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I walked into a black church service today.

I spent 15 years as a funeral director, so I have been to almost every church in my community.

I haven't willingly been to church in over 20 years...

I am a southern woman in a rural part of a red state.

This morning, I took a back road into a community that I havent been to in a while....


My 7th Annual "King Thing".

Thirty years ago when I lived in MA and had lots of white friends, I worked for a company that did not celebrate MLK Day. We didn't get the day off. Most black people took the day off using personal leave to attend church functions and breakfasts. Me personally, I believed that Dr. King fought for my right to be able to have a job in an integrated company. So I showed up. And organized MLK Day events during lunch....


When Most Everything Means Nothing

I expected more....I really did. I expected a giant spike strip would rise up out of the ground to stop all those thugmobiles headed to Mar-a-Lago. I just knew I’d see police officers holding the exact right key to open the locks on those child cages. I was certain the whole entire country would protest the love affair with Putin, the degradation of the White House....


I worry that the impeachment is just the beginning of our troubles.

Once the Senate votes not to remove Trump he will see this as a carte blanche to do anything he wants to win the next election.

There will be virtually no chance of being impeached again before November so he will redouble his efforts to cheat and distort the election. He will be emboldened to solicit help from Putin and AG Barr can quash any investigations into this. Trump could force a win for himself in spite of a huge majority of voters who are against him....


GOP so corrupt that they can't tell the difference between

what is political and how it can be stretched into a crime .... what we now see is they no longer are standing up for the truth because they can't even see the truth. Sad but true.



It has been said, but it needs to be hammered into the public mindset. It needs to be repeated every few seconds by everyone who understands this:




Behold, the Party of Rapture-welcoming fanatics, power-hungry cynics, and far-right nihilists.

I’m talking, of course, about the Republican Party, the modern one.

Democrats (and many/most Independents) recognize the existential threat we’re facing, and are doing their damnedest to stop it.

Republicans (ie. Trump supporters) also recognize the existential threat we’re facing, and are eagerly doing their damndest to speed it along....


Democrats will present the facts.

Republicans will present their opinions, about the Constitution and about the authority of the Executive. They will not want to deal with the facts.

One should be preferable over the other....


Not all white women voted for trump.

We don't collectively support that orange piece of garbage. Some of us can think for ourselves. In my neck of the woods it is assumed.

How any women support republicans is far beyond my level of comprehension. There is no talking to or reaching them.
My world has become very small, I can no longer even tolerate breathing the same air.

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Virginia's top House Republican warns 'white supremacist garbage' to stay away from gun rally

Saturday - JANUARY 18, 2020 / 9:24 PM / UPDATED AN HOUR AGO Brad Brooks, Gabriella Borter 5 MIN READ (Reuters) - Virginia’s House Republican leader said on Saturday that white supremacists and any other groups trying to spread “hate, violence, or civil unrest” ... (Reuters)

Draft of McConnell's rules for trial still allows motion to dismiss

Saturday - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is preparing a resolution that would leave room for President Trump's lawyers to move immediately to dismiss the impeachment charges if they so choose, according to Republican Sen. Josh Hawley. -snip- Behind t ... (Axios)

Trump Mocks Proposal to Build NY Sea Wall to Prevent Flood Damage: 'Get Your Mops & Buckets Ready!'

Saturday - President Donald Trump mocked a proposal to prevent flooding damage in New York City by building a sea wall, saying residents will “just have to get your mops & buckets ready!” “A massive 200 Billion Dollar Sea Wall, built around New York to protect ... (Mediaite)

Discovery of unused disaster supplies angers Puerto Rico

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