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The Politics of Paranoia in the Far Right World of Trump.

You know the poem? History repeats itself. Has to. No-one Listens, (Steve Turner) well, never is a truer word spoken when the far right gets a whiff of power and so we witness the present far right implementing strategies from the playbook of yester year Nazi's.

Fifty years ago Professor Hofstadter coined the phrase ‘The Paranoid Style’ to describe the type of politics that Trump so gleefully engages with....

Laura PourMeADrink

It's a huge pill to swallow, for sure - that MF45 wouldn't be removed from office, BUT

the timing, RIGHT NOW, is perfect to start impeachment ASAP. Right now, there's a backdrop - sexual attack accusation, foreign policy debacles, the inhumanity he has created at the border, the planned/unplanned/planned again Nazi-like raids looking for deportees.....

Once you accept that he won't be convicted, there are still benefits to moving forward with impeachment asap anyway....


You know what, I've lost my patience.

This horror regarding the migrant children has pulled my last nerve. There must be at this time be a mountain of evidence of high crimes, lies, scams, collusion, obstruction and any number of deviant acts on trump his family the Republican party his business dealings to at the very least start impeachment investigations. How long are we going to allow this creaton to continue ?


Trump's "She's Not My Type" Comments Perpetrate the Myth that Rape is About Sex

It isn’t but, instead, is about asserting power and control over the victim to humiliate and degrade them. The president of the United States is some piece of work. Thank you GOP.


I called my 2 Repug & 1 Dem Rep.s (all men) and told them, in no uncertain terms:

That he and the other two need to go down to the border where they were keeping kids in cages and to find a spot without feces, urine or tears, and to sit right down next to them and care for those children.

I told them I would join them, because we were all men we had only one job right now; to protect the children.

It's been about 12 hours since I called. I hope at least one cares enough to do something. At this point, anything.


Don't Even GO THERE

Don’t tell me you’re a Trump supporter AND a good Christian. There is no such animal.

Don’t wave your New Testament in my face while you ignore the teachings of The Nazarene.

Don’t claim to be a follower of Christ while you support a lying, thieving, pussy-grabbing adulterer who has told over 10,000 lies since he took office....


Hans Christian Andersen's Classic Tale, "Chuck Todd & the Normalization Fairy️"

Y'know, we went into this presidency with expectations somewhere between “incessant shitstorm” and “the end of all human civilization,” but sometimes I still can't fathom how we arrived at the monstrosity of this moment. But then I realized, we've been receiving regular visits from the Normalization Fairy™️!

The Normalization Fairy™️ transforms the abominable into the everyday, through the simple act of repetition. You see something horrific in the news, and scream “How the living fuck can we allow this to happen?!?” and then a month later it's still happening but somehow there's a new episode of The Bachelorette every week, so I guess we've figured out how to live with it. That's the Magic of Normalization! ...


I was only following orders.....

Is that what we will hear from the enforcers of the Trump policy regarding the concentration camps for kids ?
I'm sure there are some that are reluctant participants in these atrocities and I'm also sure there are many that could care less and may enjoy inflicting pain on children.

There will be a day of reckoning.and I hope it's soon.

Stuart G

3 Words Are Destroying Trump Forever, "Children in Cages"

..This is not difficult to understand. Everyone knows what is going on. Filth, dirt, no soap, children throwing up, no clothes to change into, sleeping on floors, lots of children in very small areas, and the rest of it is very easy to understand. Eventually, we will see what inhuman conditions Trump has been in charge of. As word gets out, and if no pictures are available, then artists renditions will be enough. The older kids will be asked to describe where they were, and what they saw. It is a horror that the U.S.A. will always regret. And as Trump defends himself, he will be destroyed forever with the truth. It won't be pretty but it will happen. Trump doesn't give a damn about the children, but when his name is destroyed forever he will understand. Trump is in charge, and Trump is responsible for this horror. And his lies will live forever as will these three words which will always describe his time in office.. "Children in Cages."


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Poll shows Trump, Republicans have not gained Latino support

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Acting Border Protection Chief Expected to Resign as Migrant Children Are Returned to Texas Facility

12 hrs ago - The Customs and Border Protection agency's acting commissioner, John Sanders, is expected to step down in the coming weeks as the government's primary border enforcement executive, a federal official said Tuesday, a development that comes as the ag ... (New York Times)

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