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Removing Trump from office is a matter of life and death.

Trump has been and is a major national security threat. He has been subject to blackmail from day one from Russia, Saudi Aradia and probably other countries. If Russia does something like invading another country, Trump may not respond in a normal way.

Trump is extremely mentally ill. He is the worst type of Narcissist. He could do unimaginable things trying to protect himself. He could do unimaginable things just out of revenge....


I'd be okay with Beto, or Booker, or Harris, or Brown, or Gillibrand, or...

Or Klobuchar, or Warren, or that what's-his-face Congress guy from California, or that kooky good old boy from West Virginia. Really, anyone but Avenatti (who my voice-to-text still writes out as "have a naughty" ) but he was never really a thing.

And yeh yeh, I'm good with Hillary, Joe, and Bernie too, even if I personally think it's past time to pass the torch. Whoever. At some point I'll land on a preference, I reckon, but I trust this party not to nominate a bum steer, and I'm pretty damn comfortable with our range of options.

One thing I'm not gonna tolerate is a circular firing squad. None of our major candidates are unacceptable. We need to disagree agreeably here, and get out there and fight like hell next year.


Oh what difference one serious illness makes.

An in law on my husband's side, a real blowhard who thinks he earned everything he has with no help from anyone, the police aren't harder on brown people, and homeless people all choose to sleep outside in 5 degree weather. Jesus is an NRA member, loves only white Republican men, and would nuke the whole middle east.

He don't need no gubmint help. Until his wife got cancer and their individual policy healthcare rates nearly doubled. Suddenly, there ought to be a law....

Drunken Irishman

My guess what'll happen...

This is on the assumption Mueller does have some significantly devastating information on Trump - not just something that loosely connects him, or his family, to crimes ... but evidence that is concrete and indefensible.

But I think Trump knows three things....


If roles were reversed, you would not be able to find one Republican voter, politician saying this.

Don't impeach because there are not enough votes to convict. They would be losing their minds, screaming impeachment every fucking day. They would have shut down the government long ago.


Grassroots pressure plus the media plus Senate Republicans equals impeachment

Attacking our own people for doing what they have to do to be competitive is stupidity and unacceptable. The money people have a long term, sustained strategy. We need that too.

Money buys a lot of loyalty and energy. They have used their money to fund "libertarian" lies and that strategy has paid off for them. But facts and truth are stubborn things and have a way of prevailing in the long run. They have bought people like Wisconsin Republicans who will do anything to subvert the will of the majority, but they have not won a majority....


As long as we're tossing around the word "impeachment," can we at least use the word correctly?

Impeachment in the United States is the process by which the lower house of a legislature brings charges against a civil officer of government for crimes alleged to have been committed, analogous to the bringing of an indictment by a grand jury. At the federal level, this is at the discretion of the House of Representatives.

Most impeachments have concerned alleged crimes committed while in office, though there have been a few cases in which officials have been impeached and subsequently convicted for crimes committed prior to taking office. The impeached official remains in office until a trial is held. That trial, and their removal from office if convicted, is separate from the act of impeachment itself. Analogous to a trial before a judge and jury, these proceedings are (where the legislature is bicameral) conducted by upper house of the legislature, which at the federal level is the Senate....

Le Gaucher

I have been thinking all along ..why is Bob Mueller taking so long..

I am beginning to appreciate the magnitude of his effort only now.

He has build the massive wall of evidence brick by brick ..while

People are hiding bricks..some bricks can't be had no matter what .. Lotsa people are trying to blow up the wall..some contractors sell you bad bricks that can be used anymore....


Let this sink in about the felon in the White House.

Assume for a second that HRC was president and today's SDNY filings came out naming DJT as a felon for manipulating the presidental election in his favor. That being the case, the Southern District could move forward with a case to indict DJT based on the evidence they already have. Lesson: nobody is above the law.

However, because DJT is in the White House as acting POTUS, the same case where he's named a felon in, because he has the title of POTUS, he is technically immune from prosecution, that ol' thing about whether or not a sitting president can be indicted. Lesson: tRump is above the law.

CRIME DOES PAY! What kind of message does that send to the rest of us, that he's above the fucking law? He broke those laws before he was POTUS, not while he was president, FFS!


Just because impeachment proceedings backfired on Republicans doesn't mean that it will

backfire on Democrats. There are two totally different situations.

Everyone is gunshy about impeaching Trump because of the way the Clinton impeachment went. I think that backfired on Republicans because the country saw that Clinton's crime (lying in a civil case) was frivolous and politically motivated. Trump's crimes, however, appear to be crimes against the United States. Much more serious. Even if the Senate doesn't convict him, and they probably won't, people will see that Trump's crimes warrant these measures....

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