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I've heard a number of people – in real life, on the television, and on the internet – say that Trump is goading the Democrats to impeach him. A number of these people are convinced that this alone is reason enough to not try to impeach and convict him. I respectfully disagree.

Although I am an old man who believes strongly in non-violence, I am reminded of a time in my life when I was neither …..as a young man, I really enjoyed fighting. This was mainly in the boxing ring, but not always. While in my late teens, for example, there were a number of times when in social settings (bars or a party) when I had a verbal disagreement with someone, and they would say,”You don't look that tough.” ...


No, Ben Carson ISN'T "stupid"... it's worse than that:

So the late-night comedians and the media are having all kinds of fun with Ben's shambling incoherency at the Congressional hearings the other day-- Responding "Amway?" when asked about the OMWI program, and "Oreo?" for REO.

The implication (and outright assumption) being, "What a dummy! Doesn't even know critical aspects of HIS OWN job! Stuff he's been asked about before, sent enquiries in writing, etc.! How stupid can you get!?"

He's not stupid....


do donald fraud's actions rise to the level of impeachable offenses? as usual, wrong question.

the framing of issues is tremendously important, and the primary question that gets asked get cause people to fixate on only one aspect of a complex situation while ignoring everything else. this can lead to many problems, such as seemingly intractable disputes and highly unconstructive debates because everyone is talking past each other.

has he committed high crimes and misdemeanors? really, there's no objective doubt that he has. remembering that notwithstanding the legalistic words in "high crimes and misdemeanors", the term really has always simply meant gross inappropriateness for the job. abuse, misuse, or neglect of the powers and duties of the office....


Democrats wait two years for Robert Mueller to end his investigation....

...and for the mid-term elections to be over, so they could take control of the House and investigate for themselves what happened between the Trump team and Russia's involvement in the 2016 election?

But, as soon as they were scheduled to take over the House, Donald Trump shut down the government for 35 days. It was late in February by the time Democrats were able to get the new Representatives into place and to begin normal House operations....


Trump is committing more high crimes to cover up his high crimes.

I don't care what the Democrats call it, keep the pressure on Trump and his band of crooks and they will destroy themselves. More subpoenas, more hearings, more investigations. Pelosi may have said it best. Trump is self impeaching.

It is time to subpoena Mueller. He has no dam say in the matter. It is time to drag his ass in front of congress and answer questions.


I Think Pelosi is channeling FDR.

So, this opinion may be because I watched the Ken Burns series on the Roosevelts this weekend.

One of the things FDR did, brilliantly, was always made it appear to the nation he was PULL-ed into a decision by overwhelming circumstances. That he had little other choice. Rather than it being him PUSH-ing the nation into a decision/situation because of his politics.

He KNEW that if he were perceived as PUSHing then it made it so much easier for the position to be attacked and minimized as political....

Dread Pirate Roberts

Taking the wrong lessons from past impeachments.

I'm not talking about Andrew Johnson-although thumbing his nose (did they do that back in the 1860's?) at Congress got him into hot water and should serve as some kind of lesson. No, I'm talking about Nixon and Clinton. What are the arguments against impeaching Trump? It might backfire politically on the Democrats and the Senate will never convict him, right? Leave it up to the voters in the next election. I think that's a misread of history.

Clinton's impeachment ended badly for the Republicans because it was improperly-motivated and ill-conceived. It was all over bullshit (pardon my language) and people saw it for the political attack that it was. That's why it backfired. Nixon, on the other hand, was a corrupt and power-hungry bastard. His situation is far more instructive. At first he tried to claim the investigation into him was just a political attack. But when the evidence came out, it was game over. His staunchest allies abandoned him in the face of the overwhelming case against him. It the end, it wasn't political, it was both a defense of our system of government and a moral judgement against a president who believed he was above the law....

Dream Girl

I don't think Trump is so much goading Dems towards impeachment as he is fighting back

With everything in his power to keep from losing power and the next election. If he loses, he’s toast, broke, possibly jailed...game over. Wat he’s doing now is just one collasal hail Mary pass. What does he have to lose? It may work. If it doesn’t, what has he really lost, he’s not much worse off. I think we can all agree he is a survivor with absolutely no sense of morality or fealty to the law. He’s just doing wat he’s always done on a different level. Frankly, I’d be surprised if he wasn’t attempting to block and ignore Congress.


My very Republican father is now hoping for impeachment.

My 71 year old father lives with me so I can take help take care of him; there are chores and things he just can't do on his own any more. He's worked in the defense industry for the past 49 years, and is slated to retire this June when that number rolls to 50. And by "works in the defense industry", I mean his livelihood depends on making things explode from far, far away for the U.S. Military.

We have an agreement, he doesn't watch Fox or OneAmericaNews when I'm home, I wait till he's asleep to watch MSNBC and CNN. We will discuss different stories, and usually keep it fairly high level because of our differences of opinion. Yesterday we were discussing more of the checks and balances Trump is ignoring thru stonewalling Congress. My father said something I never expected to hear....

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