atheists to Come Out to Their Families

All boys should be circumscribed at birth.

Options for insulating the walls of an existing home?

Anybody know where I can find the DU facebook group?

Simple Alert to the submitting photographers: "December Contest" is nearly filled

SNL Mocks Al Sharpton And His MSNBC Show - VIDEO

Fiendish guessing game

Occupy Wall Street Banned From Democratic National Convention


Current or former residents of the South are eligible for this group. Let's have a REUNION!!!!!!

Should we have a marijuana forum or would that be listed under 'recreation'?

Forgive me if this has been asked and answered....

Game Mods,game modding,and cut content

Everyday things...with a twist.

Anyone here a fan of The Best Show on WFMU?

Lifetime remaking The Blue Lagoon as a movie appropriate for all basic-cable audiences

The stress of being a "single Dad" definitely took its toll on Herman.


LynneSin's disturbed and disturbing pet llama fantasies:

Aye, mate... thar be the dreaded Blackfurred the Pirate!!!

Providing medical coverage for Army scouts allowed MFM to pick up some very useful tracking skills.

How to spot MiddleFingerMom in a grocery store -- then & now:

President Obama 60 minutes interview


Skinner I need this unpinned...

about how many jury dutys are done in a day?

After Iraq: What will history say?

When Lindsey Graham tells us what will be said to Americans who ask for a lawyer-Shut Up.

"Most Recommended" sorting

Iraq: Christians prepare for Christmas under siege

What are you reading the week of December 11, 2011?

You want to know why we're starting to see Awesome Obama again? Thank the Occupy Movement.

Even smarter than we thought? Study reveals clever ravens

Boardwalk Empire

I love the mobile DU

The coming Dark Age of India

Newt, The Jews, And An "Invented” People"

Dang, now I have seen it all

Can anyone explain the color codes and especially the yellow triangles in My Post?

Anyone out there looking to host...

Russia election: Medvedev Facebook promise draws ire

Democracy for America Meetup Check-In Table!

love my kindle fire. i have 25 transformer graphic novels on.

Hiya, gang!

Am I the only one for whom the "latest threads" page doesn't

What is The Lounge?

ugh why does cheap have to equal evil most of the time?

Obama And First Family Attend 'Christmas In Washington----pictures

Kansas tea party illustration draws racism claims

I'm thinking of adding two more Hosts

This may not be the future you're looking forward to

K&R if you like DU3.

ARRRGGGG! I'm really missing Advanced Search!

I tried to put into words what I think about the redesign, but I keep hearing this

Question about transparency

Did this Interview create the Tea Party?

Newt Gingrich on child labor laws today:

Anybody else annoyed about the narrow focus that GD is being forced into?

OK, according to the Republicans, God really likes capitalism

where is Alien Girl?

Well I wonder what made this dolphin act so err horny? Pheromones maybe?

where is Alien Girl????

In California, a Plan to Charge Inmates for Their Stay

First Hindu chaplain in US military is 'groundbreaking'

Clarification, please

Where do you fall on the spectrum?

Venezuela and Brazil tighten ties

"You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

Blackwater gets an even bigger makeover

Tonopah Solar rumour debunked on Snopes

Kansas tea party illustration draws racism claims

Who saw Obama on 60 minutes tonight? What did you think?

So, cowboys fans....

I would have paid cash money to see that look on Jerry Jones' face.

Gloves Come Off As Hawaii Senate Race Gets Going

Two questions

Feature request: "Subscribe" at the topic level

Does anyone object to me...

Frederick Valentich disappearance

Islamist parties win votes for the same reason Christian ones do

[Canada's] Environment minister expects new climate deal by 2015

The measly amount of money in the "payroll tax" debate is just Good Cop/Bad Cop again


Mitch McConnell on Chris Wallace show spouting GOPer WISDOM CRAP...He is a Wannabe CZAR

Silicon Valley's first day worker hiring center on the chopping block

Icymist...are you going to host this group?

Mitt Romney - Simply out of touch - Ten Thousand Times Over



We need more young activists!

So...if you post something and don't comment on it, it is an editorial?

"We Don't Need No Cats. We Need More Dawgs"

Does anybody else get the feeling there

I just had a look at the Home Page...

PLEASE help! Can the DOJ refuse "preclearance" if a City Council increases their Term of Office?

Talk about brokered GOP 2012 convention made me recall California credentials battle at 1972 Dem.

The faceless men win.

The alternating blue and gray background on forum posts is driving my eyes crazy.

Rick Perry Said Bush Defended Us From Freedom

#OWS: There's No Wealth on a Dead Planet (pic)

U.S.-listed firms told to reveal Syria, Iran links

Did I Miss Something- Is there a record page for Jury Decisions?

With our constitutional rights being steadily eroded away

Can subthreads still be deleted?

Great, I now have another Akita what loves the toilet

Should HIV non-disclosure be a crime?

Can we now finally stop posting "K&R" as a response to a thread?

I like DU3. Flame away.

I can't post smilies: (

Inside the Mind of a Rick Perry Voter

Jonathan Zimmerman: Newt Gingrich, Pseudo-Historian

Getting better IMO

I think I accidentally clicked a "don't ask again" button.

Diversion of money leaves TPWD needing help (originally posted in DU2 by white cloud)

Thomas Conroy drops out of US Senate race

Pearl Harbor Still a Day for the Ages, but a Memory Almost Gone (Pearl Harbor Survivors Group Ends)

"The poor cannot pull themselves up by their bootstraps because they don't have any boots"

Mitt Romney's Losing $10,000 Bet at Iowa Debate (Video)

I loves waffles !

