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Here's what I don't get

M$Greedia discussing Democratic party candidates as if they have no chance against this con man who violates both the Constitution and the rule of law. It is their responsibility to call out this pathological liar, racist, ignorant, woman hating, crooked, vindictive, incompetent cretin.

They should be screaming anyone but this low life and I'm just warming up.


Needs to be said how conservatives are all for

Dinesh D'Souza
Michael Flynn
Roger Stone
Donald Trump
And more

They all love to preach about how we need "law and order", how they run on it... until they are on the business end of it....


I'm coming around to the idea of a universal

It's basically what Norway does. Everybody is enrolled in it automatically, and it's paid for by a dedicated payroll levy.

It doesn't pay for care, as such, but it limits annual out of pocket expenses to... whatever (people with graphing calculators and spreadsheets can figure out what the annual out of pocket cap needs to be and what the payroll levy to pay for it needs to be). Call it $6000 for now. You or your insurer pay up to that amount, after which the Copper Plan picks up the tab....


How Democracy is losing to Fascism around the world?

It's worse than anyone has told you.

Fascism is control of governments by corporations and monied interests.

The one way that democracies (the people) could control corporations until recently was by taxation. That is no longer possible. Big corporations can simply threaten to move their jobs to other countries if you try to raise their taxes. High taxes on corporations is now an obsolete idea....


I don't believe for a minute this Barr v Trump act.

Maybe I am wrong but to me it is all kabuki theater. This is all one big act.

Barr, "I can't do my job with the President's interference."

Please, Bill your job is to run interference for President Trump.


Inferring from A to B-- this sequence of events:

A: John Kelly, former White House CoS, decides that the interests of the nation take precedence over the well-established and generally honorable obligation of discretion as a former WH official. This is obvs not a decision Kelly takes lightly, but the interests of the nation are paramount to him. He begins talking.

B: Within 24 hours, Hope Hicks, Reince Priebus, and Sean Spicer are suddenly back on the WH payroll, where presumably, legal obligations will assure they do not have the option to make such a decision....


The last eight days prove Democrats were absolutely right in impeaching Donald Trump

Also, it proves that the Republicans were wrong in not convicting him.

Since his acquittal by the Republican Senate, he has been on a vengeance tour. He has been cracking down on all his perceived enemies. The Justice Dept is in turmoil. Four prosecutors resigned in one day. He is using Bill Barr to apply his own "justice"....


Post Trump, there must be prosecutions

I like Warren's idea of a special independent task force in the Justice Dept to investigate corruption and obstruction of justice. That includes all those, who refused to answer to a congressional subpoena, Trump himself, and those who interferred in ongoing investigations. It isn't enough to just fire all the Trump appointees. There must be q wealth of documents about Trump's crimes that are as yet undiscovered. And if there is evidence that Trump colluded with Putin to lift sanctions and/or endanger our troops, that's treason.


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