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IF ...

If you’ve heard Trump’s rally speeches encouraging violence, if you’ve heard him label entire groups of people as rapists, criminals, and animals, if you’ve heard him refer to nations with predominantly brown/black citizens as ‘shithole countries’, if you’ve read his vitriolic tweets aimed at anyone who opposes him …

If you’ve watched his unhinged meltdowns when confronted with facts, if you’ve seen him insult our allies while praising our enemies, if you’ve witnessed his continuous efforts to undermine the Constitution, the rule of law, and the legitimacy of our intelligence community and our devoted public servants …


Not an excuse, but, perhaps, an explanation.

I will admit that I am often deeply impressed by the consistent, serious wisdom regularly provided by many of the regulars on this board. Others can be counted on to post something that will bring a smile or even a chuckle to many of us who desperately need one. Still others are always reminding us that tolerance, kindness and love of our fellow men and women is what we are supposed to be about. Finally, there are those who freely voice their anger and indignation at what they see as the traitorous behavior of Trump and his cult....


In 1964 My Dad Sold His Car So He Could Go To a Marine's Funeral

My Dad was just-divorced and, to say it gently, not well off. But he was a Marine (retired.)

He'd been through basic with this particular guy. I was too young to know many details of their friendship but it wasn't the only funeral of a buddy my Dad attended. But I remember this one because my grandparents were so disapproving of him selling his car so he could travel to San Diego for the funeral....

H2O Man


I find it odd that anyone – from dirt poor to billionaire – could still support Donald Trump in any way. There are a few who I know from my high school graduating class that are at least willing to suspend the Democrat versus republican context, however briefly, to at least consider this in terms of the Constitution. But they are the tip of the ice cube.

The nephew of a classmate who was logging a few trees from my property gets it. He told me that he had voted for Trump, because he had believed “he was just like us.” Now he knows better. I asked him if he thought that Trump had ever, in his life, worked as hard as the logger had today? “I guess my dad forgot to give me $400 million,” he answered. Yet that hasn't clicked in most Trump voters' minds.

I wondered why? What would it take? Is it even possible? ...


I was told by my younger brothers brother in law am a disgrace to army for my service I'm proud

I was told by a former vet a trump lover who took the same oath as I took. Upon enlisting now this vet served in different mos I just know mos military occupation is army no clue on the navy he was navy me I was infantry I chose it as I wanna test me as 17 year old . my kid brother married into a christofacist family and he is lost.

I swore oath to constitution back in 84 as kid did the defend America against all enemies foreign and domestic did I take it seriously that oath I’ll tell you now no. I just was so shortsighted in my youth to see if I could get it rise to the challenge osut infantry training 14 weeks a brown round in your asshole....


So very very Goebbels.

Trump and Johnson manage to pitch themselves as the ‘voice of the common man’ fighting against the ‘enemy elites,’ to a certain section of the electorate, and this might be funny if it we were not living with the outcome of this complete and utter outrageous bollocks. Both are over-privileged buffoons who have lucked their way into their positions, cause rich elitist white supremacy male privilege. Private schools, old boys’ network, all the advantages that the patriarchy can offer, and they are still just shit. Their only real skill is to surf the waves of an era when believing in fantasy rather than fact is apparently the new normal. A new normal they and those around them have created....


Nothing to Hide

Trump refuses to allow the release of thousands of documents, and has instructed his administration officials not to respond to subpoenas compelling their testimony under oath.

We can only assume that these people have nothing to hide – a LOT of nothing. Filing cabinets full of nothing. Computer servers full of nothing. Hundreds of banker’s boxes full of nothing. Enough nothing to fill Lake Superior and the Grand Canyon....

Miles Archer

The "Trump would never allow himself to be impeached, he'd resign first" meme is still churning.

Rick Wilson re-tweeted someone making that statement yesterday.

I don't believe it for a minute.

In all of the possible scenarios...including a vote in the House that goes on to a "potential" removal from office via a Senate trial...I just don't see it....


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