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This does not end well... and that's not fucking funny

Yet, I will admit that reading about the latest Donnie Shit for Brains turd that comes out of his mouth...and the media and DU responses, often elicits anything from a chuckle to a rip roaring laugh.

It's entertaining to see the talking heads on the MSM chuckle and laugh about this shitshow.

But... this shitshow is causing real and possibly irreparable harm to real people and our fragile form of government....


This will be the final lesson learned from the Trump presidency.

No one in the entire world wins when you elect a lunatic to be the president of the United States. It may be a very painful lesson.

In the end everyone loses. Some people may win short term, long term they will lose.

Putin thinks he won when Trump was elected. He didn't get all the sanctions lifted. Soon Putin will have to face the Democrats and they are not going to forget how Putin attacked the election. Putin is going to lose....


The root of our frustrations today is...

....that because of circumstances beyond our control, we are forced to take seriously someone who has absolutely no right or business to be taken seriously, ever.

It’s infuriating, like something out of Kafka.

It’s as if someone has proclaimed the President of the United States is now a baked potato, and we’re somehow forced to deal with the reality that the President is a baked potato.


Has Trump finally flipped his wig?

He's calling off visits to Denmark because they won't sell Greenland to him?

He calls Wayne LaPierre, the head of the NRA, to tell him that background checks are off the table?

He is in a name-calling feud with his one-time friend, Anthony Scaramucci? ...


Yo, Oligarchs and Masters of the Universe! You have a VERY simple choice:

Option One:
Keep your death grip on all the money and all the power you can grab, keep grinding ordinary people (especially the brown ones) into dust, fomenting division between everyone who isn't you to cover up your manifold crimes and injustices, and then watch the tumbrils pulling up outside your doors with the massive mobs behind them and no, you won't be allowed to escape to your funkholes and private islands.

Option Two:
Support an economic path to moderated, managed capitalism balanced with social democracy, pay taxes, stay wealthy but lose some of the obscene overkill, live out your natural span, leave a decent legacy to your offspring who will pay estate taxes to continue living in a peaceful, pleasant, secure polity.


H2O Man

A Weak Old Week Old OP

(Note: My internet & phone were taken out by a thunderstorm on Thursday night. I just got them back on this afternoon – which speaks to how unimportant a very, very rural custom is. Anyhow, I had planned to post the following essay six days ago. While it's not particularly important, it may be of some interest to a few folks here.)

One person that I never anticipated giving a second thought was Anthony Scaramucci. The little exposure I had – watching his brief White House career and a few follow-up appearances on cable news shows – was enough to convince me that he had attended the school of thought that turns the human soul into fecal matter,and produces cookie-cutter con men. The slicker the con, the more financial success. Those with connections inhabit an island known as Wall Street, that transforms them into jackasses....


How Many White Supremacist Terrorists Does it Take to Screw in a Light Bulb

Jane, I have asked, repeatedly, to be let off this crazy thing. This whole The West Wing, Only Stupid and Awful gimmick has more than run its course, and I'd very much like to watch something else now. All I want is to change the channel, but I can't find the fucking remote, and oh shit this is still real life, isn't it?

Turns out the President who has to pay for sex also has to pay to turn out an audience for the Barnum-esque Come See Dementia Deterioration in Real Time exhibitions he calls “re-election rallies.” Yes, Shell Oil had to bribe its employees to sit through one of Strawberry Shartcake’s rambling rants, and, as the empty seats in New Hampshire last week prove, without such payoffs, he's simply declining as a draw; by 2020 he'll be opening for Night Ranger at state fairs....


something we need to hear from every Democrat.

Every Democrat running for every office - at least on the national level.

What will you do if/when a Democratic president is sworn in in January 2021? Will you pardon Trump, or decline to pursue further investigations of his administration? Or will you allow due process to continue at the federal level and, if appropriate, allow the Department of Justice to bring legal proceedings against him?

Do we "look ahead" and not dwell on the past? Or do we learn from that past? ...

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4 shot on college campus in Atlanta during back-to-school block party, police say

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Iraq paramilitary force blames US for base attacks

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NC Governor Vetoes 'Draconian' Bill That Would Force Local Police to Cooperate With ICE

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Trump says administration looking 'seriously' at ending birthright citizenship

5 hrs ago - President Trump on Wednesday said his administration is once again seriously considering an executive order to end birthright citizenship months after several lawmakers cast doubt on his ability to take such action. "We're looking at that very ... (The Hill)

Trump admin weighs letting states, cities deny entry to refugees approved for resettlement in U.S.