The paws that refreshes!

Powell's is offering free shipping within the US until noon on 13 Dec.

Powell's is offering free shipping within the US until noon on 13 Dec.

In California, a Plan to Charge Inmates for Their Stay

We came very close to nuclear catastrophe in 1962

What if you serve on a jury and don't get a results-email?

I'm reading "Connecticut in the Civil War" right now

Will We Be Able To Add Images To The Signature Line?

Concerning Senator Schumer's proposal for a TSA passenger advocate at all airports

Jury duty should return us to where we were, not send us back to the Latest page.

A glimpse into the vague and blurry mind of a proud None

Stating the Obvious: If Newt is the (R) Nominee, Obama Will Win in a Landslide

Got the "You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussio

I can't write without using parentheses. It's one of those things I've learned to live with . . .

The statement of purpose for this group should be revised.

Did the corporate media ever interview GWB as intensely as the CBS interview of Obama ?

when we registered for DU3

Bring back the dungeons!

What is RKBA?

New Report Details Conspiracy to Delay, Weaken US Nuclear Safety in Wake of Fukushima

Colorado To Ask DEA to Reschedule Cannabis

Legalizing Marijuana Reduces Traffic Fatalities

The Alice in Wonderland Drug War: Prohibition is the Cartels' Best Ally

Reefer Madness (N.Y.Times)

Honolulu Belongings Ban Signed Into Law, But Questions Remain

CBD cannabinoid COMPLETELY prevents neuropathic pain from breast cancer chemo

Fun with air cannons.

Federal agency blocks FDA-approved marijuana research for veterans

Dr. Kenneth Hendrickson: Legalizing Marijuana May Be For the Best

New Research Points to Lessons from Dutch Cannabis Policy

PBS Documentary: Clearing The Smoke

A promising new technique in treating PTSD

Huntsman's stab at Romney: !

What went wrong with foreclosure aid programs?

One Big Hawaiian Music Thread

A Layperson's Guide to the Commerce Clause and Cannabis

Why The DEA Should Not Have The Final Say On Cannabis

You can PM yourself.

How Marijuana Became Legal

Glenn Beck Finally Gets Around To Denouncing Bruce Springsteen

2011: 40 Years of Drug War Hasn't Worked: Eric Sterling, Criminal Justice Policy Foundation

On the 2011 anniversary of the WoD: Former President Jimmy Carter: Call Off the Global Drug War

Marcellus at the Polls - Facebook Group

June 2011: Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) calls for an end to the war on drugs

Connect the Dots - Follow the Money - Gas Fracking

After Cancer Treatment, Utah Attn. Gen. supports legal medical marijuana

Senate subcommittee report: drug war has largely failed (June 2011)

Your Travel Questions: Answered Here

Today in Gay History - 12/12/11: HIV ruling and Gays/Lesbians covered by domestic violence laws

I was part of a hung jury

HB1950 & SB1100 is PA Gov Tom Corbett's Gift to Gassers. He's called TOXIC TOM for a reason.

Global Commission on Drugs Policy Report (2011)

DO NOT donate to The Salvation Army

By Any Means Necessary Romney Recruits Coulter as Campaign Surrogate

LaGuardia Report from 1941 Indicates U.S. Waged Propaganda Campaign Against Cannabis

Police logs raise questions over deletion of Milly Dowler voicemails

What's happens when a 'Emergency Manager' runs your town...Not Pretty!

Nixon's Schafer Report (which he ignored) recommended decriminalization

Unraveling an epidemic (autism)

A reminder for the young'uns - we thought Reagan was a joke candidate too

Early Studies Indicate Cannabis May Shrink Tumor Cells (Studies: 1974-2010)

Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

Alabama politician Bill Johnson caught in sperm donation scandal in New Zealand

Council on Science and Public Health: Use of Cannabis as Medicine

The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937: Background, Hearings on H.R. 6385, 6906, Letters

Europe back under pressure after summit

Peer-reviewed journal finds no link between cannabis and schizophrenia

Cyber attacks could wreck world oil supply

Marijuana Use Studies - A History, with Ethan Russo, MD

Portugal's Drug Laws Show Results 10 Years On, Experts Say


Any former Alateens here?

To thwart porn, colleges are buying up .xxx sites

Where's the Soapbox?

Reagan's Greatest Economic Legacy: Indoor-Grown Hybrid Cannabis

A few hacker teams do most China-based data theft

Obama, Iraqi prime minister to meet ahead of U.S. troop drawdown

Cost Savings: Jeffrey Mirons - senior lecturer in economics at Harvard on the WoD

I know about Twitter and Facebook, but--

The Craigslist Christmas Wish

LAT: Clippers are close to deal for Chris Paul with Hornets

I want to recommend a movie: The Harimaya Bridge

"this message is hidden by jury decision"

gas prices vary in southern part of state

Final Results: For the folks that were following the Queen Extravaganza Contest and Marc Martel

I hear that Newt was SHOCKED!!! by Mitts $10,000 bet

Lawmakers press military housing company to fix problems

About that video...

Bill Moyers: Why 'We The People' Must Triumph Over Corporate Power

Guest worker plan draws mixed reviews at Capitol ( Oklahoma)

Life possible on 'large parts' of Mars: study

Alec Baldwin Lampoons His American Airlines Incident On Weekend Update - VIDEO

Fierce clashes spread in Syria

Debit-Fee Cap Has Nasty Side Effect

A blast from the past--Merry Fitzmas! Treason's Greetings!

