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Stuart G

Please give the... "Whistleblower Story" a chance to become well known.

...Today is Thursday...Maybe by the weekend most people will have heard about this one. People will talk about it, and consider, "Is it as important as we think it is?"...people will think and question. What could Trump have said that a Whistleblower would risk doing this? This became news yesterday evening . This could be the "major event" or there could be another story more important. Time will tell.
...What will Trump do or say about this?..That could be very important in understanding this. As of now, Thursday morning 9:05 AM ET, Trump has said nothing.


So far the Madman has completely ignored the Whistleblower story

That will undoubtedly change.

Prepare for lots of “deep state” nonsense to be thrown about, and a lot of attacks against the still anonymous whistleblower for his or her “disloyalty.”


I'm beginning to think that Biden could be the best choice right now.

I don't expect the next president will have much time available to implement new ideas and systems.

Yes there are many problems in that need fixing but none will be as important as restoring a functioning government so that those problems can be addressed in the future.

The next president will probably spend their whole first term simply rebuilding the government and repairing all the horrendous damage that Trump has done to our country. This will not be a small job.....


Please stop criticizing Nadler for not arresting Lewandowski on the spot yesterday

Neither the Judiciary Committee chairman nor Congress, as a whole, has the power to arrest anyone "on the spot," even under their inherent contempt authority.

There's a procedure that must be followed....

H2O Man

Impeach Trump

Washington (CNN) In a previously undisclosed secret mission in 2017, the United States successfully extracted from Russia one of its highest-level covert sources inside the Russian government, multiple Trump administration officials with direct knowledge told CNN.
Jim Sciutto; September 9, 2019

While reports on the CIA asset in Russia shifted slightly – including the anticipated denials from both sides – the nature of the genesis of the “Trump-Russian Scandal” has come into clearer focus for those who have been following it closely. Many people, including a number on this forum, knew that it had not started with George Papadopoulos – although that is likely when the FBI officially became involved....


Notice how the media spends all it's time critiquing how the Democrats respond to the GOP madness

but rarely if ever call out the Republicans for creating the madness?

The Republicans behaved like damned fools yesterday and, contrary to the media narrative, the Democrats handled them as well as they could considering it's virtually impossible to rein in anyone who doesn't play by the rules and over whom you have no power or jurisdiction....


So, when Lyin' Lewandowski finally admitted that the Mueller report

was mostly true, what part of it, do you suppose, wasn't true?

I wish there had been time for that question to have been asked.

Also, I wish he had been asked whether everything he wrote in his books was true and accurate. He admitted to lying on TV and in interviews, but was he ever asked if he lied in his books? Seems those would have been good things to nail down....


The Mendacity of the Right-Wing Misogyny Edition

The mendacity displayed when the right-wing man asserts control of his woman to the point she cannot think or act in her own best interests turning her into as much of a lying machine as he is something to behold. And then of course we have the lies, the dissembling, the deceit and the dishonesty of the right wing when dealing with the fairer sex. Now I am not going to talk about reproductive justice or sexual violence in this context, they deserve articles all their own. But never fear, we still have plenty of examples of the lies they tell, the dissembling, the distortion, the eye boggling mental leaps of illogical fallacy and let's face it, the downright hypocrisy with which they handle policy and religious issues as they pertain to women....

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