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'I am the Chosen One,' Trump proclaims as he defends trade war with China

6 hrs ago - President Donald Trump on Wednesday declared himself “the Chosen One” as he defended his administration’s actions in the ongoing U.S.-China trade war. The president’s self-aggrandizing remark followed a string of criticisms aimed at his predecessors ... (CNBC)

Trump attacks Danish prime minister over 'nasty' comment about Greenland purchase:

7 hrs ago - President Trump on Wednesday attacked Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, saying she had made "nasty" comments about his interest in having the United States purchase Greenland. ...snip... "She's not talking to me, she's talking ... (Washington Post)

Katharine Gorka steps down as Customs and Border Protection press secretary after two months

7 hrs ago - By Geneva Sands, CNN Updated 5:03 PM EDT, Tue August 20, 2019 (CNN) ............................. ........................... "I have served the administration for almost three years. I've decided it's time to spend more time with my family,& ... (Cnn)

U.S. deficit to expand by $800 billion more than previously expected over 10 years, CBO says

8 hrs ago - America's federal deficit will expand by $800 billion more than previously expected over 10 years due primarily to two legislative packages approved this year, piling the nation further into levels of debt unseen since the end of World War II, the Co ... (Washington Post)

U.S. created 501,000 fewer jobs as of March 2019 than previous reported

9 hrs ago - WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) - The U.S. economy had 501,000 fewer jobs in March 2019 than previously reported, government revisions show, suggesting that hiring was not as strong in the past year as it seemed. Hiring was weaker in retail, restaurants and ... (Marketwatch)

Trump administration moves to terminate court agreement, hold migrant children and parents longer

10 hrs ago - The Trump administration is moving to formally terminate a federal court settlement restricting how long U.S. officials can detain migrant children with their parents and replace it with a new rule that could expand family detention and dramatically ... (Washington Post)

Danes furious over postponement of Trump's visit, call his behavior 'insulting'

10 hrs ago - BERLIN — Danish lawmakers on Wednesday reacted in fury to President’s Trump’s postponement of his two-day visit in early September to Denmark after its prime minister said she was not interested in selling him the autonomous island of Greenland. Par ... (Washington Post)

Trump Tweets Quote Saying He's 'Second Coming of God'

10 hrs ago - President Trump shared a quote from a right-wing radio host who said Jews in Israel view Trump as “the King of Israel” and “the second coming of God.” https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1164138795475881986 ... (Political Wire)

New Jersey man arrested for guns and drugs also had document on 'owning a slave': DOJ

11 hrs ago - A 57-year-old man charged with owning a cache of weapons, including a grenade launcher, and with the intent to sell methamphetamine also owned a document "purporting to be an instruction manual for owning a slave," according to the Departme ... (ABC News)

Suppressed federal report shows how Trump water plan would endanger California salmon

11 hrs ago - Federal officials suppressed a lengthy environmental document that details how one of California’s unique salmon runs would be imperiled by Trump administration plans to deliver more water to Central Valley farms. The July 1 assessment, obtained by ... (LA Times)

Parkland students unveil sweeping gun control proposal and hope for a youth voting surge in 2020

11 hrs ago - The student activists who crashed the political arena after the mass shooting last year at their high school in Parkland, Fla., are throwing their weight behind a new and ambitious gun-control program that they hope will set the tone for the debate f ... (WA Post)

Venezuelan leader Nicols Maduro confirms months of secret US talks

14 hrs ago - Nicolás Maduro has confirmed top Venezuelan officials have been talking to members of Donald Trump’s White House, after reports his second-in-command had been negotiating his downfall with the United States. “I confirm that for months there have bee ... (The Guardian)

The New Space Command Will Officially Be Up And Running Aug. 29

20 hrs ago - By Antoinette Miller August 20, 2019 It's the first step in establishing the U.S. Space Force — which would be an entirely new military service dedicated to defense in outer space. "Before the year is out, the United States will once again se ... (Newsy)

Trump called NRA chief to tell him universal background checks are off the table

20 hrs ago - President Trump called National Rifle Association (NRA) CEO Wayne LaPierre on Tuesday to tell him that universal background checks for gun purchases are off the table, The Atlantic reported. The decision to oppose an initiative that has strong suppo ... (The Hill)

Former Arkansas VA Doctor Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter In 3 Deaths

22 hrs ago - A former pathologist at an Arkansas veterans hospital was charged with three counts of involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of three patients whose records he allegedly falsified to conceal his misdiagnoses. According to federal prosecutors, Dr. R ... (NPR)

Trump postpones Denmark trip after prime minister refuses to sell Greenland

22 hrs ago - By Betsy Klein, CNN Updated 8:56 PM ET, Tue August 20, 2019 (CNN)Less than two weeks before his scheduled trip to Denmark, President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he has postponed his visit to Copenhagen after the Danish Prime Minister ... (CNN)

Cardinal George Pell loses appeal against conviction for child sex abuse

23 hrs ago - Hilary Whiteman, CNN Updated 8:07 PM ET, Tue August 20, 2019 Melbourne (CNN) -- Former Vatican treasurer George Pell will remain in prison after an Australian appeals court rejected the disgraced cardinal's appeal against his conviction for sexu ... (CNN)

Labor leader Dolores Huerta arrested in worker demonstration

Yesterday - Updated 5:29 pm CDT, Tuesday, August 20, 2019 Photo: CRAIG KOHLRUSS, AP Labor leader Dolores Huerta joins protesters in crowding the hallway outside the Fresno County Board of Supervisors chambers to argue for better pay for county caregivers, Tu ... (Associated Press)