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The current state of the 12 flippable 2020 Senate Seats

Here is my completely up to date, most detailed post yet on the state of the races.

We need a plus 4 net to flip the Senate to a 51-49 Dem advantage (so no power sharing agreements needed at all) as it stands, and a plus 5 net if Paedo Moore is not the Rethug Alabama nominee (and even that bastard will be hard for Jones to beat in a POTUS year in Alabama) and we lose Doug Jones. We should absolute hold all our other seats. Jeanne Shaheen in NH is the only one that is probably not a 99% lock, with the Rethugs choosing between Don Bolduc, former U.S. Army brigadier general, Bill O'Brien, former Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, Kelly Ayotte, former U.S. Senator and former Attorney General of New Hampshire, Scott 'Pickup' Brown, U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa, former U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, and 2014 Republican nominee for U.S. Senate from New Hampshire, and the lunatic Rump stooge (and Hope Hicks' ex BF/verbal abuser), Corey Lewandowski. Bolduc and Ayotte are probably their best shots there (with Bolduc worrying me the most), but I feel really good about our chances to hold it, due to Rump being between 11 and 17 points (depending on the poll) underwater overall in NH.....

H2O Man

Charlie Trump in the Desert

A while ago, I went to the movies with my sons. It was only the second time I've been in a movie theater since 2000, as I tend to be selective in what interests me. My boys told me that I'd like this flick, because it would remind me of events from my youth. The movie is Tarantino's “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” Strange, strange movie that is worth seeing.

On the ride home, they asked my opinion of Manson? I said that I have never cared for anyone who wants a band of obedient followers, who punishes anyone who questions him, who is a sexist and racist, who confuses himself with God, who rants about the need for a race war in the United States, and who tries to spark that violent race war. Other than that, Charlie was just another cowardly, paranoid asshole....


Something a little different and for which I ask your indulgence.

It is easy to get so wrapped up in the hate, greed, corruption and ignorance that today constitutes "politics" that I am sure it has adversely impacted the health of many on this board. Any discussion of Trump and his disciples is analogous to willfully sticking your head into a septic tank: it may occasionally need to be done, but you'd better come back up into fresh air frequently to take a deep breath and look around at the real world....

Snake Plissken

I guess I'm what you'd call a

I couldn't care less about the candidates or the issues, I'm really not even interested in the candidate's name that I will be voting for.

My only focus is voting for the candidate running against Trump, whoever that candidate may be.

Now if I heard a candidate say that his or her first order of business as President would be to ensure that Trump is held accountable for his crimes and goes to prison if convicted, that would make me very interested.

captain queeg

Is Trump losing it or trolling us? (Poll)

Seems to be a pretty even divide between those who think Trump is losing his mind and those who think he is playing us. I’m on the side he’s going off the deep end. I don’t think he’s smart enough to be thinking ahead and following thru. Too impulsive, I think his mouth just vomits out whatever ridiculous thought he is having. What do you think?


The WORST type of Trump supporter IS NOT the White Nationalist type.

They are mostly suffering from some sort of mental illness due to isolation and poor education.

No, the WORST type of Trump supporter is the one that goes along with Trump's bullshit because they're getting a break on taxes. They know that he's unfit to be a human being, let alone president, but they're saving a few pennies so who cares if migrant children are dying and in cages.

These are people so devoid of humanity and live only for money.


Three things you just don't joke about, ever:

1. Having a bomb on an airplane

2. Acts of Genocide


3. Military Medals of Honor and Purple Hearts


Shocker: Cable New Networks Don't Deliver the News

I remember when CNN first started up. You could tune into it if you had cable, and see actual news broadcasts just about any time you wanted to. News as in people telling you what was happening or had happened, with video coverage and a minimum of commentary. I remember one day when my then wife was traveling by train on the East coast. I heard something on CNN about a train crash and went to see what was up.

Sure enough, it was the train my then wife was on. CNN stuck with the story, had live video from the scene, and provided contact information to let me call someone to check on my wife. She was fine. Just a little shaken up. She finally called me. This was in the pre-cellphone days....


(Shock!) Major Trump deadline missed! Cutting him some slack...

I saved this from last June:

From ABC's "20/20" with George Stephanopoulos, air date: June 16, 2019.

Stubby-fingered vulgarian: "If we win back the House, we're going to produce phenomenal health care. And we already have the concept of the plan, but it'll be less expensive than Obamacare by a lot. And it'll be much better health care....


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Trump says he was "kidding" when he called himself the "chosen one"

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EU's Tusk sees even more reasons to keep Russia out of G7

Saturday - The president of the European Council on Saturday rebuffed Donald Trump’s suggestion that Russia be readmitted to the Group of Seven (G7) advanced economies, saying there were even more reasons than before for keeping Moscow out. “One year ago, in C ... (Reuters)

UK PM Johnson to tell Trump to de-escalate trade tensions

Saturday - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Saturday he would tell President Donald Trump at this weekend’s G7 summit to pull back from a trade war that is already destabilizing economic growth around the world. Johnson and Trump are due to meet on ... (Reuters)

U.S. men's basketball team loses to Australia, snaps 78-game win streak

Saturday - U.S. men's basketball team loses to Australia, snaps 78-game win streak By OlympicTalk Aug 24, 2019, 6:17 AM EDT The U.S. men's basketball team's 98-94 exhibition loss to Australia on Saturday snapped a 78-game win streak in major international tour ... (NBC Sports)

'Senseless disputes': E.U.'s Tusk says Trump's trade wars are damaging global economy

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Fed Appeals Court Rules Kim Davis Can Be Sued Over Gay Marriage License Refusals

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Billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was taken off suicide watch on psychologist's recommendatio

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Trump Asserts He Can Force U.S. Companies to Leave China

Saturday - BIARRITZ, France -- President Trump asserted on Saturday that he has the authority to make good on his threat to force all American businesses to leave China, citing a national security law that has been used mainly to target terrorists, drug traffic ... (New York Times)

Trump plans to open US consulate in Greenland after row over offer to buy

Saturday - The Trump administration is planning to open a US consulate in Greenland for the first time in decades, amid increased strategic and economic interest in the Danish territory. The state department said in a letter to Congress that re-establishing a ... (The Guardian)

Iranian tanker switches destination, heads to Turkey

Saturday - ATHENS (Reuters) - An Iranian tanker at the centre of a confrontation between Washington and Tehran has switched destination and is now heading to Turkey instead of southern Greece, data from real-time ship tracking website MarineTraffic showed on Sa ... (Reuters)

Florida man found guilty of manslaughter in parking lot shooting that led to Stand Your Ground trial

Friday - "Michael Drejka, who fatally shot an unarmed man, Markeis McGlockton, last summer in Florida during a dispute over a handicapped-accessible parking spot, was found guilty of manslaughter Friday night. The judge set the sentencing date for Oct ... (CNN)

Federal Agencies Sending Employees Articles From White Nationalist & Conspiracy Websites For Months

Friday - An arm of the Justice Department regularly sent summaries and links to articles from an online white nationalist publication over the last year, a BuzzFeed News investigation has found. In addition, similar newsletters sent to the Labor Department, I ... (BuzzFeed)

Paris prosecutor opens child rape inquiry linked to Epstein case

Friday - Investigation to focus on potential crimes against citizens in France and abroad Agencies in Paris Fri 23 Aug 2019 10.51 EDT First published on Fri 23 Aug 2019 10.14 EDT The chief Paris prosecutor has announced that he is opening an investigation i ... (Guardian)