DU3 slow on filtered work computers

Rick Perry’s Jacket In Homophobic Ad Looks Familiar

Leaders should be ethical, not pious

Another round of climate negotiations, another slow-motion step toward disaster.

I really like the way the "My Posts" tab works..

Why are journal posts crammed into a long skinny column?

Palestinians: UNESCO Will Help Us Bar Jews From Praying at Tomb of the Patriarchs

Puerty Natales, Patagonia, Chile

live: UK's EU treaty veto reaction & David Cameron statement

I can't afford a 10,000 penny bet, but when do you think Newt Gingrich last cleaned a toilet?

"Newtist Colony"?

I switched my setting to classic but I still get the zebra stripe effect on the latest threads page

Anti-Gay Groups Mobilize Against CA’s ‘Indoctrinating’ Gay History Law

Japanese tsunami fund 'used for whaling programme'

Playing With Mud

Obama: GOP made political 'calculation' to 'stand on the sidelines'

Early Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Patients Can Skip Radiation Therapy, Study Finds

elderly poverty and gop sucker punch -- now will democrats pledge to defend social security?

Joe Manchin (DINO) on Morning Joe

Higgs boson: Excitement builds over 'glimpses' at LHC (more re: The Higgs!)

Reps love Saakashvili and he loves back

Presenting America’s Ten Greediest of 2011

I got up, I opened DU (3) as I must every morning,

How can I see older threads? All I see is 5 threads here and I want to see older ones.

I was the lone dissenting opinion on a jury.

Wisconsin: A note from Senator Jon Richards regarding the Walker mining bill

What if prevention doesn’t save money?

The Surprising Ingredient In Raw Cookie Dough That Could Make You Sick

Because we can now: Post a video of incredible sports plays

Europe's Top Bank Regulator: 'The Crisis Has Reached a Systemic Level'

Alabama politician Bill Johnson caught in sperm donation scandal in New Zealand

Mislabeled Chinese Honey Leads to Criminal Busts

Has anyone seen a box labeled "Toys"? I think the movers lost it moving us to DU3.

Maggie Gallagher, NOM should simply stop being such liars

Andrew Kaczynski uses CSPAN archives for 'amateur oppo research.'

I want to see how many recommends on a thread without opening it

Is there an official "Feature Requests" thread?

Researchers develop method to form blood platelets from stem cells

SRGC - Idlib Province Daily Report, Sunday, 11 Dec 2011

General help creating an Android app (SD card in emulator)

Sorry for the posting in the wrong Forum

I love DU but most of all

Never mind...figured it out - how hosts can add co-hosts....

Billionaire Prokhorov to run for president (against Putin in 2012), pledges to create new party

is it just me or does coke (and other drinks) just taste horrible from a plastic bottle?

Do you know how hard it is to be liberal?

The MIB III Teaser Trailer

Holy Cow: 60 Minutes Interview Just Got POTUS Reelected in 2012. UPDATED w/Video

New Concerns About Northwest Nuclear Waste Plant

Toon: What a Ragtag Bunch!

So is there any way to bookmark a thread? nt

Toon: Over the counter birth control

The 1% Election: How to Turn Election Year Into Election Life

This would be a really nice to have in the Inbox to help manage the flood of msgs for hosts -

the forum menu is waaaay down at the bottom below everything else

lounge poll

Has the MIR team been selected yet? n/t

i think i'm not interested in being a host or serving on the juries for this forum.

His Big Mouth Could Get People Killed

On DU2, I can mark a forum 'as read' from whatever thread I am reading with one click,

Tea Party's been looking for "Real America". Roy found it on the corner of Norman and Rockwell

NYPD and NYC City Hall Break Kids Hearts

just out of curiosity - in the forums and groups page - why are some of the folders blue? n/t

Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King fire back at Margaret Court’s anti-gay statements

December 12, 2000 - the day Bush v. Gore was decided

If I have a forum or group sorted by anything other than the default 'Last reply'

My favorite Japanese xmas song.. ever.

What about a limit on how long Hosts can serve? and other matters

The Dodd-Frank news you don’t hear: It’s moving forward

Colorado Secretary of State: Ease Up On Voting Security

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

"Republicans may not care about this, but you should."

'Protecting every ha'penny of the wealthiest people in our country while the goose is getting fat'

Europe debt saga far from over

Thousands of California nurses to hold day strike

Short Tales From Bizarro World: The GOP Primaries Edition

the beauty of a mosquito wing

Two really annoying issues with posting...

Newt's new campaign poster

I'm lost!!!!

S.C. braces for deep federal spending cuts

Euro Crisis Pits Germany and US in Tactical Fight

Graham says watchdog agency ‘something out of the Stalinist era’

Army slashing 8,700 jobs as budget cuts begin

LGBTs occupying ‘Occupy’

Krugman: Depression and Democracy

What I like about Open Source Freedom of choice! Standardized Linux?????

Tom Delay is still not in jail. I repeat, Tom Delay is still not in jail.

WELCOME BACK "General Discussion!" Like Poochy, "Soapbox" died on its way back to its home planet

Iran army declines comment on MP's Hormuz exercise remarks

Is there a way to turn off the indentation lines to show thread structure.

where is the delete in My Posts?

Children of OWS post paper hearts, cops rip them down

The Huffington Post

New to all this

Right-wingers have hijacked a Obama thread at Huff post..

