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A few points about this bullshit re: Marine One not flying due to rain

The Marine Corps Squadron charged with transporting the president via Rotary Wing Aircraft is "Marine Helicopter Squadron One", or HMX-1, based out of Quantico, VA. They operate two primary helicopters that transport the President.

The Sikorsky VH-3D Sea King, the one we are most familiar with is the one commonly seen landing on the South Lawn of the White House...

11 Bravo

Sorry about the rain, Donnie.

My Dad flew combat missions off the pitching deck of an aircraft carrier in the Philippine Sea in 1944. It often rained.

His big brother, my uncle, flew The Hump; re-supplying free Chinese troops in their struggle against the Japanese. It sometimes rains in Burma.

My younger brother flew P-3 anti-submarine sweeps out of Adak in the early 80's; sometimes taking off into not just rain, but a fucking blizzard....


There will be no redemption. There is blood in the water and the sharks are circling.

Lawyers and paying fines will not save Trump and his family this time. Their lives will never be the same. Their lives will be ruined.

Trump has made a lot of very powerful enemies who want blood. Trump insulted and attacked everyone who is investigating him. That is the dumbest thing you can ever do....


What is happening in Arizona is the opposite of voter fraud

Conservatives alleging voter fraud in Arizona really have no clue about how elections work here.

What is slowing the process down is that each mail-in ballot goes through a vigorous signature verification process that is labor intensive and time consuming....


A footnote to the very significant PA election...

Over four years ago I wrote a post detailing how I had been invited to a small gathering to discuss issues with someone who was thinking of running for Governor. Tom Wolf is a close friend of a patient of mine and there were about eight of us at my patient's gracious home in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia. Mr. Wolf came around to each of us, we had a nice chat as to who we were, etc., and then he gave what could best be described as a stump speech. Afterwards he asked each of us individually what we thought....


So Let Me Fucking Get This Straight...

Peter Strzok, a decorated FBI Agent who dedicated his life and his career to FBI service and who for years was the Head of the Counter Intelligence Division of the FBI who has caught many and some of the most devious Russian spies in our country, PRIVATELY expressed his opinion about the election: FIRED FROM HIS POST.

Matthew Whitaker, a hyper partisan whose media firm was sued by the FCC for fraud and whose political organization (FACT) was a contributing architect of the email scandal of Hillary Clinton as well as a feeder of talking points to RW Media, who has many times publicly echoed Trump's words "No Collusion" and how to dismantle the Mueller Investigation in a way to get around obstruction of justice is ILLEGALLY PROMOTED to Acting Attorney General overseeing said Investigation.

Does Trump even know what Mueller already has on him? Because based on the above, I don't think he has a fucking clue.

Le Gaucher

I think the tide will turn on Republicans against trump.

Just take my town .. We are so red that the only election that mattered was the republican Primary.

Last year we won our first council seat.

What happened this year? We swept them. We won both council seats and Mayoral race.

Republicans in my town are shell shocked. The normally noisy town forum has gone pin drop silent....

louis c

Does Chris Cuomo Watch CNN?

What the fuck. I'm watching Chris Cuomo in CNN last night and he says "You've got to give the President credit. He won every Senate seat where he campaigned" Are you fucking kidding me. Does he pay attention?

Let's go through the list. There was not a single Republican victory in a blue state, even though Trump-like candidates were running. In California, the Republicans couldn't even nominate one. Conn., Del., Hi., Mass., Md. NJ, NM., NY, RI., VT. and Wash all ended up as huge Democratic wins....


Are we supposed to believe that Donald Trump did not know his appointment was

Or that his new acting Attorney General did not know that he was being appointed "illegally"?

I suppose the Constitution and rules are made for other people?

Some talking head made the point yesterday that the Constitution was like the tax code to Donald Trump - there was always a loophole.


A black woman has won the seat once held by Gingrich and which a white man could not win last spring

So, please spare us the "we'd better not run a minority or woman because only a white man can save us right now" excuses for perpetuating institutional racism.

And don't point to Abrams and Gillum as examples of how minorities and women can't win. Their races are not over yet, but win or lose, they've come closer to beating a Republican in ruby red states than any white man has come in decades. Oh ... and their opponents had to cheat their asses off just to stay competitive....

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