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No forgiveness, no redemption, no mercy for Trump when he leaves office.

I have never seen anyone make more powerful enemies than Trump has. Trumps vindictiveness is off the charts. He has attacked everyone he sees as a threat. Not only does he attack people verbally, he has gone out of his way to destroy their lives. He has attacked the FBI, CIA, politicians, Democratic states like New York, judges, etc....


MAGA fun on the interstate...

Driving with the hubs and kiddo up to Flathead Lake for the day today. A moment ago, we saw a MAGA hat on the side of the road on the off ramp. Hubs says “hold on kids!” as he swerved to the right to run over the red hat with our truck and the boat. We all laughed so hard!!! I wanted to share it with you guys. There’s a flat MAGA hat on the off ramp at the Wye outside Missoula. America just jut a little more great! Cheers!!


A desperate narcissist is going to get his ass kicked in the 2020 election for these reasons.

Trump has a long history of quitting when he knows he is going to lose. However, Trump knows the presidency is protecting from being indicted. That may stop him from quitting the race. Trump is going to become extremely desperate and he will make mistakes, commit more crimes trying to stop the inevitable, He is going to lose....


I have medical insurance. I'm slowly going broke.

$573 yesterday. Boom. Just like that. Bill comes in the mail.



Prescription steroid ointment denied. $71.00 out of pocket because I have to have it....


"But that would mean I've been wrong."

Over the years, I have had discussions and debates with people on various subjects, both general and personal. There are times when all the facts are laid out to show they are in error, the response is a denial with the reasoning only being "but that would mean I was wrong!". And the person was still unable to accept the truth of it. I think that is what is at work with so many people who support Trump. They have so much invested in him being a great President, that they cannot accept what an ignorant buffoon he really is....


The best strategy against Donald Trump is to put him on the defensive.

As we have seen many times, that is not hard to do.

If anyone says anything negative about him, he has to respond. He just can't help it. That is his Achilles heel.

If the Democrats were to copy Trump's tweet strategy and put out a tweet every morning, they could control the narrative and he would have to respond. Like a leopard, he cannot change his spots....


I got to thinking about that energy plant in PA that made its workers attend Donnie's speech

or lose a days' pay.

Republicans have argued over and over, and often won lawsuits, insisting that workers shouldn't be required to pay union dues even if the workplace is represented by a union, if the union engages in ANYTHING resembling political action the worker disagrees with.

Now how do they argue that an employer should be able to dock a worker's pay if they don't show up to support the employer's political views?


When Republicans send us their people ...

… they’re not sending their best. They’re sending their rapists, their criminals, their bribe-takers, their wife-beaters, their tax-evaders, their dead-beat dads, their security clearance failures, their adulterers, their misogynists, their homophobes, their religious lunatics, their racists, their Russia-colluders, and their pedophiles – and that’s just the ones in office.

On second thought, given what we’ve now seen of the GOP, the aforementioned probably are their best.

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Mexican man facing voter fraud trial in Sacramento. He's a Trump supporter

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Pete King Becomes First House Republican To Back Assault Weapons Ban

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Jeffrey Epstein signed new will just two days before he died

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El Salvador: Evelyn Hernandez cleared over baby's death

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Farm-state Republican blasts Trump administration: 'They screwed us'

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Two Members of Proud Boys Convicted in Brawl Near Republican Club

6 hrs ago - Since their founding in New York City in 2016, the far-right Proud Boys have cultivated a rough and ready image, often declaring: “We don’t start fights. We finish them.” But on Monday, jurors in State Supreme Court in Manhattan rejected claims by t ... (New York Times)

Hillary Clinton zings Trump over new voter conspiracy theory

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First House Republican backs bill banning assault weapons

9 hrs ago - Rep. Pete King (N.Y.) is the first House Republican to back a bill in the chamber seeking to ban assault weapons. "They are weapons of mass slaughter," King told the New York Daily News on Monday shortly after his support for the Assault W ... (The Hill)

White House officials eyeing payroll tax cut in effort to reverse weakening economy

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More than half a billion bees dropped dead in Brazil within 3 months

10 hrs ago - BY CAITLIN O'KANE AUGUST 19, 2019 / 2:44 PM / CBS NEWS More than half a billion bees dropped dead in Brazil within just three months, according to Bloomberg. Researchers say the main cause of death is pesticides, which could end up effecting more t ... (CBS News)

4 last wolves in Washington pack killed by state hunters

10 hrs ago - Nicholas K. Geranios, Associated Press Updated 1:18 pm CDT, Monday, August 19, 2019 Photo: Uncredited, AP FILE - In this Feb. 1, 2017, file image provided the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, a wolf pack is captured by a remote camera in H ... (Associated Press)

Trump accuses Google of election fraud citing right-wing conspiracy site

10 hrs ago - Donald Trump has accused Google of manipulating the 2016 US election in favour of his democratic rival Hillary Clinton, citing a conservative judicial activist site that frequently makes false accusations and spreads conspiracies against liberals. & ... (UK Independent)

US tests ground launch cruise missile previously banned under INF

11 hrs ago - (CNN)The US military conducted a flight test of a conventional ground-launched cruise missile off the western coast of the US Sunday, a missile test that would have been previously banned under the now defunct Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) ... (CNN)