Fun facts about Newt - by Tom Tomorrow

Make-up divas, this middle-aged woman needs help!

RE/ self-removed post

Romney Presses Ann Coulter Into Surrogate Duty (AUDIO)

here I am as requested....OPI reporting???

sig line graphics

Thom Hartmann: Are Rats are More Empathetic than Republicans?

Westboro church plans to picket Virginia Tech officer's funeral

PLEASE pin the emoticons until they're "back"

Saudi Arabia executes woman convicted of 'sorcery'

Everyone: Check out the New DU Home Page!

Left In Alabama: Jeff Sessions Bloviates about Tough Decisions; Refuses to Make Any

I take it that bookmarking the thread function is in the pipeline?

Oh, Boehner. You're right..."my way or the highway" rhetoric has NO place in politics.

Drumbeat from this weekend and today.

13 Reasons Why Newt Will Never Be the GOP Nominee

Yet another question...

Season 2 Finale: The OCCUPIED Amendment

Sherrif Buford Pusser would have been 74 years old today. I had no idea that:

has everyone seen the google doodle today? honouring bob noyce

The Top Ten Misconceptions About Atheists

Perry heckled over ad attacking gays and lesbians serving openly in the military

A radical embrace of nullification

RIP for the thread that never dies

The Right (and Wrong) Way to Die When You Fall Into Lava

Post my thread! Post my reply!

Will there be (or is there already) a "Recommended" area, where top

Please folks...........

Liberal Veteran's attempts to make the USA Olympic team were dashed pretty quickly...

CSU Chancellor Expounds on History of Math

The Cookie Crumbles (Kunstler)

My kind of Christmas tree !!!!

Is there any reason why the SMW can't appear in BOTH the LBN AND Economy forums?

House GOP members unveil unemployment benefit extension bill

Political winds shift to Democrats

Posting this here. I hope this is the right spot. It's about "god" and "sports". CNN Poll

Cain ponders "what can be done to persuade others to promote and implement our bold solutions"

I need a Lounge Vibe Bubble...

Presenting America’s Ten Greediest of 2011

Four Ways Obama’s Birth Control Fail Hurts Young Women of Color

Can we have a Presidential Politics Forum back

A Newt and Tiffanys

Hefty Gingrich debts a decades-long pattern (pays himself before he pays creditors)

Listening to MPR this morning and they are "discussing" rationals for demanding a faith based POTUS.

I noticed a problem with Jury Duty.

I am now taking applications for the ohiosmith "Jury Blacklist". Please submit your qualifications

Are the Freepers jealous yet?

Anyone know how to get my old avatar back?

Wretched troll Liz Cheney willing to "give (Obama) credit for" OBL, thinks it's "terrific," BUT...

So I'd Recommend Putting Your Money In Your Mattress

Gingrich would ‘consider’ returning Freddie money if Romney returned earnings from ‘bankrupting’

MF Global's US And UK Customers Got Screwed By A Little Thing Called Regulation T

Mouse or track pad?

Italy faces week of strikes against Monti's austerity

Hello my friends. I am having real trouble with Christmas.

Feature request: Opt out of juries for specific forums.

US outed, and far from drawn down

Penn St. Coach McQueary's story contradicted again.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 13th: Christmas Comedies

Merry Newtonmas Everyone!

Hello! Nice to see all of you here.

Newsweek: Guess WHAT? America's got a FEVER. And the only prescription is MORE CALLISTA.

Iran to 'reverse engineer' US drone

Bernie Sanders on the floor: Proposing to amend the Supremes Citizens United decision

Facing Funding Shortfalls and Protest, Better Rail for Boston Region is Delayed

Then came the economist: On Nobel Acceptance Speeches

Pentagon provides military grade weapons to local police

Know Your Numbers - 8675309 Parody - Mayo Clinic Video to promote healthy heart awareness

Antigay American Politician Donates Sperm to New Zealand Lesbians

Frum: Fox News creates an ‘alternative knowledge system’

Mitt Romney $10,000 bet tshirt

"Here Comes Christmas" by my band...

... he told her, following her diagnosis with multiple sclerosis, that he wanted a divorce ...

As God is my witness, my goal is to turn this forum into the Tennis-Figure Skating Emporium!

The fairness issue with respect to handicap stickers.

Viral TV: watching influenza reproduction live in living host cells

You thought that was the song title, but it wasn't. For example,

Traveling to Kenya via Istanbul

Matters of taste

For members concerned that progressives and voices critical of Obama will be squelched by DU Juries.

We really need the ignore feature ASAP! I am getting uncomfortable PM'S.

Peru's president in major shake-up of Cabinet

When all Heaven breaks loose

Road Tripping in the US - Updated

Port of Portland closed down by Occupiers LIVE stream

Predator Spy Drone Used to Arrest North Dakota Family, Recover Six Cows

i am buying a "farm"

OMG!! The Antichrist has arisen and is recruiting Obama girls into his fold....

I have a Maine Coon Cat that needs a home

Occupy Oakland livestream at the port

is it just me or does coke (and other drugs) just taste horrible from a plastic bottle?

Trade agreements worsen imports-centered model in Venezuela

Dogs Sticking Their Heads Out Of Car Windows

Occupy Port of Seattle -- LIVESTREAM

One of the strongest transparency features of DU3

Any Mac Pro users recording music and/or voice-overs?

"The battle of the energy titans comes down to one great contest: nuclear vs. coal."

LOL! Trump claims Romney is sinking in the polls because he won't participate in his debate!

