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Did you see Man walk on the Moon 50 years ago?

I was a young teen, but obsessed and riveted by one of mankind's great acheivements.
I thought so then, and the years have not diminished my opinion.

A thread to appreciate and honor all those who got us to take that one small step.


"We don't have to run ugly to win."

So said Scott Jennings on CNN tonight, adding, “We have a set of issues and policies to run on.”

Here’s the problem, Scott: Your party is already running ugly – because it’s the only way your “pResident” knows how to run, and there isn’t a single Republican who has the balls to tell him to do otherwise.

He has now demonstrated his intention to use racism as the cornerstone of his re-election campaign – and no one among the powers-that-be in the GOP will stand up to him, no less stop him. They will do exactly what they’ve done from the day he became your party’s nominee. They will dance to whatever tune he whistles – they will make excuses for him, they will lie for him, they will deny that his own words were ever spoken and that his own actions ever took place....


Infrastructure Week is Out, We're Doing Nuremberg Rally Week Now

Gosh, what a fun week. It was like coming to a fork in the road at some sort of Milton Bradley Game of Life knockoff, and suddenly you realize one of the paths in front of you leads to White Supremacist Race War in America, and you really really really wish you'd just landed on the Elect Hillary Clinton I Know You're All Worked Up About the E-mails Thing But She's Not Maliciously Insane space three turns back.

Brownshirt Mean Girl Kellyanne Conway figured the best way to deal with her boss’ controversial decision to go Full Klansman was to menacingly inquire as to the ethnicity of a Jewish journalist who dared to ask a Really Obvious Question. We need a word for the emotional response, that weird combination of Holy Fuck this is Chilling and Good God You're Ridiculously Bad at This, evoked by the Keystone Gestapo when they pull blunderingly fascistic shit like this....


Will someone wake me when

One of the reporters loses his/her mind, gets to the last straw or casts cares to the wind and asks the fake president, “Why the hell should we believe ANYTHING you say? ANY DAMNED THING?!” And, as they tug him/her toward the exit shouts, “YOU LIE ALL OF THE TIME! ALL WE’RE DOING IS DOCUMENTING LIES!!!” As they cling to the doorsill, while being tugged on by security, “NO ONE BELIEVES YOU! THE WORLD IS LAUGHING AT YOU . . . US!”


Unintended consequences

turns into a kick in the teeth to Donald Trump.

He orchestrates his MAGATs and entices them to spew and fling raging foam from their mouths at Ilhan Omar in knee jerk spasms to scream “Send her back!”, “Send her back!”

So Ilhan Omar goes back home and receives a hero’s welcome from her American constituents at the airport chanting their welcome message....


Moderate, civilized, regular people do not express their love for Donald Trump. You know who does?

Angry, reactionary, small minded, racist, bigoted and completely unhinged people.

And Donald Trump naturally gravitates towards those who openly express their love and admiration for him. And he basically ignores everyone else, unless they criticize him, in which case he actively attacks them....


I'm feeling a tad optimistic, a trumpster I work with and have the deepest respect

(except for the maga thing) tried to defend trumps comment about "going back to where they came from" saying it wasn't racist, I came back with "if I said that to anyone at work I would be fired that day"...he tried to defend it with "what about free speech?"...but he knew he lost.


Welcome to Your Own Funeral, Republican Party

You elected a “pResident” who is as stupid as he is corrupt, as ignorant as he is self-absorbed, as vile as he is incoherent, and as narcissistic as he is inept.

I know, I know – you thought you could control him; he was just a presidential wannabe who knows nothing about government, and would simply say what you told him to say, and sign what you told him to sign.

But what you got was what you should have known you were going to get: a self-serving braggart who believes he knows more about running the country than you do – just like he knows more than anyone about everything....

Stinky The Clown

The lesson the MAGAts should take from today's events

Donald Trump will BLAME YOU in a New York minute if shit is about to engulf him.

Party insiders, it appears, went to Pence and told him to tell Trump to knock it off with the overtly racist call and answer before it becomes this season's "Lock Her Up" and blows back on them.

When asked about it on live TV, he blamed the MAGAts doing the chanting. He said, innocently, in his best Eddie Haskell voice, it wasn't him. It was them....

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