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After Tonight, I'm Really Fearful About Rep. Omar's Safety

Make no mistake. Trump is trying to get her killed. The MAGAts want her dead. She is a danger to the white supremacist movement, and for that they are batshit frothing at the mouth insane. They are ramping up the hate and death threats toward her way past 11, and something needs to be done about it.

I hope she has good body guards. I fear the worst, but I hope that it doesn't happen. If it does, there may be no escape from what's going to happen following that.


Please explain to me

Why nobody ever confronted this piece of shit and called him a fucking liar to his face?

You lie and every other word out of your mouth is a lie!

We as Americans need to speak truth to power! ...


The "send her back" chant at Trump's rally was a new low. It's not only chilling, it's depressing.

It's depressing for this reason: even if good prevails, and the Republicans are absolutely trounced in the next election, the next day we will still have to live in country where about 30-35% of our fellow citizens are fascists.


My heart is breaking for my town tonight.

I live less than 3 miles from that building full of chanting Nazis. What fools they are. Ignorant fools. They think this is one big social. They may as well be chanting "take our democracy". They are as stupid as 1930s Germany. Unbelievable. I served in the Navy to protect our democracy. This is something I never dreamed I would ever see. This sucks.


So I guess this is what we have to look forward to:

The increasingly horrible, racist, misogynistic and untrue statements from tRump from now until the election.

And these are the reasons he will continue on this path, which will only get worse.

He will proceed this way to keep his base fired up, frothing at the mouth to defeat us, to keep them energized and loyal to him alone. He wants to make sure they will vote for him and all his shouting lies will help him do that. Of course, we know he doesn't care about the truth, or the law, or whatever is right and good....

Claritie Pixie

By the time we get to Impeachment

Our House Dems will have a list of reasons why a mile long, with evidence to back it all up.

That kind of work - an airtight, solid case built on a variety of infractions - takes time.

They're in case-building mode now.

The impeachment process has to be done strategically or it may not have the outcome we want.


Thank you Speaker Pelosi.. for standing up for our Congresswomen who have been attacked

because the attacks are only beginning, and they are going to have to stand tough.. Donald Trump is not a normal politician, that you can shame or push back.. he has no moral center.. nothing affects him, because he has nothing to be affected.. He lacks heart , he lacks soul, his own children are only useful as long as they promote him....

Baitball Blogger

No me vengas con vaina.

This was a term we used in Panama when we have reached the limit of credibility and want the person we're talking to know that we're not going along with their story. We are just not buying it, so it's time to put the shovel down.

That's where I am with this Trump artificial economy. Come on. Seriously? They put a businessman in office because they thought he would energize the economy AND balance the government budget. And what does he do? Increase government debt:

Donald Trump: ... Trump plans to add $5.088 trillion to the debt in his first term. That's a 30 percent increase from the $20.245 trillion debt at the end of Obama's last budget for FY 2017. If he remains in office for a second term, he plans to add $9.1 trillion. Trump had promised to eliminate the debt during his campaign....


A large majority of the Republicans I've known personally have been racist.

Way before Trump, and part of why their current embrace of overt racism is not all that surprising.

From my non-scientific personal experience, I'd say non-racist white Republicans are about as rare as black Republicans....


Wonder if Dotard ever told Nikki Haley to go back where

She came from?

Nikki Haley, first legal name is Nimrata, was born in the United States but her parents were immigrants from India.


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Trump says he disagrees with 'send her back' chant (UPDATED)

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