Scaramucci assembling team of former Cabinet members to speak out against Trump

11 hrs ago - Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said on Monday that he’s assembling a team of former Cabinet members to speak out against President Trump in an effort to find a Republican challenger to the president in 2020. “I'm in t ... (The Hill)

'Reckless' plan to cut off free movement alarms EU nationals

11 hrs ago - Plans to end freedom of movement for EU citizens immediately after a no-deal Brexit have sparked anxiety and confusion among European nationals in the UK amid concern that they could be caught up in hostile environment policies. Downing Street confi ... (The Guardian)

Donald Trump Slams Fox News For His Brutally Bad Polling Numbers

11 hrs ago - 08/19/2019 06:57 am ET Updated 1 hour ago Donald Trump Slams Fox News For His Brutally Bad Polling Numbers The president said there was “something going on” at the conservative news network. headshot By Ron Dicker President Donald Trump pushed b ... (huff post)

People on rescue ship off Italy at breaking point, say doctors

11 hrs ago - The medical and psychological condition of people onboard a rescue boat anchored off the Italian island of Lampedusa for 18 days has reached breaking point, doctors have said. The vessel operated by the Spanish charity Proactiva Open Arms has been r ... (The Guardian)

Trump pressures Fed to boost 'very strong' economy amid recession fears

11 hrs ago - President Trump on Monday called on the Federal Reserve to stimulate what he called a “very strong” economy as the White House tries to tamp down rising fears of a global recession. In a pair of Monday tweets, Trump renewed his call for the Fed and ... (The Hill)

Planned Parenthood Withdraws From Title X Funding

11 hrs ago - Planned Parenthood will withdraw from Title X, the federal family planning program, rather than comply with a new Trump administration rule that restricts what health providers can say about abortion, the organization said on Monday. The move could a ... (New York Times)

After Epstein's death, attorney general replaces leader at Bureau of Prisons

12 hrs ago - Attorney General William P. Barr announced Monday that he is replacing the head of the Bureau of Prisons, in the latest fallout from the death in federal custody of multimillionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Hugh J. Hurwitz, the acting head of ... (Washington Post)

Study raises questions about fluoride and children's IQ

13 hrs ago - Science Study raises questions about fluoride and children's IQ By Ben Guarino August 19 at 11:00 AM A study of young children in Canada suggests those whose mothers drank fluoridated tap water while pregnant had slightly lower IQ scores than chi ... (Washington Post)

Daniel Pantaleo, N.Y.P.D. Officer Who Held Eric Garner in Chokehold, Is Fired

13 hrs ago - The New York City police officer whose chokehold was partly blamed for Eric Garner's death in police custody in 2014 was fired from the Police Department on Monday, ending a bitter, five-year legal battle that had cast a shadow over the nation's l ... (New York Times)

Group of top CEOs says maximizing shareholder profits no longer can be the primary goal of corporati

16 hrs ago - The organization representing the nation’s most powerful chief executives is rewriting how it views the purpose of a corporation, updating its decades-old endorsement of the theory that shareholders’ interests should come above all else. The new sta ... (Washington Post)

'Facts matter': FEC chairwoman challenges Trump's voter fraud claims

16 hrs ago - Ellen Weintraub, the chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission, on Monday rebuked President Donald Trump’s repeated allegations of widespread voter fraud in the 2016 election as “damaging to our democracy” and wholly unsubstantiated. “There is n ... (Politico)

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley Sought Extra Security After Trump Called Her 'Dishonest'

16 hrs ago - 08/19/2019 02:52 am ET Updated 1 hour ago Whaley said she was just doing her job when the president insulted her. The mayor of Dayton, Ohio, needed extra security after President Donald Trump publicly insulted her, The Dayton Daily News ... (huff post)

Trump privately floated possibility of imposing naval blockade against Venezuela: report

22 hrs ago - BY CHRIS MILLS RODRIGO - 08/18/19 07:29 PM EDT President Trump privately suggested stationing Navy ships around Venezuela to block goods from entering and exiting the country multiple times, Axios reported Sunday. Five current and former officials ... (The Hill)

A Man Has Been Arrested After Expressing Interest In Committing A Mass Shooting, FBI Says

Sunday - (CNN) — Connecticut authorities arrested a man who they said was interested in committing a mass shooting, had weapons and tactical gear, and made his intentions known on Facebook. Brandon Wagshol, 22, was detained Thursday after a tip from a citiz ... (CNN)

Trump confirms he's interested in buying Greenland

Sunday - President Trump confirmed Sunday that he has asked his administration to explore the possibility of buying Greenland, opining that “essentially, it’s a large real estate deal.” “A lot of things can be done,” Trump told reporters in Morristown, New J ... (Portland Press Herald)

Man Said He Wanted To Kill 100 In Mass Shooting, Florida Cops Say

Sunday - 2 hrs. ago. A 25-year-old Daytona Beach man was arrested Friday after he sent text messages to his ex-girlfriend saying he wanted to commit a mass shooting, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities say Tristan Scott Wix sent tex ... (Orlando Sentinel)