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When Republicans send us their people ...

… they’re not sending their best. They’re sending their rapists, their criminals, their bribe-takers, their wife-beaters, their tax-evaders, their dead-beat dads, their security clearance failures, their adulterers, their misogynists, their homophobes, their religious lunatics, their racists, their Russia-colluders, and their pedophiles – and that’s just the ones in office.

On second thought, given what we’ve now seen of the GOP, the aforementioned probably are their best.


You know, I have really about had it with all the near-daily "Ooh! Ooh! Now Trump has really sunk

to a new low! This is it! You won't believe what he said/did this time! We/the Republicans/independents/the voters can't let this slide!"



There is nothing new about anything Trump says or does on any given day. It is simply more of the same: ignorance, greed, corruption and mental instability.

The simple fact is that we should have impeached the sonofabitch months ago and our delay is beginning to smell a lot like passive complicity. We should be ashamed.


My God..Joe Walsh Going after Trump?.. Supporting Omar & Tlaib

Now I've seen everything.. One of the worst of the worst Republican lawmakers ever.. fucking ever! and yet today he's on Chris Mathew's show slamming Trump..

Unbelievable.. I just can't believe it.. Can you guys?

Yep and I realize its all about the money.. Perhaps seeking a comeback?
The new compassionate Joe Walsh?

Joe Fucking Walsh..

Rosco T.

A lot of my friends are terrified about 2020...

Not afraid Trump will win.. but what will happen when he loses.

First thing he does is claim the election was rigged, the polls are fake news and he didn't lose, demands a new election....


Do Democrats have enough evidence to impeach?

If so, then the question must be, why not?

Are they fearful of political consequences? If that is the case, then we should ask if these folks are truly representing our interests? Are they representing the best interests of our nation? ...


Corruption, cruelty, sadism and pure evil define Donald Trump

And, by association, it also defines the Republican Party that is letting this madman do whatever he wants to do, anytime he wants to do it, and to whomever he wants to do it to.

This is a first for America. Yes, we had a civil war in which more Americans died than in all our other wars combined. But neither Abraham Lincoln, nor Jefferson Davis claimed to be, or aspired to be kings.

But the madman occupying the White House is America's first would-be king, emperor, "great leader," "Big Brother," "living god," or whatever else he wants to call himself. He really does want to rule America, according to his own whims, for as long as he lives....


What I think is really weird about the Twit?

He just doesn't care. Doesn't care about the environment. Doesn't care about people. Doesn't care about the country. Doesn't care about the people he hurts.

He does care about revenge. He really gets off on sadistic revenge.

How does someone just turn out empty?

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Israel Now Says It Will Let Tlaib In, But Only To Visit Her 90-Year-Old Grandma

21 hrs ago - By Nicole Lafond August 16, 2019 7:57 am Despite being officially banned from entering the country by the Israeli government, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) requested special permission to enter this weekend so she can visit her grandmother, according to ... (Talking Points Memo)

Trump appointees routinely bullied State Department staffers, IG reports

21 hrs ago - A long-awaited investigation by the State Department’s inspector general concluded in a report released Thursday that multiple career employees were subjected to “disrespectful,” “hostile” and “inappropriate” treatment at the hands of political appoi ... (Roll Call)

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Citing Economy, Trump Says That 'You Have No Choice but to Vote for Me'

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Rep. Tlaib says she will not go to Israel after the country initially rejected her request

Yesterday - JERUSALEM -- A day after Israel announced it was banning Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) from entering for a four-day trip to the Palestinian territories, the country's Interior Minister Aryeh Deri said Friday he would appro ... (Washington Post)

Russia Signs Deal to Send Navy to Venezuela After 'Unacceptable' U.S. Moves

Yesterday - Tom O'Connor 7 hrs ago The Russian military has signed a deal that would allow it to send military ships to Venezuela, expressing support for the Latin American country. The U.S. has been critical of current Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, an ... (Newsweek)

Trump Fat-Shames Protester, Then Says His Movement Is 'Built On Love'

Yesterday - 08/15/2019 10:27 pm ET The president insulted a protester's body at his New Hampshire rally. Moments later, he claimed his campaign was all about love. By Carla Herreria During a campaign rally in New Hampshire, President Donald Trump proclaimed t ... (Huffington Post)

State IG: Trump Appointees Targeted Career Staff For 'Deep State' Disloyalty

Thursday - August 15, 2019 4:26 pm Top political appointees at the State Department “harassed” career staffers whom they suspected were members of the supposed “deep state” or were purportedly “disloyal” to the Trump administration’s goals, according to a ... (TPM)