Here's the cunning plan

Columnist in AM Kansas City Star said Newt is a genius but unstable

Perry: "Obama's war on religion"

Pot Roast leftovers

Why is U.S Senator Kay Hagan trying to eliminate OT for IT workers?

Darcy Richardson's website now up! Donations needed for ballot access petitions for Dem primaries!

Kagan recuses herself on Arizona Immigration review

‘Sovereign Citizens’ members arrested with help of Predator drone

well, they made me host. anyone else who would like to be a host please

Would it be possible to include a link to the jury decision within hidden posts?

Heading to Florida next week -

A must read Curious Capitalist column for all OWS/99% supporters.

statement of purpose

Great youtube find: "The Submariners" from 1967

Man Comes Out as HIV-Positive

"Chavez Nativity" creates controversy in Venezuela

What is a "knob of butter"?

What happens when someone is banned from a group?


Two-thirds from two persons! And according to the linked report, 92% of NOM's 2010 $$ from 22 people

Occupy protesters block some gates at ports from Calif., to Canada, delaying truck traffic

I'm now the group host for health. If you are interested in helping host please add you name here

Anybody interested in being a co-host in this forum?

Forum currently has no hosts. Anybody want to host here?

Okay....I give up

Does anyone else think 12 hours is ridiculously, unusably short for "late-breaking news"?

Sandusky case: What's at stake in Tuesday's hearing

Supreme Court Will Hear SB1070 Case, Justice Kagan Is Recused

How many of us have been to an Occupy event?

Texas okays Christian license plates after nixing Confederates

Almost there! Panhandlers must PAY for permit to beg ....

Will we see the name of the OP in a group's list of postings?

mim, you still can't unrecommend posts in this forum.

Lurkers check-in thread!

Fashion people, now I need help!...

The GOP sits on its rump-repub's refusal to approve Cordray is "a misuse of congressional authority"

Obama can run on his jobs record, imo...

Any plans on refining the search function?

Oklahoma Literature -- what are your favorite books about Oklahoma?

This group now has an official host! And, onto the next step:

JUST WATCHING this ...will make you breath hard...

When I click on the arrow or page number to go to the next page of 'Most Rec'd", I get this error:

When Truth Survives Free Speech

Class Matters. Why Won’t We Admit It?

I love the new Twitter button, and I have some ideas for improvements

Fukushima: Reactor 4 is FALLING APART

Historians form "Occupy History" support group

Solar Power Setup for Campers, Small Cabins

The time is 12:43 PM EST in Ecorse, MI. Again it's time for another installment of ASK MR SCORPIO

Obama establishes an Office of Manufacturing Policy

What's for dinner? ~ Monday the 12th edition!

Occupy Protestors Block Two Entrances to Port of Oakland

I think the home...

Rami al-Jarrah speaks to Al Jazeera

A thing of beauty from Charles Pierce

Anyone read any Elvis mysteries by Daniel Klein?

How a rapist's confession forced Rick Perry to pardon a dead man - Mother Jones

Why no seniors topic?

Do I dectect a little frustration among the Patriots? Video>>

mmmm Yummy! Lindt Dark Chocolate infused with red chili

So I see DU has drug resistant GD.

If fedex leaves you a package you did not order and does not come back to pick it up,

Not sure where to ask this

Creation of a new Security Help thread

Oh dear, dear, dear

Petitioning our new group host for some pinned threads:

Longshoremen union sends workers home, Port of Oakland shut down.

Obama Administration Announces $2 Billion in Resources to Support Job-Creating Startups

TPM: "Good Newt's" positive campaign expired today

Well, I got sour cream but the recipe is on DU2

and two for Tuesday

(To the Mods: ) Put 'em back the way they wuz, oh, put 'em back the way they wuz.

Dali paintings--do they mean anything?

Please Support PFLAG and Others During the Holidays

No Surprise 30 Big Corporations Spent More Lobbying Washington Than They Paid In Income Taxes

As Republicans Cheer Child Labor, They Should Reflect On My Grand Father's Life

Obama: we have asked Iran to return downed U.S. drone

"Back to top" button needed.

Good Luck Finding Nemo 15 Years From Now - 1 In 6 Species Depicted In Movie Face Extinction

Need a recipe

****Ok Every LGBT Group Member Come In Now and Vote for your Host!****

Guardian - Durban All About The Diplomats, Hedging, Fudging, Delaying - Climate? Meh

Religion now more dangerous than Arabs

Berkeley's Occupy camp thrives, unthreatened

Leveson launches spin-off inquiry into hacking of Milly Dowler's voicemail

Nature - Acidic Seawater (@ 600, 1,000 PPM Equivalent) = Organ Deformity, Death In Embryonic Fish

I'm now a host...

Michelle Obama event breaks world record for most people doing jumping jacks in 24-hour period

Obama Meets Iraqi Leader to Chart Broad Shifts

More evidence of Republicans infiltrating the Democratic Party

Syrians in General Strike as Clashes Continue

It's now easier to spam DU successfully. Case in point: a poster named "Military Testing."

If a group has no host, and a post is alerted on for being off-topic, does that go to a jury?

Progressive AM Radio

Obama gave a shout out to Joe during his presser w/Iraqi head honcho --

Question: Just received an email notification

Another benefit of the jury system: getting more information about how DU actually is

New member of the Occupation needs a FaceBook avatar; can you help me find?

An Open Letter from America’s Port Truck Drivers on Occupy the Ports

Original Posters can now recommend their threads

"Knob" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "knob".

