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Political cartoon: I know it's a small thing to be angry about

I just wanted to get my anger down on paper (or at least in electrons). There's a political cartoon making the rounds with babies posed as the Marines and Sailor at the flag raising on Iwo Jima, with a caption congratulating Alabama on "striking back" against Roe v. Wade.

There's a lot more important things going on, but as a veteran, and particularly as a Marine Corps veteran, I can not just let that go: some images are not appropriate for partisan political propaganda, and the flag-raising on Mt. Suribachi is absolutely one of them. To veterans that image is sacred, and not to be used to score political points. I know I shouldn't expect any better of the GOP, who love to praise soldiers and shit on veterans. But, like I said, I just wanted to register my complaint. It's not remotely the worst part of this current assault on women's bodily autonomy, but I wanted my 2 cents out there.


"I don't think it's smart to start impeachment proceedings right now. We have to lay the groundwork


I'm not against impeachment. I think we should impeach him, but we have to make sure we're doing it right. That will take a little time.


I'm not fighting impeachment. I just don't think we should go into it unprepared. In the meantime, we're not sitting on our hands. We're doing plenty to build the case....

Trueblue Texan

All those posting your belief there will be no justice...

...I guess I'm going to stop being annoyed with you and start being more compassionate. I'm going to remind myself that you're exhausted to the point of feeling hopeless. I'm going to remind myself that your views are a result of too much blatant corruption and not enough evidence of justice....


Today's immigration speech was just a free campaign speech

I was outraged at his sweeping "new proposals" until he got to the end where he said it would be implemented in 2020 after he's re-elected and republicans snatch the gavel from Nancy Pelosi. Of course he pointed out Cocaine Mitch would have to retain the Senate majority, so it'll happen only with total Republican control of the government and Donald Trump ensconced in the White House.

I thought about that for a minute, wondering why it was necessary to make this pie in the sky announcement a year and a half ahead of time, and realized it's his new Build the Wall 2.0. "Make America Roomier Again" 2020.

Unfortunately, the media fell for this one, being told it was a major policy announcement. It was not.


From Georgia to Gorka, the GOP was One Fat Stack of Sweaty Assholes This Week

Yes, Virginia, shit remains completely cray. I have a newfound respect for television news anchors, if only for their ability to project a veneer of calm while running down this shit, day after day. How Anderson Cooper manages to get through a broadcast without cackling like a Schumacher-era Batman villain escapes me.

Elizabeth Warren responded to a town hall invite from Fux Nooz with a polite “Thank you, no, however you are welcome to gargle some used cat litter, you racist evil propaganda-belching shitbags,” and everyone at the Disinformation Network That Fucked Up Everything Literally Everything feigned outrage for a bit before getting back to the important work of belching up racist, evil, propaganda....


Let's not forget Dr. George Tiller...

who saved many women's lives.

He was shot down in cold blood while at church on May 31, 2009.

Women's lives aren't the only ones who are at risk from these draconian measures....

hay rick


Alabama's governor signed the "heartbeat" abortion bill yesterday. Since then I have seen dozens of outraged posts here and on my Facebook feed.

I also volunteer at the local Democratic office. I check the answering machine and email every day. Yesterday and today we did not receive a single email or call from anybody asking what they could DO to help elect Democrats and stop the attacks on women.

Insanity is doing the same thing (especially when that thing is nothing) and expecting a different result...

Stuart G

I Am For Joe, But I Will Support Whoever We Pick.

...If possible I will work for that person, I will send money, and I will talk to those who will listen. What matters more than Joe, is that we get rid of Trump. Trump is no good, and he is "evil deep down." There is so much proof of that "evil", that we need not go into it. But the bottom line is the same it was 6 months ago, and will be the bottom line 6 months from now, 12 months from now, and 17 months from now, when we have the next Presidential Election....


I am at a loss

With the slew of rapid and draconian laws, denying reproductive justice, in the last few weeks coming from red states one needs to ask what the hell are the women in these states thinking?!?!

The war on women is legend. It is a feast of misogyny and sexism. From equal pay to reproductive justice to education to rape conservatives really do not like women. Unless of course they are stupid (or at least they pretend to be) how can any woman pretend that the conservative male gives any kind of thought to them at all, unless that thought is to subjugate them as much as humanly possible....

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