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captain queeg

The term used by the nationalist/racist/Trumpers that is a screaming red flag

It’s not in widespread use, but I’ve heard it even bandied by border agents; subhuman. When I hear that I know they are channeling their Nazi predecessors. The favored term used by the nazis and unbelievable these fools today have sunk to that level. Once you convince yourself these other people who look or speak differently than you are not really human it releases you from moral responsibilities....


Random Thoughts

Trump's skin is a color not naturally found in nature. Maybe close, but not quite.

Pence calls his wife "Mother". That's when he is in public. He probably cuts loose at home though by calling her "mom" or "mommy". After a can of beer, he really cuts loose and calls her "ma".

Trump's reading skills are probably just sufficient to read a teleprompter, and that's it. I would imaging that the verbiage on the teleprompter just consists of key words in all capital letters. That's just enough to stimulate Trump to go off on an insane tirade about any particular word. For example...just put "MEXICO" on the teleprompter, and watch him go....


Isn't It Amazing?

Here we have a woman accusing the President of rape and it only occupies a couple of days in the press. This is what we have become. Everything is at a new level. The bar had been lowered... Once again. And yet we sit and wait, not making any sort of move towards impeachment. I guess we live in interesting times.


What kind of cold blooded bastards...

Could work in an enviroment where children are being treated worse than we can legally treat our pets, see the torment, smell the stench, hear the crying of the innocent, without quitting and going to the press to decry this barbarism?

I hope those children's eyes, the sights, the sounds, and the smell haunt their nightmares for the rest of their lives.

Martin Eden

If we don't fight, we lose

The rightwing authoritarians want us to despair, give up hope, and disengage.

That is the surest way to make our worst fears a reality.

In my 62nd year on this planet, I am far from throwing in the towel....


I just can't pile on Biden. Sorry.

All the grief he’s gone thru in his life.
He didn’t need to run for Prez.
His reputation is as a gaffe machine.
He messes up a lot.
We all knew that.
But we also knew where his heart is.
Or at least I thought we did.
But for those that want to rip him apart for whatever reason, I’m sure you feel justified because of his admittedly inartful framing at times.
As for me, my eye 👁 is on the prize of replacing Trump and I will not engage in Dem bashing.


A little more each day. Bit by bit.

Just a little bite today. Maybe even a smaller bite tomorrow.

Just one more teensy weensy little step by this administration toward unthinkable malevolence. Just enough movement to lure the talking heads to create doubt on whether they really really really are concentration camps (which they are). Because the media doesn't know what the fuck else to do. Because children dying and suffering under our name is unthinkable. Because the US doesn't do that, right? So instead of screaming about this atrocity (which some are indeed doing on cable news), let's argue instead over what to call it (which far more people seem to be doing on cable news).

Just a little more movement each day to get everyone arguing over what the camps are CALLED, rather than what they ARE. If labels are important, I guess I'd call them Child Torture Camps.

question everything

Collected and dignified

was my reaction as I watched both Booker and Harris on some of the morning shows.

And I could not help thinking that Trump was never collected nor dignified. He just said whatever came to his head and used common language. And this, sadly, is what attracted many. And this is why, back in 2015, I concluded that he was going to win. His means of communications, while often full of lies and exaggerations, appealed to the - shall I say least educated? - crowd. As I commented here before, he generated visceral reaction that cannot be defined.

We can only hope that many of his followers have since realized that there is more to governing the country than a snake oil salesman.


Don't Let Trump Fool You About Not Wanting A War......

He's just going on record now saying he doesn't want a war so when he has the opportunity because of some contrived crisis in or near Iran - he can say that he was forced into a war. He had to do it to protect our interests.

He knows that being at war might help him win re-election and he is desperate to be re-elected because he knows losing would probably land him in jail.

Why else would he hire John Bolton (whom Trump says he's a hawk and it looks like he's trying to put some distance between him and Bolton). It's just a ruse folks....

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