Glenn Beck Suggests Tea Party Is Racist

The Case for a Moratorium on Drilling the Marcellus Shale in PA

Obama and the Iraqi President

During the presser, Obama said we will not have a military presence in Iraq (which, come to

Why do you think you deserve to be re-elected? What have you accomplished?

To those who think the Muslim scarf/hijab is oppressive to women

Keep your eyes on your... tubas?!

Romney Discovers Teh Ghey is Everywhere

Panama's Noriega comes home to jail

Fun facts about Newt Gingrich (Tom Tomorrow)

Stone implements linked Africans and Arabians a surprisingly long time ago

Is there a way of being excluded from Jury duty for certain forums or groups?

Alan Boss on Earth-like planet discovered 600 light years away

Glenn Beck Suggests Tea Party Is Racist

What caused you to consider using linux or other Open Source Software on your Computer?

7th Circuit strikes down part of Wisconsin election law

"The Evangelicals' Catholic" (column about Newt)

You Say You Want a Devolution?

Why Is This Clip From August Suddenly Popping Up All Over Facebook Again?

No One Telling Who Took $586B in Fed Swaps

The person who ripped up the Scott Walker recall petition is guilty of a felony, but because

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds: Dr. Peter Beilenson - Are healthcare co-ops coming? 1/2

I think more LGBT DUers may want to weigh in on this discussion in Meta...

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds: Dr. Peter Beilenson - Are healthcare co-ops coming? 2/2

Is there some way to get my Scottie Avatar back???

GOP will invoke pro-forma session to block Pres O's nomination to CPB.

Anti-Gay Politician Donated Sperm to Lesbian Couple

Just What is the GOPers Philosophy they proudly mention as the Best in the Land ? Morality? Hate?

Okay, I'm confused.

Does anyone else think Mitt..

DU Album of the Day: Jethro Tull "Aqualung"

A Massacre in Jamaica

Gingrich Pledges Not To Commit Infidelity A Third Time

The "Community Standards" button redirects to the front page

The People's Lobby

A lot of Vets and there should be a lot to discuss!

Okay, you know when google and your browser seems to remember everything you type?


New DU Feature: DU Wreck

New Member - Gun Info

Solynda What a country. LOL!

Another Oops: Perry Says Solar Company Solyndra Is A Country

Sorry President Obama

I think we need an "Undo" feature on the alert button.

Also said in Mr. Obama's interview last night...

US proposes Israel-Turkey compromise

Shouldn't this me the PRESIDENT Barack Obama group? A little respect for our CIC is in order. nt

I'm feeling like the dark is putting on a push today.

"Evict us, we multiply

Sources: Clippers' deal for Chris Paul off

Has Skinner located my keys yet?

Matt Helms in the Detroit Free Press: Debunking public transportation myths

There should be a "Practice Being a Host" forum, where people can practice being a host!

Meta-Discussion is almost as much fun as the Lounge!

Rick Perry hates Christmas! Paging Billo the Clown!

Is It Me Or Is The MSM IGNORING The OWS Port Shutdown Action.

If I'm going to post one of my articles, where should I do it?

Ok, all I gotta say is I've finally oriented myself to the new Sports Forum

I think I acted precipitously on assigning a Host.

New Men in Black trailer---this should be a huge Blockbuster.

Please help save Solynda.

Wilmington area... represent!

How do you post images to the Signature line?

Dear Admin: PLEASE provide us with a way to REMOVE the Lounge from our Latest Threads feed.

Conservative group sets up nativity scene in Capitol; move angers anti-religion group

Blackwater changing their name to Southern Baptist and vice versa

My favorite cousin sent me a Happy Birthday violin playing Cat ecard over the weekend.

TYT on Current: Cenk vs. former Sen. Alan Simpson (Part 1)

Do I post here to sign up for a host of a group?

Math Fail: Fox News Says 8.6 Percent Unemployment Is Greater Than 8.8 And Equal To 9

I was a juror and never learned of the final outcome.

Thank you Australia!

Overwhelmingly, I think the jury system works. I also think that there are several examples where

The Epic Failure of Republican Trickle Down Economics

A few videos of my band

Occupy protesters disrupt West Coast ports--CNN

Was told to post here by error message.

More kudos, guys! Home page is NICE!

Don't like DU3 - try this

TOM TOMORROW: Fun Facts About Newt

New Israeli ambassador arrives in Egypt 3 months after embassy attack, airport officials say

The front page doesn't change often enough for my taste

Tim Tebow’s pastor attributes wins to “God’s favor”

Ideas to Save the United States Postal Service

Bloomberg Quarterly Poll favors Obama!

Cast Away on FX now.

Pic Of The Moment: Mitt Romney Goes All In

Huh? Now Obamas Are Condemned For Celebrating Christmas Too Enthusiastically

Inspired by SOPA and the NDAA: END (Project 12, 12/12)

EU Set to Ban Export of Drug Used in US Executions

Concerning Senator Schumer's proposal for a TSA passenger advocate at all airports

Pic Of The Moment: Gingrich Takes Traditional Marriage Pledge

Seasonal Music with an Irish Flavor.

Has anyone seen a box labeled "Vibrators"? I think the movers lost it moving us to DU3.

Question for EarlG or Skinner about viewing DU3 on a mobile device

(Wild Hunt) Guest Post: Pagan Chaplaincy at Occupy Wall Street

Veteran gay journalist Varnell has passed away.

