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Trump shows how powerful the presidency is and how many loopholes the constitution has.

Our founding fathers likely never anticipated that we could have such an inept treasonous individual for president who would utilize every ounce of power the office of the president possesses to enrich himself and sell the country to foreign powers....


If I just won a major sports championship title...

...and I knew I had to go to the Trump White House, and I knew all I would get there is fast food...

...I’d seriously cut out the middle man and drive myself over to the local McDonalds and eat there myself.

Because the clown at McDonalds is far less embarrassing than the clown at the Donald’s.


It is ridiculous to say that LGBT voters can't hold politicians accountable for being stone cold

anti gay bigots because most politicians opposed marriage equality. Congresswoman Gabbard, as a State Representative, not only opposed both marriage equality and civil unions which very few Democrats did, she also favored amending both the Hawaiian and the US Constitutions to ban both marriage equality and civil unions (only 2 Democratic senators voted for it Byrd and Nelson of NE), she also called people who advocated for even civil unions homosexual extremists, and blamed negative press coverage of her on homosexual extremists. It would be extremely difficult to find any other Democrats engaging in that behavior in 2004. Gabbard was exceptionally anti gay and was that as a 22 year old state representative, not a teenager who lived under her father's roof.

Yes, marriage equality, was opposed by nearly every elected official but virtually no elected Democratic official was as off the charts anti gay as Gabbard. For straight people to tell us we can't hold her accountable for this is plain straight privilege.


The very first thing a president is, even this one, is a PUBLIC servant. NO president has the RIGHT

to engage in secret meetings with foreign leaders, or anybody else for that matter. At the very least cabinet officials must be present at all times (and in this case family members don’t count). The president is a public servant. He asked for, ran for and was sworn to an oath for the highest office we have in the United States.

No one forced him to be president (at least we have no evidence yet that Putin required trump to run). He has no right to endanger us in this fashion. That’s what secrets do, they threaten, they are a threat....


Nancy Pelosi is

For however much longer Trump is occupying the White House, he will be tortured by Nancy Pelosi's grit.

The "president" who thinks women don't matter is clueless about how to attack her. He was under the impression that he was "king of the world." But Nancy Pelosi has slapped him back into reality by just saying "No." ...


Hold your heads high, my fellow Dems. Russia fears democrats above all else.

Just looking at RW and pro-Russian news online out of curiosity to see what stories they're carrying and it's hard to tell where they end and right-wing talking points begin, or even which side is starting the latest pro-Russian, pro-republican, and pro-tRump propaganda....


I'm beginning to wonder if we, as a nation, deserve Trump.

Much of our government is so under-staffed it has nearly ceased to function as designed.

Two right-wing extremists, recruited, groomed and purchased by a handful of billionaires and a gaggle of mouth-breathers who are fans of glossalalia and playing with venomous snakes, now sit on our Supreme Court.

Trump has insulted our friends and allies, fawned over murderous dictators, earned the approval and endorsement of klansmen and white supremacists and mocked disabled people and Gold Star parents....

louis c

Trump asking Congressmen to compromise their principles

For the sake of this argument please imagine that you are a Congressman or Congresswoman. It really doesn't matter if you're a Republican, Democrat, Liberal or Conservative. You ran for this office because you believe in something. You understand that compromise is part of governing, but you refuse to compromise your principals.

You believe a wall is the wrong way to solve our immigration crisis. More judges at the border, better infrastructure, rules that give safety and tolerance to asylum seekers; these are the issues that drive you. You do not, under any circumstances, believe that a concrete wall for 2,000 miles and $28 billion of taxpayer money is a solution....


FOX News is all about an Attempted Coup against Trump

Just to let you know, they have multiple articles up about how this new Russia business was an attempted coup of Donald Trump by a corrupt FBI. I post to let people know how this is being played by Righties, this was huge news to them because it proves Deep State FBI agents were trying to overthrow our Democracy.


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King to vote for resolution rejecting white supremacy

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Alt-right activist gets off with a warning after trespassing, trying to enter Pelosi's home

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'Vino Vixen,' alleged blacklist creator, leaves State

7 hrs ago - The "Vino Vixen," a Trump administration appointee who gained notoriety over allegations she created a blacklist of disloyal career government staffers, has left the State Department. The employee, Mari Stull, had her last day at State on ... (Politico)


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Mueller files status report highlighting cooperation by key witness

9 hrs ago - BY MORGAN CHALFANT - 01/15/19 11:45 AM EST Former Trump campaign aide Richard Gates is still cooperating with federal prosecutors on “several ongoing investigations,” according to a status report filed by special counsel Robert Mueller and Gates’ ... (The Hill)

Legislature passes sweeping electoral reforms (NY)

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10 hrs ago - By JAY REEVES 2 hours ago BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) -- A judge has overturned an Alabama law meant to prevent the removal of Confederate monuments from public property, ruling the act infringed on the rights of citizens in a mostly black city who are & ... (Associated Press)

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