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Donald J. Trump was proud of his grammar school level letter to Erdogan.

So proud that he passed out copies at his disastrous meeting yesterday. Clearly, he thinks it was a "good" letter. A "perfect" letter. A "tremendous" letter.

He is woefully incorrect in his assessment of it. It is not, in any way, a model letter for correspondence between two heads of state. It is not a letter that should ever have been sent to another head of state. It is a letter that anyone with any sense of statecraft would have deleted immediately to avoid it ever being seen by anyone....


My heart breaks when I think of how Rep. Cummings had to spend some of

his last days fighting off unfounded allegations about him and Baltimore started by that a**hole in the people's house.. There is a special place in hell for donald trump. Rest in peace, Congressman. We will continue your fight.


The moron's decision to pull US troops out of Syria was not just to benefit Putin and Erdogan...

it was one of his typical change-the-narrative moves that he makes to distract from negative happenings (the impeachment inquiry) going against him.

He has such little knowledge of geopolitical consequences of such a momentous move in the Middle East, the most troubled region in the world, that he thought it would be a one-day story.

Such an unfit fool he is.


Not that long ago...

Not that long ago people were saying that Pelosi was old and in the way. They were lining up to repeal and replace her.

What say ye now?

She has grabbed him by his peanuts, slapped him in the face, cut off his head, metaphorically speaking. Humiliated him at SOTU with her sarcastic clapping which he was to stupid to grasp. Then today she stood up boldly where no woman has before, in a room of old white men and pointed a finger at him and proceeded to rip him a new one in her calm way. She stripped him bare for the world to see that the 'Emperor' indeed, had no clothes. Then the best zing, I Pray for the President, lol...thoughts and prayers.

She has outmaneuvered him every step of the way.

I ask again, what say ye now?

Brava, Bella!


May I begin an appreciation post for Speaker Pelosi?

I think she’s the woman we need right now.


The elephant in the room just shat in the punch bowl. Maybe we should acknowledge

his existence: Trump is seriously mentally ill.

Each day he continues to "lead" our country endangers the health, safety, welfare and life of every man, woman and child in America.

It is time to lay siege to the White House until he is removed---BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY.


How much more fucking nuts does he have to act to get 25th Amendmented?

When will he lose it on live tv or out in public like he apparently does daily behind the scenes so bad that they come to take him away?


One of the most disgusting things about where we are today is that not one Republican Member

will speak up to defend the woman who leads their chamber against vicious attacks by the head of another branch.

Not that she needs it, but it would still be nice.

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Elijah Cummings, esteemed longtime Baltimore congressman, has died at 68

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