PG&E declared 2 lines safe despite missing records (SF Chron)

Are any DUers listening to Judson Phillips of Tea party fame


Can the Islamists truly be democratic?

grocery bag video...

Who is familiar with InSSIDer?

Obama Campaign Needs to...

Have you heard of the Obama's Achievements Center?

I am a Romney Republican

WTH ...

Russian billionaire to run against Putin

An Electoral Vote Forecast Formula: Simulation or Meta-analysis Not Required

Cats Love Christmas

mobile version is messed up

Protesters halt operations at some western ports

US covert operations threaten war with Iran

California overhauls mental health department

Reading List.

DU3 Reintroduce yourself thread

help on photo of JFK assn

President Obama's Gallup approval rating amongst liberal Democrats for December 5th-11th is 84%.

Romney tells gay vet that he may repeal same-sex marriage rights in NH

An Open Letter about Emergency Contraception

Jerkers check-in thread!

Your "edit history" ain't nobody's business but your own.

Last time I was in a jury, I was PM'd the results. This time I did not get a PM --

Gay Veteran Steals the Show at Romney Endorsement Event

Why is this group not coming alive? Hillary Supporters Reconstitute!

Does anyone else have a problem with clicking the "back" button in DU3?

If those 2 smug toads Scalia and Thomas do not

In 2003, gas was about $1.70 gallon. 9 years later.....after spending trillions

Spending on Military Vs Education: Which Creates More Jobs?

Michelle Obama & Co. smash a world record for jumping jacks

Anti-Gay Alabama GOPer Secretly Donated Sperm To Lesbian Couples In New Zealand

Papantonio: 10,000 Reasons Why Mitt's Campaign is Finished

Great Analysis of Gas Drilling Law and Fees - Now Being Decided Upon by Legislature

Anti-gay group funded almost entirely by two people

VW Manufacturing Plant in Dresdan, Germany - The transparent factory

School district to reconsider allowing teachers to discuss homosexuality in the classroom

Woman who underwent sex change wins workplace discrimination claim

Among Gingrich’s Passions, a Doomsday Vision

National Organization for Marriage’s 2010 financial records raise questions

In conservative pledge, Gingrich vows no more marital infidelity (The Hill)

Alabama politician Bill Johnson caught in sperm donation scandal in New Zealand

Stop a DINO! Pickup a House Seat! Ilya Sheyman in the Illinois 10th needs help!

I would be interested in serving as a host for this group.

Dolphins fire Tony Sparano

I googled low sodium ground beef recipes and found this:

The Real Reason Why the Republicans are trying to pass a voter ID law in PA. -column Phila Inquirer

Why Do People Defend Unjust, Inept, and Corrupt Systems?

When are posts or threads actually deleted, rather than hidden ?

Chiefs fire coach Todd Haley

The absolute WORST thing about the launch of DU3

DUzy's and DU topic - and a question...

How come you usually don't catch another cold until some time after you've had one?

Sporadic PHP Error

Hamas calls for calm with Israel after spike in cross-border attacks

Do not use a hyphen after an adverb ending with -ly.

What the hell is wrong with people?

Sports Picture of the year courtesy of our resident Cowgirl fan, Madinmaryland.

The Toronto 9/11 hearings

Even still more evidence of Republicans infiltrating the Democratic Party

do we need a host? Ptah? Anybody else?

This was bound to happen. You can order these Christmas cards from ebay:

I thought I put everyone in here on IGNORE!

Do you put up a Christmas tree?...tree decorating questions...

Abortion Opponents Sue Governor of Rhode Island

L.A. Fights Condom Law for Porn Actors

Woman Says Starbuck's Has a Screw Loose-I can't be nice to anyone unless they purchase an item

Gimme my journal, kitteh picture, sig line, and ignore list or I'll shoot this dog!

Annual Fight Erupts Over Nativity Scene-"We'll remove it when hell freezes over,"

"someone needs to stand up against these atheist sons of bitches."

The Fate Of Lanai Hinges On A Los Angeles Real Estate Tycoon

Running a RAID5 array with 2 SSD's and a mechanical hard drive under XP possible ?

Welcome to the Economy Group! Pls read if you are new here.

LOL At "Thurston" Romney And His Ten Thousand Dollar Bet

Du ladies (and/or men) who wear bras, can I ask a question?

FBI: Muslim Groups In U.S. May Be Developing Nuclear Families

What is the secret of baking powder biscuits?

Romney wants to ‘keep America American’

As climate change sets in, plants and bees keep pace

'Price List ... for Sex Acts' at Arkansas College

Where do we go to request the creation of another group?

Burqa wearing banned in Canada for those taking citizenship oath

Just a note of caution for those new to C&B

Stop the Cuts to Unemployment Insurance! Call Congress!

Meditation, anyone?

Gingrich’s Tax Plan Would Give Millionaires A $600,000 Tax Cut

Lunkers check in

EU Set to Ban Export of Drug Used in US Executions

"Occupy Goldman Sachs: Protesters March on "Vampire Squid"....Incredible Photo's at Link!

Explosion rips through Syria gas pipeline: witness

America loves KITTENS, but NOT Mittens

Something I found on CMN; interesting.. (reposting from DU2)

Homeless man arrested after getting pedicure-thought credit card was 'blessing from God,'

Most comebacks of 12 or more points in NFL history this week

Looks like Badgercare cuts are coming

Link to old ASAH Group on DU2 - for reference.

Syria Crackdown Death Toll Surpasses 5,000: Diplomats

Obama, Maliki Hail 'New Chapter' for Iraq Without US Troops

Gingrich brings back Al Gore's "lockbox" - for his Freedom Loving PENIS!

Skinner just made me host of this group

Hmmm, a $10,000 Bet? Here's a $10,000 bet for you - would you take it?

Inside the Obama War Room: "We're built to win--irrespective of who the nominee is going to be"

Lowe’s stands by decision ...


I am essential

Quotations about Dogs

'Syria intervention proxy attack on Iran'

Cambridge University puts Isaac Newton papers online

We're number one...

Canada withdrawing from Kyoto, says official

Satellites, helicopters, drones.

6 Members of Wal-Mart Family Have More Money than Poorest 90 Million Americans

Karl Rove's split decision on Elizabeth Warren...

American Families Lose Money While Corporations Hoard

You know, I might try eating a cat. Especially when it's this cute.

Hundreds of threatened species not on official US list

Burqa wearing banned in Canada for those taking citizenship oath

FDA Yanks Voting Rights from Drug Safety Committee Member Who Opposes Bayer Birth Control Pill

War with Iran! Are you kidding me? says Dennis Kucinich

Jewish religious law threatening Israeli women

How do you put someone on "Ignore" on DU3?

Favorite song NOT written about Pattie Harrison?

Romney Falls Far Behind Gingrich

Just clicked over to 'Classic View.'


Why does a post in "GD" that has Recommends not be showing those Recommends?

Question--why do many here seem to celebrate the number of people who apply for CCW licenses?

Climate change blamed for dead trees in Africa

This is just fantastic

Answer (?) to own question: Droid 2 Netbook

Did Goldman Sacks just buy protection by taking over Blackwater??? (or Xi, or whatever...)

Growing U.S. Violent Extremism by the Numbers: UMD Database

Bug? Post views include page refreshes

Why not call this the Black (or Black Americans) group?

I was diagnosed in February with stageIV Cervical Cancer.

Mitt Romney on Newt Gingrich: He's the front-runner

Additional DU Twitter Button Feature Request

I have applied for the host slot. Thanks everyone!

Join Sen. Gillibrand and Sen. Brown: Support the STOCK Act

Thoughts on voting in a GOP primary

Old Netflix Thread - For reference only

Recession Crimped Incomes of Richest Americans

WTF!? Protestors lying in street have large tent placed over them and gassed(?)

How can Jeb Bush become president w/o running in the primary?

A young man stands at a busy store entrance, brightly greeting passers-by. He is all but ignored.

If you are here for the first time - Please SUBSCRIBE!

Just wanted to say thanks for the links to our DU2 journals

Dalai Lama offers Tibetan medicine to frail Czech icon Havel

GOP seeks to cut unemployment benefits

If Newt Doesn't Self-Immolate, We Will Release the Clinton.

Old Rural/Farm group - for reference only!

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Corporations Are Not People and They Shouldn't Be Allowed to Buy Our Elections

Sick and Poor for Christmas

Democratic Super PAC Takes Romney's French WAY Out Of Context

If you are here for the first time - Please SUBSCRIBE!

Miro Weinberger wins Democratic nomination...

Mail carrier aids escape from fire

Uranus Direct and Lunar Eclipse on

Glad to find the old avatar, but will probably pick

Tunisian activist, Moncef Marzouki, named president

There's a Martian app for that! (HiRISE image browser released today)

Precog flavored Newt Gingrich attack ad

My Mayor just tried to do the funniest thing

good info, funny thread

Atheist group promises 'slightly blasphemous' response to Capitol nativity

WWII tugboat sinks at Point Richmond dock

Honestly... I think Mitt Romney has completely fucked himself.

What limitations, if any, do you feel right for Emergency Contraceptive aka "Plan B"?

Are "riders" ever good?

Did anyone else watch the first season of The Boss?

Occupy Houston protesters arrested for blocking East Loop entrance ramp

I'd like to offer an apology--

'Crucified' Santa skeleton is decapitated

Feds: Arrests of illegal immigrants decrease dramatically

Hey - close the door behind you when you come in here - it's freezing outside!

Was skeptical about the new DU...

Is the kudzu dead too???

Jim Hightower invites you to attend or host an organizing party for overturning Citizens United

Newt Gingrich, His Divorces, and Evangelicals

The Case for Repealing ALL Anti-Abortion Laws

I just saw The Descendents

Is this the forum where we'll be discussing the GOP nomination race?

Oh shnizzle! You can rec your own threads now

Chris Christie says Morning Joe has liberal bias

"The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion" When the Anti-Choice Choose

Gingrich would end Fed’s emphasis on jobs.

Picture of my maternal Grandfather from France, 1918.

Police to test laser that 'blinds rioters' (UK article) (Can U.S. be far behind?)

’Invention’ of Palestine Shows Bankruptcy of U.S. Mideast Policy

Dawkins accuses British PM of not being a true Scotsman

Free Speech Goes Down The Drain (Occupy Springfield Illinois)

How Doctors Die: It’s Not Like the Rest of Us, But It Should Be

No One Telling Who Took $586B in Fed Swaps

I have an opportunity to be a web consultant but not sure if I should

Britain is ruled by the banks, for the banks

Iowa Evangelicals Divided Over Caucus Endorsement.

U.S. Economic Data Surprising Forecasters

Tunisia After Revolt Can Alter E-Mails With U.S. and European Big Brother Software

Who wants to do something about this?

Democratic Payroll Tax Position Hardens

Help..Enthusiast is STILL stuck over in DU2, has been asking for help since Sat.